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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Ghost is a great spell on Olaf. With it you can easily catch someone who flashes forward, run through their entire team to the carries or even just gank faster. Combo'd with his ult it makes him one of the scariest things in the game.

Smite is self explanatory, do not jungle without smite. EVER. I don't care if you're Nunu or Cho, that just gives you that much more buff and objective control.

Ghost can be replaced with heal, barrier, exhaust, ignite, etc... Just know what you're gaining and what you're giving up. I'd recommend keeping ghost though, the sheer terror of an Olaf with ghost and ult running at you is awesome. If you really hate ghost I'd recommend flash. The ability to flash over the wall and steal baron/dragon, escape an invade, or get on to a carry is pretty strong.

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Standard build, take Q first and then W for jungle clearing. Grab a point in E then max it second, throwing points into your ult whenever possible. If you're into counterjungling you could consider maxing E first and invading more with the true damage. Mid game high amounts of true damage on a short cd is insane.

Reasoning for maxing E 2nd: The true damage from E doesn't scale as well as Cho's or Vayne's. It's much more powerful early due to the lack of AD Olaf builds. So more points in it early lets you do more with it in midgame teamfights.

Your passive is among the stronger passives in the game. And it is very noticable. Think of it as a Maw of Malmortius that gives 1% Attack speed per 1% missing health. This makes your jungle clear times very fast if you want to stay at low health. But very counterable. Try and stay at enough health to fight off or escape an invade while at the same time making good use of the passive. 
This along with W and R is what makes Olaf so good to build health and lifesteal on. With more health you can get more AS while having more health left over, W makes you lifesteal more and more as you hit faster and R gives you free resists to build that health without worrying too much over the advantages of straight resists.

Q is a great spell, use it to clear camps faster, to gank or to finish off/catch up to escaping enemies. Remember that picking up your thrown Axe lowers the cd considerably. It also has a unique effect against jungle monsters. After you throw your axe and it hits them, you can then pass through them to pick it back up. Orbwalk through them after axe throw to maximize your damage.
Max Q first for better clears and a stronger slow when ganking (provided you hit).

W is another nice spell. It's a self-applied damage buff that gives you lifesteal and attack speed. Maxing this gives you survivability but you lose out on damage. Try not to use this until you're low in the jungle if you know the enemy isn't nearby. The less health you have the faster your clear due to passive, so make a judgement call on when to activate it (Don't die by accident though).

E is probably Olaf's most recognizable spell. It doesn't scale, however it does a lot of true damage at max level, on a medium cd that is lowered by your autos. This means that at max level. You can actually apply the same damage as a Cho ult in about 10 seconds into the fight. This spell gives you significant burst and early game damage. And as true damage, it ignores resists. 
Never forget that this costs health, spamming it can start to hurt.

R is what makes Olaf, Olaf. Activating it removes and cc on you, and also makes you IMMUNE to cc for the duration. This means that you can ignore Galio, ignore Naut, ignore the Blitz and Ali. All those lots of cc but low damage tanks and supports hate you for this spell. And it is awesome. It also gives you free MR and armour once you put a level in it, activating it removes this free armour and MR but gives you bonus AD. 

Use R after you've been hit by the first bit of cc for maximum efficiency (Unless they have knockbacks such as Syndra/Ali). You have to be careful about the loss of resists though as if you haven't built Randuins/Spirit Visage yet then it's going to hurt. The bonus AD is massive and means you should use it if you're dueling and need extra damage to finish them quickly.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard jungle start
    Read the notes below for boot upgrades.
    Replace warding totem with Sweeping Lens ASAP.

Core Items

    Cinderhulk works great with Olaf, although Devourer can do if you want damage.
    Get these after
    This is a pretty good item for Olaf. However, it does cut his damage which can be pretty significant if your team is relying on you to kill the enemy carries.

