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All Guides Nautilus Guides [7.8] FROM THE DEPTHS HE CARRIES!! In depth-guide!
1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


There is no reason taking any other spells on naut, u need 4.png for escape and in tf's.



First things first: This is an in depht-guide, if you just want to check out how to build him or what to max first, feel free to hide the Autor-Notifications and skip this :D

Should you pick Naut atm?


Second time Nauts E get's nerfed, first less DMG, now more Manacost and on top of that his Manaregen was lowered aswell. These changes are done bc people absuse him toplane since 3751.png was released. I think Naut really suffers from those changes in jungle aswell and hope he get's stronger, maybe on the tankrework-patch! At the time I would not pick him Jungle, champions like 79.png154.png3.png120.png are tanky aswell, but have way higher clearing speed, espacially after some items...
Anyways, Nautilus isn't useless after all! He is a good first pick, one of the (if not the) tankiest champions in the game and has tons of CC! It is easy to get picks with him and he can do some good ganks with his Q and R!

About my guide!

When I wanted to enhance my skills on my most played and favorite champion, I thought to myself, why I shouldn't just check out some guides? But then it came to me, that making my own guide would enhance my skills even more :) Making this was really fun, tho I sacrificed my 2 free days off-work for making this. It cost me a lot of time and afford to get the infos I needed. I did play customs and literally sat there with the timer of my phone to figure out how long it takes to clear the jungle, with different Runes and maxed abilities (before there was the sandboxmode). I thought the whole night about how to bring the best out of Nautilus and even did math for you guys!! Playing LOL for 4 years now, mainly as tanky jungler and I hope that this guide will help you out :) 

I will try to update this Guide as often as possible and add info's about current patchs, aswell as work on the match-ups, for what I need experience :D
Also I hope, that I have corrected all speeling and gramar, mistakes! Troll.png

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Masteries Back to Top

Resolve Tree:

Since we want a tanky Nautilus, I gonna catch up the Resolve Mastery. I get Unyielding rather than Recovery, bc you will get enough HP Regn through pot's and Items. Since a Jungler doesn't need Siegemaster, we'll go with Though Skin; you can dodge a lot of DMG from Monsters in Jungle and it makes you more sustainable, while the 15 Movement will only help you in the river (might get away from enemies easier or get the scattler slightly faster). Get Runic Armor right away, your shield get's stronger, pot's are more effective, you get more sustain, overall you will get way more than 50 HP, which you would get from Veterans Scar's. The 50% Base Regn from Perseverance may help you slightly, but when I'm below 25% (which rly doesn't happen to often) I usually go back, which is why 15% SummonerSpellCDR or Fearless is the better option. I would choose Fearless, if you are the only one who could engage into a fight, since the focus would lay on you for the first seconds when you go in. Fearless would come in handy that way. If you have a lot of champions who could easily follow up or engage themselves, consider taking Insight instead. You can use 11.png more often and it takes a bit of the fear "wasting" it in jungle, while Dragon and Baron are spawned, bc you will have it avaible faster! Also you get more 4.png ;) I leave you the option about getting Swiftness or Legendary Guarding, since I don't get 3111.png anymore, Swiftness is a good equation, while you already get a lot of Resistences through your Build-Path. Just adapt it in the pick-screen, when the enemies have no/much CC!

Resolve Keystone:

To decide which of these 3 Keystones is the best, I will do some math and share my thoughts with you. I will use the fact that the average TF-length is between 10 and 15 seconds. Also I define Naut's Health as 3000 Hitpoints:

Why it isn't Grasp of the Undying

Grasp of the Undying is a very strong Mastery, it will heal you every 4 seconds in a Teamfight, restoring 3% of your max Health through your AA, aswell as dealing the same amount as DMG. You will be able to heal yourself at least 3 times, meaning that you can restore 9% (=270HP) of your Max HP in a Teamfight. If you have more HP overall, you will get even more HP back. On LvL 18 and with Full-Build Naut will have around 4000HP and so he will reseve 360HP and deal 360 bonus DMG to the enemy team. But at the same time this only works on champions, giving you no adventage in Jungle. Futhermore there is no insurence that you can hit a AA every 4 seconds, so it's possible that you only heal yourself 1 Time giving only 90-120 HP back, aswell as dealing only 90 bonus dmg. These 2 aspects are the reason you should not get this Keystone!

Why it isn't Bond of Stone either

Even tho Bond of Stone was overworked (and in my opinion buffed), it didn't get a better pick for a jungler. In lategame it could be pretty powerfull, since it would heal your adc, but most of the time your adc should have enough lifesteal at that time. If your adc takes dmg, often it will be burst dmg which would kill him anyways. It would only help against bruisers like Darius, Xin, Fio etc. Also it doesn't empower your ganks, Courage of the Colossus at least gives you a shield to tank for your teammate(s)!

Why it is Courage of the Colossus!!

The reason you should take this keystone is; Firstly, the fact that it is procked automatically by your first AA, through Nauts Passiv nautiluspassive.png! Secondly, the shield will stack with your nautiluspiercinggaze.png, which allows you making more use of the bonus Damage during the time the shield persists! Lasty, with 3000 HP the Courage of the Colossus would give you ca.30 + 150(x Number of enemy Champion(s) nearby) = Min. 180HP, Max. 780HP!!! I believe that it's very rare to engage in a way, where you would have 5 enemy champions around you, which is why I don't want to point out the possible 780HP shield to much. Most of the time you will engage on one isolated target, giving you only 180HP as a shield. But in situations where the enemy team is sticking together, it is rather likely to have at least 3 enemies around you, giving you a shield of about 480HP, which is pretty damn good already. Even with only 2000HP and with 2 enemies around you (during a botlane gang for exmpl), as you go in with nautilusanchordrag.png you will still get a 200HP shield! Imagine the enemy adc and the supp both AA you and you don't take DMG, bc of this Keystone! This Keystone is the best, bc it just doesn't matter if you play good or suck, you always get a shield which is why you shouldn't consider any other keystone on Naut!

