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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Main abilities:

  • Flash 4.png is by far the most important summoner spell for Quinn 133.png (and most champions in general). You can hop over walls, escape tricky situations or even deal the finishing blow to a wounded enemy with it. As Quinn isn't a champion who can escape too easily, Flash 4.png is a crucial summoner spell to have. Just take it.

  • Teleport 12.png helps Quinn 133.png a lot in the toplane to cover the distance between base and top. As it's occasionally considered an "island" where there's the least action happening, it's quite rare that you'll need an offensive summoner skill in the top lane. Teleport 12.png is also something that the current meta values, and which most toplaners tend to take. It enables some easy global ganks and dragon control earlier in the game. Great for splitpushing later on.


  • Heal 7.png is your go-to summoner skill when you take the ADC role botlane. Useful skill overall with the movement speed bonus and the baiting possibilities.

Not so important abilities:

14.png Ignite: Consider taking this if you're going mid.
3.png Exhaust: If you're going mid against heavy AD threats.
21.png Barrier: Against long-ranged casters in the middle.
6.png Ghost: Nice for chasing/escaping, wouldn't recommend though.
1.png Cleanse: Buy a Quicksilver sash 3140.png instead.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity: Pretty straightforward. You can juggle between Feast/Natural talent and Double-Edged Sword/Vampirism bases on your playstyle. They pair well with eachother in my opinion.

Bloodlust & Fervor are both fine as final masteries. Pick Bloodlust against harder matchups. 

Cunning: Increased damage as Quinn & mobility as Valor are both great things to have.

Resolve: Not a bad tree at all either. One could work all the way up to Insight for the reduced summoner skill cooldowns, which is always nice. Up to the playstyle.

Abilities Back to Top

Harrier (passive): Valor periodically marks a nearby visible enemy as Harrier vulnerable for 4.5 seconds, granting sight of them for the duration. This cannot occur again for a few seconds.

  • Utilizing Harrier quinnpassive.png is what defines your early success. As soon as the enemy champion is marked, venture in and attack them for tons of bonus damage - this is when you're at your strongest.
  • Goes on cooldown instantly after marking a target. With good timing, you might proc the passive again instantly after attacking, enabling two powerful attacks.
  • Harrier is also applied by your Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 as well as Aerial Assault 20?cb=20130929123152&format=webp.
  • Notice that Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 triggers the passively applied Harrier without dealing the bonus damage, so always try to land an auto-attack on the marked target before Vaulting on them to make maximum use out of your passive.
  • Enemies marked by Harrier are also revealed(ish), even in a brush.
  • Keep in mind that Harrier is disabled while in Valor form 20?cb=20150402222300, making poking attempts worthless.

Blinding Assault (Q): Quinn commands Valor to fly forwards in a line, stopping when he collides with an enemy. Valor then deals physical damage to enemies around him and reduces their vision. Applies Heightened senses on the first target. 

  • A general misconception is taking Q at level 1, which is completely useless. Take Aerial Assault 20?cb=20130929123152&format=webp at level 2 and max it first.
  • Aerial Assault 20?cb=20130929123152&format=webp is a collision linear skillshot which deals damage around the first enemy hit. This means that enemy minions can block the damage and more importantly the blind effect from champions further back, leaving Quinn 133.png vulnerable. 
  • Avoid farming with Blinding Assault 20?cb=20130929123152&format=webp, as you never know when the enemy champion might see their chance to jump on you and freely attack without you being able to retaliate. Save it for poking the enemy champion(s). Secondly, be very conservative with using this since you'll quickly run out of mana when constantly spamming your Q.
  • Also scales from AP, making the Baron buff and Trinity Force 3078.png highly pump up the damage later on.
Heightened Senses (W): Passive: Attacking a Vulnerable target grants Quinn bonus attack and movement speed. Also permanently grants Valor double the attack speed from Heightened senses.

Active: Quinn/Valor reveals a large area around them for 2 seconds.

  • Take a point on Heightened Senses 20?cb=20130929123153 at level 3 or 4 and max it last.
  • Since Quinn 133.png doesn't have a real attack steroid like most other carries, investing some points on W rather than E later in the game may help her stay more mobile in the battlefield.
  • Use the active part of Heightened Senses 20?cb=20130929123153 to check any nearby ambushes/ganks, or to reveal a fleeing enemy from a brush.
  • Be conservative with this ability, as the cooldown is extremely high at early levels. It's good to have the skill available when your river/tribush ward has run out and is on cooldown. 
  • Heightened Senses 20?cb=20130929123153 makes purchasing a Scrying orb trinket 3342.png completely unworthy. Having 3361.png is way more beneficial. 
  • Notice the huge passive attack speed bonus Valor 20?cb=20150402222300 gets from the ability. Don't be afraid to duel any fighters as Valor 20?cb=20150402222300 when a fight breaks loose, as sometimes offence is the best defense. 

Vault (E): Quinn dashes to the target enemy, knocking them back a short distance, dealing physical damage and slowing them by 50%, which decays over 2 seconds.

Upon reaching her target, Quinn leaps off and lands near her maximum attack range, and Valor immediately marks the target as Vulnerable.

In Tag Team form, Valor dashes to the target enemy and applies Vault's slow, knockback and damage but does not leap off the target.

  • Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 has extremely many uses, which I will be covering in a different section.
  • Take a point at level 1 and max it second.
  • At level 1, you're one of the most strongest duelers/damage dealers in the game with your quinnpassive.png > AA > quinnE.pngquinnpassive.png > AA combo, so do not be afraid to invade or venture in the enemy lines with it for a possible first blood.

Tag Team (R):  After 2 seconds, Quinn and Valor unite, gaining a huge amount of total movement speed and the ability to cast Skystrike by ending Tag Team or taking offensive action. 

Skystrike (R): Quinn returns to perform Skystrike, dealing low physical damage to all enemies in range.

  • Tag Team 20?cb=20130929123155 is best used for chasing, fleeing, roaming, or hunting down lonely low health enemies around the map. 
  • Use W 20?cb=20130929123153 when near a champion to locate them from a brush, enabling the use of E 20?cb=20130929123156 and  then follow up with Q 20?cb=20130929123152&format=webp and auto-attacks for some huge damage.
  • Even just one stun can give the enemy enough time to finish you off completely, so be very cautious against champions with high cc. Valor 20?cb=20150402222300 is ridiculously squishy so be very cautious in this form.
  • Tag Team combined with Homeguards 1304.png is the best thing in the game honestly. You can travel across the map in seconds, and combining them with Teleport 12.png, no champion can run from her clutches.
  • Her roaming & ganking potential is absurd, so even if you lose your lane, you can still make an easy comeback thanks to your mobility with R.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Basic stuff
    Also viable

Core Items

    This is what i generally end up with. Proper itemizing is still in progress though.
    Viable choice over Bloodthirster against tanks
    Super roam

Situational Items

    Offensive situational items
    Defensive situational items

Starting items:

  • 1055.png Dorans blade is your go-to item at level 1. 
  • 3340.png Helps you counter the enemy ganks. Ward the river/tribush depending on how far you have pushed. Much more easier to keep pushing and also having wards everywhere is very helpful to locate any wounded enemies.


 3153.png3508.png A general rule on which item to buy first: BotRK first if you're TOP against a melee/tank and Essence reaver if you're BOT
  • 3153.png The blade does wonders against melee bruisers/fighters and the attack speed is insane combined with the bonus damage. Also the active helps with chasing people.
  • 3508.png Core for any ADC. A huge damage amplifier.
  • 1304.png As for any other AD carry, Berserker's is the best choice. You can upgrade into the tier 2 boots after finishing 3153.png
  • 3031.png Highly pumps up the critical strike damage.
  • 3035.png The armor penetration is huge and helpful. Great 4th or 5th item.
  • 3094.png3087.png3085.png3046.png3078.png Pick one of these.

Offensive situationals:
  • 3046.png Phantom Dancer is a great Trinity 3078.png replacer if you can constantly autoattack the enemies. But because Quinn only has a range of 525 and most of her damage comes from burst, it's really rare that you get to fully unleash the potential without getting harmed.
  • 3071.png Consider as a 6th item if the enemy team is fully packed with armor and they cannot reach you or are very low on CC. Maybe, just maybe, against a team-comp like 36.png86.png48.png40.png51.png.
  • 3072.png Bloodthirster is nice as a 6th item when you're snowballing hard or aren't afraid of them whatsoever. Some insane life-steal and damage is taking place with a complete build. On the other hand, I'd suggest replacing Blade of the ruined king 3153.png with Bloodthirster when the enemy team has no real frontline/tanks. Consider doing this when against team comps such as 84.png76.png126.png15.png37.png.
  •  3087.png Helps with waveclearing. Not my personal preference, think about it though if you're botlane. I'd still recommend Trinity. 3078.png
  • 3142.png Has really no use later in the game, but if you're keen with champs like 238.png91.png that use it then go for it. 
  • 3172.png Not a bad 6th choice at all if the enemy team has high CC but lacks burst damage. Take it into account against team-comps like 14.png245.png154.png96.png117.png
  • 3147.png Provides some serious snowballing potential. However, it's still a risky item. Consider it when you're ahead. 

Defensive situationals:
  • 3155.png Hexdrinker. If you're top against 8.png or 68.png then rush this instantly, don't even take lifesteal in the middle. You have to stay alive against these guys and Hexdrinker is the biggest advantage you can get against them.
  • 3156.png Upgrade your Hexdrinker into Malmortius late game when you have more gold. 
  • 3022.png If low health and the lack of being able to kite is your biggest concern, go for Frozen Mallet. It's pretty costly though. 
  • 3026.png If you're completely clueless what to get, then Guardian Angel is the true match for you. More commonly taken when in the role of ADC bot. In extended games, sell GA when the passive is on cooldown for some super items and then buy this again when the cooldown has passed.
  • 3102.png Great against high CC champions with magic damage. Consider against champions like 1.png20.png127.png to delay them from exploding all sorts of things on you. Great for beginners who never remember to use activate items (like me lol). 
  • 3139.png Similar to Banshee's, take this if you think you can manage without the bonus health. Remember to use it though. I prefer the item above because who could possibly remember to use this?
  • 3143.png Amazing against full AD teams with high damage threats. Against teams like 92.png23.png126.png51.png40.png.

