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Summoner Spells Back to Top

~~~ Summoner Spells Breakdown ~~~

7.png ~ This is the most common summoner spell for marksmen because it gives a good heal to yourself and allies around you. It can quickly turn the tide in a 2 v 2 fight bot lane. Also, the movement speed granted is minimal but it can help with kiting and engaging/disengaging.

4.png ~ The best summoner spell in the game 100%. There are multiple uses for 4.png. It can save you from death many times. It can also allow you to finish off a kill.

~~~ Alternatives ~~~

1.png ~ This is a good summoner spell if you are facing an enemy team that has a lot of Crowd Control (stuns, snares, roots, silences, fears, etc.). However, the reason why I'd prefer to take 7.png over 1.png is because instead of 1.png you can purchase a 3140.png.

14.png ~ Not really a good summoner spell for a marksman. Your job is not to deal burst damage or go all in. You need to stay alive and deal consistent damage to the target closest to you. 14.png doesn't suit marksmen very well because of these reasons. Try to communicate with your support and let them take 14.png.

21.png ~ This summoner spell is being overshadowed by 7.png21.png still provides a good shield but 7.png is much more versatile and better.  

3.png ~ Let your support take this summoner spell. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

~~~ Masteries Breakdown ~~~

  • Ferocity Tree:
Fury vs. Sorcery - Fury
It gives attack speed which combined with your runes gives you a total of 18% extra attack speed.

Double-Edged Sword vs. Feast vs. Exposed Weakness - Feast
It gives good sustain and helps with survivalability. 
Alternate Route: Double-Edged Sword
This is the other option to go. Personal preference. You deal more damage but take more damage. High-risk high-reward scenario.

Vampirism vs. Natural Talent - Vampirism
Helps you recover health by auto attacks and using your spells. Good for sustain.
Alternate Route: Natural Talent
It was buffed in Patch 6.12 to increase its stats during early levels in the game and it can help increase 236.png's overall damage. Also personal preference.

Bounty Hunter vs. Oppressor - Oppressor
It can synergize with your allies to deal more damage.
Alternate Route: Bounty Hunter
Personal preference.

Battering Blows vs. Piercing Thoughts - Battering Blows
Since your abilities deal physical damage, you need armor penetration instead of magic penetration.

Going down the ferocity mastery tree for marksmen allows the use of the keystone masteries Warlord's BloodlustFervor of Battle, and Deathfire Touch
*student raises hand*
Student: "Which keystone should we use for marksmen?"

Good question. 

Warlord's Bloodlust: This mastery gives you lifesteal based on your health against champions or minions. This keystone is usually used on short-ranged marksmen such as 119.png22.png15.png222.png. For example, if you are facing a poke composition bot lane, it might be a good idea to take this keystone for the extra sustain.

Fervor of Battle: This mastery will generate stacks whenever you hit enemy champions with auto attacks or abilities. Your basic attacks then deal damage based on how many stacks you acquire (max 8 stacks). This keystone is good for champions that weave auto attacks in with their abilities, such as 236.png
Deathfire Touch: Use this keystone only on 202.png. It helps with his spell damage and harass.
  • Cunning Tree:
Wanderer vs. Savagery - Savagery
Helps with last hitting at level 1~2.

Runic Affinity vs. Secret Stash vs. Assassin - Secret Stash
It gives you very good biscuits and sustain. Good for laning phase. The other two don't synergize at all with the role of a marksman.

Merciless vs. Meditation - Merciless
Gives you an extra boost to damage when finishing off enemy champions.

Bandit vs. Dangerous Game - Dangerous Game
It saves lives! Bandit doesn't benefit marksmen at all. 

Abilities Back to Top


~~~ Skills Breakdown ~~~

undefined.png ~ 236.png's passive is what makes him such a good duelist and skirmisher. Always make good use of his passive by weaving in auto attacks with your abilities. Here is an example:

You first use your lucianQ.png on the enemy champion. Now, your lucianpassive.png is available. You proc both shots from your lucianpassive.png and then immediately after you follow it up with your lucianE.png. This allows for another use of your lucianpassive.png. Proc both shots and then you use your lucianW.png to follow up with another two shots from your lucianpassive.png. It is important to make extremely good use of 236.png's lucianpassive.png because it can make or break a fight.

