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2 years ago

Rammus Statistics for glockgoesthepop

Author's performance with Rammus compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top


These two are a must for jungle rammus.  Ghost is actually not that bad but in comparison to flash, it is garbage.  Flash gives you the ability to catch carries with either a flash taunt or flash powerball into taunt.  It also allows you to dodge ccs or other abilities during a gank that you can only pull off with flash.  Flash is mandatory on rammus.

This guide will not cover lane rammus, which would still include flash anyway.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Fury over Sorcery for faster clears in the jungle.  

Exposed Weakness over the other two because Feast is terrible for junglers and Fresh Blood is just okay.  Exposed Weakness makes the most since and feels the best.

Vampirism over Natural talent for better sustain in the jungle, to be better prepared when you get invaded so you hopefully won't get completely dicked.

Battle Trance because DES feels terrible when you're behind and pointless when you're ahead, and Bounty Hunter only if you're smurfing.


Unyielding is self-explanatory.

Tough Skin for the same reason we take Vampirism, it patches Rammus' weaknesses.  Siegemaster would make a lot more sense if it were enemy turrets, but it isn't so we don't take it.  Explorer is not needed because we have powerball.png.

Veteran Scars for the same reason we take Tough Skin and Vampirism.  Early game too important.  Maybe Runic Armor is better now that we have COTC but I can guarantee you this keystone will get nerfed soon anyway.

Insight is best because although Fearless is nice, it does not help our jungle clearing.  The 4.png cooldown is also really nice, but what makes it no contest is the reduced cooldown on 11.png.

Swiftness over Legendary Guardian because you can always get tankier, but tenacity is much harder to itemize.  Also, it stacks with merc treads so you can become way harder to lock down.

COTC because every other keystone on rammus is garbage in comparison right now.  powerball.png and tremors2.png proc it, so he has a very easy time making use of this keystone.

Why not 6/6/18?

It made a lot more since to run 6/6/18 last season, but I cannot recommend it this season.  The cunning tree only has Savagery that we are interested in now.  Runic Affinity is pretty terrible now since they removed all of the smite buffs, so the value of it went way down.  


All of my masteries are focused around getting me through the early game and increasing my clear speed.  33.png is already an amazing ganker, so all of my masteries are aimed towards covering his weaknesses VS trying to improve on his strengths.

Abilities Back to Top


Always max DBC defensiveballcurl.png .  Maxing taunt before this is basically hoping for your team to carry you.  Just switch to janna support if you're trying to get carried, it's a lot easier.  Rammus snowballs really hard with a few points in this, 120 extra armor and magic resist at lvl 9 is really hard to deal with for anyone mid game.  If you are ahead at all and are maxing this, you can tank towers forever and just punish people for coming back to lane.  It is so easy to snowball a winning lane because the tower won't do shit to you.

Also, you will clear the jungle faster, which is really important because rammus needs levels.   You will do more damage in ganks, and overall will be less reliant on your team.  Rammus holds his own with W max.  You will be much stronger in 1v1s because you will be tankier and do more damage.  

Taunt max second because maxing powerball second doesn't do that much.

To those that still think maxing E is better:

DBC max: More damage in duels, skirmishes and teamfights. Can dive really hard and tank towers for way longer than should be allowed in early game. Faster jungle clear, which is extremely important (even on rammus you need to farm). Better ganks because you can chase for longer doing even more damage.

Taunt max: .25 seconds per level and flat armor reduction. Putting 5 points in this early gives you a whopping 1 extra second of cc where they'll hit you one more time. Also, flat armor reduction is great and will allow your ally to do more damage in a gank.

So what do you want, 120 armor/mr at level 9 with more return damage, or 1 extra second on your taunt with armor reduction? You'd be insane to not max W, if you're even or a tiny bit ahead there is a period in the mid game you will be almost unkillable with those stats.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1039.pngAlways talisman and refillable start.  Talisman keeps you healthier in the jungle, meaning you can deal with invades better and not get destroyed in an early gank. 

2031.pngRefillable because you don't need 3 pots and will be using it a lot throughout the game.  Don't forget to pot up during a fight.  Also, you don't need need hunter's potion and basically get no benefit from all of the extra charges.  Don't waste gold on it.

