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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Taking Flash on 89_64.png is mandatory. 89_64.png has a lot of ways of getting into a teamfight with her ultimate and her E, however she has no real way of getting out - Flash will help you with that. You can also Flash ulti or flash E+Q Combo, or even Flash over terrain, since 89_64.png has no way of getting over a wall by herself. Simply get this every game!

Ignite is one of the two summonerspells I would recommend you take when playing 89_64.png. As we all know, your level 2 Combo can deal a lot of damage early on in the game and in most cases if your marksman follows your engage, 14.png should secure you or your marksman a kill.
14.png is also good vs high regain/sustain supports like 16_64.png - 37_64.png and 267_64.pngas you reduce not only their healing, but also their marksmans 7.png. It also helps you blow up squishy if you are roaming midlane early, or in a midgame teamfight. I recommend ignite as your "go to" summoner spell together with 4.png. After the nerfs to 3.png I always go 14.png unless both my solo laners pick 14.pngor if we have a Shaco. I do that because too many isnt as good.

Exhaust is good if you end up playing with a low burst marksman like a 67_64.png or a 96_64.png. However, it can also counter marksmans who has a lot of burst like 236.pngand 119_64.png. If you are playing with a marksman that scales well into the lategame, and does not want to go all-in early, taking 3.png is better than 14.png, as you need to get kills early in order to make it worth it in the later stages of the game.  3.png can also be used to shot down snowballing top or mid laners. After the nerfs to 3.png, I only take it if both my solo laners pick 14.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I know a lot of people have been going the standard support page with Recovery and Swiftness instead of Unyielding and Legendary Guardian. I just like those two, as they combined  with 89.png 's W, it gives nice stats, and I don't feel like I need the health regain in lane that much. Atleast, not yet.

Abilities Back to Top


So at level 1 you can take both E and Q but it depends if you can get to melee range or not. If not, you can E their marksman or their Support, and your marksman can land an auto-attack to proc your passive! Remeber to walk away from your target as soon as your E lands, as you don't wanna stay and take a lot of poke. If you hit E on minions, your marksman can use an AOE spell to proc the passive and have the lane push faster - as the first few levels are where Leona gets zoned away from creeps and is the weakest.

At level 2 you want to have both your Q and your E skilled so you are ready to all-in. Take a close look at your EXP-bar in level 1, and when you are 1 minion away, time it so you can E and skill up Q mid-air and land an unexpected combo!

leonashieldofdaybreak.png is 89_64.png's stun. You can use this to reset 89_64.png's auto-attacks. Always Auto-attack and then use Q when trading in lane or clearing wards. This will also help you kill towers and 2044_32.png's faster. Use this to cc targets for easy kills or use it to peel for your marksman or teammate. Use Q instantly if they have flash and you wanna stack your CC!

leonasolarbarrier.png is her shield. 89_64.png gets armor and magic resist when using the shield. This makes her tanky and her W deals nice damage, so max this first.

leonazenithblade.png is the long ranged engage spell that will drag Leona to her target, snaring her target for the duration. Post level 6, it can be used to instantly get a free stun from your ultimate, as they will be snared for 0.5 sec so they can't dodge it. Because the snare only is 0.5 sec, you need to ult as soon as you hit your E. Also, go into sandbox-mode and spam leonazenithblade.png + 4.png instead of flashing first. This will make it harder to dodge!

leonasolarflare.png is the ranged Area of Effect stun. This is what makes 89_64.png so scary in soloq. Use this to *360 NO SCOPE* enemys out of position. Can also be used to stun more than 1 target in a teamfight. Many people don't respect the 1200 range that this skill has which often makes it easy to snipe players who are fronting you.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    This should be your first items.
    This is the other half of your core items. Focus on getting locket+Redemption first.

Situational Items

    Depending on enemy/your champions.

You should always start with 3302_32.png 2009_32.png and 3340_32.png.