In reality, the ideal combo for 236.png's kit is: lucianE.png -> lucianpassive.png -> lucianQ.png -> lucianpassive.png -> lucianW.png -> lucianpassive.png. The reason why you use your lucianE.png first before any of your other spells is because its cooldown is lowered each time your lucianpassive.png goes off. This allows you to use your lucianE.png very often during fights.

lucianQ.png ~ 236.png's main form of ability damage. Use it to poke, harass, skirmish, clear minion waves, etc. Note that this ability is not a skill-shot. You must have a target close by to lock on to which will then activate the ability in a straight line from your target. A tip during laning phase is to use your lucianQ.png on enemy minions and try to extend it to where it will poke the enemy marksman right behind their minions.

lucianW.png ~ Good for chasing and kiting. The movement speed when you or allies hit champions can come in handy. You can also use this ability to check fog of war areas such as brushes (it will reveal champions in fog of war). Note that your teammates can proc the movement speed buff for you as well. Try to mark multiple enemy champions during team fights to have a good chance of gaining movement speed for kiting.

lucianE.png ~ 236.png's engager and disengager. This dash can be used to escape skillshots or crowd control. Use this ability to reposition during team fights. Also remember that you can use lucianE.png while you are lucianR.png. The reason why you should max this after your lucianQ.png is because of the mana reduction and cooldown reduction. At max level, this ability costs 0 mana and has a 14 second cooldown. Wait? 0 mana? Yep. And also since your lucianpassive.png reduces this ability's cooldown, it really has a 4~6 second cooldown. Value!

lucianR.png ~ Good form of waveclear and poke damage. You usually dont want to use this during a close team fight but instead use it before a team fight or after a team fight. Sometimes, you can use this ability to poke out a squishy enemy champions before a team fight to make them more vulnerable and more afraid to stay around.  

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best Starting Items

Core Items

    Build Option #1
    Build Option #2

Situational Items

    Get this if you think your lane is going to be a "farm lane" or if you fell behind early. Usually this item will get more value once you complete all the stacks.
    A good item against a heavy AP enemy team.

~~~ Starting Items ~~~

For 236.png's starting items and for every other marksman, go 1055.png with a 2003.png and the 3340.png. The 1055.png provides good sustainability during laning phase and early levels.  

If you find yourself going back early and have around 450 gold, consider purchasing a 1083.png rather than just a 1036.png or 1001.png. The 1083.png will gain back its value once you complete the 100 stacks. 

~~~ Build Option #1 ~~~


The first build option for 236.png is the 3142.png and 3071.png route. This build provides a movement and attack speed buff with the 3142.png and armor shredding with the 3071.png. It also gives 30% cooldown reduction. I would suggest going this build against a team that might stack armor.

~~~ Build Option #2 ~~~


The second build option for 236.png is the crit build. It provides critical chance and damage as well as some mana restoration. This is the 'standard' 236.png build because it involves everything that 236.png needs: good damage, mana help, straight attack speed. So which build is better?

It is personal preference. The build you go should fit your play-style. Which ever build brings you the most success is what you should go.

~~~ Situational Items ~~~

3156.png - This item is great against a heavy AP team or against an assassin that could burst you down. Besides the shield, it also gives armor penetration and attack damage, which suit 236.png's kit very well.

3036.png or 3033.png? - If you are facing an enemy team that has a lot of lifesteal, spell vamp, or healing, ex: (50.png36.png16.png8.png) go with the 3033.png. Otherwise, go with the 3036.png for more damage and 1 v 1 potential. 

3153.png - This item doesn't go well with 236.png's kit. Since most of your damage will come from your abilities and weaving auto attacks, 3153.png doesn't do you any good.

3072.png - This item can go good as a 4th or 5th item after your main build. I don't recommend rushing it. However, it is a very good late game to help you stay alive during prolonged team fights. It gives good stats!

3046.png or 3087.png or 3094.png? - The 3046.png is the best overall attack speed item for marksmen. But there are other situational options to consider. I suggest going with 3087.png if your team lacks waveclear. Otherwise, the  3094.png is a good choice if you find yourself staying back in team fights or being zoned out.

3006.png or 3009.png? - Because of the nerf to 3009.png and the buff to 3006.png, it makes more sense to buy the 3006.png now.

