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Summoner Spells Back to Top

You should always run those 2 summoner spells. 

4.png-gives you safeness and opens the opportunity to make FLASHY plays! You should never leave Champion-select without flash. 

11.png-Your must-have tool in the jungle! ALWAYS take it with you!

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

12 Ferocity:

  • Sorcery:  
-Since Kha'Zix is an AD-assassin, he heavily relies on his abilities to deal damage (especially his Q). This helps you improve your damage with your abilities quite a lot.

  • Exposed weakness or fresh blood?
- I personally see myself running exposed weakness a lot recently, because it makes your ganks stronger. Sure you can say that the bonus damage from fresh blood increases the damage as well, but I personally see it more as a laning-mastery. Exposed weakness is excellent on tanks, some supports and on junglers, because the 3% extra damage you offer for your teammate can really make a difference!

  • Natural Talent or Vampirism?  
- KhaZix'  W-heal scales with 50% of his AP, so you actually have something from the AP natural Talent offers. 
But Vampirism increases your general sustain (which is super efficient, especially early) and gives you even more lifesteal and spellvamp, which is gonna be big later in the game. 

After some testing I have to say I like the vampirism mastery more. It increases your early sustain by a lot and yet still scales nicely into late with death's dance physical-spellvamp and Hydra's lifesteal!

  • Bounty hunter or double-edged sword?
- Bounty hunter is another damage amplifier you definitely wanna take on assassins. It increases your damage by 1.5% when you kill an enemy ONCE. Means if you kill every team member on the enemy team, you get 7.5% extra damage (You kill everyone on enemy team = 7.5% damage). But then it is "maxed", meaning you can't just kill the same person a second time for the extra damage. As it says: "Every UNIQUE enemy champion kill" increases your damage. 
I personally run bounty hunter a lot in the jungle, but going double-edged sword isn't bad either. It guarantees the 5% bonus damage at all stages of the game, even though you take 2.5% more for it. If the enemies run a big tank comp, you might be better off with double edged sword, as you might have a hard time killing everyone on the enemy team to get the bonus damage from bounty hunter (or at least 4 people to overcome to 5% from double edged sword)

18 Cunning:

  • Savagery: 
- You wanna take this to clear your camps as fast as possible. 

  • Assassin:
-So you can use the other 2 masteries as well, but I think as an assassin, you will need every damage amplifier you can get. This allows you to 1v1 a lot better (like counter-jungling). 

  • Merciless:
-Another damage amplifier?! As the seasons before, definitely take this mastery since it helps you to execute your assassination and provides you with more kills.

  • Dangerous game or greenfathers gift?
-Dangerous game has been an amazing mastery for years now. It saves your life more often than you think and is just an absolute safe mastery pick. Never can go wrong with that.
But there is also greenfathers gift, which provides some extra damage scaling with the current health of the enemy (even monsters). I like that mastery as well, as it fits nice to Kha'Zix' Passive. But I personally prefer the safer dangerous game.

  • Precision or Intelligence?
Precision provides you a little amount of flat Lethality and magic penetration. 5 points in it and you have 8.5 lethality from it, which stacks with lethality runes and items. If you go a lethality build, you can definetly do nothing wrong taking that mastery.

Intelligence on the other hand provides you with 5% cdr at level 1 and increases the cooldown cap to 45%. This is pretty nice, when you go the cheaper black-cleaver rush build.

  • Thunderlord's Decree:
This mastery is awesome on assassins! You deal a lot of burst damage with it and only need to do 3 attacks. Definetly take this when you play, because this is awesome.

Abilities Back to Top

In the following text, I will explain the abilities and why I chose to max them in this order. I'll also explain my evolve path for Kha'Zix!