If needed, you can also go 3190.png first. I tend to build locket if they got burst and I don't have time to wait for my 3107.png to land. Overall, due to the range and the health that it gives, I like to rush 3107.png first.

If you are getting pushed up under tower or if you are behind, get a 3097_32.png on your first back. This is not pro-play, so you dont need more vision than your 3340_32.png early.
On your second back you should start aiming for your 2049_32.png - as soon as you get your Sightstone, you should swap your trinket to a 3341_32.png, due to the fact that you can only have 3 wards out on the map and sightstone will give you these already. REMEMBER TO UDGRATE YOUR TRINKET AT LEVEL 9, SINCE IT IS FREE!

Once you have your 2049_32.png, you will need to get some boots. 3117.png will help you roam around the map faster.

3047_64.png Go Ninja Tabi if you are facing a full ad team combo, or if their marksman is really fed early!

Matchups Back to Top

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12_64.png isnt as hard a  counter for 89_64.png after his spells got reworked.  12_64.png roams very well. Almost better than you. He can also clear your stuns with his ultimate.

Things to look out for12_64.png has very little damage, and can be ignored in teamfights. Don't use your CC on him after 6, as he can ultimate out of it. If he gets 3117_32.png early and roams mid, engage on to his Marksman if he is alone and out of position. Remember to ping "missing" everytime he leaves lane as he is a good roamer! 

Don't engage too close to tower, as he can combo you into his turrent.




Bards level 1 is insane, so make sure you avoid taking a lot of damage from him. Watch out for his passive auto attacks when going to push the wave or use your 3302.png stacks.

Things to look out for432_64.png has a passive that requires him to roam the lower half of the map. If he leaves his Marksman alone and the Marksman is out of position you should engage on to them with your ultimate. You are able to stun 432_64.png when he is travlin in his E, making him move no longer and drob out of the E's travel time. I recommend you rush an early 3117_32.png and either try to find him in the jungle with your jungler, or to engage on  his Marksman if he leaves the lane.

Take 14.pngin this match-up



53_64.png is gonna aim to hook your teammates. You are more tanky than him and your CC is easyer to land. Don't get to cocky and dont make stupid all-ins and this should be a fairly easy lane. DONT GET HOOKED INTO TOWER!

Things to look out for: If 53_64.png lands a hook on your Marksman simply walk up to his Marksman and Stun him/her with Q, if Blitzcrank keeps running after your Marksman, use E onto him and kite him. If he hooks you, use your E on his Marksman and stun them with Q and R.




This matchup is just like 143_64.png. You have to dodge skillshots and you can go for an easy all in. For more info, look up my 143.png matchup.

Things to look out for63.png has a lot of magic burst but all his spells are mostly skillshots. Dodge these and you should be fine. You can also dodge 63_64.png's W by Eing to a target. I recommend you go 14.png as your summoner spell, aiming for a 3190_32.png as first item as it gives you more magic resist. He can also burst your whole team down before 3107.png lands.




This matchup sucks. Whenever you try to go for 201_64.png's Marksman, he will jump infront and shield so your Marksman can't hit him. He has just as much CC as you with his Passive and ulti. Most melee supports are having a hard time eary on with ranged supports, but Braum can use his Q since it is a ranged spell.

Things to look our for201_64.png's Passive has a cooldown, so once you or your Marksman has been stunned, you can counter engage before it is up. Let him push the lane and call for jungle help. 89_64.png has a lot of cc so you should be able to kill his Marksman with help from an early jungler like 64_64.png or 60.png.




Due to her long range and disengage, Caitlyn is a real pain to play vs. She can also trap you under tower and poke down your adc.




a good 40_64.png will deny you kills in lane. She can Q you while you are in mid air E and she can ulti both you and your teammates way with her ulti.

Things to look out for: Janna's E (Shield) has a long cooldown in the early stages of the game, when it is not maxed and she has little CDR. Try to engage onto her when her E is down, that way she wont be able to shield before after the trade. 

