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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Teleport: Always take this spell to help you through the early game, to get stacks faster after recalling, and to allow farming in lanes late game while still being able to make it to teamfights.

Flash: You should take flash over ghost because of how powerful flash Qsiphoningstrikenew.png  is and flash is better when escaping early game ganks.

Ghost: If you are not comfortable taking flash, ghost is permissible. In a few situations it does allow you to chase kills that would otherwise be impossible with flash.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

There are currently 2 optimal ways of building Nasus, 45% CDR or a tankier path with more sustain. Personally I prefer 45% CDR but it requires certain runes/masteries and good farming mechanics so you can really benefit from that extra 5%. If you are new to Nasus I highly recommend the tankier build because it is easier to survive early game with the extra sustain. You also don’t need a setup specifically tailored to Nasus.

0/18/12 Masteries for 45% CDR

(SirhcEz is a popular Nasus streamer who uses the 45% CDR build)

Why You Should Run These Masteries
        CDR is arguably the best stat you can get on Nasus because it allows you to get massive stacks on his Q siphoningstrikenew.png which is his main damage source. Not only does it help stacking, it allows your witherwither.png at max rank to become a perma slow for the enemy ADC (5 second slow on a 4.95 second cooldown). This means we need to invest heavily in the Cunning Tree to get this mastery. However, there are other masteries in this tree that can benefit Nasus as well.

Optional Variances
  • Wanderer vs. Savagery: 3% out of combat movement speed vs. 5 extra damage to minions and monsters with basic attacks and single target spells. The decision between these 2 is very difficult, 3% MS helps you get to lane faster to get more stacks/farm. While 5 extra damage on your Q and basic attacks would help you secure much needed CS especially in the early game. I personally prefer the movement speed but the choice is yours between the 2.
  • Stormraider's Surge vs. Thunderlord's Decree: I would definitely suggest Surge over Decree. Your late game Q is going to be chunking over 30% of squishes health, so the movement speed will help you stick to targets easier. Decree only offers a slight damage increase with your Espiritfire.png Q siphoningstrikenew.png combos.

12/0/18 Masteries for Tankier Sustain


Why You Should Run These Masteries

The main benefits to these masteries over 45% CDR is Feast, Vampirism, and Grasp of the Undying. Paired with Runic Armor and your passive, they provide an incredible amount of sustain which is essential to Nasus. This path is easier to play and gives you a cushion of safety allowing you to make more mistakes early game.

Optional Variances
  • Fury vs. Sorcery: 4% Attack speed vs. 2% Spell damage. Your Qsiphoningstrikenew.png does not count as spell damage and only increases your Espiritfire.png and ultgodofdeath.png damage so take Fury.
  • Bounty Hunter vs. Oppressor: 1% increased damage per unique champion slain vs. 2.5% damage to CCed targets. I choose Oppressor because of how well it synergizes with witherwither.png and it is hard to for Nasus to kill every champ at least once.
  • Swiftness vs. Legendary Guardian: 15% tenacity and slow resist vs. 3 armor and magic resist per nearby enemy champ. Swiftness is the better option here because the tenacity stacks with mercury treads and the slow resist is nice. Also Nasus is alone vs. 1 enemy most of the game so Legendary Guardian is not that effective.
  • Grasp of the Undying vs. Strength of the Ages vs. Bond of Stone: Lifesteal = to 3% of max health vs. up to 300 increased health vs. 4% damage reduction up to 8% when near an ally. Grasp of the Undying is optimal here because you stack a lot of health and could use the extra sustain. Strength of the Ages is an alright pick because it gives free health and sustain later on but it is not as good as Grasp. Bond of Stone is meant for duo lanes.

Abilities Back to Top

siphoningstrikenew.pngSiphoning Strikesiphoningstrikenew.png
  • Siphoning Strike is Nasus' most important skill so always max first for more damage, easier stacking, and faster cooldown.
  • Learn this skill first usually.

  • Max second in most cases to help your jungler when he ganks and to make the enemy ADC useless much faster in the game.
  • Learn this skill at level 4 unless you are invading and need the skill to lock down a kill.

spiritfire.pngSpirit Firespiritfire.png
  • I like to max this ability last and use it less in lane to conserve mana, but maxing second is not bad and it gives Nasus some more wave clear.
  • Learn this skill at level 2 to help secure CS and you will most likely not need wither till 4.

godofdeath.pngFury of the Sandsgodofdeath.png
  • Use this skill when you are in a close duel, when you are getting ganked, and when you are receiving a gank for extra damage/range.
  • Learn this skill at level 6, 11, and 16.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    vs. heavy ad champs
    vs. auto attack based champs
    vs. tanks
    if you're maxing e second and want more poke/sustain.
    click on read author's notes for analysis on each item

Core Items

    Standard build
    Standard core
    standard boots
    build vs. heavy ad
    build vs. heavy ap

Situational Items

    if they have fed ad carrys
    if they have 2 or more crit based champs
    vs. heavy AD teams
    vs. heavy ap/hard cc
Starting Items

1029.pngCloth Armor1029.png
  • Take this vs. 86.png120.png420.png59.png64.png92.png2.png62.png
  • Cloth armor and a refillable potion is good against these champs because they are AD focused but not auto attack reliant.

