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Summoner Spells Back to Top



Kayle doesn't have any CC abilities so it's nice to an ability that can instantly control the enemy champions speed and damage out put. Don't think of Exhaust as the safe summoner spell think of it as control.



Flash is standard for most champions, for Kayle Support it's best use is to flash to get into range to ULT judicatorintervention.png someone.

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Masteries Back to Top


Fury 5/5 - Free more attack speed judicatorrighteousfury.png
Fresh Blood 1/1 - Extra Damage on trade, damage builds up over laning phase
Natural Talent 5/5 - Free AD & AP Kayle benefits from both
Double Edge sword 1/1 - More and more damage.


Wanderer 5/5 - Extra movement speed out of combat, when you haven't been damage lets you move in quicker for trades, and move faster to and from lanes.
Secret Stash 1/1 - You start with 3 Health pots this gives them extra value and gives you some mana
Meditation 5/5 - Free Mana regen, lets you cast 2 or 3 extra abilities in lane.
Bandit 1/1 - Extra gold generation in lane, can proc +10 if you auto attack enemies in melee form. 
Intelligence 5/5 - +5% CDR along with CDR in runes gives you 10% CDR from level 1 and have E judicatorrighteousfury.png up more often to trade in lane.
Windspeaker's blessing 1/1 -  Boost Kayle's judicatordivineblessing.png utility

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order 

judicatorintervention.png dot-pattern.png judicatordivineblessing.png dot-pattern.png judicatorreckoning.png dot-pattern.png judicatorrighteousfury.png

kaylepassive.png Passive

  • Kayle's Basic Attacks and Q judicatorreckoning.png Reduce Enemy champion's Armor and Magic Resist by 3% stacking up to 5 times (15%) lasting for 5 seconds

judicatorreckoning.png Reckoning

  • Targeted ability Kayle launches an orb at the selected enemy champion, dealing Magic Damage based on AD & AP, and slows them.

judicatordivineblessing.png Divine Blessing

  • Heal yourself or an Ally and gain a speed boost for 3 seconds.

judicatorrighteousfury.png Righteous Fury

  • Passive: Kayle's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage 
  • Active: Kayle's basic attacks become ranged and deal bonus Magic damage and splash damage to the target hit

judicatorintervention.png Intervention 

  • Shield Kayle or an Ally making them invulnerable for 2 - 3 seconds depending on ULT rank.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

3301.png2010.png2010.png2009.png (+165 Health + 15 Mana Each)using all = (+495 HP & +45 Mana) 3340.png

3301.png Ancient Coin while in lane when minions die they will drop coins some time 1 coin gives gold other coin gives you mana, it becomes very hard to run out of mana, and the gold generation is unmatched by any other support item if you can pick up multiple coins, also 5% CDR will give you 15% CDR level 1 in combination with runes and masteries. 

2010.png You trade your health for the enemies health a lot, so your 3 Health Pots are a lot more than the 1 Health Pot the enemy ADC, so you have a lot more potential HP to attempt to trade with.

3340.png You only get a Trinket ward 180 Seconds (3 minutes) so you need to have a good read on the Enemy Jungler potential location.


Once you get 2049.png Sightstone, you can switch to Sweeper, holding on to 3340.png is only beneficial if you are trapped on your side of the map.



Build Path 

3301.png > 3096.png > 3114.png > 3113.png > 3504.png > 2049.png > 3117.png > 2302.png > 3107.png > 3109.png > 3222.png

This build path lets you benefit the most from Kayles extended trading / passive laning phase, then come into mid game with an Ardent Censor for your carries, and a Healing speed boost and an invulnerability ULT, all other addition Support item after Ardent Censor give you slightly more peeling and healing ability, but aren't huge game changers.


3096.png - Try to get Nomand's as soon as possible, the quicker you can back for it the better, the gold you get from coins droped from it is much higher than Ancient Coin
3504.png - Makes any on hit ADC or carry very very strong Mid game, in combination with Kayle's kit they should be untouchable.
3107.png - Lets you heal your entire team, great for fights or while doing Baron, small amount of health is really nice around that time in game as well, more CDR and healing bonus as well
3109.png - Kayle counts as a melee champion so Knight's Vow gets it's full value.
3222.png - Remove CC and huge 20% bonus healing and shielding.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Kalista
  • Syndra
  • Tristana



volley.png out ranges you in lane making it hard to move into trade against her
enchantedcrystalarrow.png can pick you off mid / late game, and ashe generally builds up damage over time so ULT judicatorintervention.png don't really block a huge amount of burst.



rocketgrab.png one pull will kill you in most stages of the game
ULTING judicatorintervention.png a target as they get pulled takes some very quick reaction time.




