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Okay so how to put it...
Because I felt like Pyke is missing something (despite his appearance and ultimate) I felt there is a need to decrease his (and mine) flaws and create a build that would help me stay alive and help teammates more, not just kill-or-die with his all-in, hit-and-run attitude. That just doesn't suit some of teampicks.

I needed to cover some of both - mine and his weakness, although changing his pykepassive.png into a weapon.
To change late-game monster into early/midgame teampusher.

So his main tree became a Resolve.

I took Aftershock.png?width=32 over Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 because of it's usability - it grants armor, magic resistance and deals some damage, meanwhile Grasp%20of%20the%20Undying.png?width=32 needs time to start working, when enemy can be dead in less than 4 seconds (despite a tanky build), right?
Next choices I believe is Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 .

Bone plating is a good reason to take it to give him some basic cover , as he is not a true tank to begin with. Because if his skills are not enough to kill the enemy you are given some little window of opportunity to run away. Demolish.png?width=32  and Font%20of%20Life.png?width=32 were out of my calculation because I wanted to give him some more survivality and just go from lane to lane, not create a pusher or support.

5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 - because after all this 9 damage will be of use later. More powa - bigga hits.
Conditioning.png?width=32 and Second%20Wind.png?width=32 were also bit out of question. Because we will be more into health than armor/mr, it may be not necessary. Also for 2nd wind - you have your passive that heals you if enemy's not watching, why take it then?

Overgrowth.png?width=32 above other 2 - because it gives so precious health. Even if his stats are not that astounding, you push lane in lategame - you get health. You fight in jungle - you get health. It won't give astounding values overall, but it is just enough to gain a few points of AD and health. You don't heal another character, yet you may sometimes consider Perseverance.png?width=32 since if he hits a slow during his W, he may not be able to get to target in enough time to hit enemy or just get close enough.

The second tree - Domination.

Why? Because his Passive stacks with damage. His ability stacks with AD. So why not other trees?
Mainly because it suits him. Some damage is always in price.

I took 2 of them -  Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 and Relentless%20Hunter.png?width=32 . Because when you do jungle, objectives, gank a lane, you always use that extra speed with pykew.png and 3117.png . And of course what is a gank with Pyke if it is not started with well-placed pykee.png ? I could also consider taking Ingenious%20Hunter.png?width=32Wicked Maestro for faster use of his ultimate (although I consider it a waste due to it's refresh) or Eyeball%20Collection.png?width=32 for some damage. And why not cheap%20shot1.png?width=32 ? Because it's mostly up to your team to take them down and that little true dmg is not enough since he somewhat lacks of real, assasin-like dmg in this build.

You could take some other runes but those are the ones that I took, hopefully it helps you at least a bit.

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Okay so why such strange ability disorder? Why not max Q over E?

Because this build is for teamplay. I didn't make it for Pyke to kill quickly and as his amount of slow on pykeq.png doesn't change, I believed maxing pykee.png will be a better choice in early-game ganks.
So, as I said, because of stun amount increases it seems to be fitting option for this build. You pykew.png to target lane, land a stun with pykee.png . Then if enemy is trying to run you just pykeq.png them.
Meanwhile casting your ultimate if needed.

Why max Q over W then?
Because of it's usability - you can slow more often/try to pick them meanwhile pykew.png is for "Grand Entrance"/"Grand Escape".

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    For the beginning

Core Items

    Really core
    If no need for any situational items

Situational Items

    For additional armor - if against AD
    Against Teemo or Kata or some other DOT champion
    Against bursts
    For some healing
    If enemy is a vamp. A bad vamp.
    For lolz/healing
Okay so you start standard - Hunter's talisman and Refillable potion.
Talisman as he doesn't have either dmg strong enough or attack speed that could cope with Machette. But you could try, yet this mana regen helps him a bit. Refillable gains some hp and it let to reduce some of the gold in the beginning.

For the first return - it's best to take skrimnisher's sabre. More for some damage reduction than damage, but if you wish just to be sure ganks pays off - you can take Stalker's Blade.