3751.pngMy goal everygame is to buy this first back.  Unfortunately, you won't always have the luxury of backing on 1100 gold every game.  If you can get away with it though, this will help you clear so much faster.  If I don't have the gold, I will just work towards red smite and this.  If my gold allows it, I never build boots before finishing cinderhulk.  Boots are nice but you have powerball, so you can get away with building them later.  This is a much bigger powerspike than boots ruby crystal.  As of preseason 7, it is a lot easier to farm this out for your first back.  

1001.pngIdeally, you get these after cinderhulk.  Otherwise, you build them when you can't afford anymore components to cinderhulk but have at least 300 gold.  

3047.pngI only get these if I feel like the mid laner on the enemy team is going to be useless, or they are playing someone where the tenacity from mercs won't matter (katarina, vlad, etc).  They are also the best option for 67.png who will destroy you regardless if she gets ahead.  

3111.pngBest boots usually.  You will be the target of a lot of CC as rammus and this combined with elixir of iron and the Swiftness mastery will get you back rollin in no time.

3009.png3158.pngLuxury boots.  Swiftness have felt bad ever since the nerf, but can be an all right choice against perma slows.  Ionian are actually really nice, not only for the cdr but the flash cooldown is great too.  Build these when you are ahead and don't need mercs or tabi.

3075.pngDirt cheap for 100 armor.  The passive is the obvious reason we want this, it will synergize  nicely with defensiveballcurl.png and puncturingtaunt.png.  There are games where you don't build this though, and that is when their only auto attack threat is garbage and when you are against 4 magic damage champions.  

3065.pngI like this item a lot because it gives a ton of health and CDR.  I almost always build this over banshees for magic resist because it gives those 2 stats.  You might think the increased healing is useless but it is not.  You will heal from your keystone, your adc, your support, red buff, etc.  You will get plenty of value off of this item, it is one of the best tank items in the game.  

3102.pngThis is one of the magic resist items that I rarely build.  It's not really a tank item, it's more for a squishy trying to survive a malphite or kennen ult, something like that.  

3190.pngAgainst triple and sometimes double ap comps, this will be my first item after cinderhulk.  I like that it helps the team and not just you, not having the aura takes a lot of value out of this item though.  The active got doubled though, and it's pretty disgusting when combined with COTC.

3143.png  Most gold-efficient armor/health item you can buy.  Gives better stats than deadman's and the active  is usually better.  Without taking value into the reduced crit passive, you still want this over deadman's.  

3026.png  You want to have this item done as soon as you start to feel like you are no longer tanky.  This is usually around mid-late game but sometimes it can be earlier than that if the enemy carries build last whisper and void 2nd or 3rd item.  If you are 1v9ing the game you might have to build this after thornmail.  Sell if you are 6 slotted and the passive is on cooldown.

3512.png  You ever have games where you win every teamfight but are still losing because your lanes aren't pushed out?  This can help a lot then.

3109.png  I like this item because it is another way to peel for a carry.  I would only build it if I feel tanky enough though, because buying this feels awful when you are behind.  The build path is pretty shit too.


3800.png  I don't really build this after the nerfs.  It doesn't speed your team up anymore, but that being said I still think it is a decent buy if you are either ahead or are the sole initiation for your team.  It's an item you build if you are ahead and the stats it gives are not very good.

3152.png   My personal favorite splurge item.  I like the stats more than RG and the active catches people off guard.  In their head they know your effective range, but they won't expect you to have this.  Always use it in powerball to collide for the slow. Not a very good use of your gold most of the time

3140.png  This used to be a staple item against trundle/fiora before they ruined our only counterplay.  Still, it can be an okay buy against 127.png90.png19.png25.png.  If you're eating those big ticket ults everyfight, you're probably winning though.  If you aren't then that's when it's okay to buy qss.

3025.png I stopped building this after the nerfs, but it can be okay.  The cdr, armor, and passive are pretty nice, but the mana is not a stat you need as rammus.  You won't be getting many sheen procs off either, because rammus usually needs to blow everything at once to be effective in teamfights.  I don't think it's a terrible choice, but there are always better options.

3742.png  Not terrible, just a worst option than randuin's.  

3117.png  You have your powerball.png, you really don't need these.  It is pretty fun to powerball from fountain to t1 turrets though.

3001.png  I used to build this everygame but the midlaner usually builds this first or second item.  I think spirit visage is better in pretty much any situation. 

