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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Flash is the to-go summoner's spell on most champions, Renekton included. It can be used as a gap-closer or as a reliable way to escape. It has roughly the same range as Renekton's renektonsliceanddice.png (a little less tbh), but differently from the latter it can let you cross a lot more unpassable terrains.
TL:DR always take flash.


The higher your elo, the more important this skill gets. Crushing your lane is just the first step to win the game; objectives are the key to destroy the enemy nexus, and having TP allows you to pressure bot lane and secure dragons, or to split-push and join team-fights later on.
Plat+ having TP is usually a good idea, but if you suck with it (especially after the last nerf) feel free to go ignite.


To become the ultimate fear during laning phase; there are little to no champions who can withstand a Renekton with ignite during the early game, unless they have some form of range safety like 150.png or 133.png. Ignite can help you get an early advantage, as does an amazing job later on to get rid of the stupid life-steal given by items like BT or negate the healing of a 36.png/8.png.

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Masteries Back to Top


The standard page i take on Renekton. Fervor is what makes this page so good on him, since it procs with his renektonpreexecute.png, and the added armor pen. and lifesteal are really welcomed. With this page, you prevent falling off too hard later in the game, as Fervor does insane damage.


Viable, but not as good as the one above. Thunderlord isn't nearly as strong as Fervor.


Pretty good with CoC. If you are the only tank in your team, or you are new to Renekton, you might opt for this page. Less damage but more survivability.


  1. Sorcery
    All your skills are AOE, and i think it procs with your W too. Said shortly, it adds a lot in team-fights. Renekton scales badly with AS anyway... 
    Switch recovery and unyelding depending on how much sustain you need early on and the build you plan to do.
    Wanderer is the default choice, grab Savagery if you're running Penetration runes.

  2. Double Edge Sword/Feast/Expose Weakness
    Grab Feast in difficult match-ups where you need sustain. Expose weakness gives more if you're going Tank Croco since all your skills are AOE, but double edge sword is the best option for split-pushing and dealing damage.
    Explorer/Tough Skin
    Tough skin is useful against ranged champions in lane.

  3. Vampirism
    Renekton's AP scaling is atrocious.
    Runic Armor/Veteran's Scars
    Runic Armor is stronger later considering Veteran's Scars gives now a flat amount, moreover it synergizes with your Q and regen. Take Veteran's only if your opponent has quite the burst early on or you need to all-in him at early levels.
    I know mana Renekton is always oom but i don't know think meditiation can do much about it...

  4. Oppressor /Bounty Hunter
    Oppressor is better early on, but if you manage to kill 2 or more champs bounty hunter defeats it.
  5. Insight/Perseverance
    Against difficult match-ups i take Perseverance to hold my ground in lane, otherwise Insight is my default choice.
    Bandit/Dangerous Game.
    Against someone like 75.png, who can be freely AAed every few seconds, bandit is good since helps you building a better lead.

  6. Swiftness/Legendary Guardian
    If the enemy has many CCs, take Swiftness.
    Well, since you got this page might as well get something good.
    Battering Blows
    The one and only option

  7. Grasp of the Undying
    Only good option in this tree.
    Thunderlords Decree
    Well nothing better than this anyway, am i not right? 
    Fervor of Battle
    It synergizes too well with your W to pass on it.

Abilities Back to Top


Reign of Anger


FURY: Renekton generates 5 Fury with each basic attack, and loses 4 Fury per second if he hasn't dealt or received damage in the last 12 seconds. At 50 or more Fury, his next basic ability consumes 50 Fury to enhance its effects, though generating no Fury in the process.
REIGN OF ANGER: Renekton gains 50% more Fury from all sources while below half health.

Said shortly, your basic attacks gives you fury, pretty much like Tryndamere. When above 50% fury, your next skill Q/W/second E will have enhanced effects. The fury gained is higher when you're below half health.