1054.pngDoran’s Shield1054.png
  • Take this vs. 266.png84.png63.png122.png114.png105.png39.png10.png85.png127.png117.png76.png80.png133.png58.png13.png98.png102.png50.png223.png17.png48.png23.png106.png8.png5.png157.png83.png24.png126.png38.png69.png150.png107.png
  • Doran's Shield is the most common starting item because all of these champs are either auto attack reliant, AP, or have single target spells (8 damage is blocked each tick of single target damage).

1055.pngDoran’s Blade1055.png
  • Take this vs. 31.png36.png54.png57.png111.png14.png154.png
  • It might be strange to see this recommended, but it is great vs. tanks that can not punish you early. The extra damage gives you more kill potential in lane and easier stacking. The lifesteal will help you scale mid game. Also the health is a stat Nasus needs.

2033.pngCorrupting Potion2033.png
  • If you are maxing Espiritfire.png second this is an option if you feel comfortable taking it.
  • Corrupting Potion gives you health/mana sustain and some extra poke damage. Be careful though, it does not provide any combat stats so you will be incredibly weak while trading.

Core Items

3025.pngIceborn Gauntlet3025.png
  • This is the new core item for Nasus because it combines the benefits  Frozen Heart3110.png and Trinity Force3078.png.
  • Build 1st against an AD top laner.
  • You can just leave the item on Sheen3057.png for a little if you are vs. AP.
  • Once you have completed the item test your strength against your laner by dueling him since you will hit a huge powerspike.
  • The slow is not very effective in chases because it won't stack with your Wwither.png but you can time it right when it ends to keep them permanently slowed.
  • The AOE messes up stacks and you won't be able to freeze the wave so be aware.
  • The 500 mana is good for early game farming. 

3156.pngMaw of Malmortius3156.png
  • The buffs to this item make it core for Nasus.
  • This is the best item for AD champions that need magic resist.
  • The armor pen. amps your Qsiphoningstrikenew.png damage a bit.
  • The passive can bait enemies into thinking you are dead.
  • You should usually ultgodofdeath.png when it pops to give you a huge edge in close fights.
  • The 55 AD helps secure early farm.

3053.pngSterak’s Gage3053.png
  • A very strong item in the current meta.
  • It synergizes with Maw3156.png very effectively.
  • Nasus is a sustain tank, so getting bursted down fast will make you useless in teamfights.
  • With Sterak's we can survive a lot longer to put out more damage.
  • 500 health
  • 25% base attack damage (29.5 AD at level 18)
  • Upon taking 400-1800 damage within 5 seconds we get Sterak's Fury which is 25% more base AD (59.5), increased size, and a shield that decays in 8 seconds (30% max health shield).

3009.pngBoots of Swiftness3009.png

  • The buffs to this item makes it better than Merc's3111.png  in most games.
  • There are a lot of slows in pretty much every game you play, which make these very efficient.
  • They also have the highest in combat movement speed.

3512.pngZz'rot Portal3512.png

  • A recently popular pick for a lot of tanky top laners.
  • It gives a ton of raw tank stats while also having a powerful active.
  • Use the active to push a lane you are not in or use it to help your team defend towers.
  • 55 Mr
  • 55 armor
  • 125% health regen.

3742.pngDead Man’s Plate3742.png
  • Once your main core is completed, this is a great supplement to our kit.
  • 600 health makes Nasus more beefier than he already is.
  • 50 armor
  • Dreadnought is important since Nasus is an immobile champ, he can really benefit from the movement speed and on hit damage.

Situational Items

3047.pngNinja Tabi3047.png
  • Usually rarely built but its very strong against auto attack based champs like 23.png.
  • Build if you are having trouble surviving lane or the enemy team has minimal CC.

3111.pngMercury Treads3111.png
  • You build this item over swiftness3009.png if there is a lot of hard CC.

3110.pngFrozen Heart3110.png
  • No longer core anymore because Iceborn gives more than enough armor.

3078.pngTrinity Force3078.png
  • Trinity Force is no longer a core item because it is now more of a crit oriented item.
  • Take Iceborn3025.png instead.

3065.pngSpirit Visage3065.png
  • Visage is also no longer core because of Maw3156.png buffs.
  • It is still a very synergistic item that is optional vs. the right team.

  • The Thornmail nerf made this item less valuable than before but if the enemy team is AD stacked it can come in handy
  • Build this later into the game because it scales with your armor.
  • If your facing 23.png I would build it early so he cant kill you easily.