Why Cunning and not Ferocity?

If we watch at each line of these 2 Paths, we can see that Naut profits from both paths, but more from the Cunning Path in my opinion. You would deal more Dmg to the camps with Savagery bc of the attackspeed Runes we picked, than with Fury and Sorcery (=faster clear), but on the other hand it gives you no adventage against champions (Paths or standing 1:1).  Runic Affinity gives you longer blue and red, also ElderD and Nash Buffs, which really comes in handy, especially till the first B and during late game. On the other Side Fresh Blood and Expose Weakness adds more Dmg to your ganks! Feast is pretty useless on Naut bc his shield gives him tons of sustain already (Paths standing 2:2). On the third line both paths give you either sustain or DMG, I prefer Meditation, so that I always have enough Mana for ganks, you never know when the perfect situation is there (3:3). And now comes the reason why the Cunning path is better: Nautilus doesn't profit from Bounty Hunter, since it would mean that you would have to gank every lane and take all kills to profit from the mastery. Same goes for Double Edged Sword, why would you want to go down faster during teamfights? Battle Trance is the only Mastery you could even consider taking, since it's easy to stick to your targets with Naut. This maybe gives you better 1v1, but in teamfights this would mean that you would have to stick to the enemies, leaving your backline unprotected. Protecting your own carries means that it is more likely to get not only 1 Kill on the enemies, but kill all of them and still having your adc alive at the end of the fight. Like that you can get a turret or drake easier after a won TF. Dangerous Game is the Mastery which will help you to achive this goal! Everytime your carry kills a assasin or frontliner of the enemy team, you will get 5% of your missing health back! This gives you the sustainability to survive attacks from the enemy carries and focus on them when they have nobody left to protect. As you see the Cunning Path makes this whole stragity more likely than the Ferocity Path could. The Dangerous Game Mastery alone is the reason you should choose the Cunning Path (3:4)!

So let us Focus on the Cunning Path:

The 4 Masteries I picked in this Path work best together! Wanderer only makes it slightly easier for you to land your nautilusanchordrag.png or get in range for your nautilusgrandline.png, while it is useless in TF's and it takes longer to clear the camps. This is not a good trade I think. Take Runic Affinity since you only get 3-4 pots over the game and you will try to avoid 1v1 Figths, also Assasin doesn't add Dmg to your ganks. Naut's abilities cost a lot of Mana and with CDR you will run oom pretty easy. On the one hand Meditation will help you in jungle and provide more Mana for ganks, on the other hand  ManaRegn will not help you in Tf's, it just takes too long to get the mana back. If you struggle hard with not getting oom, just get 3110.png or 3024.png early! If you go for 3107.png you can also pick up a 1004.png, since it's pretty cheap. It's up to you if you want to pick Merciless for more dmg instead, for when you gank low targets or at the end of a TF! And last but not least Dangerous Game will give you 5% for every killed Enemy Champion. This is also very strong! Imagine Naut, having 3000HP. You will get about 100HP for every Kill, your team kills 2 Champs and you already have 200HP back!! GG! But if the enemy team is stronger than yours and just kills your teammates, this brings you absolutly nothing :) Greenfathers Gift may enhance your ganks (you pass a bush almost every time before you gank), but this Mastery can't stand against Dangerous Game when it is about having sustain!

Highest Win-rate% Masteries/Proplayer Masteries

The same thing I already talked about in the rune section, best is you check out what I wrote there before reading this.
The most popular aswell as the highest win-rate% masteries are 9/0/18, with focus on higher dmg output, which actually fits to the highest win-rate% runes. They surely work together well, but I don't think that I have to repeat myself, I still like my way better, which is more sustain/clearingspeed in jungle and survivablility in teamfights!

Abilities Back to Top


Naut and his Anchor.jpg

Your Spells:

His Passiv roots enemies for a short moment on his AA once every 9 Seconds and deals some bonus Magic Dmg too!
A long-ranged Hook that pulls target's towards you and you towards your target. If you hit terrain you will pull yourself to it. But be aware of the cast-time when you want to pull yourself out of danger, because in the time you cast your Spell, the enemies might catch you with a stun or root! This is a great initation tool, you can use it as engage or as an follow up, aswell as getting yourself in castrange for your ULT! If enemies have flash  avaible or other escaping tools, wait them to used these, before you just Q in the air! Rather just walk up to them by foot :)
One of the Strongest Shields in the game! It gives you 65-85 + 9-17% of your Max. HP as a Shield over 10 seconds. In addition, while the shield persists, your basic attacks deal magic DMG over Time to the target and all units around it! Use your W right when you initate with your Q (if you land it during the drag), so that your first hit get's the bonus dmg. In Jungle or in 1v1 you can also use it as a AA-reset. The shield persists 10 seconds, so you will not waste it in most cases. Also it has a very long cooldown, so that you will only use it once in a gank. I will explain how to make this Ability extremly Powerfull in the Itemsection!
Shields from Items 3190.png or Spells from allies eyeofthestorm.png that give you a shield, can make your own shield more durable! This can extend the damaging-effect of your W (but not beyond 10 seconds)!
A mid-ranged AOE-Slow that also deals DMG! Use it right after your first AA on a enemy champion to expand the immobilazation or just pop it out when you are running away from your enemies, so they run right into it, when they try to chase, even if they are farther away! This will be your farming tool in jungle!
This is a not dodgeable knock-up, which deals high DMG. You send a wave of explotions chasing down one target. While they come closer to the target, they will damage, knock-up and stun (new) everyone which happens to be in it's path! Use it to initate in a teamfight, when you are chasing down someone, or safe it to protect teammates! If your Teammates are doing fine, it is even better! Just use it on the AP or ADC, so that everybody who is trying to protect them will be punished too! Be aware of the cast-time, the closer the target is, the faster they will be stunned! Use it on enemies close too you to expand your CC chain and surprise the enemies with the instant stun!! But care! If the enemy has items like 3157.png or spells like blackshield.png they can easily prevent your ult, the same goes for abilities like Fizz's fizzjump.png or Maokai's maokaiunstablegrowth.png if tiemd correctly!
Edit (10.08.2016)
Patch 6.16: Now enemy units which the ultimate passes, while traveling to the target, will be stunned in addition to the knock-up! This is a fantastic buff, considering late-game and teamfights. Anyways you should be aware that hitting as many enemies as possible can be a good strategy, but not necessarily in every situation! Sometimes hitting 1 target can be better, for example to protect your backline from assasins or picking out a initial target, even if you only hit a single enemy! Futhermore you should still be carefull using it and see the possibilities of your team: A immobilazation of the whole enemy team for 2.5 seconds doesn't bring anything, if your team can't catch up and use the time to deal damage. Every day I see people who are happy and proud and blaming their team bc they make a 3-5 ppl stun happen, but don't realize that nobody in the team had the chance to profit from the CC! In that case better save it to help your mates!


