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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash 

     Flash is a stable summoner for most champions, including Lissandra. 

12.png Teleport

     Map pressure is the most essential part of playing Lissandra. Lissandra does not offer as much wave-clear, raw damage, or utility as other champions, but she excels in locking down enemies and long range initiation. The best way to win games with Lissandra is to influence the map and let your teammates carry you by setting them up for kills with your crowd control. Teleport is the best spell to snowball your teammates in the early and mid game when the course of the game is usually decided. 

     Teleport is also a get-out-of-jail-free card if you get killed or ganked early game and have to recall. It allows you to return to lane with minimal losses whereas other spells like ignite are too punishing for any mistakes.

     Lastly, having teleport late game allows you to be a split pusher since you have strong wave-clear late game so you can draw enemies to you while your team secures objectives or you can join your team if any fights break out.

New Runes Back to Top

     There is an even split between using the Sorcery or Inspiration tree as the primary runes among pro players. Personally, I prefer the Sorcery tree because Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 retains the cooldown of the original spell you're swapping. Since 4.png12.png are far superior to other spells, you want them to be up as much as possible so Summoner%20Specialist.png?width=32 is not as effective as it seems.

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=32 Summon Avery 
     This rune is stable because Lissandra has consistent poke with lissandraq.png and auto attacks so Avery procs frequently. Some players run Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 but I find that it's not as reliable and post lane phase when people pick up boots it's much harder to land.

The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 The Ultimate Hat
     This rune is highly recommended over Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 because Lissandra's passive lissandrapassive.png gives her innate mana sustain. Plus you'll usually be grabbing at least 1-2 1056.png during the lane phase for even more mana sustain so Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 is not as useful on her. More importantly, late game with max cooldown reduction your lissandrar.png is on a 40 second cooldown, meaning you can initiate or disengage whenever your team needs you to. In rare cases, you can even cast your ultimate twice in one long team fight.

Celerity.png?width=32 Celerity 
     Movespeed is the best choice for Lissandra because she is an early to mid-game roaming threat. Having more movespeed improves her map control as she can get to places faster. Transcendence.png?width=32 is not needed because her itemization leads her to CDR cap, and even if not, you will usually have blue buff to compensate.

Scorch.png?width=32 Scorch 
     Scorch is just the all-around best rune for this tree since the other two are pretty useless. The extra undodgeable damage on spells is nice for early game pokes and trades.
Magical%20Footwear.png?width=32 Magical Footwear 
     This is an amazing rune because you save 350 gold total for doing absolutely nothing. You save 300 gold on buying boots, and you get 50 gold reduction on boot upgrade, for 350 gold total.

Perfect%20Timing.png?width=32 Perfect Timing 
     Since you will be building  3157.pngin almost all of your games, this rune counts 300 gold towards Hourglass so you'll be getting more free gold for doing nothing. The stopwatch is also good to bait or survive bad situations because many people do not expect it so when they overcommit you can activate it and punish their overextension.

Abilities Back to Top

lissandrapassive.png Iceborn
     Iceborn gives Lissandra a no-mana-cost spell once in a while so she has better mana management than most other mages. This allows her to poke more frequently and rewards hitting spells since the cooldown reduces every time she lands a crowd control spell. This spell is also the reason you can run The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=32 instead of Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32 so you can have the luxury of mana sustain while lowering your mid/late game lissandrar.png cooldown.

lissandraq.png Ice Shard
     Ice Shard is Lissandra's main damage and wave-clearing tool so you should always max it first. A trick with this spell is that even if the enemy champion is out of range of the initial cast range, you can cast it on a minion shortly in front and the spell will split into a larger and longer AoE. 

lissandraw.png Ring of Frost
      Ring of Frost should be maxed last because the cc duration increase and the cooldown reduction are not significant enough to be prioritized over lissandrae.png. The spell range is also too low for it to be realistically spammed mid game so there is no need to max it second.