3143.pngRanduin’s Omen3143.png
  • If the enemy team has more than 1 crit based champ like 23.png and 157.png I build Randuin's
  • This used to be a core item before the nerf, but it is still very strong even if the enemy team only has 1 crit based champ.

3068.pngSunfire Cape3068.png
  • I do not like this item on Nasus because the passive messes up farm when you are trying to freeze the wave.
  • However it is still a good team fight item if you don't plan on split pushing.

3800.pngRighteous Glory3800.png
  • Rarely built but if your team needs more engage you can get it.
  • It gives you some mobility that you do not have in your kit.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Hecarim
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Tahm Kench
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Vladimir
  • Wukong




Aatrox has a lot of power in the early game and you should respect it. However, late game (if he isn't fed) you should demolish him in duels. You can sustain through most of his EaatroxE.png poke damage but watch out for his QaatroxQ.png  all in trades that can leave you too low to approach CS. His WaatroxW.png out sustains your passive in the early game but later on you out sustain him. In this matchup max your Wwither.png second because he relies heavily on auto attacks to do damage. If he all ins you and pops his ultaatroxR.png use yours godofdeath.png to counteract it then witherwither.png and walk away, you do not want to fight this guy early on. His win condition in the lane is to kill you, force you off farm, and make you miserable. Play safe, let him push you in and call for ganks.




This is an medium matchup for Nasus. You both have around the same sustain and kill potential in lane, but you outscale him slightly harder. I take 1055.png vs. Cho to give me extra sustain and trading power. Most Cho's spam feralscream.png on you, which is expected, your sustain should heal it off. Cho gets ahead when he starts autoing you with his Evorpalspikes.png on. When he does this do not be afraid to auto him back and hit him with a Qsiphoningstrikenew.png to the face to make him back off. You should try to dodge his Qrupture.png early but it doesn't really matter if he lands it unless he is maxing it or if you are getting ganked because it doesn't do that much damage. Make note if he is using his ultfeast.png off cooldown to kill minions, if he is, play more aggressive and get more stacks because it is almost impossible for him to kill you without ult. Late game you want to split push and kill Cho every time he shows up in lane without a tower to protect him.




Darius is a little scary early but if you can manage to not die in lane you will come out stronger. Remember that late game he has a stronger team fight than you even if you are even in lane, you can still splitpush and 1v1 him though. Avoid trading with him in most cases because it will leave you too low to get stacks. When he uses his Qdariuscleave.png to trade with you, it will automatically push the wave. This is good for you, Nasus is best when he is under turret farming. You might think it is harder, but with your Qsiphoningstrikenew.png auto attack reset you should secure most of the farm while also having no fear of getting ganked. You can also call your jungler to gank you if he is pushed because he has no mobility defensive CC so you can chase him down after your Wwither.png. Always pop ult godofdeath.png before he can execute you with his dariusexecute.png.


Dr. Mundo


Usually Nasus wins this matchup, but Mundo is very strong right now. Dodging his Qinfectedcleavermissilecast.png is pretty important because it chunks. You will eventually outscale him and have a greater impact in teamfights. There is no point in trading with him after he reaches level 6 (in lane) because his passive and Ultsadism.png will always keep him healthy. You might think that since Mundo is a tank he he can't kill you. While he does build tanky, he has plenty of damage to bully you out of lane and sometimes kill you. Make sure not to underestimate his surprising damage. Late game you want to splitpush because he can't kill you by himself.




You might think Fiora wins here but she does not have the damage to force you off CS. Her Qfioraq.png poke is easily healed off from your sustain, and if she uses Qfioraq.png and Efioraflurry.png she will have mana problems. When facing Fiora (in general) do not expose your vitals to her, it's ok to miss a stack if means her proccing her passive. Her Wfiorariposte.png is almost useless in this meatchup unless you are coming in for a killing blow. Mid/Late game you win fights because she doesn't build any armor and your Wwither.png counters her immensely. Do not try to fight her when her ultfioradance.png is on you even if yoursgodofdeath.png is on because of how much true damage it does.




Gangplank wins this matchup because he is stronger than you at all stages of the game. That doesn't mean you can't beat him though. There are 2 different Gangplanks you will see, those who use Qparley.png on minions and those that use Qparley.png on you. If he uses them on minions he will have a very strong late game, but this allows you to get more stacks since you won't be forced out of lane as often. If he uses Qparley.png on you, it makes you have to play more passive, miss more CS, and recall more often. Try not to waste Wwither.png on him because his Wremovescurvy.png counters it. Watch out for his barrels because when you try to clear it, he will place another one on your feet and detonate it. Late game you can easily fight GP but a smart will stay under his tower and use his ultcannonbarrage.png to have an impact in teamfights while you can do nothing unless you TP12.png.




