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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png: Ignite will provides you the lil damages you need to get the firsts kills and snowballing, stops soemone from healing. This summoner spell is good when you're confident about your matchup or when you need to prevent healing.
3.png: Exhaust is good in almost every matchup you can encounter, but is even strogner when you face Burst Champ like 92.png . Actually 3.png will fit in every-match up you'll get but matchup that really need 14.png.
For instance : 106.png36.png50.png104.png
12.png: Since Quinn's ulti makes you come back really fast where you want. I think that getting teleport is not a good choice. (+ since it got nerf). But still kinda usefull if you want to splitpush/ gank/ comeback faster.
11.png : If you want to go jungle. ( even if i think it's quinn's worst role )
14.png: My favorite summoner atm

Quinn Project source

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

let's talk about masteries now;


-Fury mastery is good.
-Fresh Blood is a new mastery that i appreciate because it increases your burst potential. Feast is good to jgl
-Vampirism and natural talent are both good. i now prefer to go for Natural talent
-Bounty hunter, because you will kill them all.


-Savagery will make farming easier if you get armor pen.
-Assassin cause you're alone top and we want to be an assassin
-Merciless cause you don't need mana regen
-Dangerous game can save you from many situations. But i also like that new mastery Greenfather's gift which provides more burst
-Precision gives you lethality and we need it
-ThunderLord will increase your burst a lot

NB: Before Pre-season 7 i used a 18-12-0, using Battering blows and Fervor of battle and i decided to go for 12-18-0 because of 3147.png. With Precision increasing Drakthar DMG and Thunderlord increasing you overall Burst potential.

 However I think 18-12-0 can be more usefull in some situations, especially when u face almost only tank and can't reach any of their carry. For instance :57.png81.png99.png89.png33.png  this team would make 12-18-0 kinda inappropriate imo and i would recommend u to go for 18-12-0 and change your build . Have a look to Items ! 

Abilities Back to Top


Ability's Order:

Start with Vault.png - Max Behind Enemy Lines.png first - Blinding Assault.png second - quinnw.png third and finish with Vault.png.

This Ability path is what i recommend you to play with. I don't see a lot of guide showing this path but i'm convinced it's better than the "Upgrade Vault.png third" in so much situations .

 TBH, there is a few matchups where upgrading Vault.png third instead of quinnw.png can be interesting or better:


The reason is simple. This Champions are moving really fast. A 92.png  dashing onto you and having a good tempo will force you to Vault.png out and make it be on 12sec cooldown, allowing her to go hard in a few sec later and before you
recover your Vault.png.

For All other matchups, Uprading quinnw.png third will be better.

What is interresting in Maxing  W ? And maxing E ?

quinnw.png Heightened Senses

RANGE: 2100
COOLDOWN: 50 / 45 / 40 / 35 / 30

Passive: Attacking a Harrier.png Vulnerable target grants Quinn bonus attack speed and bonus movement speed for 2 seconds.
Active: Quinn orders Valor Valor to reveal the area around her for 2 seconds.

  • Bonus Attack Speed: 20 / 35 / 50 / 65 / 80%
  • Bonus Movement Speed: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40%


So Basically, Maxing quinnw.png will increase Quinn's Attack speed and Movement speed every time you Trigger her Passive. It will allow you to Chase/escape situations where Vault.png wouldn't be enough, Autos faster and that allow you to  tempo your combo when needed so you get max benefit from the bonuses.


quinne.png Vault

RANGE: 675 / 525
COST: 50 Mana
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8

Active: Quinn dashes to the target unit, Airborne icon knocking them back a short distance, dealing them physical damage,
 and Slow icon slowing them by 50% which decays over 1.5 seconds, before leaping back and landing away from them.

  • Physical damage: 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+ 20% bonus AD)


Now Maxing Vault.png. It will gives you some more dmgs even if the spell isn't really meant for that and will Deacrese its cooldown by 1 sec for each lvl in it.


So, The only true reason to max Vault.png third is to get the 1sec decrease per lvl. You'll also increase its dmg but it's nothing compared to how much "hidden damages" you get from quinnw.png.


If you are interessted about other Ability scale ;

quinnpassive.png Harrier

RANGE: 525
COOLDOWN: 8 - 2.928 (based on critical strike chance and not on cooldown reduction)

Valor Valor periodically marks a nearby visible unit as Vulnerable, Sight icon revealing them for 4 seconds. This also activates on units hit directly by Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault and Vault.png Vault.

Quinn's next basic attack against a Vulnerable target deals 15 - 100 (based on level) (+ 16 - 50 (based on level)% AD) bonus physical damage.

quinnq.png Blinding Assault

RANGE: 1025 / 210 / 275
COST: 50 / 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 Mana
COOLDOWN: 11 / 10.5 / 10 / 9.5 / 9

Active: Quinn commands Valor Valor to fly forward in a line, stopping when he collides with a unit, dealing physical
damage and applying Nearsight icon nearsight for 1.5 seconds. Non-champion targets are Disarm icon disarmed instead for the same

  • Physical Damage: 20 / 45 / 70 / 95 / 120 (+ 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120% AD) (+ 50% AP)

quinnr.png Behind Enemy Lines

COST: 100 / 50 / 0 Mana

Active: Quinn channels for 2 seconds. Upon completing it successfully, Valor Valor picks her up and they unite,

increasing her total movement speed and gaining the ability to use Skystrike.png Skystrike.

