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Master Yi Statistics for Seo Juhyun

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Versatile since it can be used in two main ways, offensive or defensive. In greater detail:

1) Offensive
  • Using Flash to gap close for an extra auto
  • Using Flash to to get into range to use Q (Alpha Strike) stay on-top of the target
  • Using Flash to dodge a Linear skillshot such as 99.png R (Final Spark).
2) Defensive - Using Flash to escape AA range of the enemy, flashing over the wall to create distance between the enemy jungler and you or to escape tower range for if you used your Q just too early and need an escape from the tower shot which could possibly get you killed.

11.png - Essential because it is guaranteed damage ignoring all defences, the base Armour/Magic Resist of for example Dragon may make you deal less damage than your abilities are showing giving you this false sense of security in controlling objectives. With this you have much greater chance of securing the objective.

Since Patch 7.2  4.png  is stronger than 6.png even for on-hit builds due to the nerf. Here is what was in Patch 7.2 Notes:

Patch 7.2 Ghost nerf.png

14.png - Situational but viable and useful and in the right circumstances. Take Ignite when:

  1. You are going the on-hit build and they got champions who either stack Life Steal, get Omni-vamp through 3146.png or Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 or when facing an enchanter support like 40.png267.png16.png - The true damage of Ignite pops  shields with ease and applies Grievious Wounds which reduces healing by 40%.
  • With on-hit 3033.png itemising for % Bonus Armour Penetration is sub-optimal as it synergises better with crit, since with this type of build you deal sustained damage through the % maximum HP of 1419.png, the magic damage on-hit of both 3124.png & 3091.png plus Guinsoo's Rage passive and your wujustyle.png itemising for psuedo tankiness and sustain is better (Phantom Dancer is okay only as a last item as a replacement of boots if the sgmae goes on for 30 mins+). None of the bruiser items offer Grievious Wounds which is where Ignite comes in. It is also good if you are going to invade.

New Runes Back to Top

About the crit runes

Dark Harvest

A mid to late game type of Keystone. Early on you will be weaker than if you took any other of the damage based Keystone. The focus of this type of playstyle is to gank whenever there is an opportunity after having taken a jungle camp or neutral monster from the river, snowballing off of early kills is crucial to become unstoppable. To get the full power out of Dark Harvest you need to ideally have 150 stacks by 20 minutes as the duration of the Dark Harvest proc gets extended from 30 seconds to 5 minutes giving you more time to find a reset. Each kill will reset the counter to 5 minutes meaning that if you got 150+ stacks you will essentially have practically permanent uptime.

Sudden Impact

Since there isn't going to be any true damage coming from runes and the enemy will be looking to itemise for Armour Sudden Impact will counteract  this in early game (it will fall off later of course) boost the burst coming from Dark Harvest, your autoattacks and Alpha Strike. This rune grants 10 Lethality and 8 Magic Penetration for 6 seconds after a dash, leap or blink of which Master Yi's Alpha Strike counts as a dash.This will particularly help you out in early game, even more so vs the carries who won't get any Armour (if at all) till a lot later on (if the ADC buys GA or the APC buys Zhonya).

Eyeball Collection

Not a great deal to say about this rune, by making any positive impact towards your team winning you will become stronger with this rune. This is because any kills, assists or ward takedowns will grant stacks of Eyeball (max stacks of 20), each Eyeball giving 1 AP or 0.6 AD adaptive maxing out at 20 AP or 12 AD at max stacks of Eyeballs. this will AD fractionally more damage to Alpha Strike, Wuju Style and Dark Harvest.

Ravenous Hunter

Whilst not as core for a crit build this is the strongest of the four for Master Yi (comparing it to Ingenious Hunter, Relentless Hunter and Ultimate Hunter); you won't be needing item active CDR badly like a support (the only item active you really should have with this build is for Mercurial Scimitar); Movement Speed can be itemised for in more ways whereas omni-vamp only has one item for this, the Hextech Gunblade; CDR can be itemised for in numerous ways putting Ultimate Hunter as a low priority option.