This is a very difficult match up for Nasus for many reasons. He can bully you, sustain your damage, and then outscale you. Also he will win 1v1 fights if you split push. Max your Espiritfire.png second here because it stops Garen's passive and because your Wwither.png can be canceled by his Qgarenslash3.png. After getting Frozen Heart3110.png, Garen should not be able to bully you much anymore, try to focus hard on getting stacks now. When mid game arrives, if Garen is still laning, stay in the lane too and farm, if he leaves to teamfight, go help your team too. Usually you want to stay and farm and look for TPs12.png but both Garen and Nasus are weak teamfight champs (assuming both are not fed). So you want to mimic his playstyle and have more of an impact than him. Lastly, you need to know when to ultgodofdeath.png before he gets hisgarenjustice.png off. Generally if he is charging you and your at 20% health you should ult unless you are the villain then you should ult at around 30% health.




Very easy match up for Nasus. While Gnar does have poke, its insignificant to the amount of sustain you have. Later on you will outscale him too. Early game his autos will make him take more damage than you because of minion aggro, so don't worry about that. What you need to worry about is his QgnarQ.png he won't take aggro since it's a long range ability. To avoid it, always have a friendly minion between you and him, but don't stand too close to the minion or the ability will hit you anyways. I prefer to max Wwither.png in this matchup because he is auto attack reliant with his WgnarW.png. Also remember to Wwither.png every time he goes into Mega Mnar so he will be immobile. If you built up stacks in lane and have enough mana don't be afraid to use Wwither.png then go in for some Qsiphoningstrikenew.png damage because his sustain is poor. Late game just splitpush as much as you can, you will easily be able to fight him 1v1 or even 1v2 if you are ahead. Remember to look for TP12.png spots to salvage teamfights, if there are none, take towers because it will force some enemies to recall and stop you.




Fairly easy lane for Nasus. Hecarim is a lane bully that falls off later much like Renekton. Get as much stacks as you can early but don't die trying, it's ok to let some go. Remember that Hecarim has a lot of mana problems and once it's depleted hes weak. This makes trading with him very beneficial because his only sustain is from his Whecarimw.png which costs him precious mana (your sustain is free). His Qhecarimrapidslash.png pushes the wave to your tower so you can get CS without fear of being ganked. Max Wwither.png vs. him because he scales off movement speed. Late game he is harmless in 1v1s. You can either splitpush or teamfight with Nasus in this matchup but I prefer splitpush.




Medium matchup with a slight favor in Nasus. Irelia has a strong lane phase due to her Wireliahitenstyle.png sustain. You can outscale if you play it safe and farm up. Try not to trade much in lane phase because her true damage can hurt a lot. She gets a massive powerspike when she completes Trinity Force3078.png, so you need to have Frozen Heart3110.png completed by then or the lane is a nightmare. Max Wwither.png 2nd because she relies on getting many auto attacks in with her Wireliahitenstyle.png true damage. You should be able to fight her late game unless she got fed somehow. Splitpushing and getting stacks is the key to beating her.




Facing Jax is a high skill matchup with a slight favor in Nasus. Both champs have weak early games and strong late games. Harrass with Qsiphoningstrikenew.png in lane unless Jax has a sustain item. Maxing Wwither.png is optimal here because Jax scales well off attack speed. Remember he can block your Qsiphoningstrikenew.png damage with his Ejaxcounterstrike.png. When Jax gets level 6 he can sometimes be too much to handle with his passive ultjaxrelentlessassault.png. Once you start getting more points intowither.png he should be easier to deal with. Late game split pushing is the best strategy. If you are ahead you can duel him fine, but if he is ahead, just Wwither.png and walk away, he won't be able to catch you.




Usually Jayce has the edge in this matchup but he isn't very strong right now after armor pen nerfs. Jayce has the early game advantage here because you do not have enough early sustain from his constant harass. Once you start getting stacks you can out heal pretty much all his poke. Stand behind friendly minions to dodge his ranged form QjayceQ.png. Since Jayce does not have any sustain always try and get a Qsiphoningstrikenew.png in if he goes in with a melee form QjayceQ.png EjayceE.png combo. This is usually the only time you can get damage on him because he is going to be in ranged form most of the lane (note that your minions will still put a decent amount of harass on him if he is poking you.) Late game is where Nasus shines in this matchup, even if Jayce came out of lane phase ahead, you can still kill him. Splitpush and if you see Jayce alone without a tower just walk up and fight him, it's easier to kill him than you think.