Keep always in mind that Renekton's basic skills aren't that strong in their basic form compared to the ones other champions have. His renektoncleave.png especially is pretty weak, and just serves as a form of harass or fury-harvest tool.
However, when empowered, his skills pretty much out-damages anyone early game. More often than not, just having your Fury Bar filled gives you control of the lane, and if the enemy is so stupid to walk up to you a basic AA+renektonpreexecute.png+AA+renektoncleave.png will make him regret doing so.

Cull the Meek


ACTIVE: Renekton deals physical damage to all nearby enemies, gaining 2.5 Fury for each enemy non-champion hit and 10 Fury for each enemy champion hit.

Renekton heals himself for every enemy hit up to a cap, healing for triple the amount against enemy champions.

REIGN OF ANGER: Cull the Meek deals 50% additional damage, tripling the healing and healing cap.

Your bread and butter skill during lane: it serves both to harvest fury or to harass the enemy laner, and can even be used to recover some health if needed. 
It's worth noting that the healing you get from this skill is based on whether it's empowered or not and how many enemies it hits. Moreover, hitting a champions gives three times the health a minion gives.

Ruthless Predator


ACTIVE: Renekton's next basic attack gains bonus attack range and strikes his target twice, Stun icon stunning them for 0.75 seconds and dealing modified physical damage. Each hit applies on-hit effects and grants Fury. Hitting an enemy champion grants 10 bonus Fury.

REIGN OF ANGER: Ruthless Predator strikes Renekton's target 3 times, dealing 50% additional damage and increasing the Stun icon stun duration to 1.5 seconds.
Ruthless Predator resets Renekton's autoattack timer.

The strongest 1 v 1 skill in your kit: your W. This skill can be described as a double/triple autoattack, depending on whether it's empowered or not, and the best part of it is that it stuns the enemy. There are a couple of downsides though: like any autoattack, the skill can be completely DODGED, and the BLIND will make it miss completely.
Moreover, as strange as it sounds, this ability can be considered like a self-stun: its cast time is 0.50 seconds, during which Renekton can't do anything but using item actives and summoner's spells. This is why  Tiamat is so strong on Renekton; because the active frees him from the self-stun.



ACTIVE: Renekton dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies he passes through and generating 2 Fury per non-champion hit and 10 Fury per champion hit. If he hits an enemy, he gains the ability to use Dice for 4 seconds.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 (+ 90% bonus AD)

ACTIVE: Renekton dashes in the target direction, dealing Slice's physical damage to all enemies he passes through and generating 2 Fury per non-champion hit and 10 Fury per champion hit.
TOTAL PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 / 300 (+ 180% bonus AD)
REIGN OF ANGER: Dice deals 50% additional damage to all enemies Renekton passes through and reduces their armor for 4 seconds.

The skill in your kit that allows you to deal damage without letting your opponent retaliate. In most match-ups you can just dash in, play your combo and dash out, but there are a few where this is not possible; that's because the enemy laner might have the power to answer back to your aggression, maybe even winning the trade. If that's the case, good old "Walk on their face and Rek them" should do the trick. Basic examples where you don't want to engage with renektonsliceanddice.png are: 39.png/2.png/48.png/114.png/92.png/23.png



ACTIVE: Renekton empowers himself for 15 seconds, gaining bonus health and increased size, while also instantly generating 20 Fury.

While in this state, he deals magic damage each half second to all nearby enemies and generates 5 Fury per second, for a total of 75 Fury generated over the duration.

You might think that Renekton starts losing ground level 6 onwards, but that's one of the greatest mistakes you can make when facing him. While his ult damage isn't the highest, the health and fury gained are a lot, and often lead to him bashing his opponent if he tries to fight him head on. Moreover, that's the reason he synergizes so well with resistances and Guardian Angel, because he just gets free health from his ult. During mid game, especially if ahead, you might be tankier even than the tanks despite your build just because of this skill.
In teamfights you usually want to use it before throwing yourself into the fray, so you can start generating fury.

What to max?

Short answer? R > Q > E > W

Long answer?
R because is your ultimate.
Q because is your main poking skill and increases the healing.
E because you get reduced cooldown and higher damage.
W is a 1 point wonder. It reduces a little the cooldown putting point into it, but the damage hardly increases. 