  • Total Movement Speed Increase: 70 / 100 / 130%

Taking damage from champions, from turrets, or suffering immobilizing crowd control effects while

Behind Enemy Lines is channeling or is active ends it immediately, and puts it on cooldown.

All other damage instead briefly Slow icon slow Quinn and Valor.


RANGE: 700

Active: Quinn detaches from Valor Valor, ending Behind Enemy Lines.png Behind Enemy Lines' effects, and deals 40% AD physical damage

to all units around her.

Launching a basic attack, Blinding Assault.png Blinding Assault, or Vault.png Vault during Behind Enemy Lines.png Behind Enemy Lines automatically activates




Let's talk about how to use your abilities and your combos.

There is different combo according to the champion you want to trade with.

I think the most used combo is : Behind Enemy Lines.png-Vault.png-Harrier.png-Blinding Assault.png-Harrier.png-Harrier.pngAnd this one is the one that can be used vs almost every champion.

But there's some champions against this combo is risky because they are able to reach you faster than you expected, leaving you probably dead because you used Vault.png to engage.( 92.png is a good exemple)
What you will need to do vs those Champions is to know what they want to do. Do they want to Escape or do they
want to trade with you?
If you know this u can adapt your skills to them.

Some other way to use your abilities:

Behind Enemy Lines.png-Blinding Assault.png-Harrier.png-Vault.png-Harrier.png-Harrier.png
This one is better to engage on a
92.png for exemple. Or a teemo (because he blinds you when youVault.png)

Behind Enemy Lines.png-auto-Harrier.png-Vault.png-Harrier.png-Blinding Assault.png-Harrier.png-(Harrier.png because your mark from passiv shld be about to reset)

This one is really good aswell for most champions. Auto to cast your
Skystrike.png and it shld make your enemy get marked Harrier.png.

Behind Enemy Lines.png-auto-Harrier.png-Blinding Assault.png-Harrier.png-Vault.png-Harrier.png-(Harrier.png because your mark from passiv shld be about to reset)

Same version with Blinding Assault.png before Vault.png

I Think there's a lot more to say about Combos .Specifically about which one to use according to the champion u want to trade with and i'm thinking about adding this on Matchup-Section if i got time for.

Anyway you should keep in mind that the combos i showed aren't always meant to be used as they're explained. In a lot of situations It will be much more efficient to tempo your Spells with AUTOS !

Quinn's Abilities Information

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Duskblade is your main item. Rush it as fast as u can.
    Chose one of that 2 after duskblade. they will both grow your dmg potential and add dmgs to duskblade.
    Chose one boots. They're all good on Quinn. I usually go for berserk but happens tht i go fo mercurial or tabis.

Situational Items

    The 4th Dmg item. Chose one.
    The last item socket shld be a tanking one. chose one of those.
    A full build exemple.
    Mainly Ap team build exemple.
    Mainly Ad team build exemple.
    Mainly Tanky team build exemple. ( i think i'll detail this one)
    Highest win rate build.
    ATM Trinity is SITUATIONAL. It is required when u really need everystats. If u only need attack speed, buy STATIK or PH. Health, BlackCleaver. DMG, u got other choices.
    About the changes of those items. I don't think it impacts that much on Quinn.
    A new Build i recommend people to try out.
    Another Mid season build.
    MIDSEASON BUILD I RECOMMEND ( extra info in category)

Here, i'll describe what to build. In which order you should buy, etc.. If you look for Matchup section, you may find advanced details for the champion you face.


Starting Items.

2031.png I never started with that pot but i think it is a good one because i find myself buying alot pots.

2003.png What i use to buy with my first item.

1055.png Doran's really good because it provides different stats to start with. It will provides survive-ability but will make your 1st item longer to get.

1036.png Longsword +3 2003.png is what i always start with. Since Full lethality runes, it makes early farming easier. Plus makes you able to upgrade it into 3134.png.


1st Back.

First of all, i really recommend you not to back before you reach lvl 6, So you can get back in lane faster. 2nd , I recommend you not to back before you get 1300G, so you can buy:

1038.png In my opinion, the best item to get at your first back. It will provide you a lot of damages and will make your farming way more easier. And is the big part of 3147.png recipe.

3134.png If you have to back before reaching 1300G, will provide you what's needed to come back in lane faster , clean waves and is a part of 3147.png recipe.

2003.png2055.png  are always good to buy, no matter in what situation you are.



