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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - You need to have this, since you don't have any dashes of some sorts. It also gives you the possibility to flash+ult.

3.png - The best spell for a support after flash. Use this in 80% of the cases, as it is amazing at stopping damage from champions. Someone need this if the enemy got an assassin like 238_64.png
Some champions that are destroyed by3.png2.png11.png23.png92.png107.png102.png157.png238.png 
14.png - Can be used sometimes, if you want to kill your opponent early, and they do not have an enemy that will suffer as much from 3.png. It also gives you tons of lane pressure, which can give you a more winable lane. 
(PATCH 6.9) - 14.png now reduces ALL HEALING from only self healing. So taking this against 16.png will make the healing 40% less effective in an all in. 
Also counters 7.png even more now. 
Also very strong against 9.png266.png8.png36.png50.png

7.png - Only consider this if your ADC takes another spell, since the reduced heal will make it nearly useless

31.png - Aram only ;) 

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Masteries Back to Top

Go for Thunderlord's if you will be able to poke your opponent for free, but usually you won't be able to do that, so go for Windspeaker's to be sure.

I usually go for Perseverance instead of Insight lately on 117.png if I'm against a poke support like 43.png, since 117.png does not need 4.png or14.png3.png as much as other supports, and the extra regen is super underrated in lane.

Abilities Back to Top


Many people like to take undefined.png level 1, i prefer the shield tho, even when you deal a bit less damage, it lets you get in closer range without taking as much damage yourself

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I like to have Spellthieft, only since you can poke more, but the Talisman is better late game. I'll take Spellthief tho, since I can poke more.
    Normal start, if you want the sustain, and you do not think you will get ganked early.
    Take the totem trinket at the start, you will have an extra ward that way. But as soon as you get your sightstone, you want to get Sweeping Lens
    Buy depending on how much gold you back with
    Super fucking op, buy this at first back if you have no health pots and 150g spare

Core Items

    Sweeper is better to sweep more vision, instead of going blue trinket, since you want to be able to get true vision of neutral objectives. Supports and junglers should always get sweeper.
    Your boots depends on how much you want to roam. If the enemy mid laner is very immobile, and your ADC can take care of himself, you want to take mobility boots, but if you can not roam mid a lot, take CD boots.
    Strong at the moment. Reduces slows at a low cost, and makes spooky ghosts less spooky
    A strong item, that gives you more options to ward, and speeds up the rest of your build. You should prefer this item, if you dont need more engage or disengage.
    If you know you won't make late game, and you don't really have a crit building adc. (Build omen or w/e last)
    "Buffing Lulu" I love this, Crazy late game buffing and damage from you! Only build this if you might get to late game, and you have an adc named; Vayne, Jinx, Tristana or Kog'maw. (Maybe Lucian)

Situational Items

    This item is good if they have a fed Ap carry, or 2 Ap damage caries on their team. With the nerfs to this item, you should rethink buying it, and should no longer automatically buy it. The Locket is good with the Shield, if they have AOE dmg. But I will personally prefer Banner in most situations, now that the cost also got lower, and since you can slitpush for easy towers, if you are pressuring somewhere else.
    If they have someone like Karthus on their team. Or if You get focused for some reason, and need some more damage .
    Crucial in building "buffing Lulu"
    This is good if the enemy has a lot of CC, and your ADC do not have any Quicksilver. This is needed, if the enemy has someone like; Morgana, Annie, Veigar or others. Remember that it also heals the target, so this is a very strong item!
    These items are both amazing against basic attack teams. You should normally have at least one of these every game, since there should be minimum one basic attack damage dealer. Thornmail is better for you, but Frozen Heart is better for the team, so Frozen Heart is usually better.
    Crucial in "buffing Lulu"
    Lulu is weak at the support role at the moment if you don't build AP, so going for a deathcap can be strong, if you want to have bigger shields, more poke and larger speedups.
    Kinda weak atm
    Gives you some tankyness, and now you will not get oneshot by an adc. build this lategame only

Matchups Back to Top

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Alistar is a lot like 89_64.png, the only difference is that he has a healtriumphantroar.png, which is very annoying for you. You still have to do pretty much the same as if you were playing against 89_64.png; keep poking and kiting him, and he cant do much. Just remember to poke him most with your basic attacks, as you can make him waste his mana on spamming triumphantroar.png. This is close to a medium matchup, since his triumphantroar.png makes him survive the lane, and he is very good at setting up a gank, so you have to take care of him.