Easy lane phase but hard to win games vs. Malphite. He shouldn't push you out lane with his poke so you can get a lot of early stacks. These stacks are essential to beating Malphite because his late game is scarier than yours. Most Malphites realize that poking you is pointless so they just max Elandslide.png and farm the wave. He is going to build a lot of armor and you won't be able to shred through it easily. I recommend maxing Espiritfire.png second here for the armor pen. Late game your best option is to splitpush. Malphite is going to have a large impact in teamfights and there is not much you can do about that except splitting to try and draw him back to lane. If you are alone vs. Malphite in a duel you should be able to fight back but it's going to be very hard to actually kill him, so usually no one dies. Watch out for when his team collapses on you while splitting because he can lock you down with his ultufslash.png followed up by many Qsseismicshard.png.




You play this matchup exactly the same vs. Malphite so go there for tips. The only difference is that Maokai doesn't build as much armor so it is slightly easier.




Fairly hard matchup for Nasus. He has good poke, sustain, wave clear, and isn't scared to fight you late game. Most Olafs build Ninja Tabi3047.png too so that makes your Qsiphoningstrikenew.png do 10% less damage. Max Wwither.png vs. him because he needs attack speed, but remember his ultolafragnarok.png removes the debuff. Early game you want to dodge as many axesolafaxethrowcast.png as possible because that will push you out of lane. Trading with him is smart because it forces him to use his Wolaffrenziedstrikes.png which will run his mana down and push the wave under your tower (this is where you want the wave.) Mid game is you best chance of killing him since he won't have his defense items built yet. Late game I suggest grouping with your team because he can run you down when alone, plus his teamfight is not that strong.




This is an extremely hard lane for Nasus. However, Pantheon is weak right now since armor pen items have been gutted, and there are no mana potions. Early game play as safe as you can and only get stacks under turret, while using Espiritfire.png to get farm at range. It is up to you if you want to max Espiritfire.png or Wwither.png second here because Espiritfire.png will help you get more farm, but Wwither.png will save you from being killed more. Trading with Pantheon early can sometimes be beneficial (as long as he doesn't have lifesteal) because he has no way to sustain himself. Except his passive can be really annoying to actually get a Qsiphoningstrikenew.png in because it blocks 100% of the damage. Try to recall frequently when playing vs. Panth because he can execute you with a surprising amount of damage in his Qpantheon_throw.png Wpantheon_leapbash.png Epantheon_heartseeker.png Qpantheon_throw.png combo. Late game he is pretty easy to fight since he won't usually have any armor and your Wwither.png counters him. You want to splitpush him and duel him (as long as you didn't get annihilated in lane phase. Watch out for his ultspantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png that can sandwich you between him and his team.




Contrary to popular belief, Renekton does not counter Nasus. This a dead even medium matchup. All Nasus needs to do to win lane is not die and farm whatever he can under tower. Renekton's Qrenektoncleave.png will push the wave to you automatically. Your sustain passes his at around level 6-7. Frozen Heart is a massive powerspike in lane and he should not have much kill potential anymore. Play very safe and avoid trading too much, you still want to put damage on him so he uses his Qrenektoncleave.png on the wave for sustain. Renekton's get a lot of free kills from the amount of damage their enraged Wrenektonpreexecute.png and Qsrenektoncleave.png do. If you see his rage bar building up, play even safer than you already are. Late game you can either teamfight or splitpush because you are better then Renekton at both. You can usually fight him late game but once he starts getting armor you probably won't kill him.




Easy matchup for Nasus. Riven no longer has Brutalizer and Tiamat was nerfed so she is much weaker than before. Riven does not have enough early damage to punish you for getting stacks. Once she starts getting damage you will have Frozen Heart3110.png completed and she can't punch through it. Max Wwither.png here to throw off her Qriventricleave.png auto Qriventricleave.png auto Qriventricleave.png combos. If she does not have a lifesteal item you can trade with her and push her out of lane. Your ultgodofdeath.png will help you survive her ultrivenfengshuiengine.png so generally use yours every time you see her ult. Late game you want to splitpush her and 1v1 fight her any time you see her in the open. Most Riven's love to fight which is good for you since you counter her.




Very easy matchup for Nasus. You beat him at every stage of the game. His constant poke damage is sustained with your lifesteal. His Qrumbleflamethrower.png pushes the wave to you (this is good). Max Espiritfire.png 2nd to give you some extra wave clear to match his. After level 6 just walk up to him Wwither.png and Qsiphoningstrikenew.png him. Keep doing this to force him to recall and you will be full health (from whatever damage you took in the trades) by the time he is back because of your sustain. Its ok to sacrifice some stacks because it makes Rumble fall behind. Late game you want to splitpush because Rumble has a great teamfight kit. If you catch Rumble alone without a tower he is pretty much a free kill. Keep him slowed with Wwither.png off cooldown and chase him down the lane.