3147.png I think you understood it, Duskblade is your core item. You need to rush it as fast as you can . Probably no matter what situation. it has a reveal ward passiv that i'm enjoying a lot if i want to trap/gank and a Burst passive that deals 80 with no lethality runes and 149 dmg with runes. This means you'll be able to deal a lot to carrys (prob oneshot)

Movement speed out of combat will help you roaming and ganking.


Following items.

1001.png probably the best moment to buy them (unless you're facing 122.png for exemple) but don't upgrade them and buy:

3134.png Buying it, will provides +20 dmg on 3147.png passive, and extra dmgs. Definitely a good 3rd item.

3006.png3111.png3047.png3009.png----3142.png3814.png Either you upgrade your boots etiher you upgrade your 3134.png depending on

situation. ( i mostly upgrade 3134.png )

         -3814.png is so good. It provides a shield that will allow you to makes ganks without fearing some spells. I feel like it's stronger than 3142.png.

          -3142.png  But youmuu's is good aswell in order to catch people  or escape from some situations where a shield isn't enough.

          -3006.png  My prefered boots because attack speed is great when u got zero from runes. However 3047.png3111.png those two can be great depending situation. And 3009.png is for when you need to roam a lot.

- 3143.png - 3194.png  : one of this items are probably the best purchase u can do as a 3rd item at moment. It will makes Quinn tankier but still able to catch Carrys. 3742.png is my prefered one since it also grants an offensive passive and movement speed

Mid Game- You win or you feed?

After having 3 items, there r questions you should ask yourself.

-Am i winning or feeding? Is my team okay?
-Am i able to carry it alone- does my team need tankyness.
-Can we win 5vs5 or do we need to catch?

If everything is okay, and u feel like u don't need any tankyness buy this:

3814.png-3142.png Just buy the one u didn't get before. Will get your 3147.png to max dmgs and the combinations of the two item will considerably help you catching people.

If u feel like everything is okay but you think u need tankyness:

3078.png  Trinity will provide a boost in a lot of stats and its passive are good for you. It can be a good choice in some situation. Especially when u need attackspeed fast but also more tankyness.

3143.png3194.png Randuim and Adaptative Helm are both really strong for tankyness. Just chose according to enemy team.

Keep in mind that there's a lot of situation where buying tankyness at that moment is way more interesting than more damage.

If u really need tankyness:

3742.png-3102.pngChose what's needed by enemys

3053.pngis great combined with 3078.png

3143.pnga good item to escape/ chase that u can activate when u use quinne.png


Repeat the same process for the 5th Item!


Last item.

If you didnt get any tanking item it's time to buy one.


Otherwise, buy the missing item





This is where you'll find some item that are really good but it's no need to buy them every game.

3153.png you face a team with a lot of HP champion. swap it with 3078.png

3036.png Too much armor/ HP. Swap it with 3142.png  or  3814.png

3156.png You're facing a mainly ap team. Swap it with 3142.png

3139.png You get cc a lot. Swap it with 3142.png

3071.png You need tankyness and armor pen. Swap it with 3078.pngor3142.png or 3814.png . Picking an attack speed item is recommended if u go for 3071.png. for exemple :3087.png or 3046.png

There's a lot more to see in Match-up section (even if it's not up to date or completed)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Lee Sin
  • Malphite
  • Master Yi
  • Mordekaiser
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Quinn
  • Rammus
  • Renekton
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Rumble
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Shyvana
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Tahm Kench
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Urgot
  • Vladimir
  • Volibear
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yorick
  • Zac




This match up is kinda easy.
Aatrox is melee and has only one dash aatroxq.png that you can cancell with your quinne.png. If you don't manage to cancell it you can still get to range if not used . Otherwise you'd rather kite well. 

Harass when he got close to minions and try to avoid getting targeted by enemy minions.
Under his turret just auto when he get the mark, blind when he wants to last hit.

3143.png is helpfull
14.png is recommended, so u can ignite him before he dies for the first time, lowering his healing potential from his passive
3123.png Same as ignite




Akali is an easy match up untill she get 6.
Same for all melee champs. Harass when she go for last hits. avoid getting targeted by minions.

If you manage to kill her 1 or 2 times she won't be a threat after her 6. If u don't, u can still duo her but try to always be near your tower so she needs to towerdive u.

When she is 6 she will probably try to all in every time. always use your blind as soon as she jump , proc your passiv and E immediatly, shld be enough to make the trade better

3156.png is usefull
3053.png can be usefull (don't buy it too early)




Cho gath is either really hard or really easy. Depend on how you'll
avoid his spells.

play aggressive and try to get your lane pushed min3 so enemy jungler won't gank. Cho is hard to kill because he can heal really fast thanks to his passive and ulti.

3153.png Usefull
1321.png Usefull
3156.png Usefull




Darius is a champion i don't like to face.

It's not easy to be against him cause his early is strong af.
You'll probably need to afk farm and roam a lot to get some kills. But don't forget your lane or he will destroy you tower.

Don't waste you're quinne.png cause it will be helpfull to get out of his dariusaxegrabcone.png

1001.png are really usefull to buy at 1 back to counter his mobility.
3.png is good.




