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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Please bear with me as I update this guide from Season 3/4 to season 6. Most of the guide still aplies, just a few mathematical and season specific changes

First of all, if you're looking for a quick guide this probably isn't it, but if you have time to read through, you won't be disappointed; or if you are tell me what I should add in the comments. ANYWAYS:
3.png      14.png

Taking either of these is viable, usually depends on your adc. I prefer to take ignite as I'm more aggressive in lane. Using either of these can force a cleanse (cleanse rids the ignite damage but not the healing debuff).
For season 6 I have been seeing a LOT of ignite, but personally I feel that exhaust is better. ignite seems to be the early game winning spell for supports to try and 1 shot with a kill lane adc. However, midgame imo has a larger effect compared to the laning phase where exhaust could be so much more important during a teamfight.


No need, your team heal from ebb and flow is enough, the second summoner is best used for shutting down the carrys or extra true damage. Furthermore the MS boost change is bettered by your kit. Might my useful with the grievous wounds change but still, your w! 


Always take flash, getting a surprise flash Q can turn the game.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

The Cunning tree is standard
Ms over a CS mastery
Cookie for sustain; assassin and runic affinity offer you nothing.
FREE mini chalice from mediation
Bandit for you can get gold. Dangerous game is viable as her mana costs are heavy and another w in a teamfight could be beneficial.
Get the CDR over the penetration 
Windspeakers is beautiful on nami =]

Recovery is more important in nami than resistances as she will not build health or resistances anyways. being able to regen and stay back in fights while buffing your team is her playstyle. It also allows to to focus heals more on your team than yourself.
I take explorer over tough skin, I think this one you can fiddle around with. MS is important to me so I'll take anything I can
Runic armor is better than veteran scar due to the extra healing she gets on herself
Finally, you're playing support, take insight so you can make more plays. Take perseverance if you're playing raka

Abilities Back to Top


Q level 1, 99%. Excellent for level 1 teamfights. I personally think her Q is one of the best non Ultimates in the game (apart from Veigar's E), the aoe stun if landed correctly is game changing. Oh and you want to Q the camp your jungler starts at (if on your side, spawn times are now 1.54)

W Level 1 if your against a kill lane that's more terrifying than yours.

You want to be maxing your Ebb and Flow, great for laning harass and the heal is decent.
Max Q last since the stun duration doesn't increase with level. CDR is nice but not vital.
Get R whenever you can, max E after W.

Surging Tides

When Nami's abilities hit allied champions they gain movement speed for 1.5 seconds.


This passive is great for chasing, getting back to lane and escaping.
If you're running from a gank, you can use ANY of your spells on yourself or your adc and get a burst of MS. keep in mind that you can use your Q on yourself and your adc if you're in the same spot to get the burst of MS on the both of you in lane.
I like to spam e/q on myself with coming back from a buy to get back into the game; just don't get to lane with 1/2 mana be reasonable :D.


Active: Nami sends a bubble into the air towards a targeted area. When it lands, it deals magic damage to all enemies in the area of impact and stuns them for 1.25 seconds.

Possibly the best Q in the game imo. It got buffed and is now AOE 1.5 second stun at all ranks. if you land this, it's pretty much a guaranteed kill if they have been poked down. Even if you land this on the enemy full health, the damage you follow up will make them wary of you for future trades. NOTE : this skill takes a while to get used to.

Active: Nami unleashes a stream of water that bounces between allied and enemy champions. This ability can only bounce to each target once and hits up to 3 targets. The damage or healing value is reduced by 15% with each bounce. On ally hits, Ebb and Flow heals the target and bounces towards a nearby enemy champion. On enemy hits, the torrent deals magic damage and bounces towards a nearby allied champion.

This is what you are going to be maxing in laning. Why? This is your sustain and your harass and is what makes Nami one of the most annoying lane supports, maxing it is the same reason you many max W on Sona and not Q, to keep you and your ADC in lane. Keep in mind this can hit up to THREE UNIQUE targets, knowing who to cast it on and when is important as it only bounces between teams, i.e enemy>ally>enemy and not enemy>enemy>enemy etc. do you need 2 heals or 2 dmgs? Also once a target has been hit with the wave it cannot be hit again. I've done some fancy last hit kills when my bruiser is too low to chase someone by using the W on him and watching it bounce to the 50 health enemy cowering under tower. The AP scaling on it for season 4 make it very useful and worth going into AP now
Update : 8/16/14
If you do decide to get 3504_32.png, make sure you ALWAYS go for the double heal rather than the double dmg. The benefit to your team's damage is far better this way than healing only 1 and doing less damage comparatively (assuming you don't randomly go AP)


Active: Empowers an allied champion for 5 seconds or until they have attacked 3 times. During this time, their basic attacks deal bonus magic damage and slows the target hit for 1 second.

