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All Guides Quinn Guides [PATCH 8.16] Don't Play Games, Quinn Them. S8 Top Lane Guide for Quinn
1 month ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

12.png4.png This setup is for a split pushing style play, what I usually take. Not as much kill/burst pressure if you take Ignite over TP, but you can have more lane pressure by staying top to push or by going mid/bot to pick up kills/dragons. With this setup, your job is to create huge pressure on the map, forcing to send the enemy team to send one or two people to deal with you.

14.png4.png Good kill/burst pressure in lane to get snowballing. No TP however means decreased map pressure

14.png12.png Pretty good for split pushing/dueling. Only take if you are confident in the matchup.

21.png4.png I do not recommend this top lane unless you believe that the matchup is in the enemy's favor, and you need this for just to be able to tank a bit more damage or to absorb an incoming execute(e.g. Garen Ult, Darius Ult, etc.); if it works for you however, then take it.

New Runes Back to Top

Abilities Back to Top


Your quinne.png is very versatile. Take it Level one to maximize early dueling potential. After that, put a point into quinnq.png then a point into quinnw.png. Then, take your Ultimate quinnr.png at levels 6, 11, and 16.

Ability Explanations:


quinnpassive.png Harrier (Passive)

Every 8 seconds, Valor will mark Quinn's last hit enemy as Vulnerable. Quinn's next basic attack against a Vulnerable enemy will consume the mark and deal Bonus Physical Damage equal to (15-100 + 1.16-1.5 x Total Attack Damage) Every 1% of Critical Strike Chance lowers Harrier's Cooldown by 1% multiplicatively. 

Harrier is disabled while quinnr.png Behind Enemy Lines is active.


quinnq.png Blinding Assault (Q)

Quinn throws Valor in a line, dealing (20/45/70/95/120 + 0.80/0.90/1.00/1.10/1.20 Total AD) + 0.5 Ability Power to all enemies in a small AoE around the first enemy hit. The first enemy hit is also marked as Vulnerable, and has one of these two effects:

1. If the enemy is a Champion, their vision radius is drastically decreased for 2 seconds.

2. If the enemy is a minion or a Monster, they are unable to attack for 2 seconds.


quinnw.png Heightened Senses (W)

Passive: Quinn gets 20/35/50/65/80% Bonus Attack Speed and 20/25/30/35/40% Bonus Movement Speed when attacking a Vulnerable target.

Active: Upon activation, Valor reveals a large area around Quinn, revealing all found enemy units for 2 seconds. Does not revel stealthed units


quinne.png Vault (E)

Quinn dashes to a target enemy unit, briefly knocking them up/displacing them and dealing (40/70/100/130/160 + 0.2 Bonus AD) physical damage. Upon reaching the target, Quinn leaps off her target, slowing it by 50% for 1.5 seconds. Valor will immediately mark this enemy as Vulnerable. Vault will also reset Quinn's basic attack counter.


quinnr.png Behind Enemy Lines (R)

1st Cast: Quinn channels for 2 seconds. After 2 seconds, Valor comes down and lifts Quinn into the sky, gaining 70/100/130% Total Movement Speed and the ability to use Skystrike. Taking damage from any source while the ability is active will remove the movespeed buff and slow Quinn. Taking any form of hard crowd control will end Behind Enemy Lines

2nd Cast: Quinn returns to the ground in a hail of arrows, dealing 40% of her Total Attack Damage to all nearby enemy units. Skystrike will cast on Quinn's command or when taking an offensive action. 

If you have at least one point in Behind Enemy Lines, Quinn will automatically respawn every time as Valor.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Most viable starting items. Gives damage and sustain.

Core Items

    Core Items

Situational Items

    Either one depending on their team. Replaces Ghostblade.
    Replace BT if Snowballing
    If desired over Greaves

Starting Items:

-This setup gives Quinn exactly what she needs in lane. Damage and sustain. Also, Long Sword can be later built into other items later on. Can be sold if you can get a B.F. Sword out of it.

Backing Items:

3134.png --> 3147.png Serrated Dirk/Duskblade - Your main damage item. You really should not back until you can afford a dirk. Getting this item will cause a HUGE spike in your damage, and you will be able to snowball hard.