Situational Items

    Damage, ADC killing, damage, damage and MR, teamfighting, initiating.
(For in depth look at jungle items and enchants go to the Jungle Item section)

Start with machete in jungle, going back for ranger's trailblazer on first buy. After you finish Cinderhulk or Devourer enchantment focus on getting your Randuin's or BotRK depending on how the game is going. Once you have those the game starts to get really fun. Midgame teamfights are your domain if you didn't fall behind, activate ult and just bumrush the carries, smashing them to dust as your team cleans up. Build armour or MR based on how the enemy team is doing. Sunfire, Spirit Visage, Righteous Glory, Warmog's, Frozen Heart, Maw of Malmortius are all acceptable choices. 

Always buy wards, wards allow you to see the enemy taking dragon. Wards allow you to know when to take certain objectives or where to countergank. Wards are awesome and everyone should be buying them, not just the support.

Late game go for what's needed. If you have no damage grab a Youmuu's or a Bloodthirster. If your team is falling around you due to an AoE mage get an Aegis if your support doesn't already have one. Aegis is a great purchase now as well as the new Righteous Glory item which is awesome for Olaf.


Boots are something you have to make a choice based on the individual game.

3009_32.png: Get these as your general all purpose boots. It lets you stick to targets better and has a nice slow reducing passive.

3047_32.png: Get these if their ADC is fed or if they have a lot of AD on their team (Zed mid, Aatrox top, Xin jungle, etc). The 10% basic attack damage reduction is really strong.

3117_32.png: Get these if you really want to gank. Personally I think Swiftness are better on Olaf due to you getting the permanent movement speed even after you hit your axe but these can work.

3111_32.png: Get these if they have a lot of magic damage and a lot of cc. Your ult won't always be up so tenacity is still nice.

3006_32.png: Get these for the lulz. If you want to do massive amounts of damage then these are your best bet although they're still inferior to Swiftness if the enemy is kiting you (Damn you Kallista!).

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He hurts a lot if he can stick to a target so don't let him. Frozen Heart and Randuins both mess with his damage so if he's fed feel free to get both. 

His ganks early are weaker than yours as his CC is harder to land and less powerful. He synergizes well with laners that have strong cc of their own (Ryze, TF) so watch out for that.

Lategame just peel him off your carries and use your true damage to outdamage him.




Easy matchup. You destroy him in fights, and you can jungle circles around him. When he hits 6 try and keep tabs on him with a few well placed wards in his jungle. If he goes to gank try and countergank. Keep him down and he'll be nothing but a stunbot in teamfights.




You ignore his cc and do more damage than him. His ganks are better than yours as is his buff control but if you can force your team to teamfight you'll do more than he will.

Try counterganking him as you and your laner should win provided he doesn't cc both of you.




She does a lot of damage and her shield makes her really strong in the new jungle. Watch out for her proccing her passive as the damage really adds up on you. 

When she dives your carries kill her before diving her carries. If left alone she will kill your carries if she lands her Q.




She's been nerfed like crazy so it's not too hard. Use your Q to kill her spiderlings when she goes spiderform and you should be fine. If you can catch her cocoon's for your carries lategame before ulting you have pretty much rendered her useless.

Invading is always an option, though watch out for her execute early.




You destroy her in a fight. She can't outduel you unless she's fed and you can defeat her in ganks pretty easily. Ward her wraiths/wolves if you can to find out where she is early. Buy a pink and help ward for your lanes and countergank whenever possible and you should win.

Remember. Always buy 2043_32.png against Eve.




You ignore his fear, but you have no way to break his drain or stop his ult. In a teamfight if he gets a good ult off he will destroy your team, get an early aegis if he's doing well.

- Ward dragon ASAP, he can do it as early as level 3.
- Try and force his Zhonya's early in fights, don't let him get to your carries.
- Ward around when sieging or setting up for baron/drag. If you can see him ulting and get away/interrupt it you've pretty much beaten him already.




I hate this guy. He's fat, he does more damage building full tank then he has any right to do. And his cc is enormous. His early ganks are stronger than yours so watch out for him destroying your laners. Late game you can duel him thanks to E and your ult but he can still escape fights fairly easily thanks to the low cd on Body Slam.

Ward for your laners and try to countergank. You do more damage than he does at all stages so as long as you and your laner can avoid some of his skillshots you should win.




Oh Rainbow Pony, your fall from grace was wonderful to watch.