An underrated spell in Nami's kit. This got buffed to six seconds now! This spell adds damage and slow to your ally's AA. I've seen way too many people only use it on their adc and use it very rarely. Again, the AP scale slow makes it worthwhile to get AP on Nami.
  • Can be used on your adc to help them farm under tower
  • Can be used on yourself to slow your target making your Q easier to land, can also be used on your ADC for the same reason but he/she will most likely be focusing on farming.
  • Can be used to help your ally kite whilst giving ms


Active: Summons a tidal wave outward from Nami's position. The tidal wave briefly knocks up enemies that it comes into contact with, slows them and dealsmagic damage. The slow duration increases based on how far the tidal wave has traveled, with a minimum duration of 3 seconds and a maximum duration of 5 seconds.

Ahh the ult an incredible AOE spell. AOE knockup and slow. It's pretty hard to get used to the speed of this and is the main reason shes not banned alot, but when you do get used to it you will be wondering why you didn't play Nami more. Another flaw is the high CD and pretty damn high mana cost.
The ult can be used as a disengage or an engage and remember if it hits your allies as well it procs your passive!
if you find a weird teamfight in a choke point such as near the jungle camps, your ult will dominate the fight, enemies will have to use a blink of some sort as they cannot outrun a well placed tidal wave.
This did get nerfed\ now offering minimum 2 secs and max 4 for the slow. However your teammates get double your passive if hit

Further Tips

For landing Qs try to predict where they will move next, watch if they are going to be coming for a cs/ward/harass/backing off.
You can apply your e to yourself to make your Q landing easier to hit.
Using your W bounce can help your team chase or escape with the heal and ms proc.
Look at the health bars in teamfight for knowing who to heal, sometimes your adc will have not taken a hit and using the W on him will be a waste (yes the heal can bounce but its 15% less effective)

A decent combo I like to use if I'm initiating a teamfight is R>Q>E(on most likely your adc)>W
once you land your R on the enemies landing your Q will be a breeze.
Also, Twin Shadows is excellent for setting up plays with her kit. Now S6 - Frost queens is nami's item

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    main start
    2 pinks. place 1 and buy another 1 so you have 3. They are cheap and vision wins games. Then go for Frost queens. The active nerf is fine, it's still a damn strong engage/disengage

Core Items

    Eventually. Aegis now builds into locket which is great imo. Get oracle's lens when you can. Boots of Mob is my more preferred choice now. roaming around is so much more vital and you can get cdr from other items. Mikael's is such a good first item to rush imo
    Sometimes you just cannot got Ionion boots and some resistance will be required

Situational Items

    Each of these items you want to get depending on the game. I love getting Talisman of Ascension on Nami now. Ardent is a great pickup too as the synergy can be epic with the multiple hits in teamfights. Rest are situational. Banshee's is usually my last item

Starting items

You should start 3303_32.png  Get  3 potions and a yellow trinket, you will be replacing it with the red trinket after sightstone.

First back

If you have the money, get a 2049_32.png, wards and health are vital though in most cases you will probably be getting a 3098.png. Grab 2 2043_32.png as well, vision is so important! Oh and change your yellow trinket to the red one. Another choice is 1054_32.png which could be great for staying in lane and taking hits but again the choice is yours.

Items to think about

I tend to get 1001_32.png after the Frostqueen and Sightstone.

Deffo get 3105_32.png if no one else is, it's epic and now build into 3190_32.png as of 3.10
As of 4.12, rushing 3222_32.png seems to be my preferred choice, cleanse on your carry is so vital. 3504_32.png like I said is an awesome pick up for nami later on - AS and on hit damage.

Upgrade into 2045_32.png when you can.
Keep buying 2043_32.png to use for when your 3341_32.png is down.

