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7 days ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Hey guys, I stream every now and then on twitch so if you want to tune in you are very much welcome.

You can watch me play Pantheon80.png live at

And also if you want to join my community here's my discord:

This is a Pantheon only stream and is also chill as fuck. Now without further ado, here's my guide.

The only summoner spells you will need on this champion is Flash 4.png and Ignite 14.png. Pantheon is naturally a weak champion and taking ignite only brings his power to equal his opponents. 

Flash 4.png is a must because it is allows so much room for outplay potential. You can flash out of enemy combos (i.e Lee Sin Wblindmonkwone.png+Rblindmonkrkick.png, , Riven Rrivenfengshuiengine.png, Jarvan IV Ejarvanivdemacianstandard.png+Qjarvanivdragonstrike.png, etc), dodge crucial skill shots (i.e Ahri Eahriseduce.png, Lee Sin Qblindmonkqone.png, Morgana Qdarkbindingmissile.png, Malphite Rufslash.png, etc) and you can even engage with your Flash4.png + Wpantheonw.pngcombo to catch bad positioned enemies.

I ALWAYS take ignite because Pantheon is a champion that hungers for kills and ignite14.png is the only summoner spell that offers extra offensive power and brings his strength to equal his opponent. As I've said earlier, Pantheon is generally a weak champion so you need that ignite to bring your power to be on par with everyone else. This champion has only received nerfs and will continue to be forgotten by riot so don't expect any buffs anytime soon.

You do NOT need to take teleport12.png because Pantheon has his Rpantheonrjump.png which is his built in teleport12.png and is also on a shorter cooldown. When it comes to mid and late game, if you play Pantheon correctly, you will find out you are always  using Rpantheonrjump.png to join the team fights. Either its for engaging or catching someone that is overextended, you will never be teleporting12.png into a fight when your Rpantheonrjump.png is up. 

The only time I would take exhaust3.png instead of ignite14.png would be against Illoai420.png, and Katarina55.png.
Against Illoai420.png, exhaust her when she uses her Rillaoir.png and it now becomes possible to kill her if you have your jungler's help or your team is there. Same with Katarina55.png, you can exhaust her either when you have an opening on her, know when shes going in, or is using her Rkatarinar.png. Both of these champions MUST be exhausted in a team fight otherwise they have the potential to destroy your team.

You can also take it vs Zed238.png, Riven92.png, and  Jayce126.png if you are not confident in your skill to take them down with ignite.

All of these champions heavily rely on comboing all their skills to deal the highest maximum damage output for them and by using exhaust, you will cut most of their power away and give you time to either fight them or have your team focus them down when they go all in for the kill.

New Runes Back to Top


With 8.2 being released, minion aggro changes have come into effect. This means Pantheon's Q now takes minion aggro when you use it on an enemy champion. What this means is during laning phase we can't spam Q's anymore without taking damage from minions and heavily messes up the way we play the minion waves. Freezing is much harder now and also harassing. Fear not, its not the end of the world. I've been maxing E for the past year now and now is the time to have it maxed all the time. Now with these changes I've been playing alot of mid lane Pantheon and find it works quite well. We no longer need to fight against meta top laners / doran shield so it becomes more easier to deal with. Also you barely Q anyways in the mid lane since all the champs are usually ranged or out range you with skill shots. 


Electrocute - 

The new keystone that works really well in this current meta. Before we took aery but with the nerfs in the sorcery tree, manaflow band taking longer to proc, minion aggro changes, and meta top laners all countering pantheon, my new playstyle that has been working really well is in the mid lane. Instead of poking down the enemy with Q's which is no longer effective, we now max E and go for the 100-0 burst damage assassin build. The advantages of this is that we dont need to care about laning against a tank which this build would suck against. When you pick up duskblade as your first item these 2 combined together offer alot of damage straight up and is very powerful when you gank another lane with your ultimate. 

Sudden Impact - 

This rune works when you use your W. You get free 10 Lethality for Pantheon providing you with that extra burst damage when you are looking for some kills.

Eyeball Collection - 

Here is where it gets interesting. Previously I was taking Triumph and took it mainly for how fed I was getting every game so the main use of it was the free gold it gave you for being fed. You got 25 gold per kill or assist so in low elo or if you are really good on Pantheon then getting really fed or having a lot of kill participation every game should be easy. Assuming you go 10/0 or have 25 kill participation (10/0/15) then that would be 250 to 625 extra gold you could be getting for being fed. But now looking at eyeball collection it usually fully stacks around 20-25 minutes of the game so 18 AD is worth 630 gold already. Not only is it really cost efficient compared to triumph, you get the power in raw AD and much faster in the game.  (Being involved in 25 kills/assists usually is around 25-35 minutes of an average game) Having the 18 AD just adds more power to the champion.