General build order top:
  • 1055.png +  3144.png1001.png -> 3153.png1038.png3006.png + 3361.png -> 3153.png3031.png3006.png -> 3153.png3031.png3006.png3035.png --> 3153.png3031.png3006.png3035.png3078.png + a 6th item of your choice. Happy hunting!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Annie
  • Cassiopeia
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Hecarim
  • Heimerdinger
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kennen
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Lissandra
  • Lulu
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Master Yi
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Quinn
  • Renekton
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Teemo
  • Tryndamere
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo
  • Zac



Aatrox 266.png 5/10

Very easy to poke down and zone. Almost completely auto-attack based so he is easy to poke.

However, his long-ranged slow is just a pain to deal with. Dodge it as much as you can. Never let him fly onto you and knock you up, as this will give him a chance to burst you down. Keep your E off cooldown for these moments.

Watch out for his resource bar - if its red, then he'll resurrect himself. Take this time to reposition.



Akali 84.png 8/10

Levels 1-5 are the only window of opportunity in winning the lane. Poke her down and zone her away from minions, denying her some farm. When she gets level 6, she can basically burst you down with ease, so be very cautious.

Buying a pink ward 2043.png or investing into an early 3364.png can help counter her pool of stealth when she uses it.

After level 6, try to roam much more than you normally would, as you cannot do much in the lane at this stage. Take advantage of the massive movement speed bonus of your R and keep an eye on other lanes where you can gank with Teleport 12.png



Annie 1.png 9/10

Annie's a nightmare in the toplane. Not only does she outrange Quinn 133.png hard, but the stun completely shuts her down too.

Initiate when she only has 1-2 stacks of her passive. Try to bait her W into not hitting you by immediately running away after you E + auto her.

After level 6 things get rough again. Use your R and Teleport 12.png to gank other lanes, there's not much you can do against a full combo from Annie 1.png.

I'd definitely recommend 3102.png to counter her stun engage. 



Cassiopeia 69.png 6/10

She's not too bad actually. Level 1 she has close to no power against your burst. When laning, focus on dodging her poisons and engage right after she misses.

Her ult can also be easily baited by faking an initiation and then falling back. Watch out though, if she stuns you, you're most likely dead. 

Consider rushing 3155.png if things get tough with her.



Darius 122.png 2/10

No matter how strong Darius can actually be, Quinn 133.png is still one of his biggest counters. 

He's very easy to poke and zone. Once he uses his drag, just E away and everything's fine. Then continue on hitting him like there's no tomorrow without letting him get close to you. 

Things get even easier if he misses his drag. Vault in and just demolish him right after.

Be careful when you're low on health, he can execute you much like Garen 86.png, but that's rarely a problem.

Rush 3153.png and you're good to go.


Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo 36.png 3/10

Pretty easy, as long as you dodge the cleavers that are annoying as hell. 

Once he misses a cleaver, turn it against him and poke him to death. 

Be careful when he hits 6, as he can pretty much outheal the damage you deal. Wait it out and try again afterwards. 



Fiora 114.png 6/10

Her damage potential is absurd. Watch out for when she lunges at you, Vault away immediately to avoid most of the damage. You still have the upper hand as most of her damage comes from auto-attacks.

Try to bait out her Riposte, as she can stun you in the worst case if you cast one of your spells on her and stand in its area. 

If you manage to hit your Q, you can maybe even out-damage her and finish her off. 

I'd highly recommend building Randuin's 3143.png later in the game.  



Fizz 105.png 6/10

He's quite annoying as he can dodge the blind with his E. Also with 2 gap-closers he overshadows your Vault. Quite easy to zone out though, levels 1-2 are your strongest points.

His ultimate is pretty easy to dodge though if not running away. Once he misses it, turn it against him and finish him off. You should out-damage him at this point if you're even.



Gangplank 41.png 2/10

Very easy actually. As you're ranged, it's easy to defuse his barrels. They even give +10g from the last hit so why not. 

He has close to no fighting power when his barrels are out. Seize the moment and hit him like there's no tomorrow. 

Watch out for the slowing Cannon Barrage, he might score some kills even out of toplane with it, giving him the advantage. You should still out-damage him at all stages as long as you stay away from the barrels.



Garen 86.png 3/10

Pretty easy. He has 0 ranged fighting potential so poking him is very easy.

When he charges with his Q, just Vault away and hit him, or run away if he starts bladestorming. That's all he can really do.

Watch out after level 6, as he can quickly execute you with his ultimate from a slight range if you're low on health. 



Hecarim 120.png 6/10

He's a quite tricky pony with the blazing speed and damage he has when he charges on you. He can't really farm though thanks to your range. 

Heca is also quite difficult to actually finish off when he's running away, as he's way faster than you and his ultimate can cover distances really quickly. Save your Valor form for these moments. 



Heimerdinger 74.png 4/10

Very underestimated in general. His damage potential can be absurd near his turrets. Thus, focus on destroying them as soon as he brings them up. They give some nice bonus $$ too. Just be careful with the laser beams, they're dodgeable.

He is easy to finish off as Valor when low on health. Watch out for his grenade though, as it stuns you if you're in the center. 

When he completes his Zhonya 3157.png, he's much more difficult to kill so be aware. 



Irelia 39.png 3/10

Easy to zone out. You out-damage her hard pre-6. 

Watch out for her stun ireliaequilibriumstrike.png as it lasts like forever when leveled up. Vault away before she manages to stun you, then proceed on bursting her down.

Late game she'll turn into a monster, so try to deny her as much farm as possible. 



Jax 24.png 3/10

Very similar to Irelia 39.png. You out-damage him hard pre-6 so use it to your advantage.