What makes this strong even for a crit build is that you can heal of critical strikes and the Dark Harvest proc damage. The only way the enemy can counterplay you with this is if they apply Ignite onto you since Grievous Wounds reduces incoming healing by 40%, Exhaust will reduce the damage you deal which means that you will heal for less or simply if their ADC has a Executioner's Calling/Mortal Reminder then their autoattacks will apply a permanent Grievous Wounds debuff onto you.

About the on-hit runes

Primary Tree


This is an all-game type of Keystone (early, mid and late game), it will help you in early game as it grants bonus AD, by mid game where you will have a good amount of damage items the benefits of the true damage become more noticeable and in late game the tank shredding becomes insane - this is due to Conqueror converting 20% of damage dealt into true damage. This is the most versatile rune to take on Yi right now and if you are unsure what to take or don't want to take any risks even vs squishy teams then you can take this. This rune has permanent uptime after 3 seconds all it takes is to attack scuttle crab in the river, minions in lane or mid way contesting Dragon or Baron and switch focus to an enemy who is about to focus you and the true damage is applied.

Compared to Lethal Tempo you don't have to itemise for Armour Penetration as you'll be dealing more true damage and there is no downtime when in combat. Also Press the Attack will be another inferior option as it only makes you strong 15 minutes into the game but then you will fall off heavily after as it doesn't amplify or add more true damage.


This is the new equivalent of Dangerous Game, it restores 12% missing health and gives 20g during a teamfight which helps not only keeping you alive but also gets you closer to your powerspike from the additional gold if you get a 'Takedown' (kill or assist).

Legend: Alacrity

Maximises the DPS dealt and has perfect synergy with the passive of Alpha Strike whereby each autoattack reduces the cooldown, this helps make clutch dodges. Also more Attack Speed results in more procs of Bloodrazor % max HP damage, Wit's End magic damage, Wuju Style true damage and more healing from Hextech Gunblade as well as faster clear, this makes it the ultimate choice of the three.

Coup de Grace

Coup de Grace is the strongest of the three (comparing it to Cut Down and Last Stand) as it is effective against all enemies regardless of squishy or tanky as long as they are lower HP, this is also the only of the three choices that gives bonus AD on takedowns and 20% of this is ALSO converted into true damage which means more true damage.

Secondary Tree

Eyeball Collection

The fact that you can get 20 AP or 12 AD at max stacks of Eyeballs means that more damage will be converted to true damage making it easier to shred tanks.

Ravenous Hunter

This is a staple rune for any on-hit build as the healing applies to damage dealt by abilities, on-hit effects and items. Simply put it heals from all your sources (sometimes called omni vamp), with this rune and Elixir of Wrath you will have a lot of sustain from sources other than your primary items. The only way the enemy can counterplay you with this is if they apply Ignite onto you since Grievous Wounds reduces incoming healing by 40%, Exhaust will reduce the damage you deal which means that you will heal for less or simply if their ADC has a Executioner's Calling/Mortal Reminder then their autoattacks will apply a permanent Grievous Wounds debuff onto you.

Abilities Back to Top


Ability point level order:

Starting with alphastrike.png is important because being able to dodge the attack of monsters allows you to clear healthier. We take E level 2 because gives 10% free bonus AD when not on cooldown speeding up the clear with the true damage on-hit - don't use this at every camp if you don't need the extra damage since activating wujustyle.png and moving onto another camp will slow down your clear significantly at earlier levels (2 - 4) but won't matter so much later on how and when you use it vs monsters. Putting 2 points into alphastrike.png allows you to 1 shot the small raptors making your clear quicker, take meditate.png at level 4 since you can't go without it any longer as you need the early game sustain and damage reduction for if the enemy jungler counterjungles. Meditate is a 1 point wonder ability and it is very conditional that taking a second ability point into meditate.png at level 13 would have saved you over the final ability point into wujustyle.png.

Whilst an on-hit build is focused on sustained damage you won't have enough AD to back up maxing E in early in which is why you should always max Q as it has higher base damage and there will be some opportunities where the enemy will back out fast, in short trades Q will deal more damage. In early game your focus will be on farming and the bonus damage to minions and monsters on Q scales with rank making it the most obvious choice to max. The only change in the ability levelling sequence will be at level 3, if you are safe from the enemy jungler or successfully won your 1v1 invade and got enough health to continue jungling put a second point into Q to maximise clear speed. Otherwise if it goes wrong or you end up too low health despite winning 1v1 take W level 3.

