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8 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Smite is required on any jungler it lets you:
  • Clear Jungle camps faster
  • Heal & deal true damage to Jungle camps, minions, Dragon & Baron.
  • Lets you buy Jungle items (1401.png1041.png1039.png)

Flash is standard on most champions, Rammus is no exception, on Rammus you might be tempted to take Ghost 6.png to go faster, but you really don't need it the impact you can have from instantly closing a gap by flashing onto an enemy is better than moving slightly faster.

Main thing Rammus wants to do with Flash is to:
  • Flash past minions to land Q powerball.png on an enemy
  • Flash on top of an enemy carry with powerball.pngpuncturingtaunt.png
  • Flash over walls to gain distance

New Runes Back to Top

Aftershock.png?width=64 Aftershock can easily be proc'd by Rammus's powerball.png or puncturingtaunt.png , so basically any time you are fighting, when proc'd it will give you increased Armor & Magic Resist, in combination with Rammus's passive rammuspassive.png & W defensiveballcurl.png this gives Rammus more damage on his auto attacks, makes him tankier, and gives him the explosion damage based on his max health, the synergy is quite insane for Rammus.
Perseverance.png?width=64 Gain tenacity & slow resist for using 11.png4.png, helps Rammus stick on enemy champions.
Conditioning.png?width=64 Free Armor & Magic Resist @ 10 minutes, and gives bonus % of Armor and Magic Resist so more value out of any tank item you build.
Second%20Wind.png?width=64 Health Regen after taking damage, not terribly useful on Rammus, but everything in the last slot of Resolve kind of sucks, so this is the best one, makes you technically more tanky in fights.

Triumph.png?width=64 Get more gold for a kill or assist, and restores health, during fights you can restore lots of HP from this.
Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64 Gain Attack Speed for farming, and getting kills / assist. Rammus doesn't get to build attack speed items very often, so it's better to run it in runes instead of building it with items.

Taking Resolve into Precision also gives you slightly less health early, but gives you more attack speed, which is good for Rammus.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

tremors2.png dot-pattern.png powerball.png dot-pattern.png puncturingtaunt.png dot-pattern.png defensiveballcurl.png

rammuspassive.png Passive

Rammus's Basic Attacks deal bonus damage based on his Armor
  • defensiveballcurl.png & Aftershock.png?width=32 will give you extra damage

powerball.png "Q" - Powerball

Rammus currells up in a ball, gains movement speed over time, first enemy Rammus hits will be knocked up, slowed.
  • Deals AOE damage around the target(s) hit.
  • Casting W defensiveballcurl.png will cancel spinning.
  • Use on camps to clear faster and damage small jungle creeps
  • Use when approaching ganks to speed into a lane

defensiveballcurl.png "W" - Defensive Ball Curl

Rammus loses movement speed, gaining bonus Armor & Magic Resist, and enemies that auto attack Rammus take damage based.
  • Activate W defensiveballcurl.png after you taunt puncturingtaunt.png an enemy
  • Use to clear camps
  • Cancel using W defensiveballcurl.png to gain movement speed 

puncturingtaunt.png "E" Frenzy Taunt

Rammus taunts a single enemy champion forcing them to attack Rammus, Rammus also gains attack speed.
  • Allows you to single out a single enem champion
  • Taunting an enemy will force them to auto attack you, so they will follow Rammus
  • Can also use on jungle camps to gain attack speed to clear faster.

tremors2.png "R" Tremors 

For 7 seconds deals AOE damage around Rammus, slowing enemies hit as well.
  • Is on a very short cooldown, so you can use this any time you are in a fight.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1041.png Rammus will clear faster but take more damage if you start Hunter's machete 
1039.png Rammus will clear slower but be healthier if you start Hunter's Talisman 

Both are ok to start with, I usually go Hunter's talisman.
2031.png  Restore health while clear the jungle or in fights, and refills every time you recall.
3340.png Free ward on cooldown.

Example Full Build


Early build path give Rammus lots of tankiness & damage in 1401.png3075.png, the build then goes into more utility / support items to assist rammus's mobility, or to assist his team. 

If you have enough gold for Bami's Cinder 3751.png on first back it's fine to buy over 3706.png , Bami's cinder gives you more damage on ganks, and lets you clear camps faster.

1401.png Blue Smite + Cinderhulk, the blue smite lets you slow targets and gain movement speed, best to use blue smite after you have taunted the enemy, and they are trying to run away, so you can catch up to them and continue DPS'ing them. Cinderhulk gives you good health and AOE burn damage to enemies near you.