3116.png  Honestly not terrible!  If you buy this, you will basically slow everyone on the enemy team in teamfights.  Your tremors2.png will have a nice slow and your defensiveballcurl.png will slow everyone that hits you.  Your powerball.png already slows, so it will turn every ability into CC.  This item can really punish ADCs for doing their job :).


3748.png  You're not building on-hit, why do you think this is an efficient item?  If you are building on-hit, why are you playing rammus?  

3022.png  Having trouble sticking to the enemy?  If you are, I guarantee building frozen mallet is still the wrong choice.  Build RG or randuins.

3157.png  They're not killing themselves if you're in a stasis and you're doing no damage.

3078.png  You don't ever need this.  Build tanky and you will do more damage than building offensive.

3053.png  If you're getting bursted hard enough to actually get use out of this passive, it's because you spent 2700 gold on this garbage instead of something tanky.  

80-90% of Rammus' damage is magic.  All of your damage comes from your defensiveballcurl.png and tremors2.png.  While your passive rammuspassive.png does give you a considerable amount of AD at all stages of the game, you will rarely get enough meaningful autos off.


 Better red than dead.  Personally, I just love red smite.  I think all 3 smites can be just as good on rammus, but I prefer red smite.  I have burned so many flashes just to watch them die 2 seconds later while i spam my mastery.  I have won so many fights that I shouldn't have just because of red smite.  With red smite and W maxed out at lvl 9, you are really hard to deal with if you ever get on top of someone.  Also, Rammus doesn't have %max health damage, so the true damage from red smite acts as kind of a bandaid to this problem so you can better deal with tanks.



This is actually a really legit build if the circumstances call for it.  Here is an example of when I stack randuins: 23.png41.png157.png202.png35.png22.png  Notice a theme?  All of these champions either always build crit or always crit because they are built around it.  Most other marksman build crit as well.  The reduced crit damage on randuin's stacks, so if you are against gangplank mid, trynd top, and ashe adc, stacking randuins is their worst nightmare.  



When I first pick rammus, I often find the enemy team drafts 2-3 ap champions.  This is the route you want to take cinderhulk>mercs>locket>visage>GA.  If you can't tank their adc then you need to supplement in armor somewhere after locket.  If my support gets locket components before I do then I'll just build a spirit visage into GA though.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Lee Sin
  • Master Yi
  • Nidalee
  • Olaf
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Shaco
  • Shyvana
  • Vi
  • Zac




He is better in teamfights and has % health damage.  You gank better pre6 but he farms a lot faster than you.  Not a terrible matchup unless you get behind.




If the elise is good, then you just met your worst matchup.  This champ counters rammus hard.  She farms better, has a better level 3 gank, and you won't be able to catch her because her spiderlings interrupt your power ball.  If you ever do catch her, she can very easily rappel to buy time or escape.

If she did not snowball during the laning phase, you will be more useful in teamfights.  So ward her camps and make sure you know where she is so you don't get dumpstered.




This matchup is actually really easy for rammus, as you will dick her when she is ever near you.  Evelynn loses to all junglers on an even playing field.  The problem is she has a high chance to snowball and cheese anyone not grouped throughout the entire game.  

Ward her camps, continue buying pinks, always place a pink in lane behind you while sieging.  If she doesn't snowball, she won't do anything.  If you ever taunt her, she will get blown up instantly.  There is no stage of the game you can't solo her, but she will run away at mach5 and shit spikes on you.  

In teamfights you usually want to wait for her by your carries.  She will wait for you to engage on her team before she goes on your backline, so you really want to make sure it's a good pick if you do engage.




He will always save fear for you, but the moment you get on top if him he is dead.  If there is a fiddle on the enemy team, always be cognizant of him.  If you are sieging and he is not in vision find him.  Never lose track of fiddle, he is predictable and relies on enemies being lazy to pull off good plays.  




Gragas is really good against tanks in general.  He has all the tools to deal with rammus.  he farms better and his ganks are just as good.  Update, this champ got nerfed and no one plays him anymore thankfully.  Still a hard matchup though.




Busted champ, he's been top dog of the jungle for a long time now.  Thankfully, that comes with perma-ban status.  As far as matchups go, rammus does pretty well against graves compared to other junglers.  However, you still don't want to play against him.

He has extremely healthy and fast clears.  You can deal with him surprisingly well, but any decent graves is going to outpace you fast and be way ahead of you.  He needs a nerf badly.