But what about 3158.png? - I would go with 3006.png instead simply because they are stronger.

~~~ Defensive Items ~~~

3139.png - This is your go-to late game defensive item for most marksmen. You get a very useful 1.png active and it also gives damage, life steal, and magic resist. 8/10 you should get this item every game since most teams will have at least one heavy CC.

3102.png - This item is kind of being overshadowed by the 3139.png. However, the stats it supplies are not bad and the shield is good against a heavy poke team.

3026.png - This should be your last item if you choose to buy it. That means you should sell your 1055.png for this item.

~~~ Extras ~~~

3363.png - Switch your 3340.png to the 3363.png at level 9 immediately. Use the 3363.png to spot objectives that the enemy team might be taking such as baron or dragon. Since you don't really want to be that close to place a ward with 3340.png that you might get caught out, 3363.png is much better for marksmen.

2140.png - Full build? Go for it.

2043.png - Spare your support the hassle to always pink the bottom lane. Be a friendly marksman. :) 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Miss Fortune
  • Sivir
  • Vayne




During laning phase you can bully 22.png a little bit. However, 22.png has annoying poke with her asheW.png and she can synergize with her support and jungler when she has her asheR.png. Try not to overextend and be too aggressive to where you can get caught out by her asheR.png.

Patch 6.18: Her asheW.png cooldown was increased very slightly. This shouldn't affect her that much. However, with the combined nerfs of this patch and the last patch, we might be seeing 22.png drop a level in the current meta and shift to more of a unique support marksman role.




Because of 51.png's recent buffs with her caitlynyordletrap.png, she has become even stronger during sieges. Don't be afraid to skirmish against 51.png. Just be careful and don't get caught by her caitlynyordletrap.png or slowed by her caitlynentrapment.png because then her caitlynpassive.png can deal some serious damage. Boom. Headshot. If you try to fight her, you must go all-in or the fight will not turn in your favor because of 51.png's long range. 



119.png does a lot of damage and he will chunk your health down if you aren't careful. It's hard to trade with him unless you get your full combo off but at that time the enemy support would intervene. Try to play safe until your jungler ganks. At that point, you need to all-in the 119.png. If 119.png gets CC'd he can't catch his axes which will help you win the fight.

Patch 6.17: Just a slight buff to his dravenrcast.png. Shouldn't be a drastic change that would make 119.png harder to beat in lane.




This a basically a skill matchup. You can dodge 81.png's skillshots with your lucianE.png81.png is weak in the early game because he is mainly focused on stacking his Tear.

Patch 6.17: His ezrealpassive.png was buffed slightly. This isn't a huge buff but be sure to take notice that he gains more attack speed in between spells.



202.png does not have an escape so call for your jungler to gank if they overextend. Be careful so that 202.png doesn't get his jhinpassive.png's 4th proc on you because it does a lot of damage. Also try to dodge his jhinW.png.

Patch 6.17: Finally some 202.png nerfs...hehe. His jhinR.png damage was decreased which makes it more balanced and not overpowered. Because of this nerf, he might be easier to fight during laning phase.



222.png is a tough champion to stop once she gets rolling. So don't let her. You should be able to bully 222.png early game before she gets her major items. Don't get caught in her jinxE.png.

Patch 6.17: Her jinxR.png damage was increased. This shouldn't be too much of an issue though. Just try not to get low health and be a straggler. She can definitely pick you off with this damage buff.


Miss Fortune


Honestly I think this matchup is relatively easy. 21.png has zero escapes so she gets CC'd you can easily chunk her down. Just be careful to not stand directly behind your minions because she can use her missfortunericochetshot.png which can bounce to you and deals a lot of damage. Also, try not to get pinned to where you are stuck in her missfortunebullettime.png.




This matchup is kind of annoying. She can spellshield.png your lucianQ.png so try to bait out her shield with your lucianW.png.  15.png has extremely fast wave clear so be wary of fighting her without any ally minions.

Patch 6.17: Her ricochet.png and onthehunt.png were nerfed which will surely affect her laning phase and late game potential. However, 15.png is still one of those champions that can get away with nerfs like these. She has insane waveclear with her spiralblade.png & ricochet.png combo, and her onthehunt.png provides excellent utility during team fights.




She can out-skirmish you so be careful to not 1 v 1 her unless you are really ahead. Also note that she can vaynetumble.png out of your lucianQ.png.

Once 67.png hits level 6, you should be careful to fight her. However, during early laning phase you should be able to bully her around.

Patch 6.17: vaynetumble.png buff...doesn't really affect her much. 

Why Lucian? Back to Top


Why Lucian?


