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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png14.png is gonna be your standard start. In particular on low Elo where players will harass you all day early and eat a lot of minion damage. alzaharmaleficvisions.pngand 14.png will help you to secure many kills while flashing out and leaving them dying alone or even flashing in in order to kill them.

3.png4.png is very useful vs. all in mid laners like 238.png and burst junglers like 64.png76.png60.png. Exhaust is so uncommon / not meta that you will catch most people by surprise. You can turn many towerdives into a double kill this way by using alzaharmaleficvisions.pngand 3.png on the on with lower HP and on the one who has tower aggro. Other combinations are possible too. This requires some experience. So do not give up if it did not work the first time.

The following video shows you how effective exhaust is versus Nidalee.

12.png4.png you can use in two cases. First, they have laner that tries to poke you low all day in order to all in you (like 238.png157.png). But if you leave lane to heal and shop vs. an AD opponent mid, he will easily take your tower early. In my opinion many games are lost because you loose mid tower too early and your jungle gets permanently invaded. In order to be able to go back to shop and defend my tower, will take 12.png.
The 2nd case are high mobility junglers or jungle from whom you know that they will roam a lot. You cannot follow many assassins without risking to die yourself. However, 12.pngwill help you to secure some kills while or after bot / top is ganked. This really depends on your playstyle. I prefer to just push the shit out of mid and get towers when Zed roams. Therefore, I prefer  3.png.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

With the recent changes Deathfire Touch is the way to go again. You do not need Manareg from Masteries because you rush 3010.png and you only need alzaharmaleficvisions.png to farm the whole wave. Thanks to 1056.png you will always have enough mana to use alzaharmaleficvisions.png on another wave.

Abilities Back to Top


Start alzaharcallofthevoid.png and cast it three times in base. This way you have minion in lane that will help you farm instanly on lv1. Also it helps in Level 1 fights / trades.

First you will max alzaharmaleficvisions.png because it will allow you to AFK farm the lane while doing wolves or raptors. Also the skill will often jump on your opponent from a dying minions or from a his dying teammates. It is basically free pressure and free harass. Versus melee champs you can try to cast it on the caster minions in order to zone them. Of course this is only an option if the opponent is not a kill threat to u already (e.g. fed 238.png or 157.png or 91.png).

Getting alzaharnullzone.png you can postpone until level 7. I can help you to AFK farm the lane vs. very aggresive laners. In this case, get it already at level 4. I won't give you much before the real teamfighting starts. However, then the skill will be op because it shreds tanks! Also many ADC and APC do not know that this thing does around 15 percent of their HP as Magic Damage every single second once you got your full build. This is what makes Malzahar really overpowered. On Gold I often had games with 70-80K damage dealt.

This skill also helps you to get assists and kill secure sometime because of its huge range and large area of effect.

The skill is really awesome in combination with a 3116.png.
Your ultimate alzaharnethergrasp.png appears pretty simple. However it is not. You should not just ult anyone. In lane, it is ok to combo your opponent with alzaharcallofthevoid.png to prevent flashing out, alzaharnullzone.pngalzaharmaleficvisions.pngand ulting him eventually. In teamfights, save alzaharnethergrasp.png to peel for your ADC. If their 122.png runs to ward your carry or 254.png157.png131.png11.png dive your carry, do not hesitate to ult them even without your full combo. Yes Malz is not a support but that is the famous teamplay that helps you win a game.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start. I never start anything else.

Core Items

    This item is what you rush. You will outsustain their midlaner, be able to afk farm and push their wave while also farming your raptors / wolves in the meantime. What makes it way superior over tear is that it also regenerates your HP. Therefore you can stay forever in lane and poke while their midlaner runs out of HP or mana.
    Standard build. Rylais bring just too much utility with our AOE spells and helps catching people, kiting for your team and getting assists / kill secures.

Situational Items

    Might be worth a rush vs. Zed. However, I do not need it because he cannot reach me. If he ult me, I will flash into my tower during the ult animation and ult him under my tower. Just before my ult finishs anyhow, i will cast E + W + Ignite on him and he will die on his way back to his tower.
    Standard 2nd item. A lot of CDR for little money.
    Alternative 2nd item vs. AP assassin mid or AP heavy teams.
    Alternative 2nd item when you are getting fed early. The damage amplification will make them cry. Build CDR last if you get Deathfire cap early. You do not need the CDR because you will do so much damage with only one combo.

First item

3010.png and 3027.png is what you rush every single game as first item. Why this and not 3070.png? Catalyst gives you not only manareg but also regenerates your HP every level. This is in particular op vs. versus Poke champs because you will not even have more mana then them all day, you will also regenerate to full HP while they run out of mana. Now they will have to stay in lane without mana, cannot get a kill, cannot roam and ganks against you will also be way less effective because their midlaner cannot do anything. Once you got catalyst you should start pushing the lane and farm raptors / wolves. Cast E on a small minion and Q to hit them all at once. Make your u have your passive minion summon when you do, then you eat 0 damage from the camp.


