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6 months ago

Rakan Statistics for MRS Treatz

Author's performance with Rakan compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png is always taken on Rakan support for playmaking with your Flash+W and general safety. You want to be running 4.png14.png against teamcomps with little to no dive-threat and 4.png3.png against teamcomps with heavy divethreats (such as 157.png,59.png,114.png etc.) or vs. a high pressure bot (like if you're playing 497.png498.png vs. 53.png51.png). 

Basically ignite for early kill pressure and if you don't need exhaust lategame, and exhaust if you don't have a lot of all-in potential earlygame and need it for the later stages of the game (I mostly run exhaust currently though due to the jungle meta with assassins).

New Runes Back to Top

Standard Mage rune build of Rakan that gives you a lot of hybrid power. Aery is procced very easily both defensively and offensively through your Q and E spells. Manaflow Band helps your mana problems in lane very well, and Celerity+Waterwalking gives you free Movement Speed+AP for extra damage and swiftness in your engages.

Domination as a 2nd tree offers you a lot through Zombie ward and Ingenious Hunter. Zombie ward just increases over all vision uptime and Ingenious Hunter is disgustingly broken in the later parts of the game with 40% Active Item CDR on your items such as 3190.png3107.png3222.png and Sweeper Trinket. Really solid setup on Rakan that can't go wrong at the moment. 

Masteries Back to Top

Currently there are two viable ways to run him; as a frontline tank/disruptor with Courage of the Colossus or a more peel/shield support with Windspeaker's Blessing. Personally I prefer playing with Windspeaker's as I feel it to be more useful when you get higher CDR and can spam shields on your carries with insane peel with your W and R. Going your last 12 points in Resolve is really nice as you get Runic Armor for 8% bigger shields on yourself with your passive and lower summoner spell CD with Insight.

Abilities Back to Top


You want to max your W first as it gives it a much shorter CD and bigger dmg (your main source of engage) and your shield second for added utility. Pick up your ult whenever possible of course and max Q last. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    First base
    Full build example

Situational Items

1The choice is start with 3301.png 
You want to rush a 3096.png as soon as possible to enhance your laningphase with extra gold income on your first base. 
After that you want to get a 2049.png and a few control wards to help set up vision and track the enemy jungler more efficiently and follow it up with a pair of 3117.png to start moving around the map.
After you have your boots you want to complete 2302.png and after that start going with the standard defensive items. 

You always want to get a 3107.png first and 3190.png second, and then follow up with either a 3504.png if you have heavy attackspeed based team (like 51.png ADC, 104.png jungle and 133.pngtop) that can benefit from it. 3222.png is a good item if the enemies have any form of long-duration hard CC that's a big threat to your carries, such as an Elise Cocoon or Ashe enchantedcrystalarrow.png. If you think you want to be going for a third item Mikaels, you also open up your second route of building Rakan: going 2045.png3069.png instead of 2302.png and then building like usual. With the passive of Ruby Sightstone that reduces all active CDs, it's really effective if your first 4 items on Rakan will be actives. This combined with the lower Sweeper CD makes it really attractive if you aim for a Mikaels 4th item. Other than that a 3109.png or 3050.png
are both good to round out your build, Zeke's being more of a niche item if you have an ADC that's building only 50% crit. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Bard
  • Braum
  • Karma
  • Lulu
  • Nami
  • Thresh




This is a skill matchup of who can dodge more abilities. If you as Rakan can dodge Bards bardq.png in an all-in trade with your rakane.png or rakanw.png, you will 99% of the time win the trade. If Bard hits a stun with his bardq.png you will almost always lose the trade. You want to be careful of jumping to your ADC in lane if he has his Q up, as it easily can turn into a double stun if you both get hit as you're jumping with your rakane.png. In mid/lategame be aware of allies so you always have a chance of dodging his bardr.png, it's even possible to bait it if you "bait" him to think you are out of position, then dodge his R with your rakanw.png or rakane.png




This matchup reminds me a lot of the Bard one, as every trade is dependent on if you can dodge his braumq.png+stun (or get out of range with your rakane.png before the stun applies) or if he locks you down before you're able to escape with your W or E. You want to play this lane mostly focused on only harassing with your rakanw.png+Auto+rakanq.png combo, and look for as many roam opportunities as possible once you get 3117.png. I would play this matchup a more supportive style than tanky/engage-y style of Rakan, with Windspeakers. 




This lane can be tricky as Karma always has push advantage vs. Rakan. I only put this as a medium difficulty matchup however as you have much easier ways of engaging on her when she's overextending for poke, under your tower or in a pushed lane. Look for opportunities to engage with your rakane.pngrakanw.png combo throughout the entire game, as you always have another charge of rakane.png left incase she karmaspiritbind.pngs you. When playing against Karma I would recommend to the tankier route of Rakan with CoC as it's important for you to hardengage and not try to outsustain her poke with your rakanq.png as it's simply not possible. 




