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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Ignite for kill potential. Take this in general over tp if you feel more confident in playing dangerous matchups aswell. I run Ignite in the majority of games.

As in the recent meta, teleport is very valuable due to higher game impact in early-mid game. Creating great advantages for your team - especially botlane is often better than having Ignite for solo kills. However, if you're not getting strong enough, the enemy team might just collaps on your tp spot, especially in late game. This makes it fall off later quite a bit in my opinion. From the recent nerfs on TP (not having reduced cooldown when used on structures), I get back to playing with Ignite or eventually Heal/Barrier > Exhaust in defense and just take teleport whenever I feel like having to back often in lane. You can then buy more potions and a defensive item like 3191.png early.

Barrier is useful when you know you are going to be all-in'd at 6 e.g. vs 238.png. I do not recommend taking Barrier nor Heal on Orianna because I have learnt to play dangerous matchups in a rather safe way. Whatsoever, take a defensive Summoner Spell if you cannot focus that well or do not know how to play such a lane. The reason I choose TP > Barrier/Heal is that you can go back more often in lane, meaning that your health is recovered and you are able to buy potions and early defense items. For other advantages see the section above.

Exhaust can be reasonable against heavy burst champions who tend to all-in. It also allows you to kite better and helps when you can't keep your distance. Also effective against high mobility junglers like 107_64.png or 121_64.pngHowever, Barrier often helps more to survive a combo from e.g. 238_64.png or 92_64.png.) --> Not much value in the current meta anymore - so Ignite or Tp is the choice.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Ferocity Tree


Standard, our ability damage is the main reason to play Orianna. Although Fury would give a greater advantage in the early game due to more autoattacks per time, we go on the better scaling part, which clearly is Sorcery.

Expose Weakness

You can actually take Expose Weakness here because of our great AOE damage. In a normal teamfight, there are 2 possible ways (keep in mind that this is just for examplary): 
  • Either you have to kite back with your Marksman, meaning that their carries are untouched by you but the frontline is. Then you would at least hit 2 targets and increase the damage of your Marksman aswell. 
  • The other possibility is that you find a great engagement on their backline with Shockwave, hitting at least 2 targets again. During the process you will probably hit a third one too and thus allowing your frontline to easier demolish them.
Feast is also an option run by most players. It gives a nice little health boost in lane comparable to Secret Stash. What makes it not that overwhelming is the cooldown of 25 seconds.


2.0% Lifesteal and Spell Vamp > 10 Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power at level 18. Natural Talent is for burst champions. We can make great use of the Lifesteal early due to attacking very often as Orianna. While our ability strength grows, the Spell Vamp becomes more useful. Reusing Command: Attack and Command: Dissonance gives quite a lot of damage that we can get health from. 


Clear choice again. 2,5% increased damage to champions with impaired movement. Sounds good for Orianna. Having a slow ourselves allows us to use this damage in lane already. Now again the Bounty Hunter is only an option for champions that roam a lot, so mostly assassins. For us, it's rather hard to get all the bounties, especially when the enemy team has a tanky jungler, support and maybe even toplaner. Furthermore, the impairment does not have to be from us. This means that any kind of cc from our team will proc the bonus damage and nearly every champion has some kind of cc to use.

Cunning Tree


Here we take Wanderer just because Savagery is a complete waste. Just think about it, 5 bonus damage on single target attacks or spells vs minions/monsters. First of all, we do not have a single target spell. Second, we should always be able to farm in lane without 5 more damage to lasthit and if we can't, we have to get better on lasthitting. Simple as that, Savagery has no use at all on Orianna, not just because of our passive giving huge assistance while farming. What has an impact is Wanderer instead. 3% movespeed when out of combat. That means whenever you return to lane, gank another lane or catch up to your team, you have that little boost. 

Secret Stash

Yet again explain this pick by telling why the others are crap. Runic Affinity gives 15% increased neutral buff duration, meaning for us that blue buff stays not 2 but (120s * 0,15) = 2:18 minutes. Like who gives a damn about 18 seconds longer blue buff. In lane, you might use two QW combinations in that time. The other choice would be Assassin. The name tells its story already. The extra damage is only given when no allies are around. Playing Orianna is in almost every game about setting up teamfights. You are only alone in lane early and might sneak a kill or two but that's it. Secret Stash, whatsoever, gives a nice little health and mana source instantly and potions last 10% longer. Especially in early game, the instant health recoverage has saved my life not only once when running like a crazy chicken when ignited. Your fellow lane enemy will be sitting there like: Jup, that should kill her in 3.. 2.. 1.. 0 ?!  "/all Ori hp?


