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Leona is all about catching enemy champions out of position and CC’ing them, Ignite instantly applies more damage, and burst onto a single target, to give you a higher chance to secure a kill.



When there is little peel or CC on your team and you have multiple carries that need it, Exhaust lets you still have control over enemy champions even when your abilities are on cooldown.



It’s rare they you would need or want to run heal on Leona, but sometimes it’s good to run to let your ADC run Barrier 21.png so they can have a lot of effective health over the enemy ADC.

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Masteries Back to Top


  • 5/5 - Wanderer - Get back to lane quicker, roam from lane to lane faster, faster movement speed for initial engage.
  • 1/1 - Secret Stash - You start with 3 health pots, this gives them extra value you mana, and other mastery options in this row suck for support.
  • 5/5 - Meditation - You don’t get any Mana Regen from any other sources so it’s best to get it from this in masteries.
  • 1/1.- Bandit - Free gold for being near minions dying, crucial for support income, and +10 gold on cooldown when you auto attack an enemy champion which is pretty easy to Leona to proc during laneing phase.


  • 5/5 - Recovery - Free health regen, is ok helps against poke and over all sustain through all stages of the game, other option Unyielding bonus stats really don’t matter for Leona support.
  • 1/1 - Explorer - Crucial for any good support player, faster movements on the map, roams mid, engages through lane bushes, etc.
  • 5/5 - Veteran's Scars - +50 Health level 1 goes great with +9 Armor & +9 Magic Resist from Runes.
  • 1/1 - Insight - Leona lives and dies by Flash 4.png Engages, having 2nd combat summoner up more often gives you more higher percentage engages.
  • 5/5 - Legendary Guardian - Bonus stats when near enemy champions, great since Leona can be squishy with W leonasolarbarrier.png is down, and can easily find herself in the middle of 5 Champions.
  • 1/1 - Courage of the Colossus - 3/4 abilities proc COTC, and give Leona a shield every time she is fighting, making it hard for enemies to try and burst you down, shield also gets bigger based on your health (Leona basically only builds health items), and how many champions she is a around

  • Why not Stoneborn Pact? Leona benefits from a personal shield more than helping her allies heal a small amount, if you are CC’ing enemies it’s to engage not so much to peel, so your allies are most likely at full health when attacking them anyways.

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Skill Order

leonasolarflare.png dot-pattern.png leonasolarbarrier.png dot-pattern.png leonashieldofdaybreak.png dot-pattern.png leonazenithblade.png

leonapassive.png Passive

  • Leona’s abilities mark enemies hit, when allies auto attack them they take Magic Damage.

leonashieldofdaybreak.png Shield of Daybreak

  • Empowered Leona’s next auto attack and stuns first target auto attacked.
  • Also works as an auto attack reset, so Auto Attack >  leonashieldofdaybreak.png > Auto Attack for Maximum damage. 

leonasolarbarrier.png  Eclipse

  • Leona puts shield up channels for 3 seconds giving Leona bonus Armor and Magic Resist, after 3 seconds detonates around Leona dealing damage to all enemies around Leona.

leonazenithblade.png  Zeinith Blade 

  • Leona lunges her sword forward, first enemy champion hit she will root, then travel to them.
  • You can cast Leona’s ULT leonasolarflare.png before traveling.

leonasolarflare.png Solar Flare

  • Cast from afar, stuns targets in middle of the blast, slows targets around it, damages all.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

3302.png2010.png2010.png2010.png3340.png Health, Gold Generation, health regen, and a ward. 

Best option for Leona Support and should be your starting items literally every game, other options such as 1054.png is just useless and inconsistent.



All items could be built in different orders prioritizing one thing over the other such as:

3302.png dot-pattern.png 3117.png dot-pattern.png 2049.png 

3097.png dot-pattern.png 1001.png dot-pattern.png 2049.png
3302.png dot-pattern.png 2049.png  dot-pattern.png 3117.png


Same is with your first completed active item 3401.png3050.png3109.png3800.png depending on how the match is going you should feel the need to prioritize one over the other, if you don’t know which ones to get at what time try starting with building in this order: 3109.png3050.png3800.png3401.png

Example build path:

3302.png > 3097.png > 3117.png > 2049.png > 3024.png > 3801.png > 3050.png > 3109.png > 3800.png > 3401.png > 2045.png