Q him when he jumps on you, and Vault away when he starts spinning his lantern at your face. Attacks on him during the spin are wasted as they'll be dodged.

Don't let him get too farmed, as he'll become a terror later in the game.



Jayce 126.png 7/10

His range can be overwhelming, but as long as you dodge his lightning bolts, you should be fine.

Once he jumps on you, quickly switch in Valor form, blind him and he should be going down in no time. Pre-6 just E away in this case.



Kennen 85.png 7/10

Kennen is a long-ranged caster with potential to stun you, which might be difficult to counter.

Focus on dodging his shurikens, as they can add up into a stun, giving him the upper hand.

Back off as soon as he uses his ultimate, as it can easily overwhelm you. 

Just don't let the pre-6 game turn into passive farming. He's pretty squishy so he's quite manageable in the end.



Kha'Zix 121.png 5/10

He has real difficulty in farming thanks to your cricket-annihilating kit. 

When he jumps on you, you cannot afford to have your Blind or Vault on cooldown, as he'll just quickly burst you down. Keep atleast one of them always off cd. 

Watch out for when he tries to ambush you from stealth. You vault counters and stops his jump, so timing is of the essence at this point.


Lee Sin

Lee Sin 64.png 3/10

Can be really annoying with all the jumps. He has to hit his Q to get his combo starting so dodging it will set him back. 

On the other hand, you can try to bait a low health Lee into killing you by getting hit by the Sonic Wave, and then unleashing everything on him for a kill. 



Lissandra 127.png 5/10 

As a low-ranged mage, she's much easier to deal with than most other mages. 

Don't let her poke you down too much, as she can quickly execute you with her ultimate + rest of her spells.

Once she has Zhonya's 3157.png, start looking for kills in the other lanes, as she'll be extremely difficult to kill combined with the ultimate.



Lulu 117.png 3/10

Lulu top is a recently increased pick as she is so versatile. 

Don't underestimate her burst potential with her E+Q.

Once she uses her Q (for farming f.e.) turn the pressure against her. She has to back off at this point. 

Don't get too baited by her ultimate or W, poking her down little by little is the best option against her.



Malphite 54.png 3/10

Much easier than one might think at first glance. Even if he'd poke you constantly with his Shard, he'll quickly run out of mana, giving you the upper hand.

He cannot reach you at all, unless by unleashing his full combo. 

Keep his shield down by poking him at least every 7-8 seconds.

He'll melt down eventually when poked enough. 



Maokai 57.png 7/10

Extremely durable due to his natural tankiness and passive. Also his high amount of CC can be quite annoying. 

Save your E for his W, then turn the pressure against him.


Master Yi

Master Yi 3/10

Pretty much identical to the Tryndamere 23.png matchup.
Denying farm from Yi is easy, so just zone him out and poke him.

Save your Q for after he has used his Alpha Strike alphastrike.png to avoid missing it. 
He is immune to slows during his ultimate, so there's no point in running away. Instead, use your ultimate if you can or attack him.

You can interrupt his heal with Vault, as it is a channeling spell.

Pretty straightforward in the end.



Nasus 75.png 5/10

Very easy to deny farm from him. He has to farm in order to be effective so denying it early will surely give great results.

Watch out for his Wither + Ultimate combo though, there's little you can do to escape from him at this point.

Getting an early lead is necessary in order to beat him, so pressure him hard pre-6.



Olaf 2.png 7/10

For a melee AD champion, Olaf can be surprisingly difficult.

His axes are quite hard to dodge and they also apply a huge slow on hit. Don't let him pick up the axes by zoning him out as much as you can.

During his ultimate he's immune to every disable, including your knockback/slow from your E. Running away or fighting at the tower is pretty much all you can do during it in order to stay alive-ish. 

Prioritize in dodging his axes and he should be manageable.



Quinn 133.png 1/10

Obviously you'll win when you have read this guide!



Renekton 58.png 6/10

Packed with tankiness and decent sustain, Renekton can be quite difficult to kill.

Don't let him double-charge on you as he'll stun you and hurt a lot.

When he has a skill on cooldown, it's your chance to turn the tides by poking him down.

You overwhelm him pre-6 anyway so don't worry too much. Just don't get baited at the enemy turret by his ultimate.



Rengar 107.png 3/10

You'd be surprised how well Quinn 133.png, an ADC, counters this evil kitty. 

Stay away from the brush so he can't jump on you. Once he does jump, just Vault away and trigger all the passive stacks you can. He should melt down quickly enough.



Riven 92.png 2/10

My personal favorite. As long as you hit your Q when she jumps on you and don't get baited into using E too early, she has no chance whatsoever.

Easy to poke, even easier to zone. Once she gets fed up and rambo's on you with her ultimate, just Q her and E away before she reaches you. 

Careful though, if she lands her stun, you're pretty slaughtered. Don't give her this opportunity.



Rumble 68.png 10/10

The most terrifying toplaner you could ask for as Quinn 133.png.

Your only window of opportunity is pretty much between levels 1-3.

A good Rumble will play safe until level 4, when he can just whittle you down little by little.

His Flamespitter reaches Quinn even from her maximum attack range. Not to mention the harpoons that slow like mad with the biggest hitbox ever. The shield also prevents most of the poke you get to hand out. The ultimate is just icing on the cake of doom and destuction and lost lanes. 