The choice here is not that clear. 5% increased damage to champions below 40% Health or 1,5% of missing mana every 5 seconds? Explanation soon!

Dangerous Game

Bandit is for supports only. Dangerous Game is just too good to be left out. It restores 5% health instantly on kills and assists, giving you a lot of surviveabilty. It's comparable to the scenario I described at Secret Stash. When fighting in lane, you and your enemy will often end up pretty low and someone eventually makes the kill. If it is you, don't celebrate too early! There might be Ignite ticking on your head or maybe Cassiopeia's poison + Deathfire Touch. But not all hope is lost - Dangerous Game is here to save the day. You hit the last QW combo to finish her off whilst only remaining at 56 HP yourself and boom - here comes the instant health back. /all "not even close".


Explanation soon! You can do nothing wrong with taking Precision aswell. 

Tunderlord's Decree

The one and only choice for Orianna. Unless really fed, we don't deal enough damage to make use of Stormraider's Surge and even if we would, this mastery has a rather low benefit for us and is better on Assassins that need to reposition after bursting an enemy. Windspeaker's Blessing would indeed affect our Command: Protection but really who cares about a 10% stronger shield + extra armor/mr if you can have A HUGE LIGHTNING STRIKE RIGHT ABOVE THEIR HEAD WITH SUPER SCALING?! But seriously, it is really easy to proc with Orianna in lane. Using QW and an autoattack is already enough and they won't even be able to react in time if you throw your auto first and follow up with your ball. 

Abilities Back to Top

Edit: I use Q > W first recently and found it good in most matchups. Taking 2 points in W and maxing Q afterwards is also an option. Against enemies where you have to reposition your ball often, the Q max is preferred. This includes e.g. 157_64.png 105_64.png7_64.png55_64.png etc.

Also a 2nd point into E can help negate early poke. Do this if you're playing very passively and focus on farming. Against 101_64.png110_64.png:

In a matchup versus slow enemies like 34_64.png90_64.png you can max W since it has higher ratios but you won't be able to reposition your ball as often so be aware of that. I take 2 points in Q anyways to equal that a little bit:

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Best start. 99,9% of all games.

Core Items

    Athene's rush is best versus AP atm, Morellonomicon better against AD mostly. At least tier 1 boots afterwards or Sorcs, then Deathcap
    ALWAYS have at least 1 ward place 1 pink at time! vision wins games
    You generally keep the Warding Totem until midgame and then change to Farsight Alteration to improve in long range vision

Situational Items

    Enemy has assassins / small ap threat but loads of ad? Vs Zed.. rush this before/after Morellonomicon. Otherwise usual 4th/5th
    If you choose this you have to buy it early/first and upgrade last / sell it. Provides more health a.k.a. survivabilty for lane
    you should not need this. for longlasting teamfights where you cant survive despite zhonyas
    Standard Magic penetration. Get this when they build a lot of MR
    The kiting is strong with this one. Good 4th/5th Item vs nasty toplaners and peel for your adc.
    I used to rush Ludens but the slower charging and lower ap ratio since 5.11 makes it weaker/overrated than Deathcap imo
    Playstyle option, CDR > Magic Pen here
    Recent nerfes to Morellonomicon and Frostqueen, decent alternative to athenes
    Costefficient Item, gives all the stats we need and alot of gold if you rush it. also very useful active - the slow is imense. Instead of Morello / Athenes. slightly nerfed recently
With patch 5.11, Luden's Echo has been nerfed and thus makes it less of a super-power item imo. I now would rather rush Athene's into Rabadon's Deathcap instead.

More Explanations soon!

Matchups Back to Top

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Ahri is super strong atm.

Fast reactions allow her to dash out of your Shockwave.
Early trades might give you an advantage.




Anivia is highly underrated imo. 

Her early game is super weak, only chance for her to trade well is to hit Q so dodge that!
Her kit allows easy gank setups. Be sure to ward.
21.png or 14.png Keep her passive in mind so you don't waste Ignite for nothing.
She scales slightly better into lategame.



  • Outrange her in lane.
  • Survive her burst at 6 -> 21.png / 1.png recommended.