3095.png Stormrazor - Stormrazor is absolutely BUSTED right now on Quinn. Combine this with Duskblade and you will literally be one-shotting people. 

Full/Core Build:


3147.png Duskblade - This MUST be your first item. Do not deviate from this. Get it. 
3095.png Stormrazor - Second item. It's broken. Please get it.
3006.png Berserkers Greaves -  Standard boots. Can be replaced with Mobis if desired

The following items may be built in any order you choose. My recommended path:

3087.png Statikk Shiv - Gives Crit, AS, Movespeed. Good wave clear with passive, which synergizes with Quinn. Passive can be stacked with Quinn's E. 
3142.png Ghostblade - Lethality is always nice on Quinn.

3072.png The Bloodthirster - Damage, Life Steal, and a shield. Quinn desperately needs Sustain and this gives it to her on a silver platter.

-Other Items:

3022.png Frozen Mallet - Gives a lot of health, decent AD, and makes all of your basic attacks Slow. I would recommend this item vs True Damage dealers you can kite such as Olaf and Darius.

3026.png Guardian's Angel - Get this if the enemy team likes to focus you.... and only you.  3070.png3070.png

3156.png Maw of Malmortius - Good vs High AP team. Replaces Ghostblade.

3036.png Lord Dominik's Regards - Get vs High HP tanks. Replaces Ghostblade.

3033.png Mortal Reminder - Get vs 106.png36.png. Any champion with OP healing. Replaces Ghostblade.

Matchups Back to Top

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This matchup is still kinda easy for Quinn. However, if he gets the jump on you, you're dead. 

Medium-Easy matchup for laning phase, however can snowball out of control if he gets ahead.
Use your VaultquinnE.png to keep distance. Stay out of his aatroxw.png




Easy pre-6. 

After she hits 6 she can 100-0 you instantly if you let her.
Early Poke
Buy Pinks.
She snowballs hard, play VERY safe if she gets ahead, and ping like CRAAAZY if she's MIA.




It's basically female 59.png, just much less viable.

Harass her to no end. You destroy this matchup
Use your Vault quinne.png when she uses Hookshot camillee.png to give her a hard time. 

Watch out Post-6 for ganks with camiller.png. It's basically a free kill since you can't escape.




Dodge his knock-up, kite/poke him when he farms.
Beware of his Level 6, it is slightly stronger than yours due to his ult being True Damage.




Can be quite annoying, but this is generally a very easy lane.
Be careful if you engage with E. If he is good, he will pull you, and you will have lost the trade and may die.

If he misses his E, go ham on him and try to kill him, it has a very long CD early on and he won't be able to use it often. Watch out for his all-in's at Level 6, and you should be fine.

With Patch 5.16, Darius now gets Bloodrage if he applies 5 stacks of his passive onto another person or dunks them for a kill. Stay away from him if he has Bloodrage. 


Dr. Mundo


Mundo has gotten some direct and indirect buffs this patch. The defensive mastery tree is insanely good on him, and the buff to his Masochismmasochism.png is very good. Without a blind, if he begins to land cleavers you are basically dead. Take Ignite14.png for the matchup, as well as the new Executioner's Calling 3123.png to reduce his healing.

He has no escapes, so he is very easy to gank Pre-6




Avoid his ekkoq.png at all costs. It does a lot of damage early and stacks his marks on you which deal bonus damage.

Harass when you can but do not over commit to anything vs Ekko. Like you, he has extremely deceptive burst damage and can easily 100-0 you if you're careless.

Do not stand anywhere near his ghost ever. His ekkor.png will shred you.




New Fiora is still a decent threat in lane. However, her play style is very obvious, and is much like yours. If you expose your weak spot to her, she will probably try to smack it.

Much caution must be taken when you E to her. Her new Riposte will STUN you if she uses it when you Vault her. If this happens, you are fucked. 

This matchup is easier for Quinn, however more thinking is required when approaching this. Now she is like most other Melee ADC's, just a few fancy tricks here and there to make it interesting. 

