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Kayle Statistics for Dumbledore Bot

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Kayle lacks CC which is why exhaust is recommended, it's damage reduction makes you really good against assassins. Ignite is viable if your unlucky enough to get Soraka on the enemy team.

Some enchanters take heal while their carries take barrier, if you are premade with someone or if your carry agrees, you can take heal. Windspeaker's and forbidden idol items increase Heal's healing quite alot, it also procs ardent censer and athene's. 

New Runes Back to Top


Currently recommended rune for Kayle. Aery increases her poke, and everytime when she heals, Aery also grants a shield to targeted ally. Ultimate hat lowers her ult cooldown, allowing her to save her allies more often.

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Press the Attack

An interesting offensive rune. When you attack opponents 3 times with your autos, they take extra physical damage and increases their damage taken by 8-12% for the next 12 seconds. This damage vulnerability stacks nicely with your shred passive.

Glacial%20Augment.png?width=32Glacial augment

Every once in a while your auto attacks will slow opponents for 1.5 seconds. This slow is much stronger if you activate it on melee form but it's still really noticeable when used on ranged. This slow's cooldown starts with 7 seconds but it eventually drops to 4 seconds. You should pair this keystone with 3905.pngTwin shadows since that item's slow will activate augment's ray to nearby slowed opponents. TS is also the most affordable item for support Kayle.

Secondary runes

Sorcery tree



Manaflow is always recommended for Kayle due to her high mana costs. Ultimate hat is viable, but Kayle's ultimate has a really short cooldown already.



Truth to be told these runes are pretty mediocre at best. Transcendence is my preferred option because it grants you max cooldown reduction sooner, and if you get overcapping CDR it will be added to your AP. Celerity is decent, it kind of helps you to position better and it can also help you dodge skillshots during laning phase. Overwhelming force can work if you are against tanky support since they won't be able to scratch you unless they engage on you.



Gathering storm is obviously the best choise. It grants you some AP as the game progresses, rest of these are pretty mediocre at best.

Inspiration tree



Magical footwear is the best choise here. Stopwatch is decent if you feel like you are going to need hourglass later in the game, it decreases hourglass's cost by 300 and also reduces hourglass's cooldown by 15%. Flashtraption is a nono for enchanter supports with no engage-potential.



I really like future market rune. It allows you to buy items much sooner than your opponents. Cookies are excellent  when playing against harass lane, they allow you to keep yourself sustained, also gives you a bunch of extra mana. Minion dematerializer is not made for supports.



Cosmic insight increases your cooldown reduction cap and reduces your spell and item cooldowns. I really like this rune overall. Aproach velocity is a nono on enchanters. Timewarp tonic is a bit niche, but it can work against heavy harass lanes.

Masteries Back to Top

Windspeakers is generally a must, since it makes your heals scale extremely well to late game.

I put 6 points onto ferocity to get more harass power on laning phase and expose weakness which stacks nicely with your passive, making your teammates shred through opponents even harder.

6 Points onto resolve to get a little oomph to sustain as well as blocking some minion and champion damage since your most likely going to draw their aggro while poking. Alternatively, explorer can be picked if you feel like it.

//Alternative masteries

Alternatively you can put 12 onto resolve for greater utility, i can recommend taking runic armor to make your heal stronger on yourself since your most likely gonna get a scratch or two on the laning phase. Get insight to get lower cooldown on summoners which is a pretty big deal, more exhausts and flashes.

I don't recommend taking 12 onto ferocity, they do give a bit higher early harassing power but it scales off on mid-late game.

Abilities Back to Top


R > Q > W> E Is how i max my abilities VS Easy matchups, maxing Q makes you burstier during trades, as well as allowing you to get charges on athenes more often. Its also your only peeling tool, and maxing it increases the slow, up to 55% slow at max rank. 

When you have Athenes, one fully maxed Q grants about about 60 bloodcharges, might be more or less depending on how much MR does the target have and since you have this ability on 4.4 cooldown your gonna get just huge amount of stacks on a very short time period.

W comes next, adding points to this makes the speedup better as well as giving more healing.

E comes last, you need to start with it on level one to start harassing early but you just kinda have to leave it there because your all about that utility. Maxing this only increases the damage so its not really what this build is about.

On more difficult matchups, you can use this kind of ability max order.


Doing this makes your Heal stronger on early as well as having decent harass and peel on your Q, i recommend taking this if its needed for you to have better sustain as well as some damage on skirmishes. Downsite for this max order is that your damage fells off earlier than on Q first max order but utility spikes a bit sooner.

If playing Against really poke heavy lane, like 51.png143.png, put 3 points on judicatordivineblessing.png to negate their damage on early game.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Still a decent item against low-ranged ADCs and tank supports. Frostfang now grants you 10% cooldown reduction, which makes this much more viable item.
    Since Kayle changes between melee and ranged, starting with relic shield is possible. Know that you can only execute minions when you are on melee form. If you accidentally activate your E, you need to last hit the minion in order to share the gold. You are probably going to get mana issues on early game, buying couple of early faerie charms is recommended on first back.
    (Recommended) Ancient coin has been reworked multiple times so far. This item now grants more gold than other money income items and it also grants a strong mana regenation. If you feel like you can't proc your spellthief too often, go with ancient coin instead.
    Kayle's sustain on early is somewhat limited, against poke lane she can't heal both herself and her Carry, which is when potions can be picked. I recommend to take the fillable potion since its with you all game.
    When up against an easy lane, taking faerie charm allows you to build frostfang or forbidden idol sooner. Can be taken if your gonna use my alternative Q and W max order.
    All these starting items work on Kayle to some extend, which is why i have added a list on this section to list their upsides and downsides.

Core Items

    I usually buy plenty of faerie charms on first back (2 faeries is usually enough, 3 if up against unbearable poke). You can use them to buy chalice of harmony sooner. Also, upgrade your gold item to tier 2 as soon as possible.
    Sightstones are now free. When you upgrade your gold item and manage to get 500 gold with it, it turns onto a free sightstone! You can still upgrade your gold item to a better sightstone but it's not recommended early because they are not very effective item rushes.
    First item purchase. With this, you become a combat healer, deal damage to them in order to make incredible heals on your allies. See more on "Athene's unholy grail on Kayle" section.
    This item is fantastic on Kayle. When you combine this item's active and your ultimate, your teammate is quaranteed to get healed by this. With athenes you can make long ranged mega heals in order to assist your team. When you got your athenes, this item also grants you 30 extra AP.
    If you got transcendence rune, buy berserkers. It helps you to apply your passive to opponents faster and it allows you to get bloodcharges at increased rate. Merc treads are great if opponents have mostly Magic damage and lots of crowd control, ninja tabies are great against fed AD carries.
    When the end game arrives, buy one of these. Elixir of sorcery if you are doing well and your team has a good front line, elixir of iron if opponents are fed and you need every bit of survivability.
    Choose the rest of your items from this list of situationals.
    Try to keep one control ward on the map at all times.