Didn't face any Diana toplane but hey. Who knows what can happen. Otherwise if you play mid here it is.

Before Diana's 6, she is a bit weak, make it to your advantage by harrsing her while she farms. And try to get FB as soon as u get lvl 2-3.

When she is 6, she will be able to trade with you if you didn't kill her more than once. Otherwise you shld be able to kill if she jumps on you.

If Diana tries to jump on you, you better do quinne.png as soon as she dianateleport.png
And proc every passiv following combos.

care about her dianavortex.png that can cancell your quinne.png

3156.png recommended


Dr. Mundo


Ignite it

3153.png Recommended
3036.png or 3033.pngRecommended
3123.png Usefull




 Fiora can sustain really well , cancell some of your damage and even stun you.
Not that hard to kill but can be either awfull to you either easy.

The matchup is about timing. Cause she'll use her fioraw.png to avoid the most she can or even stun you if you cast quinne.png

Almost every Fiora i faced were pushing 24/7, so i think you can ask for your jungle to sit a bit toplane at beginning.

3139.png might be usefull.




quinne.png when fizz fizzpiercingstrike.png on you so he needs to use his fizzjump.png to get even closer.
Wait for your jungler if hard to manage.

nb: when Fizz fizzpiercingstrike.png on you and you quinne.png as soon as he does it. you don't cancell any damages from it.

3139.png to drop his ultimate on the ground.  care about not giving it to another ally :P
3053.png Recommended
3156.png Recommended
3.png Recommended







Not that mechanical matchup, just don't let him get too close.
Buy Armor pen as fast as you can.

Get to his tower and poke him. don't forget to  2043.png


Anty-tank build is good vs him.




Gnar isn't that hard actually.

You're able to kill him early and you're able to kill him after 6

You can cancel his gnare.png and his gnarw.png

3153.png usefull.
Antitank build is good vs Gnar.




I Heard Quinn is one of Illaoi counters but idk, i can't play vs illaoi. Mainly because illaoi players i met just push 24/7 and it makes trades hard to do.

Actually, this isn't a hard matchup imo.

The only problem is Illaoi's ability to push that makes you unable to take trades on her without having her minions against you.

 And it also makes you kinda unable to roam because as soon as you will, she will push your lane and destroy your tower.

Don't stay in her R area.
Getting some Lifesteal can be usefull if you don't manage to dodge her spells.

Acutally you should go for the Anti-tank build.

3.png usefull
3123.png buying it early can be usefull to trade with her.




Hard matchup. She is able to farm easily and kill you easily as well. Freeze your lane as much as you can and wait for your jungler's help.

If you get a kill, don't overestimate yourself she's still able to duel you.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan isn't a that hard matchup since you're better than him at duels.
However he is able to get you in hard situation.
For example he can easily:

jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.pngand prevent you to quinne.png in the good direction

jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.pngjarvanivcataclysm.png is really op when enemy jungler is coming and has good damages.

don't forget that you can escape from its jarvanivcataclysm.png with quinne.png

3153.png is good if he goes tank




Jax isn't a that hard matchup, even if he is able to dodge your autos and stun you, you got many skills to annoy him aswell.

Use your quinnq.png if he wants to jaxcounterstrike.pngjaxleapstrike.png
Use your quinne.png at the prefect time to prevent is jaxcounterstrike.pngjaxleapstrike.png

Care about his damages that are insane whatever what happen to him before.


Lee Sin


Not that much seen. Lee sin top isn't a threat to Quinn.

Your early is way stronger than him in lane so take advantage to it to get some kills.

Care about the ganks and the insec.

If he wants to use his 2nd blindmonkqone.png , quinne.png him as soon as he reached you and you'll be able to be at a safe range whill he can't touch you anymore.

A good lee sin is a good lee sin.




Malphite isn't that hard to kill early. But is strong when he hit 6.
not that much to say about that champ but the fact that he can easily kill you once he reaches his lvl 6 with his full combo.

Better to play safe when he is .

3036.png recommended
3153.png recommended


Master Yi



probably one of the easiest matchup you can have. feed youself and carry your team.




Not that much to say for this matchup. Just zone him, poke him, don't let him cs free, ward your side, roam if passiv as fuck .

3156.png usefull
3139.png usefull




Not that hard early, you' re able to kill him easily and prevent him from farming and stacking.

But He will be a pain even with no stack if you don't buy:

3139.png recommended




[I DEAL] if confident - [I BRUISER]

Both are good. [I BRUISER] is just better at escaping/Chasing him and surviving him.

He will probably spend his time farming with its olafaxethrowcast.png and wait for his jungler to come.
So 2043.png your side, and try to freeze, prevent his farm.
12.pngcan be usefull for a better roaming/gank/splitpush




Pantheon is a counter.

His pantheonpassive.png will be annyoing to you. So you should stay undertower and farm peacefully, waiting for your jungle to come and roam as much as you can.

