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2 years ago

Malphite Statistics for EatMyChode

Author's performance with Malphite compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png It helps you get the kills in the laning phase. Use it on high lifesteal/healfocussed champions like most adc's.

4.png Always take it, it's great to help you get that little bit closer to large groups of enemies to unstoppable force on.

12.png The unexpected ganks are fun but it's hard to pull off without good team communication. 

11.png Always take this when jungling.

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Masteries Back to Top


You can go into this tree if you want a bit more damage and don't really need the help of last hitting provided by the Cunning tree, the Ferocity tree also doesn't offer any defensive capabilities unlike again the Cunning tree. If you really want to spec into this tree however I recommend going Sorcery 5/5 - Feast/ Double Edged Sword - Natural Talent - Bounty Hunter/Oppressor

  • Fury doesn't give anything meaningful as Attack Speed is usually a useless stat on malphite if you go tank
  • Sorcery gives straight up more damage in your abilities. This is the better one over Fury in this tier
  • Vampirism Lifesteal and Spellvamp are useless stats on tank malphite as you don't deal enough damage to make up for the loss of Natural Talent
  • Natural Talent gives scaling AD and AP without losing anything by not choosing Vampirism, This is the best choice in this tier
  • Bounty Hunter pretty useless as you probably won't kill many people, let alone 5 different people in 1 game.
  • Oppressor Gives you more damage when your target is cc'ed, you have a lot of cc and your ult also counts as a cc so you deal 2.5% more damage to everyone knocked up in your ult for the duration of your ult. Your Q also almost permanently slows so against that slowed target you'll also be dealing more damage pretty much the entire time.
  • Battering Blows/Piercing Thoughts give you % armor and magic penetration respectively, Piercing Thoughts is usually the better choice if you decide to go more damage unless you go an AD-bruiser kind of build.
  • Warlord's Bloodlust this one is useless as you'll never crit unless in a troll game where you build AD Malphite.
  • Fervor of battle You don't attack often and your spells aren't really spammable so this one is also pretty useless because it gives AD which Malphite makes very little use of
  • Deathfire Touch Clearly wins out on the other Keystone Masteries as this is the only one that gives you more damage with your abilities.


For this tree I recommend going Savagery - Secret Stash - Merciless - Dangerous Game
This is a more utility focussed tree with some damage elements mixed in making it a very good choice as a secondary tree. I recomment the Cunning tree over the Ferocity tree, this doesn't mean you can't go both ways.

  • Wanderer gives you movement speed out of combat which is very useful for roaming and this is the better option if you feel confident enough about your last-hitting abilities with Malphite
  • Savagery This gives you more damage against minions and monsters making it easier to last-hit in lane but beware that it doesn't increase AoE ability damage against minions and monsters.
  • Runic Affinity gives you more time on buff which you usually don't get unless you kill an enemy with such buff which also rarely happens, I consider this a wasted point and you're missing out on Secret Stash
  • Secret Stash makes your potions more valuable by making them give you more health back and a little bit of health and mana instantly which can make the difference in the heat of the moment
  • Merciless gives more damage against targets with low hp, this can be useful and is in my eyes better than Meditation unless you feel like you need the mana regen instead of increased damage to targets with low health
  • Meditation gives you mana back every 5 seconds equal to 1.5% of missing mana if you max this mastery out, this can be useful if you're not very careful around spending your mana but normally mana wouldn't be a problem especially after Frozen Hearth unless you're really spamming your abilities off cooldown.
  • Bandit this mastery is aimed at support champions and the extra gold you get doesn't make up for not having Dangerous Game in any way, the passive portion of this mastery you'll also never get because it's minions killed by allied champions and you're a sololane. This mastery is useless
  • Dangerous Game 5% of missing health on enemy champion kill or assist can make the difference in very tight situations, this might even save you from an ignite in a very clutch 1v1 situation where you barely come out on top
  • Precision gives 3+0.3 per level armor and magic penetration which can be very useful aswell as it flatout increases your damage by a marginal amount. At level 18 this mastery gives you 8.4 armor and magic penetration which isn't a lot but it sure can help
  • Intelligence You get passive 5% cooldown reduction and your cooldow reduction cap is also increased to 45% from the usual 40%. this is very helpful as it gives your long cooldown ultimate a shorter cooldown which actually can make the difference between finding a good engage at one moment or barely missing that engage by not having your ultimate available
  • Stormraider's Surge Dealing 30% of a champions max health as a tank very rarely happens if it happens at all, this mastery isn't suited for tank Malphite
  • Thunderlord's Decree gives you an AoE shock when you hit an enemy 3 times with attacks or spells. Your combo is basicly 3 spells cast in a rapid succession so guaranteeing the proc always. The proc won't deal too much damage because you are tank and is on a reasonably cooldown which means you woon't make that much use of it. It can be useful however if the enemy team is extremely squishy and this does happen every now and then in SoloQ so you can make sure your teams wombo combo is better by making the enemy team crispier for your team to devour them
  • Windspeaker's Blessing This agains is a useless mastery as Malphite only has a self shield which isn't all that big in the first place and in order for it to recharge you have to not take damage for a period of time. This mastery should never be taken on a Malphite.


