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Summoner Spells Back to Top


I'm high platinum otp Kindred player with one million mastery points. I play on three accounts: FiestaAmericanaInaAni and Nelíel - all EUNE. My best score was rank #19 (#5 EUNE) on LeagueOfGraphs at the beginning of the year. I have been playing Lol since end of season 6 - always Kindred <3

This guide will show you how to play and build Kindred, and how to adapt to the my playstyle. 

Kindred are a jungle Marksman, a very unique type of champion. 

Scales extremely well and becomes a full fledged ADC once they finishes their items. Have an extremely strong kit which allows them to carry games single handedly. Kindred are one of the best carries for SoloQ and this damage-based build supports it. It's the only right way to be true Kindred player ;)

'So, are you ready to get some free LP? Let's go!'  

Summoners spells.

You need 11.png to buy jungle items and secure objectives. Upgrade 1041.png to 3715.png fast because you are getting additional stats that help you clear the jungle and your 11.png becomes an incredibly powerful summoner spell. The damage reduction and bonus true damage from 3715.png is very important in early duelings. Don't forget to use this on enemies!

4.png is for escapes/chases, positioning and outplaying. Make sure to only use it when necessary and mostly use it as a way to escape rather than to chase the enemies. You are squishy, so you definitely need it to be safe in team-fights.

New Runes Back to Top

These is the main runes I use for Kindred. 

Precision Tree

These runes focus on dealing the most damage. Our's early game is not the strongest, so we need increase damage.
Kindred doesn't need the life steal as they is able to survive in the jungle without it - just kite camps well.

So that means we are taking:

  • Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 over Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32. However, if u play against CC champs and u can't use effectively 3140.png/3139.png ( or u just don't want buy this item) u should take Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32+3111.png*. 

  • Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 over Cut%20Down.png?width=32 and Last%20Stand.png?width=32Cut%20Down.png?width=32 is good option against tanky comp and u can take it vs them, but Kindred really struggles with dealing damage before she gets core items. Last%20Stand.png?width=32 works well only after 6 lvl with kindredr.png - it's not worth. Damage from Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 is best.

  • Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32over Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32. Both are viable options. This build does't have and lifesteal until mid/late game, Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32helps kite and sustain you back up against high damage enemy comps. Synergizes also very well with 3094.png passive. However we need all the damage we can get to carry. Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32provides an incredible amount of damage, especially with kindredewrapper.png combo.

*very situational

Domination Tree

We still focus on dealing the most damage, so we are taking:

  • Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 over Taste%20of%20Blood.png?width=32cheap%20shot1.png?width=32 is good option when u have a lot CC in the team and u can take it then, but Kindred with these runes is like a bit assasin, so i prefer Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32.
  • The reason i take Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 is that Kindred are very slow (325 base ms) and they don't build a lot movement speed. However when you want play around vision u should take Zombie%20Ward.png?width=32 over Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32.

Sorcery Tree (alternative)

These runes focus too on dealing the most damage and works well with this build.

  • Celerity.png?width=32 and Waterwalking.png?width=32 synergizes very well on the river. It's helpful when you looking to focus more on objectives (Dragons/Nashor). Taking the marks from the scuttles is easier with these two runes. Make sure to take advantage of it by constantly fighting in the river.

Gathering%20Storm.png?width=32 give you incredible late game. If u have long games you can take it instead Waterwalking.png?width=32

Abilities Back to Top


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    always when back
    upg at lvl 9

Core Items

    one of them

Situational Items

    optional build vs heave melee comp
    optional build vs squishy comp
    optional build vs AD comp

Core Build

                 (one of them)

In-depth build path in early is as follows:

First buy: 1041.png + 2031.png
First back: 3715.png+1036.png+1001.png+2055.png (if u can afford)

  •  Now continue finishing your 1412.png and boots:
3006.png are the best for Kindred. Take them in most matches.

3047.png if you play against AD team or enemy AD champs are ahead (for example 5.png or 11.png) and you are behind - buy them.

3111.png are situational. As i said if you can't use effectively 3140.png/3139.png or you don't want buy this item and enemy have many CC (9.png or 33.png ) take them with Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32. It will help you cast kindredr.png before die.