Care about his pantheonrjump.png when you roam, cause he'll be able to follow you and take advantage

3.png recommended









So, i only had that matchup once but even if i lost game, the laning phase wasn't hard.
Rammus seems to be hard because he is tanky af, can send damages back to you as soon as you attack him and taunt you.

However, your early is too strong for him to do something about that. So you'll just need to outfarm, poke him and kill him. Don't forget to ward your side as ganks will be insanes if there are.

Don't quinnE.pngif Rammus is powerball.png cause it will stop you and you won't go back to range (do it only if you're sure to kill after)
Rammus can also stop you dashback to range quinnE.pngwith his puncturingtaunt.pngif he is good at tempo.

3036.png Buy this first instead of others and go back to your build order.
3142.png Still usefull combined with Dominik.
3153.png + 3139.png are important because it will gives you enough sustain so you can't die only by autoattacking him. And you'll be able to cancell his taunt if needed

NB: I still rated the matchup Medium even if it's kinda easy because facing a rammus will always be hard to manage late game, when he'll be able to catch your adc




Not that much to say, Renek is strong early to late.
But you're able to kill him from early to end.
Denie his all in with quinnE.png and poke him back.
If you get a kill, you'll be able to snowball.

3153.png Required








[I BRUISER]- [IDEAL] if confident

I didn't rate 92.png's matchup Easy because it really depends on how much she know about Quinn and how good she is. I know people that completely wreck 133.png and i think that if i'd the opportunity to play 92.png vs 133.png, i would win the matchup.

Basically, most people think 133.png counters 92.png because 133.png is able to completely Denie 92.png's engage with here spells and because 133.png is ranged while 92.png isn't. this isn't completely true because, once again, it really depends on how skilled is 92.png.
here's what 92.png able to do:

 rivenfeint.pngevery quinnpassive.png you shoot
 rivenmartyr.png at the exact moment of your quinnE.png when you'r touching her with your feet. If so, you don't get back to range and you're probably already dead.
get to you really fast with her rivenfeint.pngriventricleave.png
can cast rivenfengshuiengine.png even if not close to 133.png

However, before lvl 6, you should be able to trade and kill her/prvent his farm/Freeze. Play safe if you're not confident at all and freeze as much as you can.

3139.png can be usefull.
1.png can also be usefull ( didn't tried yet)
3.png can be better than 14.png





Both builds should be good vs him. Rumble isn't a hard matchup and you'll be able to kill him easily.

3156.png may be usefull





Ryze isn't that hard early but he can surprise you. He is good at cleaning and have what's needed to counter you a bit.

with his runeprison.png he is able to root you when you quinnE.png and you'll not get in range.
Moreover is has some spellvamp, and shields which is nice for him.

plus, his item path will probably include 3110.png and that's not that cool for you.

However you should be able to trade, kill, or not get killed by him.

3156.png should be usefull




[I DEAL]- [I BRUISER] not that much recommended

The matchup is just boring because he will stack hp/armor and will still be able to trade with you.

He is able to cancell your quinnE.pngwith his shenshadowdash.png
You're able to cancell his shenstandunited.pngwith your quinnE.png

3153.png Required
3036.png Recommended (no 3142.png if dominik bought)




[I DEAL] - [I BRUISER] if she get fed or you really lack of tankyness.

Extremely easy matchup. Don't let her farm, poke her when under turret  and 2043.png your side.

Her only way to reach you is shyvanaimmolationaura.pngshyvanatransformcast.png
and if she does you only need to quinnE.png to get away/chase her .

If you cast quinnE.png when she shyvanatransformcast.png you'll follow her to his destination point. This can be usefull ( or that can kill you :O) , if you want to kill her, rememeber that.

1305.png1300.png are usefull.
3153.png will be usefull
3036.png can be usefull




If i remember well, Singed biggest fear a few season ago was to lane vs 67.png/17.png
So as 133.png you should have no problem vs him.

You should care about his fling.png because he is able to do it while your quinne.png. Making you go just behind him instead :c

3153.png usefull




Easy matchup aswell since Sion hasn't any escape but his sionr.png/sione.png
You can cancell his crypticgaze.pngwith your quinne.png
Just poke him, freeze/push and get your lane warded.

3153.png usefull


Tahm Kench


Never done yet but i think it's easy.

3139.png usefull i guess.
3153.png usefull



48.pngis not that hard to kill 1vs1 if you're doing good. However he is still a hard matchup since he has good mobility, sustain, cc and he's able to lower your dmgs.

his Pillar trundlecircle.png is strong and can prevent your quinne.pngdash back, making you close to him/death. Moreover if his jungler is coming you'll be pretty fucked up with that pillar.
So you'll have to ward your side 24/7 and deeper that you use to because a simple ward on river bush will not be enough to prevent a gank.

3036.png usefull
3153.png usefull
14.png usefull




Kinda easy matchup.
Tryndamere will try to farm a lot but you're able to denie hsi farm, poke him and kill him. When he hit lvl 6 you're still able to kill him.
You can cancell his slashcast.pngwith your quinne.png
3.png14.png are both usefull, chose one.