Rush 3155.png ASAP. And try to stay alive as long as you can. It's more beneficial to stay alive with low CS than to overly extend attempting to get the little farm you can have from him. Don't give him the extra 300g by dying.

Good luck!



Ryze 13.png 4/10

Extremely weak in the first few levels. Use it to your advantage to bring him down.

Later in the game with tons of mana and an endless snare, he'll just melt your face in no time. Utilize his early weaknesses and cash in from him.



Shen 98.png 3/10

Probably the tankiest champ in game. His non-existing damage output compensates for it though.

Keep poking and don't get taunted, should be pretty easy once you reach your Botrk 3153.png.



Singed 27.png 4/10

My god he is annoying. You can never use E while he's chasing you or else he'll instantly fling you away. 

So stay away and don't let him reach you. Save your E for after the fling.

Really irritating if he skips minion waves and keeps poisoning them between turrets. Wait until he becomes low enough for you to kill him. You out-damage him hard unless he has like 300 armor.



Sion 14.png 4/10

Really disturbing with his new kit. The minion kick is difficult to dodge and good positioning is required to counter his knock-up. 

Else he has 0 ranged fighting potential. Pretty easy to kill.

Watch out for his passive zombie form, having Q or E up helps staying alive during it.



Teemo 17.png 9/10

This little bugger. The battle falls in his favor with a long, targeted blind. blindingdart.png

Stay healthy and engage when he has his blind on cooldown.

You'll be more of use later in the game so just pray that this Teeto ain't a Lucifer in disguise that carries the entire enemy team.



Tryndamere 23.png 3/10

Zone him out, and once he hungers for some farm, spam your abilities on him and make him miserable. Pre-6 you dominate the living poop out of him so make use of it.

Post-6, be careful with his ultimate, try to stay alive until it expires. Your kit allows it quite well though.



Vladimir 8.png 9/10

Another nightmarish counter. You're both pretty even in the first few levels as he heals from his Q. 

Once u see him use Q, E or both on a minion, that's your only window of opportunity to poke him down.

Else, just pray he doesn't kill you. Hexdrinker 3155.png is an answer for your prayers, making you survive the ult with the handy magic shield that comes with it.



Yasuo 3/10

Pick Quinn and shatter the dreams of every fanboy that plays this one of the most played champions in the game.

Hit once to expand his shield (which lasts for only 2 seconds), then turn all focus on him when he's at range. Once he dashes at you, just E away and hit him again.

The only problem with Yasuo is the Wind Wall. Try to bait him out of there so your attacks won't be wasted.

Dodge his whirlwind and you'll do wonders.



Zac 7/10

Zac can be extremely frustrating as he is so tanky and heals from his blobs.

Crush any blobs that spawn near you by walking over them, preventing him from healing an amount of health equal to the damage of one auto-attack.

Don't walk too close when farming as he'll hit you with his ranged slow which hurts.

Try to juke his Elastic Slingshot zacE.png into another direction by walking erratically when he channels it to prevent the knock-up (or just Vault while he channels to interrupt it).

An even match-up when no junglers are involved. Neither one of you should really be able to kill the other during the lane phase if you're both playing safely. He just has a more reliable escape though.

Preseason 6 analysis Back to Top

So Quinn 133.png got a rework. I guess this was inevitable, considering her out-of-meta position in the game. I'll list the changes that Quinn got and attempt to derive her new status through them. I'll also thoroughly update this guide once I get a clear picture about her.

quinnpassive.png = Now a set cooldown of 8 seconds which is reduced by critical strike chance. Does less damage, but now also applied by her Q. 
  • Her passive seems to be more reliable now. Easier to determine when it pops up and when it doesn't. Now possible to do a triple passive attack. I like this, although the reduced damage isn't something I fancy. Bit harder to last-hit with it now in the early phases of the game.
quinnQ.png = No longer blinds. Increased damage. Reduces vision. Now applies passive.
  • The removal of the blind makes Quinn 133.png now slightly struggle against many toplaners, such as 11.png23.png. The damage increase is great though, the ability now has more emphasis later in the game. It used to do close to no damage at all, especially against tanks. She's actually fine even in the middle lane with a reliable source of long-ranged damage. Still a great duelist even without the blind, thanks to the passive application. 
quinnW.png = Reduced speed. 
  • Not much really. Slightly less mobility during the heat of the battle.
quinnE.png = No change.
  • I really like the idea of Vault, so I'm glad it has been left alone. Still a strong interruption skill.
quinnR.png = Enormous speed (+TOTAL movement speed), channeling spell, Skystrike deals much less damage, cancels on hit or on attack.
  • Have you seen a rank 3 Valor with homeguards? Even faster than a sprinting Heca 120.png which is just amazing. She's more mobile than ever and her ganking potential is absurd. Her burst with Valor is gone though, one of my only few dislikes. Even though it's now a channeling spell, the speed makes up for it by far. Also the importance of playing carefully is emphasized when just one hit of an enemy champion ends the flying.
Conclusion = Fits the meta way better, easier to pick up and play. Amazing roamer post-6, perhaps one of the best roamers in the game. Jungling with Quinn could possibly work now. 
We'll see how things evolve with her!

Synergies Back to Top

In general, Quinn 133.png does not really synergize that well with others compared to most other champs. 

She's actually more like a lone wolf, like Dora the Explorer, like Arya from Game of Thrones. There are still some exceptions, some champions fit with Quinn 133.png better than others.