This is the mastery tree that I recommend to take to the Keystone everytime you play tank Malphite. This tree gives the most defensive options and really fits Malphite's kit in every way.
The masteries I recommend going are Unyielding - Though Skin - Veteran's Scars - Insight - Swiftness - Grasp of the Undying/strength of the Ages/Bond of Stone

  • Recovery gives you health regen which is very useful in the laning phase but I don't recommend to take it over Unyielding
  • Unyielding gives you bonus armor and magic resist which makes your tank items even stronger and makes you a tougher rock, you'll be gettin a lot of armor and magic resist in the late game and this one increases that ever so slightly but still helps a lot
  • Explorer isn't really a good mastery to take because it denies you Though Skin which does directly help you
  • Though Skin flat damage reduction that really adds up in the long run. The more little but frequent attacks your enemy has, the less damage they will do in total. 2 doesn't sound like much and it really isn't but when facing an attack speed champion who attacks multiple times with autoattacks per second and has spells mixed in there like Jax, then that damage reduction really starts to stack up
  • Runic Armor is never worth to be taken over Veteran's Scars because your shield scales with maximum health making this the inferior option every single time
  • Veteran's Scars gives you a % total health increase which is very useful as you tend to have a lot of health and your passive shield also scales on total health making this a very good mastery on Malphite in every situation
  • Insight less cooldown on summoner spells means more frequent game changing teleports and flashes, speaks for itself, a very good mastery
  • Perseverence is never better than reduced cooldowns on your masteries, your health regen will never be good enough for this mastery to overtake Insight in value
  • Swiftness in a world with increasing mobility it's very important not to get slowed or cc'ed because if you do, you're easily caught by the enemy team, this talent reduces their chance of reaction at such catches and gives you way more sitckyness in teamfights to disrupt the enemy
  • Legendary Guardian gives you 15 armor and magic resist in a 5v5 teamfight, this however isn't that much and is never better than tenacity and slow reduction
  • Grasp of the Undying getting 3% of your max health every 4 seconds theoretically is very good but it will most likely be pretty hard to pull off those attacks every 4 seconds making this a very hard mastery to ues to it's fullest potential. This mastery is also pretty slow as it takes a while for the 3% health to be significant enough to be better than the other keystone masteries
  • Strength of the Ages I recommend this Keystone if you don't know which one to choose as it's relevant throughout the game and I think this one is actually better if you don't need to protect your squishy backline from a dive comp that strives to oneshot your squishies, this Keystone gives a lot of health which will no doubt continue to be useful throughout all stages of the game making this Keystone a solid choice in every situation
  • Bond of Stone This mastery is very useful for protecting your backline as much as possible as they won't be taking the full blow of the damage whenever they get struck by damage. To top this off you tdon't get the full damage either because you get 4% reduced damage of all sources to you which gets increased to 8% when nearby an ally. This mastery also cannot reduce you below 15% health which is also still a decent amount of health. All in all 4% damage reduction is very strong, 8% is even stronger. This mastery is probably the best of the bunch for malphite because of the flat damage reduction which works very well with his shield passive.

Abilities Back to Top


Seismic Shard on level 1 or Ground Slam if you want to fight AT level 1. If your having problems against a ranged champion, this is your go-to skill

I max Ground Slam second because AS reduction is so powerful (50% at max rank)