  • After that get one of the 3086.png items:
3094.png my primary choice when i'm ahead and i want looking to focus more on ganks. Rapid Firecannon synergizes well with Kindred passive and with their combo aa+q. Item vs squishier/low range enemies.

3085.png works only on enemies within 375 units of the target. First choice when you are against heavy melee/short-range comp (104.png or 145.png). 

3046.png first choice against tanky comp and if you are worried about enemy burst (64.png or 76.png).

3087.png after nerf is not the best choice. When you are behind and want looking to focus more on clear jungle or you are vs squishy comp - buy it. Still synergizes very well with 3094.png

  • Your last core purchase should be 3031.png.

Situational items

Kindred, unlike other ADCs does not necessarily need another 3086.png item. Their Q  gives enough of an attack speed steroid that their can opt for another optional items. 
  • However if you are against tanky/squishy enemies or you are behind with marks and took earlier Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 3047.png 3111.png then you should buy second 3086.png item. 
If you are having difficulty deciding which of the two to buy, follow these guidelines:

3094.png+3087.png vs squishy comp

3094.png+3085.png vs short-range comp

3046.png+3085.png vs tanky comp

Looking to focus more on skirmishing or grabbing pics? Take 3094.png or 3087.png - are great at snowballing.
Looking to focus more on team-fighting? Take 3085.png - provides more damage.
Enemies are tanky or focused you? Take 3046.png - for kite and valuable defensive and utility.
  • Otherwise when your AS is fine you should take 3508.png - offers valuable stats; damage, crit and CDR.
Opt to build this item when you are more focused on team fighting (provides more upfront damage and that valuable 30% CDR) and are against tanky enemies.

  • Or finish off your build with some life steal and armor penetration.

If the enemy is starting to stack armor build 3035.png item. You should buy 3033.png if the enemy team has a lot of healing (19.png or 16.png) otherwise you should purchase 3036.png for the extra damage.

If not you can build 1053.png item. Buy 3153.png to shred enemies with a lot of HP, 3139.png for the added survivability when enemy have CC (must have against 72.png) or 3812.png against squishy comp for the damage, added survivability and CDR.

  • But you can also take
3071.png offers valuable stats; health, ms and CDR, but I'm not a fan of this item already.

3156.png defensive choice against burst AP champ (60.png or 45.png).

3194.png defensive item against champs who spam one ability on you (69.png or 163.png).

3026.png good choice against assasins/oneshot champ or AD team.

3142.png if u play vs squishy comp u can build it as last item. #yolo

Do not really buy it, you are wasting your money

1419.png Kindred are not an on-hit champion, thus does't have the same synergy it used to. It's just not strong enough to warrant buying.

3124.png and 3091.png these items don't work well with crit build.

3147.png you don't need so much AD.

3022.png nice item for (102.png or 77.png) but you have q so not worth.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Early Game Back to Top

Kindred early game are the most difficult to master. They are a very weak jungler early on in terms of strength and requires smart decision making to edge herself above the enemy jungler.
For me, I like to focus on these things in this order:

  • Securing marks/vision control
  • Counterjungling/vision contol
  • Farming
  • Counterganking/ganking

The goal of Kindred's early game are to not fall behind. Kindred are not a strong ganker nor a strong farmer. You need to play the game smartly. Kindred requires immense jungle and map sense. They are easily killable early on so you have to be able to infer where the enemy jungler is at all times. Knowing which camps you can counter jungle or which mark you can secure is what separates a good Kindred from a bad one.

The biggest mistake I see aspiring junglers do is that they spend too much time ganking. Ganking is a huge investment and if you do not secure a kill, you will fall very behind. Kindred does not clear the jungle fast, so any time you waste will put her behind. This does not mean you should not gank. Kindred has potent ganks if your teammate is able to set them up for you.

When you are ganking, this is what you should be taking into account:
  • Does the enemy have flash up?
  • Will my teammate be able to set up the kill?
  • Do we have enough damage to kill?
  • Will the enemy jungler be able to countergank and kill us?
  • Will my jungle camps and buffs be taken by the enemy jungler while I'm ganking?
A lot goes into consideration when ganking (as like buffs, mana, bushes and much more). It is a skill you will have to learn through experience.

