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Okay so I've confirmed LolKing is a fan on 4.png on (D), because I don't seem to have a choice.

In all seriousness, there's no other spells you want to get. 12.png provides too much to be exchanged for something like 14.png, including stuff like lane safety (you're trying to snowball off roaming, not 1v1 specifically), ganking with TP, providing safety for your team if they're getting TP flanked during lane phase (most usually bot lane 5 mans GGez), and it also kind of doubles as another 4.png for you late game (homeguards and the positioning if it's a good enough TP) if you can get a TP flank combod with the teamfight combo that's described in the combos section below, and through out most of the match ups.

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This is the only mastery page I would recommend running.

Explanation for selected masteries is in my Lissandra Youtube Guide linked at the bottom section of this guide


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Some people prefer to max the E ability second, and although it is a safer way to get into your power spikes (lower cooldown against ganks), I prefer going the W max second because my way of playing Lissandra is shove out your lane, and gank all day. W increases the root duration by a 10th of a second each rank up, but having that .4 second increase at lvl 13 for big teamfights rather than level 18, and utilizing your E properly in order to not need it on a little bit of a shorter cooldown, can be much more rewarding. I'm not going to even recommend trying E max second because W max second isn't risky at all, you just have to not waste it like a poo ROA buying player, and 


TLDR; I Max W second before E because if you utilize your E properly, for escaping ganks, maxing W will be much more beneficial for skirmishes and teamfights early on in the game than E.

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Starting Items

Core Items

    the rest is situational! I've given a bunch of builds in the notes of this section :)
    this alone is the most core thing to get on Lissandra. Buy this before anything other than maybe another Doran's Ring

Situational Items

Keep in mind that none of my personal builds have ROA in them. My reason for this is that the way I play Lissandra is AP glass cannon, and there is just always an item whose stats lead me more towards killing enemy champions. 

Because I have a couple of build variations for you depending on what the games team comps will give you as pros/cons, I will give screenshots of the final builds for every build, and give a detailed explanation to each build. For more in depth to the reasoning behind my builds, as well as some tips as to how the playstyle goes for each build, refer to the my Youtube guide that I linked at the bottom section of this guide. I strongly recommend checking out the video builds because there is a lot of information regarding the playstyle for each build, which if I was to write down, would be even longer than the match ups (think Harry Potter books, but every time Harry Potter looks at a wall, he describes the composition of atoms in each brick(very long))





You will want to get 3135.png before 3001.png if the enemy squishies have at least 2 MR items like 3111.png + 1057.png (or a negatron upgraded item), or 3111.png + 3155.png/3156.png for examples.





Recommended for newer 127.png players as well, but that doesn't mean it's a noob build. I do it some games as well, and it just allows for more breathing room for mistakes.





3001.png increases your AoE magic damage by 10%, so I'd only recommend it if the enemy team is already getting one shot, and has no good potential of buying MR items soon. 3135.png before 3001.png is generally safer, as it can secure your lead if the enemy team wants to buy MR soon viably.





If you have carries on your team that you can peel for, and rely on to easily win the game, this build has the safest win potential. Also, I am aware that the build over kills on CDR, and here is my response if you have this question.



Basically, the stats the items give you combined together, allow for the CDR overkill to be something you don't have to worry about.


To understand this build, I recommend you watch the Youtube Lissandra Guide located below in it's own section, as there are too many points that I would need you to understand in depth in order to understand this build path.

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The basics of this lane are Lissandra has a lot of CC to lock down 103.png.

Your (W)lissandraw.png and (R)lissandrar.png allow you to lock down 103.png for a long enough period, that your team should be able to single target kill her instantly in a teamfight with good focus. HOWEVER, we all know how solo queue goes, so don't rely on this factor, as it's just like other things where it's easier said than done.

Lane phase VS  103.png is relatively easy as long as you can stay away from her (E)ahriseduce.png. Lissandra gives your jungler a chance to land their skillshot abilities for easy kills on over extended mid laners (an example being 76.png's (Q)javelintoss.png. Usually a difficult ability to hit, but does  3078.png tons of damage).
When you hit level 6, the ability to lock down mobile champions like103.png  becomes even better, because your (R)lissandrar.png is a point and click stun... A properly combod (W)lissandraw.pnginto (R)lissandrar.png for max CC, can lock down the enemy champion for a few seconds (level 13 you can lock down a single enemy champion for 3 total seconds if they have no tenacity)

Your biggest issue is a good 103.png
A good Ahri will build 1057.png and 3111.png to try and render you useless, but this is where the glass cannon Lissandra builds come into play.. Since you're such a beast, you don't need to stay mid lane where your 103.png is building solely to try and shut you down. You can shove the wave in one (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo (which I explain at the end of my Youtube guide), and roam ALL day. Keep in mind while learning this material that you are playing 127.png glass cannon to win the game, not lane. Although you have the potential to completely demolish an enemy champion with your combo + a jungler gank hitting the locked down target easily, the smarter thing to do (if possible) is to shove out your mid wave, and go roam to another lane. With 127.png's easy farm pattern, you will easily get great CS compared to your opponent mid laner, and be able to help your team get ahead as well.

Another thing that you have to worry about while facing Ahri is the late game (R)ahritumble.png + (E)ahriseduce.png combos, which can render you useless because you will either have to (R)lissandrar.png yourself for the defensive part of your (R)lissandrar.png (which is already terrible because it is a major part of your burst combo that you need for glass cannon 127.png to work) or you will die before you can even retaliate. You can counter this as well, and this is done by hiding behind walls for late game teamfights/mid game skirmishes. Hiding behind a wall for the element of surprise is what glass cannon 127.png requires to be extremely viable, and a better way of playing Lissandra than other builds. A properly combod (E)lissandrae.png + (F not D dont be a pleb)4.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (R)lissandrar.png should be able to instantly kill at least one enemy champion at all parts of the game except for extremely late game where champions might have multiple MR items, but even at this point you are completely DESTROYING teamfights if you play it properly.

So yea. Skill matchup, but if you play it well, and/or are equal skill level compared to the enemy Ahri, you should have the advantage in every scenario




Relatively easy matchup

You have the upper hand in lane phase, and at level 6 you should ask for a jungler gank. With your (R)lissandrar.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, you can lock down the enemy 84.png to death. You should focus on chaining (R)lissandrar.png into (W)lissandraw.png and not the other way around. Reason being is that 84.png recently got a buff where she can teleport forward a bit with her (W)akalismokebomb.png. If you (W)lissandraw.png her, she is able to maybe (W)akalismokebomb.png over a wall to safety, or just away from you and your jungler ganking, while also becoming invisible. If you (R)lissandrar.png first, you can give you and your jungler a second and then-some to deal massive amounts of damage to the 84.png

The issue here is the same with facing 103.png. If she builds 3111.png + 1057.png, you won't be able to kill her alone... ever. This is where the roaming and teamwork comes in, as seen in the 103.png matchup. This is very easy to counter (the double MR build), as all you need is an AD champion on your team to hit her while you CC her. You have to keep in mind that 3111.png's tenacity reduces your (R)lissandrar.png and (W)lissandraw.png CC durations, so you have to adjust your timings for proper CC combo there, in order for your team to kill 84.png before she can move. The general rule to 84.png is that she has to keep (R)akalishadowdance.png jumping to be viable, and 127.png is the bacteria that makes 84.png's milk go bad... although Yogurt is milk with bacteria and Yogurt is pretty good but.. nevermind lets get back to league of legends.

Late game  84.png is still a single target damage champion, and if you played correctly against her in lane you should have stomped on either her, or her team (solo roams are also possible, but you will generally need your jungler to help you kill her mid laner). Your goal late game is to (R)lissandrar.png  -> 84.png if she has no 3111.png. If she has 3111.png or any form of tenacity (for example 2138.png), you are going to want to (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo her enemy team, and try to destroy their squishier targets. You generally always want to focus on killing the ADC in this kind of game (tanky mid laner), while AoE aiming at their support with (Q)lissandraq.png , and being in range for your (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png to hit the support as well if possible




The trick to winning against 34.png is to get to the point where you can shove the wave just as fast as her (if not faster at the point where (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png instantly kill a wave), and out-roam her. You counter her (W)crystallize.png with your (E)lissandrae.png at all points of the game, especially early game where she is trying to get you killed from her jungler ganking. Make sure that you try to ALWAYS save mana for (E)lissandrae.png in lane to get away from ganks against all matchups, as this ability should technically allow you, combod or not combod with a (W)lissandraw.png before you blink away, to be EXTREMELY safe during lane phase. 

Again, the trick to facing 34.png is out-shoving her and roaming. Do not try to fight an 34.png 1v1, she will beat you. Ganks are always welcome to instantly kill 34.png(s), but you want to focus on winning the game through CSing mid, and roaming around the map to gank your lanes for teamfight advantage later on. This is another mid laner that can rush 1057.png, and some games also buy 3111.png so yea. Late game you can destroy 34.png as she is not too tanky late game even with double MR items, as your void staff late game should be able to penetrate 34.png's soul. You want to as always, focus on AoE merking the enemy team, and not solely killing 34.png alone. All of 127.png's abilities are AoE, so try to use that to your advantage.

Very easy if played properly




Okay it says hard, but keep in mind that there are still options to dominate the game. No game is difficult with such easy roaming capabilities as 127.png, but 1.png is a champion that forces you to build in a way as to not get one shot. Because of 1.png's capability to rush a 1057.png + 3027.png, you shouldn't be able to 1v1 her at all in lane phase. 

1. She trades against you so well. Especially if you try to (Q)lissandraq.png trade her at level 6 and above, her (R)infernalguardian.png is about equal max range compared to your poke max range extension...

2. She can 100-0 you if you don't build 1057.png you're going to let 1.png snowball 100%. I would recommend doubling up on 1056.png, as well as rushing the 1057.png

Late game your combo does more AoE than 1.png, so if you play it properly with an over the wall engage (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png you should be able to instantly kill  1.png  late game even through her 3027.png and 3001.png. Heck even if she goes 3111.png you can instantly kill her full items late game and do massive amounts of damage to her team as well if you pop your combo fast enough. The issue here is not performing your combo fluently, as if she stuns you when you (E)lissandrae.png and/or 4.png, not only will you be embaressed, but you'll also let your team get destroyed in that teamfight if they were relying on you. This combo being performed flawlessly is available in my Youtube guide on Lissandra located in it's own section down below


Aurelion Sol


Very easy match up. Not much to be said here, Aurelion Sol's(W)aurelionsolw.png resets back to small size when you (W)lissandraw.png him, and your (R)lissandrar.png makes it completely disappear while he is stunned. Lane phase Aurelion Sol will try to shove out your lane. Make sure you call MIAs, and pray that your team doesn't feed the obvious ganks. If your team doesn't feed, and Aurelion Sol doesn't pop off, you will have an easy time being more effective than him for the remainder of the game. Eventually you will be able to shove waves even faster than him, and follow his roams/gank before he can catch up to you. You also destroy skirmishes compared to him if a 2v2 comes up with your jungler, so yea, easy match up.

You can easily poke him with (Q)lissandraq.png in lane phase without retaliation if you don't go over aggressive (if you do, don't be afraid to (Q)lissandraq.png + AUTO+ (W)lissandraw.png trade him for thunderlords proc. Sometimes even (W)lissandraw.png before (Q)lissandraq.png can be better), and you can usually snowball off 136.png as their build paths revolve around rushing 3009.png, so they will be very squishy for the first couple minutes of the game, which gives you the opportunity to snowball. Have fun dominating every part of the game if your team doesn't feed! :)




He out-scales you, but that's because 268.png out-scales a lot of champions. He will eventually kind of screw you over with 3116.png slow applied through his (Q)azirqwrapper.png and (W)azirw.png autos. He will out-range you with this, and make you staying in lane with him a living hell.

This is also a champion who you will have to worry extra about if they are smart. They will most likely build 3111.png if they know what's good for them, but if they don't, well then.. don't waste time and get to one-shotting him with your jungler, or really just by yourself. It does take a bit of time to get used to your limits, but if the 268.png doesn't build 3111.png, you will have a generally easy game ulting and isolating his death from before the teamfight even really begins. You might want to consider rushing a 3157.png if they don't build the 3111.png, as using (R) lissandrar.png on the  268.png will ensure their death, and you can save 3157.png to make yourself invulnerable directly after you pull your combo off which should be something like this against  268.png with no 3111.png.
(E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png the 268.png, fpllowed by using 3157.png. GGez. However they do build  3111.png...

FEAR NOT, you have really hard cc, and with one gank you can snowball out of control VS this really good champion! This is kind of a skill match up, because there are tricks that both sides can do. For one, as 127.png you can (E)lissandrae.png over 268.png 's (R)azirr.png. It goes both ways though, as he can also wait for your (E)lissandrae.png to land, and then (R)azirr.png you into a position where you are helpless as he pokes you with his (W)azirw.png autos and follows you with (Q)azirqwrapper.png and (E)azirewrapper.png till you're dead. That comparison right there is what will either win you the match up or lose you the match up. 