The late builds

At this point you should have 3158_32.png (no other boots are better on Nami, you want your Q,W and R as quick as possible) You should also have2045_32.png3023_32.png / 3092_32.png3190_32.png

Upgrade red trinket to clear out wards. 

At this point you want to be thinking what your TEAM needs.

Do they have alot of CC locking down your adc? GET 3222_32.png
Does your team focus alot on AAs? Get 3050_32.png
Is your mostly mages?  Get 3152_32.png
Feel like having more impact in teamfight with your spells AND/OR they have Mundo/Voli/Vlad/Swain/Aatrox, get 3165_32.png and/or 3089_32.png

Sometimes you will need to be a bit tankier for your team, in which case 3047_32.png3111_32.png3065_32.png3143_32.pngare all viable options.

Wards and Vision

I know I must seem to be a broken record but I cannot stress how important vision is is this game.
You want be be warding and clearing out wards as much as possible, every bit of information is valuable. If you have vision that one of their enemy team is bot/top and you're all groups you, you know you can fight, or if their jungler is else where you can make a play for drake/nash.
Furthermore, having an oracles prevent the enemy team fro doing the same thing. 
Imagine the scenario where your team is all bunched up in a brush waiting to ambush the enemy team.. but you're ALL sitting on a ward and you get.. well.. shat on. Vision wins games. Having an oracle to clear our baron/drake pits and your own jungle is vital. I agree warding should not be the sole support role, especially with S4 but oracles general would be on you or the jungler, so do it! With the recent change to oracles, you should not be afraid to buy one now that it carries through death, and with the changes to ward kills, you can get an extra 15-30 gold :)

Matchups Back to Top

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The cow can be really annoying but nothing more than that. He has a heal but his combo costs alot of mana and has a long cooldown. When that threat is gone, you pretty much win the trades with harass and your W. Watch out when he hits 6 though, the fact that he's so tanky makes this a medium rather than easy.

Also, if he does land his combo on your carry (hopefully not you!) insta Q their carry, it will be easier than normal since they will be running towards yours to do damage
With the recent updates he is even more of a problem as support alistar, the 70% dmg reduction is a joke. DONT EVER DIVE HIM AT TURRET WHEN HE HAS ULT UP, the free as and dmg reduction might turn into a 2v1 or 3v1 win for him




She has a slow but so do you so the kiting/chasing is the same. However, if she gets slowed, you can land your Q on her and win the trade




Very annoying but like Alistar, that's it.

You are going to NEED brush control, remember the pink?! Deffo for BC, Leona, Thresh and Sona!
If he grabs you, it's going to be a rough time, try and get a W off on yourself and stun their carry.
If he grabs your carry, there's more for you to do, heal your carry and get a stun off on theirs, if it lands, E yours for the MS
If he misses, CAPITALISE!! it has a long cooldown(20-16seconds without CDR) and BC is a one trick pony, that's it, harass and punish.
Always have vision of him.




Ehh I feel this lane will be quite even and determined by jungl pressure. You have great harass compared to him, don't be afraid to go for the harass, with the nerf to concussive blows, harassing id more forgiving. His shield will block your ult so note when it's down then you can go for it otherwise you'll be sad. Remember how his shield works : he will block your wave from knocking up team members behind him BUT he himself WILL be knocked up -  keep that in mind if you feel like you need to use it and coordinate accordingly




Her range will make it very hard for you to Q her and she has a net so slow you can escape. If she ever does use it randomly, thats when you can go in for your Q. Your W will help sustain against her Qs.




I haven't seen Corki in a while so it's hard to say for sure. He does have his Valkrie, but it has a long cd so you can take advantage of that and his E requires him to be close




You trying to catch axes bro?

He's less of a dominance now with his reworked passive and you can afford to play aggressive vs him. 




Ehh, gl landing your Qs

Do a similar thing with Caitlyn and go in if he ever uses it randomly or is too low on mana to cast it. A Blue Ezreal will ruin your day, just try and capitalise on any mistakes




A niche pick, but a viable one.

What makes him annoying is his fear and dark wind poke. Your heal gives you sustain and he's pretty squishy, if you land a Q on him you can punish him severely. He need levels to be a threat so be sure to harass him early.
Brush vision is important when he hits 6.
Try to get a stun off after he dark winds so you can cast your other spells soon after, otherwise you can bait a BAD engage and you wont be able to help your carry. A good fiddle with pretty much consta silence u with a well placed q for skirmished meaning your ad is unprotected. CARE for that!