Kayle works very well with Kalista easily procing her kalistaw.png passive with an auto attack, and small slows and speed boost do wonders for her, and once you get Ardent 3504.png you have one of the strongest mid games in the game.

Against Kalista an ULT judicatorintervention.png will be very hit or miss depending if she rends kalistaexpungewrapper.png during the time the ULT is up or not.




Block her syndrar.png from one shotting a carry with judicatorintervention.png

just stay out of range of syndrae.png




Kayle works well with Tristana, she has her own jump away, and if enemies follow her it's very hard for them to take her down when she has a Heal, speed boost, and invulnerability.

Playing against Tristana, you can somewhat counter her wave push with Kayle's E judicatorrighteousfury.png, and block her E tristanae.png damage completely with Kayle's ULT judicatorintervention.png

Early Game Back to Top

Kayle's early game is decent, but changes drastically depending on how well you can damage the enemy champions, while not getting damaged as much. This obviously changes a lot based on how the matchup and how well you are playing.

Generally you want to go for a small 1-2 auto trade when your E judicatorrighteousfury.png is off cooldown, casting Q judicatorreckoning.png is best at the start of the trade, it shouldn't be cast at the end, the damage doesn't matter as much as leading with a passive kaylepassive.png stack and slow onto the enemy. You can also use Kayle's W judicatordivineblessing.png in between auto attack cooldowns for a speed boost if it's really needed, but anytime you cast Q judicatorreckoning.png or W judicatordivineblessing.png it will drain your health pool over time a lot quicker compared to just casting E to trade, so you have to make a judgment call based on the matchup and how the lane is playing out to know what you want to do. That being said if you don't know the right or wrong thing to do the only thing to do is to test it out and see, any result is a learning experience and is way better than doing nothing.

  • Kayle's Jungle invades such, but a counter invade is very strong with the AOE damage and shred from E judicatorrighteousfury.png.
  • Expect a jungler to show Bot lane or Top lane around 3 minutes.
  • Once a CC Support's CC is down go a for a trade onto them or their ADC
  • Once a shield Support's Shield is down go for a trade onto them
  • Try to pickup every coin dropped by 3301.png gold generation for the earliest 3504.png possible is crucial 

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game for Kayle is very strong or pretty useless depending on if you have Ardent Censor 3504.png yet or not. An early Ardent Censor would be around 11-12 minutes, and late one would be past 13-15 minutes.

If you do have Ardent Censor you should try to take all the outer towers on the map, so the first tower bot, the 2nd tower mid and the 3rd tower top.This also requires you to parade your team around the map, which is quite the task in solo queue, but make it simple, ping alot, and type once "AD come mid", or "AD come bot", etc. Then ping as many times as possible their location, then the lane you want them to go to.

You can't expect them to go exactly where they tell them, so lead them, but react and follow if plans change, which they totally will because like common what do you expect from your bronze 5 ADC? LCS level map movements? haha.

Kayle still has some trading power Mid game, since your abilties flat damage value's aren't out scaled yet by the enemy carries, but know that you are squishy as can be with only an Ardent Censor and being underleveled compared to a carry.

  • Take all the towers
  • Move with your ADC or Jungler.
  • When you get sightstone don't push for wards into the enemy jungle unless your team is already there with you, just try to get wards in the river bushes.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game your peel game and position has to be on point. Any aggressive moves you make will probably result in you dying, leave it up to your teammates to CC the enemies, know that your job is to assist them and peel, not to do it all yourself. During fights it's very likely that some champion will try to get onto your ADC, so use all the tools available judicatorreckoning.pngjudicatordivineblessing.pngjudicatorintervention.png3107.png3109.png3222.png to get them off and keep your ADC alive.

Before fights it's important to ping your team into the right positions / places you want them to be. Any communication will help your team be on the same page, and understand more of what is happening on the map, and you are relying on them to start fights so it's crucial to command them into positions to start fights since your champion isn't good at doing that on your own. 

Most likely games will devolve into Arams (both teams mid lane), which favors Kayle since your entire champion's purpose is to bait the enemy team into fighting you, so as long as you don't get damaged or CC'd during fights and can be in range to assist your ADC things should go your way.