  • Great damage
  • Great versatile kit
  • Insane spammable lucianE.png
  • Top-tier marksman
  • Good duelist and skirmisher
  • Good waveclear
  • Medium skill-cap
  • Can carry if really ahead


  • Hard to salvage if you're set behind
  • ...

236.png is a top-tier marksman with great versatility. His skill-cap isn't very high and he is fairly easy to learn. He doesn't have many counters and he is a beast come mid game. He is ranked very high in the top tier of meta marksmen and has been dominating the Rift in competitive play.

August 28, 2016 Update: In the competitive scene of League of Legends, 236.png has dropped down a bit in the meta. This doesn't mean that 236.png is in any way non-existent. He is certainly still a very capable marksman! 

Laning Phase Back to Top

~~~ Laning Phase Breakdown ~~~

236.png is a strong laner and you should definitely take advantage of his ability to bully the enemy bot lane. Here are the steps to start up a game:

1. Leash for your jungler or take the krug/toad camp. If your jungler is starting at either the krug camp (BLUE SIDE) or the toad camp (PURPLE SIDE), be sure to give him a good leash. In order to do this, use one auto attack, follow that up with your lucianQ.png, and then two more auto attacks from your lucianpassive.png passive. This will help your jungler clear the camp most effectively. If your jungler is not starting at the krug or toad camp, communicate with your support to take the jungle camp. It is fairly easy to take the camp with your support. You should tank at maximum two hits from the camp and then let your support take the rest. Be sure to finish off the camp to get the most gold and exp. The reason why you should take the jungle camp instead of heading to lane without it is because of the experience gained from it. It gives you a quick option to level 2 once you are in lane.

2. After you leash or take the jungle camp, head to lane and try to gain level 2 before the enemy bot lane does without shoving the minion wave into the tower. The reason for this is because if they hit level 2 before you do, you are at a big DISADVANTAGE and you should immediately respect them. However, if you hit level 2 before they do, be sure to take ADVANTAGE of their DISADVANTAGE. This is because once you and your support hit level 2, you get to skill another ability. This means that you have two whole abilities over the other bot laners. Usually, level 2 versus level 1 fights will result in a kill if you can synergize with your support.

3. Be sure to last hit minions and try to deny the other marksman from getting minions but be careful not to get caught out. You can poke the enemy with your lucianQ.png through minions. Your goal during laning phase should be to gain more out of it than the other marksman. That means you should have more CS than they do, more gold than they do, more kills than they do. You just want to outscale them so when you hit mid-late game, you can transform into a beast and carry during team fights while they feel useless. 

Minions & Freezing Back to Top

Yes...a whole section for minions. I feel that it is important to understand the presence that minions fill in the lane. Here are some tips:

1. Don't fight in the other team's minions.
This means that if you are standing in the other team's minions you will take more damage and likely lose a fight. Make note of this while you are playing marksman. Minions will automatically target you if you attack an enemy champion in range. Be careful and try not to take a lot of damage from minions.

2. Understand minion mechanics.
Minion mechanics?! Well not really. But you should understand how to freeze or push a lane. Usually, freezing a lane is done when you are ahead of the other marksman and you want to play bully for a bit. In order to freeze, all you need to do is stop attacking minions unless you go for a last hit. Freezing a lane best works if the lane is pushed up to your tower to where the minions don't get hit by the tower or in the middle of the lane. A freeze will not work if you are pushed up to their tower. Freezing will deny the other marksman farm and experience. They will be afraid to step towards the minion wave because you and your support will be zoning them away from the wave. As I said, this usually only works if you are ahead and can really show your power. Be careful for enemy jungler ganks.

3. Bot lane is party.
Bot lane can become very fun but not when you get constantly tp'd on by the enemy top laner and ganked by the enemy jungler. In order to combat ganks, be sure to not be pushed up constantly against the enemy tower. It is okay to every now and then get some damage on the tower or shove a wave in to deny experience and gold. But don't stay near their tower the whole laning phase. You're just asking to get ganked. 

Support Synergies Back to Top

~~~ Synergies Breakdown ~~~

Ideal supports for 236.png are universal. Any support can help 236.png in their own specific way because of how versatile 236.png is. But here is a short tier list on my opinions of support synergies for 236.png:

S Tier -

201.png - Talk about crowd control. 201.png's braumpassive.png and your lucianpassive.png work very well together to combine and lock an enemy champion down. This duo bot lane is super annoying for enemy laners. Coordinate with 201.png when he uses his braumR.png to use your full combo.

