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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png As you are going jungle smite would be highly preferred.. (No shit Sherlock)

4.png Flash is the most viable 2nd spell for jungle Kindred because it brings the gap that you need to kite those damn bruisers who jump on you OR just to make a classy escape with the good ol' flash over a wall. Also if you use your ultimate and you are dueling an enemy and both of you are low health.. after the ult ends you can flash away 
for that gap to take him down.



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New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top




  • Fury (+4% attack speed) 
    There is no doubt in this one , because Kindred is a marksman type champion and she definitely needs it more   than ability and spell damage.

  • Feast (Killing a unit restores 25 health) 
     It can be quite useful when jungling even if you have your W passive. It is definitely better than the other 2 choices.

  • Vampirism (+2% lifesteal) 
     I don't think this one needs much explanation because every ad/ranged champ could use some lifesteal and it is definitely better than taking the counter part for it  +10 AD and +15 AP.

  • Oppressor (Deal more damage to targets with impaired movement)
     Goes very nice with your E while it lasts. Basically just get some CC or any slow on the enemy and you will gain more damage against them. It will come in handy in duels and fights. The other choice - Bounty Hunter is also viable and good.

  • Battering Blows (+7% Armor Penetration )
     This is actually quite a lot of armor penetration and it goes very nicely with your attack speed and devourer etc. etc. Definitely a MUST.

  • Fervor Of Battle (Your basic attacks deal more damage with each Fervor stack)
     If you have high attack speed, you will have so much damage against the enemy. You will be able to get those stacks quite fast with your build so it is quite logical that this keystone mastery should be the primary one.



  • Savagery ( Bonus dmg against monsters/minions ) 
    Faster camp and wave clears. Quite useful for a jungler. It's nothing super special but it's better than the movement speed out of combat.

  • Runic Affinity ( Buffs last 15% longer )
    It's pretty self-explanatory. Buffs stay longer by your side and it is very useful.. The cookie and assassin masteries are not so useful for Kindred, and especially as jungler. Don't even consider taking them.

  • Merciless (Deal 5% more damage against targets below 40% hp)
     40% is a very high ceiling for this mastery and they will drop down below it quite fast. It is very nice mastery to finish off those low health bastards. Meditations is also an option.

  • Dangerous Game ( Kills/assist restore 5% health/mana )
    I can't even say how many times this has saved my life.. You just run away from a teamfight, very low on health and having an ignite on your face, when suddenly, someone kills a target you had damaged before.. and suddenly - BOOM, you survive. The other option is "Bandit" but it's meant for supports.. Please don't take it.

Abilities Back to Top


kindredpassive.png  Mark of the Kindred  kindredpassive.png

    The heart of the Kindred.. It is completely new ability to League and is not seen before. It contains marks which stack your damage on auto-attacks. The way it works is when you successfully get a mark you gain 1 stack. One stack = 1,25% target's current health. It means that each time you auto-attack a target , it shreds 1,25% of enemy's health and imagine the possibilities when you have 10 stacks or even more.. Taking baron/dragon is now a piece of cake.


kindredQ.png  Dance of Arrows  kindredQ.png

    You will use this one quite frequently as it's the main mobility and signature ability. You basically jump few units in one direction simultaneously shooting 3 arrows to the closest targets. It has pretty big cooldown by itself but it works like bread & butter with your W ability. You can also use it right after Q to cancel auto-attack windup.


kindredW.png  Wolf's Frenzy  kindredW.png


   It is similar to Yasuo's passive but instead of you gaining shield from walking, you get your next auto-attack to slow and weaken a jungle monster. It is great for jungle, but the heal that it had before the nerfs was much better.


