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Summoner Spells Back to Top

6.png Better team fight and roaming capability, and you can use ghost to escape ganks rather than having to use your flash.
  • Ghost into enemy laner after a good trade to push for a kill
  • Ghost away when the enemy jungler is ganking you
  • Ghost in the river when ganking a side lane to approach and get there faster. 

12.png Better for cross map player and easy laning phase
  • TP Back to lane during the laning phase
  • TP to side lanes during Mid game when you have ULT malzaharr.png

4.png Flash is standard on most champions, Malzahar is no exception he gains huge utility in being able to Flash 

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Arey deals physical damage, and it's cooldown is based on how long it takes to come back to you, so this gives you lots of damage in lane, and when ulting malzaharr.png someone it can easily be proc'd multiple times, and from Malzahar's malzahare.png damage over time you can proc Arey multiple times, it has massive synergy with Malzahar's kit and will give you very reliable damage.
The%20Ultimate%20Hat.png?width=64 Malzahar really loves to ULT, having it on a lower cooldown makes it very very oppressive the later and later you go into the game, you can swap this out for Manaband Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32, for more early game waveclear / spell spam.
Celerity.png?width=64 Bonus movement speed helps a ton in lane to dodge skill shots an be in position quicker to land yours, and to run to and from lanes, over all huge value for Malzahar, it's basically like having boots level 1.
Scorch.png?width=64 Small amount of addition damage, not hugely impactful, but really helps you in early fights.

Magical%20Footwear.png?width=64 Not having to buy boots saves you gold, and lets you upgrade them for cheaper, since you spend most of the early game farm it works out very well for Malzahar.
Cosmic%20Insight.png?width=64 5% CDR on Abilities, Summoner Spells, and items. Spamming spells have having Flash up more often is very very valuable.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

malzaharr.png dot-pattern.png malzahare.png dot-pattern.png malzaharq.png dot-pattern.png malzaharw.png

malzaharpassive.png Passive

  • Malzahar gains a spell shield every 30 seconds (cooldown gets lower the higher level you are) when he hasn't taken damage, this spell shield will also block 1 auto attack
  • Minion damage will not break the shield
  • Once the shield is broken it takes 0.25 seconds to go down
  • You can use this shield to eat a single ability from an opponent while using your own for an unfair trade!

malzaharq.png Call of the Void

  • After 0.25 seconds deals magic damage in a line from which it was cast, damaging an silencing enemies hit
  • Hitting an enemy effected by E malzahare.png will refresh it's damage duration
  • Silence duration scales with points into Q malzaharq.png
  • Stand to the left or right of an entire minion wave to hit all minions with this instead of just 1 row
  • After hitting enemies with E malzahare.png in lane try to land a Q malzaharq.png for a very significant trade
  • Right as your ULT malzaharr.png is about to end cast malzaharq.png for finishing damage

malzaharw.png Void Swarm

  • Malzahar summons Voidlings that attack enemies you are attacking,  but prioritize targets effected by E malzahare.png 
  • Cast Voidlings to clear out minion waves from long range without putting yourself at risk
  • Void Swam can hold up to 2 charges, so you can place both to have 6 voidlings 
  • Use Voidlings to tank Baron so your team takes very little damage while doing it.

malzahare.png Malefic Visions

  • On click ability that applies a damage over 4 seconds
  • If a target dies during the duration it will jump to the nearest enemy and restore 2% of Malzahar's Maximum mana.
  • Using this on minions is an easy way to clear waves and restore mana
  • Can be used on a minion you are about to kill in 1 auto attack, when the enemy laner is next to that minino so that it will bounce to him.

malzaharr.png Nether Grasp

  • On click ability that Suppresses the target for 2.5 seconds, so you and the target can't move, but you are damaging the enemy during this duration.
  • Having malzahare.png & malzaharw.png on your target will increase the damage they take over time during your ULT duration.
  • Only way for enemies to get out is for them to CC you while you are ULTing, or to QSS 3140.png 
  • You can cancel the ULT by casting other abilities. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Starting Items

1056.png - AP, Mana Regen, and health, strongest starting item for most AP Mid lane Champions.
2003.png2003.png - 2 Health Potions lets you trade some of your existing health for Minions / damage on the enemy and heal it back up.

Example Full Build

Build path gives you these benefits (in this order if built as such)
AP + Mana + CDR > CDR & Summoner Spell CDR > AP + HP + Slow on Abilities > HP + AP + Magic Pen + Damage over time effect on abilities > AP + % based Magic Pen (better against tanks with Magic Resist items) > AP + Bonus % AP based on how much AP you have)

So it's a fairly well rounded build giving Malzahar what he wants at the specific stages of the match he gets the items. Running double health items in (3116.png3151.png) also makes you fairly tankier than most control mages.