Hecarim ganks a lot like rammus, and can snowball harder if you let him.  In teamfights, you usually want to stay with your backline.  He will be looking for a flank to e>r , if you taunt his e, he is screwed.  If he uses hecarimult.png first, you need to ignore hecarim and zone the rest of his team.




I hate playing against kha zix, because I feel like if I don't save my taunt for him then my team is going to get murdered by him.  You usually can't dive when this guy is on the enemy team because he needs to be dealt with.  

Pink wards in teamfights, he excels in skirmishes and duels.  Just fight 5v5 and make sure you're on top of your carries because the second you aren't, they're dead and he''s already jumped away.  




Always prioritize her marks so she cannot stack them.  If she does not get absurdly fed you will dick her at all stages of the game.  Kindred is useless against rammus and she was bad against him pre nerf too.  


Lee Sin


100% based on the skill of the lee sin.  A good lee is actually very hard to deal with and will have an easy time dealing with you.  It's really easy for him to make a couple mistakes and be useless for the rest of the game though.  He will kick you into your team during teamfights and it will hurt them really bad.  There's not much you can do about that though.

If you engage on lee sin later on into the game he will kick you as soon as you land on him.  At this point you can easily get taunt off and it basically turns into a skarner ult.


Master Yi


Easy to deal with, just make sure to stay up in levels against him.  You can usually solo him unless he is ahead.  If he is ahead and has MR, you will get dumpstered.  He will probably split push against your team, at which point you need to decide if you're the only one on your team that can deal with him.  

Don't overgank or you will get underleveled and the moment yi is able to solo you, it only gets worse.




Any good nidalee will outpace you and be way ahead of you in farm and levels the entire game.  If she does not get ahead, she is pretty useless though.  She can fuck with you hard in your jungle, and will punish you by taking your jungle for every gank you do.

This champ has so much pressure during the laning phase, it's really dependent on the nidalee's skill level though.  She is perma banned thankfully.

If your team can drag the game out that's usually in your favor as nidalee is kinda meh later on and doesn't do too much in teamfights.




Olaf is a really good pick at the moment, and will only get more popular because of world's.  Olaf will be ahead of you.  His clears are among the fastest out of any jungler, and you can't ever fight him.  You can usually run though if you dodge undertow and powerball out.  You can bait out his ult by catching him with taunt, but you need teamwork to counter olaf.  You have to kite him as a team and just try to survive his olafragnarok.png.

He falls off later into the game though, as he will no longer have the damage to nuke your carries before he gets blown up.  




She's kind of like a better version of rammus, with worst scaling and less tankiness.  She is the bruiser version of rammus you could say.  Rek sai farms a lot faster and rushes tiamat to farm even harder.  Stay up in levels because if she has 2 on you, you're gonna end up in the dumpster.  You're better in teamfights.

Taunt her out of her burrow and always kill tunnels.




Same thing as eve/kha.  If you group rengar won't do anything, he will be forced to split push.  Look at your lanes and figure out which one he would gank at level 6 and be there.   Hint: it's usually bot

As of preseason 7 this champ is busted as hell and should be permabanned until he is nerfed.




I don't like this matchup personally.  It's really annoying seeing the enemy get so many kills because no one respects the shaco.  Shaco is so predictable, and relies heavily on snowballing off of ganks.  If you understand that, then you have already beat shaco.  Regardless, he will get fed off the cattle you have for teammates and it won't matter because shaco can't be anywhere near rammus.

His only option will be to split push, which he is very good at.  If he chooses to teamfight and is still wrecking your team then maybe it was an unlucky game or you messed up really bad.  Farm your jungle, anticipate where he will gank and you will be ahead.  




This might be rammus' worst matchup.  You have to snowball your lanes or hope someone can deal with shyv.  Rammus cannot deal wtih shyv.  At about 5 minutes in she will already have a level advantage.  Your goal should be either to stay within 2 levels of her or to snowball a lane that can deal with her.  

She is hard to itemize against and will shred you with the level advantage she gets just from being shyvana.  She has way better objective control, and can walk into your jungle and do whatever she wants.  If she isn't trying to shit on you, she isn't playing correctly.  Her ganks aren't very good but she does a lot of damage if she gets on top of someone.  