Passive -  Unseen Threat

This makes Kha'Zix sneaky and is another reason why he's so good as a duelist. You deal bonus Magic damage on your next basic attack, when you were invisible to your Oppononts. So fighting someone near bushes is something you should take as your advantage (as long as it's not warded). You also proc this with the active of your ultimate, so using your ultimate in a fight makes you deal more damage! And since you slow people on hit with it, this is also some nice tool for ganking!

Q - Taste their fear

I usually max Q first as it offers quite LOW COOLDOWN and NO INCREASING MANA COSTS FROM MAXING IT!
Furthermore, when enemies are isolated (they are marked when they are), you deal 50% increased damage, which is a lot!

This is your "Now I'm a big ass bug"-moment, once you got to evolve it! 
Everytime you hit a target which is isolated with your Q, the cooldown is reduced by 60%, which is just crazy good for dueling! Especially for securing objectives like dragons, herald or baron!

W - Voidspikes

Maxing W second is important, because it improves the damage by a lot (30 per rank = 80/110/140/170/200) and the heal (60/85/110/135/160 ) But putting ranks into W also increases the mana costs (55/60/65/70/75), which is one of the reasons I don't max it first but second!

  • Evolve this at level 16
When the enemies have heavy engage (which kind of depends on movementspeed). For example wukong, Volibear, Kennen, Rammus or Irelia! You can slow them down heavily because your W gains a slow. Especially when they are isolated, that slow is crazy good! So you are making it really hard for them to reach you or your teammates, giving you enough time to back off and re-position.

Also you provide quite some nice poke with your W, since you can hit so many targets at once and it's almost impossible to miss 3 projectiles. 

E - Leap

Since the nerfs on his jump, it's not really worth anymore, maxing the jump before anything else. This became less of a damage-tool than just his escape and initiate ability. 
Using this to engage or to follow up an enemy's flash is the best way for ganking! Otherwise try to use it as your escape, when you're being chased or so.  
CAUTION: The jump-range without evolving it is pretty small! So always get close to walls first when you want to jump over some! 

  • EVOLVE THIS AT LEVEL 11! (second)
This makes Kha'Zix extremely safe and mobile! The leap's range increases by an huge amount and it resets when you get assists or kills, allowing you to jump from target to target in a teamfight or to jump in - kill - jump out! This is amazing and extremely important in mid- and late-game!

R - Void Assault

I love this ult. You just become invisible and get a movementspeed bonus. A really nice way to gank lanes without wasting your jump! And since this refreshes your passive, it's also a nice dueling ability! 

Now after the rework, I personally feel like this ult is only good for early / mid game. As it makes ganking really easy and the enemies need to be constantly aware of your presence! Though I think, that the other abilities outclass this evolution as they scale WAY more nice into late game.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Start this when you start at red buff! You can need this for the bird-camp and mana regen in general.
    Get this when you start at blue. You will have a slightly better clear for the camps that are around bluebuff.

Core Items

    This is extremely important in lategame! Clear your position so you stay unnoticed before the fights breaks out!
    This is one of your very core items. You can cast it while your E and let's you do some fancy double-jumps!
    This is a pretty good lethality build. I really like the powerspike of duskblade!
    This item fits SO good on assassins. It provides nice stats for all AD-Champs and a lot of lethality.
    Get these if you need some cdr. I usually get them unless the enemy team forces me to get other boots.
    Most tanky boots in the game, but became more expensive. Get them if they have a lot of auto-attackers
    If they have a lot of cc, you might wanna pick these up
    This item makes you safer, but also provides hella damage and sustain. The cdr is awesome and the healing part is just broken with your Q
    These are only situational now. Get these if they have one or two tanks (especially lord domeniks is strong against tanks). If they don't, get another damage item instead (like maw, mercurial or even tri force)
    Super strong now! Get this if they have heavy burst or just squishies in general. It's new passive is super crazy and the stats in general are awesome.
    I really like this item. It provides a lot of raw damage stats and a really nice passive which fits to khazix ult perfectly. I get it when hyper-snowballing
    This item is really amazing! It shreds the armor heavily and provides good stats for such a cheap price! You can either rush it or buy it later against tanks
    This is a very cheap, yet very efficient build. Its extremely safe and makes you somewhat tanky. If you want more damage, replace the steraks for hydra.