I'd say medium/hard depending on the Graves. If you do miss your Q he will punish you and his passive makes getting caught slightly less unforgiving, just try to harass




Probably the easiest CURRENT META matchup.

You heal outsustains her shield, and your slow is better than hers. Furthermore you also give added damage, though magic.
Watch out for her 6 though, she can make plays and is one of the best disengages in the game.
If you manage to dodge her Qs its GG




I put medium instead of easy. Chances are you've thought of why nami can in theory rinse Jhin - his lack of mobility. However, he actually can 1 shot you, and a smart jhin will trap around, preventing you from getting a clean q, making you risk your life. again, play smart, wait for a positional outplay and burst him down. Don't engage when he's on his 3rd/4th shot as the 4th will crit AND do % missing health damage.




Any Jinx would be scared against a Nami, with no escape, landing a Q will be devastating for her and she has a fairly low range in minigun allowing you to get close to do it. Just be careful as she can easily turn the tables on you with her CC




She'll annoy you with her poke but that's it, you'll be able to easily land Qs and burst her down. She will probably want to go aggressive : don't be scared, your kit is much better




Rare as a support, but can be tricky. She gives a heal and MS which can make your Qs harder to land. her ranged splash damage can also be annoying and her Ult can bait you into a bad fight. Be wary of her and play sensibly, do not underestimate her




No escape and super squishy, you land a Q and its done. Care when he's 6 though if you do miss!





She is a CC queen, if she lands 1 she will land them all. You're going to have to play cautiously. Remember the Pink for this match up. Brush control is important.
If she misses an E take advantage pre 6 but don't go crazy. She's naturally tanky as well.
You will need to bug your jungler for a gank, just tell him where the wards are and you can get ahead.
IF she does all in your carry, Q that location if their adc is there as well ASAP.
Don't be afraid to your R to disengage, the knockup, slow and MS will hopefully save the lane




Right so, he can easily juke your Q and R with his little dash, but apart from that it should be pretty easy. if he uses his dash or decides to go in, land your Q and turn the fight/disengage. You should be a nightmare for his as he will not want to be using his dash due to the CD on it (18 seconds lv1)




I rate lulu highly, one of my favourite the play and nightmare to play against.

She has what I call a complete support, a shield, a slow, a HARD CC in polymorph a speed boost, a "vision spike" and a knockup/health boost.
The ONE thing you have over her is your heal, it's important you abuse that in this matchup.
This will be another passive lane, don't let her be aggressive as her harass is the best amoungst supports.
Again, get beg your jungler to come early to get ahead, remember to point out where the wards are.


Miss Fortune


You can EASILY cancel her ult. Your E balances out her steroid a bit and once she's hit she has very little escape methods, care when going in for trades if you and your carry are not in sync.

Generally a MF will want to keep pushing you to turret and get those double ups so watch out for that




A niche pick but a very strong counter because of her Black Shield. A good Morgana support will ruin your day and her ult can shut you guys down. 

Brush control is important for dodging her Qs. As of the later season 4, morg is getting more and more plays. Ban her if you're gonna play nami
Seeing as she's pretty much always picked/banned now...
Lv1, your w and her shield have the same dmg/health. after that her shield scales off more. if you need to pop it, w and e-aa that shield!!
R her flash engages- gives your team time to run away from your cc and MS buffs




So you're playing blind!

This just comes down to who is better :)




Just have brush control and you'll win, only thing she has is her spears which you will dodge with vision. 6 she gets a power spike and goes all in, leaving you with an easy Q :)

with the rework, she is more of a prick once she gets brush control. If u don't have vision on it she can just spear you/your adc and cougar form burst before you can even stun - remember you bubble as OP as it is, has the same cast time even if its on top of you. if you have vision, you should be able to Q her with only decent reactions




Like Kayle but less of a threat. His natural tankiness and Q will make him hard to kill and his E will put off your carry. His blood boil will be on their carry alot of the time making it harder to land your Q.

Brush control very important when he's 6.
I don't find him too threatening, so Easy/Medium for me, just get a slow proc in the lane and Q follow up. your sustain will keep you in the lane.




