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All Guides Nautilus Guides [Patch 6.7] The Titan From The Depth of Elo .
2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Nothing to say here , you're a jungler so you take smite . For flash do I need to say something ?

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Some people will argue that Bond of stone or strenght  of the ages are better on a tank but I don't think they are really strong . Furthermore you have to take 18 pts in cunning tree to get the Intelligence mastery that is just perfect for Nautillus that is a full cc champion . At this point people will say that on Nautilus Windspeaker's blessing is good . It is indeed but do you think you can carry by being unkillable ? If you play TeamQ maybe but Thunderlord's decree give you an enjoyable burst for your ganks and even in fights . Nobody expect Nautilus to be able to 1V1 an ADC but he actually can .

Abilities Back to Top


Take W first . It's thanks to the W that you will be able to clean your jungle without taking any damages with your cookies . Max it too because it's what makes you tanky and your primary source of damage too . Then max E because that will make the slow stronger and do more damages . Then max Q in last because it's useless to max it before since you will use it only once when you gank even maxed 'cause the cd is high and the damage it deals aren't that high . Don't forget to take ult at level 6,11 and 16.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Basic starting build for a jungler.

Core Items

    Core against AD-based comp.
    Core against AP-based comp
    Don't forget this , Nautilus is pretty slow so it's really good to take when you can.
    This your fourth item no matter what . This item is simply perfect for you giving bonus MS and a burst on your first auto-attack when you gank.

Situational Items

    Good item to do after dead's man plate if ennemy's comp is AD-based with a burst mage for example .
    If ennemy's adc is too fed or other huge ad crit champ fed (like tryndamere)
    This item is good too . You will probably have to do it against a huge magic burst based comp .
    Of course you can do this item too . It's still very situationnal since it gives no resistance but only HP .
    Example of build against AD-based comp. (Take Randuin instead of Warmog if ennemy's adc or crit champ is fed)
    Exemple of build against AP-based comp . (You can take Locket of the Iron Solari instead warmog if huge magic burst)
    You can get this last item if a lot of AD champ in ennemy team are fed .
1409.png : Why green jungle item would you ask ? Well you already have a lot of cc so stalker's blade is not necessary and you are tanky enough so you don't need skirmisher's sabre. Taking Tracker's Knife will allow you to get good vision and counter jungle . Yeah Nautilus counter jungle , it's surprisly good since you can't be killed by only ennemy jungler , you can escape pretty easily with your Q by throwing it on a distant wall and by cc'ing your opponent . Ofc take cinderhulk you're a tank that scales on HP.

1331.png: Boots of lucidity for cdr obviously . You are an utility and tanky jungler . Your goal when you gank and more in teamfight is to CC ennemy team and if you can go catch ennemy's adc or APC/Assassin . So Nautilus loves cdr , if you can get your 45% cdr you will have 5 second on you Q reduced to 2 seconds if it hit something and your E will have 3 second cd .For that purpose you will take lucidity boots even if you will be slower than with celerity or mobility boots . (That's why don't forget to take alacrity early in the game)

3001.png : Last item I want to talk about since I think others are pretty clear . This your only true damage dealing item and it's still an item that grant magic resist so it's fine . As you saw I included it in both "against AD-based comp" and "against AP-based comp" because it does not matter weither ennemy team is more AD or AP . If ennemy team has a champion that can deal magic damage you do it . This item will make you do tons of damages for a tank and your magic damages allies too . This item will allow you to 1V3 to kill ennemy's adc and then escape freely because you're really hard to kill (though not unkillable , be carefull).

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Dr. Mundo
  • Lee Sin
  • Sejuani
  • Udyr
  • Vayne


Dr. Mundo


Medium ? But you said that all match ups were easy ? Well it's not that this match up is particulary hard but Mundo is nearly unkillable like you and a great source of damage , maybe more than you . You can counter jungle him but you won't ever kill him. Don't try to 1V1 him cause he will win . Just escape it's not like he could stop you .


Lee Sin


I don't want to take too much time on match ups so I will take this one as exemple . Lee Sin is known for having a lot of early damages . Still he is no match for you in 1V1 because you are to tanky even early game (Shield OP) . You can even counter jungle him . That's to say nearly all junglers are no match for you . Counter jungle them you don't risk anything. (be carefull you don't risk if anything if you just encounter ennemy's jungler it will be very different if you encounter multiple member of ennemy team so use your trinket and jungler item to ward to not get surprised , you can escape fast with your Q)




Sejuani is a Nautilus like champ . A big tank with a lot of cc . You will never kill her and she will make fights hard since if you engage she can disengage . Her ult is better than yours to engage so be carefull . It's also very strong to disengage . Your ult is a bit weaker in that way but you can do it too . So the point in that match up is who get the more impact in laning phase and then who play better in teamfight . Skill match up so.