Relentless Hunter -

This rune is a must have. With my new playstyle having duskblade replace youmuu's we need movement speed somehow in this build. Luckily enough this rune exists and is our new youmuu's passive. You are guaranteed to get all 5 stacks eventually in a game so the 48 bonus ms out of combat helps alot when you are roaming and dont get youmuu's at all. 


Absolute Focus - 

Grants bonus AD for free when you are above 70% health. Perfect rune for Panth as he always is above that threshold when laning perfectly. Adds extra damage to your Q poke and when the mid-late game comes in grants so much free AD its equal to having an infernal drake.

Gathering Storm -

Now I was taking scorch originally because when preseason came out it was all about winning the early game and games also would end very fast because everyone was trying out new things along with playing glass cannon builds/champions. Now with that phase has settling down, players are going back to the standard tank / resolve tree for defense and are slowly going back to playing the meta. Here is where gathering storm comes in. At the 10 minutes mark the 5 AD has already out scaled the 40~ magic damage the scorch is dealing since it adds power to your Q, E and auto attacks the amount of damage you get back is certainly higher than that magic damage from scorch since it is also probably around 20~ magic damage with their given MR. When games tend to be longer, you get even more powerful with the extra raw AD you will be getting. Overall if you combine this rune with Absolute Focus and Eyeball Collection at max stacks, in the late game you could be gaining roughly about 71 AD for free in the 30 minutes mark. Raw AD is everything that Pantheon needs for power and extracting all the possible AD runes in the system provides Pantheon a way to be strong even in the late game. 


So for top in 8.3 there was a minor nerf to Spellbook which was -10% cdr. Truthfully this isn't that big of a deal but I was looking for other rune pages that could be better and turns out my rune page that I originally made for support panth was actually really good for top lane as well. Aftershock panth is better than spellbook imo because it provides you with the tank stats that we always wanted on the champ without investing gold into defensive items and being weak as shit as the consequence. Also the only reason I'm taking this now is because of the buff to give this some bonus AD instead of all health. We still need bonus AD in our runes and even though its not alot (+6) its better than nothing. We lose out on 7 AD had we taken spellbook but we have a MUCH stronger mid-late game with this aftershock rune. It's not like were going 5/0 against that tank top laner so might as well farm out the early game this way and become an actual diver later on in the game.

Aftershock -

You can proc this rune very easily with W. Now that they buffed this rune to have very high AR/MR gains along with a small bonus AD ratio, it fits perfect to the "dive" style of Pantheon to not get one shotted if you are the one engaging. It gives Pantheon the tank stats needed to survive bursts of damage or when you get caught or eat alot of skillshots when you W into a fight. 

Demolish OR Unflinching-

Demolish can help with Pantheon's very bad tower takedowns. He takes towers very slowly so the smallest amounts of bonus damage will help for the split pushing. Unflinching is good if they enemy has tons of CC. This entire rune tier is pretty garbage tho for Pantheon so it really doesnt matter what you take here.

Iron Skin / Mirror Shell / Conditioning -

Iron Skin: I actually dont take this rune often even in AD matchups because Pantheon already has a weakened laning phase plus you already have the second wind and increased health from resolve to keep you alive in AD matchups for the early game. You have the tools to survive laning phase already so you can go for Conditioning instead and get higher amounts of bonus armor and MR later into the game. 

Mirror Shell: Take vs Hard AP counters / poke champs. (Rumble, Teemo, Vladimir, Lissandra, Sion, Malphite, Nasus with E max) if they are just a tank that deals magic damage and doesnt poke like Cho'gath or Maokai then go for conditioning.

Conditioning: I take this most often if I can. Pantheon has a weakened laning phase after 8.2 with minion aggro changes so alot of the Top lane champs you will face might default to a farm lane. In these cases you can take this rune and becomes even more tanky later on in the game since during laning phase you arn't really getting hit or fighting alot. 

Second Wind -

Best rune to take here. Gives you good sustain all around and helps your early game if you get hit too much.



Same page as top lane but we remove absolute focus with celerity to have the increased movement speed to get our W's in. Explanation for the resolve section is found above in Top Lane section.


You dont need manaflow band because we arnt spamming Q's. We are maxing E for the burst damage so we are never out of mana. Also corrupting potion helps enough with the mana sustain. 

