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Lee Sin Statistics for Top Sucks More

Author's performance with Lee Sin compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

300 second cooldown blink ability that enables Lee Sin to make plays. 

11.png Smite 

Standard summoner spell for junglers. Deals true damage to a minion or monster. Useful for securing neutral monsters objectives.

12.png Teleport 

After channeling for 4 seconds, teleports a champion to a target ward, minion, or tower. Extremely useful repositioning tool that allow top-laners to split-push a lane while being able to join a team fight.

14.png Ignite

Combat summoner spell that deals true damage over time to a target enemy champion. Also applies a 50% healing reduction debuff. Take this summoner spell when looking to get an early lead and snowball.

3.png Exhaust

Another potentially useful combat summoner that reduces target enemy champion's movement speed and attack speed by 30%, armor and magic resist by 10, and damage output by 40% for 2.5 seconds. Take this summoner spell when playing Lee Sin as support to give you additional peel for your AD carry. Also, when facing enemy champions that have a lot of burst damage or are heavily reliant on autoattacks in a solo lane, exhaust can be a useful option.

Summoner Spell Setups

4.png11.png Standard summoner spells for junglers.

4.png14.png or 4.png12.png for solo lanes such as top or mid.

4.png3.png or 4.png14.png for support in the bot-lane.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is a pretty standard mastery page for jungle lee sin.

Ferocity Tree:
5 points in Fury: +4% attack speed. Helps clear jungle camps faster.
1 point in Feast: Killing a unit restores 20 health (30 second cooldown). Useful for sustaining.
5 points in Vampirism: +2% life steal and spell vamp. Also great for sustaining in the jungle.
1 point in Oppressor: Deal 2.5% increased damage to targets with impaired movement. Works well with red buff and teammates that have crowd control.

Resolve Tree:
5 points in Recovery: +2.0 health per 5 seconds. Good for sustain early.
1 point in Tough Skin: Take 2 less damage from champion and neutral monster basic attacks. A must for junglers as it reduces damage you take from the jungle camps.
5 points in Runic Armor: Shields, healing, regeneration, and life steal on you are 8% stronger. Synergizes well with Lee Sin's blindmonkwone.png W - Safeguard. Great for sustaining in the jungle.
5 points in Swiftness: +15% tenacity and slow resist. Crowd control is one of the banes of Lee Sin's existence, as it makes it so much more difficult to execute combos while being disrupted. 
1 point in Strength of the Ages: +20 health for siege minion kills and +10 health for large monsters that you or nearby allied champions kill (300 max). After reaching max, instead restore 6% of maximum health. Helps sustain in sieges and in the jungle as well as allowing you to be more tanky.

Abilities Back to Top


Pretty standard skill order for jungle Lee Sin. 

leesinpassive.png Passive - Flurry
After Lee Sin uses an ability, his next 2 basic attacks gain 40% attack speed and return 20/10 energy. Always try to use this to your advantage by basic attacking enemies in between abilities whenever possible. This ensures that you have enough energy to follow up after the first combo.

blindmonkqone.png Q - Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike
Sonic Wave: Lee Sin projects a discordant wave of sound to locate his enemies, dealing 50/80/110/140/170 (+ 90% Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage to the first enemy hit. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike for the next 3 seconds. Also reveals stealthed enemies for the duration until Resonating Strike is cast. Can be used to check bushes, chase enemies, get to the next jungle camp faster over the wall, etc.

Resonating Strike: Lee Sin dashes to the enemy hit by Sonic Wave, dealing 50/80/110/140/170 (+ 90% Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage plus 8% of their missing health. (Max: 400 Damage against minions and monsters). Extremely useful for gap closing and finishing an enemy off. 

blindmonkwone.png W - Safeguard/Iron Will
Safeguard: Lee Sin rushes to the target ally. If the ally is a champion, Lee Sin shields the ally and himself for 40/80/120/160/200 (+ 80% Ability Power) damage for 2 seconds and Safeguard's cooldown is reduced by 50%. After using Safeguard, Lee Sin can cast Iron Will for the next 3 seconds. Can be cast on allied minions, wards (excluding  3363.png farsight trinket), and yourself as well. 