Champions with the ability to peel, chain CC or with strong initiations work really well with Quinn, drawing away the attention from her and giving her the chance to clean up the pot.

  • Junglers: 
  • 57.png32.png62.png113.png
These guys are examples of champions with strong initiation, consistent damage and nice CC, helping Quinn 133.png in bigger teamfights into maximizing her damage output.

  • Midlaners:
  • 4.png84.png
Other assassin-ish champions (preferably with AP damage) work really well with Quinn. Not only do they offer a high damage output themselves, but are also mobile enough for ganking the toplane which is much needed as you always want to get ahead.

  • AD carries:
I have not really noticed any real differences in games with different AD carries. But in general, any ADC suits well with Quinn 133.png, as in teamfights you can just jump in as Valor 20?cb=20150402222300 and continue from where your ADC has left.

  • Supports:
  • 40.png
Janna is all you need late game. Her shield provides tons of AD which helps you burst down everybody even harder, and she also offers some really nice peel in teamfights. Something that is much needed to compensate for your short range.

Other Counters Back to Top

As for counters outside toplane, Quinn 133.png highly struggles against champions with stuns, taunts and slows. Other forms of crowd control are still quite manageable, but getting stunned is the last thing you want as Quinn 133.png.

  • Enemy junglers:
  • 20.png33.png72.png254.png
Champions such as these are the most terrifying junglers you could face (not including champs like 35.png28.png as they're scary enough because warding against them is futile). You do not want to let any of these get near you with their CC, as you're pretty much done if this happens around other enemies.

  • Enemy midlaners:
  • 134.png112.png103.png101.png45.png34.png13.png63.png
Trying to assassinate one of these champions can be close to impossible due to their endless stun/snare/whatever and the burst that follows after it. You need to play very cautiously when near these guys and gals.

  • Enemy ADC's: 
  • 67.png51.png
In general, Quinn 133.png can assassinate and burst down any AD carry if not too far behind. There are some tough exceptions though, one of them being Vayne 67.png. Flying towards her as Valor is risky as she can just Condemn you away and mess everything up. Things get worse if she manages to stun you against a wall. Even as Quinn, the blind can be difficult to hit due to her tumble + stealth. When her condemn is on cooldown, she's easy to burst down. 
The other tricky champion is Caitlyn 51.png. Her E also causes some problems when trying to initiate on her, as it slows by a lot and knocks her back to safety, giving her the chance to freely hit you.

  • Enemy supports:
  • 53.png25.png
These 2 have some terrifying roaming potential, and can cause problems with their Q's being quite difficult to dodge. They're packed up with high CC and damage potential, making it difficult to reach their ADC, and can also be a pain later in the game with their strong initiation potential. 

Introduction Back to Top

Quinn piczz.png

Welcome to my Quinn 133.png top guide! You might have been wondering during your time in the league that who would possibly play this champion? Does she do any damage? What is her purpose? What even is she? Well, I'll just start with my personal view about Quinn and my own success with her.

I first came across Quinn 133.png in an ARAM game back in late season 3. Not sure what happened that time, but during season 4 I started maining her, giving up my old loves such as 43.png113.png114.png69.png78.png and devoting myself into mastering every little detail and aspect about her. In season 5, I took this to the extreme level and roughly 80% of my games are with Quinn. At the moment I have 2 ranked pentakills with her (yes, it is possible to get a ranked pentakill as Quinn! One as ADC and one as toplaner). Here are some of my random scores with her:

Quinn games p1.jpg

Quinn ADC is very overlooked. She only needs a kill or two during the early game which often leads to snowballing pretty hardcore status.


What fascinates me about Quinn 133.png is her insane burst potential, versatility and her badass moves. People just don't fear her enough and often categorize her as a trollpick, which is something I tend to find very absurd. Yes, she falls off if she gets camped etc. but don't most champions suffer from the same anyway?

It's also pretty easy to dominate the damage meters with Quinn. Successful games often lead to being on the top of the barometer. Obviously one picture of one game doesn't reveal anything, but you get the point. Hopefully. As long as you grasp the fact that Quinn 133.png does actually hurt a lot when given the opportunity. 

quinn damage 1.png

Pros & Cons Back to Top


In this section I am going to talk about some of Quinn's 133.png pros and cons on the battlefield and open them up a little bit.

  • Huge level 1 damage potential: Invading as Quinn 133.png is highly beneficial with her quinnpassive.pngquinnE.pngquinnpassive.png combo often adding up to some huge early damage. This also enables some very early trades during the lane phase, giving you the upper hand and allowing you to zone out the enemy champion, depending on the match-up of course.
  • Outranges most toplaners: Not only does this make damaging you difficult, but also enables trading without being harmed due to Quinn's 133.png range. Overall a safe pick (even if you don't know who you'll be facing top).
  • Amazing splitpusher: With the help of the upgraded warding trinket, 3361.png you can safely splitpush toplane (or why not bot?) as you can just fly away when you see any looming threats too big for you to handle, while the rest of your team battles the enemies on the other side of the map. Also the W passive 20?cb=20130929123153 grants some nice bonus attack speed when attacking a target with Harrier on them. Save a minion or two while hitting the enemy turret for some rapid action.
  • Enables double marksman comps: The enemy team now has to focus on two huge threats in the battlefield. Quinn 133.png excels when paired with a hyper-carry, such as 67.png429.png as Quinn herself isn't considered as one.
  • Insane burst throughout the game: Few AD/AP carries can face the wrath of an angry Valor 20?cb=20150402222300 when caught off guard. With enough items, you can basically one-shot people if not CC'd to oblivion.
  • Rarely played: Quinn 133.png isn't a common sight in the game. Taking advantage of this can be useful as not that many people may actually know how to deal with Quinn.
  • Underestimated. Big time. Not that many people see Quinn 133.png as a threat. Therefore many players may take her lightly and are in awe when they're bursted into pieces. Good for you, more $$ that is!