If he 4.png/pulverize.png your ADC, you can luluw.png him, to deny his headbutt.png.




She is so annoying, but only if you let her poke you. Her poke hurts more than yours, so trying to poke her back, would result in you losing the trade. However, you have 25 more range on your lulue.png, and 300 more range on your luluq.png, so you have to abuse that! Remember that her infernalguardian.png is very hard to land on both of you, if you are split up, so don't stand to close to each other.

Don't let her trick you, smart Annie players will have their stun on only 3 stacks, so that it looks like it is not up, but really she will just make a 2 spell combo, and you get stunned anyways.

Take care of flash tibbers, it will instantly blow you up, but if you get your shild and ult used before anyone dies, you can still win the fight.



He has gotten some buffs now, and can actually be good, if the player is good. The problem is, that playing Bard good takes a lot of skill, which can be rare for people to have with Bard, unless they have played him A LOT.

He is annoying with his ability to heal up his ADC all the time, but the bardW.png do not heal for as much as you would think, destroy them if you can, but do not get yourself into a dumb position doing so.

You still want to poke him down, even though he got a bit of damage, you will win your trade if you hit your luluq.png, so try lulue.pngyourself if you trade with him, and just luluq.png/AA him.




1) Dont let him snowball

2) Always have minions in front of you, and if your minions are about to die, consider going back and wait for your next minion wave
3) Punish him if he misses his rocketgrab.png
This matchup can be hard, but you have remember that he only got his rocketgrab.png to engage from a far, so you will have a good time if you rush 1001.png. Also do not let him come close, basic attack him, and use your luluq.png/luluw.pngto get away.
If you get hit by rocketgrab.png, you are not being careful enough, and be careful about a rocketgrab.png from the bush.
Keep in mind that 53.png nearly always invades, so get away from him as soon as you see him going into your jungle, do not forget to drop a ward tho.




You can kite him around very easy, he can block your luluq.png, but if you try to make him waste his shield, he has nothing.

Don't harass him too much with anything else than basic attacks, he is so tanky that he takes no damage, so using your combo on him would nearly be a waste of mana.
Take care of his passive, the stun is very good, and paired with an adc like236_64.png, they can stun you all the time.




Caitlyn is annoying for 1 reason, the fact that she has one of the longest range in the game. This means that she can poke you with some basic attacks, every time you try to put lulue.pngon her, so if you try to make an lulue.png/luluq.png combo, you will nearly get killed yourself, since she will basic attack you 1 or 2 times and then hit you with her Q.




Take care, your roles are switched around, so that he dominates the poke game over you. Dont even bother poking him, he will just heal it all back, instead go 100% after the adc. After level 6 you can win the trades, just don't let him crowstorm.png in the middle of you.




She has 2 options, eyeofthestorm.pngherself, of her ADC; simply poke the one she does not shield. Remember that she can start making her tornado from a bush without you seeing it, so try always having vision over her. That being said a good Janna will stand between you and her adc, and always keep you busy, she uses way less mana than you, and the fact that you run out of mana so quickly, means that she will try to force you to use all of your mana.



222.png is one of the strongest ADC's at the moment, but she does not have a strong early, and she is basic attack needed. She is not one of the ADC's that has a high burst with her abilities, and her jinxR.png is easy to predict, so your lulue.png and lulur.png will destroy her early, and you can poke her hard.
She does become a problem later, since she will be able to switch targets form the one that you try to protect, and as soon she has her jinxQ.pngfully upgraded, her range becomes huge, which makes it hard for you.
Remember to lulue.png your ADC or you when she tries to poke you.




Karma is annoying to play against, and she is one of the few counters to 117.png.

To win this lane you need to have fast reactions, since you need to lulue.png her poke, but on the same time poke back, with a luluq.png/AA combo. Her karmasoulshield.png is annoying, but your poke should be able to get through it.

If you can dodge her karmachakra.png/karmaheavenlywave.png combo, you have won the trade, even thought it is hard to dodge. You should also use this window to be aggressive, since her karmachakra.png has a high CD early.




This is pretty much about who can position best.

85.png has more burst damage, and his all in at level 6 is scary, but you should be able to survive it, unless you already were low.
You have more damage in a simple trade without an all in, unless he hits his stun. He will usually kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png/kennenbringthelight.png/AA you for the stun if he has his passive mark up, but if he does not, punish him for it, since he will have a hard time to get the stun.

Time his4.png CD, without it, 85.png isn't as strong.