A: Always use your nautiluspiercinggaze.png before you do your first AA, to get the extra DMG over time, better use it before u engage at all! The shield persists over 10 seconds, so it won't be wasted! Initate with your nautilusanchordrag.png, AA then don't wait for nautiluspassive.png to finish, better use your nautilussplashzone.png straight, since the animation and your reaction-time will take a short while! After your nautilussplashzone.png do one more AA, to reset the DMG from your nautiluspiercinggaze.png! Then nautilusgrandline.png and stun the target, so you can land even more AA's and with a bit luck the CD of your nautilussplashzone.png and nautiluspassive.png, aswell as from the nautilusanchordrag.png will be over already :)
B: You can also initate with your nautilusgrandline.png, when you fear that the enemy could dodge your nautilusanchordrag.png! While he is knocked up you can easily land your nautilusanchordrag.png and do the comb from A!
C: You can also use your nautilusanchordrag.png to get in range for your nautilusgrandline.png and then just walk to your target to nautiluspassive.pngnautilussplashzone.png him :)
D: If possible this is the best Option! Don't waste any spells, just walk to your target (For example when you gank a pushed lane from behind) and just nautiluspassive.png and nautilussplashzone.png him! Wait for him to use 4.png or leaps and then pull him back to you with your nautilusanchordrag.png! It doesn't rly matter when you Use your nautilusgrandline.png in that scenario (probly best when your teammates can't catch up or when the enemie decides to fight and deals a lot of dmg), but make sure that you land as many AA's as possible and expand the CC effectivly!


I highly recommand Maxing nautilussplashzone.png first! I sat down and played customs trying to figure out, what happens if you max nautiluspiercinggaze.png first and what happens when you max nautilussplashzone.png first. The result was: No matter what you max first, your clearing speed in jungle will not change! Thats why I thought ok, so what do I max first now? What advantage would these 2 spells give me? Your nautilussplashzone.png would slow enemies down harder, which makes the follow up of your teammates easier, when you gank. Your nautiluspiercinggaze.png would give you more Health, through the shield. And both give you nearly the same amount of Damage (Since Patch 6.5 E deals a bit less DMG = about 30 Hitpoints) (Since Patch 7.8 E has a higher ManaCost, so better get Manareg with the Cunning-Mastery-Path). Since you gank more in early than in midgame, a stronger slow really helps you out! Also if you get catched, or somebody else get's catched it's easier to escape with a stronger slow! Futhermore your Shield stacks with max HP! I think it is better to wait until you have some more Health Items, before you want to max your W to make use out of it!
In some games I even max nautilusanchordrag.png before I max nautiluspiercinggaze.png! Anyways I do this only when I don't take much DMG in teamfights and want to keep my allies safe from champions like 157.png11.png, since every stack on your Q reduces it's CD and with 25% CDR it will have only 7,5sec CD when it is maxed! While the CD of your W is always 18 seconds (13,5 with 25% CDR). I also recommand stacking nautilusanchordrag.png secondly, when you are ahead and you have a team with good follow-up's. If you can just catch and snowball your enemies you don't even need your nautiluspiercinggaze.png! Same goes for when you don't take much DMG in teamfights. On the other side nautiluspiercinggaze.png makes u a monster Tank. In about 20% of games you should max  nautilusanchordrag.png after E!


Why is Naut strong? 

Champions are defined by their Spells, Abilities and Base Stats. Naut himself does not have the highest amount of Base HP, aswell as Base HP per lvl! This was made so that he is not freaking OP and to settle down the effectiveness of his W-Shield, if you don't play him tanky! This means that he isn't strong because of his Stats! Futhermore his Spells do NOT have a good stacking with AP, since his W and E AP-Ratio are only +(*0,4 of AP). Alone his R deals high DMG, aswell as his Q. But when you build him AP you aren't tanky enough, to be allowed to drag yourself to the enemies just to make DMG! (OFC: you can still play him AP-Tank on toplane, if you wish so, I don't say this would be a troll-pick) Anyways, this means for me that he isn't strong bc of his DMG either....