Some 40_64.png players are wasting their Q,charging it up and using it into nothing. A 40.png without Q and E is an easy kill for Leona and her Marksman. Use E onto her and W+Q mid-air. 

Take 14.png if you have the slightest kill pressure.




Yo - fuck this champion!

As of now, Karma is one of the very best supports, and for good reason! She has a strong laning phase, decent roams and her karmamantra.png+karmasolkimshield.png can make it hard for you to get a good engage later into the game. Most 43.png's tunnel a bit too hard on karmamantra.png+karmaq.png instead of the shield. If she does, block it for your marksman and turn around and burst her. 43.png does not get a ultimate like yours, and her damage falls off later into the game. If the player who plays 43.png is bad, the lane will be rather easy. Similar to other mages. If not, your roams are better and you can set up ganks well for your mid/jungler or even your top laner if he/she has taken 12.png.



117_64.png has a lot of damage and a lot of CC. Her spells can work in two styles. Utility or damage. She can sheep your Marksman with W and knock you away with her ulti. However she is fairly squishy and has long cooldowns. Since most 117.png's tend to push the lane, they're often gankable. Make sure you have a 2055.png in the river and call for ganks.

Things to look out for117_64.png's spells has long cooldowns. If she goes to far away from her Marksman to poke, you should engage once her Q and E is down. Your ultimate has a 30 second shorter cooldown than hers, so if you both use ultimate at the same time, you can engage with yours when hers is down. 117.png will push you into tower, so get an early 3097_32.png for more sustain and call your jungler for help.

I recommend you take 14.png vs. her, as it will also lower the healing of her lulur.png




This is a skill matchup that favors 25_64.png. Morgana is mostly known for her blackshield.png. Her shield will block any magic damage or CC done to it, however it can only be used on 1 target and has a high cooldown. 25_64.png's  ultimate counters your engage. You will have to split up with your Marksman in order for only one of you to get hit. 

Things to look out for: Just like most support-mages, Morgana has a high cooldown on her spells. If she max her E (Black Shield) she will deal 0 damage to you and your Marksman. Try to bait out her shield by E'ing to her and then stun the target that does not have black shield. Most 25_64.png's can't E your ultimate in time. Make sure you land a STUN and not a SLOW on her! If you don't stun her with your ultimate, just back away and play passive until it is up. 

25_64.png Won't deal a lot of damage early on, but will however buy AP later on into the game. I recommend you go scaling Magic Resist in Glyphs, and take 14.png for the laning phase.



267_64.png can bully you at level 1. She might be pushing early but just use Health pots and then all-in her at lvl 2 and at lvl 6-

Things to look out for267_64.png's Q is very hard to land. Engage as soon as she misses it or if it is on cooldown. Nami has a lot of heals, so if you let her spam those, you are gonna have a hard time. However, it does cost a lot of mana which allows you to engage when she is low. Go 14.png and all-in her as soon as her Q is down.




A lot like 12.png.

I've often found that whoever roams, gets ganks wins this lane. Also a lot more dependent on marksmen, compared to most match-ups.



37_64.png will have a lot of damage early and will most likely get level 2 before you. Sona is one of the supports with lowest stats early in the game, making her an easy target to burst. If she goes to trade your Marksman can get auto-attacks on her and you should be able to all-in her quite easy. DONT LET HER HEAL!!!

Things to look out for: like 117_64.png, Sona's ultimate has a longer cooldown than yours. She is quite easy to burst and you should be able to all-in her in all stages of the game. 

I recommend you take14.png.




 Watch out for his stun early. If he is perma healing his marksman, he will go oom fast and is then gankable before 6.

Things to look out for: Engage as soon as his stun is down. Since Taric has little/no damage start with 3302_32.png. You will be able to spam engages on him so having mana up for fights will win you the lane. An early 3117_32.png could be a good idea for roaming to midlane and picking up kills. Taric isn't the best at punishing your marksman early, and he can not dive before he is level 6, or if your marksman fuck up and gets low. Your roams are also much better.