If you look at the values, W damage lies within its insane AD scaling, not the flat amount. Maxing E, however, not only gives you more mobility, which is crucial on Renekton, but also gives more damage, despite what you may think. Said shortly, in your full combo 1 more point in E does overall more damage just through the first dash than you would if you put that point on W.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    My standard choice. It offers enough sustain and damage to snowball most lanes.
    Not really a fan of a starting defensive item on Renekton, but if you're new to him it's definitely a great start, especially against someone like Riven or a ranged champ. Always start this when against pantheon.
    If you can make good use of the potion, it's a really good item to get against ranged champions. It can be good even against Yasuo/Jax/Tryndamere, but honestly... you don't have to.
    Good for an early all-in, but long sword + 3 is definitely a better choice 99% of the times.
    I would never pick it. The only champion i might consider starting boots against is Cassiopeia.

Core Items

    Offensive core for the Rekton - when your team is not in dire need of a tank/you're snowballing/you like damage.
    Standard items for the Renektank - The safest option: going tank will make you a mountain early to mid game. Only Fiora/Vayne might be able to kill you fast if you go this route.
    Standard build. Omen can be swapped for Deadmans if you don't need AS reduction; guardian angel is situational, more below.
    More damage focused build, usually when the enemy has at least two mages.
    Tanky build. Sitting on tiamat, selling it later on for black cleaver, can be a good idea. Late game, sell sunfire for Titanic Hydra or another tanky item.

Situational Items

    The best item you can get when the enemy is struggling to put you down while you're bursting them. If you manage to complete this item when you're fed, it's often GG.
    It synegizes well with your W, but honestly... there are so many better choices than this that i would never pick it.
    Take it as first item or don't take it at all. The damage is good only if you get it early.
    Good item to get on renekton, but only if you need CdR and more tankiness is not needed. I would never switch Hydra for it if that's what you're thinking.
    Mercury vs CCs Tabi vs AAs Swiftness vs Slows or when the other two aren't needed.
    If you're going for the full tank Renekton.

REKTON (AD build)



3077.png The reason why this item is so good on Renekton is because it cancels his W animation. When you got tiamat, your combo should be something like AA + W + tiamat right away + AA +...., because it frees from the self stun of your skill. Moreover, it gives you a lot of wave clear, as well as damage.

Black Cleaver

3071.png Your bread and butter item. Wheter you are going for a tanky or a bruiser build, this item is really important. It allows you to shred the armor of your opponents with your skills and auto. Since all your skills deal AD AOE damage, and your W procs it three times, it's a really important item to have. It allows you to stay significant even late game.

RENEKTANK (Tank build)



3068.png Great first item on Renekton, but i find it worth only if you take it really early. Skip it if you go for other items that are not upgraded boots or 3077.png or 3211.png.


3077.png Unless you want to go for a full tank build, which is not a great idea usually, i'd suggest building an early tiamat and sitting on it until late game, where you'll have to decide if selling it for Black Cleaver or upgrading it into a 3748.png. Just tiamat alone will boost your damage by a lot early on.



3155.png Really important item to get when facing an AP laner. With this, you'll become a really tough beast to put down after lv 6 due to the free health from your ult. Later on, upgrade it to Malmortius if you're already tanky enough, else swap it for a tanky item.

Blade of the Ruined King

3153.png AS is wasted on you, and the AD given is not that great. However, the passive synergizes really well with your W. Oftentime, it's not worth at all, unless maybe in a full AD build. There are better alternatives though...


3142.png  If the enemy team lacks significant burst and CCs, then this item is ok. On Renekton, i'm preferring Death's Dance as of now. Btw, Hydra for W-cancelling and BC for armor shread both are better than ghostblade on renek.

Randuin's Omen

3143.png My favourite tanky item. The active is great both for disengaging and chasing, and the AS reduction is really good against ADCs. If there are at least two champions who are AS reliant, like the ADC and the top laner, this item is mandatory. If there is only one, you might consider Deadman's plate. If there's no one, take Deadman's.

Deadman's Plate

3742.png Really good tanky item with a really useful passive. I'd only take it if the conditions written above are fullfilled, or if there's a full AD team.