Ability skill order: Q -> E -> Q -> W (ideally) else Q -> E -> W -> Q and then prioritise R -> Q  E-> -> W

Advanced tip:

  • In order to maximise the damage output from E save it for after the third AA so that the first AA on activating E strikes twice, even though the AA damage of the second attack is halved the full on-hit damage is applied and since the true damage is on-hit you deal the full amount of true damage applying twice in one attack which makes Yi deceivngly bursty.
  • Use W sparingly because the heal is more effective the lower health you have, stopping to Meditate during a clear when unnecessary will slow down the clear speed by up to 4 seconds if fully channelling it. W is best used as a tool for mitigating burst and for reducing tower shot damage to buy time for Q to become off cooldown ready to use for the "too close to call" tower diving plays such as this.
For an example of how to dive as Yi properly (video is old but the older videos of Cowsep shows his better plays

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    On-hit core items
    Crit build core items

Situational Items

Crit build path (Standard)

1041.png2031.png-> 1038.png -> 1001.png ->  1036.png1036.png-> (Sell 2031.pngfor 1042.png) -> 3095.png -> 3086.png -> 3087.png -> 1038.png -> 1037.png -> 3031.png -> 3086.png -> 3140.png -> 3046.png -> 3139.png -> (Sell 3095.png for 3508.png) -> (Sell 1001.png for 3035.png) -> 3036.png or 3033.png -> 2140.png

Crit build path (Alternate)

1041.png2031.png-> 1038.png -> 1001.png ->  1036.png1036.png-> (Sell 2031.pngfor 1042.png) -> 3095.png -> 3086.png -> 3087.png -> 1038.png -> 1037.png -> 3031.png -> 3086.png ->  1053.png ->  3812.png -> 3046.png -> (Sell 3095.png for 3508.png) -> (Sell 1001.png for 3035.png) -> 3036.png or 3033.png -> 2140.png

Note: This build has been inspired off from Bobgoulet
Link to his op.ggBobgoulet

The reason Boots of Speed is left to a later priority is that this is a less gold efficient build compared to the on-hit build and it is essential not to delay it for tier 2 boots.

Stormrazor is the first of the two core items, this item is relatively new as it only was released four patches ago. I was sceptical about how strong this item would be on Master Yi but I found a 

Statikk Shiv is the last of the core items, this has excellent synergy with Stormrazor for surprise burst as it grants a guarunteed crit on the first attack out of combat providing you haven't attacked within 3 seconds. Combined with Stormrazor and the Dark Harvest rune you can do a surprising amounts of burst which they probably won't be prepared.

Infinity Edge can no longer be rushed since the rework of the item back in Patch 8.11 as they removed the Critical Strike Damage and Critical Strike Chance stats; Stormrazor is the new "Infinity Edge rush" since the rework. So as to make crit champions still relevant they gave it two unique passives, one which doubles Critical Strike Chance meaning you go from 30% to 60% with just Statikk Shiv and 10% of Critical Strike Damage is dealt as true damage. The intent of Riot's rework was to make is so that ADCs melee and ranged can't 2 - 3 shot until four items instead of just two and instead improve the ability to anti-tank on a build that isn't on-hit to reinforce their identity of DPS. To this day they still do burst just not nearly as hard.

After this you want Zeal since the Critical Strike Chance multiplier will instead of only granting you 15% bonus Critical Strike Chance you will get 30% Critical Strike Chance bringing you up to 90% Critical Strike Chance with the aforementioned items. From here you will have enough Critical Strike Chance to begin focusing on utility (CC removal or Life Steal), choose between Quicksilver Sash or Vampiric Scepter depending on if their CC is point and click or a skillshot since you can't dodge a point and click CC whereas a skillshot and therefore you would be able to forego the CC removal for stronger healing from physical damage.

