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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Pretty self explanitory, as a jungler you need smite and despite your dash you still need flash. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

As you are attack speed focused Warlords works best. I got for expose weakness because with a q in a fight you hit a lot of enemies and it boosts your whole teams damage in fights. But Feast would be a good alternative for sustain too. 

Abilities Back to Top

kindredpassive.png Kindred has a really interesting passive. As you gain stacks you get 1.25% of your targets max health as bonus physical damage. Do NOT forget about this. Make sure you mark champions and do go for them. And go for the marks in the enemies jungle when you can. Don't be stupid about it, but at low elo most people don't expect invades even against kindred so you can get away with it. Also make sure to remark champions after you kill them as it's easy to forget about but it is important. Also it takes a little bit before the mark takes effect so mark someone before you come to gank not as you are in the lane already as you can miss out on it. A key thing to know is that at level 3 there should be a mark that appears on one of the skuttle crabs I would strongly recommend going for it immediately to snag it before they can. Your 1v1 is good even if they show up so you should be good. Save smite for it though. 

kindredQ.png This is Kindred's main damage source. But it has a really long cooldown (relatively speaking) outside of her w. That doesn't mean you can't use it when your w is down but be aware of that. You don't want to start with this as it's not great for clearing if you don't have your w down. This is great for kiting, 1v1, damage in teamfights, clearing, hopping walls, all around awesome skill. Max it first. 

kindredW.png This is your sustain and it gives some damage and enables your q. All around great spell. As you walk it gives you stacks when you get to 100 it heals. This can be used to bait fights, as they assume you are lowish and if you've been walking your first hit will heal. It also does pretty good damage in fights and jungle clears. And when you put it up feel free to spam your q (within mana constraints). It is centered on where you are so position it carefully as if you leave the cooldown on q will go down. 

kindredE.png This is your ganking tool. It carries a 70% slow but it also has a surprising amount of damage even at level 1 so make sure to get the 3 procs off. This works great for 1v1s early, to slow people down to kill or get away. Great spell. 

kindredR.png You have to be careful with this one. Kindred's ult effects enemies and allies the same way as neither can die and both get the heal. Riot just made this easier on low elo players by making it always centered around kindred so you can just click it instead of targeting. Be careful not to save enemies with this if possible and to be ready to get away once it is over if you need to you have a q to dash and a flash to get away. This can make or break a teamfight and does take some practice. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I prefer this start as it gives you more mana regen and if you fight early you want all the mana possible to spam your q. And her clear is pretty easy eith either item.

Core Items

    Kindred has 4 options and you can play around with them and see what you like. I prefer challenging and bloodrazor but others can work. Chilling smite helps you catch people but with her q i don't think you really need help with that so i go challenging for the damage. Warrior increases her damage early but bloodrazor is better against tanks and you get autos with your passive off more.
    Usually I will go for the attack speed boots as those help her fighting potential, but swifties can help chase people down and merc treds are great against hard cc so they can work too.
    Maw works really well into any ap damage, gives you a shield and some tankiness but also amps up your damage. I like steraks on her too as it makes you much tankier and the shield comes in handy to surprise people, and it gives you a second to react and hit your ult if you need to. But they don't stack so only buy ONE of these.

Situational Items

    This works well so your autoattacks are like a mini q and hit everyone. Gives you some crit too which is nice.
    This gives you another 6% of the targets current health on hit which works great with bloodrazor, and it gives you attack speed, ad, lifesteal and a nice slowing active too very good item, but it doesn't give you any tankiness and so i usually get it after steraks and or maw.
    Good last item lets you be tankier and come back to life when dead.
    Any of these can be put in as a straight tank item. But if your team needs a full tank you shouldn't have picked kindred. She works as a carry jungler best, so you should have a tank top and or support.
    These cut through armor stackers really well if you need it. If they aren't building armor don't buy these.
    These work to give you more lifesteal. Murcurial works to free you from hard cc otherwise deaths dance lets you survive longer from burst. Deaths dance also works with your passive as it gives lifesteal on any physical damage.
    So kindred doesn't have an ap ratios so this isn't a good item. But I've played around with it some and it is pretty fun! Would not try it in ranked though there are better choices, but if you're crushing and or dicking around with friends go for it!

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Tips and Tricks Back to Top

First of all when do you pick kindred? She is an adc in the jungle and a carry jungler. So you can't just pick her into any team and expect it to work. Your team should have some magic damage, either a corki adc, or an ap mid laner etc. they will stack armor against you if you are all ad and it works really well to shut you down. Devourer does to some magic damage but not that much. Your team also really needs a tank. Kindred while tanky for an adc is not a tank. If your top is going a carry laner and your support is a mage you should play a tank jungler or you're taking a risk if it gets to late game. 

Start by marking the enemy jungler they are the person you're most likely to fight early and it'll let you remark by the time you are ganking if you want to change. 

A good amount of kindreds damage comes from her stacks. If you play it right early you can be at 20 min with 7 or 8 stacks and deal tons of damage. Keep ramping it up. After you get 6 it does get harder though as it'll only mark rift or baron. 

Dragon, Rift, and Baron with her percent health damage you do a lot of damage to these targets, you can take them down much faster than most champs and can surprise the enemy by taking them down before they notice you and someone else are gone. You can't solo usually (unless you're really ahead and its drag). But it will go pretty fast. 

Early game: Once you get level 3 go grab the skuttler that is marked and then look for a gank if you can. You can also probably 1v1 their jungler if you meet him with a few exceptions. Put your e on them and put down your w and spam q's all day long. Use your q to both do damage and kite away so they can't hit you. 

Teamfights: put down your w and spam your q and autoattacks. use your e to try to peel and focus down their carries. Also be on the lookout for good ults. They can be tricky to not save enemies, and there isn't a rule for it. Ideally no enemies are in the circle but that can be very hard to do. Make sure you watch out for the end of it and be ready to escape if you need to or go in on an enemy once it's over. 

If one of your laners is losing lane the impulse is camp for them and help them get ahead. That's a nice idea and sounds great in theory, but unless you are very far ahead, if the enemy laner has gotten a few kills, they probably have an item advantage, flash where your laner doesn't etc. all of which means they might just be able to turn around your gank and kill you instead. Instead it's usually better to camp for another lane and get them ahead. Snowball your lead don't double down on your loss. If there is a really good setup for a gank in their lane fine go for it but don't force it. They will probably be mad at you for not coming in so if they are raging at you or threatening to afk it might be best to go, but if they are willing to just play safe and farm under tower you are more likely to win if you don't go to their lane and go somewhere else. 

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