Iron Will: Lee Sin gains 5/10/15/20/25% life steal and spell vamp for 4 seconds. Cast as often as possible on yourself in the jungle while farming jungle camps to sustain.

blindmonkeone.png E - Tempest/Cripple
Tempest: Lee Sin smashes the ground, sending out a shockwave that deals 60/95/130/165/200 (+ 100% Bonus Attack Damage) magic damage and reveals enemies hit for 4 seconds. If Tempest hits an enemy, Lee Sin can cast Cripple for the next 3 seconds. Strong Area-of-Effect damage that's also useful for revealing stealthed champions that you have lost sight of after casting resonating strike.

Cripple: Lee Sin cripples nearby enemies revealed by Tempest for 4 seconds, slowing their movement speed by 20/30/40/50/60%. Movement Speed recovers gradually over the duration. Great for slowing down enemies as you chase them or escape.

blindmonkrkick.png R - Dragon's Rage
Lee Sin performs a powerful roundhouse kick knocking an enemy champion back and dealing 200/400/600 (+ 200% Bonus Attack Damage) plus 12/15/18% of the initial target's bonus health. Very strong crowd control ability. Useful for peeling enemy champions off your backline carries, for dealing an insane amount of burst damage, or even displacing an enemy carry into your team.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard jungle start
    Solo lane start
    Support start

Core Items

    First back for jungler
    Good offensive items
    Armor items worth picking up
    Magic resist items to consider
    Swiftness for more ganks. Ninja Tabi against heavy physical damage. Mercury Treads for heavy magic damage or crowd control
    Get this for wards if you're not the jungler
    Jungle items to consider: Warrior for damage and Cinderhulk for tankiness

Situational Items

    Get these if you need the QSS effect or a revive
    Example build against Attack Damage heavy team
    Example build against magic damage heavy team.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Alistar
  • Amumu
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Ashe




Aatrox excels at all-in engages. Use your ward -> blindmonkwone.png W - Safeguard or 4.png flash to dodge his aatroxQ.png Q - Dark Flight to avoid getting knocked up. Lee SIn is able to deal burst damage faster. So if you know Aatrox will die to a full combo, then you should go for it. Otherwise focus on keeping him off of your backline with blindmonkrkick.png R - Dragon's Rage. If your team manages to pop his aatroxpassive.png Passive - Blood Well, then you can try to time your blindmonkqone.png  Q - Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike to finish the kill. 3143.png Randuin's Omen would be a good purchase to gain some tankiness and reduce Aatrox's attack speed. 




Because of Ahri's ahritumble.png R - Spirit Rush, it is very difficult to catch her as Lee Sin despite Lee Sin's insane mobility. Try to dodge her ahriseduce.png E - Charm with 4.png Flash or Ward -> blindmonkwone.png W - Safeguard combo, and force her to use her ahritumble.png R - Spirit Rush to get away from you. Afterwards, set up for a re-gank and Ahri is as good as dead. Note that Ahri's ahriorbofdeception.png Q - Orb of Deception does true damage on the way back, so try to dodge it if possible. Look to buy a 3155.png Hexdrinker early game to survive Ahri's magic damage burst. 



3155.png Hexdrinker makes Akali's life extremely hard as it provides you with enough magic resist and an extremely beneficial magic damage absorbing shield to protect you from Akali's burst. Also Lee Sin's blindmonkeone.png E - Tempest reveals all enemies it hits, completely mitigating the stealth cover provided by Akali's akalismokebomb.png  W - Twilight Shroud. Of course, you can also hold a 2043.png Vision Ward in your inventory to use for Akali's akalismokebomb.png W - Twilight Shroud. Note that Lee Sin's blindmonkqone.png Q - Sonic Wave can also reveal stealthed enemies if it lands. If you built damage on Lee Sin, then you should be able to take Akali out with a full burst combo. Otherwise, focus on keeping her off of your carries as she can still be terrifying to deal with if she gets her akalishadowdance.png R - Shadow Dance resets. 




Alistar is the bane of play-making Lee Sin players. His pulverize.png Q - Pulverize can stop you mid-dash. His headbutt.png W - Headbutt can knock you out of position. And finally his ferocioushowl.png R - Unbreakable Will removes all crowd control effects that are currently on him and gives him huge damage reduction. The one move you can do to counter is to 4.png Flash his 4.png Flash -> pulverize.png Pulverize combo to avoid getting caught. Try to keep him of your backline, and use blindmonkrkick.png R - Dragon's Rage if necessary to disengage. Try to line it up with other members of their team to deal the maximum amount of damage and knock the most people up with blindmonkrkick.png R - Dragon's Rage -> 4.png Flash. 




