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Master Yi Statistics for Seo Juhyun

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Versatile since it can be used in two main ways, offensive or defensive. In greater detail:

1) Offensive
  • Using Flash to gap close for an extra auto
  • Using Flash to to get into range to use Q (Alpha Strike) stay on-top of the target
  • Using Flash to dodge a Linear skillshot such as 99.png R (Final Spark).
2) Defensive - Using Flash to escape AA range of the enemy, flashing over the wall to create distance between the enemy jungler and you or to escape tower range for if you used your Q just too early and need an escape from the tower shot which could possibly get you killed.

11.png - Essential because it is guaranteed damage ignoring all defences, the base Armour/Magic Resist of for example Dragon may make you deal less damage than your abilities are showing giving you this false sense of security in controlling objectives. With this you have much greater chance of securing the objective.

Since Patch 7.2  4.png  is stronger than 6.png even for on-hit builds due to the nerf. Here is what was in Patch 7.2 Notes:

Patch 7.2 Ghost nerf.png

14.png - Situational but viable and useful and in the right circumstances. Take Ignite when:

  1. You are going the on-hit build and they got champions who either stack Life Steal, get Omni-vamp through 3146.png or Ravenous%20Hunter.png?width=32 or when facing an enchanter support like 40.png267.png16.png - The true damage of Ignite pops  shields with ease and applies Grievious Wounds which reduces healing by 40%.
  • With on-hit 3033.png itemising for % Bonus Armour Penetration is sub-optimal as it synergises better with crit, since with this type of build you deal sustained damage through the % maximum HP of 1419.png, the magic damage on-hit of both 3124.png & 3091.png plus Guinsoo's Rage passive and your wujustyle.png itemising for psuedo tankiness and sustain is better (Phantom Dancer is okay only as a last item as a replacement of boots if the sgmae goes on for 30 mins+). None of the bruiser items offer Grievious Wounds which is where Ignite comes in. It is also good if you are going to invade.

New Runes Back to Top

Right now there are five possible Keystones to take on Yi, these are Press the Attack, Lethal Tempo, Dark Harvest and Predator. Each one has a different effect and power spike in the game.

Press The Attack is the rune which most people who are either inexperienced to Master Yi take as they don't know what to take or their ranked games end so quickly they have to take a rune which will focus their power into early game. It offers the strongest early as it increases the damage dealt by 4% in early and doesn't require collecting any stacks or certain items to bring it's full power out however hybrid champions can also abuse it's damage increase better as it also increases magic damage dealt making it a better choice for Shyvana than Master Yi.

Lethal Tempo is a pretty good keystone, the main problem is that it relies on you having 1419.png3124.png3153.png before you will break the Attack Speed cap and so will only be efficient once you have 148% bonus Attack Speed in items and your ult up which is expensive and takes too long to get going.

Dark Harvest playstyle is less about AFK farming and instead taking the odd few camps and rotating around the map using your Dark Harvest stack from killing the monsters to take a chunk out of the enemy laner's HP to either force a summoner spell, get a kill or assist or set them behind. The souls drop upon killing Epic/Large monsters, this includes Dragon (aka Drake), Baron Nashor, Blue Senitel (aka blue buff), Red Brambleback (aka red buff), Siege Minions (aka cannon minions). Once you reach the point of 150 stacks you can 2 - 3 shot the enemy ADC providing they don't have 3047.png or 3026.png active up.

Predator is highly situational and is about single target assassinations. In this playstyle, you you end up giving up that late game infinitely scaling power of Dark Harvest and Gathering storm in favour of a stronger early game by having superior ganking power to get your laners ahead or pick kills off. When ganking press the number button corresponding to the slot where you placed your boots for a large movement speed active and focus the target with the red wolf icon above their character as that is the target that Predator has focused and will take more damage.

Conqueror is the latest rune, this rune will converts 20% of damage dealt into true damage. In this playstyle you need to have raw AD to maximise how much AD is being converted into true damage. This rune has excellent synergy with items raw AD & AP items and Attack Speed items.