3065.png The best mr. item to get on the crocodile 90% of the time. If i need CdR, i go for this without esitation. If i'm up against a team with low CCs, i go for this without esitation. If, however, i'm CdR capped, i just go for Banshee's 


3102.png Good against team with strong engages and such, or if you're CdR capped. I rarely take it tbh.

Guardian Angel

3026.png Insanely good item to get when the enemy is struggling to put you down. Are you like 7/0/... at the 25 minutes mark? Can you afford this? Nice. Take it and see the enemy ragequit.


3075.png Insanely good against 23.png, full AD teams and such. Since you get so many hps from your ult, this item synergizes fantastically with you.


3083.png I rarely buy it on Renekton, since he scales better with resistances than health. I usually buy it against poke comps or heavy AP reliant comps.

3074.png VS 3748.png

The choice is based on two thing:
  1. Preference
    While ravenous hydra cancels your W animation, the Titanic purely resets your Autoattack. The combo with Titanic should look something like this: AA + Q + AA + Titanic + AA + W + AA (to abuse fervor stacks the most) Far slower than the Ravenous hydra's one. If you can't stand such a combo, and would rather cancel your animation, Ravenous is the way to go.

  2. Build
    If you have a full tank build without black cleaver, and your goal is just being a frontline, chances are the life-steal from ravenous won't be that good anyway because of your low damage out-put. If that's the case, just going for Titanic is a smart choice, not only because you'll have higher overal damage if you've built lots of HP items, but because it will make you a lot tankier too.
Said shortly, 3074.png is better with 3071.png since you can abuse a lot better its lifesteal. 3748.png, however, is a better single offensive item to take. You CAN STILL grab it along with black cleaver anyway, it's fine. Up to preference, truly.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Aatrox
  • Akali
  • Darius
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Gangplank
  • Garen
  • Gnar
  • Graves
  • Illaoi
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Kennen
  • Malphite
  • Maokai
  • Mordekaiser
  • Nasus
  • Olaf
  • Pantheon
  • Poppy
  • Quinn
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Taliyah
  • Teemo
  • Trundle
  • Tryndamere
  • Vayne
  • Vladimir
  • Warwick
  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick




Painfully easy match-up. Aatrox has no way to fight you until much MUCH later in the game. You need to screw up really hard to die 1 v 1 against him in lane.

Lv 1 poke with renektoncleave.png, don't get hit by his third hit if he has aatroxW.png.
Lv 2 grab renektonpreexecute.png if you're not overextended. Care if he has aatroxQ.png, avoid it if he jumps on you while your skills are on cooldown.

lv 3 you have control over the lane pretty much until late game. He can't really fight you until he has some tankiness and at least a damage item. However, don't let him sustain freely on your minions, as his aatroxW.png third hit can heal him.

lv 6 stays the same. His aatroxR.png is really strong in extended trade, but first he needs to survive your full combo. Even if he does, just renektonsliceanddice.png away and he'll have just wasted his ult. Anyway, your renektonreignofthetyrant.png should be able to match-it regardless, it's just to be a little safer.

I'd build damage against him, as he is really squishy. Moreover, you can't really win a sustain war against him, as his sustain is higher than yours if you can't zone him off the wave. Anyway, Tabi and Randuins are great items to get against him.




Easy pre-6, medium after.

Akali is a pretty weird champion to be up against as Renekton. You can bully her around early on, but her spell-vamp makes difficult driving off lane an experienced one. Moreover, her lv 6 all-in is definitely worthy of respect, as even Renekton can find himself in trouble against an Akali with 3 stacks of akalishadowdance.png.

Lv 1 you want to be careful trading with akali, as her akalimota.png + AA actually goes pretty even with your AA + renektoncleave.png damage. Don't have her mark consumed on you and you should be fine. Her akalimota.png alone does barely any damage lv 1.

Lv 2 you start getting the edge: if she got akalismokebomb.png, leading with renektonsliceanddice.png is fine. Else, take renektonpreexecute.png if you're not overextended. I say this because your renektonpreexecute.png needs vision of her to hit, your other skills don't.