Situational Items

    If you are stomping really hard, get the One ring to rule them all, and one book to bind them.
    If you need to scout areas or if you are in need of more CC, twin shadows is an excellent purchase.
    This item is fantastic on Kayle after this item was "nerfed". It's now actually affordable for a support, although it grants a bit less stats. When you activate your Righteous fury, your auto attacks permaslow opponents when paired with rylais. Buy this if you need more peeling power, or when dealing with sticky opponents like Lee Sin or Singed.
    Hat of undeniable wealth and respect. Buy this mean hat if you are really ahead. Greatly increases your damage output and healing.
    If the opponent team has two or more annoying hard crowd control champions, buying this is a good option. This item also increases your healing by 20%.
    Wit's end + your passive magic resist shred synergizes extremely well together. It also greatly increases your damage output while also increasing the damage of your mages. This item is also really cheap. Buy it if your team has 2 magic damage reliant champions.
    Much like Zilean's chronoshift, Kayle's ultimate is a gamechanger. Thus, opponent assassins might start to focus you instead. That's when buying either zhonyas or Guardian angel becomes a wise purchase. Zhonyas is great against assassins which have delayed burst like Fizz or Zed, GA is better against Talon or Rengar which can one shot in less than a second.
    This item's armor shred synergizes really well with your passive armor shred. This item is extremely expensive for support however. If your bruiser top lane/jungler didn't buy this and your team still mostly deals AD damage, that's pretty much the only situation when this item is viable.
    Much less optimal item now. This item's base shield is much lower but it now scales with HP. Kayle doesn't build health so this item is pretty bad now on mage supports.
    If the enemy team has Swain, Mundo or other high sustain champion, buying this is recommended unless your mid laner buys it.
    If the opponent team has 3 or more auto attack reliant champs.
    Couple of viable tank items.
    Do not buy these items. They are way too expensive for support budget. The whole purpose of this build is to maximise Kayle's utility which is why these damage items are not recommended.
    This item now grants AP and magic resist, this item is fantastic on all mages. Get it if you need more AP while still getting magic resist and a helpful spellshield.
    Ardent grants you attack speed and on hit damage when you use your heal on an ally! It's much less efficient after the nerfs, but it can still do the job.
    Shurelya's is back. It grants you extra cooldown, small bit of AP and health, and really helpful speedboost active. Buy this item if you need the speedup for sharable extra mobility.

Starting item Statistics

Spellthief's Edge 3303.png

+10 extr AP, mana regen and more gold per 5 seconds.
+A little bit of more damage when you poke enemies with your spells and autos.
-Gold production is tied to your ability to poke your foes. If you can poke them with E-autos, this item provides more gold than coin. If not, coin is a superior choise.
Upgrading this item to 2301.png is a great lategame choise when compared to Oasis2302.png since Athene's passive + the extra AP increases your spell potency.

Ancient Coin3301.png

+Grants early cooldown reduction.
+Everytime when minion dies, there's a chance of them dropping either a gold coin which grants 25 gold or 45 if you got nomads, or blue coins which grant 6% of your mana back.
+Now grants a small bit of movement speed.

Relic shield 3302.png

+Small amount of extra sustain and survivability.
+Windspeakers and forbidden idol items increases execution's healing.
+Shield's extra HP stat is a nice thing.
-Executing minions also procs Athenes. This can be both upside and downside but it can mostly fuck up your heal by wasting the charges on tank instead of saving them for your carry.
-Doesn't grant any mana regenation.
In paper this starter item is really good. However the lack of mana regen is the reason why i haven't experimented much with this.

General playstyle:

This build's main tactic is to put Kayle onto similar spot with Janna and Soraka, her heals and ultimate allows your carries to outlast your opponent team's focus on teamfights. Since Kayle's ultimate is on extremely short cooldown, you can cockblock your opponents constantly.

Early Game:

On early you have a really decent sustained damage, you can harass your enemy laners really well with your abilities. You have some really high cooldowns, so pushing without vision is risk.  You might want to stay behind your carry and keep your heal ready in case if enemy jungler appears until you get a sightstone. Also keep your Q ready to slow him.

Mid Game:

This is the part where you should have your 3098.png or 3096.png ready and building towards 3174.pngnext. Generally you should follow your carry around. At this point of the game your early damage power is starting to wear off and your utility power is starting to spike. Your heals are strong and your Q still deals very good amounts of damage but your autos are less potent. Kayle support's roaming potential is really low since she doesn't have hard crowd control, which is why you should stick to your carry's side most of the time.

Late Game:

The moment where you no longer pose damage threat to your enemies, but you are more dangerous than ever thanks to your godly utility. Keep objectives warded and keep an eye on when they spawn and protect your carry.

To sum it up:

Kayle support is unique kind of champion, she slowly trades her raw power onto utility as the game goes on. On early game you deal enough damage as your carry which makes you a really dominant laner. As the game goes on, your damage starts to fall off but when you got some AP and athene's, your healing power spikes really hard. When the lategame arrives, your attacks just tickle your opponents, but your healing power, armor shred and damage negating ultimate makes you a really powerful lategame enchanter.

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On early game you can bully him and his carry really well. He got recently reworked, his heal is now on his passive. Be careful though, his WQE combo can be deadly if he catches you in a bad position. If he does this combo on your carry, use your heal only when that stun expires to make your carry move to safety faster. On top of that if your way too close to their tower he can flash Q W you underneath his tower which is most likely gonna cost your life pre-6.

See dealing with tank supports section for more information.




I havent played vs support annie for a while on kayle. Generally you can counter her burst with your ultimate as long as you don't get ult stunned by her. On laning phase she can most likely poke harder than you, if that happens its okay to put couple of more points on W. After 6 just keep some distance from your carry, and try to predict when she might try to flash ult.

  • Don't stick too close to your carry when she has her ultimate, it can stun both of you.
  • Her ultimate is instant, so you need to time your ultimate just right in order to block it's damage. Her ultimate is her best burst ability so failing to block it might result in you losing the trade.




She isn't too big of a threat, she has some pretty obnoxious poke with her W though. When she hits 6, it might be wise to stay behind your carry if you feel like their jungler is about to gank. You can still save your carry if her ult lands your adc. She becomes dangerous if she has a poke/all in support with her since she has some really good damage on her.

  • Ashe is great at setting up ganks, keep dragon pit and tribush warded. This matchup gets much harder if ashe has a jungler which can gank from different ankles like Shaco, Kayn or Rek'sai. This matchup gets hard if she also has an iniator support.
  • Her volley is a great poking tool, stand behind your minions and poke her when her volley is on cooldown.




You outdamage and outsustain him. Remember to warn your team if he goes missing since he is most likely roaming, maybe planning to gank midlane. He gets a noticeable power spike once he hits 6, when he does that you should have your 2049.png builded, keep lane bushes warded since he is great at setting up ganks with his bardr.png.

  • Bard is great at setting up ganks, he can gank with his jungler with his magical journey.
  • When his Q is on cooldown, his burst potential is low. Trade autos with him then.




Early game vs good blitz is annoying, if he lands his hooks right it can be difficult to play against. However, when you get your ulty you will win this fight. Just allow your adc to get grabbed and then ult him/her before he powerfists, then go all in at their adc.

See dealing with tank supports section for more information.

  • He likes to abuse bushes, keep lane bushes warded.
  • Harass him when his hook is on cooldown, his hook has a really long CD.
  • Blitzcrank is really good at setting up ganks, even a bad blitzcrank can go E one of you and then get a guaranteed hook on you. Keep dragon pit and preferrably the tribush warded.




Potentially a very annoying lane. I recommend getting early points on W to negate his poke and watch out for his pillar of flames. Harass him behind a minion wave to avoid his stun. You will win when you hit ulty since your ult will negate all his damage, just try to stay away from your adc during skirmishes since his ult bounces between you and your carry.




Molesting moustache.

Annoying on all stages of the game, he can block your Qs but atleast his shield wont block your E autos. If you really need to get that poking done, you can put some early points onto judicatorrighteousfury.pngsince he cant block them. He can force trades by using W on his minions, then Qing and autoing to get his passive stun done, he usually does this by jumping from a bush so keeping those bushes warded is ideal.  His level 6 powerspike is also massive, him leaping to a minion and then ulting is just painful to deal with. Only way to counter this is by keeping some distance from your carry and boosting him as soon as he leaps onto a minion, ult your carry when his carry is on AA range and braums stun is about to pop.