3165.png - Best Build path for Malz getting 3802.png first back lets you sustain mana for a long time in the laning phase, and completing gives you everything Malzahar wants early (AP, Mana, and CDR)
3158.png - Is best for more TP plays and Flash 4.png ULTs malzaharr.png
3020.png - Is simply more damage
3116.png - Rylai's gives you more utility with your abilities, even if your ULT is on Cooldown, or if most enemy carries have QSS's 3140.png, adding a slow helps you and your team stay on targets and deal more damage to them as a result.
3151.png - Has a great build path of 3136.png giving you more Magic Pen very early, completion will give you a passive that deals damage based on the enemies max health so it lets you deal with tanks as well and gains max value from 3116.png slow.
3135.png - is a nice 5th item, cheap enough to complete entering the late game when the enemies are more likely to have a big magic resist item (3102.png3194.png3065.png)
3089.png - Best last item for any mage, giving you 120 AP + bonus ap based on your how much AP you have, so a LOT

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Azir
  • Ekko
  • Fizz
  • Karma
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Orianna
  • Taliyah
  • Twisted Fate
  • Xerath



  • Azir is a skill matchup for Malzahar, you can out range his azirw.png azirqwrapper.png poke with E malzahare.png Q malzaharq.png
  • And can lock him down malzaharr.png if he tries to push you into his team with azirqwrapper.pngazirewrapper.pngazirr.png
  • Don't stand on your wave or he will poke you and push the wave into you



  • Ekko has to E ekkoe.png onto you for damage, if you simply stay out of this range than he will won't be able to.
  • He spams Q ekkoq.png on the wave to clear it, so don't stand in range so that your shield would be broken
  • If Ekko E's ekkoe.png towards you buffer Q malzaharq.png near you where he would land so he will be silenced upon landing.




Really hard for one to kill another unless there is a glaring mistake made

So keep a strong standard game without many mistakes rather than trying to just kill kill kill him and he will most likely make the first mistake for you to punish.
Watch out for him fizzq.png ing to a minion then shooting fizzr.png at you.



  • Karma is the textbook counter to Malzahar
  • She can break your spell shield with W karmaspiritbind.png and still get the root off 
  • Her abilities are meant to be spammed, so being able to block a few doesn't have a huge impact compared to other champions

  • If she is getting onto you early you can buy Mercs 3111.png
  • Her first item will most likely be Athenes 3174.png so you will do a lot less magic damage to her.

  • Avoid her poke and let wavs be pushed into you, when you have an ally nearby to gank ULT her



  • You can't kill him easily at all
  • Kassadin's passive makes he take reduced magic damage
  • Pushing waves into him early can deny him some CS
  • Move back and forth quickly to bait his movement when he is attempting to cast Q nulllance.png onto you, if he moves to far forward you can punish with a malzahare.pngmalzaharq.png auto attack trade.
  • It's not your job to try to destroy him during the laning phase or mid game, everything in his kit helps him survive early against AP matchups
  • Any roam you can get off after level 6 with ULT malzaharr.png will help your team a lot.



  • If you don't let Katarina kill you level 2-3 you probably win the game
  • She has to buy QSS to deal with your ULT malzaharr.png 
  • During the laning phase poke her with E malzahare.png and save Q malzaharq.png  until she dashes in on you
  • This match up is very mechanically simple for Malzahar so spend more time watching Katarina's model than looking at the mininos or yourself, she moves quickly and you need to react to it fast enough.



  • Orianna matchup depends on the skill of the Ori player if they preasure you or not
  • You can trade small amounts of your health to push out waves before recalling, then coming back to lane with superior items
  • orianadetonatecommand.png buffered Ori ult can canel your ULT malzaharr.png as you are casting it
  • orianaredactcommand.png her shield will block your E malzahare.png so walking up to E her in lane isn't worth, her trade back in orianaizunacommand.pngorianadissonancecommand.png auto attack for 1 e is so much stronger.



  • Taliyah is a good counter against Malzahar, her Q taliyahq.png spam pushes the wave in, kills your voidlings, and breaks your spell shield
  • Stay behind your wave and farm from a distance with E malzahare.png Q malzaharq.png
  • Running TP 12.png can let you react to her side lane ULT ganks taliyahr.png


Twisted Fate

  • Run TP 12.png so you can match his ULT destiny.png roams.
  • He will try to break your shield when he is setting his jungler up for a gank, once your shield is down he will 4.png dot-pattern.png pickacard.png yellow card stun you.
  • TF becomes relatively tanky with a ROA 3027.png build so an ULT might not straight kill him, it's better to lock down another enemy carry most fights.