Nautilus is strong, because of his ability to immobilze his targets 24/7 and his ability to take tons of DMG in Tf's. Thats why he is a perfect pick, when your Carries need protection from champions with much movement and at the same time to chase down your enemies! This makes him a good First pick! Bc no matter what the enemy team or your team looks like, his abilities find use in engagement and disengagement! With the help of the right items, you can even expand your useage and be flexible in both of these aspects :) Thats why I love our little Man from the Deapth so much <3

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best Option!!! Get Lence after you have Tracker's knife and Oracles at lvl9!
    With 3 Health Pots you will reseve 450 HP, while the Refillable Pot only gives you 300 HP. After your first back and bc of your W, you will clear the jungle fast enough and won´t take that much damage, so you won´t need any more healing, making the Refillable Pot useless and the Hunter's Pot a waste of gold.
    U will get more Healing from the Talisman´s Passiv than from the 8% Lifesteal vs. monsters the Machete gives you.

Core Items

    Get Tabi in 80% of all games. After you have the Boots of Speed and Cloth Armor, Ninja Tabi will give you: +15armor, +20Movement-Sp. and 12% AA-Dmg reduction for just 500Gold!! Mercury's give no more extra MR, after you bought Null-Magic Mantle, but provide 30% CC-Reduction. Only get these, when the enemy team has tons of roots and stuns and mainly deals AP-Dmg. You can also buy Boots of Mobility, but only if u are leading right from the beginning and have enough gold to buy them on your first or second back.
    After you have your Jungler Item and Boots, you can always get one or two of these Items depending on the Source of Damage you will take, the Items you want to build and the amount of gold you have on your back.
    On your first back choose out of these Items!!! I always get Tracker's Knife, it gain's your team so much Vision!! You have enough CC, so u won´t need Stalker's Blade! Since Nautilus isn't that strong in 1v1 (at least in early game) you shouldn't get Skirmisher's Sabre either. Ciderhulk is the best enhancement on Naut! You want him to haveas much HP as possible, bc his W stack's with your HP. Also it gives him even more AOE-Dmg and you will try to stand as near as possible to enemies to expend the effectivness of your Spells anyways, thats why it deal's continues Dmg, even when you are stunned! All other Enchancement's (Devourer and Runic Echoes) are very squishy, if u want to have fun u may try out AP or AS Nautilus in normal's just for fun, pls don't ruin Ranked games with them :D
    Example of A build against Mixed DMG NR.1 (More resistances, you can replace GA with Zz-Portal)
    Example against a Full AD-Team!
    Example of a build you want to have, when you were ahead early on and have a lot of initation tools (Ex. you have a teamcomb consisting out of Leona, Ashe, Sion, Lux or sth like that)
    Example of a build against Full AP-Teams (You can also get Locket against champ's like Morgana or Lux) (You can also get Zz-Portal or GA)
    Example of a Build against Mixed Damage NR. 2 (More Health) now that abyssal scepter gives 10%CDR you may replace Spirit Visage with it!
    You can always get an elixir of Iron, espacially if you bought tabi and now struggle against CC or when it's comes to the last fights and you don't have time to rush an Item! (Or when you have full-build ofc...)
    Very supportive build, which is still pretty tanky. Buy it if your supp goes full AP (like with Sona or Zyra) or your team wins without you doing sth

Situational Items

    On Nautilus Radium's Omen is the Strongest Health/Armor-Item, it's a perfect comb with your Q and E and extend's your slows. I get it right after Tier 2 Boots or later if I decide to go for FH first. Bc of your Jungler Item you won´t need Sunfire Cape. Deadman's Plate gives a nice burst of movement and adds a bit more Dmg to your Passiv on your first AA. Anyway's the slow isn´t that good, bc the target will be rooted anyway. Also Omen gives you 10%-DmgReduction for Crits, that´s why I like this Item more! Build Omen 80% of the Games Build Deadmans Plate in comb with your supports Talisman of Ascension or Boots of Mobility!
    Knight's Vow is a low-cost item which helps a squishy teammate surviving an assasins attack. Get it as a 4th item if the enemies have an Ad-assasin and your team lacks CC! Solari has been nerved hardly, considering it doesn'T give any HP nor CDR anymore! I wouldn't get it as 3d or 4th Item, maybe on 6th or even 5th. It's still cheap tho, which is why you can still get it against AP-Burst DMG.
    Tried it a couple of times, and I actually thought it would be OK if the enemies don't have to much DMG, but I wasn't rly happy with it. Surely it gives HP and CDR nest to the Active, but on the other side you don't get that much HP and no resistences. I recomand buying another tank item!
    FH is a very Powerfull item on Nautilus, bc it gives him even more CDR! With my Runes and another CDR Item you will have 40% CDR! If the Support isn´t going for this one and the enemy team has only 0-1 AP´s you should get this as 4th Item after Omen or as 5th Item after Omen and MR-Item. Against Full-AD teams you can also only buy a Giant's belt and rush FH! I do this often! I would not buy it as 3d Item straight, bc it doesn´t give you any HP!!! You can purchase a glacial shroud tho! Against Full-Ad team's, where already someone else has FH you can buy Thornmail too, it's cheap and good against chmaps who rely on AA's!!
    55-60 Armor and 45-55 MR!!!!!! Ton's of Resistences, get one of these as 5th or 6d Item agaisnt Team`s with mixed or Heavy AP Dmg! (Added 05March2016) Choose GA for when you have heavy TF's and ZZ'Portal in Splitpush-Comps (You have Shen for exp.) or when you want to enance your chase-down ability (Bc of it's bonus movement against turrets)! (Added 09May2016) GA now costs less and gives also a bit Less MR, still a good item.
    Spirit Visage gives a bit less MR, but is a great Item, if you have a healing champion in your team! Also Naut benefits from the extra HP and CDR! Veil, only provides 300 Health, but also costs a bit less. It's easier to rush for this Item, if u need to protect yourself from heavy CC, which would stop your engage (Morgana and Lux Q for exp.)
    warmog's Armor gives 10%CDR, which we want! Since Spirit Visage and Banshee's Veil got a bit nerfed, this is the perfect Item against AP-Burst Champions! Espacially when you have over 3000 HP, which will give your the Warmogs Heart passiv allowing you to restore tons of health out of combat. Only get it, if you would have 3000 HP with this item!
    Now these are risky items that I usally don't build, but are mentionable. Rod of Adges can be build, but I highly recommmand rushing it as first item, before even getting tier 2 boots or Trackers Knife! otherwise it would start stacking to late. It would make sence when your team lacks ap dmg and you got first blood or a lot of gold. Also you should have a lategame comb if you even consider getting ROA! Gauntlets are good when the enemy team has no champion which are based on AA's (in that case you would rather get Frozen Heart) and you don't rly need more health, bc the enemy team lacks dmg! Be carefull buying it, maybe the enemy team stacks dmg in lategame and you would regret it later on. Protobelt's active hasn't a good syncro with naut I think, bc he has his pull and a long range ult, which is why he doesn't rly need it, still the stats it gives are pretty nice and this item is aswell a bit more agressiv
    Since Aegis and Solaris have been nerfed hardly, so they neither give health nor CDR, I wouldn't buy them early anymore... Banner of Command gives 10% CDR and 400 Mana which is pretty nice, but why would you want it when you can get FH instead? I would only get Locket against fed AP's