Early jungle pathing is all about securing first marks by reading the map and the enemy jungler - more about it in section 'Jungle Path'. Try not to make many plays until you have some items.

Mid Game Back to Top

When you are ahead after early game you are strong with this build. The moment you finish your 1412.png and 3086.png item, you become very threatening. They becomes even more monstrous when you finish your 3031.png

By going the crit build with Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32 runes, Kindred are able to deal insane damage with the third proc of your E. Look to make plays and catch enemies off guard with your damage.

Make sure you are paying attention to objectives though as you are still your team's jungler. Try to secure Dragons and Rift Herald. Kindred are especially potent at taking the Rift Herald. They are able to solo it at ease due to their being able to jump the Herald and damage its eye. Watch out for the Herald's charged up claw attack which does a lot of damage. Use your kindredq.png to dodge it.

Late Game Back to Top

Kindred becomes a full fledged ADC when late game comes around, thus you will have to play like one.

Stick with your team and look for picks and co-ordinated teamfights. Your job is to deal as much damage as you can in teamfights without dying. That means position well and being able to kite backwards. Don't jump in unless you are confident in your ability to stay alive. 

Your kindredr.png is game-changing. Proper use of it decides whether your entire team gets aced or your entire team living. You have to pay close attention and have proper reaction time when using your kindredr.png.

Jungle Path Back to Top

Let's play a mini game :)

The key point to success with Kindred (and without it I don't know how anyone would do well on Kindred) is abusing the randomness of the kindredpassive.png. You can easily predict which camp is going to get marked next if you keep track of which camps are up and remember which one will be marked when.

Starting at 2:20 Kindred selects a monster camp within the enemy's jungle (based on current kindredpassive.png) for 180 seconds, and selects another one 55 seconds after killing a marked monster. Here are the tiers:
The marked camp is highlighted on the minimap to both teams. The kindredpassive.png is removed upon the monster camp's death even if Kindred are not involved. 

Here are useful timers:

Rift ScuttlerSquareRift Scuttler initial 2:15, respawn 3:00
Crimson RaptorSquareCrimson Raptor initial 1:27, respawn 2:30
GrompSquareGromp initial 1:42, respawn 2:30
Ancient KrugSquareAncient Krug initial 1:42, respawn 2:30
Greater Murk WolfSquareGreater Murk Wolf initial 1:27, respawn 2:30
Blue SentinelSquare Blue SentinelRed BramblebackSquareRed Brambleback initial 1:30, respawn 5:00

3340.png one charge every 180 - 90 seconds (less by 5 per level)

Early jungle pathing

With the reworked Kindred kindredpassive.png don't have as much of an impact as they used to. Kindred is still strong without marks, but for me securing first marks is my #1 priority. Early marks are worth more aggressive path. However you have to be able to determine if you are able to take the stack safely or if it's too dangerous. Marks are NOT worth dying over. 

I would reccomend you play a couple of routes out through practice tool to really understand how to abuse the randomness and remove it the best you can. Also, downloading the replays after game and watching the early pathing is extremely helpful. It's going to be hard at first, (and you'll probably lose a few games - just /muteall and and keep doing it) but it gets easier with practice and if you master it you'll be ahead in most games. This Kindred mini-game is pretty interesting and gives a lot of fun - really worth :)

When it comes to jungle path - always start Blue.

Blue > Gromp > 11.png Wolves > Sit on blast cone behind wolves and wait for the mark spawn. After this there are four possible situations that follow.