Situational Items

    Against heavy AP and heavy engage! But since you shouldn't be seen by the enemy anyways (since you're an assassin), I rarely need to get it.
    Against heavy AD. Gives you a nice amount of HP and armor and even lets you slow your enemy!
    Another against-heavy-ad item. Nice cdr with lots of armor and some mana for a low price. But I do not recommend it!
    This is another safe item for you. It provides a lot of AD and some MR but also removes all debuffs (like Zed Ult, Vlad ult or any type of cc)
    Another anti-AP item. It increases the heal of your W and gives you cdr.
    This item is really nice against heavy ad as well! It gives you a nice burst of movementspeed and adds some damage to your next attack.
    This doesn't work like the normal Hydra. You can't cast it mid-air since it "only" empowers your next attack. If your team lacks tankyness though, you might wanna pick it up.
    I underestimated this item on KhaZix. It's actually a nice option to build a bit more tanky and still gives quite some AD for it. Very good in combination with triforce.
    now where it gives cdr, it became even more nice now. Provides you with a bit of everything. Get it when you don't get ionian boots and want to use the sheen effect.

So this is an overall look over the items people or I buy on Kha'Zix. As you can see, I made some comments to my Core-items and some to the situational items which other people or myself were building on Kha'Zix sometimes.

In this text-section, I will explain my build a little more and will tell you something about my build-path!

Remember that this section might change, since it is pre-season and people (including myself) are still figuring out what's good and what's not.

  • 3714_32.png - this is quite nice later on, when you're afraid of someone blowing you up, just smite him and receive 20% less damage from him! This is what Riot actually always wanted to avoid; An assassin with damage reduction! 

  • 3707_32.png - Really nice after all. You deal some damage with it and actually steal the movementspeed from your opponent, which is nice for chasing or escaping! You can also cast it mid-air while jumping, meaning you can jump, smite and use the tiamat/hydra active for a big bursting combo. When you kill someone with smite while jumping, you can just as well perform the double-jump.

As said above, this item just fits to my playstyle so well! ALWAYS ACTIVATE IT BEFORE USING YOUR ULT, otherwise your ult will cancel and you've wasted one charge! 
But why does it fit to me so good? Because I simply like mobility and damage. This item provides both. That's why you should get it early! Activating it with your ult makes you get so far while being invisible, it's just crazy! This became super amazing on assassins in general now, thus making it my first go-to at the moment.

It provides a lot of AD and quite some lifesteal. It's active resets your auto-attacks and let's you cancel your animations. This item is simply amazing on Kha'Zix because you can cast it while you jump, what let's you perform fancy double-jumps when you kill someone mid-air. It also is a big combo with your W and Q and then Hydra active. I get this right after I got youmuus. 

My favorite boots at the moment. They provide 10% cdr and even lower your summoners! (It does NOT lower smites cooldown, but it lowers it's recharge rate! The recharge rate goes down from 75 seconds to 68 seconds. The cooldown however stays 15 seconds) Since everyone now gets the homeguard enchantment after 20 minutes, you should easier get the blue or the green enchantment (get the blue just for even more summoner's cdr and the green if you simply need more mobility). 

This is super strong now, because it provides you with everything Kha'Zix scales nicely with (except for cdr). AD, MR and Armor pen (which actually does stack, but there shouldn't be much or any cases why you would do that). But what's so amazing about this item is it's passive. First of all, it provides you with a shield which ONLY blocks magic damage (which is nice against AP burst mages like LeBlanc) but also gives you a buff, which expires once you left combat (just watch that red eye icon above your skillbar). That buff provides you with lifesteal, spellvamp and attackspeed, which is just crazy good on KhaZix because you heal a lot with hydra, death's dance (plus red pot) and that Malmortius buff just heals you as crazy as if you got a Soraka on your team :D 

Still, only get this item if they have heavy AP teams or if they are just squishy! If you get it, buy it after Hydra or right after Youmuus (depending on how strong their AP mage is). 