She gets kited easily and usually gets blown up in teamfights.  Don't let her extend the laning phase, the longer she delays ending it the longer she has to get ahead.  She will likely try to split push because she isn't too great in teamfights.




I only really ever see vi when super metroid is playing her.  That being said, he is really good and I'm gonna assume it isn't the matchup.  Anyway, vi gets dicked by rammus if you ever catch her out.  She is going to try to circumvent you though.  She will be ahead, and her level 6 gank is a guaranteed kill. 

You have 2 ways to interrupt her viQ.png, you can taunt or powerball.  Flash powerball into taunt while she is charging her vaultbreaker really screws her over.  Powerball in general screws up her engage, so it's really important for her to not be around you during the charge up.




Zac is permabanned at the moment, but I never thought this matchup was that bad.  He needs levels in his e before he starts messing your team up, so you have the advantage for early pressure.

Your powerball stops his zacE.png mid air.  When grouping, just be aware of this.  When he is flying in, powerball towards him and his initiation is botched.  Do not powerball directly under his shadow as it will not always cancel it.  Don't waste taunt on him during his ult.  

Why Rammus? Back to Top

I pick rammus into everything, even complete aids like 48.png67.png31.png114.png127.png.  It's not the correct pick in this instance but that doesn't mean you can't get away with it or can't win.  You can be like me and always pick him or you can coddle your rammus win rate and only play him into auto attack heavy comps.

Reasons to play rammus:

1.  You like rolling up on adc's who are farming alone and making them hate league.

2.  You want to camp someone until they rage quit.

3.  You want to make the enemy team flame their jungler for "not ganking".

4.  You want a champ that is useful and impactful through every stage of the game.

5.  Your team comp needs a tank, you can never have too much tank.

6.  He is rarely banned or picked.

7.  He has some really dope skins.

8.  You want to flank and zone the enemy team off of objectives.

9. Rammus can peel, front-line, and dive.  Sometimes all at the same time.  

10.  You want a champion that demands attention, but punishes the enemy for dealing with him.  Being ahead on rammus can put the enemy in a lose/lose situation where they have no good options.

11.  Very good at chasing or escaping after a teamfight.

12.  Insane mobility for a tank.

13. You don't have self-esteem issues and laugh when people call you garbage for playing a "no skill" champ.

14. Can't outplay point and click cc.

Lane Counters Back to Top


These guys have very easy ways to deal with you.  You can win against them but they will make your life hell.  They either have a way to beat through your tankiness or have enough cockblock in their kits to make you almost useless.  Proceed with caution.

Rammus Synergy Back to Top


These are some of the champions you would love to see on your team as rammus.  Rammus works great with most assassins.  If you have a talon mid you need to get him ahead so he can roam and gank with you.  

These champions either set up rammus for success or rammus sets them up for success.  Darius does suffer from the same problems as rammus (kiting), but you can usually draw enough aggro as rammus to allow darius to pop off in team fights.

Jungling 101 Back to Top

1.  Have a plan before you even load into the game based on the enemies and your team compositions.

2.  Clear one side of the jungle at a time.

3.  If you plan to level 3 gank (you should on rammus), decide which lane would have the highest chance of success.

4.  Level 3 ganking bot can be extremely effiective because the enemy jungler usually isn't close enough to help.

5.  Level 3 mid is a lot riskier because the enemy jungler is usually close enough to make a difference.

6.  You always want to know where the enemy jungler is starting.  You can level 1 invade with your team for vision, and/or watch the minimap to see who comes to lane late.

7.  Know what the enemy jungler wants to do and how they path.  If you know the enemies route than you will know where he will be in the next 30 seconds, and can predict where he will go after that.

8.  Always use your trinket to ward offensively.  Ward enemy camps, pink offensively in their jungle, use 5 or 12 caution pings on the enemy jungler when he is spotted.

10.  If you feel like you cannot gank, or do not want to gank in the near future for whatever reason, prioritize scuttle crab.  Ward the enemy camps especially when you are not ganking.  

11.  Offensive wards not only give your team information of the enemy jungler, but will allow you to predict what he is doing next.  This is how you countergank, not sitting in a bush for 4 minutes hoping your lanes get ganked.

12.  Forcing ganks is how you throw games.  I've done it so many times.  If you are unsure of what to do farm your jungle.  

13.  You have to find a balance between farming and ganking.  Even if you are pulling off a lot of ganks, the enemy jungler can just farm and outlevel you.  All it takes from there is one or two successful ganks on his end for his team to be even while he is miles ahead of you.