  • make sure you are using Active items 3107.png3222.png during fights
  • Pay attention to enemy team comps and expect which champions will try to dive onto you and your ADC
  • Don't Ward alone

Teamfighting Back to Top

Teamfighting at any stage of the game you want to focus on getting the most out of Kayle's utiltiy rather than trying to maximize your own damage. You get a lot more value out of Kayle's kit if you can bait enemies movements with your own pulling them into your team, then Slowing them, and healing / shielding your allies. 

kaylepassive.pngjudicatorrighteousfury.png When using Kayle's E and applying the Armor and MR shred to a target try to focus it on the same target to get all 5 stacks, when auto attacking in general try to auto attack the closest target to you / who ever is on your ADC since you make them more vulnerable with each auto.

judicatorintervention.png Ideally you can use ULT at the perfect time right as the enemy uses all their damage, but most the time this won't be the case, you have to time it and be in position to cast it on an ally, so it's very difficult to pull off to full percentage value, but it's better to cast an ULT to block a lot of damage, rather than cast it as an ally is basically already dead, and you extend their life for a couple seconds until the enemy can finish them off.

Warding Back to Top

Warding with the 3340.png Warding Trinket

At the start of every game, your only options for warding before you get 2049.png Sightstone, is to use the 3340.png Warding Trinket.

The 3340.png Warding Trinket only gives you a 60 Second ward, that gives you a very small range of vision compared to a 2049.pngSightstone's Vison Ward.

The best way to make use of the Warding Trinket during the early laning phase, is to place it before the enemy jungler shows up, this will change every game depending on the enemy jungler, generally here are some good spots to trinket

Trinkets Outlined in Blue are for when you are on Blue Side
Trinkets Outlined in Red, hey you guessed it, are for when you are on Red Side.
Trinkets Outlined with both, work well on either side.

If you have full control over a lane, placing a trinket in the bot lane bushes isn't terrible as long as you play around the possibility of Gank timing windows properly.


3340.png / 3341.png
Once you get Sightstone, you generally want to switch to Sweeper, but you can make use of the trinket wards in a very extended laning phase, but after say 20 minutes, you will most likely NEED to switch to sweeper or you will be walking through enemy wards the entire game.

So when you get Sightstone the ENTIRE game changes. There are ways you SHOULD use, and ways you CAN use it.


Where to place a Sightstone Ward, has a LOT of  factors that go into why or when you should place a ward, hopefully this makes it simpler:

When To place a Ward

  • If you know the enemy is likely to come from an area in 1-2 minutes.
  • If the enemy has the ability to jump over walls, ward over the wall they would come from ex (9.png64.png)
  • So you can spot enemy champions moving from one lane to another in the fog of war.

When not to place a ward

  • You are near a bush and there isn't a ward in it
  • When you are in a lane and afraid that someone is in that bush you are going to ward
  • When you already have vision of the target you are try to ward against

Mid - Late Game Warding

  1. Do you have advantage and 2-3 champions with you > get a ward in their jungle
  2. Is the game even / you have no ally champions to assist with deep warding > Ward river / enterences to your jungle
  3. Are you behind / multiple towers have fallen > Ward your Jungle.

Here are all easy Warding spots.



Mid - Late game, you shouldn't be going on solo missions into the enemies side of the jungle to get a useless deep ward, only to find 5 champions and a grey screen. Any time you want to get a ward on the enemies side of the map, ping your laners / jungler to assist you with walking into the enemy jungle, who knows you might find a solo member of the enemy team instead and be able to pick up an easy kill.

SawyerGG Back to Top

cPxc3ob.png   Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 21, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Once I hit Diamond for the first time I knew that I would have to take it all the way with this game, luckily for me the deeper I go into the game the deeper it gets. I will always be focused and dedicated to improving my play and hopefully reach a point of sustainability from playing the game, I want to make an example of what I think eSports should and can be about. 

 Here are some places you can find me!

  • Coaching - Review your Game LIVE with me! Or I make a video of me watching your Match Replay and point out mistakes and teach you the game!

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Armor & Magic Resist Shred with Auto attacks and passive judicatorrighteousfury.pngkaylepassive.png
  • A little bit of healing, Damage, and shielding
  • Game changing invulnerability ULT judicatorintervention.png 


  • Offers a little of everything, but not huge on one thing
  • No CC
  • Squishy and have to make ULTs work during fights.

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