See dealing with tank supports section for more information.




Potentially a tough matchup, she is a safe laner, and has a huge range. Avoid bushes as she tends to put traps there.  Highly dependant on her support, if she has some poke or tanky all in support with her you should start3301.png, put 3 early points onto yourjudicatordivineblessing.png and then max your judicatorreckoning.png.




A sustained damage adc, his poke damage isn't too spectacular and his range is lackluster, you can harass him well. One of the easiest ADC's to beat.

  • When you heal his passive pickup sound, you should watch out. His passive gives him a massive speedboost, he can use it to block your escape route if your lane is pushing.




He can be easily played around, harass him with your E everytime when he tries to catch his axe. If he gets fed and builds early youmuus just ult your adc before his first axe lands. I am listing him as a medium because he does have some really nasty damage which can be potentially devastating if he has some all in or poke support with him.

If unfortunate enough to face tank supp with draven, its good idea to put 2 points onto Q and 2 onto W early to get better harass and sustain on lane. If facing a poke support, put 3 on your early judicatordivineblessing.png, then max your judicatorreckoning.png

  • Trade autos and Q's with him when he is picking up his axes, his damage revolves around his Q auto attacks. If he autos while his axe is flying towards the ground, his auto will deal much less damage.
  • When he is paired with CC-heavy support, make sure that you poke when his stand aside is on cooldown. Stand aside's slow makes you vulnerable against opponent engage.




Very safe laner which can be harassed decently.  Basicly just Corki except with higher levels of Anime on him. Stay behind your minion wave to avoid getting hit by his ezrealmysticshot.png.




Fiddle is starting to show up as a support now. He pushes the lane with his fiddlesticksdarkwind.png harass, he does have a pretty powerful spike when he hits his ulty, which is the part where i recommend keeping some distance from your carry. Just pray to god he doesn't have the braincells and follow up to focus you with his crowstorm.pngterrify.pngdrain.png combo.

  • Respect unwarded bushes when he has his ultimate, he can kill you with ease with his ultimate.
  • Trade swift autos and Q's with him, avoid prolonged pokes since he can turn your poke to his favor with Q E W.
  • If you have godlike timing with your ultimate, you can still render his ultimate useless.




Okay, so reworked Galio. His W gives him a huge Magic resist shield which makes your poke worthless. He has really strong crowd control abilities but they have a really long cooldown.




Not often seen on Support role, but possible to see on rare ocassions. He has decent crowd control abilities and lane sustain on, best bet is probably to poke his carry first. When he gets his ulty he can 4.pnggragasbodyslam.png gragasexplosivecask.pngonto you or your carry and then ult the victim onto bad spot, this combo takes quite a bit of skill, so watch out if that gragas has tier 5-7 mastery since its the sign of a skilled Grag player.




Really easy one to play against, he is low ranged so he cant really trade with you. If he gets to your face he can deal some nasty damage, he might be potentially more dangerous with hooker.




(Testing required)

I am purely theorycrafting this as usual. His Q is his only really scary move, if he lands it right he can use his shield explosion to CC you for really long time. This can be lethal since you lack hard CC, thus he has a pretty powerful all in. If your able to dodge his root you can easily sustain his poke. He should be squishy and he is also melee (except when he is standing on bushes), harass him whenever you can.




Very annoying to lane against since she will negate all your poke. Try to force trades early since you outdamage her on all stages of the game. When she is paired with unmobile adc she becomes really hard to trade with once she gets 6 since she can blow away everyone from his carry.




He is like a combination of Draven, Graves and Varus, he has some huge loads of damage and high crowd control, but he has to reload and is very unmobile. It highly depends on who is supporting him, he usually likes to have a high CC support with him since he can lock targets down so easily.

 If up against Jhin and for example, Leona i recommend putting 2 points onto Q and W early and then proceed maxing one of these first depending on how the lane is going. Poke whenever its safe but avoid his autos and since it activates his jhinw.png 's passive, allowing him to root you with this ability.

  • Poke him down when he is reloading.
  • If you get damaged by Jhin or his teammate, his W will root you for noticeable duration. If Jhin has a CC heavy support, buying mikaels is a good choise.
  • Time your ultimate when he is going to shoot his 4th shot. This negates huge part of his damage output and forces him to reload.
  • Jhin with good aim can engage on you, if you step onto his captive audience and he roots you with W, you are forced to take his E damage + it leaves you vulnerable for engages. Avoid bushes since he puts those flowers on bushes often.




Nothing special, just another unmobile adc to be poked down by you. If she has a high cc support with her, she can follow up really well with her chompers, which can make this matchup to be medium difficulty.




Kai'sa is like an updated version of Kog'maw kit wise. However she doesn't offer much early on, and she has a pretty short range too. Watch out for her ultimate however, if she is paired with CC-heavy support, their hard crowd-control will apply her passive stack on you which allows her to ult at you.




Obnoxious undead bunny, hopping around making it hard to harass her. Generally easy since you can just ult before she Rends to negate her damage if you can predict when she is about to use it, but some supports can make her much harder experience. Watch out for Thresh Kalista lane especially.

If up against Kalista + Thresh for example, harassing her can be risky since good thresh will most likely keep an eye on your movement and try to E you when he gets a chance, i can recommend taking either 3301.png or even3302.png to make you slightly harder to kill as well as having higher sustain. Keep lane bushes warded since thresh likes to abuse lack of vision on his advantage.




She has somewhat similar playstyle with you, both just harass each other on laning phase. Her Mantra's Defiance ability got recently buffed, giving it really high AP ratio which means that she can give her carry or herself a mega shield which can turn the tides of skirmish, your best bet is to force trades when she recently used her mantra.

  • Avoid trading early, she has a really powerful early game thanks to her mantra.
  • You can try to time your divine blessing speedup to juke her Q skillshots. They have kind of thin hitboxes.
  • You outscale her if she doesn't snowball too hard on laning phase.



55.pngThe worst possible Assassin to play against, you cant interrupt her ultimate since you got no hard CC. Get yourself a Locket3190.png and use it when she jumps at your team.  I highly recommend putting 12 points onto resolve to get insight and buy yourself a pair of lucidity boots to get 25% cooldown reduction on your exhaust since its the only thing you can do to halve her damage on teamfight.




If this happens to you, this guide has most likely pushed support kayle to meta. God help us all.




He is basicly just corki and ezreal, except he is actually pikachu. With some CC support like Leona he has a really powerful all in at 6, keep an eye on how you position yourself.

Ocassionally played as a support too, if facing a support Kennen this matchup is medium. He has good poke damage and his all in power at 6 is scary. He however greatly lacks of CC before ulty, making it easier for your jungler to gank him.




Low ranged, some mobility and death defying ultimate, havent played against adc kindred since her release. Should be easy to beat.




Nothing to say, really easy to beat. I recommend harassing him whenever his kogmawbioarcanebarrage.png is on cooldown since his autos can hurt if he tries to attack back.



7.pngShe is extremely unpredictable, she can just dash at your low HP teammates and drop her double leblancchaosorb.png combo to burst them down. I recommend getting 3190.png since it can block a good bit of her damage and give you time to ult her target.




If your adc is unmobile, this lane is potentially dangerous for you. Your best bet is to harass leona to make it risky for her to iniate on you. After she hits 6, try not to be caught off position, also keep your lane bushes warded because she has a great gank setup potential. She is really dangerous with snowbally adcs or carries with high cc, thanfully she is not that hard to deal with when compared to thresh. You need to just harass her or her carry when her zenith blade is on cooldown, since she cant heal your dealt damage.