If you're following my standard build path then upgrade to Phantom Dancer. The reason is self explanatory, Runaan's Hurricane and Rapid Fire Cannon can only be purchased on ranged champions and the Phantom Dancer is the only after choice having bought Statikk Shiv already. The 15% Critical Strike Chance is enough to bring you to 100% Critical Strike Chance (in fact technically if this system wasn't capped then technically it would be 120% Critical Strike Chance but that isn't possible.) Even though it is slightly overkill there isn't no way of avoiding the excess waste of Critical Strike Chance.

At this point you will have 100% Critical Strike Chance if you followed the "Standard" build path and should finish upgrading Quicksilver Sash to Mercurial Scimitar. On the other hand if you followed the "Alternate" you should finish upgrading your Zeal to Phantom Dancer since you would have upgraded your Life Steal item the stage before.

Essence Reaver has perfect synergy with the crit playstyle. Whenever you look to gank or join quickly join the action of the teamfight with R you will for a short duration have the Essence Flare passive which will grant you 50% bonus Attack Speed and basic attacks will refund 20% of non-ultimate cooldowns. Combine this with the fact that autoattacks and Double Strike already reduce the cooldown of Q you will be able to make some very clutch plays if used properly. To make some inventory space for this item sell Stormrazor so that this item takes it place as the Stormrazor passive becomes redundant once you have 100% Critical Strike Chance.

Sell Boots of Speed for Last Whisper once you reach this point; the bonus Movement Speed stats from Statikk Shiv and Phantom Dancer will negate the feeling of moving too slow. The bonus Armour Penetration from Last Whisper will help you to deal with tanks. Upgrade this to Lord Dominik's Regard in most situations as it gives 10% more Armour Penetration which will result in you doing more damage vs tanks, that is unless they got a champion with high sustain like Aatrox, Dr. Mundo or Soraka, in those rare cases buy Mortal Reminder instead.

To round the build off get an Elixir of Wrath to help counteract Thornmail reflect damage if they build it, even if they don't the bonus AD will help contribute to more true damage from Wuju Style and Conqueror.

On-hit build path (Standard)

1041.png + 2031.png -> 1042.png1042.png -> 3715.png -> 1419.png -> 1001.png -> 1043.png -> 1037.png -> 1052.png -> 3124.png -> 1043.png -> 3047.png or 3111.png -> (Sell 2031.png for 1057.png) -> 3091.png -> 3052.png -> 3053.png -> 1038.png -> 3026.png -> (Sell 3047.png or 3111.png for 3046.png) -> 2140.png

On-hit build path (Alternate)

1041.png + 2031.png -> 1042.png1042.png -> 3715.png -> 1419.png -> 1001.png -> 1043.png -> 1037.png -> 1052.png -> 3124.png -> 1043.png -> 3047.png or 3111.png -> (Sell 2031.png for 1053.png) -> 3144.png -> 3153.png->  3140.png -> 3052.png -> 3053.png -> 3139.png -> (Sell 3047.png or 3111.png for 3046.png) -> 2140.png

Note: This build has been inspired off from Danijrm
Link(s) to his profiles:

After you got your core items for the on-hit build you need to decide which type of upgraded boots is best to buy you need to assess if they got a fed ADC or AD heavy comp then you should take Ninja Tabi as the Armour will reduce crit damage you receive from the enemy ADC (unless they have an 81.png who typically goes blue build on-hit) and/or counteract any Lethality they may have (if they got an assassin). In the circumstance where their team has equal number or less AD than AP and they have a lot of hard CC that aren't knockups (Tenacity doesn't affect knockups) then take Mercury's Treads as the Magic Resist will counteract any Magic Penetration they may have but more importantly it will reduce the duration of CC. In the rare case scenario where the game isn't a close match, your in no danger of getting instagibbed and you are absolutely stomping them then you can propel your lead even further with Berserker's Greaves for maximum DPS but this is very situational.

Next take Wit's End vs a fed APC or BoTRK if they are full AD with a tank. Wit's End is a heavily underestimated item, in fact it grants the highest amount of Magic Resist in a single item when at max stacks (40 base and the unique passive grants 6 Magic Resist for each stack up to five times for a bonus of 30.) Additionally considering that it gives 40% Bonus Attack Speed and 42 bonus magic damage on-hit for just 2400 gold in total it is very gold efficient - 113.33% at 0 stacks up to 170.97% at 5 stacks. Both BoTRK and Wit's End will get their on-hit damage multiplied by Guinsoo's Rageblade.