  • Safest, hardest, most annoying poke.
  • On of the rare cases in that you could go 21/9 and start flask.
  • Do you combo and back out. Longer fights will always be in his favor.
  • Do not get suprised by his combo, where he dashes behind you and shifts you into his turret / team with ultimate.



  • Rather easy one
  • Dodge his W, a good Brand will try to E->Q for the stun, so make sure you dodge the Q 
  • 3.png can be a choice if their team has other assassins/bursters aswell since his R is very slow and can be exhausted
  • 21.png /  14.png



  • Very consistent damage
  • 2041_32.png if you're not good at dodging
  • Early ganks can give you an advantage here
  • Easy to land QW if she chases you with E
  • She has good kiting potential



  • Don't play this lane.
  • Cho has a massive regen
  • You cannot burst him, his W is death for mages and R is true damage
  • Farm as good as you can and don't facecheck bushes
  • Recommend to take jungle camps when possible



  • Farely easy pre 6 / in lane.
  • Harass her alot and dodge Q -> sometimes it's better to run towards her instead of away since her Q forms a halfcircle.
  • Post 6 you both have great kill potential.
  • Most Dianas often roam, place wards to assist your team.
  • 14.png is the best here.



  • Knowing what his abilities do is essential.
  • Q is not hard to dodge. Flask start not needed therefore.
  • Only use your R when you/team can shut him down and his twin is not far away. Otherwise he just needs to press R and is out.
  • Don't chase in a straight line giving him the opportunity to reengage with R.



  • If you should face one of the rare Ezreal mids, it depends on wether he's AP or AD.
  • Vs AP go very aggressive Pre 6. No Q from him = No Damage.
  • Vs AD rather farm and play it safe, missing your spells can be deadly, since he also relys on autoattacks.
  • In lane, staying behind minions absorbs most of the damage, care for AP W though.
  • I'd take 21.png here.
  • New Smite Ezreal with Runeglaive is super strong! Same with above notes but he can easily 1 shot you with R + W/Q 



  • Pre 6 this is farely easy. Auto-harass him whenever he goes for cs.
  • If possible, use R only if his E is on cooldown.
  • Keep your focus as he turns 6, his Fish is not that hard to dodge from range. So if he uses it to setup a gank or engage, sidestep or even flash it if you are killable.
  • 3157_32.png later the game becomes very efficient. When his fish connects, you can right away use it since the shark appears after 1.5 sec.



  • Don't pick Ori into Galio
  • Galio is super annoying vs any mage
  • His MR scales super hard 
  • Try to get an advantage by farming (shove waves, take raptors/wolves..)
  • In teamfights, you can interrupt his R with yours. You should rather peel for your ADC instead of going aggressive. Stay besides them and defend from bruisers.
  • 14.png seems to be the only reasonable spell for early damage. He doesn't have super hard burst, so no Barrier/Exhaust.



  • Annoying but not hard.
  • You cannot auto-trade here but use QW from the distance to harass him.
  • Only kill his turrets if their aggro is on minions. The cooldown is too low to take much damage.
  • At 6, you can slowly put him lower and try to combo him. Don't get into a longer lasting fight as he will mostlikely win.
  • Keep in mind that his mega-turret from R keeps shooting even if you killed Heimer.



  • This lane will be a trading one.
  • Slow him as he runs in melee form towards you.
  • 14.png21.png3.png are all good choices.2041_32.png can be worth.
  • Abuse the small window after he switches his form.



  • Dodge as many Qs as possible
  • 2041_32.png is an option if you cannot dodge properly
  • Your R cancels his R channel
  • Most likely a farm lane



  • As any melee easy pre 6.
  • Don't Q into his magicshield from his Q.
  • Abuse the window in which his Ultimate is on cd to lock him down.
  • Push push push, get tier 1 turret asap to deny roaming / go roam yourself.



  • Same as with any melee champion. Auto-harass pre 6.
  • Start E to negate her Q at level 1 - it's not that fast.
  • At 6, you HAVE to wait for her to use R first or you poke her low enough to win a trade without interrupting her ultimate.
  • Don't become scared when she shunpos on you to proc the Q passive. She won't have much to follow up so give her free damage in return.
  • Knowing that her E is on cooldown is a way to safely land Shockwave.