3009.png Boots of swiftness are very very strong on Rammus, they allow him to stick on targets, without it you can't have follow up damage after your initial combo, it also gives him extra mobility during fights and in ganks, other boot options  3047.png3111.png3020.png3117.png other options are more expensive.
3075.png The item made for Rammus, Thornmail not only gives you tons of armor, some health, but gives you the passive basically the same as Rammus W defensiveballcurl.png so enemies auto attacks damage them, so the synergy for this item with Rammus's kit is very, very ,VERY high.

3742.png Deadman's Plate - Gives Rammus even more of the stats he wants Armor, Health, Speed.

3190.png Gives you Armor & Magic Resist, very cheap, and provides AOE shield for your entire team.

3193.png Great synergy with Locket 3190.png , and makes you even harder to kill in late game team fights

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Evelynn
  • Graves
  • Jarvan IV
  • Kha'Zix
  • Master Yi
  • Sejuani
  • Shyvana
  • Trundle
  • Warwick
  • Zac




Evelynn has a slow start to the game since she doesn't gain invisibility until level 6, so she offers very little threat early game, mid game you can prioritize counter ganking her so that she doesn't gain leads, if she gains lots of gold in the mid game it makes it very, very hard for your carries to play fights into the late game.




Rammus has a very easy time against Graves since Graves is so short ranged Rammus will either be in range to engage on him when fighting, or defensiveballcurl.png to negate a lot of his damage.


Jarvan IV


Jarvan clears the jungle very quickly and also ganks a lot. 

So you run the risk of getting counter ganked, but it's more of a threat to you laner getting focused and bursted even with you in the same lane.

You can cancel J4's EQ jarvanivdemacianstandard.pngjarvanivdragonstrike.png with powerball.png 



powerball.png cancels Kha'Zix E khazixe.png 

Kha'zix does a ton of damage to rammus if he is isolated, and can avoid a lot of Rammus's Damage, the more Armor you have against him the better.

And sitting on allies in team fights waiting to counter Kha'Zix is also a good idea.


Master Yi


Master Yi spends most his time farming the jungle, it takes a very long time until Master Yi will have 3124.png then he stands  chance against you, but even then you can CC him while your team damages, Master Yi is a very small threat to Rammus at most stages of the game.




Sejuani also AFK farms and there isn't much for Rammus to do to disrupt her directly.

Continue to Gank, but also mid - late game you can't use CC abilities on him.




In Shyvana's current state it's very hard for Rammus to beat her, her playstyle involves AFK farming then become a huge Mid - Late game threat, and there isn't much Rammus can do to stop her.

You should still play for early ganks, and try to disrupt Shyvana any time she is trying to take an early dragon.

But mid - late game it is up to you to CC her during fights, but up to your team to kill her.




Trundle Top or Trundle Jungle are both hard for Rammus to deal with.

trundlepain.png steals Rammus's Armor & Magic resist if cast on you.

trundlecircle.png will also cancel powerball.png

If you kite out of fights after Trundle ULTs in then 




Rammus is very good into Warwick 3075.png really shut down Warwick's healing. You can also body block Warwicks ULT warwickr.png

warwickq.png warwick Q's follows you or your allies that flash.     



zace.png can be canceled by powerball.png 

Zac has a very similar playstyle to Rammus, it's a race to get more ganks off and get your team a bigger advantage than the enemy team.

Early Game Back to Top

Rammus's biggest downfall is that he has a very bad 1st clear, and a somewhat predictable path if the enemy jungler / laners are mindful of it.

Level 1 you should start W defensiveballcurl.png to clear camps, or Q powerball.png to assist with an invade.

It's very ideal to start your jungle clear on the bot side of the map, and get as big of a leesh as possible from your bot lane, it's very beneficial for Rammus to not have to tank a lot of damage from the 1st buff, since he already takes so much damage from the 2nd & 3rd camp during the first clear, if you don't get a good leash, you can adjust your path to Raptors then wolves, instead of 1 camp then 2nd buff. 

After clearing 3 camps you should look for your first gank, if you are below half HP you should clear then scuttle crab in whichever river you end up near, then look to gank, even if there isn't a gank immediately available, Rammus can force some places with 4.png to close large distances & powerball.png & puncturingtaunt.png provide lots of CC, so if your laner has the follow up damage it would be worth investing everything for a gank.