Main Points:
  • Do not expose Weak Spots
  • Be careful when Vaulting
  • Attack her if she uses her Q (remember the CD is greatly reduced if she hits a target with it)




Easy. That's all there is to say about this matchup.

Vault him when he uses his galioe.png and don't get poked by galioq.png




This is more of an Easy-Medium matchup. He remains more the same, however his barrels can be annoying when you are trying to kite him and duel him with your ult. They do a ridiculous amount of damage early on, and his autos now ignite for True Damage.

He's definitely stronger in lane, however he's still the same Gankplank for the most part.

If he Q's you, auto him a few times to trade back. He should have serious mana problems early, and you can abuse this. 




He can 100-0 you if he gets into melee range of you, but if you know what you're doing you shouldn't let that happen.
If he starts charging you, E away from him.

 Just... don't fight him mid-late game. I don't care if you're 5-0, 10-0, 15-0, or 999-0. Garen WILL outscale you in a 1v1, especially if you are Villain.




You are one of his hardest counters, abuse this during the laning phase.

Land your quinnq.png as often as possible

Your burst damage is a lot higher than his at all stages of the game, and you can win just about every 1v1 against him.

If he switches to Mega Gnar, try to E him when he jumps to you to negate his only gap-closer, and kite him for what should be an easy kill.




Oh boy. This horse. You have to establish early on lvl 1-3 that you are the owner of this lane. If you fail to harass him by the time he starts getting levels, he will stomp all over you. 

You can't vault away from his E, because you still get hit anyway. And his W keeps him in lane indefinitely. 

He has huge mana problems without any mana items. Try to have your jungler gank when he is low on mana.




Use your quinne.png to interrupt both her W illaoiw.png and her Ult illaoir.png (careful timing required for this one)

Harass when you can, and farm tentacles for free gold. Should be an easy lane.



Medium-Hard without the Blind
She deals true damage, keep that in mind.
If she dashes to you, E away.
Kite/poke her for the laning phase.
If she burns her ultimate, or goes oom, try to all in her.


Jarvan IV


Your Dream-Lover has just turned on you, what a shame :/ There's a reason Valor never really liked him.

YOU MUST dodge his EQ combo, or you will lose every trade. If you see him use his E or Q, then you can go on him, as he has no other means of mobility other than his ultimate, which you can E out of.

Beware, Jarvan IV is one of the best champions in the game at securing ganks. As said before, E out of his ultimate by standing near the walls of it, and get to safety.



*NEW* The new "Blind" makes it easier to duel Jax. If you cast it on him during his Counter Strikejaxcounterstrike.png, he won't be able to lock on to you and jump to you with his Qjaxleapstrike.png.

Same story as Irelia. You don't need the blind, but damn it made the matchup a whole lot easier. 

If he jumps on you, E away. Don't be afraid to poke him, but don't ever try to out-trade him, you just won't be able to unless you are very ahead in the lane.

Don't even think of fighting him late game. Just don't...



Kayle's a bitch. Enough said. 
You need to harass her early, for this is when you can slightly out-trade her.
Beware of her potential to tower dive you at level 6. If you are at around 30-50% health, just leave.
Do not dive her post 6 unless you know you have the advantage or if her ult is down.




Oh Kha'Zix. Once the king of the Jungle. Once the King of the Mid Lane. Once the King of the Perma-ban.

The matchup is still somewhat easy, as his playstyle is somewhat predictable.

Just stay near your creep wave at all times, and save your Vault for when he used his jumpkhazixE.png




Use Vault quinne.png during the very last tick of his Q kledq.png to escape it's range and get free harass.

Use Vault quinne.png when he tries to use his E klede.png to either escape or engage, as it's his only form of getting to you besides his Ult kledr.png

Harass when you can but do not get cocky, and watch his Courage (red) meter when he has dismounted Skaarl.


Lee Sin


Don't eat his Q's.
If he tries to dash to his allied minion, time your E right and you will jump with him.(Use care when doing this though)
If he all-in's you, blind him and try to fight him.
Watch for his surprising amount of damage post level 6, if he's ahead at all he will 100-0 you instantly.




This is more of a Medium-Hard matchup really. He just becomes too tanky to deal with, but early jungle pressure can help shut down the lane and keep you ahead. His burst damage is very deceptive, so be careful.