    It makes a dark circle appear on the ground and the wolf constantly attacks a target which you are attacking right now OR the closest one. But what makes it great? Your Q's cooldown in this area is reduced to 2 seconds while it lasts. There comes your mobility.


kindredE.png  Mounting Dread  kindredE.png

   Quite simple one to understand, yet very powerful. Basically it shoots an arrow to a target which then is marked with 3 little circles and slowed for few seconds. If you successfully fire 3 auto-attacks while target has the debuff (Pretty much like Vayne's W), wolf will launch to it and deal some % health damage. 


kindredR.png  Lamb's Respite  kindredR.png

   Or as I like to call it .. game-changer. Pretty much you cast this ability on yourself and it creates a rather big area of immortality (and bunch of anxious summoners). Basically, no living being can drop down below 10%  HP in that area and gets healed after 4 sec when it ends (yes.. even enemies). If it's in the proper hands - it can be devastating. Use it when some dirty bruisers or assassins want to hug you or  you just feel you have to save your teammate ... or the whole team.


The Order.

The order is pretty simple.. Max R>Q>E>W.. Q is your key ability and that's why it's prioritized and after that comes W which is connected with Q and very important for your main ability. After that comes E which gives burst but it should not be maxed before W. Of course, R is the most important and you should level it up whenever it's 


Why start with W?

If we compare Q and W in first levels.. Q has ~9 seconds cooldown and it does the damage once.. on the other hand your Wolfie attacks constantly while the area lasts + you weaken the jungle monster you attack.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Red buff start.
    Blue buff start.

Core Items

    1st back.
    CORE / Choose one
    Choose one.
    Tankiness. Choose one.
    Very nice item
    Example / Favorite build (Without Order)
    Check "Author Notes" for details

Situational Items

    Vs AP Team
    Vs High cc
    Vs Armor

Starting items.

1041.png - This is one of the two starting item choices. Take it if you start with a blue buff because you won't need the mana regen the other item provides.

1039.png - The second choice. Take it if you start with the red buff because you will lack mana in the early game while you don't have the blue buff.

Core items

1416.png 1419.png  - This is the new smite enchantment that replaces devourer. It's almost the same, but without the stacks and the unique devourer passive that it had and now the rageblade has. It's good, so it's an item you shouldn't hesitate to buy.

3087.png 3094.png 3046.png  - These are very popular items now. They all are good and brings similar stats. Only the unique passives mostly differ. Take shiv for better wave clear and a satisfying static zap, rapidfire for some nice long range shots and phantom's dancer for increased movement speed and more defense. 

3085.png - Hurricane is very nice item for Kindred because it brings attack speed, multi-targeting, movement speed and critical strike chance. Almost everything Kindred needs. Trust me on this one.

3142.png - Ghostblade could be a nice choice if you like extra movement speed and attack speed.. Take this,the hurricane or the Blade of The Ruined King. Your choice.

3153.png - Excellent for jungling, excellent for tanks. Here you get some real life-steal and more chase/kite potential with it's active. 

3071.png - Black cleaver gets you some tankiness while expanding that armor penetration you got there.. Its penetration also stacks with each basic up to 5 times which makes it also great for last item.. 

3078.png - Tons of damage is an option if you want to get some stats on every aspect. It brings the same Phage buff as black cleaver does but trinity makes your shots a bit stronger after abilities and that is quite nice, because Kindred can use a lot of them. I wouldn't recommend this item, but you can try it if you want.

3053.png - Sterak's Gage is currently a popular and strong item. It brings you some damage and tankiness, but it doesn't have the Phage buff that 2 other choices have. I would recommend this one.

3812.png - I like this item a lot. It brings very nice stats that Kindred can use. AD, CDR, Life-steal and even bleeding passive that might help you survive some nukes from those nasty assassins.

2032.png 2033.png - You buy them in the start of the game and sell when you need slots for the last item. One of them brings constant sustain throughout jungle while regenerating 1 charge per camp and on the other hand, the corrupted potion gives you a buff similar to red buff's burning. Your choice.


Situational items

3156.png - If they have 2 or 3 AP champions, consider this item as it will help you to stay alive and bring you some nice damage as well.

3139.png - This one is a life-saver. Take it if they have some nasty cc and lock-down champions. It also brings some damage and life-steal.