You only get 1001.png if you have 300g left and nothing to buy. You do not shoes because you will not roam and just farm lane and jungle camps. 3020.png I will get as 3rd item. Why build shoes so late? Damage is way more important on Malz. You can often 1vs2 if you went for another damage or defense item instead of shoes.

Second item

3165.png is gonna be my standard 2nd item. If is in particular good versus teams that have a lot of self heal (e.g. 266.png5.png11.png203.png36.png75.png). You help your team a lot thanks to your AOE abilties alzaharcallofthevoid.pngalzaharnullzone.png in teamfights.

3028.png and 3174.png you can get second vs. AP assassins mid or teams with two or more AP champs.

3157.png is an option vs. Zed. However, I usually do not need it in lane and if he ults me late, I just ult him and my team finishs him off. If you get hourglass as second item, follow with 3089.png or 3116.pngand build the CDR item last.

If their midlaner is constantly feeding you just rush 3089.png. In this case, you will hurt so hard early that it is likely that their whole team is gonna flame their mid and make him ragequit or even troll. 3089.png early is huge on 90.png when you are ahead. In this case you build your CDR item last.

Third Item

3116.png is pretty op on Malz because of the amount of AOE skills he has. It helps your team to kite their team and to catch other people because alzaharnullzone.png is an instant cast with huge range and large area of effect.

If you do not need the kiting utility or some other champ alreay provides it, go 3089.png
If they are super tanky and someone else can help your team to kite them, get 3135.png.

Forth Item

If you got
3116.png first take 3089.png now if you need more burst (many squishies) or 3135.png if you need more tank shred.

Fifth Item and Sixth item

Whatever out of 3116.png3089.png3135.png3165.png is missing you build now.
3116.png is always useful because of the utility.

3089.png3135.png you get eventually in order to increase your damage when utility or CDR was more important before.

3165.png you get if you did not get CDR yet as 6th item. It helps you cast more spells in the same time and increase you damage output. Also it helps against teams with selfheal (see above).

Matchups Back to Top

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The early harass and poke is very annoying. Make sure to use alzaharnethergrasp.png only after she used ahriseduce.png or when she is silenced by alzaharcallofthevoid.png. I am always surprised how hard Ahris can (counter-)push a lane. Go either 14.png or 3.png. Once you have items, you will outpush her hard. Take the tower if she roams, if she stays in lane, use alzaharmaleficvisions.png and alzaharnullzone.png to farm and go raptors / wolves.




You hardly find good Azir players on low Elo. I think I played vervus one good Azir player ever mid. Versus standard Azirs just farm save with alzaharmaleficvisions.png and avoid their stupid poke. He will be oom soon due to trying to reacting to your hardcore pushing. DO NOT POKE THEM IN FRONT OF THEIR TOWER! It happened to me once (see above) that the Azir used azirE.png to get behind me and used azirR.png in order to push me into his tower. You cannot believe how WTF I was. Never got outplayed that hard.




Never played this yet to be honest but according to Malz has only 41% winrate vs. Galio mid. That is probably because of galiobulwark.png. Galio gets healed by your poke and can give the person you ult a MR bonus. On low Elo you do not need to bother because nobody knows how to play 3.png. And in high Elo. Well, has 100 Malz vs. Galio Games in a sample of over 16,000 Malzahar games. That's means that around 0.006 percent of Malz Games are versus Galio. However, ff you are Plat or better, you might consider dodging the game (-5 LP but no MMR loss).




Before 6 you have the upperhand because your auto attacks are ranged and he is melee. He will eat alzaharmaleficvisions.png often while farming. You can cast alzaharmaleficvisions.pngon caster minions in order to zone him even stronger.

In theory it should be easy to get kills on him when he farms post level 6. However, his nulllance.png can cancel your alzaharnethergrasp.png if timed correctly. This can be highly frustrating and turn what was supposed to be an easy kill into a death for yourself. Therefore wait for nulllance.png before you ult. Since he is melee, you will have the chance to combo him often.




Take flat MR Glyphs and I would suggest 12.png. This will allow you to TP back to lane after you ate her harass. She will be out of mana and you can just push her to tower like crazy. It also helps to follow her roams. If her passive procs you can cast alzaharmaleficvisions.png even on her mirror. When the mirrors jumps back to her and dies, alzaharmaleficvisions.pngmay jump over to the real LB and kill her for good.

As 2nd item get 3174.png. If she gets monster fed by your teammates, and 3116.png (the item gives HP) as third item.

Do not get mad if you or you teammates feed because she is super squishy and brings way less utility to her team than you do.




Most Lux Players will annoy you with early harass. Do not stand in your minions or you will give her free harass and free farm. She 3174.png after 3027.png.

On low Elo Lux will constantly run into your combo range and you will get fed. Good Lux Player will stay in range and poke. Lategame it will be very hard to reach her. However she does way less damage to your frontline than you do to their. Just hope your ADC is not hit by her combo.




Come on. Who plays normal games?