See more on dealing with tank supports segment.

  • When her E is on cooldown, she can be poked with ease.
  • She is great at roaming and setting up ganks, remember to keep your wards up and spam missing ping when Leona leaves the lane.




Kind of average adc with dash, dont have much to say about him. When you harass him try to stay away from your lane minions, otherwise his lucianq.png might hit you. 

He becomes really dangerous if he has a tanky all in support on his side, like Leona or Thresh. He is known for having a very high powerspike on level 2 so thats the part where you should watch yourself. If your facing a tanky supp with Lucian you should try to focus on poking one of them down so that its too risky for them to iniate on you as long as you wont get caught. Tank + luc is one of those matchups where i can recommend starting with 3302.png since it makes you tougher to beat if you get caught yourself while getting ocassional boosted heal from spoils of war windspeaker combo.




She is most likely going to be agressive on lane, she is gonna attempt to use E Q auto thunderlords combo on you to get ocassional burst poke on you. If she has a high poke adc like Ashe, i think its the best to just max your heal and play healbot, start with ancient coin to get some regen on because your not going to be left unharmed neither. Otherwise, you can harass her adc if she has someone like Kalista or Sivir.

Her ultimate can be compared to yours since it makes its target really bulky and it can alone win fights, i'm just gonna say don't fight her once she hits 6 unless you are ahead of them or if your jungler is about to gank. Dont even think about diving them.

  • She offers massive shields, similar lifesaver ultimate, speedups and she also has really annoying crowd control abilities. Her autos also have enhancer, she is literally the most annoying bitch in the game.
  • Her Q's slow is massive and it lasts for 2 seconds, if she is paired with CC-heavy adc they can engage on you if you get slowed by her.
  • Her TLD combo consists of E Q + auto. If you try to hit her she will probably just shield herself and auto back, thus winning the trade.
  • Passive playstyle is recommended.




Burstier version of morgana. Your Divine blessing speedup makes it pretty easy to dodge her abilities, and if she uses her whole kit to do her infamous Q E R combo, you can just R and spam laugh and mastery icon.

  • Abuse her when her Q is on cooldown.




Basicly a beating bag for you until he hits 6. Even then your ult just wrecks him. He has no way to iniate on you until he hits 6.




Thank god he is no longer a common pick. You got no hard CC which is needed to interrupt his ult channel. He outdamages you on all stages of the game. Only real trick on beating him is by ulting your carry when his voidling swarm is about to start autoing supressed target, thus blocking huge chunk of his ultimate + voidling damage. You getting caught by his supression is not an option.

  • Your E-enhanced autos can one shot his whole voidswarm.




Maokai has been reworked. His saplings are now really strong, they chunk really hard if the throws them onto bushes. Playing against Maokai is like playing against tankier Shaco support, you need to respect bushes.

  • His only engage tool is on his W, it's a point click dash with root on it but it has a really small range. You can poke him with ease.
  • Respect the bushes, his saplings chunk.
  • His ultimate moves really slowly, your speedup is generally enough to send your carry to safety.


Miss Fortune


Her double up harass is annoying and she has high base damage overall, but she honestly isnt too bad to beat. You can also negate most of her ult damage with judicatorintervention.png. Gets dangerous if she has an all in support with her like 412.png89.png due to her really high damage.

Since Support MF is starting to be a thing now, i am now updating this matchup. Support MF is generally paired with Jhin or Ashe, when she is with one of those this matchup is easily hard difficulty. This lane is pure all in and tons of damage which is Kayle's weakness, they can easily cheese out kills on early game too. I recommend playing super carefully on early game and asking for ganks.

  • Don't stand behind your minions, standing behind low HP minions is basicly asking to get chunked. Her doubletap goes through minions.
  • Her ultimate lasts for 3 seconds, your ultimate lasts for 2 seconds at rank one and 3 seconds at rank 3 which means that your ultimate will negate most of it's damage.




You can just harass him mercilessly. When he is about to use his mordekaisermaceofspades.png's 3rd strike, ult the one he is focusing.




Ironically, you beat her on all stages of the game. Your E autos are strong enough to break her black shield fast. Your judicatordivineblessing.png's speedup makes it easy to sidestep her roots. Playing against Morgana who can't land her roots is the easiest thing for Kayle since Morg can only "harass" using her pool of angst which tickles a bit.

If your carry is about to get stunned by her ultimate, use intervention on your carry just slightly before her stun is about to kick in to block part of its damage as well as making your carry immune to all damage taken while the stun is on.

Against a skilled Morgana player, buying mikaels is a good choise.




She has something which you dont have, healing and damage on one same ability, thus she tends to outsustain you early but your heals are much stronger on late. I recommend maxing Q and W both on this matchup. She has some really powerful crowd control abilities, poke whenever her Q is on cooldown.




One of the best counters for kayle, he deals good sustained damage and his nautiluspiercinggaze.png makes him just block all your poke. You need to play around his Q and W cooldown, these abilities have very lengthy cooldowns. When his W is on CD harm him as much as possible since he doesnt have the sustain to heal himself.

See dealing with tank supports section for more information.




In case if you encounter some low silver/bronzie who was forced to play support and instalocks nida, its gonna be your lucky day. As long as you can dodge her spears, you are up for an easy game.




He cant do jackshit to stop you from harassing his carry, just poke his adc, poking himself might be pointless since he has his consume.png




Theres 2 kinds of support oriannas. First type is the one who attempts to harass often with her spells and will thus run oom fast. She can be dealt easily since her damage can be negated easily with your heals.

Then there's the pure utility oriannas. Really rare type, they max their E and W first to provide strong shields, armor mr bonuses and speedboosts to their team. Orianna's ball makes their carry tanky, while blocking huge parts of your poke.  She is especially dangerous if her team has stealth champions or yasuo, since she can just give her ball to Twitch and then send him moving really fast and then ult when he is at the middle of enemy team. Also, yasuo can use his ult with ori ulty.




No longer too common pick on support role, you are good to go as long as you can avoid walls.

See dealing with tank supports section for more information.




She is now more like top lane/jungler now but can be seen on bot on very rare ocassions. (I actually play ADC Quinn)
She has pretty solid burst on all stages, an all in support can make your early very hard. However, once you hit 6 she becomes much easier to beat since her ult is mostly self utility tool which damage part is unreliable.

  • She has a strong early game, avoid her level 2 power"bump".
  • Don't overstay on lane for too long, she can use her ultimate to glide behind you.
  • When Quinn has her ultimate, ping warning and missing opponents to your teammates when she is missing. She needs to utilise it in order to stay useful.
  • She doesn's get much powerspikes, her damage stays the same on all stages.




His mobility and utility is really good. He is really good at both engage and sustain. Currently i'd say Rakan is the best pick against Kayle. DONT TAKE KAYLE AGAINST XAYAH RAKAN IF YOU HAVE AN UNMOBILE CARRY, that lane is basicly suicide since you got no ways to peel for your carry during early laning.

  • Avoid getting hit by his Q, he needs to land it in order to heal himself and his ally.
  • Do not over extend, he can turn the fight with his knockup.
  • You outdamage him on early game.
  • If Rakan is with Xayah, Rakan's shield range is greatly increased when casting it on her.
  • Pre-level 6 when his W is on cooldown, you can harass him with ease.