  • Needs to be ahead to succeed: Quinn 133.png is a high risk - high value champion. If you end up giving your opposing toplaner just one kill, it can be enough to wreck your game completely. This is when Teleport 12.png ganks and roaming become more crucial than ever. 
  • Squishy: Don't be fooled when flying around as Valor 20?cb=20150402222300, you're still as squishy as you would normally be. The melee range makes it even easier for enemies to cast a CC and burst you down. Knowing when to fight and when not to is essential in terms of winning vs losing fights. 
  • ERMAGHERD QUINN TOP RAPORRT I FEED K BYE TROLL: It sucks getting allies like these that tilt already during the champion select. The best you can do is ignore them ASAP and focus on your own game, rather than their flaming. Don't let your focus be hindered by these miserable people. Why not just prove them wrong and carry these guys?
  • Requires good positioning: You can barely escape when ganked from behind, as there's no real safe direction as to where you can Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 to, unless you somehow manage to outrun them. Same in teamfights, it can be difficult to determine in which position you can dish out the most damage without being harmed too much. Which leads us to the next topic:
  • Performs poorly in teamfights: No initiation, no real CC, only some slight disrupting skills and pure damage. Quinn mostly 133.png excels in chasing and executing the escaping low-health enemies, not during larger fights.

Conclusion - an unique entity in the battlefield, both in lane and in bigger fights. Requires some feed and a decent frontline in order to properly demolish the enemies. 

Vaulting 101 Back to Top

This is a section dedicated entirely for Quinn's third ability, Vault 20?cb=20130929123156. It has a myriad of different uses and mastering this ability is the key to mastering Quinn 133.png. Here I will be listing some of the main things Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 can be used for.

  • Double-Harrier: Allowing Harrier to passively apply on a target, attacking it and Vaulting 20?cb=20130929123156 right after and following up with another Harrier-enhanced attack leads to some huge burst damage. Taking advantage of this during the lane phase helps you to get the upper hand. 
  • Escaping from a dash/hook: Vaulting 20?cb=20130929123156 away right after an enemy 157.png5.png has dashed on you forces them to turn away as they can no longer reach you. This is where the tides turn and you can freely hit them. Also Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 is great to have off-cooldown when a wild 122.png412.png53.png happens to grab you, letting you bounce away to safety.
  • Interrupting some serious abilities: Did you know that you can interrupt Bard's 432.png portal-travelling with Vault? Even the slightest movement/channeling abilities or even Teleport 12.png can be canceled with your E unless they're completely untouchable, such as 54.png254.png's ultimates.
  • Up, up and away: If your target happens to grab Thresh's 412.png lantern right when you Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 them, you'll start flying with them. This is usually bad as you'll just appear in the enemy lines. But it's fun though! Same thing usually happens with shorter dashes such as 4.png or 127.png's E. 
  • Enables wall-jumping: You can use Heightened Senses 20?cb=20130929123153 and just Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 to a nearby camp from behind the wall. Can be extremely useful when being chased or when you're just too lazy to walk around the camp. Do note that Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 cannot reach Baron or Dragon and therefore you can't Vault in/out of their pits unless there are enemy champions that you can E in to. 
  • Bouncing from enemy champions/minions over walls: This is a commonly known feature as Quinn 133.png but it's very, very rare that one gets the chance to actually execute this. Whichever walls are shorter than Quinn's 133.png attack range or as long as it, they're jump-able but only from a correct angle. As Quinn moves in a straight 180 direction from the Vaulted target, it is essential to be positioned exactly in the way you want to Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 back. Here's an example wall you can Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 over in the top lane (which I personally found surprising when it randomly happened to me the first time).
Quinn vault.png

Of course, Quinn can easily Vault through many of the thinner walls but some thicker ones like the one above require some serious angle-checking. But in any case, these enormous wall-jumps happen as rarely as pentakills with Soraka 16.png so I wouldn't work my brains too much when it comes down to these bigger walls.

Early Game Back to Top

Before laning:

I cannot stress the importance of Quinn's 133.png early game as level 1 is the part when you out-damage most champions. The slow + knockback and the mobility Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 grants in addition to the massive Harrier damage is just too good to be wasted.
  • Go invade, go counter-invade, go capture those Skarner's 72.png crystals and contest all enemies opposing the idea. Whatever it takes to apply pressure.
  • Take teammates with you, ping wherever you want to go invade, shout in the chat, just go get that early lead! Quinn 133.png really needs it in order to stay powerful.

Focus on last-hitting as many minions as possible, while going deeper once in a while to trigger Harrier from the enemy champion. Eventually, the enemy should be zoned out which gives you the lane control unless it's some crazy 8.png83.png that just out-heals your damage. When given the opportunity, trigger the Harrier passive and follow up with Vault 20?cb=20130929123156 for another Harrier hit, adding up to some nice burst damage. Be careful when doing this early, as this will ofttimes aggro all the minions and lead into Quinn 133.png taking more damage than the enemy champion. Dash in the brushes nearby to deaggro them or just run behind your own caster minions and hope they'll switch targets.