3033.png- After you've got some attack speed from previous items. You can take this. It brings armor penetration as the old last whisper did, but this one also applies grievous wounds which can take some fighters down. 

3036.png-This one is very similar to the last one, but it gives you even more AD against champs with more max hp than you. Basically take this whenever facing a tanky team composition.


3340.png  Trinkets  3341.png

Start out always with 3340.png.. You can prevent counter-ganks , get info and stuff. After yours 1st back, take 3341.png so you can clear those wards and gank people.. But when you hit level 9 ..  for the love of god buy 3364.png.. It is super useful. Don't hesitate and buy it. It can be game-changing if you know the spots where wards lay at. 



2043.png  Pink ward  2043.png

  After the 1st back, I always get one pink ward, because Kindred has high potential to get a drake in early game and I focus it after I get home. You can take it solo easily without any help and pink ward is required to clear out those filthy bot lane wards.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Elise
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Gragas
  • Hecarim
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Master Yi
  • Nocturne
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Rengar
  • Sejuani
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Skarner
  • Tahm Kench
  • Twisted Fate
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Zac




Have played several games vs amumu. Mostly not getting fed on him and neither is he. Pretty neutral matchup but I wouldn't advise dueling vs him in early. Try to dodge his Q and stay away from those salty bronze tears of his.




Not a common jungler but ain't a hard one. Easily can dodge most of his spells and kill his tankiness with your build and passive. Just try to predict his Q and dodge it. Nothing special.




The moon girl strikes again. She is not a popular pick in jungle, but when she is.. oh boy.

She can nuke you in a blink of an eye with all the power from the moon.. You think you can kite her? Double shield. You can try the ult + flash away thingy but most likely it won't help.




That time boy ain't no match for the bringer of death himself.  Have played several times vs him.. won all of them.. Just dodge his spells and live a long happy life. If he's fed, he will go for your carries including you.  If you predict the stun, you're good to go.




Spiders.. I hate those things.

Lucky for us, it's a skill matchup. If you can properly kite her down and dodge the cocoon, you will be victorious. You can try counter-jungling her as she has pretty weak early game, but if you wait long enough, she will become much stronger and will be able to kill you so be careful.




It depends on the skill here. He can fear you and drain the hp but on the other hand, you can easily take his squishiness down with your kindredE.png and if needed use ult to survive his ult! Just try not to get caught.




Nutella boy. Quite a popular pick nowadays but not the strongest one vs the force of Kindred.  If you dodge his spells properly (Especially ult and E ), he is an easy one. Otherwise, he will squish you with his belly.




Hecarim - he can get into your backline and deal tons of damage but after his ult and E , you can kite him down and it shouldn't be a problem. In early you can even duel him if you want. 


Jarvan IV


Easy matchup. Dodge his knockup and escape his ultimate. Nothing more to say. Shouldn't be an obstacle.




Really a skill matchup.. He can destroy you if he manages to perfectly stun you and bash your head with the lamp post.. but if he can't do that, you may be able to kite him out with the kindredE.png and some kindredQ.png.. Just don't let him to get close.




We all know him as one of the best assassin jungler who can take out almost anyone 1v1.

Guess what, Kindred is here to surprise his buttcheeks in HIS counterjungle. Rather easy matchup as you can kite him out and dance around him as he were a campfire. Trust me on this one. He is no match for you.


Lee Sin


He is stronger than you early, mid, late, after the game... ALL THE TIME. He can jump on you, punch the s*** out of you and the kick you out of your ult.. Fun times. But seriously that dude can take you out in no time, except if you outplay him real bad or he is behind.




Not the biggest nuker in the world. If you get caught by him and his team.. you're probably dead, but if it's a teamfight and he ults you, there is a chance you can survive the attacks by ulting afterwards. Try to predict his ult range and be ready to dodge it! 

You can also duel him in early before he gets the armor.