3401.png  - Face of the Mountain provides single shield for you and one ally, shield detonates after 2 seconds slowing all around, extra slow doesn’t really matter for Leona since she already has targets CC’d or is on cooldown 
3050.png - Zeke’s gives you are your blinded ally (ADC) bonus damage on auto attacks and slows enemies hit.
3109.png - Knight’s Vow lets you absorb damage for a blinded ally, also gives you bonus Armor moving towards allies
3800.png - Righteous Glory gives you and your allies bonus movement speed towards enemies, creates quick engages, and to chase down and threaten targets, is more expensive than other items so is better in effective and value when you are ahead.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Bard
  • Janna
  • Sona
  • Thresh
  • Xayah




Leona wins against bard, simply don't stand in minions and get hit by bardq.png or get poked down from his meep auto attacks, and any time he is out of postion not near a wall engage on him, easy to burst.




Engaging and killing any champion in a Janna lane becomes much harder, look to push lane and roam a lot.

Janna can cancel leonazenithblade.png with howlinggale.png but you can buffer ULT leonasolarflare.png during it.




Sona is similar to Bard, has no personal escape, and short range so you can punish easily when they misstep trying to use abilities. 

After landing an E leonazenithblade.png  buffer leonasolarflare.png because sona will be spamming sonar.png on you that you can not dodge without flashing.




Really depends on how good the Thresh is to decide how strong Thresh is against Leona, but a good thresh will always Flay threshe.png you out of an leonazenithblade.png 

threshq.pngthreshrpenta.pngthreshe.png all lock you up for a long time, and with no escape your only defense is leonasolarbarrier.png 



xayahr.png Xayah's ULT gives her so much ability to dodge all every one of Leona's abilities and quickly preposition, it's very hard to combo her, and if you get onto her walking away becomes hard because of her quick burst and punish with xayahq.png xayahe.png locking you up for more punishment.

Early Game Back to Top

Right from spawn spam ping your team to go into the enemies Red / Blue buff and invade their jungle, CC the first target you see, and don’t be greedy with your Flash either, trading Support’s Flash for any carries flash is easily worth it.

Early Laneing Phase for Leona you want to try to get level 2 quickly for an early all in or trade, but don’t stand on the wave auto attacking it or most likely the 2 ranged enemy champions will damage you to about half health, then your all in will be much less successful. Using Relic Shield on the Melee minions not only gives you more gold but pushes the wave quicker since you are taking out the higher health minion, and once’s one melee minion is gone your minions will focus the other 2 and kill them quicker than if they had to damage all 3 melee minions.

A basic short trade in lane for Leona would look something like:

leonazenithblade.png dot-pattern.png leonasolarbarrier.png Auto Attack > leonashieldofdaybreak.png > Auto > walk away

After a trade like this you have the options of going forward to pursue them, standing still to test their reaction, or walking away.

Pursueing them will make them have to walk backwards and enable you to get more damage on them, but you have to keep tabs on your ADC’s position during this, if you are walking past a minion wave into 2 enemy champions alone you lose.

Standing still is like putting bait out and seeing if they bite for it, if they see that you have stopped walking towards them, they will stop clicking backwards, and maybe move forward, if they move forward they have most likely made a mistake which you can then punish with another rotation of abilities, if they don’t bite you take 2-3 Auto attacks then move back to your side of the lane. 

Walking away is the easiest play, you have used all abilities and all you would be pushing forward into them for would be 1-2 auto attacks rather than trading say 350 health for like 110 damage onto them just walk away.

Against some lanes you will be pushed in and can’t engage into them, focus on last hitting with your ADC undertower hit caster minions once undertower so they can kill them in 1 auto attack and get the gold. If they laneing phase comes to this try to watch them map and control your jungler with pings.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game regardless if the first tower is down Bot lane or not, you should be moving around the map trying to make and impact with ganks, and it’s even better if you move with your jungler, 2 champions showing up to gank a lane is better than 1. 

When moving to or from lanes make sure to Sweep 3341.png2055.png to see if the bushes you are moving through are warded. Moving from bot to gank mid is pointless if the enemy sees you coming. When you do move in the river put down deeper wards in places such as the entrance to blue buff / red buff, and in wards past bushes right next to the lanes. (In the enemies side of the jungle. If you see the enemy jungler / champions looking for ganks that far away you can setup counter attacks and really turn the game in your favor.