  • E start to shield her Q.
  • Keep your range in order to not let her Q W.
  • A little trick to know which is the correct one: When you proc her passive in lane and she tries to fool you by letting her clone run away, you see that her autos do damage to minions. Her clone would aswell attack the minions but does no damage at all.
  • Hard burst at 6. Better back when becoming lower to not be an easy target. 
  • Signal that she is missing! Especially the botlane with a squishy ADC and Sona/Bard as support are juicy targets for her to pickup. Warding your lane to not only protect yourself but also your team helps alot versus those assassins.



  • Now Lissandra herself is easy, her Q poke is easy to predict when you get used to it
  • Don't R her when her E is active for obvious reasons.
  • What makes her strong is her gank potential, from her and for her. She can engage from super far away and cc lock you down for ages. Wards in the entrance to jungle (not in the long brush) are very useful.
  • 14.png mostly



  • Marksmen mid are somewhat strong atm
  • His E allows a fast player to dodge your R if not placed right on him.
  • 3191.png rush seekers for defense, will lead to some mana problems -> Athenes/Morello afterwards or full damage if you get blues.
  • Relatively vulnerable to ganks



  • A farm lane most likely
  • When her E lulue.png is on you, don't walk in a straight line for her Q
  • When you are polymorphed, don't panic, you can still move - use that instead of waiting around like a chicken.
  • Ignite for the lane is difficult with her R and E, might take Teleport instead.



  • Strong early with her passive
  • 21.png for her R, Ignite is mostly useless, since her W shieds her twice
  • Start E but don't trade at lvl1
  • If you dodge, you win. Despite her E she has no follows when Q misses



  • Don't stand near minions with his E on since it can jump towards you when they die.
  • 1.png does NOT cancel his ultimate so don't waste your summoner spell on that. Only 3140_32.png cancels supression.
  • Malzahars mostly just use their W when they want to combo with R. This is a sign for you to prepare your anus and maybe flash if there is other enemies around. If you flash too late though, you will still be supressed and they can simply catch up in that time.



  • Hue Hue Hue.
  • Longer lasting fights are in his favor.
  • Outfarming him in a 0/0 lane is descend because he can trade well and it's hard to kill him.
  • He snowballs easily so stay even.
  • Since most Mordekaisers go Hextech Revolver, Ignite is better. Also he has sustained damage where Barrier or Heal would be useless.



  • Riven mid will beat the sh*t out of you
  • She has a huge powerspike with her ultimate
  • Jungle help needed
  • 3.png or 21.png Exhaust can ruin her all-in potential



  • Weak early game
  • His Q is now a skillshot -> dodgeable (yeay not just onhit anymore)
  • 14.png



  • Most important: use HIS cooldowns for your own. Pre 6, they are pretty long and he aint do sh!t after wasting his stun. 
  • Definitely 14.png for his ultimate.
  • His R goes on when he's in Zhonyas. 
  • Start E, you can't dodge his point-and-click E.



  • One of the rare enemies, where 1001_32.png start can be good.
  • Pre 6 it's all about her hitting or missing the spells.
  • She can easily setup ganks.
  • 21.png is farely good for her R.



  • Hard to finish off due to stealth in R.
  • 21.png is better than Exhaust here because you cannot exhaust while in stealth.
  • Keep your ball on yourself. E would need too much time if he jumps. 
  • His E will place him on your back! Don't Q in front of you.


Twisted Fate

  • Q is easy to dodge. Only killpotential pre 6 is with jungler/ stuncard.
  • If you time your spells right, you can deal loads of damage when his R ends and he won't be able to react that fast.
  • 14.png is good.
  • He shoves lane at 6 to apply pressure and to set up R. Try to push it back. If he ganks, don't follow but push his turret. Midturret > kill. With his ultimate, he is way faster at bot/top and you will come too late in most cases. Therefore, it's better to push your lane.



  • 2041_32.png start is good here. He relies entirely on poking.
  • His ultimate/Q  are easy to dodge from range.
  • If you choose a defensive summoner spell, take 21.png since his E reduces healing effects.
  • Do not underestimate the amount of damage his burst does.



  • "Disturbeer, how can Veigar be easy??"  It's simple guys, you have a higher range and he's squishy af. The outplay potential of you is high.
  • Play with attention, don't line up behind low hp creeps, stay inside his cage and dodge the W instead of running into it. 
  • E start and aggressive autoattacking can give you an early advantage
  • 21.png is a choice, I prefer Ignite tho
  • 3174.png



  • E start for his laser.
  • His Q has a rather slow animation aswell, easy to shield.
  • Dangerous Game (mastery) is important since his Ultimate stays active after you killed him. The instant life regain saved me one or the other time after a all-in fight.
  • 1056.png 14.png
  • 3174.png is an option. Lane will be with alot of poking, thus making the MR / mana reg viable.