Extremely easy matchup for Nasus. Ryze top fell out of flavor (in solo queue) a while ago but is still a decent champ. As Nasus, you should be able to ignore Ryze almost entirely in lane phase. Focus on stacks and don't worry about his poke. An early Mercury Treads3111.png will help you a lot because of his Wruneprison.png lockdown. This also helps you when getting ganked so you are not perma stunned. Stay behind allied minions to dodge unnecessary damage from his Qoverload.png. Mid game you want to take as many trades with him as you can because his only sustain is in his ultdesperatepower.png. Late game you will have an immense amount of stacks and can 1v2 or even 1v3 if you get a few kills on him. Try and splitpush to draw enemies toward you and create pressure. This allows your team to get free objectives all around the map.




One of the hardest matchups Nasus has. Shen has the perfect kit to counter Nasus with his poke, sustain, tankiness, and global map pressure. He does not have a lot of poke just from his Qshenvorpalstar.png, but the constant damage coming at you hurts in combination with his passive auto attack trades. There isn't much reason to harass him because his Qshenvorpalstar.png sustain and high health regeneration. His Wshenfeint.png also makes your trades do very little. It is easier than you think for a Shen to kill you in lane. Watch out for his Eshenshadowdash.png followed up by his Qshenvorpalstar.png if you are low on health. Late game it does not matter if you splitpush or teamfight because Shen can counter both strategies. If you split, Shen will lane vs. you and ultshenstandunited.png to impact teamfights heavily, then TP12.png back and stop your tower push. If you choose to teamfight, Shen will splitpush (getting more solo farm than you) then ult to his team when they need him.




This is an equal but interesting matchup. Usually both you and Singed get really strong and whoever has a better impact on the game wins. Early lane phase you have the edge on him because of how mana hungry he is. Try and trade with him to push him off the early farm. Once he starts getting some mana items it's a little harder to do so. During this time getting stacks is crucial because you need them to snowball your lead. Mid game Singed will either continue to lane or proxy (farm the waves in between your tower). If he proxies, then stand in front of your tower, tank the wave, and Qsiphoningstrikenew.png stack 100% of the minions. Make sure to tell your team to leave Singed alone and let both of you farm, since chasing him is a waste of time. Proxying will put you and him at a massive advantage compared to the rest of the players so be aware of your power. If he plays the lane like usual then both of you will not get as much farm. Late game it is up to you if you want to group or split because you and Singed are equally matched at both strategies. Neither champ has an edge in 1v1s so usually you or Singed just walks away from fights.




This is a medium matchup. Sion does have some kill pressure in the early game that you need to watch out for. You should still be able to come out of lane phase with a decent amount of stacks though. Play around his Qcrypticgaze.png because he is going to try and force you to either get a CS and get hit, or make you back off. Try to get the CS at a different angle so you are not hit by it. Trading with him is ok, but you won't do much damage because of how tanky he gets. Late game you should split because Sion tears up teamfights with his ultcannibalism.png. Even if you can't kill him, splitting is best because you draw pressure to yourself while getting stacks.


Tahm Kench


This matchup can go either way. Tahm has a lot of early pressure with the burst damage from his WtahmkenchW.png combos. Try to survive early and mid game he won't be as scary. His ulttahmkenchR.png gives him a pretty big powerspike because of the constant mixed damage he will be putting out. After that though you can really start to snowball your stacks. Ask for ganks vs. Tahm because he can't escape them very well. Late game I suggest teamfighting because if he gets help from his team, he can lock you down and kill you. Also in fights he is a sitting duck with his low mobility. While yours is also low, you have more surviveability with lifesteal.




Teemo has a slight edge but this is generally an even matchup. He can be very annoying with his poke damage and blinds but if you can take a beating you will outscale. Definitely take Doran's Shield1054.png because it reduces his auto damage, his initial Etoxicshot.png damage, and each tick of poison too. An early Spirit Visage will greatly reduce Teemo's damage as well. Max Wwither.png because when it is fully maxed you can shut him down hard. Late game I suggest splitting because he won't be a big threat to you, and if Teemo groups he will be useless in teamfights. You can kill him late game too if he isn't hiding behind his turrets or his team.




Trundle is strong in general right now so this will be a hard matchup. He can bully you out of lane just from his QtrundleQ.png and auto attacks. There is no point in trading back because his passive sustain is too much. Even if you survive the laning phase he will still be able to kill you in 1v1s because he will have some armor built up. His ulttrundleR.png also steals a very large amount of tank stats from you since you stack tank stats. Max Wwither.png to prevent him from chasing you down with his WtrundleW.png. Late game you should splitpush even if you can't kill him. Your Wwither.png should keep you safe if he tries to kill you.




This matchup can go either way, but you generally counter him. Both of you are split push kings but in 1v1 fights you win. Early game to mid game is where he has you beat though. You don't want him to kill you and snowball from there. Sacrifice some stacks and farm to make sure this doesn't happen. Trading with him mid game is fruitless because his Qbloodlust.png has just enough sustain to shake it off. Definitely max Wwither.png 2nd because 95% of his damage is through auto attacks. After your core items get Thornmail3075.png and he will be scared to fight you. Ninja Tabi3047.png is also a good option if their team is heavily AD stacked. Late game just splitpush him and use your superior scaling to win the game.