Take 14.png vs. his healing.




Playing this lane is very weird, depending on the skill level of the player behind 412_64.png. Even though this is a skill matchup, it favors 89_64.png. A good 412_64.png player will be able tothreshe.png) you during your E, and W (Lantern) his Marksman away from you. If the jungler comes to your lane, focus 412_64.png instead of his Marksman, since he can lantern them away if you do so.

Things to look out for: if he goes 3301_32.png, and 0/9/21 in masteries it will take him a long time to get tanky. You can engage and burst im if you took 14.png
He also sets up ganks very well so rush 2049.png for more health than 3097.png and for vision around bot.




Similar to the other squishy supports, 89.png does well after a few levels. Try and get an early level 2 while using 2009.png. Every spells that 161.png has is a skillshot, so being able to dodge his damage will make him go oom faster. After 6, just leonasolarflare.png him and 14.png for an easy kill. He should never poke you so hard, that he wins the lane. 




This matchup is very much like 1_64.png or 63.png143_64.png has a lot of damage early, but is very easy to kill if CC'ed. If she is maxing herzyrae.png she will miss out on damage on her Q (plants) so if she misses it, it has a long cooldown giving you free space for a clear engage.

Things to look out for: Her zyrae.png has a long cooldown and is fairly easy to dodge, since it has a slow traveling time. Push the wave for a fast level 2. It's okay if you take a few hits while doing this, just heal back up with a 2010_32.png. As soon as you hit level 2, engage on to her and 14.png for an easy kill. 143.pngwill deal almost as much damage as a Marksman, but is way easyer to kill. Unless her Marksman is really fed and kills you instantly, just ignore her Marksman and kill her repeatedly.

She is also easy to gank. Have your lane in a good position and call for your jungler.

About the author Back to Top

Coach Fykling


Greetings! My name is Coach Fykling, formerly Sleby and I put a lot of time into making this guide for you, so I hope you enjoy it and find it usefull! 

My best friend introduced me to League back in 2011, in the middle of season 2. At that time he was quite experienced compared to myself. He was already level 30 and 1500 elo. My friend at the time mained marksman so it was neutral for me to support him as he was learing me the game. 

In season 2 I peaked 1400 elo. During season 3, I manged to reach Diamond in soloq just before the season ended, being plat for most of the season. In season 4 and 5, I got diamond again and have been ever since. I've played over 100 games on every support doing my time, finding 89_64.png  - 201_64.png  and 53_64.png to be the once I enjoy the most.

My first support was 16_64.png. Before her rework she was really stong and easy to play. I learned how to use 2.png and how to heal my friend and give him mana, and he would then end up carrying me.  As time went on and I learned more about the game, I was able to think for myself. 89_64.png was one of the first champions I fell in love with. Her tanky kit and her ability to carry a solo/duo game with her hard CC and ranged engage.

Pros and Cons Back to Top

Leona, The Radiant Dawn



- One of the champions with the highest amount of crowd control (CC) in the game.

- Very snowbally support. If you do great in lane, you will be very tanky for midgame.

- Becomes naturally tanky with Health as she gets Magic Resist and Armor from her W.

- Can catch people out of position, or initiate fights from range with her ultimate.

- Works well with most Carries in the botlane.

- Roams very well.

- High burst, can blow up targets fast!


- Is not able to proc her own passive. 

- No sustain for her Marksman.

- Relay on skillshots for being effective.

- Somewhat snowball reliant. 

- Somewhat relaint of her Marksman to follow-up during laning phase.

- Can struggle to push fast for level 2, compared to other supports.

Wards and Vision Back to Top

The End Back to Top

That was it for my Leona guide!

I put a lot of time into this guide, and a guide can always get better or more in-depth! I've tried to let you people know how I play Leona, and how I think she should be played. She carried me to Diamond 3 seasons in a row, and I hope you reach your soloq goals with her!

If you have anything you think I should add to the guide, let me know and I'll take a look at it!

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