Abilities Back to Top


Ability point level order:

Starting with alphastrike.png is important because being able to dodge the attack of monsters allows you to clear healthier. We take E level 2 because gives 10% free bonus AD when not on cooldown speeding up the clear with the true damage on-hit - don't use this at every camp if you don't need the extra damage since activating wujustyle.png and moving onto another camp will slow down your clear significantly at earlier levels (2 - 4) but won't matter so much later on how and when you use it vs monsters. Putting 2 points into alphastrike.png allows you to 1 shot the small raptors making your clear quicker, take meditate.png at level 4 since you can't go without it any longer as you need the early game sustain and damage reduction for if the enemy jungler counterjungles. Meditate is a 1 point wonder ability and it is very conditional that taking a second ability point into meditate.png at level 13 would have saved you over the final ability point into wujustyle.png.

For crit build

Crit build is centered around dealing as much damage in short amount of time as we are buying 1038.png1037.png and Q is instant damage making it the most logical ability to max first for this type of playstyle. Since the AD gives us bonus true damage for our E and we don't get as much Attack Speed at that stage of the game (1.00 Attack Speed rate vs 1.33) maxing Q will help our clear speed.

Ability skill order: Q -> E -> Q -> W and then prioritise R -> Q -> E -> W

For on-hit build

On-hit build is focused on sustained damage, whilst you deal as much damage compared to a critical hit you have the reliability knowing that you won't deal any less damage whereby the RNG of crit may screw you over if you don't get any crits at all (when you got only 20% - 40% crit chance). Since we are build 1419.png and 3153.png early we are not getting much AD and therefore we won't burst anyone and since the attack speed rate is higher we get more damage from E's base damage. You only need 3 points into Q and 1 auto after that to kill the Raptors and then afterwards max E.

Ability skill order: Q -> E -> Q -> W and then prioritise R -> E -> Q -> W

Advanced tip:

  • In order to maximise the damage output from E save it for after the third AA so that the first AA on activating E strikes twice, even though the AA damage of the second attack is halved the full on-hit damage is applied and since the true damage is on-hit you deal the full amount of true damage applying twice in one attack which makes Yi deceivngly bursty.
  • Use W sparingly because the heal is more effective the lower health you have, stopping to Meditate during a clear when unnecessary will slow down the clear speed by up to 4 seconds if fully channelling it. W is best used as a tool for mitigating burst and for reducing tower shot damage to buy time for Q to become off cooldown ready to use for the "too close to call" tower diving plays such as this.
For an example of how to dive as Yi properly (video is old but the older videos of Cowsep shows his better plays

Other Yi mains you can learn from:

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Core items for Dark Harvest Playstyle
    Core items for Conqueror playstyle
    Core items for Predator playstyle

Situational Items

    Mortal Remider is only worth buying if they a champion who receives massive Health Regeneration or builds a lot of Life Steal/Spell Vamp.
    * Note: There isn't a particular core item build for Press the Attack as it is a jack of all trades rune that works with any items you build but doesn;t excel in any particular playstyle

                                  Crit build path

1041.png + 2031.png-> 1038.png -> 1001.png -> 1042.png -> 3086.png -> 1018.png -> (Sell 2031.pngfor 1037.png) -> 3031.png -> 2015.png -> 3087.png -> 1051.png -> 1042.png -> 3086.png -> 3046.png -> 1038.png -> 3026.png -> 3140.png or 1053.png -> 1053.png or 3133.png -> 3139.png or 3812.png --> 3035.png -> 3036.png or 3033.png -> 2140.png

Explanation of the crit build:

For this build I took some inspiration from a Diamond II LAN & BR Yi OTP under the alias Hawkeyed Yi -

Unlike the on-hit build you will only spike hard once you have both 3031.png3087.png. However for bursting squishies crit rush is best as you won't have time for more than 50% crit chance if you went Warrior into Guinsoo's Rageblade  into crit because it would be too expensive and you would be set back 2625g for not skipping Jungle item and have 50% crit instead of 80% crit as Phantom Dancer and Guinsoo's Rageblade have near the same value.