Matchup depends on how fed rango is, generally he is easy to counter even on fed status. As soon as you see that ! icon appear, ult whoever he jumps at. He might get the first auto but your ultimate will block his rengarQ.png and give your teammate enough time to counter attack. Dealing with fed rango is a bit different, on that ocassion i recommend to keep a slot open for 2 control wards. As soon as you see that ! icon, drop the ward. Usually that ward is enough to scare him away but if he still dares to go ham you can probably figure out who is he gonna focus, just ult your teammate before his jump finishes. After a couple of great ult saves he might realize how big of a threat you are, so he might start focusing you instead. On that ocassion its okay to ult yourself if you see him coming for you, if he is fed enough to one shot you before you can press R, get yourself either 3157.png or3026.png.



35.pngHe is an early game god, he can gank really well and he has great damage on him. If the enemy bot has good iniator as a support or carry with good CC you might just wanna play passive on early game, since he can just appear behind you using his bullshit stealth, he can be thankfully dealt on lategame with your ulty. Upgrade your sweepers and activate it at teamfights so you can see who he is going to backstab and ult the target, he is not excatly able to one shot so your team is gonna have plenty of time to destroy him when you safeguard his target with your ult.




Not very common on support role, shen can be pretty challenging to play against. His W will negate your E auto attacks, his taunt Q combo is also a pretty powerful iniation tool. Try to warn your team when he hits his ult since he can just fwooom away from bot to other teammate, potentially changing the tide of a skirmish. His ultimate has a very long cooldown, you can force trades with enemy bot when Shen popped his ulty.




You can negate his poke well, his all in can be really obnoxious to play against. If you are hit my his E, he can follow up with his Q and there's nothing to do about it since his slow is just way too strong when compared to your early game ms boost.

Avoid standing behind your minion wave since he can then use his E, try to keep wards on lane bushes too because if he surprises you or your carry with fully channeled decimating smash, you are stunned for 2.20 seconds and take a truckload of damage.

See dealing with tank supports section for more information.




Very low range, try to avoid standing on a minion wave to avoid getting hit by her ricochet. She can block your judicatorreckoning.png with her spellshield and can follow up on ganks well with her ulty, good warding makes sure that his jungler cant gank and thus she cant ult neither.




One of the most annoying supports to play against, you are naturally squishy which means that her Q poke is gonna hurt, and alot. I recommend putting 2 points early onto Q and W to make you able to counter attack her when she comes to poke you as well as sustaining her damage better. If she goes to poke your carry, Q and E auto her for instant karma. She is however very vulnerable, squishier than you in fact. If you catch her off position with your slow, odds are on your side.




You are forced to play passive all laning phase since she will just negate all your poke and your range isnt high enough to harass her. When you hit 6 you can ask your jungler to dive her and her carry since your ult can just make them tank all damage for couple of seconds. Taking 14.png is recommended with 12 on resolve mastery tree to get that insight, so you can halve her healing more often. I recommend buying 3165.png against her.




Another odd support pick throwing her balls at people. You can thankfully block her ult and majority of her burst with your ultimate as long as you avoid getting stunned.


Tahm Kench


Not much to do, you cant all in his adc since he is gonna eat him and spit on the safe distance, and you can't fight him neither due to his huge gray shield.  Harass his ADC if possible.




He stole your ultimate and made it A-O-E. You need to play around his stun cooldown, harass him or his carry as much as as you can, thus maybe forcing him to put more points on hisimbue.png orshatter.png . His ultimate is annoying too, your best bet is to burst opponent laner down before it lands, and when it lands you need to ult your carry or generally that one teammate they are focusing, which negates the damage done during his ult.

See dealing with tank supports section for more information.




Highly adc dependant, good thresh is the most annoying thing in league of legends. Early on you need to play around his cooldowns and harass his carry, keep bushes warded since he likes to iniate from there with his death sentences and flays. He will most likely try to keep an eye on your movement, if your going aggro he might just walk at you and flaythreshe.png you and then follow up with his death sentence. If you survived the laning phase your gonna beat him after 6. See more on dealing with tank supports section.

  • Keep an eye on his movement, he can try to engage on you by walking on his E range and displacing you with it, which basicly quarantees a hook.
  • Harass him when his hook is on cooldown.
  • Ignite Thresh is my most hated thing in league of legends. If you are playing against ignite Thresh, play really carefully until he uses his ignite.




Rather easy if you know when to use ur ult when she is about to use hers. If she is paired with tanky all in support this matchup gets harder since she can deal huge loads of damage if she uses her E and gets a couple of free autos.




Havent played against support trundle as a kayle. He has a very weak early game, you can poke him down easily. His ultimate is pretty scary at 6, since it makes the target squishier. Just all in his carry and he shouldnt be a problem. You need to pay attention to your positioning, he can iniate well by using ice pillar behind you, thus slowing for a very long time and creating a temporary terrain, making it really hard for you to escape.

(I will update this matchup when i face a trundle supp on kayle)
See dealing with tank supports section for more information.




His stealth is annoying to deal with, staying on lane alone isnt too good of an idea since he can just uncloak behind you. Otherwise, easy to harass and poke.




Urgot rework is finally live after many years of waiting. New Urgot is designed to be a toplaner, he is extremely good against melee champs which is why i believe that Urgot is still going to remain an unused pick on ADC role. However, i believe that he is ocassionally going to be paired with an agressive hook-support like Blitz and Thresh.

  • He has the shortest range of all ranged champions which makes it really easy to bully him around on laning phase.
  • If you time your ultimate before his victim is about to get meatgrinded, you can completely deny his execution.




Huge harass on laning phase but squishy, if he is paired with the right support, he can be real pain in the ass.

  • Mikaels is a great item against Varus ultimate.
  • Poke him when his Q is on cooldown.
  • Avoid trading too many autos with him, his W + E or Q chunk really hard depending on how many blight stacks he got on you.
  • Use your ultimate on your carry when his ultimate lands on them, his ultimate applies all 3 stacks of blight on them, this means that varus is most likely going to use either his E or Q to proc blight for massive damaage.




Low ranged but mobile, generally pretty easy to poke around.

  • During fights time your ultimate when her 3rd silver bolt is going to proc, this negates a good bit of her damage output.
  • Avoid standing too close to walls in fights, she can condemn you to walls and stun you.
  • During teamfights it's recommended to save exhaust for her.
  • Poke her when her Q is on cooldown.




Veigar support isn't a common pick, but its possible to meet one from time to time. He has some really long long ranged harass, try to avoid getting hit by his spells since his new passive gives him free AP when he lands them. Try not to be caught by his horizon walls, fortunately you can block his burst with well placed ultimate.

  • He likes to use his spell rotation when his event horizon stuns someone, as soon as he casts his W ult your target.
  • If his team has more crowd control champions, buying mikaels is a great pick.
  • His ultimate deals damage based on how low HP his opponents are, keep that in mind when fighting him.




He simply outpokes you.

He has unreal amounts of damage, generally enough to outdamage his carry anyways. He lacks any sort of sustain, so best bet is to play around his cooldowns, since his E which is his only reliable hard cc has a pretty long cooldown. Thankfully you can somewhat block his ult true damage with your ultimate. I recommend maxing both Q and W to get better trading and sustain to negate some of his poke, you can sustain his damage pretty well.

  • A well timed intervention can block all his ultimate damage.
  • Poke him with swift autos when his E is on cooldown.
  • Don't let him proc his passive, it deals lots of true damage.




Ah the classic low elo pedobear. Due to your lack of crowd control, he is a bit challenging to deal with since you only have your Q slow to stop him from charging. It might be just good idea to max W mostly to increase your carry's speed while he is charging.