So... she has a harder engage than you, a shield from her passive, and her stun q combo is devastating. Thing is, you can just play with your adc and buff up. Q their adc if anything goes down. It's gonna be rare that you engage and win, just be patient, your sustain should win it




She can just jump away from your Qs and her burst from her passive is insanely strong. she also has a strong escape with her ult, but is she does use it to attack you MUST Q her. her blind will make this even harder for your ADC




Poke Queen. She's really annoying, her sustain and poke are a joke, and a good Sona will use her passive correctly rather than just on her Q. She can slow you down or lower the dmg output of your ADC.

Thresh, BC, Leona, Sona are the DEFFO pink wards, you NEED brush control for this or she will poke you down for days.
This lane, you want to NOT be a push over, after the comes in for a poke, show some back. Your kit overall is better IMO provided you can land the Q and R




You're better in almost every way. Stun and GG, her heal is higher and gives armor but yours is better with the bounces. I'd be surprised to see her on the enemy team

That was before her rework. She now has a kit that can really mess you up.
her Q and E have ridiculously long ranges if you don't know yet -  the star call has been changed to a targetted skill shot, kinda like attrox's q. If you get hit by the centre of the Q, you get 50% slow and take 150% damage ( and it has a decent base damage).
if she hits a champ with her Q she heals her self (depending on how much health she was missing)
Her is is now and AOE silence (with decent damage) and if u stay in her e for a second after it has been used you get rooted. The silence can really mess you up and the root even more, so you need to be more positionally aware and think about your trades. I'm yet to play really good rakas after the rework so I'll be updating this more. for now : medium-Hard




He used to be AMAZING but now there are better supports out there, including you. He will try to go for a stun and shatter combo, just punish him if he does that. Take advantage of the fact that he is melee and you're not. His kit is mana costly like yours so he wont be overly aggressive. when he comes in for a stun, just for for theirs and your follow up is better. 6 is GG




I try to ban Thresh if I'm not going to play him. Probably the best support in the game right now. A better BC some say and I agree.

Pre 6, if he grabs you, you're pretty much gone, the stun will stop you from casting yours before their adc can damage you and the follow up flay will do the same.
He trades hard with his autos.
PINK for him.. it's already going to be a hard matchup, don't make it worse with lesser brush control.
All I can say is avoid the hooks, if he lands it on you/your adc when he's 6, you're just dead, but try to get that bubble off on their adc!
You can harass him by Qing when he goes for souls but I'd rather focus on their adc for those.
Keep a count of the cd on his hook : 20/18/16/14/12 without cdr. If he does hook something the CD is reduced by 3 seconds

S4 update : been doing a lot of thresh/nami matchups and I find it is more forgiving now provided u can bubble, and ebb&flow with the ap ratios. Still hard matchup though

Update 2 : previously I listed thresh as HARD, but now I believe it's gonna be an even lane and will be decided on your skills and your adcs. As against any Thresh, avoid the hooks, if one lands on your adc, q theirs immediately. if it lands on you do some simple math : can u go all in? whats their hp etc. if you can, e your adc in between the stun duration and flay(hopefully she wont go into flay range) and exhaust theirs. most of the time you'll either kill or come out even. the w will work well n the skirmish with guaranteed triple bounce. Remember who you W first decides 2heals/2dmg




I'd say easy/medium, it really depends. Her jump has a long cd and she is very weak early where you will be harassing her.

If they ever land something your ADC, 90% of the time Trist will jump IN for the damage, where you can land an easy Q.
Don't w any target that has her e debuff unless you have to
Play aggressive.




Ehh I'd say Medium/Hard, if you miss your Q its very unforgiving.

You WILL need to use your W alot as his expunge burst is no joke.
Pink for this lane to watch out for assassination plays.
If you do however manage to land a Q, you should be able to burst him down. 
Care when he's 6, that range and damage is strong.




Rare to see. you can sustain his damage and most of the time your Qs will be very easy to land. your Q counters his 6




He has no escape, but his burst is deceptively strong. Further more he has an AOE healing debuff that will ruin your sustain.

He has an insane range with his q and ult and a slow that will make it hard for you.
You need to be in sync with your adc if you land your Q as he can easily turn it around




Like Trist, has a very weak laning phase. She can tumble your Qs but you only need 1 to shut her down.