  • Outranges you 
  • Has better waveclear
  • If you run up to R, he might just E/W 
  • You both have great teamfight potential, a 0/0 lane is okay
  • 21.png You won't come in range for Exhaust or Ignite



  • You win early
  • His wall leaves your ball in front of it, it does not travel through
  • He's super hard to hit when fighting with minions due to his E
  • He can win when having core items, escpecially since preseason where his crits heal for 20 % of the damage dealt due to masteries.
  • 3.png is an option



  • Depending on their team, 3.png can be better than 21.png. If there's sth. like 92_64.png top, take Exhaust
  • Most Zeds throw 14.png and 3153_32.png right at you when all-inning, so Exhaust right as he R's
  • His Q does more dmg to the first target hit, stay behind minions
  • While he's an assassin, your teamfights are way better, 0/0 lane is okay!!
  • Punish him when farming but care to not end up in meleerange as he W's
  • Early 3157_32.png is very good
  • Punish his melee range in early game



  • Similar to Azir actually, his Q poke often is undodgeable due to minions. 
  • Shutting him down with an early gank works well most times.
  • E start
  • 3174.png

Gameplay Back to Top

*Note* I don't know when but I will probably add screenshots here to make it easier to understand the stated information. Off of all following: The skillset of Orianna offers endless combinations in any situation. As always, experimenting is the best way to understand and learn those ones. Whatsoever, creating a custom game to get started is surely a wise choice.

Orianna's Abilities

oriannapassive.pngClockwork Windup

Orianna's autoattack deals additional magic damage. This damage increases the more Orianna attacks the same target.

orianaizunacommand.pngCommand: Attack

Orianna commands her Ball to shoot toward a target location, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.5*AP) magic damage to targets along the way. However, it deals 10% less damage for each unit it hits (Minimum 40%). Her Ball remains behind at the target location afterwards.   


orianadissonancecommand.pngCommand: Dissonance

Orianna commands her Ball to release an electric pulse, dealing 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.7*AP) magic damage to nearby enemies. The pulse leaves behind an energy field for 3 seconds, lowering enemy Movement Speed by 20/25/30/35/40% and increasing ally Movement Speed by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds. This effect diminishes over time.


orianaredactcommand.pngCommand: Protect

Passive: The Ball adds 10/15/20/25/30 Armor and Magic Resist to the allied champion it is attached to. Active: Orianna commands her Ball to travel to and attach onto an allied champion, shielding them for 4 seconds from the next 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.4*AP) damage. Enemies the Ball passes through along the way are damaged for 75% of the shield value: 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.3*AP).


orianadetonatecommand.pngCommand: Shockwave

Orianna commands her Ball to unleash a shockwave after a brief delay, dealing 150/225/300 (+0.7*AP) magic damage to nearby enemies and flinging them into the air a set distance in the direction of the Ball.


Ability Combinations


  1. Autoattacking a minion before lasthitting it increases the damage due to your passive. This makes it easier to actually get the killing blow. The melee minions should be killable by using either one or if you see how much damage the turret does two autos. You should not miss more than one minion under turret because you have to see the turrets / your damage and adjust your strategy with the next one. Same goes for caster minions.
  2. Q - Especially when farming under turret, using your abilities often is nesseccary to get the $$$. For caster minions, your Q often does too much damage combined with a turret shot so you either have to Q after the turret or prepare the minion with 1 autoattack so you don't need to Q. Also don't Q all caster minions since that will f*ck up the others. 
  3. QW - as soon as you have enough damage, this combo will be enough to 1 shot caster minions. Note that the melees probably get Q damage so don't mess them up when farming under turret. 
  4. QE - A more advanced combo. You Q through the wave, leaving the ball behind the casters. Then you E yourself to deal the damage on the travel back of the ball. Note that this deals less damage than QW. Use this combo when you want to shove a wave outwards of turretrange so you don't take unnesseccary damage from the minions.
  5. QEQW - Once you have enough damage, do the same as in Combo #4. Since Qs cooldown is really low, you can just send the ball between caster and melee minions and finish them off with W. 
  6. R ? No! Don't you ever dare to use your ultimate for farming. You have enough waveclear and low cooldowns. Your ultimate has a way too huge impact in outbreaking teamfights/ganks to waste it.