A couple of good things are that once again, you can out-roam 268.png, and you can also still destroy his whole team! This is the good thing about the glass cannon 127.png build. There might be a couple of very difficult 1v1 match-ups, but you literally don't care about 1v1s as all your abilities are AoE and if you perfect the (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo, you can destroy everyone. This combos so under appreciated, and although it takes some practice to become good at (I have a great example of this combo in my Youtube guide located in a separate section below, with the timestamp in the description of the video for the combos), once you are efficient enough at the combo, it's almost impossible to mess up :)

TLDR; outroam him, beware of your (E)lissandrae.png's interaction that I described above with his (R)azirr.png, and you can win this game :)




This match up is very simple. 63.png is a very good champion EARLY game. His base damage is very high, and his ratios are pretty poo compared to other mid laners. You will out scale him, and most likely be able to one shot him after 3 items + 3135.png

Lane phase will consist of you hitting him with (Q)lissandraq.png(s) and trying to dodge his skill shots, and you should be able to out trade him early game if you play it well. I'd say this is a skill match up, but you have to try to lose vs 63.png as glass cannon 127.png

You can rush your AP burst items, but if they have an AP jungler or top, I'd recommend getting 1057.png relatively early (first couple of backs). After this, you can go into a very aggressive build, and be able to one shot 63.png before he finishes his 3027.png, at which case you'll need your junglers help. If you're in a skirmish when you have ult -  with you, your jungler, the enemy 63.png and their jungler, try to (R)lissandrar.png yourself, as this will take away 63.png's ability to utilize his burst which relies on (R)brandr.png bouncing off enemy champions. When you're in the invulnerable stasis, the ball of fire can't bounce off you. Of course, definitely aim to hit the enemy champions with your (R)lissandrar.png, as otherwise you will not only make 63.png's (R)brandr.png useless, but yours as well.

Late game, you can aim to one shot 63.png, as he will be relatively squishy compared to the amount of AP you will be stacking. 63.png's build always consists of HP Tank items (3027.png3151.png3116.png), but don't be fooled, HP stacking is only VERY good early game, later on it acts as a deterrent to people who see HP bars and think "oh my god they're unkillable! might as well not hit them!"

You will learn your capabilities and limits as you play more 127.png, and knowing your limits is what glass cannon 127.png is all about. 
TLDR; You win lane if played properly, you win skirmishes if played properly, and you win late game teamfights if you play it properly. If you're not comfortable trying to deal (Q)lissandraq.png pokes to 63.png, call your jungler, and you can easily burst him together.



31.png is a relatively unpopular pick recently... but he is still picked in the mid lane so I'll cover it for those of you lucky enough to face a 31.png :)
Lane phase: Don't try to (Q)lissandraq.png poke him. He will first off, out-trade you if the trade lasts more than just a max range (Q)lissandraq.png from you, and THEN he will sustain back with his passive. Don't build MR items like 1057.png against him, unless there is another AP threat on his team. You will want to try and survive his one shot true damage burst with (R)feast.png, which you will do by building items like 3152.png(rush) into 3151.png(3rd or 4th item. The later you can get it while surviving against him, the better)

You want to shove lane and get to the point where you are able to (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png to instantly kill a whole wave, and out-roam him. He has nothing close to 127.png ganks, and relies on the enemy facing him mid to become too aggressive in trades.

Basically... you have to just leave alone and let him stay mid. You will not only feel good about outplaying him around the map, but he will also end up useless. AP 31.png mid lane is kind of like AP 79.png mid lane right now. If you don't let them pop off, they will be poo tier champions. You outscale 31.png as well.

TLDR; dont try to trade him in lane, he will out-trade you AND sustain back the HP with his passive. Focus on shoving your lane in, and roaming the map to win other lanes. You clear much faster than him if you are at least even with 31.png in lane, and can destroy him in anything but 1v1s all game. Enjoy the freelp :)




It's really not AS bad as everyone says. 131.png does have the (W)dianaorbs.png to block a lot of your damage during laning phase, and she does have the ability to all-in you at level 6+ with (Q)dianaarc.png + (R)dianateleport.png, but you have the advantage in skirmishes. This shouldn't deter you from casting (Q)lissandraq.png for poke during lane whenever you can though, as it will eventually wither down her HP to a level at which she can't fight you 1v1 before first back. Also, ganks are very easy VS 131.png, as just like Mantheon, 131.png is an all in champion and has no escape abilities. Playing it properly with your (W)lissandraw.png and (E)lissandrae.png to survive her burst while you're receiving a gank from your jungler, can net you a VERY easy kill. This obviously become even easier when you hit 6 for (R)lissandrar.png. You outscale her, but she can split push WAY too easily VS you. Her win condition is split and force you to defend against her, at which point she can really just merk you through your (R)lissandrar.png and even 3157.png.

TLDR; You beat 131.png at everything but 1v1s. A little bit of a skill match-up, but as long as you (R)lissandrar.png yourself late game in between her and her allies, you'll win this game easily :)




I put medium as the difficulty but in reality it is either VERY easy, or VERY difficult. You will either be able to one shot 41.png, or he will first item 3155.png and you're donezo. You can't do anything 1v1 at this point, and he pushes just as fast as you until you can one shot the wave with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, at which point you clear the waves a bittt faster than 41.png. You can beat him in teamfights late game with the (E)lissandrae.png over wall + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo into the middle of his team, but a GREAT 41.png will always have more impact than you unless you land consistently good combos.

A massive issue is of course 41.png's (W)gangplankw.png is able to take him out of not only your (Q)lissandraq.png slow, your (W)lissandraw.png bind, but also your (R)lissandrar.png stun. You will have to be able to burst through his (W)gangplankw.png to have a chance of 1v1ing him, which is definitely possible if he doesn't rush 3155.png

If you're able to one-shot 41.png at 10minutes into the game, you're on your way to victory friend! Solo killing 41.png is the best thing you can do, but remember to roam as well. He can (R)gangplankr.png across the map to try and match your roams, but 127.png is too stronk and has way too many AoE CC abilities to be matched by a global like (R)gangplankr.png in a gank.

Glass cannon  127.png is much better than safe 3027.png 127.png VS 41.png, as with 3027.png you won't have the power spike you need to even force an advantage if he doesn't rush early MR with 3155.png, and therefore have effectively a much lower chance at carrying the game.
TLDR; Skill matchup, but in a matchup where you are both even players, you must rely on landing big combos on multiple enemy champions during teamfights to have a chance at being more useful to your team as 41.png will be to his.




Very easy matchup. Not much to say, you can (Q)lissandraq.png him for massive damage early game, as 74.png is relatively squishy in early parts of the game. If he gets a lead on you however you are C U C K E D. So don't make a big tower dive throw, and you will win this game easily. You can also very easily (Q)lissandraq.png poke multiple (Q)heimerdingerq.png(S) of  74.png during laning phase, as WELL as being able to hit 74.png himself.

Your ONLY issue is being careful for his (E)heimerdingere.png into your gapclosing (E)lissandrae.png. If he manages to stun you, it will put you out of a position you want to be in, allow him to land free rockets, and also give you a slow after the stun is over. This is the only situation you have to worry for.

When 74.png uses (R)heimerdingerr.png + (Q)heimerdingerq.png you just have to (R)lissandrar.png yourself around him, making sure you lock him in place with (W)lissandraw.png before hand, and you will win the fight if you are at least even with 74.png

You should be able to snowball off this easy 1v1 match up.

Again, you can focus more on roaming than doing the 1v1, but the 1v1 is VERY easy if played properly VS 74.png



126.png is a very over tuned champion, and the only way you're beating him is if you outplay him through game knowledge. It doesn't matter how much mechanical gameplay you have over 126.png, if he is smart and builds early MR (3111.png and/or 3156.png and/or 3814.png), you will have to rely on shoving out the wave and roaming. His cannon force (E)Gates + (Q)Blue Ball(s) combo will have you crying for mercy. You can out-trade him in lane with properly placed (Q)lissandraq.png, and a good 127.png will be able to out-roam 126.png. You have to be very sneaky about the roams VS 126.png because if he is directly behind you, there's no turning back. Either you continue on the gank and make sure it's successful, or you turn around and 126.png will 1v1 you pretty easily.

If you are going to fight 126.png, I would recommend getting a gank, and not trying to 1v1 him. With the range of MR items that are viable for 126.png to have, he will most usually beat you if building properly.

This is a skill based matchup though, but it does lean more towards 126.png's side. 
A good 127.png will do the following against 126.png;
1. When 126.png hammer form (Q)jaycetotheskies.pngs you in lane phase, (W)lissandraw.png him immediately, and back out a bit to the point where he can no longer chase, where you will throw a (Q)lissandraq.png after an auto attack, proccing Thunderlord's Decree to win the trade.
2. 126.png hammer form (Q)jaycetotheskies.png can be dodged by not only 4.png, but also 127.png (E)lissandrae.png. If you (E)lissandrae.png through a 126.png trying to all-in you, you can (E)lissandrae.png to the other side of him, and turn the fight with a nice (W)lissandraw.png combo followed by long range (Q)lissandraq.png poke
3. If 126.png builds a 3140.png time your (W)lissandraw.png and (R)lissandrar.png to combo max duration CC, so that 126.png will have to suffer at least one duration of CC. For example, if you (W)lissandraw.png and then (R)lissandrar.png immediately, 126.png's 3140.png will make him only CCd for the couple fractions of a second that you CCd him for (unless he forgets he has 3140.png... but don't bet on it) OR, you can (W)lissandraw.png / (R)lissandrar.png first, then wait for his 3140.png, and use your (R)lissandrar.png/ (W)lissandraw.png  (whichever you didn't use first) immediately after he gets out of the CC, to effectively CC 126.png

Late game, 126.png has the poke advantage over you, but with enough AP and a 3135.png, a properly placed (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo in the middle of 126.png and his team can net you a much bigger impact than 126.png in teamfights. 

TLDR; It's a skill based matchup, 126.png generally has the upper hand, but 127.png has more tricks at her disposal. If 126.png doesn't build any MR early, and tries to go super offensive with 3142.png and/or a bunch of other lethality items, C U C K him with your one shot burst. Again preferably with a junglers assistance, but if you know your limits, you can easily 1v1 a no MR 126.png

Good luck!



43.png is like the better 117.png VS 127.png

43.png, like 117.png has very high base damage abilities. This is a massive issue for 127.png's laning phase, as 127.png relies on being able to go from not-meta, to monster that one shots your whole team, very fast. This is done through shoving your wave (not missing much CS because of how 127.png's abilities compliment her shoving the wave efficiently while not missing CS (all AoE)), and roaming to give your team an easy lead which you can quickly enforce through teamfights and skirmishes. Another option is obviously the one person lock down with your (R)lissandrar.png and getting a free gank on your mid lane opponent through the (R)lissandrar.png + (W)lissandraw.png CC combo for your jungler to land their skillshots/damage for freebie kills whenever you have (R)lissandrar.png.

Not only does 43.png have reliable poke VS 127.png, her wave clear is also very good compared to 127.png for the very early stages of the game. I would recommend trying to avoid getting hit by 43.png's (Q)karmaq.png while she is pushing waves at all costs (even if it means missing a couple of CS). 127.png has pushing power that allows you to poke the enemy mid laner with (Q)lissandraq.png, but it doesn't do anything near the amount of 43.png's (Q)karmaq.png for lane phase, let alone (R)karmamantra.png + (Q)karmaq.png. An advantage that you have is that you're going to be staying on the opposite side of minions from 43.png anyways, and because her (Q)karmaq.png doesn't go through minions, you have the potential to trade her when she can't trade back.

If 43.png goes in aggressively for karmaspiritbind.png, don't be afraid to use your (E)lissandrae.png + (W)lissandraw.png to get out of range (but don't do the combo too late, as 43.png binding you amidst your (E)lissandrae.png cast can make your (E)lissandrae.png disappear before you have the chance to port away, which will leave you very vulnerable to 43.png's (Q)karmaq.png, or (R)karmamantra.png + (Q)lissandraq.png

So now that we've established that you kind of have the upper hand in lane phase if played properly, but very little breathing room, lets talk roaming.

43.png's roam is only on-par with 127.png's roam if you allow 43.png to follow you. This means not shoving mid lane fast enough (roaming WAY too early into the game, before you can shove efficiently), or just not landing the proper combos to shove ASAP.

General idea: 
Shove wave, and once you can shove the wave relatively faster than 43.png consistently, try to roam. This will be especially good when you can one shot the waves with an (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, where 43.png has no chance of competing and following your roams. Either she stays mid and lands her farm, at which point you will back out and wait in a bush for her to waste time roaming - or she will shove out mid lane to get the CS she would otherwise miss, and you have freedom to force a 2v1 or 3v2 depending on where you're ganking. As always, if possible, coordinate a gank with your jungler on the other lanes. Ganking 43.png isn't as efficient as shoving out mid and double roaming with your jungler to get a free advantage which will net you more gains than just ganking mid.

VERY IMPORTANTLY, always be wary of 43.png's power points. These things include early game skirmishes where you get caught by a good (W)karmaspiritbind.png and are unable to help yourself (pre 6), and times when 43.png can (R)karmamantra.png+ (E)karmasolkimshield.png her team to stop your AoE burst by quite a bite (everything after and including 6).

When shoving the wave, if you're unable to use (E)lissandrae.png in the push because 43.png is pressuring you, don't do it. It's not THAT much damage, and you might be able to afford waiting another ~3 seconds to cast an extra (Q)lissandraq.png, while saving (E)lissandrae.png to escape 43.png's (W)karmaspiritbind.png pressure. It's very situational, but this might also apply to the point where you can one shot a minion wave with the (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo. Using your (E)lissandrae.png when 43.png might (W)karmaspiritbind.png you can leave you susceptible to a gank, or a massively lost trade in which case you might not even be able to roam with the HP you have (at best, if you're not dead). To go around this, you can catch the enemy minion wave before it hits mid lane, and (Q)lissandraq.png it for free, while orb walking backwards towards where the waves will meet, where you'll just (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png to finish it off (remember, this is the point where your (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo will one shot a wave, but feel free to apply this combo of (Q)lissandraq.pnging before the mid wave hits any time you feel it might be useful to shove faster/save your (E)lissandrae.png for safety.)