She is really annoying to deal with due to her high damage and zoning. This matchup becomes hard if she is paired with Rakan. DONT TAKE KAYLE AGAINST XAYAH RAKAN IF YOU HAVE AN UNMOBILE CARRY, that lane is basicly suicide since you got no ways to peel for your carry during early laning.

  • Her featherstorm deals huge load of damage. Time you ultimate so that it will block that ability's damage when she pulls those feathers back at her.
  • She is really unmobile. However, her ultimate makes her untargetable and she can also move while she is in the air.
  • Do not stand on her feathers, if 3 of them passes through you, you are rooted for one second. You are really vulnerable against iniations while you are rooted.
  • If she has Rakan on her side, when she activates her bladecallerxayahe.png Rakan also gets that ability's enhanced auto attacks.




Ziggs is sometimes seen on the ADC role. He is really hard to deal with, if you try to poke him with your autos, he can poke back and outdamage you with his abilities. Poking is really risky since he can use his W to sling you towards him and his support. Max your sustain, buy ancient coin and play passively.




Your kits are somewhat similar, you are both support/midlane champs, both have speedups and slows on their kit and death defying ultimates.

Kayle's kit however is more offensive than his, he is very vulnerable against poke. He has some really powerful all in potential though, his E QWQ E combo means that you are slown for 5 whole seconds and stunned too depending on how much points he has on his Q. Zilean tends to passively push his lane since his bombs have big range, ask your jungler to pay a visit. 

Harass him as much as you can on early, he grows more and more of a threat as he gets levels. When he hits 6 he can iniate and disengage, thats the part where he will start to outscale you. Harass him only when his Q and unwind is on cooldown and try not to fight with him for too long.

If you are hit by his bombs, move close to your minions to make him push the lane for you. You can even deny enemy ADC's farm with this tactic. Abuse his low mana since he cant use his devastating but expensive E QWQ E combo on you with low mana.




This redheaded weed gardener is the definition of ANNOYING. Her poke and burst is high on all stages of the game, start with 3301.png  and play around her root cooldown. When you got your ulty, use it on your carry as soon as she pops her ult since it deals damage only 0.5 seconds before they snap upwards. She is super squishy, try to catch her out of position.

Support Kayle's Strengths and Weaknesses Back to Top

Easy to play
Kayle is an enchanter, if she is paired with fed/skilled carry, she multiplies her carry's potential.
Her ultimate and Heal both have incredibly high range (900)
judicatorreckoning.pngPowerful point and click slow nuke with low cooldownjudicatorreckoning.png
judicatorrighteousfury.pngStrong long-ranged harassjudicatorrighteousfury.png
judicatordivineblessing.pngSustain with 3 second speedup steroid which scales really well to mid late game. Gets even better when you get youself 3174.png
judicatorintervention.pngGamechanging ultimatejudicatorintervention.png
judicatorintervention.pngThis gamechanging ultimate costs NO MANAjudicatorintervention.png
kaylepassive.pngArmor/MR shred passivekaylepassive.png
When you get your ult, you are godlike VS Enemy assassins.
Powerful mid-lategame Utility
If needed, has a decent waveclear
Fantastic early game damage
Being a sleeper pick, opponents wont know how to play against her.
Really cheap 3 core items, you can get them around 20 min if game goes well.
3174.png3158.png, 2302.png or 2301.png
Aether Wing Kayle looks a bit like Mercy from Overwatch.


Even though her slow is powerful, its her only cc ability.
...Much like other enchanters, support Kayle can't carry the game herself. This is especially the case on my build since this build's thing is to maximize Kayle's enchanting potential.
Bad at roaming, low engage potential.
Before getting intervention, she is weak against all ins.
She has a very simple kit, experienced opponents can predict when your going for harass.
Damage falls off on late game.
Utility is a bit lacking on early game.
Global taunt, might get focused after a couple of successful ultimate saves.
Meta circlejerkers might think you are trolling.
Kayle has 5 voice lines only, it gets annoying listening at those on a loop, unless you own aether wing kayle.

Athene's unholy grail on Kayle Back to Top

Mage rework made some pretty notable item changes, one of those forgotten item changes happened to Athene's unholy grail. Before this mage rework it used to be a situational AP item which usually got overshadowed by morellonomicon since morello was cheaper, gave 20 more AP and had a really good passive.

Here are Athene's new stats:



Unique: Gain 20% of the premitigation damage dealt to champions as Blood Charges, up to 100 - 250 (based on level). Healing or shielding another ally consumes charges to heal them, up to the original effect amount.
Unique: Grants 100% base health regen per 5 seconds if your current health percentage is lower than your current mana percentage. Grants 100% base mana regen per 5 seconds if your current mana percentage is lower than your current health percentage.

Unique – Dissonance: Gain +5 ability power for every additional 25% base mana regeneration. Disables Harmony on your other items.


This new Unique passive makes your attacks on enemy champions gather blood charges, which maxinum amount increases as you gain levels. When you use your W on an ally, it consumes blood charge stacks to increase the healing done. When combined with Kayle's very high heal numbers these heals become incredibly powerful.  You can heal more than 500 when you got enough bloodcharges on this item, and since Kayle has some high base damages your gonna get this item stacked really often on teamfights.

This item also has a new passive, every 25% base mana regenation grants you 5 extra AP. This means that athenes actually gives you 50 AP. Here's a list of your core and situational items and how much they grant you AP when combined with Athenes.

2301.pngGives a total of 45 AP when you combine this item's AP and mana regenation.
3107.pngGrants you 25 AP.
3504.pngGives you 70 AP when you combine this item's own AP bonus plus mana regenation.
3222.png20 AP.

This item is also ridiculously cheap now, only 2100 golds which makes it affordable early purchase.

Comparing Athenes efficiency on Other Healers Back to Top


Athene on nami is a viable option, but not as good as on Kayle, let's take a look at these 2 champions's healing power and scalings.
divine blessing.PNG

ebb and flow.PNG

As we can see from these pictures, Nami's heals are slightly less powerful than Kayle's heals, and also possess much smaller 30% AP ratio while Kayle has a a bit bigger 45% AP ratio on it. Nami also doesn't have much damage on teamfights, which means that she is going to have much bigger issues on stacking athenes bloodcharges up. Ebb and flow however has 5 seconds lower cooldown which makes it spammable with max cooldown. Nami is a bit more focused on spamming heals on fights with max CDR but she has less chances to stack Athenes up, while Kayle is able to do huge burst heals every 8th second.


Next up your probably saying why not just get it on Sona instead, she has lots of damage too and heals.  She has lots of damage for a support, but the fact that her shield is on the same ability messes it up. Athenes bloodcharges proc on shields too, which means that if someone else is close to her aura while she uses her heal in attempt to heal another wounded teammate, the one who is hit by her shield aura is getting athenes bloodcharges instead.

Also Sona's heals have much smaller AP ratio which means that even if she lands that athene boosted heal, it wont be as much as Kayle's divine blessing. And again, she only has only 2 damage abilities including her long cooldown ultimate which should grant good amount of bloodcharges if you hit the whole enemy team with it.


She has 2 big aoe spells, by hitting multiple enemies you can get moderate amount of bloodcharges, however her damaging spells tend to have very high cooldowns and they wont be dealing much damage anyways unless she is just building lots of ap. She still can use that item well since windspeakers makes those few bloodcharges stronger.


Taric is an interesting one, he can proc bloodcharges with his Bastion, but again he lacks the damage to keep getting those bloodcharges on fights since he only has his Dazzle as his only damage ability. Only way he can get full advantage of it is by using his passive everytime he uses one of his spells, but that requires him to get to melee range. Also Taric players tend to run bond of stone, not Windspeakers. Still, it can certainly work if taking windspeakers instead.