Total farm lane. She heals from her passive but cannout kill you. You outsustain her to you freefarming with alzaharmaleficvisions.png


Twisted Fate


You outsustain and outfarm his. If he roams you take his tower. If he runs into your range, just combo him. Make sure to use alzaharnethergrasp.png after he hits your with gold card. Otherwise it will cancel your ult. You might want to take 12.png to countergank. However, I would usually take 14.png for the killpressure in lane and get his inhib tower if he continues to roam. His lack of the proper damage ultimate makes you win every trade midgame.




For Viktor the same applies as for Azir. Rarely you will meet a good opponent on low Elo. They will try try to harass you all day. Key to winning is to outpush him hard and farm savely. Late you will provide more to the teamfight then he does.




Free elo. Just do not feed early and be manaless when he is 6. In particular if you love to run into his . Late it is key to stay behind the adc (and your whole team) and insta combo 157.png after he hits your ADC.




Try to get him a bit low before he hits Level 3 by auto attacking without eating minion aggro. After 6 just let your alzaharmaleficvisions.png and minion farm the lane while you do wolves or raptors. If he roams, take his tower. If he roams more, take his inhib. Be careful if they have a strong jungle like 64.png76.png5.png.

In this case take 3.png4.png.

In the following Video you can see how to outplay a Nida and Lee. That's a bit easier when you got exhaust.

Who am I? Back to Top


I am Wohltat. A German player who is currently at Platinum 2 on EU-West. I have won multiple Diamond 5 Promos for friends and hope to become Diamond myself on day. If I do, it will be clearly thanks to Malzahar. I main him since S4 and played several hundert games (S4: 193 games, 51% winrate; S5: 191 games, 57% winrate; S6: 82 games, 56% winrate) on him since then.

Why play Malz? Back to Top

On lower Elos like Gold it is pretty easy to become fed as Malz and carry your team. However, even if behind, you can easily help your team to win because you are Anivia 2.0. You can easily waveclear as Malz and long range poke. Also while defending you will sometimes be able to combo and kill their overextending ADC / APC over the wall.

Malzahar has been op (Winrates far above 50%) for a while now. He had winrates of around 54% even in S5. The reason why he does not get nerfed is that he is totally underplayed.

Here the reasons why to play Malzahar:

  • You can safely (when you got catalyst and some AP even AFK) farm the minion wave from behind without eating any poke with alzaharnethergrasp.png and your voidling.  In the meantime you can do raptors or wolves.
  • You put a lot of pressure on midlane and prevent their mid from roaming. If their mid roams, you will get their tower. There were games in low Plat and Gold when I got their inhib Tower by 13 minutes. This is huge since their jungle is open for invade once they loose their first tower mid
  • You can defend Midtower forever because of your long range waveclear. Even if top and bot loose you can often defend the first mid tower until 30th minute.
  • You bring OP utility (alzaharcallofthevoid.png Silence) and long range AOE dmg into the fight. When they siege and you hit their carries lategame with a alzaharcallofthevoid.png , they will usually loose like 50% of their HP
  • You shred tanks! alzaharnullzone.png does %of HP in Magic Damage. Lategame you will do more than 10% of their current HP. Tanks will usually sit on the same spot aka stand in your w for a while. They usually dont realize what melts them
  • You are awesome peel for your adc. They have Malphite and Yasuo? Just stand behind your ADC and wait for the Malphite and Yasuo combo. Silence both with alzaharcallofthevoid.png , melt Malph with alzaharnullzone.png , protect the ADC with and alzaharmaleficvisions.png+alzaharnethergrasp.png on Yasuo. Same is true for Akali, Diana, Vi and other annoying hardengage champs.
  • If you build 3116.png, you can help you ADC kite their team all game due to your long range AOE Spells alzaharcallofthevoid.pngalzaharnullzone.png
  • There exists no counter to Malzahar apart from annyoing jungle camp by strong early junglers like 64.png76.png5.png60.png

How to Anti Siege with Malz (Anivia 2.0) Back to Top

In my opinion Malz is even better at anti sieging than Anivia. You can even defend your Nexus towers solo in many games. The key is not to put yourself in danger to get hooked while standing behind minions. Of course hardengage champs like 254.png84.png54.png are a different story. Just watch how I defend Nexus tower vs. four people (Quadrakill) while splittpushing Shyvanna gets their Nexus tower and wins the game. Of course such a play requires some experience.

Just watch in the following video how I defend our Nexus 1vs4, earn a Quadrakill and win the game because of splitpushing Shyvanna.

How to outplay Lee Sin and Nidalee without ultimate Back to Top

You can easily outplay Nidalee and Lee Sin using your minion wave. You can also use the minion wave whenever you are fighting one or two people in early and mid game because they do significant damage to the opponent. The same applies lategame for super minions after you destroyed their inhib.

This videos show how I outplay a Nidalee without having ult up. I use exhaust but I am pretty sure that I could have done the same without exhaust.

My Youtube Channel / Twitch Steam Back to Top

I frequently upload Plays, Comments on Patchnotes (in German) and other stuff on my Youtube Channel. Just check it out.

Also I stream frequently on my Twitch Stream.

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