412.png - 412.png is the perfect support. He has everything that a marksman needs: hook, shield, escape, slow, knock-up. Once 412.png lands his threshQ.png, use your combo and you should be able to get out a summoner spell or even a kill. The kill pressure and potential that a 236.png412.png lane brings is big. Note: if you use your lucianR.png and take 412.png's threshW.png, your ult will cancel automatically. 
Patch 6.17: His threshR.png cooldown was decreased. This just makes 412.png even a better option for support!

43.png - Great utility! 43.png's kit has very good versatility and utility for 236.png. Her karmasoulshield.png has good chasing potential and her other abilities allow her to CC enemy targets.

432.png - 432.png has good utility for 236.png and his CC abilities (bardQ.pngbardR.png) allow you to use your combo. Also, bardE.png are op. Something cool to do with bardE.png is that you can lucianR.png through the portal! Be aware that during laning phase, 432.png will likely be roaming around collecting his chimes for his bardpassive.png. This will sometimes put you in a 2v1 situation. Play safe during this time and wait for 432.png to return to lane. 

223.png - UNBENCH THE KENCH! 223.png has seen his way into the competitive scene as support. 223.png has decent CC and a unique tahmkenchW.png which allows him to eat you for a certain amount of time making you unhurtable. 223.png is a safe support during laning phase, but once he gets his tahmkenchR.png, you can start to affect other lanes (especially mid.) His ult allows you and 223.png to teleport to a spot within range. 

A Tier - 

16.png - This can be an aggressive duo bot lane. You should play aggressive because of 16.png's ability to astralblessing.png heal. However, there is a drop off because you will likely be running out of mana and since 16.png doesn't have a built-in escape, the enemy jungler might look to camp your lane. 

44.png - Once 44.png uses his shatter.png on you, you can use your lucianE.png to set up his dazzle.png (just try not to dash straight in to them). 44.png has a good heal and most importantly he has a good ultimate which can turn the tide of battle in your favor. He isn't super strong in the current meta which is why he is only A tier.

143.png - #themostannoyinglaneever. Her plants do a lot of annoying damage and she is super annoying to deal with. When she lands a zyraE.png on the enemy, try to follow it up with your combo. Note that she has no escapes and is quite squishy. 

25.png - Good shield and CC. Honestly, the only reason I ranked her in A tier is because she isn't seen too often in the meta.
Patch 6.17: Her blackshield.png range was increased. This buff shouldn't affect her position too drastically on the tier list however. 

40.png - 40.png has a good shield in her eyeofthestorm.png and her abilities can help peel for you during team fights. However, she doesn't have a built-in escape and is very squishy.  

37.png - Patch 6.14 has adjusted 37.png and her abilities. Her sonaariaofperseverance.png and sonasongofdiscord.png are better and her sonacrescendo.png lowers the cooldown of her other 3 abilities. They also lowered the damage from her sonahymnofvalor.png. These adjustments make 37.png a definite utility support instead of a damage support. This is decent with 236.png because of her constant heals and movement speed buffs which can allow you to play a bit more aggressive. She still seems quite squishy however.

267.png - 267.png is an overall good support. She has a 2 CC abilities (namiQ.pngnamiR.png) 1 heal (namiW.png) and 1 buff (namiE.png). When 267.png lands her namiQ.png, be sure to use your combo on the enemy. The cool thing about 267.png is that her namiW.png can heal you and pass on to enemies to damage them. Ideally, your combined damage isn't too bad. She can use her namiE.png on you which buffs your attack damage and applies a slow. Just be careful because 267.png doesn't have any escapes and she is easy to gank pre level 6. She is also a squishy mermaid.

B Tier -

89.png - Weak in the current meta but she can still be played because of her perma-CC abilities. 

117.png - Changes might be coming which could bump 117.png up. 

1.png - 1.png has kind of fallen out of the meta but she is still a good pick for a full kill potential lane. She obviously has ridiculous damage and a great stun which should allow you to use your full combo for some kills. But she has no escapes and is quite squishy as well. She is also outclassed by other S tier supports.

53.png - 53.png has a neat hook and knock-up and silence which can instantly kill someone added onto your full combo. But this lane really is only for picks. The only thing  53.png can do in a team fight is lay his staticfield.png down and punch some people. Plus, many people can dodge his rocketgrab.png with a dash or side-step. I'd definitely prefer a 412.png or 43.png over 53.png.