Why not just use it on shield supports since bloodcharges work on shields too?

Having Athenes on Lulu or Morgana on a teamfight can make some clutch heals with this item, but outside of the combat they can sacrifice the unused bloodcharges only once to provide healing to someone while Kayle can just sustain his teammates back to full health outside the combat. There's a big difference between having your teammates on full health when comparing to having just one carry with around 50% health left, unless that shield support is saving that heal for combat anyways.

ADC Synergy List Back to Top

Meant to be Together -tier

67.png(Vulnerable early game especially against poke, godlike lategame scaling, passive lane)

Just pray to god your Vayne isn't gonna be a toxic twelve years old, they tend to get grumpy if they get a nonmeta support. Vayne suffers from weak early game, you can keep her sustained with your heal as well as keeping opponents from poking her by harassing them constantly. On 2v2 skirmishes your passive helps her to shred through your foes, and having 2 seconds of invincibility on high damage vayne is devastating.

236.png(All-around good laning phase, decent scaling, good at 2v2 fights, safe lane)
Very safe lane companion, you both deal tons of damage on early game and remain a notable threat on all stages of the game.

202.png(Crowd-control synergy, risky against heavy engage bot, great poke)
Jhin is another great Carry to pair with, Kayle's and Jhin's kit synergize really well together. Kayle's massive Q slow makes it easy for Jhin to land his deadly flourish, and holy fervor makes his 4th shot deal even more damage on enemies. Intervention while he is reloading means that he is gonna get 4 more shots on enemies without having to worry about the damage taken on reloading. Kayle's speedup also makes up for his lack of movement.

Trustworthy Partners in Crime -tier

51.png(Safe laner, great poke, very dominant lane)
Annoying poke lane from hel... Err heaven (hell if you own pentakill kayle skin). You both possess a really long auto attack range which means that the enemy is gonna be begging for their jungler to gank. She is also a very safe laner due to her traps and her dash.

429.png(Crowd control synergy, poke, engage)
Having 2 extra seconds to add more spears on her enemy can make the difference. Her ultimate is a great addition too since you lack hard cc. On top of that her kalistaW.png passive increases your damage when harassing.

18.png(Safe lane, mixed damage, good at disengaging)
Tristana is really bursty and she deals mixed damage. She is also a really safe laner which makes her a good ADC choise for Kayle. Since she has a huge attack speed steroid on her kit, you can rush ardent censer as your first item.

222.png(Great lategame scaling, decent early game, a bit vulnerable against engage)
Jinx is a hypercarry with decent early game. If you are able to keep her safe until she gets items, you can faceroll the game together.

Beachbullies -Tier

119.png(Very dominant laning phase, decent scaling, unstoppable if Draven gets fed)
Draven + Kayle means crapton of damage. His bloodrush + Divine blessing makes him speedy, and having 2 second highlight means that he is gonna deal shit ton of damage while enemies wont be doing any, most likely resulting in him getting his passive gold.

81.png(Very safe lane, decent poke, mixed damage, kind of weak trading, wonky build path)
Ezreal is similar with Corki, he deals both magic and physical damage and also is a really safe laner. His W also makes you auto attack faster which is a nice thing. Only reason why i consider Corki to be better is because of his natural armor MR Shred on his ggun.png.
42.png(Safe lane, armor shred combo, mixed damage, vulnerable against poke)
Corki deals tons of both magic and attack damage, which means that he is gonna take full advantage on your passive shredding both MR and Armor from his enemies. Since his  ggun.png also shreds armor + your kaylepassive.png, you are just shredding through their few defenses on early game. Kayle corki is also a really safe lane, so i can recommend taking it if up against some all in lane or if your practising Supp Kayle.

22.png110.png(Crowd control combo, great poke, mixed damage (varus only) , vulnerable against engage, decent scalings)
You can poke really well with these fellows. Varus is slightly better however since he deals mixed damage, making him to really like your passive.

Clingy Childhoodfriend -Tier

96.png(Extremely vulnerable laning phase, weak against poke and engage, godlike lategame scaling)
Kog requires lots of crowd control to keep him protected, you only have your slow which isnt enough. Still, your ultimate plus his high damage means that he is gonna deal damage for couple of seconds and opponents are just forced to accept it.
29.png(Vulnerable against poke and engage, godlike lategame scaling)
Similar with kog. Though i have to admit, with twitch and kayle if enemy team lacks CC, he can sneak behind them and then activate his ulty and then spray and pray all over the opponent team, when combined with your ulty they are just forced to take all his damage.
498.pngThis lane is just mediocre at best. Not much synergy between her kit.

Not on the same page-Tier

21.png(A bit of mixed damage, good poke, very vulnerable against engage)
You both have some decent high base damages and your W + her strut grants her some really nice speed when outside of combat, but otherwise there isnt much chemistry between you and her kit.

15.png(Only utility, vulnerable against poke and engage)
Undoubtetly the worst ADC to pair with Kayle.


Here's a list of ADCs i got no experience playing with, i will be just guessing how well are your kits are going to work together.

In theory, Teemo should work with Kayle. Doesnt matter if he goes AP or AD, he is still gonna get full advantage of your armor shred. His W speedup stacks nicely with your divine blessing. Since Teeto lacks an actual ultimate, it might be wise to play careful after 6 unless he is smart enough to plant those shrooms so that the enemy laners are hit by them. Getting yourself a3091.png helps to increase his damage output.

82.pngMordekaiser is an unmobile Behemoth, he tends to be pushed from the lane due to the fact that he is melee and also because his abilities cost health. Thankfully you got your heal to keep him sustained which also grants him that sweet mobility, and on fights your ult is just op on him since he can deal so much damage and opponents cant do anything about it. He gets full advantage of your passive too since his  mordekaisermaceofspades.png requires him to auto attack. Mordes also usually start with relic shield which means that your going to be richer than other supports, you can also get relic if you dont need much manaregen on current lane. Building a 3091.png boosts his damage nicely if you wish to make him deal even more damage.

85.pngEven though Kennen is low ranged and not seen often on adc role, he is a great friend for Kayle. Your ultimate is basicly a zhonya for him, except he can auto attack while his ultimate is on. Since he deals mostly magic damage even when going ADC build, buying yourself a 3091.png  or 3001.pngis a great way to boost his damage.

4.pngAgain, mixed damage on his kit. Unmobile, your W can make him to catch up to opponents and thus make him land gold cards.

Dealing With Tanky Supports Back to Top

Like i stated on this guide's Pros and Cons, kayle is vulnerable on all in, she kind of recovers from this when she gets her ultimate. On this section i am talking on how to deal with those pesky tanky supports on early game to avoid the ultimate disaster.

Keep the lane bushes warded, many of those tanky supports like to abuse lack of vision by iniating from lane bushes, sometimes they are just staying on those bushes just to apply lane pressure and to deny CS from opponent carry.

Play around their cooldowns. If opponent Leona or Thresh use their threshq.png leonazenithblade.png and miss, they are helpless against your harassing.

Tanks usually dont have heals on their kit except their precious 3302.png, any damage you can inflict usually sticks to them.

Tanks are usually really good at setting up ganks, keep the tribush and the river area in front of dragon pit warded to make it harder for enemy jungler to gank.

If your playing on blueside, you can put a pink on tribush, you can defend it agressively with your E. Either the enemy tank is forced to attack it 4 times and get good couple of hits or his carry is gonna take it out and miss CS.

