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1 year ago

Rammus Statistics for Wappa

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash

  • Highly versatile
  • Extra reach with powerball.png + 4.png to close distances or go over terrain

11.png Smite

  • Standard as a jungler - lets you buy jungle items, secures objectives, etc.
  • HP return significantly helps Rammus' first clear

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Cunning Tree

5/5 Wanderer: Increases gank potential. The other option, Savagery, doesn't synergize well with Rammus' AOE-heavy kit.

1/1 Runic Affinity: Self-explanatory, as Secret Stash and Assassin synergize poorly with 2031.png and Rammus' primary role as a tank, respectively.

5/5 Merciless: Extra damage boosts Rammus' kill potential and damage contribution during fights, which is valued much higher for a tank jungler than Meditation's mana regen.

1/1 Greenfather's Gift: Boosts Rammus' jungle clear speed and ganks; much more reliable than Dangerous Game for a tank jungler.

Resolve Tree

5/5 Unyielding: Synergizes with Rammus' powerball.png + defensiveballcurl.png .

1/1 Tough Skin: Mitigates significant damage from certain camps, like Raptors.

5/5 Veteran's Scars: Just the more worthwhile option, as Rammus has no innate shields, heals, or ways to boost health regen for Runic Armor's bonuses.

1/1 Insight: I much prefer a lower 4.png cooldown to have more options and making plays, though Fearless is a fine alternative.

5/5 Swiftness: The boost to Tenacity and slow resistance is essential for Rammus' sticking power when his powerball.png is on cooldown and to mitigate some self-slow on defensiveballcurl.png .

1/1 Courage of the Colossus: An extra shield is Rammus' best option with the way he often dives into teamfights; the other two Keystones simply don't scale and synergize as well with Rammus' kit.

Abilities Back to Top




rammuspassive.png (Passive) Spiked Shell

Boosts basic attack damage based on level and by a small % of your bonus Armor. The damage and boost is greatly enhanced while defensiveballcurl.png is active.

powerball.png (Q) Powerball

Channeled ability that significantly boosts Rammus' movespeed as long as the channel continues, for up to 6s. Upon target impact, slightly knocks back all nearby neutral and enemy units and slows them. Since it is a channel all silences and hard cc's will take you out of powerball, but flash can still be used with powerball. 

This ability makes you unable to use basic attacks and puncturingtaunt.png . While defensiveballcurl.png can be used, it will cancel powerball.png . Fortunately, tremors2.png can still be used without consequence.

defensiveballcurl.png (W) Defensive Ball Curl

Significantly increases Rammus' resistances and boosts his passive; however, self-slows by 60%. The effect can be cancelled by reactivating the ability.

puncturingtaunt.png (E) Puncturing Taunt

Single-target taunt that boosts Rammus' attack speed for a short while. The boost is refreshed while any of Rammus' other active abilities are in use.

tremors2.png (R) Tremors

Per-second pulsing AOE damage and slow centered around Rammus. The slow can be stacked up to 8 times, and the damage is doubled against structures (turrets, Inhibitors, and the Nexus).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1039.png2031.png3340.png Starting Items

Standard starting items for many ability-based junglers, Rammus included.

1413.png1001.png Core Items

Skirmisher's Sabre with Cinderhulk enchant is perfect for speeding up Rammus' jungle clear and increasing his gank potential through both damage and survivability, so that you're able to keep up kill pressure around the map.

Boot Choices
3047.png Standard boots against AD-heavy teams, but also synergizes with your kit.
3111.png Standard boots against AP-heavy teams and teams with abundant CC/lockdown.
3009.png Luxury option. Provides a good move speed boost and reduces the self-slow on defensiveballcurl.png .

Situational Items

3075.png Thornmail
Great item for Rammus; almost a must-buy considering your kit. I tend to purchase Thornmail only after I've already bought another defensive item since it only gives raw Armor. While it synergizes extremely well with Rammus' kit, it's not effective enough to still be bought against heavy-AP teams.

3742.png Deadman's Plate
Solid item that has good stats for Rammus and provides a speed boost out of combat. Unfortunately, the slow is outclassed by Rammus' own powerball.png slow, which means other items often outshine Deadman's.

3143.png Randuin's Omen
Randuin's Omen is an amazing option if the enemy team is highly mobile or has several crit-reliant champions. If you build Randuin's, try to make sure you don't overlap the active slow with other ally CC. In addition, avoid using it with Rammus' puncturingtaunt.png , as it will diminish the strength of both effects.

3065.png Spirit Visage
Solid and cost-efficient MR choice, but only if you have some form of healing on your team outside of 7.png ; preferably supports like 16.png37.png267.png .

3001.png Abyssal Mask
If your team lacks healers but you still need an MR item, consider getting Abyssal Mask - especially if your team is AP-heavy. It boosts your own damage by a small amount as well.

3190.png Locket of the Iron Solari
Consider this item against burst-heavy enemies, but check/ask to make sure your support isn't already building it. Great immediate shield for your team that's based on your level.

Luxury/Niche Items

3194.png  Adaptive Helm
Great if the enemy team has a Deathfire Touch user, like 68.png50.png , or any spam-happy champ, like 28.png69.png . Not worthwhile otherwise considering the price. 

3748.png Titanic Hydra
Good offensive choice, considering Rammus needs to prioritize tanky items. Titanic Hydra's AOE damage and active effect hits hard and is easy to pull off given your long lockdown ability. Only buy this if you're far ahead and aren't worried about dying. 

3109.png Knight's Vow
Great choice to protect one of your carries, with a movespeed boost when running towards them. When your connected carry takes damage, you take a portion of it instead and heal a portion of the damage they deal. Buy this item if you need to primarily peel for your team instead of diving the enemies' team.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Elise
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Ivern
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Warwick




Rammus' jungle clear speed is similar to Amumu's, so neither champion will have a distinct advantage either way.