Regarding teamfights, well you should be ahead of 43.png by the time these come around (through not missing your CS because of 127.png's easy farming), and out-roaming 43.png. If you have a nice amount of AP, and can burst through 43.png's (R)karmamantra.png + (E)karmasolkimshield.png AoE shield + 3190.png if they have it, go for the (E)lissandrae.png over a wall + (Q)lissandraq.png towards 43.png + (W)lissandraw.png multiple champions + (R)lissandrar.png to destroy the teamfights. You can use 4.png after the (E)lissandrae.png to position yourself into a better spot for the combo to be fluent (shown in the Youtube Lissandra Guide located in it's own section below).

If you AREN'T far enough ahead for this, wait over the wall for your team to get engaged on, or 43.png blowing (E)karmasolkimshield.png for any reason, and then follow with the appropriately timed (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo while 43.png's (E)karmasolkimshield.png is down for both single target (E)karmasolkimshield.png shielding and more importantly, the AoE (R)karmamantra.png + (E)karmasolkimshield.png. This takes some patience and good timing, but will be VERY rewarding, because 43.png without the (E)karmasolkimshield.png will just be a champion who has nothing to help stop you from destroying her team. Some champions might have hard CC, but 43.png has the bind which takes time, and the (E)karmasolkimshield.png which she now doesn't have.

Combining smart shoving with your (E)lissandrae.png as safety if need be, and patient but rewarding gameplay waiting for 43.png's (E)karmasolkimshield.png for late game teamfights, you will be able to take control of this game, with 43.png not being able to do poo about it :)




This match up is relatively easy - UNLESS 30.png gets fed, or you don't force your advantage of early game power on him/his team, and he ends up being at least even with you throughout the duration of the game (till he pops off).

In lane phase, 30.png will most likely be spamming (Q)karthuslaywastea1.pngs to poke you, and land CS. If you don't know, when 30.png's (Q)karthuslaywastea1.png hits multiple enemy units, it's damage is 2x less than if it hits a single target. Therefore, while you are juking 30.png's (Q)karthuslaywastea1.pngs, stay around your minions just in case you don't dodge the ability. Single target (Q)karthuslaywastea1.png have the highest mana to damage ratio for any mana champion early game.

He will be rushing 3070.png, which enables you to enforce your advantage even more. What you want to do is "win the game" before 20minutes. If you snowball your lanes through ganking, and killing 30.png with easy ganks because he has no escapes, you can rush down mid lane and force the GG before 30.png gets to a point where even if you one shot him, he will destroy your team while he is dead in passive during a teamfight.

TLDR of above; You want to end the game ASAP, because 30.png will eventually get to a point where even if you land a proper combo to kill him in teamfights, he will go into passive, and with (E)karthusdefile.png + (W)karthuswallofpain.png + a couple of (Q)karthuslaywastea1.png spams and (R)karthusfallenone.png, he will still do more to your team than you did to his.

How will you enforce your advantage?

1. During lane phase poke 30.png with your (Q)lissandraq.pngs
30.png is a generally squishy champion. All champions with crazy defensive abilities (lots of heals/shields/a revive like 30.png) are very easily killed disregarding the defensives, in order to balance stuff out. Don't over-do this (spamming your (Q)lissandraq.png till you're OOM), and just play lane phase like normal. Although you can kill 30.png very easily, this isn't your goal. It's easier to shut down 30.png's team than 30.png himself, as he's always guaranteed to scale unless you are ending the game fast (which you can do easier through shutting down his team, and giving your team a boost), which leads me into the next point

2. Roam after shoving
As 127.png, you have access to a one shot combo on waves (eventually) with the (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo. Prior to the one shot, you are still shoving faster than 30.png because of your (Q)lissandraq.png spam. Only spam push the wave with a bunch of (Q)lissandraq.pngs if you are planning either backing or roaming, before you start the shove. When you roam, prior to level 6 30.png has 0 chance of doing anything against your roam. He has to either a) stay mid and not miss the exp and gold - in which case you'll continue your free gank with early game, easy to land, AoE hard CC (W)lissandraw.png or b) he will follow your roam, which you'll react to by waiting in a bush to waste his time trying to counter your roam - which will make him miss CS and exp. You can literally do this tactic over and over again, and make 30.png miss CS and exp which will add up to a nice lead eventually. Once 30.png hits level 6, he has access to his global ability (R)karthusfallenone.png, which at this point shouldn't be able to match your effect roaming, but eventually it will do enough damage and/or a slow with 3116.png, to the point where your roams will be matched by 30.png even though he is sitting at mid pushing the wave against your turret. 

TLDR of (2.): Roam as early as possible (that is effective and not going to be a waste of time (not getting a kill)), and snowball your lanes into the point where you can group in a lane and shove down turrets while 30.png is still trying to scale up.

3. Your (R)lissandrar.png counters 30.png's (R)karthusfallenone.png, but you generally don't want to save it for that. If you are dying to 30.png often because of his (R)karthusfallenone.png, or just at the end of teamfights where you already (R)lissandrar.pngd yourself for the AoE combo for damage (not having (R)lissandrar.png invincibility to dodge 30.png's damage while he's in passive), opt to buy a 3157.png. You want to be saving your (R)lissandrar.png for damage or lockdown on the enemy team, and just using (R)lissandrar.png on yourself SOLELY to juke damage, will be a massive waste of potential.

Done with numbers.

I would recommend going a strong AP build, so if you're buying 1057.png because the enemy team has >1 hard AP or just >=3 AP damage champions, I would recommend not finishing the 1057.png into an upgraded item until after about 3 full items (NOT INCLUDING BOOTS). These items orders could be like.. 3165.png + 3089.png, followed by the finished 1057.png item, into a 3157.pngs or 3135.png first, followed by the opposite item last. 3135.png before 3157.png if you can afford not having the safety of invincibility after using your (R)lissandrar.png in a teamfight.

Good luck! If you have any questions, as always feel free to ask in the comment section below :)



Before you read any further, just know that this is a skill match up, but you will have opportunity to gain an advantage on 38.png EASILY early game. If you don't gain an advantage on 38.png by level ~7, this difficulty level is changed to Medium.

Recognized as a pretty good champion VS 127.png, and I'd agree with it - IF 38.png gets 3111.png. If he doesn't you just lock him down with (R)lissandrar.png and (W)lissandraw.png later on in the game, and kill him with your team, or even kill him by yourself (will usually be around the time you get a 3135.png that you can really prioritize on destroying him with your own (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (E)lissandrae.png + (R)lissandrar.png + (Q)lissandraq.png damage.

Lane phase will be very boring. You will actually get out-traded by a good 38.png, as his (Q)nulllance.png will apply damage to you (might even be added with DFT DoT, and/or 2033.png DoT), while shielding your (Q)lissandraq.png damage poke. Keep in mind that your (Q)lissandraq.png will always have a shorter cool down than 38.png's (Q)nulllance.png, because 38.png's (Q)nulllance.png is stuck at 9 second CD all game (doesn't upgrade with ranks (not including CDR)), while your (Q)lissandraq.png scales from 6 second CD, down to 3 second CD, lowering by .75 seconds every rank (not including CDR). What this means is that if you're trying to trade with 38.png, I'd recommend planning a double (Q)lissandraq.png, in order to always get more damage in a trade (this trade is about 7 seconds long, during one minion wave basically.)

Keep in mind that your (Q)lissandraq.png range can be extended if tossed through an enemy unit (front tank minions for example) onto the 38.png, which can be far enough of a range for 38.png to not be able to trade back with (Q)nulllance.png. A good 38.png will utilize his (Q)nulllance.png on one of your minions though if he is smart, but you can still catch off good 38.pngs by surprise with extended (Q)lissandraq.png range poke.

Focus on rushing a 3802.png like always, but then right after you receive 3802.png, you start shoving mid lane like a madman. If 38.png is already level 6 and has (R)riftwalk.png by now, you didn't farm well. You should be able to rush 3802.png by level 5 max every game (goal to strive for). This is easily done because 127.png's CSing potential is only complimented by all of her AoE abilities, including the most important spammable (Q)lissandraq.png ability. As always in lane, if you can auto for a last hit, do that (unless your passive is up, which you will be using as soon as it's up for a free attempt on (Q)lissandraq.png poke or just shove).

After shoving mid lane, you will focus on roaming before 38.png has the opportunity to start snowballing before you. Your goal should be to always have an advantage on 38.png by level 6, because if he is on par with your effect on the game up until now, things will only get worse (if he's buying 3111.png). If he isn't buying 3111.png I would recommend you ask your jungler for help on the free kills at mid lane, because you can EASILY shut down 38.png with a jungler against a 38.png who can easily be locked down for not playing it smart (the correct purchase). 

A smart 38.png will always rush 3010.png + 3111.png against you, and with this mix of items that he can have by ~level 6, he should be pretty much unkillable to you.

TLDR of roaming strat: 

If you can kill 38.png, focus on killing 38.png over roaming. You will know if you can kill him, because either 38.png will be practically unkillable, or free asf (depending on items). There will generally be no in between. The only "in between" I can think of is a 38.png who will rush 3010.png + 1057.png before 3111.png, which if you have an AD jungler, is just an even easier gank for you to pull off for a free kill. 

If you CAN'T kill 38.png for free because of a correct build path he went, focus on rushing an advantage on 38.png ASAP. This means being at least one kill ahead of 38.png by level 6, whether it be on your team or you, because all 38.png is trying to do for now is to not die, and snowball. If you can have an advantage on 38.png to the point where the anti-AP mage is scared of your 127.png (hard countered by 3111.png), you'll be well on your way to victory.

You have a much better teamfight, especially VS a 38.png who is at least a little bit behind you in terms of gold.

Your options in teamfights are:

1. Pull off the (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo (shown in my Youtube Lissandra Guide, which I would definitely recommend watching for this combo if you want to see how to do it fluently. There are time keys in the description) in order to devastate the 38.png's team with massive AoE damage (all of your abilities are AoE) while 38.png is stuck trying to solo dive your team after you pull a nice (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png which will bind and slow his team for a couple of seconds.

or 2. have more effect than 38.png in a teamfight (guaranteed if you're ahead) by waiting for 38.png to jump into your team, which you will respond to by (W)lissandraw.pnging him first, waiting for your team to hop onto him, and then pressing (R)lissandrar.png on him for the harder CC. Try not to wait too long in between the (W)lissandraw.png and (R)lissandrar.png, because if he has 3111.png, the tenacity might mess up your timing.

Either way, you are doing AoE damage to 38.png's team, and destroying them because of your ability kit. Even if you (R)lissandrar.png 38.png after using (W)lissandraw.png on him, your (R)lissandrar.png is guaranteed to either secure a kill on him (because you delayed the hard CC with (W)lissandraw.png until your solo queue random teammates started using their brains to focus one person), OR the enemy team will try to help him out, which will in turn make them run into your (R)lissandrar.png AoE damage. 

TLDR of everything:

Lane phase poking is difficult because of 38.png's (Q)nulllance.png countering your (Q)lissandraq.png poke, but this is okay because you can either work around the counter poke by tossing another (Q)lissandraq.png on him (make sure you don't miss xd) before his (Q)nulllance.png is up to soak more damage, or you will roam and gain an advantage on 38.pngASAP.

Teamfights you're guaranteed to win if you are ahead of 38.png (which you should be anyways), and in this match up, you will always have potential to have the upper hand on 38.png in terms of impact on the game.

If 38.png ends up ahead of you relatively early on in the game, I'd still recommend following these tips, but just know that there will be much less room for your errors. I'd also recommend getting a 3135.png on at latest, your 4th item (including boots being one of the 4), because 38.png is the type of champion to be able to rush 1057.png + 3111.png, and have a nice amount of effectiveness in terms of damage because of his base damage ability kit (scaling R).

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. I'll be answering all questions in full detail like these match ups :)




Seems pretty simple. If you (R)lissandrar.png 55.png she's dead right? 

Well, sadly it's easier said than done. A smart 55.png will build items like 3111.png + 1057.png VS you. 

55.png's high base damage abilities (with resets especially), allow her to build these MR items as first items without much loss in her damage. Not only that, but if a 55.png doesn't build MR VS you as her first items, try to kill her ASAP. With 55.png, she has VERY high kill potential early game, especially 1v1, so I'd recommend getting jungler help, but ASAP. If 55.png doesn't rush MR her first item, literally gank her as soon as your jungler can, and if you can pull out ~2 kills from this era of building path, you should be able to secure yourself a lead which you'll snowball through ganking other lanes.

If 55.png still doesn't have MR items when you're level 6 and have (R)lissandrar.png, lowering her to about 3/4ths HP, then applying a (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png + (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png should kill her. I'd suggest dropped (W)lissandraw.png before (R)lissandrar.png, and allowing as much of the CC from (W)lissandraw.png to be applied as possible before casting (R)lissandrar.png, because a 55.png who can't move, can only deal damage through her (R)katarinar.png, which if she starts casting, you can immediately cancel with your (R)lissandrar.png to stun her, and then finish your combo.

I'd suggest playing safe and getting 3802.png as your first item, maybe combod with another 1056.png after your spawn (so 2x 1056.png at this point) if you don't feel comfortable VS. The reason I would recommend kind of building offensively like this before rushing 1057.png is because it gives you the opportunity to play aggressively when the opportunity opens, essentially giving you more options to beat 55.png during lane phase before roaming. Although if you're feeling very weary and not warmed up (which you should be feeling anyways pre 6 VS 55.png), feel free to rush 1057.png as it'll give you the nice amount of defenses you need to survive a little better in this lane. Keep in mind though, 55.png is kind of closer to mixed damage than AP pre 6 because of her (E)katarinaewrapper.png auto attack resets being one of her essentials during trades in lane phase.