This item provides you with cdr and some damage. It's strength though is that it heals you for 12% of all physical damage you dealt (33% effective for AoE). Means this is literally spellvamp + lifesteal in one. Together with redpot and hydra you have a lot of lifesteal and spellvamp (lets just call it "Physvamp", 'cause you heal for physical damage dealt.) 
Another nice thing about this item is the fact, that it turns 12% of your received damage into a bleeding effect (which is true damage though) Making you live for a little longer until someone heals you or you simply keep fighting and heal yourself up with your crazy lifesteal and PhysVamp!

3036.png       -or-      3033.png 

Both items provide you 40% BONUS armor penetration, means you only penetrate armor from runes, masteries, items but NOT the base armor of the champ. So only get one of them when the enemy team is stacking armor. 
But when do I get the red one or the blue one?

  • 3036.png - This is the red armor pen item, the "lord domenik's regards". It provides you a % damage buff when the enemy you're attacking has more MAX HP than you. You gain 1,5% damage per 50 Health difference, maxing at 500 HP difference and 15% bonus damage. That destroys HP stacking tanks! Get this if at least 2 or 3 are having way more HP than you!

  • 3033.png - This is the blue armor pen item, the "Mortal reminder". It applies "grievous wounds" (a self-heal reduction/debuff) on the enemies you're attacking. Get it when they have a lot of self-heals (like Mundo, Trundle or even when they have several people running the summoner spell heal). Communicate with your team in order to make sure not everyone gets this, because grievous wounds obviously doesn't stack! One or two "mortal reminders" are enough in a teamcomp, depending on how many self-heals the enemies have.

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He is easily killed in the early, but his late-game shouldn't be underestimated! He deals quite a lot of damage and has a lot of CC! Try not to fight him in late, because his teammates will probably show up before you can kill him due to his tankyness!




A strong knock up, a looong and strong silence, bonus damage per autoattack and a true-damage ult which scales extremely well. Plus to those aspects, he is tanky as well.

Actually he is quite hard to deal with, because silences fuck you up really hard and if he lands a knock up onto you, he will make you pay for it! 

I would put him into hard, but the only reason why he is "only" medium for me is, that you can easily dodge his stuff. You can make yourself invisible and run out of his Q before it hits you. And if he wants to silence you with your W, you just need to time your ult correctly and you run around invisible for a while until the silence is gone.
You can even make yourself invisible and bait his W out, so he will use it for nothing and then you should be able to kill him.




Diana has big dueling potential. If she lands a Q on to you, she will pull off her combo really fast and chunks you down even faster. She has a shield, which scales with her AP and deals damage as well. 

Your best bet is fighting her pre 6 (which is a short window of time tho) or dodging her Q and then fighting her!


Dr. Mundo


huge tankyness, and his cleavers do deal quite a lot. His ult-heal and W make him a big threat to you, so just do not try to fight him, especially in the late. And even when he gets low, his E gives him bonus AD based on missing HP.




Do not underestimate his dueling power. His passive and E deal a lot of damage and his W passive deals more damage the less HP you have at a certain point. His Q  also deals pretty heavy damage when it comes back to him, so try to dodge that. 

His W active can ruin a duel for you, because he gets a huge shield or he stuns you when you are in the area, so avoid that as well. 
Always keep an eye out for his clone-thingy. When he ults to that, he heals himself and deals shit tons of damage in the area.




Elise is quite tough to deal with. Even though she isn't in the greatest spot right now, she still is hard to kill for KhaZ when she is in spider-form. Her spiders prevent her from becoming isolated and she has quite some heals and damage. 