Focus on supporting ally lanes that have high damage, as your lockdown provides them with high kill potential.

Late game, prioritize making picks over direct teamfights.

Remember: powerball.png is stopped by both Amumu's bandagetoss.png + curseofthesadmummy.png .




Rammus' jungle clear is faster than Elise's until she starts finishing her relatively expensive damage items, so use this and your superior map mobility to your advantage.

Elise's elisehumane.png stops your powerball.png and can ruin engages, but the movespeed boost can help you dodge it and waste her only CC ability.

Worse comes to worst, play for late game - she falls off while you only get stronger.




Rammus' jungle clear speed is similar to Gragas', but slows down later on. 

Abuse your speed advantage to get around the map quickly and avoid direct interaction with him, as he has several ways to neuter your abilities.




Rammus' jungle clear speed is significantly slower than Graves'. Focus on providing and maintaining knowledge of his movements for your team through vision control.

Counterganks are in your favor due to his lack of hard CC and his reliance on basic attacks. As long as you don't fall too far behind, you'll easily outscale him.



Clear speed isn't a fair comparison here - instead, buff control dictates the pace of early-mid game for both champions. Ask your laners to help keep your jungle safe.

Once lane phase ends, you scale into a monster tank while Ivern is just a support.

Remember, when you aren't fighting over Baron or Dragon, you can 11.png to help your team take down Ivern's ivernr.png .



Rammus' jungle clear speed is faster than Kha'Zix's until he starts finishing damage items.

Watch out for a cheese attempt at your second buff. If Kha'Zix gets a sizeable lead on you, the game becomes much more difficult.

During mid and late game, you can chase him with powerball.png if he gets too close and hopefully pick him off with your team's help.


Lee Sin

Rammus' jungle clear speed is significantly slower than Lee Sin's until mid game. However, since you're at a sizable disadvantage (unless ahead) in terms of mobility, teamfighting, gank potential, and pick potential, you need to play around his pressure at all points in the game.

Honestly, try and avoid this matchup if at all possible. If you end up playing it, your best bet is to get one ally ahead and roam with them to make plays around the map.



Rammus' jungle clear speed is significantly faster than Warwick's, though much less healthy. Focus on denying him from free ganks through vision and counterganks.

You scale much better than he does, but even if he gets ahead, he shouldn't be an issue if you prioritize peeling him off of your carries.

1st Clear Back to Top

Your first clear depends on which side of the map you start out on. I personally always start on the bottom side of the map, so that I can get my bot laners' help in leashing.

General Route: First buff > Wolves > Second buff

If there are no gank opportunities after this initial route, feel free to full clear the rest of the camps.

Watch your laners as you jungle, to inform your game plans. See how both your own laners and the enemy laners are playing - are they trading aggressively, staying at a distance, or mainly controlling the wave? These nuances can help you figure out which lanes need help to survive an early game matchup, or those that are likely to be ganked due to their aggression. On the other hand, it can also give you clues to the enemy jungler's movements; for example, if a normally passive laner starts advancing without obvious reason, it could be because the enemy jungler is nearby.

Early Game Back to Top

During the early game, focus on clearing camps as much as possible so you can scale quickly. Don't be afraid to soak experience and gold from lanes if your laners back without 12.png . The faster you level up, the more relevant you will become.

While farming up, watch the map for easy gank targets: an overextended enemy with critical Summoner Spells on cooldown like 4.png + 1.png , or an ally dominating his or her lane but needs your lockdown to secure the kill. If you think the gank has a low chance to burn a Summoner Spell, kill the target, or at least force the target to recall at an inopportune time, ask another ally (like the support) to help you. Otherwise, it's generally not worth it.

Mid Game Back to Top

During mid game, switch your 3340.png to a 3341.png and, once available, upgrade to 3364.png. If you have room in your items, buy 2055.png on every back. With Oracle's Lens and Control Wards, you can deny the enemy team large areas of vision or pathways to give you more, and safer, ganking and chasing avenues.

If you haven't already, start focusing ganks on bot lane so a successful one can translate into a team objective (either First Turret or Dragon). Rift Herald is also an option if you absolutely can't make anything happen bot lane, but your top laner has significant kill/lane pressure.

Teamfighting Back to Top

When teamfights start becoming more frequent, double-check enemy item builds and be on the lookout for 3140.png , since carries will want protection against Rammus' puncturingtaunt.png . If they've built QSS, you can always slow them with tremors2.png     and be obnoxious until they either waste QSS in fear or are forced to leave your space.

If you're behind, peel the enemy team's fed members off of your carries, especially assassins. 

If you're ahead, try to pick enemies off on the outer edges of their group - such as when an enemy comes too close to poke, walks too far to ward, or is simply a bit slow on a rotation. With a 6s cooldown on powerball.png , you can keep up the threat without forcing a fight and go for any opportunities you find without much consequence.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game is very similar to teamfighting, as you'll be looking for the same opportunities. However, at this stage of the game, you generally want to focus more on peeling for your carries than diving the enemy's barring a perfect opportunity. 

Never dive by yourself this late into the game because even though you will be full tank, the enemy's carries will melt you if they have proper focus. Instead, look for potential picks around Baron and Elder Dragon, as one good catch can lead to an ACE, Baron/Elder, and potentially the win.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Easy gank potential with Rammus' powerball.png + puncturingtaunt.png combo. 
  • Can become a super tank fairly easily.
  • High mobility, thanks to powerball.png , makes for effective ganks, picks, and general map movement.


  • Can fall behind easily if your ganks dont succeed
  • Certain team comps can make your initiations lackluster. 
  • Requires your team to output most of the damage, since you won't be a major damage threat.

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