14.  Which smite you choose is champion dependent, but on rammus all 3 work.  Red smite scales the best.

15.  Always deny the enemy jungler his camps when it is possible.  If he ganks bot side, either dive top/mid or take his entire top side jungle.  Starving the enemy jungler exp is so important because it relieves pressure for your team.

16.  Don't gank to burn summoners.  This might be controversial, but I think ganking for pressure is bad.  Against good junglers, you will lose too much just for summoners.  There can obviously be exceptions, but 2+ camps to burn a flash is not worth IMO.

17.  Always smite wolves in the enemy jungle.  Always smite your wolves if you think the enemy is nearby. 

18.  Dragon is way too overvalued in lower elos.  Even sometimes in diamond, if you kill 3 and have the chance to take a tier 2 or cloud drake, take tier 2.   Don't prioritize dragon unless it's fire OR the enemy team is trying to do it and you want to fight.  

19.  Rift Herald is completely undervalued.  The buff is extremely op, and can allow your irelia top to single handedly carry the game.  If you have a carry top, get them rift herald.

20.  Learn how to kite jungle camps.  Not even for healthier clears, just for the time it saves you (kite towards where you are headed next).  Those couple of seconds add up, and you need to be efficient while jungling. 

Rammus Specifics Back to Top

1.  Learn the distance of your powerball without boots, with tier 1 boots, and with tier2/boots3.  You cannot gank efficiently if you blow too early.  For example, I know that without boots, if I start powerball about 3 teemos away from the small krug, I can make it to chickens and still hit all 4.

2.  When you do raptors as your second camp, auto attack the big one and powerball.png to interrupt their first attack.  After that, defensiveballcurl.png will clear all of the small ones.

3.  Post level 6, start ganking from behind their turret.  If they aren't pushed under tower, you still do this.  If they are in the middle of the lane, they end up sandwiched between your laner and you.  DO NOT do this if they have an alistar unless you feel confident you can flash his combo.

4.  Powerball interrupts most dashes.  Zac slingshot, tristana hop, illaoi w, etc.  You will get dicked by gragas bodyslam always though.

5.  Do not waste your W or ult.  You are OP with your W, you're squishy without it.  Your ult allows you to solo a lot of people and does huge damage in teamfights.

6.  Don't forget that tremors does damage to towers.  It's great for getting tower first blood after a successful gank.

7.  If you are trying to get the tower first blood and you don't think anyone is coming to stop you, use your W to take it faster.  Your W synergizes with your passive so you will get a lot more AD just by pressing W.

8.  If you flash while powerball is active, flash in a way that you are directly on top of an enemy, you will knock them back.  This takes some practice, but is like a mini insec.

9.  Always smite gromp mid-late game on rammus.  It's the best scaling buff for rammus.  The more health you have, the more damage the gift of the toad stool will do.  An extra 150 magic damage over 3 seconds to auto attackers synergizes perfectly with your W/thornmail.

10.  Always be checking the enemy items to see when they buy mercs/qss.  Often times the enemy jungler will buy mercs very early and sometimes the laners.  You need to know when they have mercs so you can calculate how long your taunt will last.

11.  You can easily bait cleanse, qss, fiora parry, gangplank scurvy just by being patient, even in masters.  What I do is roll on top of them for the slow on powerball, pop ult and just start auto attacking.  As long as you are on top of them, they will panic and a lot of times use their cleanse ability before taunt.

12.  Fiora is a special case, because she will parry your powerball if you hit her with it.  Instead, powerball ahead of her and start attacking her.  She will parry right away EVERYTIME, so just be patient.

13.  Don't overvalue your passive.  Yes it gives you a lot of AD, but in teamfights most of your damage will come from W and ult, not auto attacks.  I usually check to see the damage split to champs after game and it's always 80-90% magic damage.

14.  If you are being chased and are trying to escape, create as much distance between you and the enemy as possible before using powerball.  Flash before you powerball, because everyone will try to flash on top of you to cancel it.  You cannot escape without powerball.