Lv 3 is pretty one sided until lv 6. Abuse her akalismokebomb.png cooldown (20 secs) everytime she uses it. Build up rage and zone her, don't push her under tower as she'll just sustain your poke with her spell-vamp.

Lv 6 you should have your 3155.png completed, and, no discussions about it, that's your first item against her. 
Remember: an akali with 3 stacks on her ult is actually able to kill a renekton with no rage if even. Don't lead with renektonsliceanddice.png, and never fight her without renektonreignofthetyrant.png. Care of all-ins.

Late game, Akali will beat you one on one pretty easily. Yeah, i'm not joking: 4000 health Renekton with maw + Visage will still get destroyed by a couple of akalishadowdance.png + akalimota.png rotations of hers, so care when splitting against her. If she targets you in teamfights is fine though.




I'd say this match-up is 60/40 in your favor. However, a mistake can make or break this lane.

First of all, you need to know that Darius dariuscleave.png heals him and deals more damage each time it hits you with the tip. Don't let him hit you with that; if you're all inning him, go near him.

Second: his dariusaxegrabcone.png can cut off your disengage,and if it happens while your renektonsliceanddice.png is on cooldown you're pretty much screwed.

Now, lv 1 is a tough moment to fight him due to his bleed. He'll probably win lv 1 trades, so be careful fighting him at this point. If he got dariuscleave.png, juke it then poke with renektoncleave.png. If he started dariusnoxiantacticsonh.png, stay away from him.

Lv 2 is close, maybe a little too much. I would take renektonsliceanddice.png and chill out until lv 3, where the  croco starts to shine.

Lv 3 you can start fighting him; if he wastes his dariuscleave.png, you go in. If he wastes dariusaxegrabcone.png, you go in with renektonsliceanddice.png. If he charges his dariuscleave.png, you can try to close distance with him and chunk him a little. 
Whatever you do, don't have 5 bleed points stacked on you, as he becomes an highlander.
Anyway, remember to build rage! It's key in this match-up.

lv 6 remains like this; you put him down piece by piece and then you all in him when he is low. Your ult is pretty strong against his dariusexecute.png.

Ask for ganks! He is really free all game.


  • Ask for ganks.
  • Care lv 1 and 2. Go in each time he wastes something after lv 3.
  • Building rage is really important in this lane. Your full combo with range completely destroys him.
  • Don't have your last dash cancelled by his dariusaxegrabcone.png
  • Don't have 5 stacks of bleed on you, especially after 6.
  • Your ult counters his dariusexecute.png really well, as it gives you 250 flat health against its maximum 200 true damage.
  • If going for the tanky route, prioritize health over armor. If going for damage, Phage is a good first item.




Prepare yourself for quite the boring match-up...

First of all, let me tell you what will be your first buy: Hexdrinker. I don't care if he is building tank or ap, you rush this item anyway.

Now, all in all this match-up is pretty even. Early on you can deny him some CS because his ekkoQ.png has low damage and long cooldown, so zone him and build up some fury without pushing too much.

After a bit, his damage will start getting pretty high, to the point where he might even win trades against you. This should happen if he is going tank ekko (sunfire first item), and it will be a pretty rough fight before your Black Cleaver. After that, you should be fine until quite later. 

However, if he is going AP and you haven't built hexdrinker you might be somewhat in trouble. He does a lot of damage, so be sure to take either Hexdrinker if you're going for damage or visage if you're going tank.

Lv 6 his ultimate can turn up the tides of a fight just like yours, so be careful of close all-ins. Don't stand on it or you'll get chunked a lot.


Lv 1 the fight is pretty even. Don't let him proc his third hit on you, but don't be afraid to throw a couple of renektoncleave.png here and there. Other than that, try building rage if he is spamming ekkoQ.png; he'll be pushing anyways.

Lv 2 is actually in your favor: take renektonpreexecute.png if you're not overextended and trade balls deep everytime you have rage. Still, avoid exaggerated long trades, as his passive still hurts. Keep building rage, as he'll be probably farming with ekkoQ.png now if you're not chunked.