Why You should build HP and CDR:

Naut%202.jpg  is a Champ which get's better the more Health and CDR he has! Also he deals a lot of AOE Dmg, espacially when you want to build him AP! But in Jungle I think it is better to build him Tanky, since you can't go for ROD early. If you want to play him AP, then go Top PLEASE!

So, you ask why you should build HP and CDR? As I already mentioned in the Runes-Section, you will need CDR to have your nautilusgrandline.png avaible in every TF, use your AOE Slow as often as possible and activate your Shield all the time. After all Nauts job is to stop everyone that wants to get to your ADC and AP and keep enemies from running away. Using your nautilussplashzone.png and nautilusanchordrag.png  makes him to one of the best champs considering this! But all that CDR would bring you nothing with no HP and Resistences. You have to stay in fight as long as possible to make use of your CDR and use your Q and W 2-4 Times in a single TF!! Futhermore also your nautiluspiercinggaze.png benefit's from Health, bc the Shield stacks with your Max HP! In combination with CDR you can pop-up that shield and gain 65-85+9-17% of maxHP.
SO let us do some math, concidering the amount of Health you get trough his nautiluspiercinggaze.png:
At LvL 13 your W is maxed giving you 85+17%of max HP. Let us say you have build Iron Solari and  Cinderhulk at this point of time. Combined with the Runes and Masteries you would have about 20% CDR and 2750 HP. This means your W would give you about 560 HP with a CD of about 14 seconds. Since the average TF length takes about 15 seconds, you will be able to use your W at the beginning  and again at the end of the TF to gain over 1000 bonus HP in only 1 mid-game-TeamFight!!!! Knowing this you should use your W right when u initate!!
At Level 18 and with fullbuild you will have about 4000 HP!!!! Meaning your Shiled has a strength of 750!!! Here you will have about 25-40 CDR depending of what you build, meaning you can use this shield 2-3 Times in a fight = 1400-2150 Bonus Health!! He is a Monster Tank!!!
Now you could ask: "Hey what is about the DMG which comes from your nautiluspiercinggaze.png while your shield is activated?? Won't I loose dmg-dealt when I use my W right at the beginning, rather than waiting for a moment when I can put many AA's on my Target?" The DMG U can take is more important than the DMG u can deal, since you are the Tank in first place, but ofc the dmg from the whole team is important. Often the moment u can hit the most AA's is when you initate, 1 reason more to use your W right when u initate. Also the duration of your W is 10 seconds, so your shield won't be wasted, bc in these 10 seconds you will very likely take DMG!

(Added 25 March 2016)

When to prefer Resistences over Health

When you plan your build as a Tank, you should pay attention to what source of Damage you yourself take, rather than what kind of DMG the enemy team has overall. You can find this out through personal experience, knowledge about enemy champions and reading the deathrecap!

 Now Health is always a good Option, bc your shield get's stronger and it makes you more durable against any source of DMG, speaking about AD, AP and True DMG:

First of all Health helps against True DMG from champions like 67.png or spells like dariusexecute.pngolafrecklessstrike.pngfeast.png (only counts if these spells are used on you ofc), since resistences won't help against True DMG.

Now Health is better against Burst DMG from champions like 1.png112.png, bc they won't be able to kill you with their burst alone, giving you time to strike back, while they have used all their abilities. Against such enemies you should run 1 MR Item form sure, but if your team mangages to kill them first in Tf, you won't need a second MR Item and can focus on building more Health! If your team does not manage to kill the enemy AP early and he survives long enough to put his burst down a second time, you should get 3065.png and maybe even 3083.png later.
Espacially when the enemy AP is an Assasin like 7.png131.png, it can be enough to only run 1 MR Item, as long as  they don't put their burst on you.

Conclusion: You should focus on building Health against Burst Champions and sometimes it is better to run only 1 Mr-Item, or get a second Armor Item later in game!

Resistences will help you against champions with continous DMG and max Health DMG:
This includes DMG over Time and Area of effect DMG from champions like 34.png63.png69.png17.png (be aware of synchro with 3151.png), bc otherwise than from burst, they will melt your health down over few seconds rather than instantly. In that case you will need 2 MR Items, but as long as they don't put their main-burst-DMG on you, I would recommand building 3026.png or 3512.png! With the new updates 3102.png and 3001.png are very good items too and should be easy to rush! 3190.png lost a lot of it's power, but is still good against these AP champions!