Abilities Back to Top



With the new minion aggro changes, my playstyle has changed from poking bully, to burst assassin. Q draws minion aggro so its really bad to spam it in lane. You will take too much damage in return when you throw a Q its not worth it anymore. 

Maxing E is good against champions who outrange and out poke you. It allows for the all-in burst damage to be greater than what some ranged champions can output against you in a trade situation. This paired up with ElectrocuteElectrocute.png?width=32 and Duskblade3147.png you become insanely powerful when you reach this powerspike. 

Basically max E in every single matchup now but I'll leave this list here just in case.

The champions I used to max E against are as follows: BUT NOW MAX E AGAINST ALL MATCHUPS.

Top/Mid Laners:

Annie1.png, Aurelion Sol136.png, Heimerdinger74.png, Karma43.png, Karthus30.png, Kayle10.png, Kennen85.png, Lux99.png, Malzahar90.png, Mordekaiser82.png, Morgana25.png, Orianna61.png, Quinn133.png, Rumble68.png, Teemo17.png, Twisted Fate4.png, Veigar45.png, Xerath101.png, Yasuo157.png, Ziggs115.png, Zilean26.png, Zoe142.png, Zyra143.png.


Cho'gath31.png, Malphite54.png, Nautilus111.png, Ornn516.png, Shen98.png, Sion14.png


Never start with Epantheone.png at level 1 because they can easily run away and it has a long cooldown so you will be useless when its not up. In mid lane if they chase you or try to trade with you, taking Q level 1 allows you to atleast trade back evenly since they will most likely take minion aggro as well with their auto attacks.

Your Passive blocks TF4.png's Gold card so always be autoing minions in lane to keep it at a 3 stack or 4 stack. If he uses an auto then pick a card just save your W until he locks in his card and W in when he throws it.

Use Q to bait Nautilus'111.png W shield and wait until it is down then go in with the e max to dmg him.

Use W to cancel Sion14.png's Q and Q + auto to break the shield and using the E max to dmg him.

Use Q to pop Malzahar90.png's Shield and the E max to deal the damage.

Using E against Yasuo157.png  bypasses his windwall so you will always deal damage to him while in battle. Wait until he dashes into you for a free E to the face. Use your Q to break his shield and attack with E.


With the new 8.2 minion aggro changes, maxing Q is not ideal anymore since we now take damage and pull minion aggro when we poke the enemy. You actually take more damage than they do when you try to poke them so its useless to max Q anymore.

This is generally the most common way I would rank up my skills. First maxing Epantheone.png, then Qpantheonq.png, and Wpantheonw.png last while taking points into your Rpantheonrjump.png when you can. You can also start Wpantheonw.png instead of Qpantheonq.png if you are going to invade the enemy at level 1.


At level 2 if you are getting pushed into your tower before you are level 3 then you can get Epantheone.png instead of Wpantheonw.png and when the minions are at your tower, last hit the melee minions normally but when the tower starts to hit the ranged minions you will not have enough damage to last hit them. This is why I take E second if this situation arises. Simply Epantheone.png the wave but cancel it after you get one tick of damage in. You can cancel E by moving anywhere around you. Now you can easily last hit the ranged minions. Try it out in a custom game to perfect this technique.


Start W. It procs Aftershock and gives you a strong invade and lvl1 trade in bot lane. Afterwards add into Q lvl 2 and lvl 3 get E. 

Max Q first because its your primary source of damage and gives you the most damage over time in trades. In the bot lane there are alot of champions that can cancel your E so its not worth to max it. 

Examples would be Janna Q,Rhowlinggale.pngreapthewhirlwind.png, Lulu W,Rluluw.pnglulur.png, Tahm Kench Wtahmkenchw.png (he eats them away), Alistar QWE(All his abilities), Blitzcrank Q,E,R (his R cancels the E), Soraka Esorakae.png, Nami Qnamiq.png, Etc.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Here is the ultimate Pantheon build you wont find any other build that will get you 3 CHALLENGER ACCOUNTS.


Start: Corrupting Potion 2033.png
Trinket : 3340.png

Very useful when playing mid lane. Enemy champs are usually ranged and have poke you down alot so we need as much sustain in the early game as we can. Also helps out with the mana sustain. I try to keep this item for as long as possible. Eventually I'd sell it but when I get my 4th or 5th items.

How to build:


Same as mid lane but anywhere you see Duskblade, switch out it out for YOUMUU'S 3142.png.