Much like the matchup vs. Karma, it's a bit tricky because Lulu has a lot stronger push than you. Try to use this to your advantage as the Lulu lane oversteps around your tower with a quick rakane.pngrakanw.png combo and make sure to spam your rakanq.png throughout the laning phase to make it a bit more survivable. You should start matching Lulus pressure in midgame with mobis, as you have extremely long engage range with your rakanr.pngrakanw.png+rakane.png's. Play it more supportive than tanky, and try to make sure your carries are always safe because that's what Lulu will do as well, and if you try to go aggro on her she will just luluw.png you and make sure you're pretty useless. 




This is a pretty easy matchup for Rakan if played properly, as you should never be able to be hit by a single namiq.png from Nami in the entire game. You can outsustain most of her harass with your rakanq.pngs and rakane.pngs in earlygame, and in mid/late is where you shine as you have a really easy time of setting up kills on Nami/her team with your rakanw.png. If you want you can play this more aggressively with CoC and go tankier build to remain in the frontline for longer.




This is a tricky matchup for Rakan because of Thresh's ability to hardengage on him or his ADC without much damage threat back. Rakan excells in short trades with his E and W, and when they are on CD Thresh can look for engages again as he has shorter CDs than Rakan. If you are playing Rakan in this matchup you want to play safe whenever you have CDs in lane, and look to roam as much as possible. Be aware of the fact that Thresh can match your roams however if he gets mobis as well. Do your best to act as a defensive support and don't take overaggressive engages with your rakanw.png and you should be decent. 

ADCs that synergize with Rakan Back to Top

BAE TIER:  498.png 

Xayah and Rakan are the best duo bot possible for Rakan due to their synergy together. Their synergized recall (one of them can Recall and the other one can jump in whenever and recall with the other), the buff that Xayah gives Rakan on his autos and the increased E range of Rakan makes them a formidable pairing in the botlane. They are the real baes of botlane.


These champions synergize really well with Rakan due to their high damage output after Rakan buffs them with shields+heals and CCs the enemies.

2 TIER+ Rest:22.png96.png110.png

These ADCs and the other ones not mentioned are not as good as the Tier1 ADCs due to lower mobility and quickness of following up trades as the other ADCs because they have a longer time to ramp up damage. 

How to play Rakan during different stages of the game Back to Top


Rakans job in the earlygame is to keep your ADC safe and set up ganks with your W, that's basically it. You have a really poor pushing power, so being matched with an ADC that can either contest push themselves or have great all-in potential is therefore really beneficial. Don't make overaggressive plays with your W without your rakane.png as those are the only movement spells you have apart from your 4.png. You mostly want to focus on surviving lanephase and from there start snowballing the game in your favour. 


Your job in midgame as Rakan is to look for roam opportunities and secure vision around the objective you want to secure next. You are especially good at fighting with your jungler, as you have a really long engage range with your E->W combo and have good shield potential (and also a Charm with your ulti). Use this to your advantage by calling your jungler to secure vision with you as you are almost guaranteed to win most 2v2s. 



Your job as Rakan in lategame is to either look for insane engages with your most standard secure CC combo which is rakane.png->4.png->rakanr.png->rakanw.png which will CC enemies for over 2 seconds and leave your team with a clear engage path. If you have your flash on CD, you mostly want to look to peel with your W and use your E on carries. Don't underestimate the power of your Redemption+Locket+E shields+Q heal in the lategame, it's actually insane how much peel potential you have. 

Combos/tips Back to Top

Standard engage combo:


This is your bread and butter combo in lane to win most trades guaranteed if you hit your W. E towards your ADC/jungler, followed by an instant W towards your enemies, follow it up with an autoattack and a Q and then either continue chasing or use your second charge of rakane.png to fall back.

Hard engage combo with R:


This is the longest guaranteed CC chain with Rakan that you can secure. Making sure you use your ult before using W is what makes this more guaranteed, as they are unable to dodge your W when they are Charmed. E towards a teammate, followed by a Ultimate and Flash towards the grouped targets, followed up with a W once they are charmed (make sure to not overlap CC) followed by a Q to heal your carry as you finish the combo by jumping back with your E. 

Basic Rakan tips:

-Remember that you can W over walls as it can save you a lot of times.

-Always use both charges of your E, even when you think it's not super necessary as it will refresh the shield anyway on an ally. 

-If you have flash+ult+W available, always go for the Flash->Ult->W combo as it secures 2+seconds of CC as opposed to the Flash+W+R combo that gives them time to flash away from your W. 

-Learn to memorize the 5seconds of time you have to use your second E charge for. If you overextend on purpose only to jump back with E and it goes on CD, you're in a tricky situation.

About me Back to Top

I'm a top 100~ Challenger support player on EUW who previously played for team ROCCAT and before the in the Division de honor (Spanish League) with Giants. Feel free to follow me on Twitter where I post about LoL in general and my adventures in SoloQ and competitive! :)

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