  1. AA - Autoattacking in early levels excells with Ori due to her passive. Furthermore, when you startet with E, not just the shield but also the 10 Armor at lvl 1 wins you almost any auto-trade in midlane. If you mange to sidestep any skillshot, you probably setup a good lane with a (small) early advantage. Always do autos when fighting with abilites. It may not seem to change much but when fighting over 10-15 seconds, the amount of damage greatly increases. Furthermore, the mastery Arcane Blade pushes the damage even furhter.
  2. Q -  When you max Q, its cooldown becomes super low. If you are able to hit Q after Q - do so! You don't always have to follow up with W. Although W has the higher AP ratio, its manacost is also higher. Q + Autoattacks are hella damage already and can win you the lane slowly by draining your opponents life.
  3. W - Mostly against melees. E.g. when Zed Ws onto you, I'd first W for the slow/damage and Flash/E/R.. afterwards. If you flash first and QW backwards, he might dodge the whole combo with his R or flash over it, denying any debuff or damage. Therefore, it's better to immediately use the cc. 
  4. QW - The standard combo. If you're sure that Q will hit, spam W while the ball is still travelling. This might save crucial miliseconds. That combo is pretty much self-explaining imo.
  5. QWE - Same as #4 but you go in defense afterwards. An example: Varus charges his Q making him very slow. You go in for QW harass and E immediately to deal the travelback damage and shield for his incoming Q. Result: Full harass down on him and no/little damage on you. 
  6. QWR - Recommended for few enemies. If they are all hitable with W, do it first to slow before ulting. This makes it harder to run out. However, this is slower than #7 because they have more time to react before your main damage/cc - ult - comes in.
  7. QRW - Hit those epic 4-5 man ults! You see the spot where they are all in range - execute it fast! Throw that ball in and spam R while it flies. After the shockwave, you W for huge aoe slow / damage. Result: Carries dead/10%, Bruisers 50%, all in one spot, easy to follow for you team - great success!
  8. R->Flash ~Secret tip~ Now this combo abuses the small cast time of your shockwave. I recommend trying it in a custom game since it requires some practice and feels awkward at first. You press R and immediately after it Flash into whoever you want to rek. What this does? Your shockwave begins to channel on your head. Because Flash is an instant teleport, it's faster than throwing in Q. If timed correctly, you will be placed in the enemy team and pull them to you right away. When to use that? 1. when you see a super good opportunity but Q is on cooldown and you have no time at all to wait. 2. They're already running, e.g. with Talisman. Your Q won't be there in time but you do what you must and strike. 3. Making that play definetely earns you a bunch of stylepoints man. That looks just super sick and will show them who's the boss in midlane.
  9. EW(R)- Now that we have the solocombos, you can of course let others do the dirty work. Sickest sh*t ever is with Rengar, Eve, Malphite and so on.. Give them your ball, speed them up and give them a free engage. Follow up with R but care that they're not out of castrange! But don't worry if you mess that up. Happened every Ori player once that they end up ulting themselves and hope noone saw that. You can also W after your mate caught up on someone to apply the slow and R.

Words from the author Back to Top

Hey guys, it's Disturbeer here!

I'm an EUW player and reached Platinum in Season 4 and 5. Despite of that, I often play the Twisted Treeline in which me and my team reached Platinum 1 in Season 4 and 5 aswell.

I'm from Germany, so please forgive smaller mistakes concerning the language! :)

Orianna is one of the champions I like most atm and I play her whenever my team needs a teamfight orientated midlaner. If not mid, I like to play toplane with the classy bruisers, but I'm solid in basically any role despite jungle and play a variety of champions. Besides of Ori, I often play Ahri or Annie and recently alot of Ekko and try off-meta champions sometimes. All in all, I'm pretty familiar with that small adventurous middle lane of Summoner's Rift! 

Furthermore, this guide is, like any other one, reflecting my personal playstyle and aims for giving advice to players who are new to Orianna or want to try something different from their usual playstyle. This is definetely not the one and only way to play her. That's why you should absolutely experiment yourself to become a confident Orianna player!

Please note that this guide is not yet finished! Items/Skill explanations aswell as more Matchups will follow soon! 
I try my best to keep it up-to-date with the upcoming changes in Season 6.

Feel free to comment and leave suggestions or simply discuss any topic! 

Greetz, Disturbeer 

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