Your first item should be 3147.png followed up by 3814.png  into 3071.png. Then if the enemy is strong in AD get GA3026.png if they are strong in AP then get hexdrinker3155.png into GA and then finish up hex into maw3156.png.  You can also take hexdrinker after Duskblade and then into the other things if the enemy is all AP damage. (top,jg,mid,support are all AP)

Duskblade -

Ok now to explain why I'm taking this item now. I have a love hate relationship with this thing and with the current meta as it is, top lane counters, minion aggro changes etc. Using this item in the mid lane as the assassin of the team works really well when paired up with E max and Electrocute. You deal a ton of damage when you have them all together and we no longer need to deal with the tanks in top lane with this glass cannon setup. Try this setup out and see how you like it. 

(PS. With patch 7.19 increasing the duration of Edge of Night's Spell shield we can now use it with our R again! Just use edge first and wait until its active before you ult somewhere on the map. Make sure you ult right after the active is finished or else it will expire since you only have 2 seconds of it being up after you land. This combo is very good against single hard cc abilities like Veigar Eveigareventhorizon.png, Xerath Exerathmagespear.png, Ahri Eahriseduce.png, Nami Qnamiq.png etc.)

EXTRA: About the LW items


As the mid laner assassin you do not really need to buy last whisper items. Your goal here is to one shot the mid laner or adc if you can. In the past I'd buy these in the top lane because you were the "bruiser" of the team and had the role of dealing with the tanks when you needed to. 

But in the rare cases where the enemy is triple tanks. Top, jg and support are all tank champions. Then buy merc treads, and replace maw with one of these 2 LW items. Build would be Dusk > Edge > BC> LW ITEM > GA.


Buy 1001.png  anytime before 7 minutes. This time frame is usually when you are laning and junglers come to gank so you'll need the speed to escape faster and juke abilities easier against your enemy. 

3047.png - Take these if the enemy team has a lot of AD damage.

3111.png - Take this if the enemy team has a lot of AP damage.

Additional Notes:
You always want to get 3134.png first. It now gives you more damage with the unique passive and gives you armor pen. 


Start 3302.png + 2031.png

Get 3097.png and then depending on how much gold you have, buy 1001.png or go 3123.png. Get both asap.

Executioners Calling is a good buy because you have Grevious Wounds for Heal7.png and the healing their team has in some way. It provides a decent amount of AD and is very cost efficient in its active effect as the game goes on. You can save your AD from buying this item later and you can easily proc this on multiple targets with E.

Eventually upgrade the boots to 3047.png  or 3111.png

At Level 9 change your trinket to 3364.png

Get 3190.png then upgrade the targons to  2303.png.

Then finalize the build choosing 2 of these depending on enemy team comp.  3109.png , 3107.png3222.png,

Last item finish the executioners into a 3033.png.


3097.png >3123.png3814.png >  3071.png  > 2303.png  > 3190.png > 3033.png

Buy boots when you can pre 7mins and upgrade them into Tabi or Mercs after the Edge of Night.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Fiora
  • Riven




Matchup is easy. Take Feast in this lane instead of fresh blood to heal back the damage she does by her akalimota.png in lane. Trade with her using your pantheonq.png and pre-6 should be a breeze. Once she turns 6 you want to start playing passive unless you have your jungler with you or else she will out damage you. You can ignore this if you know how strong you are and how weak the akali is.




This lane is easy. Go standard skill build getting Q, W , E then start maxing E first. once you get 2-3 points into E every all in you do you will win the trade and out damage her. Be sure to only go in if her stun is down. Once she turns 6 you still dont need to worry about it if you have already gotten some kills on her. Get 3814.png, and when in lane and going for the kill, pop this item and wait for the shield to be up, run at her with a 4.png + pantheonw.png or simply get a jungler's help. She cannot do anything to you when you have the spell shield up.




Easy lane. Throw as many Qpantheonq.png as you can. Your passive blocks her Q fioraq.png and if she runs into you then you pantheonw.png her and use pantheone.png. You will out damage her every time. 

To not get caught by her Wfioraw.png DO NOT WALK IN A STRAIGHT LINE. Play like you are juking a skill shot around her while you throw pantheonq.png so she can not hit her fioraw.png or use your pantheone.png at her to bait it out and then Wpantheonw.png her along with more pantheonq.png and auto attacks and this lane is won.




This is a skill matchup and also very winnable in any elo under Challenger. I also assume you guys reading this guide to be smurfing and not playing in challenger so you dont have to worry about playing the best rivens in the NA server. In Challenger, because Courage of the Colossus is now a mastery, Pantheon can not win this matchup anymore like he used to. Unless this mastery is removed this champion will not win this matchup in Challenger.