Remember that if she goes all in on your ADC, go all in on their ADC, but lulur.png your ADCinstead of you. If you have good enough reflexes you can try to luluw.png 89_64.png's leonazenithblade.png.

Also keep in mind that she has no shield, heal or anything to stop your harass, so you can keep poking her if you play it smart; as soon as you think that she might go in on you, back away a bit, and poke with autos all the time. If you keep her down, she will have no chance of going in on you, unless she wants to die.
Keep in mind that you only have to poke her, don't go in if you both have full hp. And be careful about tower diving, she has a lot of cc!




I don't see 25.png as being that hard, her blackshield.pngdoes not block any important ability, (like 412_64.pnghook, or 53_64.png grab) and her darkbindingmissile.pngcan be countered by luluw.png for the movement speed, andlulue.png whoever it hits.




This is a tough one, and it all depends on the skill level of the 267.png, but if you are both equally good, then you have a slight advantage. 

You outrade her, even with her namiW.png, but if she lands a namiQ.pngwhile you try to harass, you can quickly die, so you have to be very careful. 

Her namiW.pngis very annoying, since you want to poke, but she does use a lot of mana when healing, so use the brush to your advantage, and keep poking them with basic attacks. Try to keep your lulue.pngup, for when she tries to poke you back, but remember, her basic attacks deal a lot of damage when she uses namiE.png, so be careful of letting her AA you.




He is a lot like 53_64.png, sine he has his nautilusanchordrag.png, with a follow up CC. The difference is, that 111.png can set up a gank a lot better, since his nautilusgrandline.pngis a guaranteed hit, while 53.pngneed to his his pull in order to have success.

The good thing for you is, that it is easier to poke him, since he has no speed buff. But this is like the 53_64.png matchup, easy if you do not get pulled, hard if you do.



76.pngsupport is very annoying for you, but she is generally a horrible support,  since she need items, and she needs farm and kills for that.
She is still very annoying for you, since you can not go in front of your minions unless you want a javelintoss.png in your face, so you will have a good time staying a bit passive, and simply wait for her to make a mistake. 
If you can live through laning phase, you pretty much won the lane, since you are better later, just remember to lulue.pngher javelintoss.png, and don't try to dodge it by moving further away, you only increase the damage.



15.png is overall an annoying champ, but that's because of her spellshield.png. She can not stop an important ability's like a stun, when playing against you, but she will still get free mana every time you try to hit her with your luluq.png. Instead try to put lulue.png on her, and wait til she has used her spellshield.png, then use your luluq.png, if she does not use spell shield too early, do not try to use your luluq.png, since she still can spellshield.png it with good reflexes.




She has a lot more burst than you do, and she can sonaariaofperseverance.png your poke. I played this some times, and I always got destroyed, try to stay passive and make it a farming lane.

Don't try to trade with her, unless you have a jungler on the way. Hersonahymnofvalor.png does a lot more damage than you do, and her sonaariaofperseverance.png can heal her up again.

You can win a fight if she goes to aggressive; if she goes in to get her sonahymnofvalor.png on you, but her ADC didn't follow, you can blow her up. Remember than she is one of the squishiest champs in the game, so you can instant-kill her if your ADC follows and has some CC and damage on their own(22.png110.png67.png222.png119.png429.png). Remember to spam pings when you go in, so that your ADC follows you.




After the rework I will say that 16.pnghave been made stronger, but it is actually easier for 117.pngto play against her. What made it impossible to play against 16.pngbefore, was the constant heal, making it so that she could stop all your poke.

Now 16.pngcan not heal all the time, since it costs her heath, and since she has no escape, and can not as effectively self heal, you can poke her so much, that it would result in a kill for your adc.
You still have to take care tho, she can now infuse.png you and your adc at the same time, if her infuse.pngis placed well, and she can still stop your poke on her adc.
Think about taking 14.png instead of 3.png, so that you can stop her for from healing herself and/or allies as effectively with astralblessing.png and wish.png.


Tahm Kench


A very easy lane for you. He should never be able to engage on you, and you can poke him out of lane. His tahmkenchW.png is nearly useless against you, since you don't have any hard CC that he can protect anyone from.




Just remember that when he goes in, dont focus him, focus the adc!!! Lulu is amazing at saving teammates, abuse that! Hook on you is very annoying tho, since you rarely want to ult yourself; try to stand in minions, and never poke unless you have minions around you.




The new Tristana seem very good, and her early game is a lot better than it used to be, but she live on her ability to put the bomb on someone early, but you can counter this. Since she is reliant on her time bomb, you have plenty of time to shield it every time, this also means that you want to poke with your Q only, but it means that she will have nearly no poke.