Lv 3+ stays the same, but use your renektonsliceanddice.png to disengage after the trade. Don't use your second renektonsliceanddice.png before he used his ekkoE.png gap closer, he might be able to extend the trade and chunk you by a lot. Anyway, careful about his ekkoW.png, as it can stun you if you're on it.

Lv 6 is pretty close. It's still about short trades, so don't just go in when he is full health to see him ult and kill you. Wear him down piece by piece, then all-in him, bait his ult and kill him if he dares staying near.


  • Rush Hexdrinker.
  • Deny him CS early on, while his ekkoQ.png is still weak.
  • Don't make trades last too long, you don't want to eat his third hit.
  • Avoid his ekkoW.png
  • Wear him down piece by piece, little by little after 6, and don't stand on his ult.
  • If he goes tanky, fights will be pretty rough before your Black Cleaver. If he goes AP, after Hexdrinker you should be fine.




Pretty much like Riven's, this match-up can either be a plain and simple joke to deal with or pretty rough. Worst thing is: she scales like crazy into late game, and there's no way you'll ever be able to deal with her after a couple of items and fioraq.png maxed.

The only skill that threatens you in lane is Fiora's fiorariposte.png.
Said shortly, if she parries your renektonpreexecute.png, you're in for a bad time and you'll probably:
A. Die
B. Get chunked.

If she doesn't, she'll be the one getting chunked. Hard.

Lv 6 she becomes a whole new beast; her fioradance.png counters your ult because it does true damage based on your max health, and if she procs all 4 vitals you're gonna lose due to the healing. You know where i am going by saying this, right? Precisely... take an advantage pre-6 if you can, as it only gets more difficult after.

As a general rule, keep your vital in a difficult place for her to hit, be it close to a wall or behind you. If you get a bad vital, just get out of her vision sight until it drops; a new vital will show up in a different place.

Lv 1 focus on using your renektoncleave.png without having your vitals hit, unless she has to get aggro to get them. Don't have two or more hit in a single trade.

Lv 2 is pretty even if you take renektonpreexecute.png.
If she has fiorariposte.png, don't have your renektonpreexecute.png juked. You'll win the trade by a lot if you hit her. 
If she has fioraflurry.png she might hurt a bit, but if you have rage it won't matter at all.

Lv 3+ you have the upper hand, but never have your renektonpreexecute.png parried at this point; she'll surely win the trade, and you might even die. Never start the trade with renektonsliceanddice.png, use it to retreat after.

Lv 6 remains pretty much the same. You still have the advantage if even, you are still a fearful opponent; don't panic if you didn't snowball. However, her fioradance.png is too much for you to handle in a straight-up fight. Don't ever be in a position where your renektonsliceanddice.png is on cooldown and she can all-in you, as she'll win easily.
Anyway, in general, as long as you hit your renektonpreexecute.png you should be fine.




Kind of a weird match-up: before Renekton's renektonpreexecute.png change, which put it on cooldown if you wasted it on Fizz's fizzjump.png, it was actually a medium match-up. Now, however, it's pretty simple provided you respect is insane burst.

Lv 1 you need to be somewhat careful only if the fizz started fizzseastonepassive.png, as his sustained damage is stronger than yours. Outside that, your renektoncleave.png outdamages both his fizzpiercingstrike.png and fizzjump.png, it costs nothing, gives you back health and your AAs are stronger than his. Moreover, your renektoncleave.png has lower cooldown.

Lv 2 remains really simple: Fizz should have fizzjump.png + fizzseastonepassive.png, while you, if you're not scared of ganks, should have renektonpreexecute.png + renektoncleave.png. What Fizz should be doing is just farming, trading back to you only if you try to AA him. He can't really do nothing against you at this point.

Lv 3 stays really easy, since the renektonpreexecute.png change. You are garanteed to stun him, provided you don't waste your W on a minion. However, keep trades short, and don't renektonsliceanddice.png in as he can chase you after and potentially win the trade.

Lv 6 you should* have the advantage, but don't have your cooldowns up. If he ults you while you have everything down he has the power to kill you unless you are really ahead.