Next return and the items you would like to take most of the time - is Cinderhulk, Mobility Boots and Black Cleaver.
Cinderhullk is good because of it's HP increase. 20% - even if it is small amount for Pyke - he still benefits a lot from it.
The additional dmg source. Additional HP. Additional AD. It helps him to keep Pyke alive for mid game ganks and still gives some dmg in return. Black Cleaver gives him something valuable - CDR, more AD and even more HP. Why not?
Mob's are the best for ganks. After all  you have to carry yourself all the way to bot/mid/top and stacks nicely with Relentless Hunter.
Duskblade works nicely with his pykew.png  and Edge of night helps to survive late with all those deadly abilities floating around... that mean if there is no need for situational items. Because sometimes it is better to leave it for some armor or magic resist than to build up damage.

Rest of items are just situational. As for question why I won't recommend Sterak for core - it gives basic damage that does not stack with his abilities or passive, but it surely helps against bursts.

It surely helps to get Spirit Visage to get some extra healing if enemy have more AP's and it works nicely with his passive. Of course if you manage to get out.

All in his build is to build tanky along some damage and resistances.

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This character is difficult. Better not touch without teammates.

With them it could be bad as well.
But you can always stop his madness by stunnning him, but you have to be carefull, he may easily jump on you.




It depends on the game. Early you can do something about him, but he often stays in jungle by then. The hard  thing is his late where - if he takes the dark form - may just eat your HP easily and if fed can mess you pretty badly.




He really outsustains you. Sometimes, if you could time your E right it stops his ultimate midway, but it really needs some good coordination. Without 3123.png - better not touch. But still - at early you can easily outmanouver him with your pykee.png if you are carefulll enough.

Some obvious notes Back to Top

To make it clear, this build somehow shifts Pyke's gameplay from mid/lategame monster into teamplay early/midgame helper.
I make his power from pykepassive.pngGift of the Drowned Ones that let you both get a point of AD after gaining 14 health and can regenerate MAXIMUM % of hp depending on his additional AD.

But first, let me clarify a few things.

His clearing speed is not astonishing, like before you get 1413.png/3751.png it will be very slow.
But it shouldn't be a problem since this character is made for ganking, not for hugging the trees. Of course you could stop by just sitting in jungle, but you can really help getting kills for team easily.

He is not ment to take kills easily. He is more suited for helping out team in early/mid or sometimes with late to get them fed and just carry the game altogether.
For this, pyker.png suits perfectly since it gives additional gold for the 1st asistant of that kill and if Pyke kills the target the cooldown resets. Sweet.
But when you use your ultimate you have to consider that he blinks to target only if the target is in the X, otherwise Pyke won't move to location marked with X.
Okay so you start standard - since he does not own any spammable jungle skill - you have to hit'n'run. It's best to start from bottom lane as the buff clearing speed is better, do the other camp, Scuttle and of corse gank. Then, depending on situation, gank other lane or just kill a few camps. Getting behind with lvl's is not very problematic with him, as his potential lies within his pykew.png and pykee.png . You have to care about your life, but he surely doesn't need to be as carefull as full-damage Pyke.
Mid and Late
Everything looks different when he gets first items - after taking 3117.png and 1413.png he helps getting kills easily. He can clear camps faster and as it goes - gank faster. Additionally he can survive a few hits that doesn't put him in "sorry" state.

The phases are very similar. Just go for the gank, do the objective, buy items, repeat. It may sound repeatable but he is quite a rewarding character - you never get tired of pulling them or killing with your ultimate, well, even your stun feels rewardable enough.

Just you have to be considerate that he is way better with single targets, getting into skrimnishes requires a good and fed teammate since you do not deal that much dmg to them.
Getting a gank is pretty easy with him.
When near enemy, use pykew.png to get close. Then, use pykee.png and just aa the target. Use Q if you think it may stop the target from running away or just wait for him to use his flash and use the "nope" skill - pykeq.png and pull him back. But you have to be considerate - at the beginning you probably won't have another chance.

Or you can always go away, wait for your HP to regenerate and repeat.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

*Note: When you use 4.png , the pykee.png follows you so you can easily follow enemy flash, slow him with Q and just wait for your afterimage to come.

Did I miss something?
If yes - say so.
If you need any backup - I will gladly help.
Hope you can use this build to your fullest.
Best wishes
Where is my Duck /aka Matey BX/

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