Hecarim is fairly weak in the new jungle thanks to the loss of Spirit of the Elder Lizard. Watch out for his pre-6 ganks with E and his post-6 ganks with ult. While you can ignore his ult fear and E knockback your team can't so try not to clump up too hard. If he's fed then peel for your carry, otherwise just dive their carries.


Jarvan IV


Watch out for his invades as he can do some fairly nice burst early. Try and avoid being trapped in teamfights as you'll be forced to flash to get out if he flag-> Q's away.

If he does invade, or if you invade him. You can outdamage him fairly easily. The problem is he decides if he wants to fight or not, and he can delay you long enough for his lanes to react to the fight. You're stronger than him, but he decides if you're fighting him or not.

Overall just focus on farming, gank when the opportunity arises and don't be too risky with the counterjungling. If you can countergank then you should win. This matchup doesn't really require any special tactics. 

4.png is very useful here to get out of his ult.




Man fuck this bitch as a melee. If she's even decent you're not going to hit her much withough Righteous Glory/Randuin's actives. On the plus side she's weak in lane. Your ganks will be hard without a support that has hard and targettable cc though.

Ask support to get:
Try and avoid support going:




You both do lots of single target damage, but the bug loves finding you at low health and killing you in your jungle. He's also pretty slippery with leap and his stealth.

Watch out for his early ganks as he can outdamage you if isolated and his ganks are better than yours. If you can fight him in the minion wave you should be able to win. Watch your healthbar though as he can execute you at low health.

In teamfights focus him down if he jumps into the fray. Glass cannon Kha will melt while tank Kha doesn't do enough damage to stay relevant in teamfights. 


Lee Sin


This is one of your most difficult matchups. Olaf does best jungling at mid-low health. Lee Sin has an execute/gap closer. Olaf likes sustained fights, Lee would rather fight for a little bit then kite until his cooldowns are back. Olaf would like to farm peacefully, Lee would like to counterjungle and destroy Olaf's lanes.

Yeah, this guy is a d*** to Olaf. In general if it's a Lee ask your lanes to try and ward the entrances to your jungle. Keep tabs on where he is and make sure that if he's ganking, you're either ganking, securing objectives or counterjungling him. Be careful and try to avoid fighting him early, late game when you're more relevant than him you can beat him in teamfights. Until then play it safe.

Final Note: Watch for him stealing your objectives with Q/Smite. A good Lee will do this and then shield away before you know what happened.




Malphite is annoying. He stacks armour, he has an AS slow, he has strong ganks and he gives no f****s when diving your carry in teamfights. The jungling portion is fairly easy, just jungle faster than him, clear your jungle and gank or counterjungle him. You can 1v1 him though if you do try and bait the ground slam. It is worth considering maxing E for this matchup.

Early game you can make him your bitch, counterjungling and outdueling him with E. If you play correctly you can avoid his lategame entirely.

In teamfights your job is either to keep him and their assassins off your carry (near impossible) or to dive their carry. Build accordingly and make sure your team knows not to group up against him. Spread out just enough that he can't get more than 1, maybe 2 of you with his ult. HOWEVER!!! Do not spread out so much that you isolate yourselves and become easy pickings for their team to just fall on one of you and then clean up the other 4. 




What do we use to chop down a tree? Axes. And Olaf has two of them.

Maokai cannot fight you, but his ganks are insane if you're not there to countergank. Try and ward for your team so that they don't get too far behind early.

Late game you can just ignore him and kill his carries. He can't peel you off thanks to your ult and jungle Maokai does no damage.


Master Yi


He'll be heavily focused on farming. Early game you can kill him but later you'll need a thornmail and a randuin's to beat him. Try counterjungling his wraiths to deny him feral stacks and watch out for 12.png counterganks if he has it.

In teamfights look at what he built. If he's glass cannon focus him as soon as he comes in and ignore him during meditate. He'll blow up. If he built tankier then help peel him off your carries only if he's destroying them. Diving their carries is better if he's tanky.




Naut has a very weak early clear. Take advantage of this by counterjungling him. If he starts blue take his big wraith, maybe even his golems. If he starts red take his big wolf. Treat him like Amumu, keep him down and he becomes nothing more than a CC-bot in teamfights. While his kit makes him potent even when underfarmed and underfed your kit allows you to ignore him. 