If you are up against a high cc/Snowbally bot lane like Jhin + Leona, harass them only when support's iniation ability is on cooldown, otherwise stay behind your adc and keep the bushes warded and keep an eye on their movement.
If you suspect that enemy supp is gonna try to use zenith blade on your carry, you need to speedboost your adc to make it easier for him to dodge it. Put more points to your W to make the speedboost stronger as well as allowing you to sustain your carry if he gets caught.

Kayle tips, tricks and counters and how to deal with them Back to Top

Basic tips

  • Kayle swifts between melee and ranged form with her E, this means that if you have relic shield and you have your E on, you lose the ability to execute minions. If you have the bandit mastery, your E-autos grant you 3 gold on autos. If you auto opponents without E, you get 10 gold instead. If you have ancient coin, activating your E increases the coin pickup range.
  • Use your speedup to get to lane or fights faster. You should preferrably use it on your other teammates. Be mindful of your Heal's mana cost though. You can speedup as much as you want later on the game when you got your athenes ready.
  • During teamfights when her heal is on cooldown, you can pretty much get full athene's charges by auto-attacking with righteous fury and using Q as often as possible.
  • Auto attack and Q as much as you can during fights to get Athene's bloodcharges to boost your next heal.
  • For a basic burst combo, Q your opponent and then activate your E and auto swiftly. This is your bread and butter harassing combo, it chunks alot if you have early points on Q.


  • Try to predict opponent burst with your ultimate, if Rengar is stealthed and nearby, use your ultimate on the target who he is going to attempt to burst when he jumps at them, this makes his assassination attempt worthless. This rule also applies to any assassin.
  • If you have ardent censer and Redemption, redemption's active can grant your whole team it's attack speed and lifesteal bonus.
  • You can use your ultimate and redemption to quarantee a redemption healing on one ally. Cast your redemption on your ally and then ult that same ally right after casting redemption. They will be immune to all damage while redemption is casting.


  • Way too sticky opponents. Kayle's lack of hard CC makes dealing with divers and tanks a bit hard. If opponent has multiple sticky opponents like Sejuani, Maokai, Talon or Lee sin, it's recommended to get Rylai's crystal scepter 3116.png since that item makes your auto attacks to slow for 20%. If opponents have CC-heavy tanks, buy mikael's3222.png.
  • Unpredictable burst. This is one of the worst things to play against when playing Zilean as well. Sometimes opponent Talon, Kat or Leblanc become so fed they can just spell rotate to one shot your squishies. Kayle is much more forgiving with her ulty when compared to Zilean since it blocks all damage if you time it just right. Only real way to counter fed assassin is by practising your ultimate timing, since well timed ultimate makes their spell rotation deal zero damage. If they start to focus you instead, buy GA.3026.png

Article: Chinese Kayle support top + Master yi tactic Back to Top

This cheesy little tactic is starting to show up on multiple places nowadays. Originally this tactic was used by two premaders on chinese server but it's slowly spreading to other servers as well. This tactic's thing is to combine Kayle's absurd healing, ultimate and currently overtuned Ardent censer to turn Master yi onto unstoppable force.

First thing first, Kayle top plays her laning phase really passively. When master yi gets his bloodrazor jungle item, he goes to top lane instead and takes all her farm. When Kayle gets ardent censer, Yi can towerdive opponent top laner really easily and get away with it thanks to Kayle's huge heals and damage immunity ultimate. This tactic is really strong against unorganized games where opponent players are usually not premade and doesn't have any voice communication between them.

Summoner spells:

Kayle starting items:

Rush forbidden idol and then aether wisp, buy 3504.png ardent censer asap.


This trick's obvious downsite is that your team won't have a tanky toplaner nor jungler, so it's up to your support to take a tank support.
Also if opponent jungler is aware of this strategy, he can go to top lane to assist his top laner when the duolane phase starts.
Master yi is melee, so poking him when he tries to farm is efficient way to stop him from pushing, although Ardent boosted Kayle heal is able to heal him back up eventually.
This tactic was recently used by misfit gaming in LCS EU as well, although they lost at the end of that game.


Patch Notes (Last updated 7.21) Back to Top

Ardent censer nerf, again. Grants less on hit damage and less attack speed, but that's fine enough. It's still core item for kayle.

3504.pngAbility stat nerfs.

Ardent censer nerf, about time. It grants less lifesteal on hit and attack speed. Maybe it's going to push coin-starter enhancers off the meta.

3504.pngAbility stat nerfs.


Riot tweaked Athene's unholy grail, it now grants only 10% cooldown reduction which makes it take much longer for you to achieve 45% cooldown reduction. However, Athenes now grants 5 extra ap per each 25% extra mana regen. Athenes still remains as a recommended core item, but getting max cooldown reduction is a pretty noticeable downsite. On the bright side, athene's new AP passive + it's own mana regen bonus grants 20 extra AP, eye of the watchers grants 10 extra AP and redemption grants 30 extra AP.

Redemption is nerfed, it now heals less but it heals much more based on how many healing multipliers you have. Healing multipliers are great on Kayle, which is why this item remains as your core item.


Reworked, currently a pretty gutted item. It also doesn't synergize well with Kayle.

Another patch of sneak buffs, Ardent censer's attack speed bonus and healing on hit is now stronger. Redemption got tweaked a bit, it grants less HP and healing is gutted, but it grants 125% mana regen. Chalice items grant 5 more MR. Ardent remains as a strong situational item, but it's so much better now. Redemption is still good enough to be your 4th core item.

This one is a really small buff, they reduced Rylai's cost with 600 gold, it now costs only 2600 and it now has much cheaper build path. I rarely bought Rylais but now i can see myself buying it more often. I'm definitely gonna test it out, it might even be a new core item considering how cheap it is now.

3116.pngNow costs only 2600 gold, slow reduced to 20%, grants only 300 hp instead of 400 and 75 AP instead of 100.

6.22 preseason patch

Kayle recieved a couple of strong stealth buffs. Most notably athenes, mikaels and ardent censer are now cheaper. Aegis and items it builds onto lost their iconic MR aura but they grant a good bit of armor to their wearer. Locket shield is now stronger which is a great buff to all windspeaker supports. This new support item "redemption" is extremely powerful on Kayle since it greatly boosts your healing capacities, and is now considered one of your core items.

3222.png3107.png Great situational items.

3190.pngShield value is doubled, grants helpful defense stats.

3174.png3222.png3504.png3190.pngAre now cheaper.

Pink wards are removed, instead we now have control wards 2055.png which no longer reveal invisible enemies (they do reveal camouflaged enemies like Eve and Twitch), only way to deal with Shacos and Wukongs now is by using oracles during teamfights.

3105.png3060.png3190.pngLost their MR aura.

3060.pngNo longer grants AP. Basicly bad version of ZZrot.

Ending Credits Back to Top

Hello, i am Dumbledore Bot, Plat 1 Support main on EUNE server. I started playing league on early S4, and after i started to understand this game i realized that support is just my kind of role. My favourite supports back then were Soraka, Zilean, Morgana and Kayle. I quite recently started to play Kayle support again after a very long break and it turned out great. It inspired me to make this guide here.
fucking work.PNG

I played support Kayle last time on S5 when teambuilder was around, i just spammed kayle bot constantly until i made it to tier 5 mastery. I also made it to lvl 7 mastery by playing Kayle on support role only.


On 15th of June, this guide of mine has been featured! I did not expect an off meta build like this to get a featured status but here we are. I am really pleased that it has been recognized for being well written and informative.

Here's the best pentakill song in my opinion, feat. the newest member, Kayle.

If your looking for another champ which plays similarly with Supp Kayle, check out my recently featured Zilean guide:

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I guess thats about it, we'll see you on the rift.

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