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Maokai Statistics for Sir Noothart

Author's performance with Maokai compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I don't think I need to explain this; you have almost no kill pressure with Maokai, so teleport is in your best interest. TP also allows you to help out your team across the map, provided you pay attention.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is a pretty standard mastery set up, though if you can't live without dangerous game, go ahead and take it, as long as the majority of your points are in resolve. Since you want to scale harder, Unyielding gives you more armor and MR to compensate. Runic Armor is to help with Mao's passive heal, summoner's insight is to give you a shorter TP and Flash Cooldown, though only take this if you know you will get the most out of TP ganks (though keep it to practice with TP ganking)
 Swiftness provides Tenacity, which is a tank's best friend, so that is a must.
Grasp- Honestly, all of these keystones are good on Mao, but Grasp provides just a bit of extra power when in lane.

Abilities Back to Top


Against most top laners, Maxing Q, then W is the best option. Your power comes from being able to stick on to them, and they are the most reliable in a trade. Against an aggressive jungler, you can max E second to have pseudo wards, though they are no substitute for normal/vision wards.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Starting items
    Against someone who is aggressive and has a lot of single target damage
    against aggressive laners with a lot of A.O.E or uses their abilites a lot
    sustain lane; you can beat them but you need the mana.

Core Items

    These three items are pretty much your best friends.
    Against a lot of high impact CC's- Or teemo.
    as odd as it is, these are still good options. If your team lacks siege potential, you can buy theses to help with that.
    Some more aggressive items that can help you if your team wants to pick people off before all out fighting.
    There is a lot of power behind these two items. Righteous for some more pick potential, GA for more survivability in fights.
    These are the only two boots you need to consider. Tabi are good for auto attack heavy comps. Treads are good for comps with a lot of cc.

Situational Items

    Here, some damage items, they're pretty good on Maokai.

Starting Items

In like, 90% of all of Maokai's match-ups, Doran's Ring is the way to go. It gives you plenty of sustain with your mana (if you last hit), and on top of that, you get a bit of AP to help you with your damage. There are some match-ups, as said above, that you might need a little extra defense. With that said, Doran's Shield/Cloth Armor is your answer.

 I'm sure you're wondering; which one do I buy? Well, if your against someone who has a lot of single target spells, like 
17.png80.png, or 157.png, then Doran's Shield is your best answer to them. All of their poke doesn't end up coming to much in the end when their poke is single target. If you're up against someone like 92.png,58.png, or62.png, then Cloth is the answer to that. A lot of those champs have a lot of damage, mostly A.O.E, and also, reliant on poking you down in burst trades. With the extra amount of pots, you can sustain through and make all their burst not mean as much. Plus, on top of that, the cloth allows you to get to your core item faster.

Core Items

okay, so down to the basics- Sunfire, Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart. Those three items are your best friends; in almost EVERY INSTANCE, those items are going to be the items you rush into.

     SUNFIRE: Sunfire is a tank's best friend in general. No matter the situation, Sunfire is not a bad item to have; even it's component, Bami's is just a great item. It gives you damage for free, it's always on, no matter what. It also provides wave clear, for free. You know, I can't even think of a reason not to have it. Other than if you don't want to push a wave but like, eh. Keep in mind, since Bami's is a thing, you can build into other items with out a problem ...much like

     SPIRIT VISAGE: If a tank has some type of sustain (heals, life steal, etc.) Spirit Visage is your go to for even more healing shenanigans (Kill my self :^) )! Visage gives you 25% increased healing, which is a lot in case you didn't know :^).

    Frozen Heart: In a lot of situations this is nice as well. It gives CDR, which in case you didn't know, lets your abilities be back up, faster. On top of that it bones ADCs with it's passive. Your mana pool is increased, which allows you to use your abilities more as well.


        Welp, like I said there is no other real options than Tabi or Treads. Tabi are used against heavy auto-attack teams, or if you opponent has little to no CC to begin with. Treads, is for the hard CC, such as roots, snares, stuns, etc., or if your opponent has high magic damage. 

Okay, let’s get down to the fun stuff (or as fun as you can get):

Pick off Comps- Maokai is able to adapt to pick off comps pretty well, since he has the CC to lock down a single caught out opponents. With that being said there are some items to help with that.