Master Yi


Easy-Medium early. Medium-Hard mid and Impossible late game.

Man, you REALLY needed your blind for this. However, he's easy in lane. It's when he starts to get fed when he gets to be... well... Yi.

Save Vault for if he Q'salphastrike.png to you or when he heals with Wmeditate.png. You can stop his heal with Vault.



*NEW* The new "Blind" wrecks this dog. He won't be able to see what minions are getting low, so it will be hard for him to last hit with siphoningstrikenew.png. Also, he won't be able to cast Wither wither.png on you due to the reduced vision radius.

Easy Early, Medium Midgame. Impossible Late without help from a support to peel.

Deny him as much as you can. Your blind was a beast in this matchup. After he gets about 200 stacks, don't even think of trying to fight him. You aren't going to win unless you are extremely fed.

Poke him when he comes to farm.

E away AFTER he Wither's you so you can open up some distance between him.

Take 12.png for this lane to minimize his farming capabilities.





Oh Nautilus. You truly are a huge pain in the ass at all stages of the game.

He's fairly easy to kill early, but that's really it. Your window of opportunity is from Levels 1-5. That's when you should be playing aggressively and harassing him whenever the opportunity arises. 

After he gets a few items, he just becomes impossible to kill, no matter how fed you are.

Beware when pushing lane though, Nautilus has some gnarly CC, and can easily coordinate a jungler gank as early as level 2 and set the lane in his favor.




Not really much of a problem anymore due to the newest patch. She is still a fairly viable top laner though, but Quinn can do fairly well vs her when played correctly.

If she jumps on you, just fight her, you should win every trade unless she's fed out the ass.




Medium Pre-6. VERY Hard Post-6

Bare in mind that he can deal true damage, so Frozen Mallet is a MUST for this matchup.

Dodge his axes, and he's yours. Can't dodge his axes; you're his.

Beware his Ultimate, your slow is useless against him when he has it up. You must win lane early or he will snowball you hard.

Ask for ganks, Olaf lacks and real escape and can be shut down easily with a couple of ganks.




Stand clear of his Q ornnq.png

Stay out of range of his W ornnw.png

Vault quinne.png him when he uses his E ornne.png

Not difficult. But can get very tanky very quickly. Harass down when possible and attack him if you see him building items in lane. It cancels it.




This matchup is ridiculously easy for Pantheon...

By far the hardest matchup for Quinn. That shield is annoying, and he'll be able to harass you more then you can harass him.

I highly recommend NOT picking Quinn if you know you will be up against a Pantheon, unless your Jungler decides to pitch his tent top lane.

Pantheon's ability to snowball the lane is just as hard as yours. However, if you can get the advantage, you can 100-0 him instantly.

Try to proc his shield with an autoattack BEFORE Harrier marks him, or you will have wasted your passive.

I recommend Ninja Tabi3047.png or even a Randuins3143.png.




Don't Vault quinne.png her when her W poppyw.png is up, it's a waste and you get nothing from it.

Vault quinne.png her when she starts casting her Ult poppyr.png, it interrupts it. 

Poke her down as you like, but stay away from walls and terrain when her E poppye.png is up.



Still pretty easy, just be sure to Roam as much as she will.

This is a very easy matchup for Quinn. And since Rek'Sai has been getting nothing but nerfs, it's become even more eaiser. 

She is very easy to zone, and she's very predictable when she wants to tunnel to you. E her when she does this.

Be aware, Rek'Sai can snowball this matchup fairly easily with an early kill or two. Don't give them to her.




Easy-Medium Early, Medium/Hard Mid-Late depending on how the lane went.

Poke him down every time he farms, and if he rolls to you, Vault away and proc Harrier if you can.

Don't fight him when he has a full Fury bar, wait until it has depleted, then fight.

Beware of his ultimate if you, it gives him a large amount of health and can catch you off guard if you aren't careful. Only dive when his Ult is down.




Ward ALL the bushes in top lane.

His damage early game is kinda meh. He lacks any real escape without his Ult, and is usually squishy.