This build offers the high risk high reward playstyle of crit. This build allows you to be at the same level of power if not more if you get ahead with a lead in kills ultimately which could lead you to solo carry the entire game.
11.png doesn't make good use of Lethality making it a VERY situational build - you can't utilise the 'Nightstalker' passive 3147.png without hiding in a bush as alphastrike.png doesn't last for 1 second even when it hits 4 targets which is the duration needeed to proc the damage passive without using bushes. 3142.pnghas a decent active but doesn't offer any Attack Speed making it fall off later on and 3814.png is too easily popped by a regular ability that it is just simply better to buy a 3139.png when you need to remove CC as it gives you much more control of when and what CC is removed. After 3031.png3087.png you will still lack in the Attack Speed department as you will be stuck with tier 1 boots, so by getting 3046.png not only will you have 80% crit chances but you will also have the Attack Speed to compete in dps with an ADC building 3006.png.

Next item after Phantom Dancer is 3026.png because the effective HP will and Armour will prove more effective in keeping you alive vs a fed enemy ADC then building Life Steal but you will still need Life Steal to recover the health lost during combatas you have a small health pool.

As fifth item decide between 3139.png if the enemy got point and click CC or 3812.png if the enemy only has soft CC but hard burst. The Death's Dance damage mitigation gives you time to sustain against damage that would have otherwise flat out killed you.

Your final item should be either 3036.png which wil increase physical damage dealt to enemies who have 1000 health higher than you making it an excellent choice vs HP stacking champions or 3033.png when facing either a bruiser who is more focused on effective HP and has a lot of sustain or an enchanter support who has heals.

Since the Guinsoo's Rageblade changes in Patch 8.6 the item has been made better with AD stacking builds making it just as valuable on a crit build as an on-hit build but it shouldn't be priortisied over crit chance, Life Steal and Armour Penetration and only be considered as a final item if your Guardian Angel passive has been popped then setill it as it only gold and slot efficient when it has the passive ready.

To round the build off get a  2140.png to help counteract Thornmail reflect damage if they build it, even if they don't the bonus AD will help contribute to more true damage from wujustyle.png, more damage from alphastrike.png and a damage increase to Dark%20Harvest.png?width=32physical damage scaling.

                                On-hit build path
1041.png + 2031.png-> 1042.png1042.png ->  1043.png -> 3715.png -> 1419.png -> 1001.png -> 1043.png -> 1037.png -> 1052.png -> 3124.png -> 3047.png or 3111.png ->  1043.png -> 1057.png -> 3091.png -> 1053.png -> 3144.png -> 3145.png -> 3146.png -> 1038.png -> 3026.png -> Sell 3047.png/3111.png for 3046.png -> 2140.png

Some people may consider this build 2019 futuristic because it is trendy right now to build omni-vamp such as seen on  145.png highest win rate build. For this build I took some inspiration from a Challenger LAN Yi OTP TwitchTv Danijrm otherwise simply known as Danijrm - 

This build is a low risk unlike the crit build as the jungle item is very gold efficient and doesn't rely on RNG. The 1419.png gives you a one item power spike so that you can farm super fast early on, solo objectives and 1v1 most champions early on. This item also synergises better with  allows you to burst hard early and then the 3124.png acts as a damage multiplier every other attack for on-hit items (it is essentially the Infinity Edge of on-hit items.) After this you need to assess which source of damage is more of a threat, if there AD is more fed or they got an AD heavy composition then you should take 3047.png as the Armour will reduce crit damage you receive from the enemy ADC (unless they have an 81.png who typically goes blue build on-hit) and/or counteract any Lethality they may have (if they got an assassin). In the circumstance where their team has equal number or less AD than AP and they have a lot of hard CC that aren't knockups (Tenacity doesn't affect knockups) then take 3111.png as the Magic Resist will counteract any Magic Penetration they may have but more imporrtantly it will reduce the duration of CC as 3140.png has a long 90 second cooldown (30 seconds longer than your ultimate late game!) which means buying CC reduction on top of that isn't redundant.