Master Yi


You can try running away from him, kite him - it won't work. He counters you so much. I would recommend fighting him inside your ult, take him down to low hp and when the ult ends flash away and do the last few autoattacks




Spooky scary nocturne. Easy one for you. Counter jungle him if possible because your kit is much better. If he fears you, just Q+W back to him and kill that shadow. He can do what he want but you have much more damage than him.




If he goes for you, you're pretty much dead if you don't survive till the end of his ult. The one and only "I don't give a fuck" ultimate in the game. Just runs where he wants. Be careful and stay at distance.




If he gets to you with all his spells available, you're pretty much dead as any other carry. He is the back line slayer. You can take him down while he's focusing others.. that's the only way. Try not to 1v1 him in early.




Really depends on both player skill. If he saves his ferocity on you.. welp.. you are probably dead. Early game you are stronger than him so feel free to get your marks and counter jungle, but late game he can kinda one shot you. If he jumps on you by surprise try to ult yourself ASAP. Try to keep distance from him and don't fight in jungle.




Depends on opponent's skillshots. If she locks you down with all abilities, you're probably dead. But you can dodge her Q and R with fast reaction. Really a skill matchup.




Shaco .. he can be a game dictator or an anchor. Be careful in fights and watch your rear. You can survive him but he can take you by the element of surprise, but it's possible to 1v1 him if you have upgraded oracle (red trinket) . 




You wish you had a dragon-slayer by your side when you meet this monster. You can't kite her out or anything. She is just too mobile and will catch you eventually. Only way to beat her is by ulting and in the last second flash out and kill her.




It's possible to kite him down and deny his speed with your kindredE.png but if he flashes for you.. Well.. You're dead. Just be careful around him and don't let him get too close. Try to run away while kiting if he is running after you.


Tahm Kench


Unbench the Kench. This badboy is a monster. (Rito pls).  He is tanky, mobile, team-saver etc. You might be able to deal with him in jungle, but in teamfights, don't even get close to him. You try to kill him? Nope, shield as big as health. Try to save your ass with ult? Nope, he eats you and spits you out of your own home. Just stay away from him at all costs.


Twisted Fate


Have seen some TF's in jungle. Gotta say.. At first you laugh, in the end you cry. He can deny any possible escape of yours with his golden card and ult. Of course if you catch him off-guard without his pick-a-card then the luck is on your side. Try to ult right before he is stunning you if you believe he can take you down. 




Quite easy to kite him down . If he gets to you, he doesn't have any type of super burst and you can manage to ult and do your regular after-ult combo kill. Easy.




You can dodge her Q, but if she ults after you, you might be dead. But it depends on how well she is fed. You might survive but it's a skill matchup in my opinion.




If he's not overfed, it's an easy matchup. He won't burst you down with the lock of his ultimate, so you can still survive, but usually you won't even need ult vs him. Easy to kite down with your kit. Just stay away and move around.




Ahh, my other main champion. Sweet old monkey king. If he gets to you, (and he will), you're dead .. If he takes you by surprise with clone and ult. You will have almost no time to react and will probably die. His cool-downs are quite short and he can combo your ass back to heaven. Try to watch out for the invisible engages and do not 1v1 him in early. Bad idea.


Xin Zhao


It really depends on how you and Xin place your abilities.  If you have Q right after his E, you might even survive without the knockup of his. But it's not easy. Definitely a skill matchup. Wouldn't recommend 1v1'ing him anyways. He still is a bruiser/fighter.




Another forgotten champion. But in my opinion  - a good one. but it's a pity he can't handle the death that is coming to meet him. Just counter jungle him. When you engage in full combat, do your casual combo and just move around. The passive % damage will take him down fast.

Pros and Cons Back to Top



  • Very mobile.
  • % health damage.
  • Game-changing ultimate.
  • Fast camp clear.
  • Sustain.
  • Ranged.
  • (Almost) endless mark stacking.
  • You always have a companion - Mr.Wolfie :)



  • Very squishy.
  • Can be stopped from ulting with hard CC.
  • Can be thrown out of the ultimate.
  • (Kind of) complex champion.
  • Difficult to master.
  • Weak if falling behind.