Note: generally level up Q but if your against melee it's usually more beneficial to level E first as it does more damage and enables you to win trades more easily. In even rarer cases you'll want to level W first because of the passive % armor it grants you which is very strong.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Rod of Ages is in my opinion one of the best items malphite can build. It gives him everything he needs (HP, Mana, AP)
    Rabadon's is pretty self explanatory. It gives you a huge boost in AP & dick size.
    Abyssal Scepter is pretty fantastic when facing a heavy AP comp. The mr shred you get from it plus the ap and mr is just too strong.
    Liandry's Is really strong in my opinion. Another item that gives out extremely good stats to malphite. (Magic pen, AP, HP)
    Luden's is strong if you are looking to just explode the back line with even more burst than before.
    Iceborn Gauntlet is pretty insane against a full ad team. It gives a fantastic aoe slow sheen auto while giving a ton of mana that malphite needs to spam all his abilities. I like getting this when you need to stick on the enemy carry.
    I almost always get sunfire 1st or 2nd in the top lane when facing an ad opponent. It makes you an even scarier tank by letting you slowly burn everybody while you sit on top of their whole team aoe'ing them all
    I'd only get this if you hard counter your laner and feel very confident that you won't die more than a couple times.
    Only get this for a 5th or 6th item. It's good on malphite because of his high base damages but it isn't needed unless the other team has a ton of mr
    ZZ'rot is busted. It's a good item to get if you are facing a 50/50 mixed damage team.

Situational Items

    Example Tankier Build
    Example Full Damage Build
    ExAMPle top lane damage build
    Example top lane tank build
    example tank build vs heavy ad comp
    example adc killer
    Against heavy ap
    Jungle build i use commonly
    full ap jungle build

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Gragas
  • Heimerdinger
  • Karthus
  • Katarina



Malphite normally has a very rough time in this match-up. You basically cannot trade with her at all unless she misses all her skills. I recommend starting 2033.png and asking for a gank before she hits 6 and becomes almost ungankable.




Akali is ez pz. You can poke her straight to hell every time she goes to get a CS until she has to back. Every Akali I have ever faced will try to all in you as they hit level 6. This opens a great opportunity for you and your jungler to set up a bait. Most likely if she is near full HP she will just do Akali things to you as soon as she hits 6. If you jungler comes in as she ults onto you shes most likely gonna get shit on.




Anivia can poke you pretty efficiently pre 6 and post 6. You also can't really get any easy early all ins because of her passive. I recommend starting 2033.png and asking for an early gank from your jungler.




Annie can easily be set behind, but if she gets ahead its pretty hard to stop her. Try to poke her with Q and cs the best you can. Ask for an early gank if you think you might die or if she is overextending (she has no escape besides flash).




Azir can poke you a fair amount but he also has a tough time trading with you through your shield. Just wait for your shield to be up to trade and look for the all in opportunity at level 6.




Just try to CS well and ask for a gank. Be careful of his two vs one potential when your jungler ganks. If there are no minions and you and your jungler stand next to each other he can easily full combo the both of you and you'll get melted by his ult.




Very annoying. Just don't underestimate her all in potential. It's best to not even trade with her because she'll just out trade you every single time if she has cooldowns.




If you trade only when your shield is up there shouldn't be too much worry about dying unless you get ganked. I recommend you ask for an early gank before he hits 6 so you can slow down his ROA scaling as much as possible.




Diana is decently weak before hitting level 6 so i recommend trying to get an early gank from your jungler to slow down her massive power spike from her ult.




Decently easy match-up for malphite. You can just poke him out of lane with your Q. Beware at level 6 if you try to all in him don't stand in his ult or stun or he'll probably kill you.




Fizz can either wreck Malphite or get wrecked by Malphite. When trading with him Pre 6 try not to extend the trades past your cooldowns. His W will slowly but surely melt down your HP until he can just drop ignite and use his low cooldowns to all in you.




Gragas shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. Watch out for his gank set-ups with his flash E-R combo.




The dong is pretty annoying but not really a threat. Just try to kill his turrets with E before your jungler comes to gank. You have too many AOE spells for his turrets to affect you much.




Poke him with Q. Try to get ganks from your jungler and also try to get a blue buff so you can spam Q at karthus. Don't let him farm.




EZ PZ. Just poke her bitch out of lane. If she E's onto you just Q-E her and auto her bitch ass all the way back to her minions. At level 6 if she tries ulting you just ult her back and shes screwed.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Free AD and Armor
  • Great passive that gives shield
  • Fun to play
  • Has escape with ult if necessary
  • Flexible builds
  • Very good ult if teammates know how to follow up
  • Very good in the AD carry meta, you like to build armor and they hate that.


  • Hard to lane against ranged champions
  • shield takes 10 seconds to come back 
  • CC can ruin your timing on your Unstoppable Force completely
  • Kind of high cooldown ult
  • Can't carry games as hard as other midlaners because he relies a lot on your team following up on engages
  • If your team doesn't know how to follow up on engages or you make a bad engage you can get punished VERY hard
  • Requires a bit of experience with engaging to know whether it's a good engage or not

Youtube and Twitch Back to Top

My Youtube channel  (I literally just started making videos. They will get better as time goes on!)


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