He will usually take Ignite top lane, so be aware of the Full-AD Rengars who come into lane with 105 AD and just sit in the bush for all of laning phase(but that's why you warded it, right?)

If he's fed, don't fight him. You WILL die. Hug turret and DON'T PUSH LANE.




You didn't really need the blind for this matchup, it was just more of adding insult to injury. However, it was nice to have against Riven.

When she hits her Broken Wings (when she starts jumping around and shit) to engage on you, Vault away during her 3rd jump. 

Not only do you avoid what would be massive damage, but you also leave her misplaced and dispositioned, to the point where you can counterattack and take advantage.

Also, if she has used her abilities, feel free to harass her, as she has no way of turning on you at this point, just be careful not to over-extend the trade. 

Dodge her Ult post 6, and she shouldn't be a problem.




I don't usually play against a Rumble, but when I do, I learn why he was given the name "The Mechanized Menace."

His damage in lane is just crazy, added to the fact that he is AP, and you've got yourself one mean Yordle.

You can poke him, but be safe when you do. For example, if all you do is eat his Flamespitter while attacking him, then you will lose the lane for sure.

The only reason why I was reluctant to place this at a Hard matchup was because he is a Melee champion, while you are Ranged. However, he does have ranged poke, so stay behind your Minions. A gank or two could go a long way.


If timed correctly, your Vault will cancel his Ultimate completely, however this takes precision to master, as his Ultimate has only a 0.5 second channel time. You also put yourself into danger by placing yourself in a position where you will end up eating his Ultimate face-first, so be careful when attempting this.




After the Rework, Ryze is still a major pain in the ass. However, he is still manageable, as he has no escapes and is very vulnerable to ganks.

He can no longer Q-spam you to death, as long as you stay behind your minions. However, do not underestimate his dueling power. He is still more than well capable of 100-0'ing you if you get caught out. Don't give him the opportunity. 

Use your Vault quinne.png to cancel his Ult ryzer.png




Early laning phase is yours. Later he just becomes too tanky for you to deal with.

Care when  diving or when you are near his turret due to his taunt, and use your Vault to cancel his Ultimate so he can't get away.




I would have put this matchup as Easy, but her natural tankiness refrained me from doing so.

Avoid her fire spitting by moving around your wave constantly, poking with care, as the ability pierces through the minions.

Avoid prolonged engagements, as her AoE will shred you if you let it.

After you get some items, she shouldn't be a problem as long as you didn't feed her.

Any time that she is flying during her ultimate, you can Vault her to stop her dead in her tracks.




Early laning can be a pain if you let him just trail his poison all around you. Punish him for doing so, but DO NOT FOLLOW HIM. You will take a massive amount of damage, and you will be left dumbfounded when after you are first blood, you open up the stats and realize that his poison did 

527 (87% Magic Damage)  -_-

Use care when vaulting to him, as he can throw you back in the middle of it, leaving you out-of-position, and taking damage.




The tankiest motherfucker in this game o_O

Tower diving him is a death sentence, as he will just kill you with his passive. 

Use your E to cancel his Q when you see him charging it up.

Sion has no escapes except for his ult, so he is vulnerable to ganks early or when he doesn't have ult. 





BATTLE OF THE BLINDS (Well... it used to be)

His blind wrecks you. So don't fight when he has it up. Some Teemos like to last hit with Blind, so feel free to fight him if he does that.

However, you can still beat him.

This one of the only matchups in which I recommend harassing with Vault, for he has no hard CC except for his shrooms, which you should be clearing the minute you see him place one.

Your burst is higher than his, just wait out his blind, then all in him, and don't get baited into shroom traps.

Post 6 you can absolutely destroy him. Get Merc Treds for the Tenacity, buy a red trinket and pink wards, and play safe

*NOTE*: Current state of Teemo with new runes makes him ridiculously broken. Ask for a camp or laneswap.




You can troll the Troll King harder then he can troll you.

He has to be in melee range to do basically anything to you, just don't stand next to his pillars and you should be fine.

Blind was very nice in this matchup. He literally couldn't do anything to you.

Be sure to shut him down early because late game he is a monster and he will out scale you if you let him; see to it to make sure he doesn't.