If I missed any supports please comment below! :D

Mid & Late Game Back to Top

~~~ Mid-Late Game Breakdown ~~~

Mid-game and late-game consists of the period of the game when laning phase is over and the teams usually group. Try to take the enemy bot lane tower before grouping as it gives more map pressure for your team. During the current meta, the top laner will take 12.png most of the time. This allows him to split-push while your team groups and whenever a fight starts to break out, he can 12.png in. 
Your job as the marksman is to stay alive during team fights and to attack the target that is CLOSEST to you. This sometimes will mean attacking their tank or bruiser. Usually the enemy team will try to kill you first; always remember that during team fights. Especially enemy assassins such as (107.png7.png76.png121.png) are a pain in the butt for marksmen. Try to stay with your team and when you get dove onto just try to kite and hopefully your team will react and peel for you.

So during team fights, use your lucianQ.png and lucianW.png on the closest targets and be sure to re-position yourself with your lucianE.png. You should be literally spamming your lucianE.png during fights because it triggers your lucianpassive.png and it is a free dash. I'm lovin it.

The final result should be you destroying the nexus and completely annihilating their base. 

Kiting Back to Top

~~~ Kiting Breakdown ~~~

Kiting is the ability to move, attack, move, attack while keeping space between yourself and the enemy champion. Kiting is especially effective against melee champions because they have to be right on you to deal damage. This is why it is crucial to learn how to kite to play marksman. And it is easy to learn kiting! Start up a custom game and practice. Move, attack, move, attack, move, attack. As a marksman, always try to move. Don't stand still. And as always, attack.

Here are some videos of me just playing against some bots and practicing kiting: 


About Me Back to Top

Hi there! Thanks for reading through my 236.png guide (WOW 100k VIEWS!)! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post in the comment section. 

I have played League of Legends since Season 2 and I've acheived Gold 1 which I gained during Season 4. Currently, I sit at Gold V on my main account as I have not taken the time to climb since my placement matches. I can play every role decently, but I excel at marksman and mid! I'm a 64.png one-trick-pony in the jungle so I might make a guide on him! :D

If you wish to look up my account(s), check out these summoners:
  • Won Tae Yeon
  • Dorge
  • humdaddy
I've played 236.png many times and I love his playstyle and ability to maneuver around fights. 

Updates Back to Top

This section is sort of a personal note for myself on updates. However, if you want to follow along, feel free to take a gander.

~ Updated 6.29.16.
Created guide. Yay!

~ Updated 6.30.16. 
Added matchups.

~ Updated 7.5.16. 
Added item explanations. Edited matchups. Edited summoner spells.

~ Updated 7.6.16. 
Added about me section. Added laning phase details

~ Updated 7.7.16. 
Added mid and late game details and situations. Added kiting section

~ Updated 7.8.16.
Edited abilities breakdown. Edited to-do list. Added update section. Edited masteries section.

~ Updated 7.9.16.
Edited matchups.

~ Updated 7.10.16.
Added support synergies section.

~ Updated 7.11.16.
Added Lucian introduction section.

~ Updated 7.13.16.
Patch 6.14 updated! Edited support synergies.

~ Updated 7.14.16.
Edited support synergies again. Edited laning phase section.

~ Updated 7.16.16.
Edited about me section. 

~ Updated 7.30.16.
Patch 6.15 updated! Edited support synergies.

~ Updated 8.10.16.
Patch 6.16 updated! Edited support synergies.

~ Updated 8.11.16. 
Added Nami to Support Synergies. (Thanks Nightmerkz!) :D

~ Updated 8.13.16.
Added Tahm Kench to Support Synergies.

~ Updated 8.20.16.
Changed splash art background. hehe xD

~ Updated 8.25.16.
Patch 6.17 updated!

~ Updated 8.28.16.
Updated Why Lucian? page.

~ Updated 9.7.16.
Patch 6.18 updated!

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Hey guys!

As you may already know, Riot released Patch 6.18 with some interesting changes: some balancing nerfs and buffs as well as 83.png update! Yay! There aren't many things in this patch that directly affect 236.png. The things that are important to 236.png in the meta and synergies will be posted in the Matchups/Support Synergies sections. 

1055.png See You On The Rift! 1055.png

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