You win 1v1's, but try to fight him with more health than half. He has a deceptively large burst. If he ganks try to countergank, you have more damage and you can usually turn the tables fairly easily.

Don't do anything special, but try and counterjungle more often and countergank too. If Naut doesn't get tanky then Naut isn't too scary.




A good Noc is a pain. He'll outfarm you, outgank you, and outduel you both early and midgame. Luckily late game he falls off. If he went damage then you can blow him up. If he went tank then all you need to watch out for is him fearing your carries.

When he ganks, if you can countergank you should outdamage him as long as he's not in his Q trail (It gives him 40 or so extra AD for standing in it). Dodge it and kite him away from it and you should win the fight with your true damage and sustain from W. 

If he tries to fear you, wait till the last tick then activate ult. This let's you take minimal damage with the free MR. Then ignore the fear with ult. Smash his face in for daring to go after you instead of your carries.

Always try and be grouped tightly against a Noc. Noc loves to ult and kill stragglers, setting up a 4v5 for his team. 




This little yeti rider can be the bane of a jungler's existence if they're good.

Watch out for early invades, have your team ward your other buff and make sure if he steals yours to steal his back. You can't steal objectives from a good Nunu so don't even try.

In ganks pre-6 he'll just snowball you and watch you flail about unable to catch or attack anyone. Post-6 make sure to ult right as the snowball hits if you're already on a carry or some other important target.

In teamfights he's just an ult/bloodboil bot so ignore him and go for the carries. The matchup is hard because of what a good Nunu can do to your team and jungle pre-6.



Keep dragon warded at all times now. With the new jungle Panth can solo it with ease at level 3. All he needs is blue. 

Early his ganks trump yours. They do more damage, they have better and more reliable cc, and Panth is faster than you. He'll most likely be getting 3723_32.png so even with armour he'll still hurt midgame.

As always, you outscale him. Late game he'll be throwing baguettes and watching them crumble against your mighty chest as you chase him away from your carries. If he's tanky then ignore him and dive their carries. If he went full damage then blow him up first and then dive their carries.




Your ult lets you tank her ult/Q and just keep on chugging. Your E also lets you ignore her defenses so take advantage of your kit to peel her off your carries. 

Make sure that if you're taking the ultimate to the face you're far enough away that your team won't get stunned too.




Shaco is annoying. No matter if you're laning or jungling. Here are a few tips to help you out:

- Avoid 1v1 early. A good Shaco will either kill you, or decieve away at no health.
- Keep Dragon warded before you hit 6. Shaco pre 4.20 could solo it fairly easily once he hits 6.
- Treat this almost as a Lee Sin matchup. If Shaco is ganking then you need to be doing something productive. It doesn't matter if this is ganking, securing buffs or counterjungling. Do something more than farm passively.
- Help your team make it to late game. Shaco can't teamfight, you can. If Shaco doesn't snowball and get his team ahead early he has failed. It is your job to make sure he fails.

Remember, Shaco falls off late when it comes to teamfights, not splitpushing. Just group and teamfight and Shaco becomes fairly useless. It's making sure your team can get to the teamfight stage without being 0/15 that's hard.




His ult can really hurt you and let his team destroy you so watch out. His ganks are fairly good but you outdamage him. Just gank properly and be careful of him ulting you in teamfights and you should be fine.

Watch out for which enchant he went. If he went devourer then don't let him near your carry. Also be careful when fighting him at low health as Trundle is a stat vampire. His Q steals your AD, his ult steals your health and resistances, and his E slows you while his W speeds him and his attack speed up. This makes him a very strong duelist so be careful trying to 1v1 him.




The cheesiest of cheese junglers. He'll start red and attempt a level 2 gank. Try and get your team to invade him and steal his red. Then take your own red and he becomes fairly useless.

Mid and late just dive him and destroy him when he pops out of stealth. Easy.




Odds are he's a fan of trick's. He'll be afk farming for the first 20 minutes so just gank your heart out and make his team useless. If you don't manage to get any successful ganks then you have a problem as Udyr is a tankier less mobile version of Yi. Peel for your carries and try to outplay him in teamfights.