If the game isn’t going your way and say the enemy jungler is to fed and other lanes aren’t worth ganking, staying in the bot lane is your only other play, you get small amounts of gold and XP lead from this, but you don’t give value to anyone on the map but your ADC. 

Some time later in the Mid game you should complete your first Active item, 3109.png & 3050.png give you more value during fights, especially teamfights, so if you can start fights on  your terms around dragon, Rift, or a tower soon after purchasing the item than you get to capitalize on your item advantage.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game you have to not give into the urge to constantly run into all 5 enemy champions the second you see them, all noob engage support players do this and end up averaging around 10 deaths, which is terriably bad. 

Yes you want to engage fights, but you want ideal fights especially in the late game, if you take a bad fight late game the match can be over since the enemy has time to march down a lane and destroy everything in their way before your team respawns again.

So isn’t very important to setup and take the best fights possible. To do this you need to be moving with your team and setting up wards to see where the enemy would be coming from, and then place a control ward 2055.png in a bush that your team will be sitting in ready to ambush who ever comes by. Leona’s cooldowns are very long, so lets say the 6 item cho gath comes by with his entire team behind him, try to cast your abilities at the enemy ADC or Mid lane champions that can actually be killed, only time you should use your CC on a tank is if they are 100% along or separated from their team during a fight.

**Remember to be using active items 3401.png3800.png3050.png3109.png 
If 1 carry dies late game you can rebind 3109.png & 3050.png

Warding Back to Top

Warding with the 3340.png Warding Trinket

At the start of every game, your only options for warding before you get 2049.png Sightstone, is to use the 3340.png Warding Trinket.

The 3340.png Warding Trinket only gives you a 60 Second ward, that gives you a very small range of vision compared to a 2049.pngSightstone's Vison Ward.

The best way to make use of the Warding Trinket during the early laning phase, is to place it before the enemy jungler shows up, this will change every game depending on the enemy jungler, generally here are some good spots to trinket

Trinkets Outlined in Blue are for when you are on Blue Side
Trinkets Outlined in Red, hey you guessed it, are for when you are on Red Side.
Trinkets Outlined with both, work well on either side.

If you have full control over a lane, placing a trinket in the bot lane bushes isn't terrible as long as you play around the possibility of Gank timing windows properly.


3340.png / 3341.png
Once you get Sightstone, you generally want to switch to Sweeper, but you can make use of the trinket wards in a very extended laning phase, but after say 20 minutes, you will most likely NEED to switch to sweeper or you will be walking through enemy wards the entire game.

So when you get Sightstone the ENTIRE game changes. There are ways you SHOULD use, and ways you CAN use it.


Where to place a Sightstone Ward, has a LOT of  factors that go into why or when you should place a ward, hopefully this makes it simpler:

When To place a Ward

  • If you know the enemy is likely to come from an area in 1-2 minutes.
  • If the enemy has the ability to jump over walls, ward over the wall they would come from ex (9.png64.png)
  • So you can spot enemy champions moving from one lane to another in the fog of war.

When not to place a ward

  • You are near a bush and there isn't a ward in it
  • When you are in a lane and afraid that someone is in that bush you are going to ward
  • When you already have vision of the target you are try to ward against

Mid - Late Game Warding

  1. Do you have advantage and 2-3 champions with you > get a ward in their jungle
  2. Is the game even / you have no ally champions to assist with deep warding > Ward river / enterences to your jungle
  3. Are you behind / multiple towers have fallen > Ward your Jungle.

Here are all easy Warding spots.



Mid - Late game, you shouldn't be going on solo missions into the enemies side of the jungle to get a useless deep ward, only to find 5 champions and a grey screen. Any time you want to get a ward on the enemies side of the map, ping your laners / jungler to assist you with walking into the enemy jungle, who knows you might find a solo member of the enemy team instead and be able to pick up an easy kill.

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I'm going to be the Best North American League of Legends Support player there ever was. I currently write guides for Lolking, coach, and stream on twitch to financially sustain myself.

I believe in the power of Games, and think they will have a great impact on the future.


You can see Challenger Support gameplay live on my Twitch stream ,for the love of god please follow lol.

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$15 per hour coaching or $20 for 2 Hours.

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