lissandrae.png Glacial Path
     Glacial Path provides extra wave-clear and lets you push side lanes faster. The cooldown reduction with each rank is also much larger than W so it should be prioritized as roaming is the key to this champion. Having more lissandrae.png available lets you be more slippery in and out of team fights and be a greater nuisance to the enemy team as they will be distracted by your landing position.
lissandrar.png Fozen Tomb
     Frozen Tomb, as most ultimate abilities, should be ranked up whenever possible (level 6, 11, 16). Early to mid game you will most likely be casting lissandrar.png on the enemies since you will be the one starting ganks. However, late game you should be ready to self-cast lissandrar.png because fights are much more volatile and Lissandra is not particularly tanky so if you attempt to start a fight by enemy-casting the spell you may find yourself quickly bursted down before you can further contribute. 

     One important thing to note is that when self-casted, Frozen Tomb completely negates all incoming and currently applied damage or effects, so the best time to self-cast it is when you know you will take heavy damage or unavoidable cc.

     This spell also heals a small amount when self-casted so it is better to cast when you're low-health, but I wouldn't worry too much about this because the difference is not too big and it is far more important to get the spell off in time to save your life than to greed for the extra few percentages of health recovered and risk dying.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Doran's Ring and 2 potions is a pretty generic and safe start. I don't recommend The Dark Seal and Refillable Potions because it doesn't provide health or mana regen.

Core Items

    Boots of Lucidity is essential as you want lower flash and teleport cooldowns, as well as general cooldowns on your abilities.
    Hextech Probelt should be the first main item because the burst is strongest early game when nobody has much health/magic resist. The small dash is also helpful for shortening distances when roaming.
    Hourglass should be the second main item because Lissandra's cc is reliant on her being in close range to her opponents. Having Hourglass allows her to survive in tough situations while her teammates catch up to her cc'd targets.
    In general, by the time you finish your third major item the enemy team probably has a respectable magic resist built up so Void Staff should be built around this time to push your damage.
    Banshee's a good choice because Hourglass provides armor, Protobelt provides health, and Banshee's provides magic resist, making her overall more durable in fights.

Situational Items

    Ninja Tabi is a good option if the opponent team is very physical damage/auto attack heavy. Mercury Threads is also good if they have a lot of cc.
    Rod of Ages can be rushed in place of Hextech Protobelt if you're in a difficult match-up because of the sustain and health it gives.
    If you're against high mobility/long range opponents Frost Queen's Claim's slow makes you catch up much more easily and provides an extra cc. The passive gold income also adds up nicely.
    If the enemy team does not have much magic resist you can skip the Void Staff and build a Deathcap instead for more raw AP.
    Liandry's can be bought in place of Void Staff and Deathcap if the enemy team has mostly squishy champions and health-stacking tanks as it provides raw magic penetration and % hp burn that amplifies well with Lissandra's massive cc kit.
    You can substitute this item for Protobelt if your opponents are mobile to let your team catch up even more.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Diana
  • Jayce
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Malzahar
  • Orianna
  • Ryze
  • Syndra
  • Twisted Fate
  • Xerath
  • Yasuo




Ahri is a pretty easy match up as she's skill shot based and you have better wave clear and pushing power with lissandraq.pnglissandrapassive.pnglissandrae.png

After level 6 you have faster burst and stronger crowd control to stop her all-ins.




Akali is very weak pre-6 so you can freely poke her with auto attacks and lissandraq.png. Disengage with lissandraw.png whenever she gets too close with shroud. Post-6 if she attempts to all-in you with her R, use lissandraw.png to stop her and lissandrae.png to get away from further dashes. Only use lissandrar.png as a last resort or finisher because Akali has high sustain and chasing potential so using it too early may not help you that much.




Anivia has longer range and better wave-clear so she is able to play back and farm safely to outscale you. The good news is that she doesn't have much kill potential against you so you can free-farm as well. The best way to play against these champions is to abuse their low mobility and roam a lot.




Annie is extremely low range and has predictable combos so you can keep poking her with lissandraq.png and deflect her all-ins with self-cast lissandrar.png since Annie is low range enough that the AoE from self-cast lissandrar.png will hit her.