ICE-BORN: Gauntlet is actually pretty nice on Maokai; it caps out his CDR, and since he has CC in most of his abilities, this helps him be able to lock down people even more. But on top of that, the sheen proc applies that slow that just hurts anyone caught out. Most of the time they can’t even flash away, because you will keep them locked down because of your low cool downs.

DEAD-MAN’S: Dead Man’s is in there for kinda the same reason, but a little different. Dead man’s gives you the extra move speed, so it’s easier to catch up to the caught opponent, and if you can pull off that slow with Iceborn and dead man’s, it will secure any picks you have.

RIGHTEOUS: It’s a speed up…for your team. It’s a good source of engage to be honest, and once again, helps you with pick because you move so fast when moving towards an enemy.

DAMAGE: Honestly, this is for the daring people, and I don't really recommend it unless you just feel like screwing around (and know what you're doing).

ROA: It's a recommended item on Mao, but honestly you don't need that shit all the time. He's perfectly fine with out it, and you'll be more useful with out damage items. But, if your team lacks some damage (say with three tanks), then you can do this and massacre the enemy team. It's a scaling item, so you'll have to get it as soon as possible if you want the max stats.

ABYSSAL: It's a good item for a damage oriented Maokai. It reduces your enemy's MR, and allows your team (if they have any) to pack a punch with their magic damage. Get this second. 

PROTO-BELT: This is honestly funny as an item, because I was not expecting it at all to work. However, it gives you a semi-powerful engage, a burst of damage, and CDR (at this point you should know why that is good). So yeah, get this third. 

Oh yeah, one last item: Guardian's Angel. I know, it may seem like a troll thing for a tank to get, but listen to this; imagine a tank, as beefy and annoying as they are, to not die immediately? You revive and immediately and get to stay alive a bit longer. Or maybe, if you get caught out, you can get to have a second chance :DD

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Gangplank
  • Illaoi
  • Kennen
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Riven
  • Shen
  • Teemo




Laning: BLEH! This match up is ass .-. Darius wrecks your shit at all points in the game unless he is feeding his ass off. Best thing to do is succeed and don't fight him at all; pray your jungler comes to shut him down early so he does feed.

Teamfights: If he is feeding he blows ass, unless he can get full stacks on someone in a fight, he's not doing shit. If he is fed, then damn; you're a body guard through and through, try your best to keep him off the carries, and best advice, pick up a 3143.png in your build somewhere so you can slow him down. If your carries can kite him out, he will die, no real issues other than the rest of the enemy team.




Laning: Gangplank is an asshole in lane, he can easily poke you from afar, and until a certain point, will make it so you push him under, it's annoying as hell. What makes this match up difficult is that fucking removescurvy.png of his, nullifying your engage. Most of the time, he can slip out and stop the fight dead. The raisemorale.png deal so much, even when building armor they hurt. The best bet is to let him push you under with barrels. You have to fake engage, and get him to use them with out getting hurt, all while being in the minions. He'll involuntarily push you in, and then he is easy pickings for a jungler to prey on him.

Teamfights: in team fights he becomes a tiny bit easier to handle, he will set up his barrels, although your marksman will take it out no issues most of the time. The big thing you have to watch out for is his cannonbarrage.png, avoid fighting in that as much as possible, because that will easily allow him to turn the tides of battle. Try and see if you can bait out removescurvy.png before a major fight, then make sure you engage while it is down. This makes him so vulnerable, and easy to catch out.

Other than that laning phase, he is not hard to catch out at all.




Laning: Ugh, this is such a lame match up, you literally have to play so passive it hurts. It's a game of Touhou up in the top lane, dodging literally everything she throws your way. Anytime you have an opening to get rid of tentacles in the lane, do so, getting rid of those bastards make it so much easier to deal with. Also, do your best not to get hit with her E, as its annoying to deal with. If she does hit you with it, run out of its radius and sit back for the full duration, and you'll be alright. Though try your best not to get hit at all; getting chunked multiple times sets you up to get dived. 

Teamfights: This is difficult because she has so much power behind her attacks; although they are telegraphed. A lot of the times if the teams aren't in lanes she will try and get the drop on you in bushes. Ward up around a major objective about to be contested and she won't be able to as easily. If you are in the lanes while fighting, stay inside the minions to keep her from pulling out ya soul.
    Illaoi will also try and engage on your team to see if she can get any good damage off; best thing to do is to run back if she ults so she can't get the most damage off, then engage when she doesn't have it up. Once she doesn't have her ulti, she isn't hard to deal with, so go for the carries in the back to keep them from dishing out damage.