When to pick Back to Top

Kindred is an unique champ, it is jungler and marksman at the same time (sounds weird) . Just because usually junglers are fighters/tanks , there are times when Kindred just does not fit in the team composition. Here are the situations when to pick:

  • Your team has enough front-line (Tanks/assassins/fighters)
  • Your team lacks back-line (Carries)
  • Your team has enough cc
  • Their team has mostly tanky champions
  • Their team doesn't have many assassins
  • Their team doesn't have mega stun-locks / combos 
When one/some of these criteria points don't pass, you might have a hard time, but you might still be able to carry.. They will just make your life harder and division even lower..

Of course you don't have to check this list every time you are in champion select but keep these things in mind, because team composition is quite important for the team fights and victory itself.

But as always, it's better to pick a champion you're good with instead of a champion that counters enemy champion, but you suck with it... :)

Gameplay Back to Top




First things first - you go for the buff where your bot lane can help. After you have decided where you will go, you can analyze the enemy jungler. If you think he is starting the same buff as you do, you can next analyze if it is worth to counter jungle. Here are some factors to help you decide:
  1. Does he counter me?
  2. Does he clear camps faster than me?
  3. Is my mark anywhere close to his buff?
If some of these factors don't fit your needs, then it's recommended not to counter jungle him, but you should always mark the enemy jungler, in case you randomly meet him and even better- kill him and it also works as a psychological weapon.

Let's start the camp clearing part.

    You start out with W and get a leash, of course you smite it in the beginning and move forwards to the main buff (red,blue). 
    After you take it, your mark will pop up..There is a specific pattern for your mark spawns.

  • 0-2 MARKS - Rift Scuttlers and Razorbeaks (Wraiths for classic League players)
  • 3-4 MARKS - Krugs, Razorbeaks, Gromp, Murkwolves
  • 5-7 MARKS - Blue Sentinels, Red Bramblebacks, Rift Herald or Elemental Dragons
  • 7+ MARKS - Baron Nashor or Elder Dragon

      After that, continue your normal routine with ganks and farming. You should go back when you are either at critical health or if you have enough money for the smite enchantment - Bloodrazor and a pink ward because you have incredibly fast camp clear and pink wards are always useful.

    Remember that Kindred can apply pressure very early and easily in the game, so use it in your advantage. Go counter-jungle or make a very early gank with level 3 or level 2.



After you have some marks  be sure to gank your teammates who are doing bad in lane. If possible, mark the enemy who are you going to gank. If he gets scared, then wait it out a little bit. You can also play mind-games with enemy, mark someone who you are not going to gank so they get anxious and cautious. Focus objectives, gank, clear wards.That's your mid-game. 



There is not much jungling in late except for the baron/dragon and some camp clearing if you need a little gold for your last items.  Late game is pretty much about fighting and strategy. Try to clear as much wards if possible while staying safe because in late, every death timer can turn the game around. Be careful!

*There is a section called "Team fights" for detailed information about team fighting.*



  When you go 1v1 someone, you have to remember few things to successfully take them out. Start out with kindredE.png , follow up with kindredQ.png +kindredW.png + kindredQ.pngkindredQ.pngkindredQ.pngkindredQ.png  Just try to get your distance if they are coming to you and if they are escaping then Q to them with the low cool down while you catch up. If you have red/blue smite - use it. Proc the 3rd auto-attack for the kindredE.png damage. The 3rd hit on this spell is just ridiculous and the new Thunderlord's decree mastery will do a magnificent job on nuking them. Remember to also use Q just right after the auto-attack so you can make the most of the spell.


Team fights Back to Top



  When you are about to engage in a team fight, you must remember few little things. YOU ARE A MARKSMAN (Kind of). Kindred might be different from other marksman champs such as Draven, Caitlyn..etc, but it doesn't change the fact that you are ranged carry and you should stay in back line.


Your role in team fight

  • STAYING SAFE (Most important)
  • Hitting the most valuable target without getting in danger.
  • Kite 
 These are the basic rules of the marksman role in team fight.  It might sound easy and nothing special, but however, it's complicated and marksman's position is everything. 