Resistences also help against attackspeed based champions like 5.png19.png, including nearly all ADC's. If the enemy team has only 1 AP-Champion I highly recommand getting 3047.png  and 2 more Armor Items!
Even when the enemy team has only the ADC as an AD-Champion, you should always build 3742.pngor 3143.png in every game! But if he is weak early and your Bot-lane dominates, you can think about getting a armor Item only as 4th Item.

Conclusion: Resistances are more valueable than Health when the enemy uses continous DMG to melt you down, this also includes %max health DMG. Against combinations of attackspeed-based Champions and AP's I mentioned, you should get 3026.png3512.png for sure. If you don't take much AP DMG and the enemies are attackspeed-related get 3110.png or 3075.png.

How to accomplish building CDR and HP effectivly

(Overworked 18.05.2016)

Try to get Health and CDR early on to get powerfull sooner. At the same time try to find a balance between CDR and Health items. I recommand you to get 3067.png or 3024.png for CDR somewhen between the Items you actually want to build. Picking up a 1011.png is always a good option either.

In the following I will show you guys some examples which are based on the experiences I made! These may sound right in theory, but are not always easy to expose in practis^^


Situation:             Your teams early was not that good and you want to make it to lategame!

After your 1409.png and 1001.png you think about what to get after finishing your boots. Bc the enemy AP midlaner does well and roams a lot, and also their jungler is an Ap Champion aswell, you decide to rush 3065.png.
To negate a bit of the enemy ADC's Dmg, you buy 3047.png so that he doesn't 3 hit you, while you are getting  3065.png
The enemy AP's are getting more kills, while your team lacks initiation, which is why you want to reach your CDR cap asap, but at the same time having a lot of MR is important too. To top all of this, the enemy AD-Toplaner, who farmed like mad, joined the team, while you tried to secure drake and help out the lanes.

Thats why you build 3067.png, an item which is not expensive, but helps you to reach your CDR-cap earlier.
Now you get 3512.png, which helps you to get the lanes depushed, this gives your team time to play safe a bit longer and makes it harder, for the leading enemy team to get your turrets or even an inhibitor. Now that you have CDR and Resistences, it's time to enhance your Healthpool. You make use of your already bought 3067.png and get 3083.png.

Now your stats should be pretty decent! You have more than 3k HP, about 30% CDR (with suggested runes) and about 150 Armor and Resistences! Also your 1409.png should deal more DMG now, beside that you maxed your nautiluspiercinggaze.png. Now it's time to strike back and with your teammates doing the right thing, you should get in the lead of the game!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Anivia
  • Azir
  • Caitlyn
  • Darius
  • Evelynn
  • Ezreal
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Hecarim
  • Janna
  • Kalista
  • Lee Sin
  • Lulu
  • Malphite
  • Master Yi
  • Morgana
  • Nasus
  • Nunu
  • Olaf
  • Quinn
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Sivir
  • Thresh
  • Tristana
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Udyr
  • Vladimir
  • Volibear
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yasuo




Her Zone-Controlling Abilties are hard to handle for Naut. You want to chase her down, she uses crystallize.png... In Tf you can't do your work bc she will just use glacialstorm.png and you have to get out of this zone, making it easy for enemies to chase your teammates down! Don't pick Naut against her the bird plz, she is very strong this meta!




Not as strong as Anivia currently and also rather underpicked, but still his azirR.png makes it hard to chase him down, also he has zonecontrolling abilities. when he uses them in TF correctly you will have to change your position, allowing it for enemies to chase your teammates down easier




Her caitlynentrapment.png brings nothing against your nautilusgrandline.png! After she is knocked up just use your nautilusanchordrag.pngnautiluspassive.pngnautilussplashzone.png comb and if possible use your 3143.png, if she uses caitlynentrapment.png after that comb she will still be slowed. It is better when u land your nautilusanchordrag.png right away, bc then you can still  ult after she used her caitlynentrapment.png




His AOE DMG is ridiculous! Never 1v1 him, he will always win, often even when he is low! In teamfights he will melt the Health of everybody down, but if the enemies can't go all in and your team stays safe. they can kill him, hopefully before you die! When he manages to get to the backline of your team, use all spells on him and focus him completly so your team has time to get distance.
Many Player who play 122.png will push hard in laning-phase and since he has no escape he is gankable often. Try to kill him pre-6! When you gank him past-6 be sure you and your Toplaner are Healthy, so he doesn't just kills you both and gets a double kill! When he's fed better focus on other lanes and objectives and don't risk to waste your time or finding yourself to feed him even more!




In early, get a 2043.png asap and fight against buffs in brushes, so she can't just come and smite them away!
She can't put enough Dmg to kill you, but her evelynnW.png can end all slows! Wait for her to use this spell, before you use nautilussplashzone.png or 3143.png




His ezrealarcaneshift.png brings nothing against your nautilusgrandline.png! After he is knocked up just use your nautilusanchordrag.pngnautiluspassive.pngnautilussplashzone.png comb and if possible use your 3143.png, if he uses ezrealarcaneshift.png after that comb he will still be slowed. It is better when u land your nautilusanchordrag.png right away, bc then you can still ult after he used his ezrealarcaneshift.png




Do not 1v1 her, you are strong against her in Tf's, he won't be able to get to your Allies!




He can dodge your ult with his fizzjump.png! Wait for this ability to be on CD before you use it, espacially when you gank!




Hecarim can hecarimult.png into your team pretty easily, but after he has done this it should be your job to get a basic attack on him and slow him down, so he that he can't do even more DMG, since his hecarimrapidslash.png get's less CDR the more often he uses it. Him landing a second hecarimramp.png could cost your carry his life, since it's a powerfull tool to possistion carries closer to his own team. With your passiv and nautilussplashzone.png, aswell as nautilusanchordrag.png you are able toprevent him from doing so. During your afford you should use your nautilusgrandline.png to prevent the enemies from joing the fight, I do not recommand to use your Ult agaisnt Hecarim in Tf's!