Laning: Kennen is a little harder but nothing to worry about honestly. You can avoid his poke, and he can't exactly all in you for a fight, since you have more power than he does in that post six. I say that because of your maokaidrain3.png, which gives you 20% dmg reduction while it is on, meaning all of his burst is like nothing until he gets some items, but even then you'll have more items to counter him as well.

Team Fights: Most of the time, Kennen looks to engage on your team; you're job is to stop him from doing so. Your maokaiunstablegrowth.png stops him dead in his tracks, so he can't get close to your team. Afterwards he is easy pickings for your team and the fight can begin.




Laning: Laning against Nasus is honestly easy for you. This is one of the few match ups you can out right bully early with your high base damage. Nasus isn't really able to fight you too well early, so if you can keep him off the farm then you're set. My best advice to do that is make sure it freezes near your tower (not under it, but close to). This way he has to over-extend to farm, while you can do it safely under your tower. Keep in mind, he'll use spiritfire.png to the back of your wave to try and force you to tank the minions, if he does that, don't be near your minions, back away so you don't take unnecessary poke. Or you can also do your combo if it is up. Oh yeah, the combo! (I'll make that in a separate section).

Team fights: honestly this is gonna be difficult, because you have to decide between testing objectives with your team, or stopping Nasus from free farming to try and catch up. If you have 12.png it's easy to go up there and then have someone place a ward if a fight goes down. Most of the time, you have to just force Nasus away, which if he barely has any stack at the time, shouldn't be hard. However if he does, well, that's another thing entirely.

Teamfights with a stacked Nasus: I hope you stacked Armor and a lot of it. Your job is to keep him away no matter what. You pop your maokaidrain3.png the moment he comes up to any of your teammates and keep that son of a bitch off them. You are a body guard to the entrance to the pentakill club and kicking that puppy to the curb is your job today; best of luck.




Laning: Same thing I said for Darius, Olaf fucking blows. Let him push to under and have the jungler kill his ass. If you have TP, or if he backs and you have pushed your lane, look to help your team. Even if he is fed, if you have someone who can kill him before he kills them, he's not an issue.

Teamfights: Olaf actually won't team fight unless he is fed to ungodly hell. Most of the time, he's gonna split-push, and you really shouldn't try and stop him. Buy 3512.png and place it under a turret to get it pushed out. Just focus on helping your team in this matchup, if you get more objectives than he can with your team, he won't be able to do much. If he is fed and going after your team in a full on fight, pray your team can kite him out until olafragnarok.png is over, because you aren't CC'ing him until it is. After that he isn't a difficult person to deal with and you can lock him down.




Laning: Panth is actually a lot like the Riven match up in a lot of ways, with the difference being that he will try and poke you down with pantheon_throw.png. This can be countered by 1054.png, which stops him from being able to deal as much damage (only use if you can conserve mana and know how to really play Maokai), 1029.png which gives you a bit more sustain in hp (again with mana) or, if you want to go the aggressive route (really don't recommend it right now) go with 2033.png. This way, you keep your mana and hp up, and if you can play the sustain game better than him, he will use his mana up quicker, and you can then, after 3068.png or if you want 3751.png into 3047.png, fight him. But if you want to play it safe, get the cloth or doran's shield and let him push you under. Again wait for jungle pressure and honestly, it's not hard.




Laning: You honestly can't fight her early, she has too much damage for you to deal with at all times. Use the Disengage Combo to stop her from getting the drop on you with riventricleave.png or rivenmartyr.png. Once you have a few items though (3068.png,3110.png), she can be handled easily and you can fight her now; though keep in mind you can only really fight her with maokaidrain3.png up and that's it.

Teamfights: Riven is a priority target to keep off carries. Keep her off them at all times in fights other wise she will run through your team like a hot knife through butter.
    Riven is another one that split pushes if she needs to. Honestly, trying to stop her is hard, because she will just run away from you with her dashes. Your best bet to stop her is having your team collapse on her to stop her altogether. She can do a lot, but unless she is super fed she can't really one v five against a team with a brain.




Laning: To be honest, against most tanks you're fine, but Shen is different in a lot of senses, simply because you can out brute him. Respect him, as you should all your opponents, but don't be afraid of him.