God dammit Tryndamere...

Much Like Yi, you REALLY needed the blind for Trynd. However, you can still kick his ass early.

Vault him when he Spinsslashcast.png to you. Continue to chase him until you can't.

Take Ignite14.png for his Ult. Cast it on him before his ult expires and watch him die.

Don't let him get fed. We all know what a fed Tryndamere can do...




quinnq.png him when he uses his W urgotw.png, the blind effect prevents it from locking on to you. 

Vault quinne.png him when he uses his E urgote.png and keep your distance.

Do not underestimate his Ult urgotr.png




Poke like there's no tomorrow.

Bait his pool, don't be afraid to fight him.

Careful post 6, if you are low to half health, he WILL kill you under turret if he commits, so just back.




Might of the Frejiord my ass. How does an armored polar bear trained in the Rune Wars lose to a bird? Questions...


Anyway, if he charges you, vault away. Poke him down, and save Ignite for his passive.

Avoid long fights, his E passive is quite nasty and does A LOT of damage.




This guy can howl all he wants, show no mercy for him.

Poke as often as you can, but avoid being hit by his Q's.

He can dive you post 6, so back if you are low.

If you are low, never stay near him while recalling, or he will get your scent and jump on you. Get as close to your base as possible before recalling.

Your Vault quinne.png cancels his Ult warwickr.png. Abuse that.




Care when dueling him, as he gains armor shred with his Q, which can be devastating at early levels.

Don't be fooled by his clone and use your entire burst on it.

When he dashes to you, vault away and he will be marked. If this mark disappears, then you will know that he cloned, and you should look for the mark when his clone expires.

Be sure to land your blinds consistently to win trades, and be careful post 6, his Ultimate can shred you.


Xin Zhao


If he charges you, Vault and blind. Bait his Three Talon Strike and Vault after the second hit to bait and avoid the knockup.

He can get tanky post 6 with his Ult, so care when diving.




Not really played much top, but you are probably one of the only Champions in the game who can duel him in the early laning phase.

If he windwalls, get beside it to make sure your autoattacks land.

If he dashes, Vault to interrupt it, and avoid his Tornados.

Poke him to take down his shield. Then engage hard.

Yasuo is a monster late game, and if he gets PD/IE; unless you are very far ahead of him, you will lose your trades with him. He scales harder than you, so be sure to give him a beating early to give him a hard time late.




Levels 1-3 are when you can poke him and try something, however after that he will gain control of the lane.

The best advice that I can give you here is to get into bushes when dueling him, so his Ghouls will switch their agro to the minon wave instead of you, giving you free reign on Yorick, but only for a short time.

Vault quinne.png when he uses his W yorickw.png on you.

Buckle down and beg your Jungler for a gank, it's gonna be a hard lane.

Welcome to the Guide! Back to Top

heartseeker quinn.jpg


Hello there, and thank you for tuning into my guide on Top Lane Quinn! Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Avery, and I have been playing League since the Fall of 2013, right around when Jinx came out. My first game I played Sona, got wrecked by a Miss Fortune Bot, and was told to buy a sword by a fellow teammate. I ended up buying 6 Long Swords, thinking I had the most powerful build in the game.

At around Level 12 I began to start getting into ranged attackers, and decided to pick up Ashe, as she was the cheapest one available. I played her all the way to about Level 25. One day, when I went bot lane, I had gone up against ranged carry I've never heard of. She had a bird, and she would mark me with targets every once in a while, and sometimes would kick me in the face. This enemy, was none other than Quinn. Needless to say, I lost that matchup.

After the game, I decided to take a look at Quinn, and found out that she was on free week. So, I decided to pick her up and try her out. And well, you can see where it's gotten me today.

My name on League is SwagMaster69, I currently play on NA Servers, and am currently a high Silver ELO player, with hopes to climb even further. I may not be a Plat or Diamond player, but take my word for it that I know all things Quinn, and that I take playing Quinn VERY seriously

My statistics aren't all that impressive. I've held a decent win rate with Quinn for the entire season. However, I have great aspirations to improve and I can only get better from here.

If you guys have any question regarding this guide or Quinn in general, feel free to leave a comment below, or add me on League and ask me.