With preseason he's gotten a lot scarier. His clear is pretty strong and devourer is great on him. If you don't manage to make things happen and he AFK farms properly he's going to be a machine of scything claws, flames, and pain.

Just like with Yi, watch out for 12.png ganks or counterganks.




Her ult is basically a targeted more damagey version of your own. Her W can really mess you up if you haven't built armour yet too. Treat her like a more damage focused version of Jarvan. She CAN outduel you if you're not careful about your health so watch out if you're counterjungling or if she's counterjungling you.




Similar to Fiddle except less ult reliant. His ganks suck pre-6 though so try and make things happen then. WW can't ult you due to your ult, so try and stick around your carry and kill him when he goes in.

WW becomes stronger as the game goes on but so do you. Just make sure he doesn't catch out and kill your carry and you should be fine. If he does then there's not too much you can do other than trying to kill him and peel him off. WW is crazy strong with Devourer enchant on Skirmisher's so if your carry doesn't have QSS they're probably out of the fight or dead.




A true teamfight jungler. If he gets a good ult off he can win his team the fight single-handedly as everyone is knocked up. Early you outdamage him but his ganks are better due to his stealth -> E combo. Try to countergank if you can or just play it normally. Be careful of his combo in teamfights and you should be fine. 

You can ignore his ult if you ult before he does, but your ult won't return you to the ground if you activate it during his ult so be careful.


Xin Zhao


He'll be trying to make things happen early so help your lanes ward and watch out for invades. He's stronger than you in early ganks but he drops off late. 

Tank Xin:
Not too much experience with this matchup as Xin isn't played too much, but he's useless if you have good wards in place due to how binary his kit is. Play safe, farm up, and destroy his team late while he hits your carry with his pool noodle.

Damage Xin:
This one is a bit more troublesome. If Xin goes for Warrior or Devourer instead of Juggernaut then he'll do a fair amount of damage both mid and late. Watch for his ult separating your team and peel for your carries. You should outdamage him if you went Devourer, and you can tank better than he can if you went Juggernaut.

Jungle Items and Enchants Back to Top

Decided to make a special section just for these as not many are used to them yet. As it stands there are 4 different jungle items and 4 different enchants. 


The items are: Stalker's, Poacher's, Ranger's, and Skirmisher's.

3706_32.png Stalker gives you chilling smite which when used on an enemy champion does a small amount of true damage as well as slows. This is useful for ganks but not exactly needed. You could already gank with just Q as Olaf, you can still do it now. This just gives you a bit of extra sticking power.

3711_32.png Poacher lets you invade more effectively. Smiting a minion in the enemy jungle with poacher's cuts the cooldown of smite in half and gives you extra gold. Useful for champions like Shyvana who want to invade constantly. Olaf doesn't care too much for invading though so generally you can ignore this.

3713_32.png Ranger is the king right now. Buying it reduces the cooldown on your smite by 15 seconds, makes smite AoE, stuns monsters for 1.5 seconds, and returns 15% of your missing health and mana. This makes your jungle much faster and safer, as well as giving you a better version of heal late game (Smite a nearby monster if low or running away. Boom instant healthback.) You'll almost always want to get this.

3715_32.png Skirmisher is the current runner-up. Buying it allows you to do extra true damage with your auto attacks for the next 6 seconds on whichever champion you smote. You also take 20% reduced damage from said champion for the duration of the 6 seconds. This is the item for if you want to duel. Cast it on their frontline and annihilate them, or get to their ADC/AP and blow them up. (This has been changed on the PBE to do the damage as a DoT over 3 seconds)


The enchants are: Magus, Warrior, Cinderhulk, and Devourer. As Olaf we can ignore Magus as it's for mages, but the other 3 can all work. 

3723_32.png Warrior: Builds from Brutalizer. Generally not what you want on Olaf, the CDR is nice as is the extra armour pen. But You're losing out on tanky stats by not going Juggernaut, and Devourer gives you better damage.

3725_32.png Cinderhulk: Basically the jungler's version of Sunfire Cape. Gives immense amounts of health and a nice burning aura. This will be your main item if you want to be tanky.