3139.png can be usefull to get rid of his tryndamerew.png




Only played once vs a 6.png and i don't remember that much of what happened. +  it was in season 5 for sure.

But i think this a quietly hard matchup since 6.png will have no trouble farming, has a lot of sustain, CCs, damage reductions, and can still hit you even if you quinnq.png him
Moreover his buildorder will probably include 3025.png and that will make him more tanky + able to chase/kill you faster than expected.

If you face a 6.png toplane vs 133.png maybe swaping vs someone else wld be wiser. However u can still manage to do some things vs him.

As 133.png you can still go for a kill early lvl and maybe snowballing and get a few more but you shld care because he will soon or late reach a point where it will be hard to do something vs him.

You need to dodge all his urgotplasmagrenade.png.ALL OF THEM!
So if you want to poke him, just move a lot, if you get urgotplasmagrenade.png, run away as fast as you can because he will urgotheatseekingmissile.pngurgotheatseekingmissile.pngurgotheatseekingmissile.png and you'll get to midlife/low.
If he activates his urgotterrorcapacitoractive2.png , a simple auto from him will reduce your movement speed and it will be easier for him to urgotplasmagrenade.png you, so you should get your 1305.png1306.png

6.png isn't the fastest champ you'll meet. He has 335 MS ( Quinn 335 also) and 425 range (Quinn 525). + He hasn't any passive to increase his MS . Try to make that to your advantage by poking him outrange and moving way faster than him.

3139.png recommended
1305.png recommended




This matchup is kinda hard.
He can farm really fast, sustain and poke.
For this match up you'll need to buy 3139.png as 1st item so u can sustain aswell, use it when he ults and tank a bit more with the MR given.

If you want to fight, try to do it when his vladimirtidesofblood.png haven't any stacks. If he used his vladimirsanguinepool.png already




Not that much to say about this matchup since you pretty counters him.
Poke him as much as possible. use your quinnq.png or quinne.png to counter hisvolibearq.png

try to get his volibearpassive.png down early or 14.png and keep autoing.

3153.png usefull




Easy to kill before 6. Don't let him farm, poke him if he tries. go under his tower and 3340.png2043.png your lane. Poke him when he is underhistower,quinnq.png if he tries to farm.

Your quinnpassive.png will reveal him if he monkeykingdecoy.png

When he hit 6, he will be hard to duel. Since his monkeykingspintowin.png counters your quinne.png.

Try not to quinne.png as soon as he doesmonkeykingnimbus.png because he will probably do monkeykingspintowin.png when he get in range. Let him CC you with it and quinne.png after to escape. Once he used monkeykingspintowin.png it shld be easier to kill him.

Actually, after lvl 6 he can trade with you and has alot of way to kill you.


Xin Zhao


Zhao-Xin is a quiet Easy matchup for our bird.

Farm, denie-poke kill.

use quinne.png when he reached you with xenzhaosweep.png
and everything shld be fine.
Actually the only way for him to kill you, if you do good, is to 4.png in just after you denied his gapcloser.




IDK Yet because i didn't face the new Yorick as Quinn.
But i think it isn't a simple matchup.
he hasn't that much spell to reach you.




Zac Toplane isn't seen that much.
Anyway it shld be an Easy matchup.
U just need to Farm- Denie his farm-Poke him and kill him when low enough.

You're able to cancel his zace.png with your quinne.png when he channel it or while he is jumping.
This makes his engage on you pretty hard .

If he manages to jump onto you, he can mess up with you because his zacr.png will make you go on a direction you might have not desire. Making your jump under his tower for exmple ^^

3153.png usefull.

Mid Season - Building Back to Top

Here is a part i add just for the mid season building informations. Since i think it is a good idea to keep the old building description for the Full lethality build.

Because of the new changes on League of legends with the Midseason patch. Quinn probably has to change her build.
In general, Tanks are getting less HP on their item but more Armor. Also they have 2 New item they can buy .
Rito also decided to change some ADC items.

The new build i suggest is probably more viable than the full lethality one.

3006.png3153.png3087.png3071.png3026.png3147.png  ( full build exemple )

Since mid season is reworking tanks and giving them more building option +  Adc can now buy Guardian angel earlier without having damages problem. Full Lethality build is probably not really good anymore. Since you'll have to kill Adc twice and Tanks are probably going to show up more often. Yet, this build still allows you to catch and kill people thanks to Drakthar+statik passives.


Basically i suggest you to swap from a 12-18-0 Thunderlord mastery tree to a 18-12-0 FoB Tree;


Fervor of battle is extremely strong when a fight is lasting a bit  in time and will shred your enemies if stacked to the maximum.

Core Item.


Fervor of battle is really good but only if you build attack speed since it will allow you to stack it faster than with 0% bonus attack speed.