Winning the lane:

Perhaps your jungler came and ganked the enemy champion successfully, granting you a kill (or two), or you happened to get an early kill all by yourself? Great, this is the time to bring some hardcore pressure to the table. Push the toplane all the way to the tower and save your Teleport 12.png for some serious botlane-ganks or for contesting the Dragon. You can also kill the enemy toplaner pretty easily at this point. Poke him/her down and finish them off as Valor 20?cb=20150402222300.

Losing the lane:

Is the enemy jungler never leaving top, or are you facing some mad-life Rumble 68.png that capitalizes every weakness Quinn 133.png has? Or maybe both? 
Things suck and hard at this point. Not to mention all those flaming teammates when you've gone and died three times in the last 7 minutes that may be frustrating to deal with. Focus on losing as little CS as you can, and back off frequently enough in order to stay alive. Let the top turret fall and go help other lanes if you know you'll die when dived. 

Mid Game Back to Top

This is the part of the game when the tier 1 turrets have been destroyed and teamfights and some smaller skirmishes begin to occur. Some mid-game points to note as Quinn 133.png:

  • Start analyzing how well you're doing. Considering whether you can kill some of the enemy champions when singled out is crucial to determine the position you're in. Either stick with your team to help rack up some kills or keep split-pushing toplane to apply pressure.
  • Stay away from fed assassins. Other bursty enemy champions such as 84.png55.png131.png91.png can kill you with ease if they're ahead and you're not staying far back enough. Approach the big enemy assassins with caution and be careful when wandering alone.
  • Consider what to build and when. It might be worthwhile to rush a defensive item as a 4th or 5th item if an enemy champion is causing some serious problems. Grabbing an early 3102.png or 3143.png can be enough to keep you alive during teamfights and help you dish out more damage throughout the fights.
  • Take advantage of every mistake the enemy makes. If you see a low health enemy recalling, morph in Valor form and hurry for the kill. Here's an amazing, high quality screenshot of a situation in which you fly for the win. 

quinn execute.png

Late Game Back to Top

This is the part of the game when Baron Nashor has been killed, the Dragon stacks are adding up and people are starting to get their item builds completed. Some general pointers:

  • Don't get caught. It can easily lead into the enemy team overwhelming yours, resulting in an ace and a lost game. Staying with the team is more important than ever at this stage.
  • Avoid facechecking. This is what your W 20?cb=20130929123153 and 3361.png are for. Keep the main locations and jungle brushes warded whilst saving Heightened Senses 20?cb=20130929123153 to reveal any lurking champions in nearby brushes.
  • Take advantage of your damage potential. With a full build, a Harrier / Trinity force 3078.png / Crit 3031.png - combo can lead to over 2k damage in just one hit. When a champion tagged with Harrier is approaching, quickly turn the tides with a massive arrow to their knee.
  • Discretion is key! Don't make bad calls or be unprepared in any situation. Try to think what may happen in 5 seconds after your next move.
You'll notice how weak Quinn 133.png can be late game if you've fallen behind. The best you can really do is to hope for some miraculous kills to help you catch up in terms of items that'll bring you back in the game. On the other hand, if you're far ahead, you can basically kill most (if not all) enemy champions with ease, if not CC'd to your doom. Well I bet this is the case with a large number of champions, but hey, Quinn 133.png can do this too just as well and should not ever be underestimated.

The Author & Final Comments Back to Top

So my summoner name is makaronilaama, and I play in EUW. I am hailing all the way from Finland, where I fight polar bears and bathe in freezing waters on a daily basis. You can find me pretty much all over the inter-web with my username (makaronilaama). 

I've been playing league ever since Sona 37.png came out, which is all the way back in Season 1. Not until Season 3 did I reach Diamond (1, in fact) and have been Diamond ever since. 

My favorite champions at the moment in addition to Quinn 133.png are probably 43.png10.png113.png78.png. I mostly just play ranked and soloQ because what is life anyway?

Phoenix Quinn is definitely my favorite skin of all. It's my go-to skin in each and every Quinn 133.png game I play. Not that I don't fancy the other skins, I just don't happen to... own them.

phoenix quinn.png

I guess this is all I can offer you guys. I do hope you have some great times with Quinn 133.png in your games, and wish you the best of luck in the Fields of Justice. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop a comment below, I'll read them eventually and maybe even reply to them! I hope this guide gave you some better insight of Quinn 133.png and what she's actually capable of.

Oh, one more thing... I would have taken screenshots from the actual games with Quinn but all the ones I tried to take turned pitch black which made me a sad panda 106.png. Luckily I am a natural artist so some pictures are my work of art, such as the one in the Mid Game -section. 

Changelog Back to Top

5.10.2015 - Guide released!
26.10.2015 - Added 11.png154.png matchups.
20.11.2015 - Added a section about the preseason 6 changes. Tweaked some of the match-ups that we're based on her blind. Updated masteries and abilities. Rest of the guide will follow up soon enough.

2.12.2016 - Summoner update. Also a disclaimer: I most likely will not be continuing to update this guide for a while. As soon as the information here becomes completely irrelevant, I'll hide the guide. But until then, I do hope you find at least some of the information here useful!

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