Amumu's bandagetoss.png Q - Bandage Toss is very similar to Lee Sin's blindmonkqone.png Q - Sonic Rage/Resonating Strike, but it stuns. Try to dodge it and use 4.png Flash if absolutely necessary. Amumu is typically built tanky so it is usually difficult to kill him unless he is caught out of position. Note that Amumu's curseofthesadmummy.png R - Curse of the Sad Mummy is an Area-of-Effect snare that also prevents basic attacks. Lee Sin can still cast most his spells even if he is snared by curseofthesadmummy.png R - Curse of the Sad Mummy. 




Anivia is very immobile, and therefore she is vulnerable to early ganks. Make sure to dodge Anivia's flashfrost.png Q - Flash Frost as it can stun you and stay out of her glacialstorm.png R - Glacial Storm. She is capable of dealing a lot of damage, so pick up a 3155.png Hexdrinker to be able to survive her burst combo. 




Annie is a high magic damage burst champion, so pick up a 3155.png Hexdrinker to help you survive. She is very immobile, so it is very hard for her to escape once caught out of position. One of her most signature combos is to 4.png Flash -> infernalguardian.png R - Summon: Tibbers and stun multiple people, so if you manage to force her 4.png Flash in a gank, she will not pose a significant engagement threat. Note the bar under her health bar. It counts how many stacks Annie has for her anniepassive.png Passive - Pyromania stun. Once she uses her stun and consumes all her stacks to farm, it is safe to engage her as it will be impossible to stun you with only one spell rotation. 




Ashe is an extremely low mobility yet high DPS marksman (Attack Damage Carry). Make sure to dodge her asheR.png R - Enchanted Crystal Arrow as she can use it to catch someone out from long ranage. If you land your blindmonkqone.png Q - Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike or are within a distance of about 1.5 4.png Flashes away from her, you can look for an opportunity to perform an inSec combo to kick her back to your team. 

Important Skills and Combos Back to Top

The most difficult thing about Lee Sin is the complexities of the combos the champion is capable of.

1. R -> Q
One of the most basic and most important combos is to be able to use blindmonkrkick.png Dragon's Rage on a target and be able to follow up with a blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave. Since blindmonkrkick.png Dragon's Rage sends your target linearly in one direction, if you aim your blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave immediately in the same direction, you will always be guaranteed that you will land that blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave, since it travels faster than the champion you kicked. 

2. Ward -> W
This is also a very basic skill that needs to be mastered. Being able to ward and cast blindmonkwone.png Safeguard quickly and smoothly onto the ward immediately after it is placed is an absolute must. This combo is a very powerful re-positioning tool that helps you catch people out of position or escape from sticky situations. 

3. Q -> Q -> Ward -> W -> R
Hit blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave on your intended target or a minion or other champion close to that target. Follow up by casting Resonating Strike with your second Q. Right before you land, place a ward behind the target you intend to kick back to your team, then blindmonkwone.png Safeguard to that ward. Kick your target using blindmonkrkick.png Dragon's Rage towards your team. Also widely known as the Insec, this combo is used to catch someone who is out of position whose flash is still on cooldown and has no other way to avoid getting kicked into your team.

4. R -> Flash
Flashing behind someone as Lee Sin usually telegraphs your intention to your target immediately giving them more time to prepare to react with a flash of their own or some other re-positioning ability. So instead, it is possible to cast blindmonkrkick.png Dragon's Rage on your target and then cast your 4.png Flash behind them, or whichever direction opposite your intended kicking direction, before the animation of blindmonkrkick.png Dragon's Rage completes. This gives your enemy little to none reaction time to prevent being kicked into your team.

5. Q -> Ward -> W -> R -> Flash -> Q
This is the most complex combo and the hardest to execcute. Cast blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave on your intended target, ward close to your target, blindmonkwone.png Safeguard to that ward, cast blindmonkrkick.png Dragon's Rage on your target, 4.png Flash behind him before the animation completes on your kick, and finally follow up with your blindmonkqone.png Resonating Strike to catch up to your target. 