3153.png  1st item to build. 1st back shld look like this  1055.png1042.png1042.png1036.png1036.png2055.png

Blade of the ruin king + fervor of battle vs anyone is extremely strong early to late.


You can buy anyboots you want but i recommend 3006.png .


3087.png 2-3nd item to buy. It allows you to stack fervor faster , add bursts and also allow to clean waves and push lanes faster.


3071.png 4th item to build. Extra armor pen + cdr + tanking and a nice passive. Got nerfed a bit but still really strong. Its passive will allow you to catch and chase poeple as if you activated 3142.png . It is more viable than youmuu's in its stats since it gives you extra hp and youmu doesn't.


What makes this Build more viable is the fact that no matter what comp your enemy will have, this build will be okay or really strong. Lethality build is strong only if enemy team has less than 3 tanks and is harder to manage when they have 2. + People are starting to be comfortable with the Quinn assassinate stuff.

There's probably one situation where Lethality build is more viable and it's when your comp lacks of OS stuff and you really need to kill carry fast.


Situationnal items.

Not really situationnal since it is a really strong item for any AD champ now.

3143.png Imo The best HP/Armor item u can buy for Quinn atm.

3194.png Imo The best HP/MR item u can buy for Quinn atm.

3072.png It is a good choice if you need to heal faster ( strong vs 3075.png)

3139.png You know why it is situationnal and when to buy it.

3031.png Cheaper than before and yet no changes on stats. Crit chance = %cdr on Passiv and is good to have btw.

3156.png Strong vs Burst AP champions.

3142.png Strong vs Fast moving champ that you have troubel kitting.

3814.png Strong in almost every game.

Anti-Tank Build Back to Top

Anti-Tank Build:

So i said i'll detail it, now here it is.

This build 3153.png3071.png3046.png3033.png3742.png3111.png is meant to be played when you feel like you're not able to catch/kill Carrys in teamfights or when Enemy Team got Annoying Tanky champions.

If you know that you will need to play with this build before game starts, i highly recommend you to swap your masteries (and maybe your runes) into a 18-12-0


For runes, u can run Full lethality / Lethality and Attack Speed as quints / DMG and Attack Speed as quints / Full DMG.


Build Order:


1055.png Doran's is the best to start with this build i hink, because it will provides you Hp and the possibility to stay longer in lane

1036.png but Longsword +3 Potion is also really good because you'll be able to uprgade it into 3144.png


1st Back and Core items:

3144.png or 1043.png ------This two are the best 1st back item u can have imo. Because they will improve you're kill potential - make your farming potential higher and you'll b able to buy 3153.png

3153.png--- Blade of the ruin king is really strong to kill tanks because of its passive and it also provides you interesting stats.

3071.png ---- This item is too strong. It will rekt your enemis armor and will provide you Health-dmg and movement speed. Making your Escape/chase potential easier. I think i usually buy 3133.png this one first .

3036.png--3033.png  They are both really usefull and it depends on what champions you face. Pick 3033.png  if you face a Healer : 106.png420.png36.png etc...



3006.png  My prefered boots because attack speed is great when u got zero from runes. However 3047.png3111.png those two can be great depending situation. And 3009.png is for when you need to roam a lot.

I usually buy 1001.png at my 2nd back and i upgrade them when i got 3153.png


5th item:

I usually wait for the last item to be a tanky one but happens that i go for a tanky for my 4th or 5th.
If not, i go for some dmg items.

3046.png: a good item because it gives high attackspeed and a nice passiv to survive.

3087.png: Attack speed and critics + a passiv to increase your burst potential.

3142.png: Higher dmgs and a passive to catch people. It is interesting to buy it if u think enemy carrys will go alone depush or else soon.

3147.png: Increase your burst by a lot and makes you move faster when not in combat. Kinda as good as youmuu to catch people since you'll be able to kill them faster than with youmuu's

3814.png: Same as youmuu's but this one gives you a shield to protect from spells.


Tanking items:


Chose one of these according to enemy team.

GA is actually really good with this build.

This build still allow you to Catch and kill carrys. But it is kinda less faster.

Know when to play her Back to Top

In my opinion, 133.png isn't a champion you should pick at every match.
And i think it is important to know when you can pick her and when you shouldn't.


-First, Quinn is kinda an off-meta Champion.
-She is squishier than most of Toplaner
-She also has less CC than most of toplaner
-She is ranged
-And Finally, Quinn isn't meant to be played Tank. So if you're dominating your toplane, your laner should be able to get Tanky and still be kinda usefull after. However, if you're getting rekt. You kinda not have the option to go tanky since you will be useless as a tank.

For instance, a 58.png getting rekt will be more usefull in teamfights as an off-tank than a 133.pngOff-tank.


Anyway, this doesn't mean Quinn is a shit top champion since she's actually 5th at Toplane Winrate rank in plat + elo. (december 2016)

But this still doesn't mean you should pick her everytime. And it depends on Pick Orders.



-Enemy Toplane and jungle are known.
-You're the verylast pick.
-Enemy Team got 3-4 squishy champions.
-Your Support and Jungle picked Tanky Champions.