Care of her condemn. when she hits 6, be careful, if you miss just back off, the stealth will screw you over. Her condemn is what makes this a medium rather than an easy




I like zyra as a support, he has a great kit. Her snare is somewhat AOE like yours and if it lands you're in trouble. however, you have a better CC with your Q and your carry can still AA when snared and their's can't when stunned. Furthermore your have sustain in the lane. 

You're both squishy so keep that in mind, either of you can make plays to all in each other.
when she hits 6, shes gonna go for a E>R combo which will pretty much CC your lane for days and do decent burst damage, try and get an R off if its inevitable and save your lane.
If you're doing the engaging, keep in mind her ult is one of the best disengagers in the game and she will use hers defensively like you use yours.

Synergy!! Back to Top

I'm yet to find a current meta ADC that doesn't go well with Nami, but I'll share my ratings Excellent, Good, OK

She doesn't benefit from the slow part of your E. However, her slow makes it easier for you to land yours. 
Her ult can be used to engage or a follow up from yours, Pretty much a kill level 6. Laning is ok, her burst is not as good as others unless her passive is proc'd.

Her range makes your E a beauty. you will have insane poke and if they get slow'd, your Q is easy for a shutdown. Furthermore she can just trap under your Q to keep them there! :D A favourite lane of mine

I don't know for sure as i have only laned once or twice with a Corki. In theory it's ok, but the kits of you and his so not sync well. Corki does not offer any added CC and will rely on solely you to initiate.

As if his damage output wasn't strong enough already. He can set you up for a nice Q with an E on him and a his blood rush. Just make sure he uses stand aside AFTER your Q and not before as it can cause you to miss! You can literally 3 shot with this lane even with his new passive.

His Q applied on his effect which can make your E land and hence lead to an easy Q. Once you land your Q, even a bad Ezreal will land his skillshots. Burst potential is very high when you both hit 6

He has insane burst but his short range make him only a good synergy. He is played more of a caster compared to other ADCs, making your E less effective. A Q land will shred your target though! An E and his dash give ok good chase and escape.

Your E goes well when he has his W active, but that's it. He wants to be more passive in lane where you want to make plays. Less of a synced lane

She has great dueling and your E makes it even better. she has a slow of her own they can make your Q easy to land. Your Q/R set up an easy ult for her. A very aggressive and strong lane.

Strong lane, your kits go well together and her burst makes landing a Q very dangerous for the enemy team. You help her already awesome chasing and escaping ult.

Depends on how the Tristana is, if she's aggressive you will have a good time and her burst is pretty decent. Your sustain helps her early game weakness and your ults sync well.

Incredible lane. the burst this lane has is insane. You are both squishy and a missed Q can be unforgiving, but the potential is great. Level 6 is a kill. Try an E on him while he's going for an assassination in stealth, Q and watch them get deleted from the lane.

One of Nami's best partners. The burst is very powerful and his own slow helps an easy Q. Your ulti's chain CC and he can easily clean up from a distance.

Bubble into condemn Stun makes this a scary duo. Your sustain helps her weak early game. A landed Tidal Wave will give Vayne the easiest Final Hour :) Also your passive and hers go very well for chasing!

I actually have yet to try this out, but as far as I know, casting your e on Lucian works with his passive, i.e his double shot procs your e twice which is pretty good and I think adds to his decent kit already. Update : this is a pretty damn good lane, you both can poke, escape and the synergy allows play making : have fun! 
4.18 -  Lucian's e is no longer free at early levels so he won't be able to spam as much with his passive
I think Jinx was made to pair up with Nami, the pair are insane in lane as 1 mistake  =  death. The cc stack is OP, 2 slows, 1 stun, 1 snare. Prepare to rinse lane

Intro to Nami and I Back to Top

I've only been playing the game since mid Season 2 after moving over from a completely different game in CS:S.

I picked the game up quickly after realising the many of my RL friends also play the game. Throughout season 2 I was playing a lot of normals and hardly ranked to learn the game, getting very familiar with Katarina but playing ranked and learning on NA towards the final third of the season.
As season 3 began I plunged more into ranked and gained a lot more experience.  I ended up Gold 3 on my main in EUW and could have gone higher if I didn't decide to get my smurf from bronze to silver for fun.
I main support, mainly strong playmakers, with ADC as a second role. I am more of a theorist than an exceptional gamer, I watch a lot of the LCS and streams on twitch and have a good understanding of the game. I'm still trying to get better and by no means think what I have said or think is gold! :P
Constructive criticisms are welcomed.