Right after Guinsoo's Rageblade I chose 3091.png as it gives magic damage on-hit which will totally ignore their Armour allowing you to totally shred their tank. This damage gets amplified by Guinsoo's Rageblade to deal 84 magic damage on-hit every third attack unlike the first two attacks which deal 42 magic damage on-hit. Not only that but this item is gold efficient even without max stacks (113.33% without stacks up to a maximum of 170.97% at max stacks). Without any stacks it grants a respectable 40 MR but at max stacks 70 MR making it give the most Magic Resist in a single item although it is worth noting it doesn't give any HP or spell shield which is why it isn't completely busted.

Next item is 3146.png because unlike BOTRK it will heal off of ALL sources of damage -  your autoattacks, Guinsoo's Rageblade magic damage on-hit, Wit's End magic damage on-hit, Wuju Style, Ravenous Hunter and even the true damage of Smite. with so while it may not anti-tank as fast you can sustain against the Thornmail far better, have healthier clears and have an easier time soloing Baron.

Since just like the crit build this build lacks HP after the Hextech Gunblade we get 3026.png for effective HP so that we can stay in combat for longer to make better use of Conqueror and also in case you get bursted down in a teamfight you got one more chance to turn around the teamfight.

In the far end of late game tier 2 boots will prove less useful than having CC removal which is why 3139.png is final item.

To round the build off get a  2140.png to help counteract Thornmail reflect damage if they build it, even if they don't the bonus AD will help contribute to more true damage from wujustyle.png and 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32.


                               Lethality build path:

1041.png + 2031.png->  3252.png3252.png -> 3117.png ->  3133.png -> 3147.png -> 3133.png -> 3142.png-> 1042.png -> 3086.png -> (Sell 2031.png for 2015.png) -> 3087.png -> 1018.png ->  (Sell 1041.png for 1038.png) -> 3031.png-> 1018.png -> 3508.png -> 2140.png

Explanation of the Lethality build:

This build was also inspired by Hawkeyed Yi as he was one of the very few people at that time to have found an effective Lethality build. This build is extremely situational and should ONLY be used when your team is practically full AP (apart from you of course!) as the enemy will focus more on stacking Magic Resist and neglect Armour items which otherwise would've lowered the effectiveness of Lethality compared to % Armour Penetration or % Armour Reduction. Since  Predator.png?width=32 has a bonus AD scaling and you are building raw AD from items you can AA -> Q-> AA the ADC or APC before they can react making you strong in mid game. Building 3087.png and 3031.png after the Lethality items ensures that you won't fall off as hard as you would if you had built just more AD items with no crit so that you can keep up with the enemy ADCs bps (Burst Per Second).
Last item usually should be 3508.png as 50% crit chance is too much of a coin flip whether you crit or not buy if you feel like you die too quick to make use of the burst get 3026.png to buy you time to get Alpha Strike back up to nuke the squishy enemy ADC or APC. Since this build is full ham with no health sustain getting 2140.png will give you what you need to live slightly longer in duels and the slight extra damage is just a nice bonus that just so happens to be part of the item's stats.



Items to avoid!