Even if you are ahead in this lane, you want to think about maxing your shield anyways, since she will so no damage this way, or you can upgrade your abilities together.




He lives by the fact that he can go invisible, and you simply have to put pix on him, as soon as he tries to go invisible, this will give you vision of him, and makes it hard for him to sneak in on you.

Try to have a pink ward in the lane bush, so that Twitch is not suddenly behind you, when he tries to go invisible from his tower. 




Vayne is very easy for you, since she has a lower range, and you can make her ult nearly useless by putting pix on her, and with your W. Do not let her come close to you, since she is good in close combat, but she has a difficult laning phase, which means you should go aggressive on her, if they do not have a kill lane support.




I have only tried this once, but it is one of the hardest lanes I have tried to be in.

Vel'koz has an extreme amount of poke, more than you can even hope to deliver, so you will get poked down really fast, specially if he gets his passive off.

To survive this lane, you need to try and dodge his Q, but make sure to never get hit by his stun, or else you properly will be dead.

You want to put an extra level in your shield early, so that his poke will not burn right through you.

He falls of a bit later in the game, since he cannot really give that much hard CC, while you can help your carries more.



238.png is never played in bot lane, but if you see the opponent take 238.png before you pick, you 'HAVE' to take 117.png support. 117.png's lulur.png on the person he zedR.png's, and her follow up with luluw.png, means that he will do no damage. 117.png counters him so hard!




She is annoying, since she is a lot like you, the only difference is, that she has no shield.

If you want to win this lane, you have to max q first, but maybe put a second point in your e, this way her poke will deal nearly no damage. Play very aggressive, she wants to dominate the lane, but she cant against a Lulu, if you play it right.
Notice that she will max her snare first, and since it is very hard to land, you have to get boots after your first back, so that you can dodge her snare. If you dodge it - punish her; she is nothing without is before level 6, so going all in is a good idea if you have more life and have all your summoners up.
Her ult is dangerous, but you can still do more with your ult. Polymorph the enemy adc, not Zyra, since she is nothing after she has used her combo.

Matchups Back to Top

I am adding the ADC matchups at the moment, so expect there to come more all the time, but right now not all of them are here. Have patience, then the ADC matchups will come. Also notice that you should look at the support that you are facing more than the ADC, since you will be fighting the support in lane most of all while the ADC is farming.

Remember that you have to look at other positions than the bot lane, when thinking about picking Lulu. Do they have a jungler with no engage except movement speed, like33_64.png28_64.png77_64.png48_64.png then lulu is perfect, since her slow, knock up and silence/movementspeed completely counters their engage.

You also have to look at their mid laner. Do they have someone that can completely burst down your adc/mid laner, but have to get close? Like 105_64.png238_64.png76_64.png91_64.png55_64.png then Lulu is perfect to stop their damage, which can totally shut them down in a team-fight.

On the other hand, it they have a hard poke team like 110.png96.png101_64.png26_64.png161_64.png, then your shield still will come in help, but you are not that important of a factor in the game, and you can therefore not make that big of a difference against them.

Synergy ADC (Not finished) Back to Top

81_64.png 2/10. 
Ezreal does not fit well with you, since he does not need you at all. He is already very mobile, so your extra mobility goes to waste with him. You can't set up kills for him, and you can't buff his ezrealmysticshot.png, so you're bad together 

429_64.png 5/10. 
She is already very mobile, but you will still be able to help her a lot. Her ult is good with yours, since it makes you stand longer away from the enemy, since you are ranged, but in the same time in range for you to ult yourself. She is not prefect with you, but do not be scared of having this match up.

51_64.png  8/10. 
Caitlyn is so good with you, since her long range makes it easier for you both to to hit poke while staying safe. Any good Caitlyn will use her ability's every time you hit the enemy's with your slow, which together will deal tons of damage. Her lack of mobility is also something you can help with. Remember to go in if the enemy ADC steps on a cupcake.

222_64.png 9/10. Go "Buffing Lulu" 
The biggest problem with Jinx is, that she is very easy to kill if someone gets on to her, so she needs someone that can protect her, like 117.png, and you can also help her with her lack of mobility. If she gets behind she can not do much, but if she gets just a bit ahead, you two together can snowball like crazy.

22_64.png 6/10.  
She needs you at the start of the game, where she is very weak, and where you can help her survive. But as soon she gets to late game, you are not as impactful for her as other supports would be.