Summarization of ^^, rush 3802.png and kill 55.png ASAP if she doesn't rush MR, but only with a jungler if you aren't 100% certain you can kill her. 55.png is very surprising when it comes to early game damage, and you don't want to be caught off guard by this, resulting in 55.png snowballing. Build 1057.png if you aren't feeling too comfortable, but it won't give you as many options to winning mid lane before you roam VS 55.png as 3802.png. You can kill her when she has 3/4ths HP (If she has little to no MR )with the combo mentioned above. You'll see lots of spells, and that I don't want to really summarize this because if you mess it up you're going to throw your lane.

55.png doesn't have any CC, thus as the game goes on, you will have more opportunity to work with your team to win the game than 55.png. I would recommend roaming a LOT VS 55.png, even if you smash lane, as you generally don't want to 1v1 her at any points in the game unless you are 100% sure you can kill her fluently in a combo without her having ANY potential to outplay you. Better safe than sorry.

The game will be very boring in mid lane, but through the ganks you will provide for your team, after all the safe gameplay mid not 1v1ing 55.png, you will be rewarded in teamfights. You might want to get 3135.png 3rd item (including your boots as an item, so any Boots + 3165.png + 3135.png) if 55.png goes 3111.png + 1057.png, and you don't see any potential in just ignoring her while you one shot her team. I'd DEFINITELY recommend this build if you are VERY ahead of 55.png and have managed to snowball your laners, as it will just guarantee that the enemy team can't build MR against you to stop your one shot combos as the game goes on.




She can't (R)judicatorintervention.png during your (R)lissandrar.png, which is the main difference between 127.png vs 10.png and 127.png facing maybe a 23.png (not included in these match ups because this is a mid lane 127.png guide. Both of these champions have the potential to chase you down if you don't deal with them properly, but 10.png is much more susceptible to a 100-0 burst.

I don't have much to say about this match up (I think.. let's see where it leads me,) but this match up is all about knowing your limits. 

Playing glass cannon 127.png will ALWAYS be about knowing your limits. However, there isn't a 1v1 threat that is so needing of your knowledge of limits (not calculus dw xd), even close to the 127.png VS 10.png. How it will generally work, is you need to know your damage to the point where you can (R)lissandrar.png 10.png, and kill her in the stun duration before she (R)judicatorintervention.pngs herself. A big threat to this will be 1.png, but if you do a combo right in her face fast enough (making sure you know your limit), you can kill her with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (R)lissandrar.png + (W)lissandraw.png

Your biggest threat is (R)lissandrar.pnging 10.png during her (R)judicatorintervention.png. Although it will stun her, your damage won't go through. There are situations where you will actually want to save your (R)lissandrar.png for 10.png's judicatorintervention.png's R, such as skirmishes where you want to lock down 10.png during her (R)judicatorintervention.png with a long stun, and open the rest of your combo onto her when the invincibility is gone, but that is very situational.

General guidelines are

1. Try to burst 10.png with your (R)lissandrar.png into a full damage combo during the stun before she can save herself

2. (R)lissandrar.png yourself during 10.png's judicatorintervention.png if she is too big of a threat and you just need to survive her invincibility phase of free hits on you

3. Save your (R)lissandrar.png to stunlock 10.png during her (R)judicatorintervention.png in fights where you can afford to not be invincible, in order to delay 10.png's free hits, and pop off on her with your team after her bubble of invincibility fades. 

First off, your (R)lissandrar.png never stuns as long as 10.png's judicatorintervention.png at all ranks, in fact her invincibility ends up lasting 2x as long as your stun at rank 3 (scaling rank 1: 2 seconds of invincibility, 2.5 at rank 2, and 3 at rank 3, while your stun is always 1.5 seconds).

Second off, find a good timing to (R)lissandrar.png  10.png during her (R)judicatorintervention.png which will come with game sense, as 10.png's (R)judicatorintervention.png doens't block CC, allowing you to use your (R)lissandrar.png to delay her invincibility phase of free hits onto you and/or your team.

Now that we're done with that special interaction, the rest of the game is very simple.

You shove faster than 10.png the more the game goes on, with her having the advantage before first back. After first back, the shove should be relatively even, and your goal is to shove out the mid wave, then either ROAM and kill her team, or call your jungler for free kills onto 10.png. Killing 10.png is very easy with 127.png's kit, but remember to focus on snowballing your team into winning teamfights, and not focus too hard on the 1v1s (as always. Just keep in mind 1v1ing her or forcing a lot of ganks on her is a somewhat viable option).

Teamfights will play out like this:

1. 10.png is more fed than you, and you will be forced to rush a 3157.png in order to have the opportunity to (R)lissandrar.png her for your team, pop your combo, and still not die to her team.

2. You are even with 10.png, and you will still do #1, because being even with 10.png will usually mean that you are unable to pop her whole team and one shot people easily. Well MAYBE it's possible with a fluent (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png onto a good spot in the middle of a fight. A fluent combo if this is shown in my Youtube Lissandra Guide, which is located in it's own section down near the bottom of this guide. I'd highly recommend you check it out, even if just for the combo. You need to see the potential of a practically instantaneous full ability combo over the wall, onto an unsuspecting full HP team which is soon ded m33t

3. What should be the most common scenario, you have an advantage on 10.png from either forcing skirmishes, ganking her a lot, or ganking for your teams lanes while shoving out mid wave where 10.png is trying to farm up to her power spikes. You will be able to (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png into a good spot on their team, and even if you aren't aiming at your (Q)lissandraq.png through 10.png, you will be able to destroy her teams HP. Your team will be able to either cleanup the fight as 10.png can't ult more than just 1 person, or you will one shot (what you're looking for) at least one enemy champion, and destroy the rest of their teams HP to a point of no return. 

Ggez, Good luck! :) 

As always, if you have any question feel free to ask in the comment section below, I'll be answering all questions with full detail like this :)




Very easy if played properly. If 7.png grabs 1.png to counter you, she loses a lot of her kill pressure, which is what 7.png relies on to win games.

General guide to lane phase against 7.png as 127.png

1. When 7.png goes in for a leblancw.png, you lock her into place in the middle of your minions (which you should be staying around), and then auto + (Q)lissandraq.png her and maybe even (E)lissandrae.png her as well, to destroy the trade. 7.png has very good waveclear, so this doesn't seem to make sense maybe. But you have to remember, 7.png's wave clear requires her passive reaching the critical point where she can (Q)leblancq.png and pop all the procs from her previous ability, in order to clear the wave. Because this takes a couple of seconds, if you can catch the 7.png in your minion wave fast enough with a properly timed (W)lissandraw.png, she will not only not be able to land an (E)leblance.png trade (because your minions aren't dead yet), but she will also take massive minion damage, as well as a full combo rotation from you (+/- (E)lissandrae.png if you can spare saving your escape ability for damage depending on enemy jungler pressure/re engage from 7.png) AND Thunderlord's Decree.

When you hit level 6, after smashing 7.png in counter engage trades in the mid lane and shoving waves for easy roams on her team, you have (R)lissandrar.png to lock her down as well. Old 7.png used to actually counter this a little bit with her decoy activating during being (R)lissandrar.png stunned when she went below 40% HP, but now she needs to active the decoy, and it doesn't even make her go invisible for a short time anymore. Basically, new 7.png is countered even hard by 127.png.

This match up makes me smile when I see it happen, because 7.png just gets destroyed by 127.png at all points of the game if played properly (if not played properly, you put yourself at risk of getting C U C K E D by 7.png strong dueling potential.

Since we have the gameplan figured out:
1. Shove
2. Roam
3. Counter engage her (W)leblancw.png with your (W)lissandraw.png inside your minion wave combod with your other abilities for an easy trade in your favour

You should easily be able to gain an advantage on 7.png

A smart 7.png will grab 1.png, and if you don't get an advantage through roaming, she has potential to beat you (not at teamfights though.. just potential 1v1, and if she 1v1's you enough (killing you), you might lose your teamfight potential over her). HOWEVER, if you get an advantage, and are at least one item ahead of her, you will be able to force teamfights and make their team say in all chat "can we trade mids kkthx", because you're going to be a bulldozer compared to 7.png being a dogs poo on the floor trying to not mix with the mud. YOU'RE GUNNA MAKE THAT DOG POO BE PART OF THE MUD. Sorry idk if this is an appropriate joke on lolking, and I'm going to forget about this later on. 

7.png will grab 3111.png and 1057.png. The only uses this will have if you're roaming, is her surviving your 1v1. Once you buy 3135.png, and have a couple of AP items, you will be able to destroy 7.png. If they are going 3146.png 7.png, you will be able to delete them at level 6. 3146.png 7.png is all about rushing the 3146.png, so she will be trying to snowball herself before trying to defend your burst. Basically just (R)lissandrar.png her into a full (Q)lissandraq.png + (E)lissandrae.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (Q)lissandraq.png combo for a free kill if she's building 3146.png, or even better, ask for a junglers help so that you can get through her build which might include 3111.png and/or a 1.png.

The only threat you have to worry about is not playing lane phase well, and 7.png landing an (E)leblance.png on you. If you react fast enough, you'll be able to (E)lissandrae.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (E)lissandrae.png to get out of the range 100%, denying her lucky (E)leblance.png catch onto you. Be careful with this however, as just like the 13.png match up, if your (E)lissandrae.png is interrupted by her bind (E)leblance.png (like 13.png's (W)ryzew.png), your (E) will disappear, leaving you in a situation where you're in even MORE danger than playing it safe and saving (E)lissandrae.png till after you're binded.

1. Trade her in your minion wave with (W)lissandraw.png locking her down in your minions as soon as she (W)leblancw.pngs into you, followed by a combo of your abilities to proc Thunderlord's Decree for the guaranteed won trade

2. Out-roam 7.png 

3. Force teamfights, as your (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo on as many as 7.png's teammates as possible, can net you a much larger impact than 7.png. Even if she isn't caught within your burst, if you land it on at least one squishy (their adc, support, etc), she won't be able to trade back as much effect as you've had on the team with a properly placed combo.

Good luck! Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below :) Answering them all in full detail like this






Before you start reading this, realize that it's only a medium difficult match up if you don't get a lead from roaming. Otherwise its ezpz as your AoE abilities will smash her single target defenses.

1. Outroam her
2. Don't get cheese killed if she has ignite
2.5. After one of her bursts, even if she has no 14.png, don't get C U C K E D again. Learn from the first massive burst with Thunderlord's Decree
3. If she has no 14.png and/or no Thunderlord's Decree, the less the better for you.

This is like a worse version of 43.png mid for you as the 127.png player.

This one is pretty dry because there's not too much to talk about.

You can't 1v1 117.png because of her shields and VERY strong base damage.
Level 6 you can't kill 117.png unless you kill her during your (R)lissandrar.png stun, which will generally work a LOT better with a jungler.

You out roam her and push faster than her when you can one shot waves. 117.png is generally pretty locked in time when it comes to clearing waves. Her only wave clear ability (Q)luluq.png, stays as her only wave clear ability for the duration of the game (not including passive for auto attacks)

The longer the game goes on, believe it or not the better chance you have as glass cannon 127.png! It sounds counter intuitive because you'd think - "Misha doesn't 127.png fall off, and with 117.png (E)lulue.png shields and her (R)lulur.png late game, isn't all your burst gone? WRONG MOTHERTRUCKER XXXXXXXXXXXXD. All of 127.png's abilities are AoE, and 117.png only has single target shields and heals (unless she buys 3190.png, which would be really dumb as the mid laner, because then they won't have any damage at all, and her abilities will be much weaker. Basically if she buys 3190.png it'll be close to the same amount of defensives she has for her team because she loses the AP, unless she shields your burst with the very beginning of the massive 3190.png shield).

AoE 127.png VS single target shields and heals = You just have to aim your (Q)lissandraq.png during the (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png THROUGH 117.png, and aim your (W)lissandraw.png and (R)lissandrar.png to be placed near the rest of her team through your (E)lissandrae.png + maybe a 4.png (flash is VERY helpful for this placement. Check my Lissandra Youtube Guide located in the below sections for a fluent combo involving flash.

TLDR; Simple matchup. Don't try to 1v1 her, gank for your team after shoving mid (which you will shove much faster as the game goes on, eventually one shotting the wave with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo), and focus on landing your AoE damage on as many enemy champions as possible. Don't under-estimate her shields and defenses though, as if you're not strong enough you will do your full combo, barely take down her team's HP, and be stuck in a spot where you're guaranteed to die xd. This last point shouldn't be an issue because you're going to always be ahead from pushing your roaming advantage. I always advocate to be at LEAST even with your opponent laner at all stages of the game, but with facing 117.png, later on in the game when you have a couple of AP items and 3135.png, your full combo should C U C K the enemy team ezpz.

Good luck!




I wish I didn't have much to say about this champion, but it's sadly pretty popular with the elementalist 99.png skin having come out.

Lane phase: 

She will out-range and out-poke you with (E)luxlightstrikekugel.png over your (Q)lissandraq.png. This range issue will be a consistent issue, since 99.png maxes (E)luxlightstrikekugel.png for poke/shove just like you do (Q)lissandraq.png. Don't under estimate 99.png's (E)luxlightstrikekugel.png over your (Q)lissandraq.png, and just take my word on it. If you aren't able to trade back with (Q)lissandraq.png in the first few trades because 99.png tosses (E)luxlightstrikekugel.png and runs away before blowing it up in your face, stop trying to trade back.