If you get invaded at your 2nd buff, simply walk away from it, unless your laners immediately react to your pings, you might as well just ward it and go clear wolves / raptors then recall. You can fight for it, it's just relaying on the coordination from your team is a huge variable comparatively. 

To clear Gromp takes a lot of Rammus's HP, to clear golems takes a lot of time, so Wolve's & Raptors are easily the fastest and healthiest camps for Rammus to clear, if you can clear those 2 then get ganks off, and have enough HP to come back and clear with Gromp or Golems before recalling you can maximise your gold income, it's also fairly easy to invade the enemies Raptor camp.

Mid Game Back to Top


Rammus gains a lot a value from getting through the early game, if you are even or ahead in gold and XP compared to the enemy jungler coming into the mid game you can really start to take over the game, with a lot of points in Q powerball.png the cooldown becomes shorter, so you not only get ot use it as an engage tool, but in extended fights you can cast it again as CC & damage, also helps with jungle clear speed.

Your itemization will also involve you building lots of 1029.png cloth armors, so you will be tankier and have more damage, with lots of Armor you can also start to pull off tower dives in the top / bot lane.

The Mid Game plays out a lot similar to the early game for Rammus jungle, but it will seem some what accelerated, since you can move faster and deal more damage, you don't have to wait as long to clear jungle camps / have to recall because of low health, you can just gank, gank, gank. 

3341.png2055.png Denying the enemy vision will not only assist you in ganking them without them being able to see, but also help you team move around undetected as well. 

If all lanes are ungankable look to clear all your jungle camps, then either counter gank, invade the enemy's jungle when the enemy jungler shows on an opposite side of the map, or farm waves from ally laners that have died / recalled.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game on Rammus is SO easy you just spin into the enemy ADC and win. But it's not that easy.

Late Game Rammus becomes very strong in stats, but can feel lacking in terms of his abilities, his abilities are only useful when in a fight, compared to other junglers he lacks utility in that sense, but in it's a double edged sword, so when fights starts Rammus can have a HUGE impact if you get onto and CC and enemy carry ( mid lane / ADC ) for not only you to damage, but for your team to damage as well, you have to watch out for enemies that buy QSS 3140.png they will be able to cleanse your taunt puncturingtaunt.png, but they can only do that once a fight, so even if they cleanse your taunt they still have to deal with the rest of your team's CC.

If you are the only form of engage for your team, and you want to be more supportive, you can buy 3800.png over 3742.png it will allow you to immediately take fights and roll into the enemy at the SPEED OF LIGHT. 

Late game your 4.png engages have to be on point as well, you can miss a 4.png dot-pattern.png powerball.png 

During late game teamfights it probably won't be as simple as just rolling into the entire enemy team and hoping it goes well, most likely you will be peel'd off the enemy carries by their support, and if you are to far away from your team, you will be losing all your health for practically nothing, you have to remember that you are CC and a distraction, and during team fights yes you can do lots of damage, but you do lots of damage to everyone, not damage to 100-0 an enemy carry ( unless you are extremely fed) in that case you will know when to break this rule, but when you play fights with your position and your team's position in mind you will find way more success. 

Rammus is fairly bad at doing Baron / Elder Dragon, you can tank it for a long time for your team, but peeling off and on it is kind of hard, unless you are coordinated with your team and know to peel off the baron and are only starting as a bait to lure the enemy in then Q powerball.png enage onto them.

If not fights are happening play it slow and wait for the perfect fight, never stop looking for a good fight, it be will the key to victory as a Rammus.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Good mix of tankiness & Damage
  • Very good engage 
  • Is a Nightmare for every ADC


  • Can be shutdown early Game
  • Bad against AP Tanks
  • Slow jungle clear speed

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 21, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Once I hit Diamond for the first time I knew that I would have to take it all the way with this game, luckily for me the deeper I go into the game the deeper it gets. I will always be focused and dedicated to improving my play and hopefully reach a point of sustainability from playing the game, I want to make an example of what I think eSports should and can be about. 

 Here are some places you can find me! 

Esport Arsenal 

 Find out what the best League of Legends Pros use for their Mouse, Keyboard, Mousepad, Etc!

  • Twitter - @SawyerGG - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitter Account
  • Twitch - SawyerTHEBEST - League of Legends player "Sawyerr"'s Twitch Account
  • Lol Coaching

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