You NEVER want to go in if shes full health.

Push the lane as soon as minions are there. You want to keep early game pressure on the lane and get the early lvl2 power spike.

Level 1:

Throw a pantheonq.png and back off, rinse and repeat. See what she starts. If she started Qriventricleave.png then wait until its off cooldown and keep throwing pantheonq.png. She cant do anything to you unless you mess up at lvl1.

If she starts Erivenfeint.png then wait until its off cooldown and throw another pantheonq.png. If she walks up to last hit then auto her and bait her shield, then throw a pantheonq.png.

Level 2:

Get Wpantheonw.png and still do not go in unless you hit lvl2 first before she does. If that is the case jump her and deal some damage.

Level 3:

Start learning the ranges of Riven's combos. If you dont know them you will probably lose this matchup. Stay behind your minions and keep throwing pantheonq.png. If she shields them then wait abit until its gone and jump her with  pantheonw.png + pantheone.png then back off immediately. Never stay in melee range of her or you will lose.

After 6:

You start to lose this lane once she hits 6 if you have not gotten any early kills on her. But by now you have your Rpantheonrjump.png so push out the lane go recall and run mid or bot lane to get some kills. Always ult farther back then where the enemy looks to be so they run into your ult.


Pantheon's main skill combo is really easy.

Qpantheonq.png > Wpantheonw.png > AUTO ATTACK > Epantheone.png > and if the enemy still isn't dead yet one more Qpantheonq.png.

You MUST get that auto attack in after the W. This extra damage is SUPER IMPORTANT and could cost you the kill if you miss it. It could mean the difference of  you securing the kill or not. The enemy could live by not being critical striked by your Qpantheonq.png or the enemy lives with a sliver of health because you missed out on that extra auto attack.

You DO NOT always have to Q before you W. Since they are the same range of 600, you might potentially miss out on a kill if you chose to Q first instead of W stunning if the enemy is running away.

You can also just Epantheone.png the minion wave if the enemy is in range of your Epantheone.png. You do not always have to stun the target to use your Epantheone.png.

ROAMING Back to Top

How to roam 101.

First get level 6.

Try to understand where the enemy jungler is at whatever time it is in your game. An example would be to look if the mid laner is getting his blue, this means the jungler is bot side AKA dont gank bot. This point is crucial. You do not want to ult a super obvious bait and get your entire team killed. The best time to roam is when you have vision of their jungler with the help of your jungle counter jungling or support deep warding. Obviously you want to ult the lane the jungler is farthest away from.

Now push out your lane and look at the map for kills.

If you have good cc on your support and their support isnt janna, then look to kill bot if you know how strong you are. Always keep track of summoners because if the enemy support has exhaust or flash up, you will waste your time going bot with your ult and fall behind in XP / Gold. 

Always take the kills when you roam. If you do not then you will fall behind to your enemy laner. 

You do not always have to gank bot, you can ult other lanes that look to be easy kills or ult into the enemy jungle if there is a fight going on with your jungler trying to counter jungle.

If you are losing your lane, look to roam. Ditch your lane every time your ult is up. Remember to always push it out first before you recall.

If you are DESTROYING your lane, only roam if your team is losing. Otherwise stay in lane and continue the dominance. When you leave the lane you are allowing the enemy to farm XP/Gold and come back into the game if you are gone too long.

Roaming at the right time and place will win you the game. This tactic is also very important to be able to 1v9 every single game. The more you play Pantheon, the better you will be at this tactic. Playing Pantheon also increases your game knowledge by watching the minimap more often.

ABOUT ME Back to Top

Ok this section is to introduce myself to you guys. Hi, I'm Keegun, highest ranked Pantheon80.png player on the Challenger Ladder in NA.

I have been playing this game since Season 2 and every season my peak elo was higher than the previous year.

Season 2 : 1900 Elo Peak
Season 3: D1 0LP
Season 4: Master
Season 5: Challenger
Season 6: Challenger (Peaked at 21 and Ended rank 56 according to Riot)

Season 7: Rank 19 and got 3 Challenger Accounts and one Master.

Account I currently play on:

Keegun : Challenger

Lost my first account details so it is gone forever.

I also play Pantheon in all 5 roles so I dont need to worry about autofill. 

Doublelift and Imaqtpie's Acknowledgment of my Pantheon Support:

Doublelift video (We lost!) that I was in.

Me in a Nightblue3 video

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