I'd recommend just shoving the wave and roaming, because no offense, but most 99.png players have single digit IQ and are just a bunch of filthy casuals that are tiers above a rank they actually deserve, and you can abuse this by out-roaming 99.png. Even though a 99.png with 6.png can match your roams, and even roam before you do sometimes if she shoves fast enough - many 99.png players will just sit mid and try to land all the farm because they like the aesthetics of seeing $$$$$$$$ pop up on their screens. By roaming, you'll be able to easily gain an advantage, and eventually be able to 4.png + (R)lissandrar.png 99.png by surprise, followed by a (Q)lissandraq.png + (E)lissandrae.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (Q)lissandraq.png to secure a free kill. I say 4.png because your (E)lissandrae.png as a gapcloser won't be as effective as a 4.png, especially against a champion which can luxlightbinding.png you when you (E)lissandrae.png in, and/or land a luxprismaticwave.png before you (R)lissandrar.png her, which might save her life (and put you in danger in some situations.)

If the 99.png isn't bad, well I'd still recommend doing the same thing, because you don't have much choice. It's the same thing like trying to fight an 34.png in lane. It's just something that doesn't work to anyone's strengths.

99.png is an annoying lane champion, and by roaming and gaining an advantage before you run it down a lane smashing her team with (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combos. Roaming is really your only way of gaining a lead, because fighting a 99.png in lane as I said before, has no potential of success compared to a roam.

If you have a jungler that is eager to kill 99.png, I'd recommend following up on it. However, if you have the option to double roam another lane, I'd always recommend doing that. Shove out mid wave, and communicate with your jungler to meet up and roam to a lane together, or even into the enemy jungle to kill their jungler.

Eventually you can shove WAY faster than 99.png with your (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png one shot on waves, which she can only rival by using (E)luxlightstrikekugel.png + (R)luxmalicecannon.png (which is a much longer cooldown than your combo, and blows her (R)luxmalicecannon.png.)

If 99.png is running 1.png, the only difference (because you're not trying to 1v1 her), is if you're trying to kill her 1v1 or with your jungler, you will need to pull off your combo faster, and not try to rely on the CC for the kill - but just raw damage.

Your (E)lissandrae.png is countered by 99.png's (Q)luxlightbinding.png because if you cast (E)lissandrae.png and THEN she binds you with (Q)luxlightbinding.png, the bind is long enough to make your (E)lissandrae.png completely disappear, leaving you in a poo position most likely. This has two ways of screwing you over.

1. You're trying to engage on her team late game and she binds you, ruining the engage
2. Lane phase, if you get ganked and your (E)lissandrae.png isn't of use because she (Q)luxlightbinding.pngd you, you might as well go and get your tea that was warming up because you're probably going into grey screen. In all seriousness you should fight back, but wasting (E)lissandrae.png is devastating. If you have (R)lissandrar.png at the time of almost dying to (Q)luxlightbinding.png catches, I'd recommend (R)lissandrar.pnging yourself as soon as an enemy champion is within the radius to get caught in your AoE damage, but not before (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.pnging them IF POSSIBLE. Don't get greedy for these extra abilities, but yea you might as well (R)lissandrar.png yourself, as the cooldown will be up next time you need to use it

Good luck!




In patch 7.9, 90.png's malzaharw.png will have 2 HP each, which will be GREAT for 127.png players. Before this patch you will have a very difficult time trading back with 90.png's malzaharw.png + malzahare.png, but when they have 2 HP each, you will be able to kill them all with an AoE (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png, instantly killing them all. This is a massive buff for all champions that have potential like 127.png to instantly kill malzaharw.png, so this is an awesome time to be a 127.png VS 90.png :)

Now that you will be able to one-shot 90.png's malzaharw.pngs, you can actually kind of trade back VS 90.png in lane! Try to break the shield before you trade, but the general idea will go like this

1. Break his shield before you try to trade with a long range (Q)lissandraq.png
2. Keep poking him down with (Q)lissandraq.pngs so you can damage him while his passive isn't up, and also extend the time until it IS up

3. If he goes for a full trade with (W)malzaharw.png + (E)malzahare.png, aim your (Q)lissandraq.png and place your (W)lissandraw.png to hit 90.png AND his malzaharw.pngs, and it'll result in a free trade
4. ALTHOUGH I never would recommend forcing trades with 90.png, and just utilizing your (Q)lissandraq.png poke to out-range him for free damage. This is just if the situation comes, that I've given you an idea as to how it should work out to benefit you.

As always, try to out-roam your opponent. Your shove is first a little worse than 90.png, but it just gets better and better. You can eventually one shot minion waves with your (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png, and are able to COMPLETELY out-roam 90.png.

Until the wave one-shot combo, you should still be able to out-roam 90.png, especially pre 6. You have your (W)lissandraw.png AoE easy to land bind, while 90.png has to rely solely on damage and a silence from (Q)malzaharq.png, which is nothing compared to your CC for lane ganks (skirmishes he has the advantage, until his malzaharw.png have 2 HP, at which point you should focus on one shotting them > hitting the enemy champions in skirmishes to get rid of them, but aim to try and do both at the same time).

90.png has a massive threat on your potential if your teams are even. If you're unable to snowball an advantage on 90.png, his (Q)malzaharq.png silence and (R)malzaharr.png can shut you down before you're allowed to do anything at all. You are unable to (E)lissandrae.png into his team for a combo in teamfights easily, because 90.png is able to just point and click (R)malzaharr.png surpress you, and you'll most likely die if you were trying to get into a good position to pop a combo (middle of the enemy team). A good way to work around this is to buy a 3140.png, and I'd recommend getting this more and more the higher elo you are, but hopefully you snowball your team into a lead where the enemy team won't be able to do poo about your one shot pressure with your team also being a threat if the blow everything on you.

IF you have to get a 3140.png, I'd recommend getting it early on, right after 3802.png because the earlier you have it (if you need it), the better. If you delay buying a 3140.png too long, 90.png might be able to shut you down with a couple of (R)malzaharr.png + ganks, and you'll have a might harder time trying to have an impact on the game after this.

TLDR; Your goal is to out-roam 90.png. You will be able to 2 shot his (W)malzaharw.pngs in patch 7.9 with a (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, and in a fight you should focus on killing the (W)malzaharw.pngs first with the combo over hitting the enemy champions, but doing both at the same time if possible. (W)malzaharw.png is a much needed ability for 90.png to deal consistently massive damage, and if you can shut the (W)malzaharw.pngs down, you'll be doing your team a huge favour. Late game, if your team isn't just running it down mid with ease, you should already have a 3140.png (as I explained above). This will enable you to continue doing your (E)lissandrae.png over a wall + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo onto the enemy team, if you properly time your 3140.png when 90.png (R)malzaharr.pngs you right after you land in the new position in the middle of his team with (E)lissandrae.png.

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below :) 




This is only a difficult match up because of the potential 61.png has currently, with her damage potential and defense potential against 127.png with the right item purchases.

In lane phase, she is able to out-trade you with a (Q)orianaizunacommand.png + (W)orianadissonancecommand.png + auto proccing Thunderlord's Decree as well, and this is a trade she's already won, disregarding her (E)orianaredactcommand.png damage on the way back and the shield itself.

In teamfights, EVEN if you land a good combo onto 61.png's team, if you have't killed her, she has the potential to land a great (Q)orianaizunacommand.png + (R)orianadetonatecommand.png + (W)orianadissonancecommand.png on your team because everyone will be rushing in thinking you've done your job, or she will just (Q)orianaizunacommand.png + (W)orianadissonancecommand.png onto your isolated body (most likely isolated, that's just how the combo tends to work. Enemy teams are grouped up when your team isn't too much of a threat to engage, so that's when your over the wall (E)lissandrae.png combo comes into play), and your glass cannon 127.png boutta die REAL quick if you didn't buy a 3157.png.

Basically, if you are going to do your (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo on the enemy team with 61.png, MAKE SURE that you have a significant enough impact on the fight to the point where even if 61.png lands a 4 man (Q)orianaizunacommand.png + (R)orianadetonatecommand.png + (W)orianadissonancecommand.png on your team, that you can still win the fight, or else you would have just baited your team into C U C Kery. This is all situational as always, because you might end up (R)lissandrar.png an 61.png without 1.png and insta killing her, then using 3157.png to be invincible till your teams able to back you up, or she might just not even be strong enough to have a big impact on your team with a 4 man ult combo (little AP because you shut her down), and then you don't have to worry at all. 

I'd recommend if you're trying to trade in lane with a bad 61.png that you do so with the farthest range (Q)lissandraq.pngs that you can, because her (Q)orianaizunacommand.png + (W)orianadissonancecommand.png damage threat is just something you shouldn't be messing with. 

After you shove out the mid waves (as you will with most match ups), try to roam around and snowball ahead of 61.png. She will generally go for 3802.png FIRST before 1057.png, which will leave her isolated sometimes to a level 6 lissandrar.png gank with your jungler helping you out for a free early kill. You will need to plan this out, as the time gap you have before 61.png has both 3802.png AND 1057.png around the time you hit 6 will be very small, and sometimes she might even get both items before you hit 6. If you have this opportunity, MAKE SURE you take advantage of it, or else you'll be missing out on a potentially game winning snowball.

61.png also has the opportunity to rush 3111.png (and it won't always be like game 4 of the NA LCS finals 2017 with TSM Bjergsen rushing 3111.png and getting C U C K E D VS 245.png, an AP champion(0/6 RIP B O Y S but still won finals so aylmao gratz)), which is all the more reason to kill her with your jungler if the opportunity arises.

127.png is all about knowing your limits, and there's some things that I just can't teach you, but I will give you generally all the ideas that you will have to work around in order to gain that freelo that is ALWAYS possible with 127.png snowballing potential into one shotting the enemy team with enough AP.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below. This match up is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy situational at ALL times depending on how good the 61.png is, where the ball placement is, etc, so if you have a question I'll be answering it in full detail.

Good luck! :)



13.png is a generally over powered champion. Everyone knows this. But as always, you're playing 127.png so you don't gaf :D You're going to use your roaming potential, and ignore his massive shields until your team can help you clean him up :)

Basics of this match up, get your team ahead with roams while shoving your wave, and not dying in lane, as this will secure 13.png's out scale potential to destroy your team xd.

Lane phase is relatively easy. You're both farming, and have the same amount of kill pressure all lane long... Until level 6 where you will have the skirmish advantage. You don't want to 1v1 13.png generally at all until you are able to do massive amounts of damage with a couple of AP items, combod with 3135.png to penetrate his MR items. If he doesn't get MR items, stop reading this guide and go smash him by forcing skirmishes with your jungler. No MR 13.png VS glass cannon 127.png is GG. You can even 1v1 him generally easy through ALL parts of the game if this is the case.

You have MUCH better roaming pre 6 than 13.png, and even pre level 11. 13.png's ryzer.png distance is pretty tiny till rank 2 (R)ryzer.png
Regarding 13.png's (R)ryzer.png, it stops being channeled if he gets hard CCd (not slows). Considering that both your (W)lissandraw.png and (R)lissandrar.png are hard CC, and VERY easy to land, if you get ahead of 13.png, he will be running around like a minion waiting to be farmed and reaped for that $$$.

Be careful of 13.png's (W)ryzew.png when you are trying to escape, as a good 13.png will wait for you to cast (E)lissandrae.png before he (W)ryzew.pngs you, leaving you helpless. A good way to get around this, is don't be in the situation where you have to (W)4.png away from 13.png, by gaining your massive advantage before you try to even touch 13.png.

A poorly timed force on 13.png when you have a little bit of a lead, if turned around, can completely take away your gold advantage. Try to secure the win before you even touch 13.png is what I'm trying to say, by shoving, roaming, and giving your team the lead that they need on 13.png as well to focus him down in teamfights. If 13.png gets out of control, he's very hard to keep down.

A good 13.png build against 127.png will consist of 3111.png + 1057.png (into maybe an 3001.png, since when he's right beside you which is his goal, he will destroy you anyways. The 10% increase on magic damage to enemies around him with 3001.png will just ensure your death even more if you're close to him), and they might even run 1.png for your (R)lissandrar.png. Keep in mind that 1.png doesn't only remove immediate CC, but also lowers the CC effects of incoming abilities for the next 3 seconds, by 65%. This will mean that if he 1.png's your (R)lissandrar.png, you're basically helpless to (W)lissandraw.png him and run away. Combod with the fact that 13.png will pretty much always run Stormraider's Surge, when he 1.png's out of your (R)lissandrar.png, he will chase you down the speed of (sanic)33.png, and you're left helpless without (R)lissandrar.png invincibility. Your only hope is 3157.png until a teammate arrives to help you, but you shouldn't be relying on this small bit of hope. 

This whole 1.png paragraph above can be shortened to - don't force your advantage on 13.png, until it is 100% certain that there is no chance he can turn it around with every single possibility, including 1.pnging your (R)lissandrar.png.

TLDR; Your advantage will be made by roaming and giving your team the boost they need to HELP you deal with 13.png in the teamfights that you will soon after force. Proper rotations and game knowledge will win you this game. 127.png has nothing to do with mechanics (other than a clean (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo, which can be found in my Youtube Lissandra Guide located in it's own section below, with time keys provided in the videos description to help you easily navigate to what you need), and has everything to do with game knowledge, and outplaying your opponent through the game as a whole (not 1v1 scenario mid. 1v1 isn't how you win as 127.png)

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below, I'll be answering all questions in full detail :)




Simply put, 134.png will destroy you 1v1, at all points of the game. But I'll give you some options as how to not get smashed in the later paragraphs :)

1. Her (Q)syndraq.png + (E)syndrae.png threat during lane will force you to either play VERY smart about how aggressive you are, or you're going to risk giving 134.png a kill. I say that you have to be at LEAST even with your enemy laner at all points of the game as 127.png in order for her to be viable. This is done through out-csing your laner, and/or abusing your roaming/skirmish/teamfight potential over them.

2. Her (R)syndrar.png combo will either force you to (R)lissandrar.png yourself, or give you a grey screen 99% of the time.