It is very hard for your team to follow up after you used your nautilusgrandline.png, because she can just reapthewhirlwind.png. Therefore rather don't engage with your nautilusgrandline.png. Use your nautilusanchordrag.png to follow up or initate, after her ult is on CDR initate again with nautilusgrandline.png to catch up distance again




Naut is a good pick against a kallista, hit your nautilusanchordrag.pngnautilusgrandline.png once and she won't do much anymore. If she doesn't has protection from her team, safe your ult for her when your team is ready to go all in and the carries aren't to bussy with 48.png :D


Lee Sin


He is pretty strong in early, take care of his invades, Lee Sin-players often try to steal your Buffs aways! Ward properly and fight in a way, that the buff stands in a brush, so he won't hit his Q and can't just smite it away!




Her luluw.png is a pain in the ass, also she can just use her lulur.png after you landed your nautilusanchordrag.png on someone, making your initation tool useless! At least she can do nothing against your nautilusgrandline.png :)




He just ufslash.png in your Allies and puts his whole burst in them, you will just stay around there feeling as useless as 3060.png. If he used it as an engage and not in the middle of a fight and also doesn't hit you with it either, try to stop the other enemies from following in rahter than running to him


Master Yi


In early he can't kill you, so u don't have to be scared of him right when u see him. His highlander.png makes your nautilussplashzone.png pretty useless, but you still have your nautiluspassive.pngnautilusanchordrag.pngnautilusgrandline.png to stop him. If he happens to be fed just spam the sht on him :)
Be carefull since he can dodge your nautilusgrandline.png with his alphastrike.png! It often happens by accident, so better wait until he used his alphastrike.png!




U nautilusgrandline.png, she blackshield.png..... You can't use your nautilusgrandline.png as long as she hasn't used her blackshield.png. So she eiter safes it for your nautilusgrandline.png or just spams it on a 77.png so that you aren't able to stop him... You can prevent her Spellshield tho, if you stand rly close to a target, then your nautilusgrandline.png will hit it imidiently and she will have no time to spellshield!!
Futhermore her darkbindingmissile.png is rly annyoing, if u get hit by it you won't be able to do sht and only take tons of dmg




Your CC will makes him useless during TF'S! Use everything on him if he is fed! If he isn't a big problem, safe your nautilusgrandline.png for later!




Just safe your nautilusanchordrag.png to stop his absolutezero.png and he won't be a big problem! But never chase him alone, even if he is low it could turn bad for you!




It is not possible to stop this Bastard when he is in ult mode! Don't waste time and abilities on him! Use your nautiluspiercinggaze.png to dodge Dmg from other sources and try to stay close to him until his olafragnarok.png is over, so you can get a CC chain down on him!




Wait with your nautilusanchordrag.png until she quinnE.png, then it shouldn't be that hard. But she could also wait with her quinnE.png and save it, and just do some AA's. In that case you want to get to her, but then she uses quinnQ.png and you don't see sht! So better just wait until her quinnQ.png is on CD, then walk up to her, she will have to use her quinnE.png and you use your nautilusanchordrag.png and nautilusgrandline.png, so that your team can follow up!




If she has some CDR, she is rly a pain in the ass! As Naut you always want to be as close as possible to your enemies. But being close to Riven is quite dangerous, making it easy for her to hit all her spells. Being stunned all the time makes it hard to land your AA to immobilze her, and even after you hit her, she still can put dmg and rivenfeint.png away from you! My tipp is, to ult her asap so you can land at least 1 full combo and put down some DMG on her, don't wait with your spells, just nautilusgrandline.png!




If he places his rumblecarpetbomb.png correctly, he can cut off the path between you and your teammates, making it hard for you to protect them from assasins or Junglers! Also if he uses it right on the carries, they have to either join you in the frontline or leave you alone against your enemies :/
BUUUUUUT, if he is a boon and fails his rumblecarpetbomb.png he is no big danger and just deals some DMG  LOL




This annyoing little clowns early-invades can be a true pain in the ass! That's why you should do things he does not expect you to do, like starting in the other side of the jungle or going safe paths! Also ask your allies to get some vision and get 3341.png on first back to get rid of his vision! If he can't kill you early and with a bit help of your team, when he is feeling too free in your jungle, he will start to loosing gold and won't be dangerous later!




She has immense clearin-speed, aswell as high AoE Dmg! When she just uses shyvanatransformcast.png into your team, u can't do much and when you try to stop her you will take DMG too, through her shyvanaimmolationaura.png! When she manages it to get to your backline, try to focus her, so your team has time to get distance and hopefully be safe or turn around the teamfight before you die!
Now that devourer was deleted her power fell off, still you shouldn't trade with her, with Bloodrazor she is still able to do tons of damage!
I don't recommand chasing or facing her to much, espacially when she has her shyvanatransformcast.png up!




She can easily dodge your nautilusgrandline.png with her spellshield.png! This means that in TF's you have to wait for her to use it or better use it on another enemy! Futhermore her onthehunt.png wastly increases all enemies movementspeed, making it harder for you to stop your enemies from engagement! With her spiralblade.png she can safly deal damage from behind and when there is less danger she can follow up and use ricochet.png to dmg your whole team, while you can't do something against it. Just hope that they don't have much burst in the enemy team and you have much durability in fight's, so you can go in when her abilities are on CD.
If possible catch her with your nautilusanchordrag.png, this will make the fight a lot easier!




If the enemy team has a Thresh, that is playing very defensiv, better forget about the enemie ADC at begin of TF's! All of his Abilities will make it impossible to come close to their AD, better defend your own Mates, until you have an adventage, then go for their Carries!