3726_32.png Devourer: This is the damage item for any auto attack dependent jungler (Master Yi, Xin, Warwick, etc). Starting at 25 magic damage per hit you gain 1 extra damage per large monster you kill. And 2 extra damage for champion kills and assists. Unlike the other enchantments this one lets you continue to scale all game long which is awesome for Olaf. I expect Devourer to be nerfed similar to the way Feral Flare and Spirit of the Elder Lizard were. 


Get Ranger's or Skirmisher's on Olaf. Generally go for Cinderhulk if your team has a decent comp, or Devourer's if you need to be a solo carry. 

Remember to cast Skirmisher before someone tries to burst you for that 20% damage reduction. 

Jungle Routes Back to Top

Jungle Route 1:

- Start Gromp, smite immediately then let your laners help you kill it. Have them leave and finish it off. This gives you a poison thornmail which speeds up your clear immensely. Put a point in W.
- Kill Blue Buff, making sure to get it into the brush in case the enemy decides to chuck a skillshot over to try and steal it.
- Head to Wolves, kill them.
- Go to Red Buff, kill it. Smite when needed to regain health. Put a point in E and recall.

Buy Trailblazer then go to Gromp which should have respawned and kill it to do the route again without blue. Or go for a gank.


Jungle Route 2:

- Start Krugs, smiting to get the Heavy Hands buff. This lets you stun a monster every 5th hit, which is awesome with your passive and attack speed runes. Kill it and put a point in W.
- Kill Red Buff
- Kill wraiths, put a point in E
- Head to blue, ignore wolves
- Kill Blue securing with smite, recall.

Buy Trailblazer and go back to the jungle or find a gank.


Jungle Route 3:

This is a basic season 4 route but hurts a lot more now. Do this if you're afraid they'll invade you and steal your buffs.
- Start Red/Blue, kill it with smite. Have laners ward the other buff.
- Kill Wolves/Wraiths
- Recall
- Go kill your other buff, securing it with smite.
- If you have good health you can kill other camps or look for a gank, otherwise go back and buy your Trailblazer.


Early Game Strategy Back to Top

Farm, farm, farm, and farm some more. Grab those buffs and try to look for any gank opportunities. Find any? Take them immediately.

Order of Importance:

1. Buffs
2. Ganks
3. Dragon control (Around 3 minutes in you should try and get a ward on here somehow)
4. Jungle clearing

Mid Game Strategy Back to Top

Ganks, teamfights, dragon, and towers are the name of the game here.

Order of Importance:

1. Mid tower(s)
2. Dragon control
3. Blue buff for mid/you 
4. Other outer towers
5. Red buff

To control these you'll need vision. Buy a pink early and get it near dragon somewhere. Either in the banana brush near red and dragon wall, or in the small patch of brush in the river. Buy a green to help keep dragon warded, support can't have everything warded.

Make sure you're helping failing lanes. But don't gank for a lost lane. There's no point giving up a double kill. Instead help them ward and tell them to play safe and protect the tower. Then get them to group for teamfights.

If someone has 12.png have them split if they can. If you're about to contest something make sure there's a ward nearby for them to teleport on to otherwise having it won't matter.

If the enemy is taking dragon don't just watch. If it's obvious they'll get it then abandon it and focus on another objective. Mid tower is best, but even stealing a buff or pushing a lane out and regrouping can help. Never just stand and watch them take it.

Things to do as Olaf:

In the midgame fights you're extremely strong. The passive stats from your ult and the true damage from your E are at their strongest now. Try to dive onto their carries with your ult and ghost/flash if you can. If the carries are too safe then focus on peeling instead. You do insane damage so you can destroy their divers and then cleanup their carries afterwards.

Do not dive simply because you see the carry. If there's a Cait/Kalista at the back it's going to take you forever to reach them, a forever their team will not give you. Focus on those you can get to and kill them. If Cait/Kalista/Whoever is at the back then they can't reach your carries.

Late Game Strategy Back to Top

The final stage is here! Put on your dancing shoes because it's time to get your team that sexy new baron buff and win the game.