Rush 3155.png, and don't feed him no matter what. So, care of ganks.




Boring match-up if he is anywhere decent. He'll stay back, farming with parley.png and sustaining the poke you do to him with his removescurvy.png, waiting for a good raisemorale.png to chunk you. Despite this, his kill potential on you is pretty low, and trades should always go to you until much much later.

Your goal in this match-up is to keep the pressure on, forcing him to lose as many CS as you can. Force trades when he steps a little too close, don't be afraid to use your renektonsliceanddice.png to go in.

Anyway, don't eat too many parley.png, especially after sheen, and be careful at his barrels and passive.




Honestly, a pretty simple match-up; trades should always go to you if you play them right. However, his sustain is higher than yours if you can't keep his passive down, and if you are the villain he'll deal insane damage. 

The match-up plays around two things: his garenslash3.png and his garenbladestorm.png. If he uses his garenslash3.png, press your renektonpreexecute.png before the silence goes off and stun him. Stun > Silence.
If he activates his garenbladestorm.png, play the rest of your combo and then renektonsliceanddice.png away. Not before, not later. Don't be a pussy, but don't take more damage than needed.

So, lv 1 just poke with renektoncleave.png without getting in range of his garenslash3.png if possible. Play near your minions.

Lv 2 renektonpreexecute.png before he garenslash3.png you, AA then renektoncleave.png while going back. If he follows you with garenbladestorm.png inside your wave, man up and fight him.

Lv 3 stays like before, but you can play your full renektonpreexecute.png + AA + renektoncleave.png + AA, then renektonsliceanddice.png away. If he stays back, waiting for his passive, you can renektonsliceanddice.png in freely and land your renektoncleave.png, don't be too scared about it.

Lv 6 the trades remain the same, but you need to be careful about his garenjustice.png. If you are low on health, avoid him. Same if you are the villain without having a good lead on him. Other than that, your renektonreignofthetyrant.png counters his ult pretty decently.
As a point of note, don't fight him any more in extended trades. He'll probably win them.


  • When he tries to silence you, press renektonpreexecute.png and stun him. Stun > Silence.
  • renektonsliceanddice.png away after landing you combo when he spins2win you.
  • Poke him with renektoncleave.png constantly, keep his passive down. Feel free to renektonsliceanddice.png into him and throwing a renektoncleave.png if you can reach him. Have the second part to get out though!
  • Black Cleaver is a must against him if he is building tank. If he is building glass cannon, tiamat can be bought; however, if he silences you when you land your renektonpreexecute.png you will not be able to cancel its animation.
  • Avoid him if you are the villain.
  • Late game he can't really kill you if you are not the villain, but try to peel him from your carries. If he reaches them, they're pretty fucked.




The difficulty is based on the skill of the Gnar's player, as well as on his reaction times.

Said shortly, if you can renektonsliceanddice.png + renektonpreexecute.png + AA + renektoncleave.png him and then renektonsliceanddice.png out, this is an easy match-up. Otherwise, he'll just poke you, out-scale you and contribute more in fights than you. 

Lv 1, as against many ranged match-ups, is probably the hardest point of the lane for you. Stay back, only last hit. Counter-push him if he plays passive or shows up late, you really don't want to be under tower against him.

Lv 2 renektonsliceanddice.png, unless he is in melee mode (?).

Lv 3 you can test his reaction times; go in with renektonsliceanddice.png, try using your renektonpreexecute.png. If you get him, he is either a bad Gnar or his reflexes are too slow. If he dodges, you can't really do much in this lane unless he makes a huge mistake.

When he is in mega gnar, between lv 3 and 5 you can try to fight-him. Dodge his stun with your renektonsliceanddice.png, land you combo and then get out. Call your jungler to gank btw.

Lv 6+ don't stay around walls when he is in mega Gnar's form.

As a point of note, NEVER use both your renektonsliceanddice.png to close distance against him. If you do, he'll use his gnarQ.png to kite you forever and chunk you, or worse. Be really careful if he gets frozen mallet.