  • Xerath is also a very hard matchup for Malzahar because of his long range
  • When he start charging up Q xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png you can either back up or take a coin toss and moving left to right
  • It's easier to dodge the last second of his Q xeratharcanopulsechargeup.png charge since it has a slight delay before casting.

  • 4.png dot-pattern.png malzaharr.png him with your jungle for an easy and quick kill

  • If your jungler doesn't come or can't then try to sustain your CC and beat him in later fights

Early Game Back to Top

Levels 1 - 4 for Malzahar you want to get all the CS, without taking damage that would put you into lethal range of your enemy laner, you can take some damage and be safe / sustain it back with health potions 2003.png. Your goal before first back is to have enough gold to buy 3802.png Lost Chapter, this makes the laning phase much easier for Malzahar, with huge mana sustain every time you level up and getting blue buff it will be very, very hard for the enemy laner to try and attack you as you spam spells on the minion wave, then have another rotation of ability to cast on them as the minion wave is coming into them.

If you are looking to roam 2nd or 3rd back you can buy 3158.png or 3020.png before finishing 3165.png

Use E malzahare.png & Q malzaharq.png on the wave when trying to push, using multiple W's malzaharw.png along with this will make you run out of mana very quickly, and leave you in a bad spot in the lane.

When you first hit level 6 and gain ULT malzaharr.png your first ULT's best value is in a roam or on your lane, you don't have to kill your lane with an ULT, it can be used to chunk them so that you can farm easier for a longer duration before a recall. But it most cases you will want to ping your jungler to gank and you simply Flash 4.png dot-pattern.png malzaharr.png ULT the enemy laner for a very, very easy gank.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game you are most likely starting to team fight around the Mid lane or around objectives ( Rift Herald & Dragon ). Malzahar's kit obviously performs well and very easily in this situation, find the enemy carry out of position and ULT them, and they probably die.

You don't have to commit to ARAMing / teamfighting with your team, farming top or bot lane may be better, if there is no fight to be had, or if you know your team will lose / just shouldn't fight based on the state of the game, then you can easily push out side lanes and start taking a tower while the enemy team 5 mans around the opposite side of the map. You should be watching the map constantly to keep yourself updated on where the enemies are, since you can always move or TP 12.png to a fight. 

If none of this is happening and you find yourself still in the mid lane alone, but having to watch out for roaming supports along with junglers than you still are in an ok spot, it is very easy for Malzahar to safely farm from a pretty long rangemalzahare.pngdot-pattern.pngmalzaharw.pngdot-pattern.pngmalzaharq.png  and to gank him you have to get through his spell shield malzaharpassive.png before you can CC him, so it takes a lot from the enemy, or you have to be WAY overextended up a lane for no good reason. If you are every pushing into a tower, really really look at the minimap and think about where the enemies could be, and if they could gank you right now.

If you get ahead and get an early 3116.png you should look to teamfight even more.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game, surprise you job is still the same to ULT enemy carries, but by this time the enemy ADC and maybe mid laner will most likely have QSS 3140.png so ULTing them will still do damage, but won't lock them down if they QSS 3140.pngcorrectly. So you can start playing fights a lot slower, maybe wait for them to use QSS or you an ULT an easier to kill member such as the enemy Support. ULTing a tank can also be good, locking them in place, dealing % health damage, and letting your ADC stack get multiple auto attacks on them for free that they wouldn't be able to get otherwise.

Also in the late game it will simply be harder to just ULT someone since the enemy team's engage champions will most likely have lots of tank items, and be able to get onto you and stay on top of you much easier than before, so you have to either avoid them, stay with your team so they can peel them off, or single them out with a ULT.

Lots of Malzahar's damage comes from damage over time, so the longer fights the more abilities you can get off and  the more damage you can do, lots of fights will involve you cast malzahare.pngmalzaharw.png and moving away from enemies.

Setting up for picks in the fog of war 3341.png2055.png catching out 1 enemy then take a 4v5 or start Baron.

Malzahar also has the very strong benefit of being able to tank baron with his Voidlings malzaharw.png so your team takes little to no damage while doing Baron, making it way safer.

Later into the game is when TP isn't as useful if you aren't able to split push against an enemy laner that could match / kill you, or if you team is helplessly ARAMing and running into any champion they see.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Very, Very, Very easy laning phase
  • No skill ULT malzaharr.png to completely lock down 1 target
  • Good amount of AOE damage during teamfights


  • QSS 3140.png makes Malzahar's ULT less effective since it will only damage and not lock down a target
  • No burst damage, damage over time abilities can be shielded or healed a lot easier
  • When ULT is down you don't offer as much during fights and it can be down for a long time in the early - mid game.

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3.

 Here are some places you can find me! 

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