Pros and Cons of Quinn and Valor Back to Top

PROS 14.png:
1. Good laning phase
2. Very strong duelist
3. Strong burst against squishy targets
4. Excellent roamer pre-6, godlike roams with ult.
5. Scales well into late game
6. Good Split-Pusher and backdooring abilities.

CONS 3.png:

1. VERY squishy (you'll should have a tank jungler/support to make up for the lack of meat top)
2. Vulnerable to CC (but what Carry isn't?)
3. Not that good of a teamfighter.
4. Expensive-ish build. But, all Carries' builds tend to be expensive
5. Kinda useless if behind.

Champion Abilities Your Vault (E) can Cancel Back to Top

Will Update Soon!

Your Vault is the most versatile ability in your kit. However, what most people don't know is that aside from the burst it can provide, it also interrupts a lot of Champion abilities as well. Such abilities are:

12.png Summoner Teleport

 266_64.png Q (Dark Flight)

34_64.png Ultimate

268_64.png Dash

51_64.png Ultimate (5 Second CD after)

42_64.png W (Valkyrie)

9_64.png W (Heal) and Ultimate (During Channel)

3_64.png Ultimate

150_64.png Jumps (Mega and Mini-Gnar)

40_64.png Ultimate

420.png Q - Tentacle Smash illaoiQ.png

59_64.png EQ Dash (Can also escape Cataclysm if Vaulting near wall)

24_64.png Leap Strike

429_64.png Passive Jumps

30_64.png Ultimate

55_64.png Ultimate (Please, I will love you 4ever)

121_64.png Jump

7_64.png W and Re-Cast (Negates damage)

64_64.png Q (2nd cast. Careful! You will follow him)

127_64.png E (Where she throws down her ice hand)

236_64.png E (Dash) and Ultimate

90_64.png Ultimate (Pray he didn't ult you)

11_64.png W (Heal)

21_64.png Ultimate

20_64.png Ultimate

80_64.png E (Heartseeker Strike) and Ultimate (During Channel)

133_64.png E (GGWP)

92_64.png All of her dumb-ass dashes

68_64.png Ultimate (Perfect Timing Required)

98_64.png Ultimate

102_64.png Ultimate

14_64.png Q

412_64.png Lantern (You can stop somebody from grabbing the lantern by Vaulting them at the right time)

18_64.png W

23_64.png E

4_64.png Ultimate

161_64.png Ultimate

254_64.png Q (Ironically called "Vault Breaker" whilst the ability itself is interrupted by your Vault)

19.png Ultimate (Please)

101_64.png Ultimate

154_64.png E (During Channel)

238_64.png W (You can follow him through his shadows)

115_64.png During his flight with (W) Satchel Charge

Laning Phase/Early Game Back to Top

This is where it all counts. Your job as a top laner is quite simple:


Quinn Poster.jpg

This isn't even an exaggeration. If your enemy laner isn't regretting playing the game, then you aren't doing your job correctly.

Poke, harass, kill. As a ranged top laner you can trade with the enemy laner safely AND farm at the same time. You deny your laner as much as you can while getting as much farm as you can get your hands on.

After establishing lane dominance, look for picks mid lane, or bot lane if you took TP. With your new Ult, you have to abuse the hell out of it by non-stop roaming just about everything you can.

Mid's low? Roam mid and get a kill.
Spotted the low health enemy jungler at red? Get in there and *SQUAAAK* all over him.
Enemy bot lane getting cocky? Show them true terror in bird form.

I'm not kidding you. I have single-handedly won games due to the enemy top lane raging over Quinn top.

If you can shut down your lane, and also supply insane map pressure by constantly roaming and snowballing other lanes, you make it that much easier to transition into mid game and for your team to pick up easy wins.

Mid Game Back to Top

*NOTE* These tips don't apply to only Quinn, but to most every Champion and most every game you will play!