3.Her (W)syndraw.png slow will give enough pressure on you to the point where you have to (E)lissandrae.png away, and lose another ~19 seconds of lane pressure, or get followed up by a good (Q) + (E)syndrae.png combo, which might result in your death.

4. A good 134.png player will have the option to grab 3111.png + 1057.png + 1.png against your 127.png, which will give her complete dominance on you ALL game 1v1 

How to work around these things! :D

1. You out-roam 134.png through all parts of the game, and your (R)lissandrar.png on yourself can counter her (R)syndrar.png IN SKIRMISHES MAINLY. Reason for it being mainly in skirmishes, is because as said above, if you (R)lissandrar.png yourself, and don't land the AoE damage to finish off 134.png, she has the opportunity to land free abilities on you, and giving 134.png free shots at your fitted is not something you want to do.

When I said you out-roam 134.png, I'm not telling you to forcefully shove the wave in her face while getting smashed by poke from (Q)syndraq.png, because if you're overly aggressive in this lane, you can die very easily.

I'm saying find a way around the 1v1 with 134.png to shove the wave. This includes things like receiving a gank and either killing 134.png into a roam, or pushing her out of pressure by making her back/move away from the wave, where you can clear the wave and then roam. Also missing a wave or 2 for a 100% successful gank (at least a kill) every once in a while can definitely be worth it.

2. 134.png is a relatively squishy champion, and once you get a couple of AP items, you have the potential to one shot 134.png. If she has double MR items (something like 3111.png + 1057.png), try to get 3135.png before you try something big on 134.png. You generally want to avoid 1v1s at all costs, and work around the fact that your advantage over 134.png is that she is mainly a single target mage, while all of your abilities are AoE - giving you the ability to effect teamfights MUCH more than 134.png

3. If 134.png isn't running 1.png, try to get some early ganks with your jungler onto her, but keep in mind her returning damage. If you're overly aggressive on 134.png and not smart about how you tame this dueling beast, you might end up trading 1 for 1 easily with her (R)syndrar.png killing either you or your jungle, or even worse 1 for 0/ 2 for 1/ 2 for 0. You can evade these situations by using (R)lissandrar.png to secure 134.png's death through the stun duration (or just from the damage itself), and using (W)lissandraw.png to initially lock her down for your jungler. Doing this allows you to save (R)lissandrar.png for ulting yourself in case you need to survive her (R)syndrar.png burst. Best case scenario of this is that 134.png blows (R)syndrar.png on you, and you're able to (R)lissandrar.png right beside her, in such a case that the AoE damage from your (R)lissandrar.png and applying the slow for your jungler to finish her off if anything.

4. Late game teamfights, your (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combos can destroy 134.png. The 4.png and a 3135.png will just make this so much more certain. Try to focus on (W)lissandraw.png and (Q)lissandraq.pnging towards the 134.png into her team before anything, and (R)lissandrar.pnging directly after. A clean combo of this is shown in my Youtube Lissandra Guide located below. Performing this combo cleanly will ensure that you use your AoE damage advantages over this otherwise difficult matchup.

Keep in mind, the most important thing against match ups with any champions (not even just playing 127.png, even something like 4.png, or relatively weak champion lanes), the trick is to MAKE SURE you don't die during lane. In this special match up, you're allowed to miss some CS in order to not take a massive trade of HP, and catch up using your strengths (ganking, teamfighting, outplaying skirmishes, better skill level) later on. 

TLDR; DON'T DIE IN LANE :) Utilize your advantages and you can win this match up as well.

Good luck! 




A match up that requires timing (like a couple of other match ups), as a good 163.png will not only out-roam you, but also win trades in the mid lane. This is a skill match up, but as always, I'll give you some tips and tricks as to how you can have a much bigger impact on the game than 163.png :)

Lane phase

Up until the point where you can (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo one shot a wave, 163.png will have the advantage of lane pressure in the lane. ONCE you can do the one shot combo, you'll be pretty even as 163.png can also pretty much one shot waves with her (W)taliyahwvc.png + (E)taliyahe.png + (Q)taliyahq.png combo.

163.png will also have the poke advantage threat on you, as her spammable (Q)taliyahq.png is easier to pressure with than your (Q)lissandraq.png, and her (W)taliyahwvc.png + (E)taliyahe.png combo can devastate you from range during lane phase.

A good 163.png will also be smart enough to buy proper items like 3111.png + 1057.png VS you, and still have her nice base damage abilities to trade back a fair amount of damage.

163.png also has easier roam than you early into the game, as she can shove waves faster than you, and at level 6 she has the (R)taliyahr.png ability to roam faster/easier than you.
Your (E)lissandrae.png is countered by her (W)taliyahwvc.png into an (E)taliyahe.png combo whenever you (E)lissandrae.png within her (W)taliyahwvc.png radius. If she properly times her knock up to where you appear with (E)lissandrae.png, your day is over. She will land a massive amount of damage on you, put you out of position, and pretty much just.. ruin your plans. 

When you are engaging late game with the (E)lissandrae.png followed by a 4.png (or no flash) + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo, try to make sure she can't retaliate with a (W)taliyahwvc.png on your location by either delaying the port (shown in my Youtube Lissandra Guide located below), or trying to combo when her (W)taliyahwvc.png is on cooldown. The level of thought a 163.png AND her team need to have to remember that while her (W)taliyahwvc.png is on cooldown that you have massive teamfight pressure, is too much for solo queue (even competitive play, people forget about losing (E)lissandrae.png counter pressure).

Late game if you can land a nice (E)lissandrae.png followed by a 4.png (or no flash) + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo NEAR 163.png, you should devastate the fight for the enemy team. This is more guaranteed depending on your amount of AP and whether or not you have3135.png. Everything I talk about is situational, although I try to cover as many situations as possible, even something small like having the 3135.png will open you to successfully completing all of these.. "tasks" you are trying to do. For example, having a 3135.png against 163.png will guarantee that your big teamfight damage combo (mentioned above twice - > (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png) works against every single match up. Otherwise, it depends on their MR whether you go in and one shot the enemy team, or allow them to recover with maybe a 16.png (R)sorakar.png or just not effect the teamfight enough in your all-in to the point where the enemy team can't turn around. If you have a question about what I just said, feel free to leave a comment. I'll be answering every question with full detail :). Also for the big teamfight damage combo make sure to check out my Youtube Lissandra Guide located below. I've left time keys for ease in the description of the video. Landing the combo fluently and having it be sloppy and not fast can be the difference between carrying every game possible, and forcing your team into a teamfight that's no longer winnable. 

Good luck! 




Simply put, 91.png is like an easier 238.png to 127.png. Lane phase trades are easier, locking him down in teamfights is easier, and his lane clear is even worse as well (this is only for 127.png VS 91.png in retrospect to 127.png VS 238.png, not 91.png VS 238.png overall).

In lane phase, 91.png will try to get 2 stacks on you with his (W)talonw.png, and then try to proc his 3rd stack of passive with (Q)talonq.png + an auto attack. You can either;
1. not get hit by both rotations of of (W)talonw.png
2. (W)lissandraw.png fast enough when 91.png is mid air (Q)talonq.pnging towards you, and walking away at the same time so he can't land the passive proc on you for a massive amount of bleed damage.

I'd try to rely on the first tip, because the second one is risky asf, and 91.png can also follow up landing that auto on you with 3 stacks by 4.png. You not running away and (W)lissandraw.pnging 91.png on time can also result in him landing an auto attack for the passive proc and you bleeding for like a 1/4th of your HP in lane phase.

You shove faster than him, and have more potential in trades.

Examples of trades;

1. 91.png goes in to (Q)talonq.png last hit a minion, because you're zoning him well with (Q)lissandraq.png and he's getting desperate for some quick CS. You (W)lissandraw.png him, and follow up with a (Q)lissandraq.png + (E)lissandrae.png to land the Thunderlord's Decree. Don't even try to go for an extra auto, because you've already smashed the trade and don't need to do anything else. An extra auto might just land you in a sticky situation where 91.png can fight back.

2. Just you (Q)lissandraq.png poking 91.png whenever you see fit, but not missing too many as mana tends to be an issue in lanes where you need to spam (Q)lissandraq.png to lower their HP (not so you can kill them, but more-so they not be able to all-in you without pressure of a fight back).

Shoving in lane phase;

1. You can shove with (Q)lissandraq.png spams throughout the whole minion wave faster than 91.png can ever clear. Then proceed to gank other lanes/get vision pressure around the map

2. Once you have enough AP at a certain point in the game (depending on minion total HP at the given time), you will be able to one shot waves with the (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo (where 91.png won't all-in you while doing it), into a much faster roam/giving you a LOT more time to be flexible with your options.

Keep in mind that a (Q)lissandraq.png before the combo will also allow you to land this combo for a roam a little bit earlier into the game. 127.png is all about knowing your limits

After lane phase, during lvl 6+, your (R)lissandrar.png counters 91.png in 2 ways
1. Either you (R)lissandrar.png yourself to;
 stop his combo
 land AoE damage on 91.png while he is you while invisible with his (R)talonr.png around you
 you stop his bleed with your (R)lissandrar.png and give yourself a nice amount of HP to turn back on 91.png with
2. (R)lissandrar.png 91.png to lock him down for
 you to 1v1 kill
 your jungler ganking to kill (a combo locked down with your (W)lissandraw.png (chained for CC not just fast damage) will result in most commonly - certain death for 91.png
 teamfight lockdown where 91.png tries to all in your team. In the middle of a teamfight, he should die 100% if you (R)lissandrar.png him. His team will either follow him and land in your (R)lissandrar.png AoE damage for free (yay), or your team will kill him without the enemy team's pressure

Keep in mind, a proper (W)lissandraw.png combod with (R)lissandrar.png (or the other way around), is the ultimate counter to a champion who requires mobility like 91.png

If you (R)lissandrar.png 91.png as he is jumping over a wall, if you do it before he goes over - he will be stuck on the same side that he tried before the (E)talone.png ability, leaving him vulnerable to a (W)lissandraw.png + free kill that your team was working towards. 

Basically 91.png's talone.png is stopped in place by your (R)lissandrar.png. I'm not 100% certain of the (W)lissandraw.png ability to be honest, but I don't believe it locks 91.png down, and he will still get over the wall before experiencing your bind.

A good tip is to (W)lissandraw.png 91.png first if he (R)talonr.png's right around you, as this will give you an extra ~1 second-1.5 seconds of knowing where he is during invisibility, and sometimes 91.png will auto attack an enemy unit around him, taking him out of (R)talonr.png invisibility. He will be left crying and wondering why he just popped out of invisibility, and you'll be CTRL+4-ing because you know that his account just used his auto attack setting to hit something near him while he was binded, popping him out of (R)talonr.png xd.

Careful when roaming against 91.png, as his (E)talone.png ability will allow him to counter gank you with ease, and even sometimes allow him to catch you mid-roam for a 1v1, at which point even if you (E)lissandrae.png over a wall, he can most likely follow you (unless he already jumped over that wall recently.) If you're caught in the river VS 91.png, you will have to rely on an outplay, or teammates backing you up. The best combo I can give you generally to get out of a sticky situation like this is the (E)lissandrae.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (E)lissandrae.png combo over 2 walls at the same time if you're in the spot to do so. Check out my Youtube Lissandra Guide for the double walls possible with 127.png's (E)lissandrae.png located in it's own section in the bottom part of this guide :)

Good luck!


Twisted Fate


The basics of this match-up are that 4.png out roams you past lvl 6, and you can smash him 1v1 before he gets MR (at which point it gets a little bit more difficult, but you still have the advantage.)

Your issue, is that a smart 4.png player will understand that he is not a 1v1 champion, but a skirmish/teamfight machine. Especially if 4.png rushes items like 3111.png and/or 1057.png, you have no chance of pushing your advantage against him specifically. You will have to focus on the following;

1. Roam pre 6
This is one of my favourite things to do as 127.png, because you have the potential to roam extremely easy pre 6. You have the (E)lissandrae.png gap closer/zoning ability, (W)lissandraw.png easy AoE bind to land, and (Q)lissandraq.png spammable slow on the first enemy unit hit.
Not only will roaming pre 6 be one of your ways at gaining an advantage for yourself to push easy kills on the 4.png with or without your jungler, but it will also put your lanes (that you helped), deal with 4.png's lvl 6+ roam. A failed roam from 4.png can lead to a missed wave or two mid lane (because of how fast 127.png can shove), plus maybe even a late counter gank by you. If 4.png is walking back mid lane from a lane, you can hide in the river to get a free (Q)lissandraq.png + (R)lissandrar.png + (E)lissandrae.png + (W)lissandraw.png (relative order) plus another (Q)lissandraq.png as a kill threat, forcing the 4.png to think twice about walking straight to mid. This will give you extra time as the only laner in mid, gaining the experience and gold.

2. After you have gained an advantage (as you should with every game as 127.png. I always advocate being at LEAST even with your mid laner at all points of the game), force advantages through skirmishes and teamfights while you can. Super late game, if you get caught by a 4.png's (W)pickacard.png gold card without (R)lissandrar.png dodging it, you can die very easily. 4.png's (W)pickacard.png gold card stuns for 2 seconds late game, which if you're around a teamfight, will be more than enough time to take you out of a comfortable position. Remember, as 127.png you want to be in control of the teamfights positioning, whether the enemy team likes it or not. This includes initiating teamfights, but also sometimes letting your team get C U C K E D while you counter engage with a well timed (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png (if needed) + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo.

Basically against 4.png try to always have the upper hand by surprising them with an over the wall combo, or playing in a position where you will not get even 4.png 4.pngd + gold card (W)pickacard.pngd into either dying instantly (which isn't good because you're glass cannon 127.png, and you not popping off your combo will mean the team has an extra 100% hp they shouldn't have), or force you to (R)lissandrar.png yourself (meaning the enemy team has an extra 50% hp they shouldn't have), which might even result in you not landing your (R)lissandrar.png's AoE damage.