67_64.png 9/10. Go "Buffing Lulu"
You are one of the best supports for Vayne, since she needs to come close with her vayneinquisition.png, and can deal a lot of damage, while being in a risky position. Lulu can help her in every sort of way, with  lulur.png, shielding speeding up and slowing, so that Vayne gets her time to kill the enemy's.

42_64.png 7/10. (
He is not played that much in lower elo, and I generally thought that this combination would be bad, but as soon that I came to an elo where Corki was played, I realized that this combination seems very strong. I can not say what is good with this combination, since it does not seem so good, but it goes very good every time I play with a Corki. I would put this on maybe 8 or 9 out of 10, but it just seems weak on paper, so I will just put it on 7, in case I just got lucky with some very good ADC's.

236_64.png 4/10. 
He does not fit well with you, since he already got the dash to save himself, and your shield does not give his abilities more damage. Your movement speedup is good for him, but there are a lot of other good picks, that will be better with Lucian. Lulu is not aggressive enough in lane to set him up for kills, so any other engage support will be a better pick with Lucian

119_64.png 7-9/10. Need more experience - potentially very strong. 
He needs to snowball, and getting him a kill is huge because of his passive. He needs help to stay safe, since he has no dashes, and his ability to get into basic attack range is a lot better with you. If you get just the smallest lead in this lane, it is pretty much won, since you two can kill your opponent with ease.

96.png 8-10/10. Go "Buffing Lulu"
Kog'Maw is weak early game, and needs someone to be able to zone the enemies away. He also needs a lot of protection mid to late game, since he is one of the most immobile ADC's in the game. Lulu is able to protect him with her lulur.pngluluw.pngand lulue.png. The reason 117.png matches him so good, is the on-hit effects he is building, together with yourlulue.png, giving him crazy amounts of damage. Rush 3504.pngand3050.png!

202.png 2-7/10
It really seems like a bad combo, but hey you do protect him a lot when he is being focused, and he needs help since he is so immobile, so I guess? There are just better options than 117.pngto protect him, like40.png267.png16.png412.png201.png

110_64.png 3-7/10. Not enough experience.

18_64.png 6-8/10. Not enough experience.

29_64.png 4-7/10. Not enough experience.

15_64.png 5-7/10. Not enough experience.

21_64.png No experience

6_64.png No experience

Synergy other lanes (Not finished) Back to Top

157_64.png - Lulu is my go to support, if I see a Yasuo in my team, since Lulu can give the knockup with her ult, and not even risk herself into a bad position doing so. This combination gets even better, if you have a tank that can dive right into the enemy team like;14_64.png98.png57.png.

2_64.png - Olaf needs to rush directly through the enemy team into the backline, and he needs movementspeed to do so, which Lulu can give him. Lulu's ult is also really good when he is charging, since it will make it harder for the enemy team to stop this beast.

107.png - Rengar is an annoying champion, and with Lulu, he gets even more annoying, since the combination of jumping in, and getting ulted by Lulu, easily can kill 2-3 enemys alone, if Rengar is going full AD.

Warding (Not finished) Back to Top

You want to ward a lot as a support, so here is some quick guides on where and when to ward. This plan does not function against all junglers (fking 35_64.png), but i will take those individually.

This is how you want to ward in the laning fase, if you are on the blue side;How to ward.jpg 

The Pink ward, is so that your jungler can come in from the tribush, without getting spotted. you have to protect this bush, and take the fight, if only the other support try to go up and clear it, but do not get baited.

The normal ward by dragon, is there to have vision over both dragon and the jungle exit, so that you can see an incoming gank, long before it actually happens, which will give you time to escape. It is also out of vision from the pink ward the other support most likely have in the bush at the ind of the river.

The normal ward in the lane bush, longest away from your tower, is there for many reasons. Mostly it is there to give your top laner a chance to teleport into your lane, if a fight breaks out, if you are pushed into your tower, it is okay to put it into the bush closest to your tower. It also makes sure that the enemy jungler do not come in from the lane.

This is how you want to ward in the laning phase, if you are on the red side.
How to ward red side.jpg

The pink ward is not place optimal, but in the laning phase it is the only position where it can be defended. This makes sure that the enemy jungler can not gank from the river, but does not cover the dragon area. DO NOT PUT YOUR PINK WARD BY DRAGON IF YOU ARE NOT TAKING IT WHILE PUTTING IT DOWN!!! It is one of the biggest mistakes i see in lower elo, since the enemy jungler, mid laner or support can clear it with ease.