Aurelion Sol


Aurelion Sol has stronger wave-clear and roaming potential than Lissandra so it is difficult to push him in or to match his roams. The best way to deal with Aurelion Sol is to push in as much as you can when he roams and try to follow with 12.png




Azir can poke and wave-clear from way beyond your lissandraq.png range so there is little you can do. Post 6 if you try to initiate with lissandrae.png he can simply dash or push you away. There is not much to do this lane and you should look to roam whenever possible.




Cassiopeia has less wave-clear but a lot more damage and sustain. I wouldn't try to fight her 1v1 in lane and just push her under tower then go roam and apply map pressure. She does not have any mobility so she cannot react as quickly as other champions.




Similar to Akali, she is very easy to abuse pre-6 and post-6 she can be dealt easily as Akali with lissandraw.pnglissandrae.png.




Jayce has a low cooldown burst rotation so there is not much you can nullify with lissandrar.png. He also has respectable wave-clear and mobility so he can match your push and roams. It is difficult to beat him in lane since he will most likely rush a hexdrinker. I recommend not dealing with him at all and roam/teleport as much as you can afford to.




Kassadin is also difficult to play into because of his passive and spammable magic shield from his Q. He can also nullify most post-6 all ins with his R blink when he sees you attempting to initiate with lissandrae.png. However, Kassadin has almost no wave-clear so the best way to deal with him is to not deal with him at all and roam.




Katarina has more burst and mobility than Lissandra but she needs to be in melee range to do most of her damage. You can try to poke her down with lissandraq.png and stay away from her daggers on the floor. If she jumps on you disengage with lissandraw.png and return a few auto attacks. Post-6 save your lissandrar.png until she casts her R or there is nothing you can retaliate with since your lissandrae.png would most likely be on cool down from escape her first few dagger blinks.




Malzahar has a similar wave-clear power curve to Lissandra so it will be difficult to push him in. His passive shield also makes him difficult to initiate on with lissandrar.png

To hit him with lissandrar.png you have to lissandrae.png forward to break his passive with an auto attack or lissandraq.png, but that would put you in range of his R, which can potentially one-combo you since he will most likely silence you right after his R ends, rendering you unable to self-cast lissandrar.png.




Orianna doesn't have amazing damage and her wave-clear is not particularly strong until mid game but she is difficult to poke because of her shield and long ball range. Post-6 it is better to self-cast lissandrar.png to negate her R because if it hits you, you will most likely be hit with the follow-up Q/W. 




Ryze is fairly low range and have similar levels of wave-clear. He usually rushes 2 mana items (3070.png3010.png) so he won't be tanky or threatening early.




Syndra is easy to deal with because Lissandra has stronger wave-clear early on and Syndra has mana issues if she spams too many spells to wave-clear. Post-6 you can nullify her R damage by self-casting lissandrar.png.


Twisted Fate


His wave-clear is terrible until mid/late game so you can easily push him in and roam. The only problem with this match-up is that he can roam and apply more map pressure than you so when you initiate a gank after pushing him in, he has time to clear it then instant teleport down to match you. But this isn't usually a problem because you have more cc and damage than him.




Xerath has much longer range and stronger wave-clear than Lissandra but he is extremely immobile and his stun is very predictable. Pre-6 there is not much you can do because he can outrange and outdamage you. But post-6 you can seek an all-in by dodging his stun with your lissandrae.png




Yasuo is easy to deal with because you can constantly break his passive shield with auto attacks or lissandraq.png. If he tries to dash onto you with his E you can stop his advances with lissandraw.png

Should You Play Lissandra? Back to Top

     Unfortunately, Lissandra is not a meta champion for a good reason. She does not do anything particularly well compared to other champions, nor does she counterpick many champions. 

     Lissandra has average wave-clear compared to other mages. She can push out champions like Kassadin, but get shoved in by many other popular meta picks like Zoe, Malzahar, etc.

     She has average damage output compared to damage dealers like Cassiopeia, Syndra, Akali, etc.

     She has much lower range than most mages like Orianna, Azir, Xerath, etc.