Also, your maokaiunstablegrowth.png can stop his ulti shenstandunited.png, meaning he won't show up to the location, but his shield will still be on the person he ulted. Really this is key to winning against Shen, just stop him from helping his team, make sure you have eyes on him at all times, and warn your team if you can't stop him from ulting. Other than that, you're set! It'll be a farm lane and you still have TP for when your team needs you. Just make sure you're out of his sight as well, because his shenshadowdash.png can stop you from going in.

Teamfights: You have one of two jobs depending on the situation at hand. Not the engage? Then keep your carries alive by keeping shen off them, make sure he can't get near them. Are you the engage while someone else peels? Go for the carries in the back so Shen doesn't have follow up. Pop your Ulti and watch them back away in fear...most of the time.




Laning: this one can be hard if you don't understand what you have to do to stop him. Simply put there is one item that stops teemo from doing a whole lot early:3211.png. Not even kidding, get an early one of these and he doesn't do anything to you besides blind you, but since you are mostly ability based, it doesn't matter. Still though, you can't kill him unfortunately, or at least it is hard to most of the time. A good teemo will not allow to touch him most of the time. With that being said, it's kinda like the Nasus lane- let him push you under and then, call for pressure in top, before six he is a free kill, and with him being under your turret, it becomes so much easier.

Team Fighting: Honestly Teemo won't ever be in fights unless he is fed, or shrooming around a major objective, so you'll see him split push a lot. You can do two things that makes this easier to deal with. One: Buy 3364.png, you stop his shrooms completely from working so you can kill them. Two: you can buy those situational siege items I mentioned, 3512.png, and 3060.png. This will make it harder for him to split because he has more to deal with. The swarm from ZZ'rot makes it so he has more to deal with, and his shrooms don't affect Bannered Minions, so he has to deal with them himself.

Another Pro Tip: Buy 3065.png and 3102.png. These items make it sooo much easier to deal with him (just make sure to have armor as well for team fighting, ZZ'rot won't be enough).

Quick Tips: Things to Know about your abilities. Back to Top

undefined.png : Maokai's Q will knock a target up if it is close enough, making it harder from them to escape.

undefined.png: Maokai's W can be used to avoid damage, as it makes him untargetable while doing so; use this to avoid some hard hitting attack.

undefined.png : When maxed, his E lasts for a full minute, basically making it a ward. It will reveal an enemy that is hit by it, alerting you to danger. If you have time in your lane, throw this little baby out in their jungle brushes. If the jungler walks by and you're too far up, the sapling will detonate, allowing you to know of the jungler's presence and back off accordingly.

undefined.png : This ability is probably one of the most valuable abilities in the game; it not only gives you 20% damage reduction, but every ally who stands in it the same buff! Use this when all-inning some one or in major team fights.

undefined.png I should mention this guy, shouldn't I? Well, if you can read, every five spells his passive is charged and allows him to gain back a bit of HP scaling from 5-7% Max HP. Combine this with spirit visage to gain back even more HP (12.5-17.5% (A lot)).

Tree Combos Back to Top

Combo One- Twist and Snap; W in on your enemy, throw an E in the direction they are running and Q them towards it to have the sapling catch up. This is a basic laning combo and good for most trades.

Combo Two- Rootin'em Down; W in, Q them behind you, throw E in the direction they run, making sure to have it go over them if possible. This one is best for when you are getting the ganks so they aren't easily able to escape.

Combo Tree...I Mean Three- All-in Vengeance; Press Your R, combined with Rootin'em Down (would only recommend doing this when you have them either at a low HP, or you have the mana to sustain the Ultimate). The enemy should die if done correctly, or at least they flashed. 

Sustain Game: How to play it Back to Top

Going up against some one you know you can beat, but they can just as easily beat you? BUY A 2033.png! This little guy here will solve that problem you have.

You're probably asking yourself: Why not get 1056.png for the AP and HP? Well, while Doran's can give you back mana, and in all honesty gives you more real damage, it sometimes isn't enough if you are constantly fighting your opponent. That being said, here's the trick in those match ups. Buy the 2033.png, then get 400 gold, and back, making sure the wave is at least even. Buy a 1056.png, and there, now you have the sustain to match up with you opponent! Every time you see an engage, try it. Just make sure to pop of of your 2033.png charges to put on a little extra damage (Not on every engage, just on some of them). Most Opponents you do this to, can't actually match up; Keyword, MOST. They can do the same thing in a lot of instances and maybe play it better than you. It's all about careful timing and proper potting, and if you do it right, your all-in is set to get something out of it.

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