Your best bet fighting her is when she is in human form; Try to dodge her E and she shouldn't be TOO hard to deal with.




She isn't tanky early and her damage can't keep up with yours. You can also keep up with her W thanks to your ult and Youmuus and your Jump of course! Just get pink wards in your team, so you always know where she is, so you can make her game go horribly bad!




He has no mobility and is squishy. The only thing which might stop you from killing him is his fear and his silence. But You can easily jump after him and can chase him with youmuus and your ult.

If he drains you, just ult and get out of range, but you should be outtrading him anyways so there shouldn't be the need of walking away.




There are quite some ad-fizz players in the jungle currently. He is actually pretty weak early compared to you, but once he has finished his triforce / bork he hits really hard, especially when he lands his ult. 

Try to dodge that ult if you can and try to get out of his E before he lands, because that actually deals quite some damage even when playing AD Fizz. 
The problem with AD fizz is, that he deals a lot of damage with basic attacks (physical damage) but a hell of a lot magic damage with his abilities and especially his W. 
Ninja tabis are definetly recommended!




Damage reduction, tankyness, self heals and yet quite some big damage. 

Do never underestimate this guy, there is a good reason he is pretty much banned in every game now! 




This guy just spams his Q, even more than you do! And you can't really dodge it since it's aoe just like his W. His Ult fears you and has quite some big base damage. His E will be really dangerous if he's running towards you with high speed (homeguard etc). Try to avoid his E and you can actually fight him once you got some items completed!


Jarvan IV


He's quite tanky, has armor reduction and a lot which does deal a lot and wont't let you escape if you can't jump. You can fight him easily if you didn't get hit by his Q. If you're being caught in his ult, just run around in it while being invisible or just jump out of it.




You are stronger than Kayle early on, but already starts to outscale you in midgame. 

Her ults just denies all of your damage and when she got sated (which she probably goes for) she hits really really hard. 
Ward her jungle and invade her when you think you have a chance fighting her!




She is really squishy and way weaker than you early and midgame. She has a lot of mobility and burst though so do not underestimate her damage! She can also become invincible with her ult if you're not fast enough to kill her so always keep that in mind.


Lee Sin


This guy is just a pain in the ass for me personally. He can make you visible with his Q and E, so you can't refresh your passive and he also has quite some mobility. His damage is pretty high as well, so you should avoid fighting him.

But you can actually fight him in late game or when you're pretty ahead! Try to not use your Jump before he kicks you, because you can't follow him otherwise!




Kinda like Nautilus, his tankyness is the only problem for you. He gets damage reduction with his ult and can slow you constantly with his Q and E. 

But he is not unkillable!


Master Yi


The nightmare of bronze. Don't be so afraid of him, especially in the early. If he Q's you, just confuse him with your ult and you can easily fight him.

But even before 6, you should not have any problems killing him. The only problem you might have is his heal, because he gets damage reduction with it. So if you notice your enemy's laners are gone, better get away from there because they're coming for you!




He shouldn't be able to kill you in a 1v1, but neither will you have an easy time killing him 1v1, especially in late game when he gets super tanky. 

Your best bet is killing him in the early, because he isn't that tanky there and doesn't deal much damage anyways. But always care for his CC!




I personally consider this match up as easy, but we know how damn much her spears and cougar-Q can hurt. 

She has a lot of mobility, but you can keep up for the first seconds. You can easily 1v1 her, but as said above, her cougar-Q hurts a lot if she speared you before or if you walked into a trap. So make sure you fight her when you're 100% sure you can dodge her stuff.




He can see where you're going when he landed a Q on you, even when you're in stealth!

He is a pretty strong early duelist, due to his fear and bonus AD he gets when he is on his Q-trail.
You always need to expect his Spellshield, but since it's duration is pretty short, just ult and run around him a little again until it expired. 