Usually an easy matchup for Nasus. While his late game teamfight is stronger than yours, you should have built up enough stacks in lane to demolish anyone. Early game his poke can be healed off. No point in trading back with him (past level 5) because his Qvladimirtransfusion.png healing paired with a spellvamp item will keep him full health. Maxing Espiritfire.png is best here since he is not auto attack based at all. Call for ganks because a few kills on him will set him behind drastically compared to other champs. Remember to buy Spirit Visage3065.png first to help your early game. During the late game you should splitpush and fight him when alone. You want to keep him away from your team at all times.




This is an even matchup with clear advantages and disadvantages. In the early laning phase he has enough damage to push you out of lane, but once Frozen Heart3110.png is completed you are fine. If he is not building a lifesteal item then harass him as much as you can because he cant sustain. If he uses his Wmonkeykingdecoy.png during trades he is going to go out of mana quickly, but if he doesn't then you can get a lot of damage in after his Emonkeykingnimbus.png Qmonkeykingdoubleattack.png combos. Mid game is where he is weakest and where you want to fight him. When late game comes, Wukong will usually be raoming with his team since he is a very teamfight oriented champ. As Nasus I would just keep splitting anyway to force some enemies back.

Nasus Tips Back to Top

The most important mechanic is the auto attack Qsiphoningstrikenew.png combo
  • Do this by using Qsiphoningstrikenew.png directly after an auto attack since it is an auto attack cancel.
  • You can get stacks when a minion isn't low enough to regularly Qsiphoningstrikenew.png stack.
  • You will get more health back from your passivenasuspassive.png lifesteal with that extra attack.
  • You will also get more damage in during trades which can be crucial to winning early game duels.

Understand when you can 1 shot caster/melee minions
  • Keep track of how much damage your Qsiphoningstrikenew.png is doing to minions.
  • See how much max health the minions have by left clicking.
  • If you have more then you can 1 shot.
  • This saves time stacking the wave.

Understand when you have kill pressure in the lane
  • Some people focus on stacking way too much and don't realize when they can get a kill. 
  • After you have a few core items and a decent amount of stacks try and do some damage to your laner.
  • Gauge how much damage you are doing and see if the next time you fight you will have enough to kill.
  • Remember to keep stacking too though, you don't want to be trading nonstop or you won't scale.

Early Game Back to Top

        Early game starts at the beginning of the game to when the first tower is destroyed. People assume that Nasus has a weak early game but it is not as weak as they may think. It is difficult to get a kill in the early lane phase (because you are focusing on stacking) but that doesn't mean you lost. So if you come out of lane without dying and have a decent amount of stacks/farm then you are doing fine. 

Levels 1-5
  • Decide if this is a lane you need to survive, or if you need to play aggressive and get more stacks.
  • You can't always rely on your "late game scaling" because if you have a terrible lane phase, there will be no scaling.
  • In a lot of matchups you want to play extremely safe because you know their late game is trash (ex. Renekton) and this is ok.
  • Make sure you are not pushing the wave to the enemy tower because Nasus is susceptible to ganks (using Espiritfire.png can push it even if you are not trying to.)
  • Another reason to stay pushed is because Nasus can follow up well when your jungler ganks for you with your Wwither.png to lock the enemy down.

Levels 6+
  • After level 6 (assuming you haven't been crushed) you can start looking to trade with your laner and bully them out of lane.
  • Check the Nasus Tips section and the specific matchups to decide if you need to trade or keep farming.
  • You want to keep the towers up as long as you can so you will have more items/stacks in the mid game.
  • If you do have the chance of taking the enemy turret do so, it provides global gold and map pressure.
  • If you lose your tower first it's ok because it gives you time to catch up on farm.

Mid Game Back to Top

        Mid game begins when a tower is taken and people start grouping. This is where Nasus gets very strong. You can catch many people off with how much consistent damage you do in drawn-out fights. 

Early Mid Game
  • If you take tower first, push the wave past river, go farm scuttle or do Rift Herald, then come back top to farm again.
  • On the other hand, if you lose your tower first, let the enemy push the wave down to your second tier tower and freeze the wave
  • You freeze waves by only last hitting with Qsiphoningstrikenew.png or auto attacks, and not doing any AOE damage.
  • By doing this you starve out the enemy top laner from CS while you are getting a ton of stacks.

Late Mid Game
  • This is when most champions have their core items built already
  • After passively farming enough in the early mid game, you want to start split pushing.
  • If you feel you are strong enough to handle yourself alone then start staying with the wave and pushing further and further each wave.
  • Look for 1v1 fights during this time because you have a lot of tools to win them.
  • If you had a strong lane phase then you can 1v2 a lot of times too (or at least escape a 1v2 alive).