Team fight

When the team fight hits the plot, you have to stay out of any trouble you might get into.
  1. Look what enemy assassin/bruiser is doing and be careful if he is trying to get you. If he can't burst you down fast enough, E him and kite him out. If needed - ult yourself to deny him.
  2. When the assassin trouble is over, you have to hit the most valuable target there is close and safe for you to take down. If there is an enemy carry out of position (ADC,APC) take him down if you feel you can do it and it's safe, otherwise hit the tank/front line that is attacking.
  3. If you are still alive after the team fight and there are some leftovers running away, feel free to Q>W>Q >Q for some gap closing and E them for the take down.

This is pretty much the ideal scenario - deny assassin/bruiser , take down some people while staying safe and then running after those fleeing chickens. Of course no need to run after them if you have an objective waiting for you, but you'll have to decide that yourself. 

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Use your Q as an escape.

If being chased, you can get some distance by using this combo.. It can also be used while running through base. First Q is a simple one, then comes the cool down reduction from W, you make another Q and the last one is outside the W area. Plain simple.
 kindredQ.png   >  kindredW.png   >  kindredQ.png   >  kindredQ.png   


Escape Q wall jumps.

Your Q can be used to jump over different walls. The thickest ones are at baron/dragon/blue. They are pretty simple and nothing hard to master.


There are many more little corner closing Q's to do and they all aren't mentioned in this map.


 Which one first - Q or W ?

We are talking here about the order to use, not order to max.. take that in mind.  Never ever W first to jump over a wall or when starting a duel. (Exception - When Q is on cool down) 
If you are dueling, it's just stupid to W first because you will still get that 2 second cool down for Q even if you use W first. Best strategy when initiating a duel is to AA-->Q-->W-->-->AA-->Q --> etc. Just remember to proc an auto-attack between the Q and keep moving around.

If you want to jump over a wall to get to a jungle camp faster, it's also stupid to use W first because your wolf won't be able to get there and will just be stuck.. Again, there is an exception when you really have to jump over it, you use W first to get that Q cool down.

More to come..

Latest changes to Kindred [6.13] Back to Top


Kindred is receiving another nerf and this one completely changes how her W passive works and to be honest, this one will really hurt. Her W passive no longer heals, but instead it reduces jungle monster attack speed and movement speed by 50% for 2 seconds. This one will definitely hurt and it's a huge nerf for Kindred in my opinion.

About me Back to Top

  I am a Diamond ranked player in EUNE server, playing since release of Darius (season 2) and still going. I am still a top lane main (Wukong) but as you can tell i was really hyped for Kindred 203.png and bought it instantly with the icon. Since I started playing it, I see it as a champion I really like (mobile,carry) and while playing I just randomly thought that I could make a guide to help others, because I see myself as a pretty decent Kindred player.

Here are my current player stats. (Old)


If you want to contact me for some advice , add me - Krikizzz (EUNE)


Change log / Milestones / To do list Back to Top

V 2.2 - Fixed a few minor mistakes and typos. 
V 2.1 - Read entire guide thorough and fixed minor grammar and punctual mistakes. Re-designed most of the sections. Made a section "Patch x.xx changes to Kindred" 
V 2.0 - Made some big changes to items and mastery page as I've had slacked off for a while and have let the new meta slip by me.

V 1.6 - Made changes in ability order and fixed few things here and there.
V 1.5 - Updated mastery page. Changes in item list .. devourer --> warrior .. again
V 1.4 - Reworked mastery section. Made some big design edits. 
V 1.3 - Update for the big patch. 5.22
V 1.2 - Completely new sections - "When to pick","Team fights".. Edited  "Tips and Tricks".. Also made few corrections here and there.
V 1.1 - Changes in item list .. devourer --> warrior
V 1.0 - Guide created..


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To do list.

  • Make example videos / full match commentary
  • Update the guide in every few days

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