He can't duel you since his only damage tools are his E's and his ult. You can simply jump away from his ult, but you cant really escape those constant slows because he is fast and keeps spamming them. So always care for the enemy's laners, because once you got caught, they might be coming already and you just can't escape it that easily.

He either plays AP or tanky. If he builds tanky, he will just chase you and keeps slowing, but doesnt deal much damage.
If he plays AP, he will deal a lot of damage with his ult and Snowballs, but he is really squishy as well. 
Just try not to fight him near monsters, because he can just heal himself up!




His spears deal a lot of damage and do have a low cooldown. His W stuns you and refreshes his passive. 

This is pretty much a skill match-up. Because he can simply block your auto-attacks, so you can't even benefit from your passive, but also can deal a lot of damage while doing so. 
Your best bet is to time your Ult correctly, so when he wants to throw a spear, try to ult so the spear doesn't go off. Then you just need to attack him the whole time, ult again before he can refresh his shield and there you go! 




He is incredibly tanky and his Q allows him to chase you for the whole time, his W gives him a HUGE armor boost and since he will stack armor anyways, you will have a hard time killing him, even with all that armor-pen you got.  

Like for most tanks, their biggest weakness is their early, so try to countergank him or ward his jungle so you can surprise him!




She shouldn't be outtrading you. The only things which are strong against you is her knock up and the fact, that he can see you when you're in stealth when she's borrowed. 

But again, you can keep up with her mobility and can easily fight her.



THE HUNT IS ON! I love that message because if you get to kill him, you can evolve your 4th ability!

But overall, this matchup can be hard, but also can be incredibly easy. When he jumps out of his ult, just ult so you can calm down from that attack and think about your next move. Run away or fight? Depending on how the match went. If you fight him, you just gotta be careful about his Q's. But that's what the ninja tabis are there for! 




Also one of the hardest matchups right now. She is extremely tanky and deals a lot of aoe damage with her W. You should try to avoid fighting her early, but if you're incredibly fed and got most of your items already, you can try your best!




This guy is just incredibly annoying and stupid. He will try to fuck your early up, so expect a lot of bullshit in your jungle. 

But he´s super squishy and if you actually attack the right one between him and his clone, you can easily kill him. Try to bait his Q out though, so he can't use it again for an escape. 




Shyvanna is really strong with the current sated! 

Her W, her E and Q scale really nice with attackspeed and it WILL hurt you a lot when you are fighting her. Not only does she deal a lot of damage, she is also very tanky. 

Unlike many people think, shyvanna might scale with AD, but deals MAGIC DAMAGE. So pick up some magic resistance against her! 




His passive can mess you up and do not underestimate his damage! Usually Skarners build pretty tanky, which already makes it hard for you to kill him. 

The most dangerous part about him though is his ult. Make sure you better buy a QSS/mercurial against him! 




He is totally stronger than you early. He is tanky, mobile and deals a lot of damage. Try avoiding him early. Later on, you will outscale him, but since most Udyrs build tanky, he will be one of the targets you better just ignore unless you can't.




All of her skills scale well with her AD and she is quite tanky due to her shield and people mostly playing her tanky. You should be outtrading her later on, but try to avoid fighting her early. 

Also remember that her W lowers your armor, she will probably proc it and then use her ult onto you for the most damage output! So try to dodge her Q, so she needs longer to stack her W and you got more time for dealing damage yourself!




Tanky as fuck and due to his hp-scaling on his W he deals a lot of damage as well. His passive and ult make him a strong duelist. He will outscale you, so your best bet is trying to get kills on him early with the help of your team. 




You won't see him in the early anyways, because he will just farm the whole time. So your best bet putting him behind is by warding his jungle and counterjungle him. 

Do not underestimate his dueling potential because he heals himself the whole time. But since he has nothing but basic attacks,you just need the ninja tabis and youre actually quite fine against him. 


Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao's early is ways stronger than yours! You shouldn't be fighting him early, because he has armor reduction, a lot of damage, a knock up and self heals with his W. Your heal can't keep up with his. 