6. Q -> Smite
Only executable on jungle Lee Sin. Cast blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave at an enemy champion through a minion and 11.png the minion so that the blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave goes through and hits the target enemy champion. This can be difficult to time, but will most likely catch your opponent off guard. This can also be incorporated at the beginning of any combo that starts off by landing a blindmonkqone.png Sonic Wave. 

nathanielbee's video demonstrates how to do some of these combos. The only way to master these combos is to practice them. This can be done by making a custom game with bots and equipping the summoner spell cooldown mastery as well as building 3158.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity to get the most cooldown reduction on 4.png Flash.

Early Game Back to Top

Lee Sin is a strong early game champion with lots of mobility and high damage output. At the start of the game, take a position on the edge of your jungle to watch out for enemy invades. As a jungler, clear your jungle camps as quickly as possible while looking for opportunities to gank. If you're on blue team, start with the krugs with leash from bot lane, then go to red, then start looking for a gank opportunity at mid. If one presents itself, then take it and try to either kill the enemy mid-laner or burn his 4.png Flash. Otherwise, clear the wolf camp while planning a gank on either top or mid. The route looks like this: 


If you're playing jungle from the red side, then start at the gromp with a leash from bot lane. Then, clear the blue buff. Do wolves next to hit level 3. Finally, finish your first clear at red buff while looking for gank opportunities top and mid. The jungle route is shown here:

As a jungler, always keep in mind where the enemy jungler could be. Sometimes counterganking the enemy jungler is more powerful than ganking an enemy laner, because the enemy would have used their gap closers to collapse on your laner and may have even positioned themselves in the way of your laners escape path. If you can effectively countergank, then one of the enemy will find themselves pinned down often resulting in a kill or burning their summoner spells. 

If you play Lee Sin as a solo laner, carefully consider the matchup and come up with a plan on how you want to outplay your opponent. For example, if I were playing Lee Sin mid against an 103.pngAhri, then I would want to dodge ahriorbofdeception.png Q - Orb of Deception whenever possible and try to bait out the ahriseduce.png E - Charm. Play to your strengths and avoid exposing yourself to ganks. Keep at least one approach from the jungle or river warded and keep a close eye on it. 

Mid Game Back to Top

In the mid game, the skirmishes for objectives erupt all around the map. It is important to coordinate with your team to set up vision around objectives such as Dragon and Rift Herald. Keep the river and approach paths warded from the enemy jungle. Try to find picks as the enemies rotate in and out of lane. Getting a successful pick will give you a numbers advantage in a teamfight. 

As for Rift Herald, try to get it for your top laner, especially if he/she is a splitpush champion. Splitpush champions typically push alone in a side lane to apply pressure and use their 12.png teleport to get to the teamfight should one erupt. With this in mind, it is quite advantageous to force an enemy laner with teleport out of lane with a gank so that they must use their 12.png teleport to get back to lane if they don't want to miss too much minion farm and experience. This will often create an undisputed numbers advantage in a teamfight within the 5 minute window that the summoner spell is down. In these mid-game fights, try to catch one of their carries off guard and focus him/her down. This will highly decrease the amount of damage potential in the enemy's teamfight. However, if someone on the enemy team has been doing exceptionally well and poses an immense threat to your own carries in the back-line, then your focus should be to make sure that that enemy champion is unable to reach your backline. You can use blindmonkrkick.png R - Dragon's Rage -> 4.png Flash to line up a multiple champion knockup to both get the strong enemy away from your carries and to turn the tide of the fight. 

A major issue that prevents teams from closing out the game quickly is overstaying. After winning a teamfight, keep a close eye on the death timers of the enemy team and make sure to give yourself and your team ample time to retreat. After winning a fight, especially if the fight was close, your team typically don't have ultimate abilities up so soon while being relatively low on health compared to the other team. Staying until the enemies respawn would be setting up for a teamfight win for them and losing any advantages gained from the fight before. Do yourselves a favor and don't make the game harder to win by going back to base and buying items in preparation for the next fight. 

Late Game Back to Top

Everyone believe that Lee Sin falls off immensely in the late game. This is not quite the case. Lee Sin's role in the late game is just not the same. If you reach the late game, then the fighting power of both teams must be fairly equal in the sense that neither can decisively win a fight and push down objectives. The key to winning these fights are to either catch an enemy carry out of position before the teamfight actually erupts or to simply keep your carries alive. Most of the time, focus on the latter. 

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