3. Once you get 3135.png with a couple of AP items, you don't have to worry about 4.png's MR items. You will be able to do at LEAST 80% of 4.png's max hp throughout the whole game once you get 3135.png with a good (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo on him.

OH also VERY BIG TIP, if 4.png is acting overly aggressive in lane, you can easily gank him. 4.png has no escape abilities, and is therefore very susceptible to ganks. If you can shut down 4.png within lane phase, that will be one of the best things that you can do, as 4.png relies on not getting smashed in lane, and forcing his (R)destiny.png advantage around the map. Although don't try to force these ganks if they're not certain death for 4.png, as a waste of time (or even worse a turn around), can result into 4.png getting his early game poo-ness delayed and lead him into a snowball. You don't want 4.png to snowball. Tame the beast, and work around the map pre 6 to gain an advantage on 4.png before he has his (R)destiny.png, or from this point on you'll have to rely on your team to not over extend with a 4.png on the enemy team... and...... yea I don't think I have to explain why trusting your team isn't a good thing (usually).

Good luck! Force your advantage of being a monster earlier in the game before 4.png can survive into snowballing before you do! :)




I'll summarize it right here. If you can either one shot 45.png, or juke his (R)veigarr.png damage with your (R)lissandrar.png around him to still deal the AoE damage from (R)lissandrar.png, you will win. If 45.png gets to a point where his (W)veigardarkmatter.png right when you pop out of (R)lissandrar.png  will kill you or do >60% of your HP (which isn't too difficult to get, he should be able to get this at 35 minutes if you guys are still even close to even in terms of impact on the game, which shouldn't happen), you're going to lose unless your team carries you.

Now onto the in-depth.

During lane phase you will want to poke 45.png with (Q)lissandraq.png, while not getting hit by his (Q)veigarbalefulstrike.png. Not only will this make your trades even, but he will also gain AP from hitting an enemy champion with an ability (his new passive from around early in 2017). You should have a relatively easy time poking him out, so don't stress it too much. Only way you lose the trades is if you mess up, or get hit by a (W)veigardarkmatter.png.

Don't be TOO aggressive past around lvl 3, because he will by now for sure have his (E)veigareventhorizon.png ability. Not only can he destroy you in a trade if you land on the (E)veigareventhorizon.png stun, but this will also make you easily susceptible to a gank. Good thing that (E)lissandrae.png counters 45.png's (E)veigareventhorizon.png! As long as you can stay in the center and not get stunned, throwing your (E)lissandrae.png and teleporting outside of the stun, will leave you home safe home. You can use this to either get away from a gank, or continue a chase when 45.png places an (E)veigareventhorizon.png. NOTE. Your (E)lissandrae.png is longer than the whole diameter of 45.png's (E)veigareventhorizon.png, so you don't even have to walk around it when it's placed, you can just (E)lissandrae.png from one side to another.

If 45.png grabs 3111.png and/or 1.png against you, he will have a much easier time against you (just like all other champions). The difference here, is that 45.png's (E)veigareventhorizon.png into a nice (W)veigardarkmatter.png + (Q)veigarbalefulstrike.png + (R)veigarr.png can easily turn your junglers gank into a 1 for 0 in favour of 45.png if he 1.png or you don't CC him properly, and you or your jungler step into 45.png's (E)veigareventhorizon.png

Try to out-roam 45.png, as you have a much faster clear than him throughout the whole game, especially once you are able to one shot waves with the (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo. He won't be fast enough to clear the mid wave and follow your gank (which you do much better, especially at level 6), so take advantage of this as early as possible, and try to build and advantage over 45.png ASAP. The earlier you can end the game/be able to destroy a teamfight with the (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo, and kill 45.png as well with a couple of AP items + 3135.png during this, the better.

The obvious threat is later in the game when 45.png lands a nice (E)veigareventhorizon.png stun on you if you were playing stupid, and you're unable to lissandrae.png out of the center, therefore getting blown up. You're forced to either (R)lissandrar.png his (R)veigarr.png damage and die to (W)veigardarkmatter.png + (Q)veigarbalefulstrike.png coming out of invincibility, or trying to turn the fight which.. If he's being aggressively smart on you with an (E)veigareventhorizon.png catch, shouldn't be possible.

TLDR; Skill matchup, but you definitely have the upper hand. If you can force ganks early and shove the wave out faster than 45.png (which you are able to do all game long), you can force teamfights where you will effectively smash the enemy team, instantly killing at least one of them or severely damaging their potential at winning the fight. If you aren't able to force this advantage of early game presence, and don't catch a lead onto 45.png, it's up to 45.png to decide his teams fate, as you are now easily killable and most likely won't be able to stop 45.png anymore (until full 6 items, at which point you can still do the one shot onto 45.png even if he has double MR 3111.png and a 1057.png affiliated item), and 45.png will either be a better player than you at this point because you weren't able to take advantage of his poor early game compared to you, or he will mess up/you will get carried by your team, and still have a fighting chance.

The longer the game goes on, the less chance you have of winning, and the more you throw your potential of stomping 45.png.

Good luck! :)




Skill matchup, either you or 161.png have the potential to completely destroy each others team in teamfights, and you also have equal roam potential (127.png slightly better CC potential roams with (W)lissandraw.png and (E)lissandrae.png, but cancelled out in terms of match up VS 161.png because of his (E)velkoze.png and true damage passive.

Lane phase will be really awkward. If 161.png aced his calculus exams, he will have an easy time landing (Q)velkozq.png on you around the minions you are/should be hiding behind. This is such a skill match up that every thing I say from now on forward, should be taken as whether or not you are better than the enemy 161.png player.

You shove lanes faster than 161.png once you are able to one shot with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, but everything before this, 161.png will be able to double (W)velkozw.png (try saying double W 5 times fast Xd). This is why the match up is so about skill. The match up between 127.png and 161.png has nothing to do with the 1v1, and everything to do with how you play the teamfight. If you are able to land a good (E)lissandrae.png over the wall, 4.pnging near 161.png, and (Q)lissandraq.png through him towards his teammates with (W)lissandraw.png and (R)lissandrar.png following directly after within the same couple fractions of a second (a clean combo of this can be found in my Youtube Guide located below in it's own section), you will be able to win teamfights ALWAYS late game. This again changes though depending on whether or not 161.png allows you to make such a combo. If it isn't perfect and your team doesn't win the fight after your combo, 161.png can easily turn by knocking you up with (E)velkoze.png after you pop out of (R)lissandrar.png invincibility, and proceed to (R)velkozr.png your team which thought they were going to win the fight (therefore being very aggressively in the open, and clustered), for TONS OF DAMAGE. 

Basically these are your options when facing 161.png
1. you will either be too far behind to force engages, and 161.png will destroy your team anways.

2. you will be at least even (which you should be), and either destroy a teamfight with your (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo, or mess up and throw the fight because you didn't kill 161.png

3. you will be far enough ahead to the point where even if 161.png buys both 3111.png and a 1057.png associated item, you will burst through him with 3135.png + a couple of strong AP items, and it's GGez with your good combos.

Good luck!




In lane, trades will be a little bit difficult. 112.png's (E)viktordeathray.png out-ranges 127.png's (Q), with the abilities both at their full range, and 112.png's (E)viktordeathray.png is also much easier to poke with, because in order to even compete with the long range poke as 127.png, you need minions, where 112.png does not. Another issue is that 112.png's (Q)viktorpowertransfer.png provides him with a nice shield to help him win trades in lane phase, which he can use on your minions as well to just provide himself with a shield against your long range (Q)lissandraq.png poke.

A good 112.png will grab 1.png or 3.png VS 127.png. In order to full work around these summoners, you will need jungler help. Jungler help is always welcome as 127.png because of the easy follow ups.

If 112.png grabbed 1.png, your CC will be pretty useless, but you damage won't be effected. This gives you the opportunity to build more aggressively in the early stages of the game (3165.png into 3089.png, with boots somewhere in between those items and before 3089.png). You should be able to either one shot 112.png by yourself by poking him down with (Q)lissandraq.png and all in-ing him with the (R)lissandrar.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (E)lissandrae.png + another (Q)lissandraq.png combo if there comes time for it. Either this, or your jungler will be able to help you clean up. The reason I've put (E)lissandrae.png as an ability to damage him with during the combo, and not a gapcloser, is because if you CAN use (E)lissandrae.png as a damage dealer while they're locked down with (R)lissandrar.png and/or (W)lissandraw.png you SHOULD use (E)lissandrae.png as a damage dealer. This will require you to get extra aggressive and in their face, so be careful. The reason you will need this more often than not though against 112.png is because they will sometimes rush 1057.png to lower your damage by a lot, so you need all the damage you can get.
If you are receiving a gank, of course don't be afraid to use (E)lissandrae.png as a gapcloser in order to land your (R)lissandrar.png and (W)lissandraw.png CC, or just 4.png + (R)lissandrar.png as a bigger surprise.

If the 112.png is running 3.png, take everything I just said, but instead of the damage build (3165.png into 3089.png), you should be looking towards a CDR build in order to CC him for your team as often as possible. The 3.png will also give 112.png more kill potential onto you.

If he is running any other summoner spell, don't do a special CDR or Big AP build, just do the standard build as you need to be ready for multiple situations. 112.png is also unabel to purchase 3111.png, as this will severely impact his mid-late game power spikes. If he does build 3111.png.. well your team is either over-stacked on AP, or he is going to be under-effective.

You win teamfights against 112.png if you can land a good (E)lissandrae.png  over a wall + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo, and have the potential of one shotting 112.png later on in the game once you have a nice amount of AP, and 3135.png.

Always be careful of 112.png tossing out (R)viktorchaosstorm.png and/or (W)viktorgravitonfield.png before you lock him down, as these abilities can still effect you when he is under the (R)lissandrar.png stun.

TLDR; Skill matchup, focus on utilizing your jungler to fight him, and avoid 1v1ing him in lane unless you know your limits very well. He is built for being a laning phase bully. If he goes 3.png, go CDR builds in order to lock him down as often as possible for your team to kill him, and if he goes 1.png, build a heavy damage build, in order to kill him and not need the CC to deal with him (early 3089.png and/or 3285.png directly after the 3165.png). You need to deal with mid lane first before roaming all day, as 112.png can clear just as fast if not faster than 127.png if you are both equally farmed. If he follows your roams, he will destroy your team unless you have annihilated the gank and are able to turn on him with less CDs.

Good luck!




Biggest tip I can give is rush Grevious Wounds. 127.png can personally access this passive by purchasing 3165.png . Although 3165.png applies Grevious Wounds, I would recommend you tell an AD ally to purchase 3123.png ASAP, as it applies Grevious Wounds, but unlike 3165.png which applies it only if the enemy champion is at <40% HP when you hit them with magic damage, 3123.png applies to them no matter what HP they are at. I also wouldn't recommend building anything between 3802.png  and 3165.png, and to just opt for the full 3165.png buy ASAP.

Lane phase will be relatively difficult depending on whether or not you stand behind minions to dodge 8.png's (E)vladimire.png. This ability stops spreading on the first target hit within a certain couple of degrees. Luckily for 127.png, she excels at sitting behind minion waves to extend (Q)lissandraq.png poke. Also, 8.png's (Q)vladimirq.png range is a shorter length than 127.png's (Q)lissandraq.png at max range, or especially at extended range by tossing it through minions. Once 8.png gets 3152.png, he is able to engage at you from a range which if you are overly aggressive, he will melt you. He is also able to easily clear waves like 127.png by using 3152.png's activation, combod with his (E)vladimire.png. 1v1ing is kind of a skill matchup, and you have to know your exact limits to be able to kill 8.png before he (W)vladimirsanguinepool.pngs away, or even worse, turns with (R)vladimirhemoplague.png heal and (Q)vladimirq.png if you (R)lissandrar.pngd him and didn't manage to finish him off.

TLDR of lane phase; If you play Lissandra behind minions to extend (Q)lissandraq.png range for poke, not only will you win trades from out ranging 8.png, but you will also be able to block 8.png's (E)vladimire.png. He can shove relatively hard and engage on you pretty easily once he gets 3152.png, but you are still fine, as once he buys this item you will also be able to one shot waves with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo.

You should try to out-roam 8.png , as he has no CC or gapcloser like 127.png does. You provide more for teamfights than 8.png if you can properly combo your abilities in the center of 8.png's team. A good combo is the (E)lissandrae.png over a wall + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png that is seen in my Youtube Guide located in a seperate section at the bottom of this guide. Once you learn to do this combo fluently, as well as CS properly on 127.png (which is super easy) to stay at least always able to one shot an enemy champion or at least severely devastate the enemy team's HP in a teamfight, you will be able to ignore all these matchups if they are "difficult", and focus on winning the skirmishes and teamfights with ease.

Skill match up, you have to rush Grevious Wounds ASAP, focus on CSing > trading with Vladimir, and out-roam him easily. He doesn't have much kill pressure on you especially with your (R)lissandrar.png cancelling his (R)vladimirhemoplague.png final damage if you (R)lissandrar.png yourself. I'd suggest using the ability around 8.png, just as I'd recommend using it around any matchup that you need to (R)lissandrar.png yourself, in order to at least deal the offensive damage part of the (R)lissandrar.png (238.png30.png134.png are some examples)

Good luck! :)




Relatively squishy champion, but he can out range you. This is like the 115.png match up, but he has more options against 127.png to deal with.