     However, she has one of the most loaded crowd control kit in mid lane, boasting 2 slows, 1 snare, and 1 stun. Unfortunately, her cc is held back by her low range since her snare is practically melee range and her stun is much shorter range than other mage's cc. 

     Her biggest redemption is her E because it is an extremely long gap closer/escape that can be chosen not to be reactivated if her pursuers chase too far down the path. This little interaction gives you room for outplays, but most of the time you will be using it to chase down enemies to cc for your team.

     So, should you play Lissandra? I would say go for it because she is a very under-picked champion so players may not know the full extent of her kit's potential. Also if you find her fun to play there is no reason not to play her simply because she isn't meta. League of Legends is a video game and you should always aim to prioritize fun over victory. 

When Should You Play Lissandra? Back to Top

     Like I mentioned in the previous section, Lissandra does not excel in any particular aspect, but is an average jack of all trades. Even more so because she is not a strong meta pick, you should not blindly pick her every game.

  • You have a magic damage top and jungle - you need to pick a physical damage mid laner to make up for the lack of physical damage since your bot lane will very likely be heavily focused and put behind if you pick Lissandra and leave your marksman to be the only source of physical damage.
  • You have a physical damage top and jungle - you need to pick a heavy-damage mage mid laner to make up for the all physical team composition because Lissandra's damage output in a team fight is subpar, and if your team is relying on you as the sole magic damage dealer then your team going to have trouble getting through their tanks.
  • You are the first pick - this is fundamentally the same reasoning as the above two points because if you draft Lissandra early and your team does not draft around you accordingly you're going to have a bad time. 
  • Your team has all scaling champions with no follow-up cc or damage - the biggest reason to play Lissandra is to utilize her crowd control and mobility to set up ganks for your teammates. If your teammates have no follow-up then there is no point picking Lissandra because your roams are likely to fail.
  • You have a balanced team composition - your team has an even mixture of physical and magic damage even without you.
  • The enemy team has a mobile/high damage assassin/carry - you can use Lissandra's instant stun and snare to lock down priority targets for your team.
  • The enemy mid laner is a high-burst all-in champion - your self-cast R can nullify almost all of their kill-potential if you time it correctly and completely shut down their kits.

Early Game Laning Back to Top

     Lissandra has a notoriously horrible auto attack animation and low base physical damage. Last hitting with Lissandra's auto attacks takes many games to learn. I recommend practicing a few games against bots and try last hitting only with auto attacks and no spells to get used to the slow wind-up.

     Since her passive gives her a cost-less spell every now and then, and you will almost always have it up when minions spawn. I recommend throwing your lissandraq.png out at the first wave as soon as possible to start the passive cooldown. This lets you push in earlier than most other champions since they are not likely to throw spells that early into the game. Getting the first wave pushed in early lets you place a deeper ward into enemy raptors to track their jungler.

     lissandraq.png splits into a wider and longer AoE after contact with the first unit hit, so you can position yourself to poke champions further than the initial cast range to sneak in a few surprise hits. 

     Due to the aforementioned slow auto attack wind-up animation, you can bypass a lot of the animation by throwing a lissandraq.png mid auto attack animation for a faster and more potent poke. This also allows you to drop minion aggro faster because you are locked in the auto attack animation for a lower amount of time, giving you more time to back off and reset aggro.

     Avoid using lissandrae.png to wave-clear early game because the mana cost and damage are not efficient at that point and it is the only mobility/escape you have so you must conserve it for ganks.

     A good way to escape early ganks is to first cast lissandrae.png, then when it is about halfway towards the end, cast lissandraw.pngto snare your opponents in place, then re-activate lissandrae.png to blink to safety. This method is better than casting lissandraw.png first because the snare duration early game is not long enough for the entire travel time of lissandrae.png. So it is likely for them to cc you while you attempt to blink away, but snaring them in place and leaving melee range usually prevents immediate hard cc that would stop you from re-activating lissandrae.png.


Mid Game Map Pressure Back to Top

     Roaming and map pressuring are essentially the only reasons to pick Lissandra in this meta. So it is important to roam as much as possible to get your team a lead because late game you're not very useful compared to other mages. 