Order of Importance:

1. Baron
2. Inhibitors
3. Inhibitor towers
4. Dragons (Don't let them have 5)
5. Other towers

Baron buff is now an insanely strong siege tool. With the empowered recall, the super minion buff and the increased stats your team will crush down towers insanely fast if the enemy doesn't react in time. Try and do a 1-3-1 split if possible as this way you can have 3 waves of baroned up creeps destroying towers/inhibitors. Group if they have a strong initiation/waveclear or if you have an insanely strong teamfight though.

Things to do as Olaf:

Same as the midgame your job is to dive carries. This time though the carries should have LW/Voidstaff and will hurt a lot. So if you can't get to them right away abandon diving and peel for your own carries. Make absolutely sure baron is warded and your team can get to it in time if they start it. Losing baron is way worse now than it was in season 4. 

Ganking Stratagems Back to Top

Ganking is not as easy as some junglers may make it seem. While there are some champions like J4 and Rammus that make ganking easier, knowing how to gank is an essential skill for any jungler.

Gank Paths:

Here are the most common gank paths:


Plenty of ways to gank top. Directly through river, through the top brush, from behind the tower, or by sneaking into the top lane brush and waiting for them to push.


Mid has the most gank paths, but also the shortest lane. For the best ganking results wait for them to go in for a last hit and then go in.


Bot is the most lucrative lane to gank and also the most dangerous as there are two enemy champions most of the time. Gank bot similarly to the way you gank top although be warned that there are probably wards in the river brush and the tribrush. Bot lane ganks also change when you change sides, blue arrows are for blue side and red arrows are for red side. The path through river directly into lane can be used by either side.


Throw Through The Enemy:

You don't want to throw your axe and have it stop just short of the enemy as you'll lose distance thanks to the throwing animation. Throw your axe through them and pick it up as you run past. Also throw your axe to cut off their escape if they're not running straight to their tower. This lets you and your laner catch up and kill them.

Sweeper's is king:

Remember to ward for your laners and buy sweeper for yourself so that you can gank even if there are wards. Sweeping a brush and waiting inside at bot lane can catch out the support when they come to gank, make sure to throw your axe as soon as they're about to enter warding range so they don't just spot you out and get away.

Wait for your opportunity: 

If you've swept the brush you can remain there and wait for them to begin laning normally again. A kill is worth far more than the jungle camp you could get in the time spent waiting. Just don't wait too long. A minute is usually long enough especially early game.

Revisit the same lane over and over again:

The easiest way to win a game is just to camp a lane. Pick an easy target and camp them until their salt could be used to feed a third world nation. Not only do you and your laner get ahead, but the enemy team is demoralized by their feeding member's score and your team's kill lead. 

Bringing The Parmesan Back to Top

So you want to learn about cheese eh? Well here are some cheesy tips and tricks for the new season 5 climbers.

3 Buffing:

Works best when you're on blue side. Start at their red and kill it right away. Go B then kill your red and then your blue. Leave a ward at your blue to ensure they don't steal.

The Kha'Zix:

Hide in wait at their 2nd buff. Wait for them to come around at low health and kill them and steal their buff. Once again it works best if you're on blue side. 

Have your team scout them out and find which buff they're starting. Then simply take the buff across from the one they didn't do and run to their buff after. If it's their red wait in the brush opposite the buff. They check the curvy brush but not that one. Watch and wait till they get low then jump out and kill them. Take the buff and hightail it out of there before their laners come to avenge their fallen jungler. Try and ward their wraiths/wolves so that you can tell if they're doing that or if they recalled first.

The Level 2:

Take red first and gank mid/top at level 2. If you're lucky they won't have warded yet and you can get a summoner or even a kill. Don't waste too long on the gank or their jungler will steal your other buff!

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I am a diamond jungle and mid main in solo queue. I've always loved Olaf for his refusal to give any f**** so I decided to create a guide. Despite the low playrate, Olaf is still very viable, especially with the amount of cc in today's meta. Although he can be played both top and jungle this guide will address jungle Olaf as I find top Olaf too weak against champions like Gnar and Jayce right now. (Changed as of juggernaut patch)

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Olaf top works now.

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