The normal ward by mid lane, is to make sure that the enemy jungler can not get into dragon area unspotted, and it also helps the mid laner out, by giving them some free vision. You can also put this by dragon pit, do this if they have a jungler that can jump over the wall, and then solo dragon (254_64.png121_64.png24_64.png35_64.png266_64.png113_64.png76_64.png)

The normal ward in the circle, is very risky, since there most likely will be an enemy pink ward there, and you do not want to get picked out of position. But if you are snowballing, or you are trying to bait an engage, their pink ward will be good to clear.

The normal ward in the lane bush, longest away from your tower, is there for many reasons. Mostly it is there to give your top laner a chance to teleport into your lane, if a fight breaks out, if you are pushed into your tower, it is okay to put it into the bush closest to your tower. It also makes sure that the enemy jungler do not come in from the lane.

But there is a problem with some jungler, some of these only require one ward to be changed, while others makes you having to change your warding completely.

35_64.png - Against Shaco, when you are on the blue side.
How to ward against Shaco.jpg

The normal ward by dragon, is there to make sure Dragon is warded, and to make sure that mid lane can not roam mid. It actually does not help against Shaco, since he most likely will jump over the wall by the enemy tribush.

The normal ward by the enemy tribush, is to see Shaco, before he goes invisible. This also gives the top laner an opportunity to teleport behind the tower, so that you can towerdive together.

The normal ward in the lane bush, longest away from your tower, is there for many reasons. Mostly it is there to give your top laner a chance to teleport into your lane, if a fight breaks out, but now that you have the ward behind the enemy tower, this ward is not that important. If you are pushed into your tower, it is okay to put it into the bush closest to your tower. It does not really protect you from Shaco if he is invisible tho.

The pink ward in the lane bush closest to yours, is there to be able to see Shaco if he tries to sneak behind you. The good thing about this ward is, that it really makes it hard for Shaco to come behind you, and it even makes sure, that the enemy can not ward this bush.
The bad thing about this ward is, that it can be cleared with ease, and you can not protect it, if you get pushed to your tower.

The pink ward in your tribush with a circel around it, is only if you are pushed you your tower all the time, and are not able to protect your pink ward in the lane bush. If you are pushing however, you want to ask your ADC to buy a pink ward, and place it there(If he says that ADC's are not supposed to ward, he is stupid). This ward makes sure, that Shaco can not come in from your jungle, since Shaco likes to counter-jungle a lot.

35_64.png - Against Shaco, when you are on the red side.How to ward against Shaco red side.jpg

The normal ward by dragon, is only there to make sure that Shaco can not jump over the wall, and then solo dragon, and to make sure that the enemy mid laner can not roam bot that easily.

The normal ward in the enemy tribush, is very risky, and you should not expect it to stay there for long, since the enemy most likely have their pink ward there. If they do not have a pink there, it is an amazing ward, since it most likely will see Shaco before he goes invisible, and that can give you the opportunity to back off.

The normal ward in the lane bush, longest away from your tower, is there for many reasons. Mostly it is there to give your top laner a chance to teleport into your lane, if a fight breaks out, but now that you have the ward behind the enemy tower, this ward is not that important. If you are pushed into your tower, it is okay to put it into the bush closest to your tower. It does not really protect you from Shaco if he is invisible tho. 

The pink ward in the lane bush closest to yours, is there to be able to see Shaco if he tries to sneak up behind you. The good thing about this ward is, that it really makes it hard for Shaco to come behind you, and it even makes sure, that the enemy can not ward this bush.
The bad thing about this ward is, that it can be cleared with ease, and you can not protect it, if you get pushed to your tower.

The pink ward in the river bush with a circle around it, is there to be able to see Shaco, if he tries to come from the river. You will have a better time using your pink in the lane bush, but if your ADC puts down his pink there, it would also be very good, if you are pushed a lot tho, you can ask him to put it in the tribush by your tower.

Use pink ward/e Back to Top

There are some champs that can go stealth, and when that happens, you have to remember 1 thing; your e gives vision over the enemy that you target. This is very usefull, so try to abuse that during a fight.

Some of these champions can get their stealth destroyed by putting pix on them, and you can use pink wards against them all;7_64.png29_64.png67_64.png35_64.png17_64.png62_64.png91_64.png84_64.png107.png121_64.png28_64.png
If you fail to get your e on them, try to have a pink ward on you, to drop on the ground during a fight. (Even if you already have a pink ward placed somewhere else.

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