     The best and traditional way to set up a roam is to first push in your wave to the tower so you don't lose any gold/exp and force the enemy mid laner to stay under tower to last hit or lose gold/exp. The best lane to roam is usually bottom lane because the marksman is usually squishy and immobile and you have two people to follow-up on your cc instead of just one. If possible, avoid using lissandrae.png to close your distance and rely on good positioning and gank entry and save lissandrae.png for when they use their mobility spells. However, usually this won't be possible with proper warding from the enemy team so if possible, cast lissandrae.png as ahead of them as you can and lissandraw.png snare them in place before landing a guaranteed lissandraq.png. Save lissandrar.png until as late as possible because it is your strongest and most reliant cc so if they use their escape spells after you will have a difficult time catching up. 

     Lissandra does not do much damage to objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald, so your job in an objective-centered fight is to zone off the enemy team with your cc-threats and buy time for your teammates to deal with the objective. When you see that the objective is close to dying, you can throw a lissandrae.png towards the enemy team and force them to play reactively to it and divert their focus of the objective. However, don't re-activate it unless you are sure your team will be able to follow-up and help you in time because the lissandrae.png is only casted as a threat, not an initiation.

   During mid-game is when you are at the point where you can afford to build either Protobelt, GLP, or Frost Queen's. In general, Protobelt is better because the mini-dash and burst goes well her kit. However, GLP and Frost Queen's slows are better if the enemy team is mobile or if your team isn't. This is because slowing enemies allows your team to catch up to them whereas boosting yourself only lets you catch up. 

Late Game Split Pushing Back to Top

     If you have made it to late game as Lissandra there are not many options left for you because she deals subpar damage to champions and is too low-range to poke in sieges. The best way to play Lissandra late game is to commit to split pushing and force the enemy team to deal with you and make the game 4v4 then look for an opportunity to join the fight before your opponent to make it a 5v4 temporarily. 

     A little trick you can do is to hide in fog of war after clearing a wave and pretend to join your team. If a fight were to break out and your opponent channels 12.png you can quickly lissandrae.png out of fog and lissandraw.png him to stop the channel. 

     If you don't like split pushing and want to siege lanes with your team then your role as Lissandra is the initiator with your lissandrae.pnglissandrar.png3157.png. The best initiation is to dive onto a carry and stun him for your team to follow, however, beware that most people will build a 3140.png late game against Lissandra so be sure to check their items before committing that hard. If they do have a 3140.png, either try to bait it with lissandraw.png (which probably won't work because you will be forced to self-cast lissandrar.png or 3157.png almost immediately after diving in), or pick another target to stun.

     If you find yourself unable to initiate because the enemy team has too much instant crowd control for you to dive in, you should play as disengage or peeler for your team and kite back with backward lissandraq.png spams. Use lissandraw.png to peel your carries as necessary and lissandrar.png to stun a priority target. 

Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks Back to Top

  • Since lissandraq.png scatters into an AoE upon contact with a unit hit, you can use this to check unwarded brushes to see if anyone is in it because if someone is there your lissandraq.png will break.
  • lissandrae.png can trick your opponents into taking a different path because you can choose not to re-activate it if they commit too much for the claw mark chase. Try walking towards the opposite direction of your claw mark to force your opponents to consider your actual landing position.
  • lissandraq.png has a small animation time but lissandraw.png is instant so you can cast lissandraw.png immediately after casting lissandraq.png to save the lissandraq.png animation time.
  • Similar to the previous tip, lissandraq.png stops your character's movement momentarily but lissandraw.png does not interrupt movement. So it is best to use it to start a trade/combo with lissandraw.png because you can shorten the distance between your target and allow for a guaranteed lissandraq.png hit.
  • Lissandra has an extremely annoying grunting sound when auto attacking; you can abuse that knowledge as you like (for example spamming and canceling auto attacks in the laning phase to trigger the grunting sound repeatedly).

Change Log Back to Top

12/24/2017 - Guide Creation

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