  1. If enemy jungler started RED and CLOSE scuttle mark - this mark is entirely free as the enemy jungler will be a level down and will die trying to contest. This results in a free first kindredpassive.png.
  2. If enemy jungler started BLUE and CLOSE scuttle mark - this kindredpassive.png is also entirely free as the enemy jungler will be too slow to get to the mark, you'll have 15-20 head start if you take the blast cone even if he was running straight there.
  3. If enemy jungler started RED and FAR scuttle mark - getting this kindredpassive.png depends on the jungle matchup, if it is a favorable 1v1 you can contest this mark. 50/50 you will beat the enemy jungler here by taking the blast cone, however slower clear or junglers who likely full clear (aka no one right now) you can just outright kill it and dip. The majority of the time, I'll get there and sit in the pixel brush, ward the brush near blue entrance and see if they will use CD's on the scuttle, if so I'll take the fight/scuttle.
  4. If enemy jungler started BLUE and FAR scuttle mark - getting this kindredpassive.png is just a 50/50 of whether or not the enemy jungle has already left topside by the time it marked, which is very likely considering the current meta of level 3 ganking.
Botside (just the reverse of the above text, but I'll write it in for clarity)
  1. If enemy jungler started RED and CLOSE scuttle mark - this mark is entirely free as the enemy jungler...
  2. If enemy jungler started BLUE and CLOSE scuttle mark - this mark is also entirely free as the enemy jungler...
  3. If enemy jungler started RED and FAR scuttle mark - getting this mark depends on the jungle matchup...
  4. If enemy jungler started BLUE and FAR scuttle mark - getting this mark is just a 50/50 of whether or not the enemy jungle...
After the first kindredpassive.png things get a little more tricky. Prediction which camps were done and will be done is crucial to being able to predict 2nd, 3rd, and sometimes even 4th mark (earlier it was easier through counting the enemy jungler's cs, but after changes cs view in the table (tab) it's a more tricky but still possible).

For example:


If enemy jungler started BLUE and you did FAR scuttle mark:
  1. if you killed enemy jungler (he did whole blue jungle) you should back to your jungle and clear Red/Raptors, by this time you'll have ~ 15-20 seconds until next kindredpassive.png. You know he hasn't killed Raptors yet and it will spawn there or the other Scuttle 55 seconds after your first mark (roughly 55 seconds after the kill, 40 seconds after the kindredpassive.png disappears off the map). This information allows you to setup gank (probably will be on Red) enemy jungler or getting next kindredpassive.png.
  2. if enemy jungler has already left botside (he did Blue and Wolfs/Gromp) you should check his Gromp and:
  • If he is cleared (rarely) you should clear Red/Raptors, by time you'll have ~ 15-20 seconds until next kindredpassive.png. He probably killed Raptors/Scuttle and it will spawn there where camp are up 55 seconds after your first mark. Is very likely that enemy jungler wants to do lvl 3 gank. This information allows you to setup countergank enemy jungler (midlane) or getting next kindredpassive.png. However you can clear whole red jungle and be at enemy gromp as it spawns (2nd camp killed typically repawns at 4:50) if it is the only option (Raptor and both Scuttles dead) available results in a free mark.
  • If he is up you should take him, by this time you'll have ~ 15-20 seconds until next kindredpassive.png. He probably killed Raptors/Scuttle and it will spawn there where camp are up 55 seconds after your first mark. Is very likely that enemy jungler wants to do lvl 3 gank. This information allows you to setup countergank enemy jungler (midlane) or getting next kindredpassive.png.
I'm not going to go through the hassle to explain every possible situation, I'll let you practice yourselves and find the groove through watching replays and what not.

Botside (for clarity)

You start Blue and kill your three camps.
Enemy jungler start Red.
Close Scuttle spawn kill at 2:35 resulting in you getting your mark. (next mark at 3:30~)
You clear red/raptors, enemy jungle kill second Scuttle and gank top.
So it can spawning on Gromp/Raptors - apears on the Gromp (if enemy jungler did him you should ward wolfs and go on marked Raptors) so you start autoing it at 3:35 resulting you getting your 2nd mark (Next mark at 4:40)
Base, buy 2055.png and path to enemy Raptors or top Scuttle (respawn 5:35)
Scuttle spawn and instantly get marked. (next mark at 6:35~ on the Gromp or bot Scuttle (respawn 6:15~ depending on delay and timings))

Here is my example performance

Ending Notes Back to Top

Thank you for reading the guide. When creating, I used the advice from Hyosung (mostly), RedKind and ForestWithin (section Jungle Path) guides.

If you have any questions, just tell me in comments, and I will try my best to help - how many i can :)

Changelog Back to Top

  • March 24th: Added sections; Early game, Mid game, Late game, Jungle Path, Ending Notes. I moved 3071.png to situational items - the guys from Korea not be wrong ;) 
  • March 26th: Change detail in New Runes. 
  • April 6th: Change detail in Items.

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