I will say hard for this champion but if he doesn't get fed it will be okay . Udyr is an excellent duelist don't ever try to 1V1 him and if he does armor pen like black cleaver or botrk you will be fucked up by this guy .




I'm getting an ADC in this part because in late game a Vayne with Lord Dominik's regards and botrk will melt you . So in any case just focus her , tunnel vision on her don't hesitate to pressure bot . You don't want her to get fed .

Why Nautilus jungle ? Back to Top

I need to make that part since I saw a lot of player asking why playing Nautilus Jungle and not support . A lot of player that don't play the game for too long don't know that Nautilus was designed to be a jungler but then moved to support since it was hard to be a strong jungler in a meta with high mobility jungler like lee sin and elise . So why play him jungle now ? Well first of all I personally don't like Nautilus support since I think he can't make a lot of plays in lane even if he is great to disengage so it guarantee a safe lane . Since preseason he can do the jungle pretty easily without taking damages and he clear camps at a good speed . Even if he is slow it's really good to pressure one lane since if ennemies push it's free gank for Nautilus and ennemies can't escape or will need to flash. One other thing is that a lot of squishy jungler will come back in the meta with new jungler item for mages and since warrior is very strong since preseason . Playing Nautilus jungle allow your team to have an off-tank or a bruiser top since top lane has returned to a tanky meta it's really nice to have a bruiser top that can wreck him .Yourself shouldn't do bad against quishy champion like lee sin or fiddlesticks that are played a lot in jungle these times . You can 1V1 them easily . I didn't see a lot of Shaco these times but I think it's pretty popular and it's the same thing if you encounter him in his jungle or in your jungle you can kill him easily if he don't run away . So yeah I think that now the best place to play nautilus is jungle even if he is also strong in top lane since the top lane's meta is based on tanks .

Gameplay Back to Top

A little point for gameplay since jungling is not easy for a lot of people .

- First you will just farm in your jungle , always start at your bot side jungle  since it does not matter for Nautilus. Then go to your buff ( red or blue depending on wich side you are) . Then go to red buff (if you did blue buff first) or gromp (if you did red buff first , then do blue buff ofc) . Farm a bit in your jungle you will not take too much damages so you can stay a long time . Try to make your first back when you can have tracker's Knife and Bami's cinder . You can back when you have enough money for Tracker's knife and ruby crystal or Tracker's Knife enchanted with cinderhulk depending on how the game goes . (Depending on if you have to gank early because your team has a hard time or if they go well) . 

-After your first back your buffs will respawn so go get them . Then you have three choice : 

-Counter jungle : You can do this if you have an idea where the laners are. (Better to know or have an idea where the ennemy jungler is though). At this point depending on what is ennemy jungler and is life you should or not fight him if you encounter him . Junglers such as rengar takes great damages in their jungle early game so you will probably encounter him in a bad shape so you can fight him for exemple . Anyway don't search for ennemy jungler , just take is jungle it's enough no need to greed.

-Gank : If there is a good occasion you can gank . With Nautilus I prefer to pressure a lane , Top most of the time . It's really good to pressure top if your top laner has tp . He will help uou pressure other lanes later in the game . nautilus don't have a lot of mobility early game so don't try to be everywhere , you will lose at this game .

-Farm in your jungle . You're safe and getting some gold that can be usefull later . You will not be very strong without your core because you will lack cdr but when you have it it's pretty GG .

You can do a little bit of all these but you will most likely do 2 of them , counter jungle and farm , farm and gank or counter jungle and ganks . Remember that drake is not that important but if you can take the first (don't take risk for this , do it when it's free) .

In Teamfights : 

You have 2 goals in teamfight : Protect your carries and try to catch the ennemys carries , try to stick in with your carries and cc ennemies approaching them . If you have a good shot on ennemies carries you can ult them , try to ult when ennemies are packed .

A little sentence to conclude : Nautilus is really strong by himself , you can counter jungle alone or catch ennemy team's adc if he is alone , you can totally kill him without help . But don't forget that the champion is really strong with his team and excellent for fight so if you can force fights.

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