At this point you will have enough damage and need to itemise for utility and defense. The CC removal from Quicksilver Sash starts becoming important in middle ELO (Platinum) as people start to figure how to time their CC after your Alpha Strike but then becomes practically mandatory in high ELO (Diamond+) where almost all the time the enemy composition.

Since true damage is so abundant Armour and MR items are far less effective than they have been in the past, this is why I have chosen Sterak's Gage over Guardian Angel. Ever since Patch 8.12 Sterak's Gage is now a perfectly viable option on Master Yi, before the passive Giant Strength gave 50% additional base damage but now the 50% of current base attack damage is gained as bonus attack damage. This means that unlike before Wuju Style now gains additional true damage as that scales off bonus Attack Damage NOT base not base Attack Damage.

Guardian Angel is the final item becomes combined with the Armour, MR and shield from the aforementioned items you will now also get a revive. This makes you very difficult to take down.

In both the "Standard" and "Alternative" version of the on-hit build late in the far end of late game I sell tier 2 boots for Phantom Dancer as it will give you similar level of damage reduction that a Ninja Tabi would but to ALL sources of damage and will be more useful in most cases in that time of a match than even Mercury's Treads. The focus on buying this isn't much on the crit but it is mostly on the damage reduction and unit collision removal as pathing can prove as an issue during teamfights when there are minions nearby (especially when the minions are Baron empowered and the unit size is increased making it more likely to cause pathing issues).

To round the build off get an Elixir of Wrath to help counteract Thornmail reflect damage if they build it, even if they don't the bonus AD will help contribute to more true damage from Wuju Style and Conqueror.



Items to avoid!

  • Any support item (obvious)
  • Any pure AP item
  • 3075.png - as this is designed for pure tanks and grants no HP.
  • 3083.png - as this is designed for pure tanks and grants no Armour or MR.
  • 3078.png - The Rage passive grants nice sticking power but we can get this same passive from and the 20% CDR from  3071.png whilst getting Armour shredding. The Spellblade passive goes to waste as you should be using alphastrike.png and meditate.png sparingly you won't make enough use of the Spellblade passive.
  • 3110.png and 3025.png - no AD and no HP, Armour may be nice but 11.png isn't too mana hungry. See the reason above as to why any Sheen item on Yi is sub-optimal.
  • 3193.png - The fact it grants Armour and MR in one item makes it very slot efficient, even though the active will double your health pool on the downside it reduces 40% of the damage you deal (this includes your autoattacks, alphastrike.png and any damage item such as 1419.png3153.png extremely weak (it is almost like applying the  3.png damage reduction to your ownself). Only your wujustyle.png damage is unaffected as it is true damage but even if you buy 3124.png to double the damage it won't be enough to make you a threat.
  • 3001.png- Whilst the HP, MR and CDR are all nice you don't get any AD and if you want a HP + MR item then 3065.png outclasses it, it has excellent which synergises with not only any Life Steal item you purchase but also your meditate.pngamplifying the healing from it too.
  • 3194.png - The idea of an anti-burst is nice but this item does not scale well with Yi's abilities.
  • Any Jungle item with Runic Echoes enchant - Only AP scaling is on W and the Spellblade passive rarely comes into use
  • Any Jungle item with Cinderhulk enchant, 1419.png is far superior for a one item power spike which allows you to build tanky without being absolutely useless late game.


Important Note

Just because you are Yi doesn't mean you should think "forget buying wards" as it will decrease your map pressure, only sell or skip buying a 2055.png if you can afford a core item or your slots are full.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox



  • Just when you see  266.png coming to hit the ground use your alphastrike.png to to dodge the knockup from his aatroxq.png if he is engaging on you or if he is fleeing save it to follow his leap.
  • Aatrox aatroxw.png deals bonus on-hit physical damage, try to meditate.png towards the end of the fight to get an edge.
  • Activate wujustyle.png when he is below 50% health where Blood Thirst heals for far more.
  • Build 3033.png to cut his healing and penetrate through any defense he may have built.
  • Early on when you may be trying to cover the lane do not engage unless it is clear you got an item and level lead since his kit is stronger in early game.