  • Any support item (obvious)
  • Any pure AP item (I know AP Yi was a thing but now his alphastrike.png and wujustyle.png scales with AD you end up gimping yourself. Unless you want to troll your team and go for a full hybrid build of 1419.png3124.png3146.png3115.png3089.png3100.png and want your team to lose purposfully then NEVER do this!) - Gunblade is decent on on-hit Yi though
  • 3075.png - as this is designed for pure tanks and grants no HP.
  • 3083.png - as this is designed for pure tanks and grants no Armour or MR.
  • 3078.png - The Rage passive grants nice sticking power but we can get this same passive from and the 20% CDR from  3071.png whilst getting Armour shredding. The Spellblade passive goes to waste as you should be using alphastrike.png and meditate.png sparingly you won't make enough use of the Spellblade passive.
  • 3110.png and 3025.png - no AD and no HP, Armour may be nice but 11.png isn't too mana hungry. See the reason above as to why any Sheen item on Yi is sub-optimal.
  • 3193.png - The fact it grants Armour and MR in one item makes it very slot efficient, even though the active will double your health pool on the downside it reduces 40% of the damage you deal (this includes your autoattacks, alphastrike.png and any damage item such as 1419.png3153.png extremely weak (it is almost like applying the  3.png damage reduction to your ownself). Only your wujustyle.png damage is unaffected as it is true damage but even if you buy 3124.png to double the damage it won't be enough to make you a threat.
  • 3001.png- Whilst the HP, MR and CDR are all nice you don't get any AD and if you want a HP + MR item then 3065.png outclasses it, it has excellent which synergises with not only any Life Steal item you purchase but also your meditate.pngamplifying the healing from it too.
  • 3194.png - The idea of an anti-burst is nice but this item does not scale well with Yi's abilities.
  • Any Jungle item with Runic Echoes enchant - Only AP scaling is on W and the Spellblade passive rarely comes into use
  • Any Jungle item with Cinderhulk enchant, 1419.png is far superior for a one item power spike which allows you to build tanky without being absolutely useless late game.


Important Note

Just because you are Yi doesn't mean you should think "forget buying wards" as it will decrease your map pressure, only sell or skip buying a 2055.png if you can afford a core item or your slots are full.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox



  • Just when you see  266.png coming to hit the ground use your alphastrike.png to to dodge the knockup from his aatroxq.png if he is engaging on you or if he is fleeing save it to follow his leap.
  • Aatrox aatroxw.png deals bonus on-hit physical damage, try to meditate.png towards the end of the fight to get an edge.
  • Activate wujustyle.png when he is below 50% health where Blood Thirst heals for far more.
  • Build 3033.png to cut his healing and penetrate through any defense he may have built.
  • Early on when you may be trying to cover the lane do not engage unless it is clear you got an item and level lead since his kit is stronger in early game.

Jungle clear route Back to Top

My usual jungling paths:

Purple team side

Crit build jungle route playstyle

Smiteless leach on blue buff walking down the river sneaking into the enemy team tri bush, past red buff bush collapsing onto their raptor camp. Attack the enemy jungler if you see them there,  11.png the Crimson Raptor (the larger one) off the enemy just before they secure it so that you got a HP advantage, activate  wujustyle.png  when you see masteryipassive.png is ready,  autoattack them until you anticipate they are about to 4.png and at that very moment use alphastrike.png. Hopefully you got First Blood, clear the remaining  nearby monsters in the enemy jungle to put their jungler at a even bigger gold disavantage unless their mid laner comes after you in which case 4.png over Dragon pit and Q the Scuttle Crab to create further distance and hopefully you survive. If the invade fails and you die then don't attempt to invade again unless you get multi-kills from killing the enemy laners.

On-hit build jungle route playstyle

For on-hit you need to be powerful early game and so getting a kill in early allows you to stay ahead and close games out before their ADC scales. Start at the enemy red buff, kite the raptors and Smite the large raptor after killing the smaller raptors and then sit in bush and cheese the enemy jungler for First Blood (hopefully). If you kill them take their Krugs or go to your blue whichever you feel is safer and are more comfortable with. 

Blue team side

Crit build jungle route playstyle

Smiteless leach on red buff walking up the river sneak onto their blue side warding the choke point so that you can see if their jungler is coming, take their blue and sit till around 2:50 to the wall at their blue buff to not make it too conspicuous that you are planning to invade their jungler. If the blue buff is up and they started on their red side then quikcly take at least blue buff and one other camp to compensate for the time wasted travelling to their side of the jungle. If they did take blue buff and they didn't the Blast Plant use it to get blasted over to the enemy wolf camp and sit their patiently to wait for when they finish Gromp and walking up to their wolf camp. Attack the enemy jungler as soon as you see see them there, 11.png the Greater Murk Wolf (the larger one) off the enemy just before they secure it so that you got a HP advantage, activate  wujustyle.png  when you see masteryipassive.png is ready,  autoattack them until you anticipate they are about to 4.png and at that very moment use alphastrike.png. Hopefully you got First Blood, clear the remaining  nearby monsters in the enemy jungle to put their jungler at a even bigger gold disavantage unless their mid laner comes after you in which case run down the river, Q the Scuttle Crab if needed to create further distance and 4.png over Dragon pit and  hopefully you survive.