Late Game Back to Top

        Late game is when champions have full build or are nearing it. This is when Nasus turns into an uncontrollable monster. With infinite scaling the enemy team becomes pressured to stop you. Remember that even a fed Nasus is not that strong in teamfights because he can get CC locked and won't be able to use his sustain as much vs. high armored targets. 

Late Game
  • Nasus has high 1v1 potential especially in the late game so you tend to want to stay away from large fights and focus on smaller skirmishes. 
  • Soloing Dragon is something you can do if both teams are grouped around Baron, you can do it fairly quickly and come out with full health while giving your team a nice boost.
  • Most of your time is going to be spent splitpushing even in the late game.
  • For more tips on the late game, read the next section.

When to Splitpush and Teamfight Back to Top

        The best Nasus players know when they need to splitpush and when they need to group up. 9 out of 10 times you are going to want to splitpush though. There are certain matchups that prevent you from splitting (check the matchups section). So you have to avoid them, but genrerally the way to play Nasus is to splitpush and draw pressure from the enemies to stop you while your allies grab objectives.

  • Nasus is one of the best splitpushers in the game for many reasons.
  • He can tear towers down quickly.
  • Ability to duel almost any champ in the game.
  • Heavy slow to escape when getting collapsed.
  • Being by yourself in a wave will make you even stronger because its easier to stack without teammates.
  • You have to watch out when they send many champs to kill you because you do not have any mobility.
  • Your team should realize that most of the enemies focused on killing you so they can take objectives elsewhere. (If they don't realize politely tell them.)
  • Generally you want to splitpush top until you take the tier 2 tower, then head bot and stay there until you get an inhibitor turret and inhibitor.
  • When multiple enemy champs come to either kill you or shove you off the wave, you don't have to run all the way back your towers/base.
  • You can just hide in a bush somewhere until they are gone, forcing them to either come all the way back or stay and lose a turret.
  • It is acceptable to die after you get an inhibitor turret because they are a lot more valuable than your life.
  • You can always TP12.png to fights too to catch enemies in a bad spot where they don't expect another champion to be.
  • In lower elos there are less wards, so you need to tell your team to ward up where they are fighting.

  • Nasus is also known for his weak teamfight capabilities.
  • This doesnt mean you are completely useless in teamfights.
  • If you have a lot of stacks built up and have an item advantage over everyone, you will definitely have an impact on teamfights.
  • Your Wwither.png can make the enemy ADC almost completely useless with it's low cooldown.
  • You don't always have to Wwither.png the enemy ADC, this can make assassins like Talon91.png and Zed238.png unable to do their job.
  • If your enemy laner is splitpushing while you are with your team you can TP12.png back to stop them when necessary.
  • When in a teamfight, you should play a more off-tank role and peel for your carries (keep assassins away).
  • Even a 1000 stacked Qsiphoningstrikenew.png will be doing little damage to a full item tank so leave tank shredding to ADCs.

Where to Ward When Laning Back to Top

        Buying pink wards is very important because it lasts long periods of time on average while denying vision. Also when your laner finds it and kills it, he is wasting time that he could be farming. Lastly your jungler will be more inclined to gank you if he sees you have a pinkward down.

top lane warding.jpg
(Replace green ward with yellow trinket.) 

For Blue Side - If you don't have a pinkward place your 1 ward in the river bush. If you have a pink and 1 ward place your pink in the river and your regular ward in tribush.

For Red Side - Do the exact same wards as blue side but reverse where the pink and regular ward goes.

Where to Ward When Splitpushing Back to Top

The yellow stars represent trinkets, pink star is pinkward, black circles are turrets, and grey circles are destroyed turrets. Remember if you are playing on red side to use the opposite image since the map is symmetrical.

We can block off all possible ways of enemies getting behind us unless they have stealth or use a walljump. The pinkward also denies Baron pit vision.

This turret is a little harder to siege because there are many possible jungle routes to cut us off. However it does give vision where enemies usually come.

It is much easier to siege this turret because there is only 2 possible ways for enemies to gank. Note that Dragon pit is pink warded to deny vision.

The bottom lane inhibitor turret is much easier to take than top lane. We have vision off all jungle paths and river so the only way they can get behind us (without knowing) is through our jungle which is unlikely.

Why You Should Play Nasus Back to Top


Nasus' winrate is getting high in the new season. This is mainly due to the new masteries and armor pen nerfs. So if you want to climb ranks Nasus is definitely worth learning. 

Nasus is easy to start learning with and you can make many mistakes early game. However, he also has a high skill cap so there is always more to know about him.

It is satisfying to play him. Getting the last hit on an enemy champion with your Qsiphoningstrikenew.png is an awesome feeling. Shredding towers and backdooring their base is fun too. People spam "D Cane" in chat when you 1 shot a carry.

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