Even if you nautilusgrandline.png her she just bustershot.png back after the knock-up is over and rocketjump.png away. Engage with your nautilusanchordrag.png only and wait for her bustershot.png to be on CDR! At the same second as she used her ult, you should use yours before she rocketjump.png's away, Or safe your Ult for another enemy!




You just stop him and he dies, nothing more to tell you lol




As long as he isn't fed and you don't 1v1 him, he won't be a great danger. His slashcast.png is useless against your nautilusgrandline.png. Wait for his slashcast.png before you use nautilusanchordrag.png so that he has no escape. If you havenautilusgrandline.png after he ulted, use it on him while he tries to get out of the fight with his undyingrage.png still activaded. After undyingrage.png is over your nautilusgrandline.png hits him and you most likly get the Kill, if his bloodlust.png wasn't strong enough




Do never 1v1 him! Do never chase him! In TF's rather wait for him to go in and stop him with your spells, use your nautilusgrandline.png only if you need tho! 

(Added 28 Feb 2016) Since his udyrphoenixstance.png was nerfed in the patch 6.4 he got slightly weaker, also 1402.png was nearfed, making him slightly slower aswell! That means you don't have to fear him that much anymore! I would even tend to ban other champs and if you really want to, you can pick 111.png against him!




Be carefull since he can dodge your nautilusgrandline.png with his vladimirsanguinepool.png! Wait until it's on CD, since he isn't he hasn't that much mobility you will be able to just walk up to him or hit your nautilusanchordrag.png with a bit of luck!




In 1v1 aswell as in Tf's he trades better than you, espacially with his volibearr.png! If he isn't stupid he will fight you a bit and after your nautilussplashzone.png and nautiluspassive.png is on CD, he'll just go straight to your allies with his volibearq.pngvolibeare.png , if he does a lot of trouble to your team, use your nautilusgrandline.png and nautilusanchordrag.png on him and stand near to your allies! 


Xin Zhao


(Completly changed 28 Feb 2016)

Do not 1v1 him! Not in early, not mid-game! Only when he does not have 3124.png you may not run away from him instantly!  In TF's try to focus your abilities on him first, to slow him down! Since people mostly go for 1403.png and 3124.png instead of getting 3071.png he has lower CDR, if you immobilize him at the beginning he won't make much use of his spells during the fight, making it easier for your team to shut him down!

Since the nerf of 6.4 he is even weaker lategame, but you still have to take care of his invades, counter-ganks and when you see him doing the scatler! Get good vision to prevent fighting him!




Naut is a good counter against him, since he won't be able to yasuoE.png once you immobilze him and your team can put their burst on him :)
If he yasuoR.png in after a Know-Up just Ult him to reduce his DMG and give your team time to get some distance! 
It get's problematic if there are more threads than yas on the enemy team. In that case try not to ult him instantly after he goes in, but in a moment you can hit multiple targets

Some Basics! Back to Top

Here are some General Basic's, every jungler should know. These have absolutly nothing to do with Nautilus himself and shall help the ones who aren't veterans :D

Smite: Main-Tool in Jungle

When u start with the Grump, ask your Toplaner/Botlaner to ward your Redbuff, if u expect invades from enemy jugnler´s with fast clearing speed (like 102.png77.png) or strong 1v1 strengh in early lvl´s (like 5.png64.png)
Use your 11.png for Grump and small Golem early. I use my second 11.png that is avaible against red almost always to get the extra heal. If u are oom, but still want to farm a bit more or even gank, u can also use it on blue-buff. Use 11.png to steal the scatler, if u catch the enemy jungler doing it. Later in game I only use it for wolfes or raptors to gain vision for my team.
At teamfight´s for Dragon or Baron check your level and the level of the enemy jungler, since 11.png deals more Damage the higher your lvl, u will be more likely to get the killing blow, if your lvl is above the enemie ones. Just concentrate on the health-bar of the Monster in the upper left coner of the screen. Knowing the Damage of your smite is the key to succed at getting monster Kills. Be aware of burst DMG on Monsters: For example a Champion like 64.png or 121.png can easily combo theirs Q's with their 11.png to get more DMG than you and most of the time the killing blow, making it impossible for you to get the Monster. If you know that the enemy team is alive or a champ with high stealing potential is nearby, better zone them, even if you have to interrupt the attempt on getting Nash/Drake!

Flash: Best Spell for most champions

Tipps for using flash:

I personally only use 4.png to get a kill, if the team get´s more gold from it, when:
- It´s a First Blood
- It´s a shotdown (The enemy u kill, has a killing-spree)
- It´s an Ace (It´s the last enemy which is alive)
- At least 2 Teammates get a Assist from that kill
- Or because of that kill u can get a Turret or Drake
Otherwise rather safe it for teamfights or as an escaping tool (U never want to feed enemies obviusly).
If u want to carry early on u can use 4.png when u do your first ganks, when your lanes are getting pushed for a 90% kill or at least the flash of the enemy. In my Opinion the 4.png of a laner is more valueable than the one of the jungler, bc in lane it´s always possible that u get ganked or the enemy laner has an adventage, bc he has a spell more. If u gank and want to use 4.png, it comes to who are u ganking:
 - If it´s a champion with no escaping tools (ex.61.png13.png122.png): DO NOT USE IT
- If it´s a champion with escape (ex. 58.png105.png238.png): Wait in brush until their escaping spells are on CD or go on the lane and wait until they use it before u initate
- If it´s a champion which has spells that stop u from initate with stuns etc. (ex. 25.png99.png31.png) dodge their spell using flash leaving them empty handed, so they either die or have to use flash
Ofc using your flash to initate always brings the possibility to fail completly so don´t waste your flash for nothing :)
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