So the flow of Mid Game depends on two things:

1. How did your lane go?

2. How did your team do?

In the new meta, Mid Game appears to start around 10-12 minutes into the game. I've made this flowchart on what you should do at Mid Game:
midgame flowchart.png


1. Stay Top/Push Advantage
That's the one great thing about a game that begins to snowball in your favor. If your team is playing well, there is very little the enemy team can do to respond. If your team is doing as well as you say they are, then keep shoving top, because it is very likely that they can fight easy 4v5's. 

OR the enemy team sends 2-3 up top to stop you, but then your team can push 4v2 and take easy towers and other objectives. Either way, as long as you keep getting objectives, it's worth your death, and your team will come out on top with an eventual win.

2. Group With Your Team
I think this video explains this. Skip to 1:32 if it doesn't do it automatically.

TL;DR, Share your power with your team. If you are fed, help your team. You can carry the game if you are as fed/as good as you say you are.
*DISCLAIMER* Not all games can be won. You have to recognize when a game has a possibility of a comeback, and when a game is just a loss.

3. Group With Your Team
The reason for you to group here is far different than for Scenario 2. If you've lost your lane, and your team is doing well, then there is literally NO REASON for you to be top lane, period. Just group with your team and help end the game. Because by staying top, one or more of these things is bound to happen, guaranteed:
  1. The Enemy top laner is still there, and you die to him.
  2. The Enemy jungler is also there, and you die to him.
  3. The Enemy top laner is creating map pressure that you aren't responding to. Seriously, I see this A LOT. Staying top lane and getting a turret, maybe two, IS NOT WORTH IT when your enemy top laner rolls all over your team and kills them all. 
By being with your team, even if your aren't doing that great, it gives your teammates a sense of security knowing that you are there. And also, it's a lot better than your team flaming you in the chat for not grouping when you are 0-10.... I've learned this through experience... Get off your pride train and let your team carry you.

4. Look/Wait For Throws OR Split Push/Backdoor
Although rare, throws do happen. For example, if the enemy team is doing Baron while they have an open Inhib/Nexus, bum-rush that base and take as much as you can. You will most likely stop the Baron, force them to back, and usually take an Inhib or even win the game in some circumstances.


Split pushing is also a possibility. Let's be honest here. Sometimes, some games just look so grim, that there is no chance of winning. Ever had a game where your team was doing so well, and as your taking their base, you have the screen pan over to YOUR base, only to see a dancing Tryndamere and a Defeat picture? Or how about a Nasus that just 2-shot your Inhib turret? 

Well, as Quinn, you are now the Tryndamere. You are the Nasus. In games where it's 0-728 with no shot of winning, taking your TP top lane and trying something is a lot BETTER than sitting in base and doing nothing or dying to an inevitable siege. There's no harm in trying to Split Push/Backdoor a losing game. Who knows, you could even win the game for your team. Worst case scenario you lose, but that was already going to happen.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game. Oh Late Game... you basically don't exist anymore with League's wishes to end games sooner with hardcore snowballing.

Anyway, Late Game works the same way as Mid Game. You have one of these two options:

1. Split Push/Take Objectives

As Quinn, you work much better as a Split pusher than a team fighter. You have unparalleled pushing abilities, and can go from base to base in a matter of seconds. 

You should be split pushing If your team has enough presence to fight a late game 4v5, or if your team is so far behind, that split pushing is the only way to win

2. Team Fight

Team fighting as Quinn... it's not impossible, but it's a bit tricky. You are an ADC in reality, with low range and no major poke ability aside from Q (which is blocked on the first enemy hit) Other short range ADC's have something going for them that alleviates their low auto attack ranges. Graves has TONS of burst and ranged abilities that do A LOT of damage, Ezreal has a lot of poke, Vayne is... Vayne, Twitch has an Ultimate that is literally one big F-U to the enemy team, Lucian has mobility and good poking abilities...

Quinn throws a bird... 

Don't get me wrong, Quinn has VERY DECEPTIVE burst damage, but all of Quinn's burst is focused into one enemy, where somebody like Graves can literally burst your entire team with 2 abilities. #balanced
Anyway, fight on the sides of the fights, don't fight head on. Just stay in the back and focus the enemy your team is focusing.

However, if you see an enemy carry out of position you can murder, feel free to do just that. Make sure you get the job done though if you decide to go in, or you may see a lot of flame coming your way.

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