But you can actually fight him later on, because Xin drops off while Kha'Zix just gets stronger!




He is some tanky dude, but lacks damage for dueling. 

Try to step on his blobs when fighting him, because otherwise you will lose that fight when he heals up everytime he collects one of his blobs again. 

Picking up the purple-smite  3723.png  is definetly good against him, because you can smite him when he is in his passive and the aoe from it helps you clearing it up,

Why and how you should play Kha'Zix Back to Top

Why you should play Kha'Zix:

Kha'Zix is an highly mobile assassin. There are people who play him a little off-tank, but since his nerfs, I personally prefer the full damage build with just some safeness. Kha'Zix still deals a lot of single-target damage, especially when these are isolated! 

You should pick up Kha'Zix when your team isn't in the need of more tanks and if you feel like you want to carry. 
Kha'Zix ganks are quite strong due to his damage and mobility! But he isn't an early tower-dive jungler, so you either have to watch your enemy escape with 10 hp or you need to have tanky teammates so they can dive. 
So if you like being a sneaky assassin who can literally one-shot squishy targets, you should definetly consider picking Kha'Zix! 

How you should play Kha'Zix:

Pictures and Videos may be edited into this later! But for so long, this description should help you out!

Early game

  1. Depending on where I start, I either start 1041.png or 1039.png (see Item description) and do the first camp together with botlane. After I hit level 3, I see how much hp I got left and how much I could do in mid (is it pushed? Is the enemy low on hp or even lost a summoner already?) If I can't do anything for mid, just do the scuttle crab for some early vision.
  2. This is optional: After the scuttle crab, I check the enemy jungle. Are the camps up? Is it safe enough to take them? If so, just go ahead and take them away from the enemy jungle. Then head back to your own jungle and clear the starting camps again. 
  3. You can just as well clear your whole jungle once, instead of going to the enemy jungle.
  4. You should be level 4 now and close enough to 5. Just recall and get your first items. If possible get 3243.png or a pink ward, 1036.png or 3706.png.
  5. Now clear your other buff and the jungle there, so check if you can get something done on lanes. If not, just check the enemy jungle everytime you cleared yours and ward it / clear his camps. If possible, try to get the scuttle crab. 
  6. When you hit 6, your gank strength became very strong. You should already have 3706.png by now and at least one 1036.png. Just step on the lane and use your ult to surprise your enemy. Try to use it as you come out of "fog of war", so you have more time to get to the enemy. If you did, just attack the enemy and try to use your jump when he flashed away and slow him as hard as possible (passive / W / blue smite). Usually you always get at least one summoner if you're not being counterganked hard.

Mid game

  1. You should be level 11 now and have your wings! That means you're extremely mobile, making your ganks even stronger and you more safe! 
  2. You also should have quite some good damage now, so you can easily counter-jungle the enemy. Make sure you have his jungle warded though, before you're being surprised! If you don't want to fight and want to get out of there, just jump away and if needed ult and run!
  3. The enemies are probably grouping up over the time, so always make sure they do not know where you are! So they can't expect you in the teamfight! Always aim for the squishy targets and try to catch them isolated! Otherwise you'll have a harder time killing them. 

Late game

  1. You can literally one-shot squishy targets now and if you see one isolated and alone, make him pay! One Jump One Kill! Just don't forget to jump back again if the enemies are approaching.
  2. Even though you might be safe and strong now, do not get caught! You have to watch your positioning very carefully and even more important: CLEAR THE ENEMY'S VISION! Buy a 3364_32.png to clean your position and to stay unnoticed!
  3. Teamfighting should still be the same as before. Try to catch the squishy targets and kill them as fast as you can, which works best when they're isolated. But do not wait for the whole fight, because when your enemies are smart, they will always stay close together so nobody stays isolated! Just try to do your best killing everything which is in a bad position!

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