Jungle clear route Back to Top

My usual jungling paths:

Purple team side

Since patch 8.11 the standard Jungle route has changed, the increase from 20 XP to 190 XP on the Rift Scuttler makes it an essential monster to secure. It grants half the XP requirement to reach Level 3. By following the route of red -> raptors -> scuttle you can be Level 3 when the enemy is stuck clearing another camp just to keep up with you. Make sure to ask your mid laner for help as the enemy will try to contest for it too. After this you can either invade, gank or farm the rest of the camps depending on the situation.

Blue team side

Follow the route of red -> blue -> scuttle and do the same as above.

Why play Master Yi? Back to Top

Master Yi is at least in my opinion a fun champion, he deals high damage, runs very fast and gets a lot of kills which is very fun. He isn't the "noob champ" everyone makes him out to be, he has outplay potential in his Q and W which I described in the "Abilities" section of this guide. Sometimes there are games where your team picks many tanks, have multiple forms of hard CC but lacks a damage dealer and that is where Master Yi comes in. Whilst you could play 121.png 107.png131.png240.png56.png or even the new 164.png none of them will scale as hard into late game as Master Yi, he also is a better tank shredder than most of these.

When you become good enough at Master Yi such as Cowsep, Vdude, Silencee or me you can safely pick him vs most team comps as you have the experience on how to use the abilities correctly and make appropriate decisions on when and where to gank or be in teamfights.

About Me Back to Top

I am a 11.png player who plays on the EUW server, for those who are intrigued my summoner name no I am not Korean myself I am English, I am just an avid K-pop fan. The summoner name is named after my bias (favourite member) of the the K-pop girl group Girls' Generation. If I streamed expect me to mostly play K-pop ^_^

As for why I main Master Yi I have always found him to be a fascinating character due to the way he can work with quite a few items leaving plenty of build ideas. I don't like jumping on the meta bandwagon generally because it makes me feel bad about myself and this is why I took Yi as he is strong and not a high pick rate in this season and I am maining him to prove to people he ain't exclusively just a "right-click to win, press Q and R" champion. There are certain mechanics as I explained earlier in the guide and the fun of maybe getting a pentakill!

On the 12th February 2018 I reached 2 million mastery points, even more right now and so I know how all of the matchup work as I have played around 2000 games with as him throughout all the seasons combined.

2 million Mastery Points on Master

As of 13th March 2018 I was #218 best Master Yi in the world according to LoLSkill. Sadly the image won't upload to LoLKing but you can always check on my LoLSkill to see for yourself (my ranking more than likely would have changed since then).

Becoming the 218th best Master Yi player

Not only that but I was also the 8th highest level player in the world as of 18th July 2018 (currently I'm 9th) and the 5th highest level player in EUW.

Becoming the 8th highest level player in

Becoming the 5th highest level player in

I also stream on Twitch: My Twitch channel

Guide Updates Back to Top


  • Added 'Line Spacer' to each major parts under certain sections on the guide to drastically improve readability.
  • Updated Jungle clear route description.

  • Updated runes to reflect what the options are for when playing Master Yi since the 'Runes Reforged' changes.


  • New rune introduced in Patch 8.6 known as Conqueror, this happens to have great synergy with on-hit Yi which is why I made it an addition to the 'Runes' section in the guide.

  • Conqueror replaced Lethal Tempo as Keystone for the on-hit runes.


  • Updated Summoner Spells section, Ignite is now considered to be a situationaly useful spell for on-hit but Flash will be useful more often.

  • Removed crit and lethality builds as right now I exclusively play on-hit as it is stronger.


  • Included an alternative version of my on-hit build for when vs a full damage team comp.

  • Essence Reaver got major changes, it is no longer dependent on other crit items for the mana restoration on basic attacks which means it is now strong on on-hit builds. Therefore I have adjusted the builds due to the changes proving to have strong synergy with Guinsoo's Rageblade.

  • Crit is strong now with the Stormrazor and Shiv rush and so now I have added new builds to the "Build Section".

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