This is a skill match up, but 101.png generally has the upper hand. He outranges 127.png with all his abilities (including (W)xeratharcanebarrage2.png), can have equal impact in teamfights if he starts out a fight by lowering your team's HP with (Q)xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png poke and an (R)xerathlocusofpower2.png initiation.
He clears waves very slightly faster than you at all stages of the game, up until 127.png can one shot with an (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, and that is for the short while until one shotting the wave doesn't matter

The point where one shotting the wave against 101.png doesn't matter, is when there are no ganks to force, and nothing to out-roam. I would say this is around 101.png's level 11. At level 11, his (R)xerathlocusofpower2.png range is big enough to the point that he can help the lane you are ganking efficiently enough to not need to follow your gank, and he can shove out the mid lane waves by this time with two (Q)xeratharcanopulsechargeup.pngs and maybe a (W)xeratharcanebarrage2.png on the melee minions.
Focus on trying to out roam 101.png ASAP, as eventually he will have more opportunity to impact the game from a range than you.

Same game plan to killing 115.png applies to 101.png.
You either have to land some (Q)xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png pokes and finish him off with an (E)lissandrae.png into (R)lissandrar.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, or initiating with a flash before the (E)lissandrae.png to add the (E)lissandrae.png into your damage combo, and also to add the element of surprise. Both of these combos can be applied into a solo kill, or a gank from your jungler. Also try to use the technique of (E)lissandrae.pnging over a wall into the un-suspecting 101.png if possible, but don't force it. Only use the over the wall technique if you know there is no ward in the bush, as you might end up scaring him off and revealing the gank inc xd (I'm talking about walking into your own bush, not your junglers bush. If your jungler is visible the ganks donezo.)

Something you have to watch out for is leading yourself into a death (E)xerathmagespear.png
101.png's (E)xerathmagespear.png + (Q)xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png + (W)xeratharcanebarrage2.png  can do surprising amounts of damage, and if you (E)lissandrae.png and he catches your destination with an (E)xerathmagespear.png, you will both get merked in HP (because you're glass cannon 127.png as well), and it will also foil your plans xd. A good way to avoid this is to delay your (E)lissandrae.png teleport till after his (E)xerathmagespear.png has passed by. There's no point to not being patient in this situation, as if he lands his stun (E)xerathmagespear.png you're c u c k e d anyways. 

Examples of my (E)lissandrae.png max duration extension can be found in the tricks section of the Lissandra Youtube Guide located in it's own section below. I would really recommend checking it out, as there is a kind of unknown extension to your (E)lissandrae.png delay that not everyone knows about.

As for all teamfights, against all champions, if you can land a nice (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png near 101.png leading the skillshots into his team, you will do a LOT of damage. 

Focus on farming so that you never get behind as 127.png in any matchup, as it's essential for the glass cannon 127.png build that you are always at LEAST even with your laner, in order to be able to one shot combo at least one enemy champion, or at least severely damage a whole enemy team by 25minutes and beyond.

Good luck! 




This matchup is really awkward, as is any champion VS 157.png

He will jump around all day, like the challenjoure champion he is, but here are steps to rekting  157.png in lane.
Auto him to break the shield. If he is trying to (E)yasuodashwrapper.png through you, (W)lissandraw.png him to stop him in his tracks.

Your prime opportunity to attack him is when he has already (E)yasuodashwrapper.png dashed towards your direction, and is (E)yasuodashwrapper.png dashing back towards his minion wave. You want to during this time, aim your (Q)lissandraq.png and you should be able to hit him 100% for a free (Q)lissandraq.png poke. By the time he is (E)yasuodashwrapper.png dashing back, you should have already hit him, breaking his shield, allowing for your (Q)lissandraq.png to do full damage.

In terms of 1v1, 127.png beats 157.png until 157.png builds items like; 3111.png3140.png3046.pngand 3155.png/3156.png. Any two item combination mixed from these options of items, and you shouldn't be trying to lane push VS 157.png. He will (E)yasuodashwrapper.png through the minions near you, and go for you and kill you ggez. Your only hope of getting away if you've made the mistake of underestimating his mobility, is to (E)lissandrae.png, then (W)lissandraw.png him in place, and (E)lissandrae.png again, to place yourself preferably over a wall, but also you can just place yourself far away from any units he can jump through.

One of the biggest mistakes that you might make is to have your (E)lissandrae.png cancelled by 157.png's tornado (Q)yasuoqw.png. This will render you pretty much dead, as if you're going so defensive as to try and escape with (E)lissandrae.png, he will most likely kill you at this point, even if you (R)lissandrar.png yourself.
You out-roam 157.png easily, and your only worry should be that you make the mistake of trying to 1v1 157.png after the point that he builds too much MR for you to handle. 

Ganking him is also freelo, as (W)yasuowmovingwall.png doesn't block 127.png's (W)lissandraw.png (not projectile), and a nice (W) lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo onto 157.png should give your team enough time to kill him, whether he has Tenacity and MR or not, 157.png is a relatively squishy champion, and just looks very tanky and unkillable because of how annoying his (E)yasuodashwrapper.png mobility and passive are. If you take away 157.png's mobility, you can also easily take away his life xd. Just make sure when you (W)lissandraw.png and/or (R)lissandrar.png him in place, and are trying to go aggressive on him, that you take the extra 1/2 of a second (.5 seconds xd!) to walk around his windwall, which will ensure that you land your (Q)lissandraq.png and/or (E)lissandrae.png damage just in case, and not place the abilities on CD if he just so happens to (W)yasuowmovingwall.png right before you CC him and try to burst. MAKE SURE you keep this in mind. It's better safe than sorry, as it used to happen to me before I followed this simple rule that I would try to burst him too fast to look flashy, and he would "magically" (W)yasuowmovingwall.png just before being CCd, and I would toss my (Q)lissandraq.png onto his windwall as if I was a bronze bucket. Sorry if you're bronze, no offense but you're a reference to a consistently bad playstyle elo playerbase xd. Keep at it, everyone's been there before!

As with every match up, just try to land your (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png combo on multiple enemies, and you'll immediately destroy compared to 157.png in teamfights (unless their teamcomp revolves around knockups. If their team comp revolves around knockups, either try to engage before they engage, or land an easy combo on the counter engage. Don't engage, when they're ready to counter engage you, you'll always lose this against full knockup comp with a properly used 157.png (R)yasuorknockupcombow.png)
Another option for teamfights is to sit back, and wait for 157.png to (R)yasuorknockupcombow.png one of your teammates, and focus on cleaning him up with your (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png , and waiting for your (Q)lissandraq.png and (W)lissandraw.png CDs to be back up before using your (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png to re-engage and find a big AoE burst on the rest of his team. If you find it necessary, sometimes locking down 157.png and killing him with all your abilities can be more beneficial to your team. It's all situation, so just work around these tips and make up your own game plan for the fight, as 127.png kit is very versatile.

TLDR; Out roam him, shove him out when you can one shot waves with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, and don't try to 1v1 him when he gets two or more MR items, instead, try to lock him down with numbers and CC.

Have fun :)




People say (R)lissandrar.png counters 238.png so hard, that127.png  is often regarded to as the biggest counter to 238.png... Well that's actually a bait boys. 238.png merks 127.png simply by buying 3140.png

You might get away by out trading him in lane and being able to get very far ahead from simple ganks and out-pressuring him in lane, but a good 238.png will wait out his early period of poo, and transition into a place where he can 1v1 you much more easily than people say. This is actually one of my most hated matchups, because no matter how hard I try to shut him down during lane phase, 238.png's burst range during lane phase using (W)zedw.png + (Q)zedq.png + (E)zede.png is equal range as 127.png's (Q)lissandraq.png poke. 

You will have to focus on (E)lissandrae.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (E)lissandrae.png to get away from 238.pngs lane burst.

The only reason that 127.png counters  238.png REALLY, is that you can (R)lissandrar.png yourself to dodge his (R)zedr.png damage, like a 3157.png' s active. This doesn't mean that you don't want to rush  3157.png (after your 3802.png of course), in fact you want to rush 3157.png every game because there are a couple of scenarios that can go down.

1. You buy 3157.png and he buys 3140.png. You (R)lissandrar.png Zed and 3157.png to dodge his burst damage. Things continue as normal, and this is a skill matchup.

2. You don't buy 3157.png and 238.png waits for your (R)lissandrar.png to disappear after you ulti yourself, and he goes back in with his (R)zedr.png shadow, (Q)zedq.pngs you with multiple shuriken, adding (W)zedw.png if he hasn't casted it yet, and because you (R)lissandrar.png yourself, all he has to do is wait for you to pop out and you are in a spot where he can easily land his abilities, and you're dead anyways.

3.  238.png doesn't buy 3140.png and you either buy3157.png or don't buy 3157.png, it doesn't matter you. You're going to lock him down, and either one shot him, or he's bought 3111.png and 3156.png, and you will CC him with (R)lissandrar.png and (W)lissandraw.png until your team destroys him :)

You're also much more useful late game if you land a good (E)lissandrae.png + 4.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (R)lissandrar.png. Just like all other matchups though, if you mess up this combo you're donezo xxd

Oh and if 238.png grabs 1.png.... enjoy the freelo
But in all seriousness if he grabs 1.png treat him like he's got 3140.png (it's even better tho), and just try to one shot him/burst his team while saving yourself with 3157.png... also outroam him... Oh and he's got no kill pressure with 1.png...

Ok nvm no seriousness, if he grabs 1.png just ask them to open mid kk

Good luck!




Ok so addressing the obvious issue here, 115.png outranges you SO hard. 


You have WAY better roam, 115.png can only counter roam VS 127.png like how a 41.png would counter roam a 127.png. You will always be ahead of them in terms of getting to the lane first, and in terms of dealing big amounts of damage. Eventually, both 115.png and 41.png can match your burst, but until the 15minute mark approximately, you will always have the upper hand in ganks. These matchups are both very similiar, but focusing on the 115.png first, when you roam, he will be able only to follow up your successful gank with a (R)ziggsr.png, and then a cleanup if you messed up the gank. Using his (E)ziggse.png and (W)ziggsw.png, if you aren't able to fight back (you didn't get any kills, and end up in a 3v3 with no cooldowns while 115.png has all of his) you will be screwed by his zone control. 

You will be able to either kill 115.png with some successful (Q)lissandraq.png followed up by a forced (R)lissandrar.png into a (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png + (E) + another (Qlissandraq.png if need be. Make sure you time your (W)lissandraw.png right after (R)lissandrar.pngs stun finishes so you get the max amount of CC possible, IF you are unable to kill him with full burst, or are just unsure.

With your hard CC and big gapclosing (E)lissandrae.png ability, you will be able to lock him down for your jungler very easily. 115.png relies on being out of range, where he can spam (Q)ziggsq.png all lane phase, so when you are receiving a gank, don't be afraid to 4.png in order to land an easy (R)lissandrar.png followed by (W)lissandraw.png to save your (E)lissandrae.png for damage, but more importantly, catch 115.png by surprise before he can react.

A good 115.png will grab 1.png VS 127.png so be wary of their summoner spells. Not only does 1.png remove the CC on him right on activation, but it also reduces the incoming CC by 65% for 3 seconds. This basically doesn't allow you to lock him down at all, but you're glass cannon 127.png so you'll basically blow him up without caring.

TLDR; you control the game against 115.png, but if he gets out of control from you messing up a gank and him cleaning up, things can get very scary if he's running 1.png. Without being ahead of him in order to one shot him every time you see him, you lose a lot of potential that you SHOULD have every time you face him.

Good luck! 




In this matchup, 26.png's double (Q)zileanq.png can clear waves just as fast as you. Even when you are one shotting waves with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png combo, he can just throw his zileanq.pngs on your tank wave, and the caster waves will walk into the second zileanq.png explosion to get instantly killed. I don't know if that sounded weird, but basically by the time that you can one shot the wave, he can as well. 

In terms of trading during lane phase, you just have to watch out for his (Q)zileanq.png throws. If he lands them on you, you will easily lose trades.  26.png's (Q)zileanq.png  has a bigger threat on you than your (Q)lissandraq.png on him, just because of the fact that he can combo two (Q)zileanq.png s from long range to land a stun on you, and combod with an auto attack, he will proc Thunderlord's Decree (if he is running the mastery). If he isn't running Thunderlord's Decree, each INDIVIDUAL bomb is more of a threat to you, but he will deal less in bursts of course.

The match up is very similar between both Thunderlord's Decree, and Death Fire Touch, so everything I've said about individual (Q)zileanq.png s compared to bursts, is all there is to say about it.

26.png scales very well into the late game, and with his purchases of 3027.png and/or 3003.png can net him very good consistent spam of abilities. 

The main issue, that you've definitely thought of with 127.png VS 26.png, is 26.png's (R)chronoshift.png "countering" 127.png. This is a very good counter to 127.png, but not in 1v1 situations. If you play it properly, and know your damage burst limits, you can (R)lissandrar.png him and burst him with (E)lissandrae.png + (Q)lissandraq.png + (W)lissandraw.png before he gets out of the stun and (R)chronoshift.pngs himself to revive from your burst. The only issue where his (R)chronoshift.png REALLY counters 127.png, is late game where you aren't exactly able to one shot  26.png before he can (R)chronoshift.png, and sadly late game the duration of him being able to revive himself or an ally, is too long for you to wait in the middle of a teamfight.

Depending on the skill level of a  26.png COMPARED to your 127.png skill level, you will either win or lose the game. HOWEVER, on a scale of 1-10 in terms of who has the better chance of winning, 1 being 127.png, and 10 being 26.png, the matchup starts on a 3. You have the upper hand generally, and especially in teamfights late game where everyone is bunched up, 26.png the sack of cojones champion of league of legends, can't (R)chronoshift.png everyone, so take advantage of all your abilities dealings AoE damage.

Have fun! :)