On-hit build jungle route playstyle

The clear route is a full clear except Krugs and you will lack mana to use meditate.png. The order of clearing I go for is Red -> Raptors -> Wolves -> Blue -> Gromp -> Scuttle Crab (Optional). I always ward the bush behind blue buff so that I know in advance if I am going to get counterjungled from a 64.png or a 35.png

If you got your own way of jungling then that is fine, I'm not going to dictate the "best" jungle route as that is up to you to find out for yourself but these are a few of the many ways you can clear your jungle.

Why play Master Yi? Back to Top

Master Yi is at least in my opinion a fun champion, he deals high damage, runs very fast and gets a lot of kills which is very fun. He isn't the "noob champ" everyone makes him out to be, he has outplay potential in his Q and W which I described in the "Abilities" section of this guide. Sometimes there are games where your team picks many tanks, have multiple forms of hard CC but lacks a damage dealer and that is where Master Yi comes in. Whilst you could play 121.png 107.png131.png240.png56.png or even the new 164.png none of them will scale as hard into late game as Master Yi, he also is a better tank shredder than most of these.

When you become good enough at Master Yi such as Cowsep, Vdude, Silencee or me you can safely pick him vs most team comps as you have the experience on how to use the abilities correctly and make appropriate decisions on when and where to gank or be in teamfights.

About Me Back to Top

I am a 11.png player who plays on the EUW server, for those who are intrigued my summoner name no I am not Korean myself I am English, I am just an avid K-pop fan. The summoner name is named after my bias (favourite member) of the the K-pop girl group Girls' Generation. If I streamed expect me to mostly play K-pop ^_^

As for why I main Master Yi I have always found him to be a fascinating character due to the way he can work with quite a few items leaving plenty of build ideas. I don't like jumping on the meta bandwagon generally because it makes me feel bad about myself and this is why I took Yi as he is strong and not a high pick rate in this season and I am maining him to prove to people he ain't exclusively just a "right-click to win, press Q and R" champion. There are certain mechanics as I explained earlier in the guide and the fun of maybe getting a pentakill!

I have got 2 million mastery points and so I know how most of the matchup go too as I have played around 2000 games with as him throughout all the seasons combined.

As of 13th March 2018 I was #218 best Master Yi in the world according to LoLSkill. Sadly the image won't upload to LoLKing but you can always check on my LoLSkill to see for yourself (my ranking more than likely would have changed since then).

My LoLKing profile:
My profile:
My LoLSkill profile:

Guide Updates Back to Top


  • Added 'Line Spacer' to each major parts under certain sections on the guide to drastically improve readability.
  • Updated Jungle clear route description.


  • On-hit build changed to a more aggressive one due to multiple threats in the meta.

  • Updated crit and on-hit build in this 'Builds' section
  • Updated runes to reflect what the options are for when playing Master Yi since the 'Runes Reforged' changes.


  • New rune introduced in Patch 8.6 known as Conqueror, this happens to have great synergy with on-hit Yi which is why I made it an addition to the 'Runes' section in the guide.

  • Conqueror replaced Lethal Tempo as Keystone for the on-hit runes.
  • I added a section on the Lethality Yi playstyle but forgot to include the build path so I just added something that should have been there a little while ago.

  • I heavily underestimated the potential of Ravenous hunter for both on-hit and a crit build and so decided to switch out Relentless Hunter for both the on-hit and crit runes.
  • I have theorycrafted for a while Hextech Gunblade's synergy with Guinsoo's Rageblade combined with Conqueror but people would accuse me of being a troll including it in the on-hit build which is why I was hesitant until then I saw a post on YIMO about LAN Challenger Yi OTP who builds it which confirms it is perfectly viable for all ELOs.

  • Updated Summoner Spells section, Ignite is now considered to be a situationally useful spell for on-hit but Flash will be useful more often.
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