-You're in the 2-3 first pick (third pick of you're team can be ok)
-Your Jungle and support picked Squishy Champions
-Enemy team got 3+ Tanks.
-You don't know enemy jungler and toplane picks.
-Picking Quinn makes your team full AD.
-EnemyTeam picked 33.png/54.png/98.png/57.png (they will probably rekt you and protect your targets)

Plat + Elo Toplane Champions Winrate

Some videos. Back to Top

Here is what u can do with a part of the build.

Mid/lategame Strat

Quinn Changes And itemization Changes Back to Top

Patchnote 7.9 mid season

FullPatch 7.9 Here

3026.png&resize=64:    updated

Guardian Angel

Now a physical damage item! Attack damage added. Magic resist removed.

The new guardian angel is really interesting for ad champions. I think it will be really strong on Quinn and wil lbe a must have for every game. I don't know exactly when to buy though.


Statikk Shiv

-COMBINE COST 550 600 (offsets component item cost changes; total cost still 2600 gold)
-DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS 50-120 (at levels 1-18) 60-160 (at levels 1-18)
-BONUS DAMAGE VS MINIONS +120% (110-264 total damage) +65% (99-264 total damage)

Statik Shiv and Rapidfirecanon are changed a little bit. I only put Statik because it's imo the best changes. Deals more dmg for the same cost and its passive is charging faster than before. (Firecanon aswell)


Infinity Edge

COST 3600 gold 3400 gold

IE is cheaper now and i think it makes it is a really good item now.


Dead Man's Plate

HEALTH 500 425
ARMOR 50 60
DREADNOUGHT Gain up to 12.5 Momentum stacks 20 Momentum stacks per second while moving
SLOW Crushing Blow’s slow no longer decays over the duration
removed CRUSHING BOOP Basic attacks while below 100 Momentum stacks no longer purge current stacks to deal damage. Instead, they reduce Momentum stacks by 15 for no bonus effect.

DM Plate provide more armor and less health. And does not deal extra damages if you don't have 100 momentum stacks. Momentum stacks charges faster.
So DM Plate might be no longer interesting as a defensive/ofensive item.


Randuin's Omen

Health down. Crit strike damage reduction up. Active slow strength up but duration down.

COST 2900 gold (unchanged)
BUILD PATH Giant’s Belt + Warden’s Mail + 900 gold Ruby Crystal + Warden’s Mail + Ruby Crystal + 1000 gold
HEALTH 500 350
ACTIVE Slow all nearby enemies by 35% for 4 seconds 55% for 2 seconds

Randuim is probably the new best choice for Ad defensive item on Quinn. Mostly because of the 20% crit dmg reductions. And the passive that u still can applied while E.


: 45% bonus armor 35% bonus armor



Patchnote 7.6

HeightenedSenses.jpg W - Heightened Senses

  • BONUS ATTACK SPEED: 20/25/30/35/40% on Harrier proc ⇒ 20/35/50/65/80% on Harrier proc

TagTeam.jpg R - Behind Enemy Lines

  • SKYSTRIKE DAMAGE: 100% total attack damage ⇒ 40% total attack damage
  • NEW CATCH THE PIGEON: After putting at least one point in Behind Enemy Lines, Quinn respawns as Valor after deaths for the rest of the game

Harrier procs grant more attack speed. Skystrike damage down. Quinn respawns as Valor once R is available.
Quote.png Let’s paint a picture: you’re minding your own business when a blazing-fast bird streaks out of the fog of war. In an instant, your vision disappears. A moment later, you’re dead. Quinn’s burst - combined with her high movement speed - gives opponents little time to react to her entrance. We want Quinn’s kill combo to have a little more room for enemy reaction, shifting some of that burst into extended trade strength. Unquote.png

So they want to Nerf Quinn's damage output and chose the lowest dmg dealing spell and lower it more. Because Quinn is running so fast and do not let any time for people to think.
(Since Quinn isn't a famous pick?) They also increased her attackspeed bonus from quinnw.png provided by trigering quinnpassive.png.
 To be honest, it is a huge up on Quinn and makes max quinnw.png 2nd even more viable imo.
And the only thing i noticed about her quinnr.png nerf is that i can't OS ranged minions with a Q+R combo anymore.

Rito brain thank you

Welcome Back to Top

Hello summoner.

I decided to make my own guide about Quinn because i always wanted to do one. Quinn is my favorite champion and i've played her a lot. Last season, i was plat 5(Still kinda noob division but hey) and i  probably reached it  thanks to Quinn

This guide is the first i've seen with this itemization. So i would like some feedback from you, if you have time to try it.

Thank you for reading it !If you want some more explanation, don't hesitate to comment or add me in game ( Cake O Poireau) so we can talk.

This guide isn't finished yet, i'll add content ASAP

All detailed matchups incoming soon + i'll soon explain what to do early vs what to do late. I'll also add some graphics, quinn's stats and more.

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