So.. NAMI!

Nami used to be a niche pick in support, but since release I have always liked her.
Reasons why she was hardly ever picked in release :
  • Very slow moving ult
  • Unforgiving skillshots
  • High mana costs
  • Feels sluggish
With the recent patches to her, she is now more viable with an increase base MS, increased bonus MS from her passive, longer stun duration on her Q, lower CD on her Q and ult and lower cost on her ult as well as increased range.

  1. Amazing CC in her Q and R
  2. Exceptional in Teamfights
  3. Sustain in lane
  4. Ult can engage or disengage, playmaker
  5. Has a decent presence in lane when her Q is up
  1. Very unforgiving if your miss your Q/R
  2. Difficult to land Q
  3. Very Squishy
  4. Her ult can be easily dodged in open spaces
I have started to stream games now, feel free to follow at

As with all guides, this is only a rough path you can follow and you may need to change your item/skill build with permitting situations

S4: update : managed to hit plat on na, now working on EUW :D

Extra tips as a support [Still In Progress] Back to Top

I plan to add tips for laning and teamfights as well as a warding section.

8/16/14 Update:

2 Twitch Videos
When to push your lane with your carry
I cut out the gank from Udyr as it was comical at best, no outplay to show. 
Anyways, I see he exited to the top of the brush and when i go in I see Lucian has recalled. This means only Nidalee is left at tower. At this point you want to shove the lane up for 3 reasons:
A) Lucian loses cs
B) Their support is forced to stay or we take/heavily damage turret -  even better in this video as she REALLY wants to recall with low hp and mana
C) If the support does stay they usually have a bad time clearing. Unless like in this video it's someone like Nidalee who can clear easily
When the lane is pushed, you can look at the map and see what you need to do. I see I need to ward and its gucci to do so. Don't sit there doing nothing EVER, being a support is hard work as you always need to be doing something for your team.
General laning

I actually fucked up quite a lot in this but I wanted to get a video of how to lane and I'll get a better one up soon
Things to note : 
Always cover your jungler's buffs. 
Make sure you hit that Q unlike i did for ali and with teammate around you, that's a flash or FB
WARD!! Generally around 3 mins is when you should be warding for the double buff jungler gank.
If they start bot they will usually end up top for the first gank and vice versa but its not ALWAYS the case
See how I am constantly harassing? Usually I wont be as balls deep but I figured out from the start how passive they were so I got away with it. Harass! that's usually free dps or even dps on you and them while your adc takes 0.
Don't spam your heals. Yes you want to generally be always full hp but trying to keep you and your adc healthy for a skirmish is enough, save mana for the stun and e buff.
When you are near to 6, you want to start watching your mana. Ult is 100, Q is 60. 160 is the BARE minimum u should have up when your lane reaches 6. However, by this point w should be rank 3 - another 100 mana. E lv 1 is 55 mana. You can get away with R,Q W being up - 260 mana, but wait for a couple secs and 305 u have EVERYTHING

Mid Game transition (losing) :

Here shows a typical laning-mid game transition on the losing side.
Believe it or not we actually won this game despite being behind at the start of the video!
At the start our tower has fallen and the enemy team is sieging down mid so I start to rotate. 
*Side note*At this point after seeing kat and lucian in tri I assumed that my adc would play safe but unfortunately she went down. Looking back on the choice of wards I stand by my decision to ward the mid to red buff brush rather than the  red to bot brush which could have saved her as the middle inner turret is a higher priority :D
Upon reaching mid lane I help sustain Gnar with my W as he clears waves. I probably should have swept as I warded but was afraid of burst from their team.
Lucian and Nida draw our team's attention as enemy teemo starts to split top.
I make a risky play to get vision of Nida Kata and Lucian, eventually mid is now no longer under threat.
The team reacts to teemo split push but I realise that mid will be sieged down fast if we all leave, especially since it's Lucian pushing the wave.
Sometimes I need a reminder about the full wave length so I just press r to get the range without casting it. 
I manage to get a knock up, job is done now I head back to mid to defend the tower. Lucian get's minimal hits as I try to bait him around long for my team to engage but it wasn't long enough and I missed Q *sadface*.
As we start to prepare for dragon I do a quick sweep of the mid-red brush to check for enemy vision on us in our jungle.

Other General tips

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