15.  Your W will proc 202.png's  W for the root.  Jhin is an amazing combo with rammus.

Weaknesses Back to Top

1.  Rammus usually gets his jungle fucked with, you need to prepare for this. 

2.  Bad objective control/bad at taking objectives.

3.  Bad clears pre bami's.

4.  Easily kited during a teamfight.

5.  No % max health damage, most tanks have this but rammus is outdated.

6.  Long cooldowns that do not decrease with level (W&E).  Only Q and R do.

Combos Back to Top

1. Flash E, waddle behind them and press Q, then immediately activate W. Do this when a carry steps a little too far forward.  Also, there is a brief window when you collide with Q that they can flash, because you slightly CC yourself during collision.  This will allow them to flash, but you will still taunt them, so they will be CC'd but likely in a more favorable position.  Most of the time you won't be able to walk behind them for Q if their team is close, because you will get CC'd.  If that's the case, just press W as soon as you start to take aggro.

2.  Flash Q slightly behind them, this will insec them towards your team and will apply the slow.  Immediately follow up with E>W.  This is usually difficult to do because you have to be in range to flash Q behind them, but if you can pull it off then it is so strong.  

3.  Flash E, most common, most reliable.  Against good players, this is highly telegraphed.  You usually don't want to just flash E in the middle of their team, although that can be good sometimes.  If you are initiating with flash, you want to do it from a flank and with your powerball active.  Powerball is important because it's helpful to have the mini-knockback and slow applied to everyone you hit.  

Rammus has very basic combos, but they can be easy to screw up.  Similar to alistar, you do not always want to combo your abilities, sometimes it is better to space them out.  Generally speaking though, you want to always E after you hit someone with Q, because although the slow is nice, it may still allow the enemy to escape whether it be dashes or flash.  Taunting immediately is your hard CC, so you should do it if you think they can circumvent your powerball slow.

Routes Back to Top

S7 really simplified jungle routes, so I'm not sure I need a whole section for this anymore.  You're a lot more flexible after your first camp though, which is great and you should change your route depending on what you want to do.  


If you are going for level 2 cheese, it's easiest to do on bot.  Start powerball.png and take puncturingtaunt.png level 2.  You go Buff>gank.  You usually want to wait for both bot laners to settle into a trade before you go in, so you might wait for a little bit (but not too long).  If you don't get first blood, you can usually just wait 5 seconds and come back around behind them again.  This isn't really optimal for you, it helps your laners out but puts you behind the enemy jungler.  For this reason, I don't usually recommend it.  It's really easy to do though, and almost a guaranteed first blood.

So routes are as follows:

Standard: botside buff> raptors/wolves> other buff> gank

My laners picked champions with no CC that don't do anything until 3 items:  botside buff> raptors/wolves > raptors/wolves > other buff > gromp/krugs> scuttle

Early gank bot:  botside buff> raptors/wolves> krugs/gromp

That's all I got for now, obviously if you want to gank a lane at a certain level or time then change your damn path.  If a fight breaks out, leave immediately and go make a difference.  Rammus is a boss at counterganking.

Powerball Back to Top

If you are completely new to rammus, you will not be using this ability optimally.  You need to know how far it will take you and when to start it for ganking/clearing etc.  


If you plan on ganking a lane that is warded, you should have a general idea of where it is warded.  Most people will not respect the rammus, and will ward standard spots against rammus.  This is why you can still gank warded lanes, if they didn't ward deep enough, you can still make easy ganks.  You want to activate powerball just before you get spotted by the ward.  If the ward is not deep, it won't matter that it's warded because you are too fast to care.

Once you are in a lane with powerball, you either need to path around the minions to get on top of them, or cancel your powerball if you plan on walking through the minions.  This is crucial, because you basically CC yourself for a tiny bit whenever you collide with powerball.  It is better to cancel powerball if you will only hit minions with it.


Use this ability everytime when leaving base to get to wherever you are going faster.  If you are going towards a camp, you won't make it all the way for your powerball to do damage, but it will be off cooldown for your next camp which is more efficient.  

Post 20 minutes when the homeguards kick in, your powerball will reach from fountain to just outside of the inhib turrets.  As rammus, you ideally want to be sitting in fountain for when they are seiging.  You want to be able to abuse your powerball/homeguard synergy as much as possible.  So just sit in fountain and wait for the enemy team to push up to your inhib tower.  This is very useful when defending, it is a pretty reliable engage.  Make sure not to go too hard if you can't get a priority pick, just survive and recall.  As long as you don't die, you can keep recalling and engaging this way, it's a very strong deterrent against seiges.

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