  • Easy to pretty hard, depending on the Gnar's kiting skill and his reaction times. Test his reflexes with a couple of renektonsliceanddice.png + renektonpreexecute.png to see if you can have something done. Play passive if he doesn't fall for them.
  • His gnarE.png has the same cooldown of your renektonsliceanddice.png.
  • Stay away from walls after 6 when he is mega gnar.
  • Tiamat to counter-push him and land a fast combo if you get him is a great choice. So, first item tiamat if he is bad is really good. Else, Warhammer is a good first item, and if you don't want to counter-push him feel free to end black cleaver immediatly.




Honestly, a pretty difficult match-up that borders with hard; no-where as difficult as Quinn's or Vayne's though. 

Graves can actually be considered like a tanky ADC, and that's because his gravesmove.png grants him bonus armor and Mr. Said shortly, if he gravesmove.png away when you renektonsliceanddice.png at him, and you dare using your second dash to close the gap, you'll find a far tankier Graves to face. 

Second: i dare to say that his lv 1/2 wave clear is pretty much unmatched. He'll bring you under tower without you being able to retaliate, then proceed to harass you with autos and gravesclustershot.png.

After 6 you might think you start getting an advantage due to your ult, but that's not really true: he loves long trades since his gravesmove.png gets shortened cooldown (which becomes lower than your renektonsliceanddice.png cooldown) per auto and stacks resistances, and his graveschargeshot.png does a shit load of damage.

In all honesty, the best thing you can do is asking for ganks; Graves is really a joke to gank as Renekton, so just call your jungler for a couple of free kills. Else, play passive and trade only if he like walks straight up your face.




Quite an easy match-up, provided you can dodge her illaoiQ.png and you stay away from her tentacles. 




Pretty even match-up lv 1-2, then in favor of Renekton until lv 9. At least, that's what someone who made his homeworks will say.

Renekton does fairly well against Irelia early on, but that doesn't mean that he can just straight up fight her. Her ireliahitenstyle.png damage is huge, and if you just stand there to tank it you'll just lose, plain and simple.
You go in with renektonpreexecute.png + AA + renektoncleave.png, then renektonsliceanddice.png away if she tries to make the trade going. 

Now, care for her ireliaequilibriumstrike.png, which stuns you if you are healthier than her, and remember that her ireliagatotsu.png does a lot of damage if she has ireliahitenstyle.png activated.

Lv 1 just poke with renektoncleave.png; she'll poke you with ireliaequilibriumstrike.png if she's smart. Don't let her hit you without you hitting her before-hand.

Lv 2 play a little cautioustly yet: use your renektonpreexecute.png + renektoncleave.png only if you have rage, and be careful of her ireliaequilibriumstrike.png + ireliahitenstyle.png.

Lv 3+ it's pretty much in your favor, but always have your renektonsliceanddice.png up to escape from her when she tries to make the trade last longer.

Lv 6 your ult counters her W flat damage, however long fights will still go to her. If you haven't got an advantage yet, just wear her down little by little.

Prioritize health: phage if going for a damage build, bami's otherwise. Mercury threads are a must against her ireliaequilibriumstrike.png later on.

If by level 9 you're still even, you can say she won lane...




Pretty easy match-up, though his jaxcounterstrike.png now dodges your renektonpreexecute.png completely.

Jax is known for being a pretty weak laner and a huge beast late game. Unfortunately for Jax, he has to survive the croco to reach the god-like stage he wants.

Lv 1 jax can actually fight you if his jaxcounterstrike.png is up; don't let him do that, as if he hits you with a full charged counter-strike, which has its damage enhanced for each auto + minion attack it hits it, he can really chunk you up.

Lv 2 you start having the advantage; charge your fury, then go in. Don't have your renektonpreexecute.png wasted on his jaxcounterstrike.png and you'll be fine. Try to freeze lane, as jax can't come close to you at all at this point.

Lv 3 he can't stay around you without you destroying him, and you win until he gets at least his first item. If even by then, which is difficult, you'll probably lose.

Lv 6 he gets a huge power-spike, but so do you. To be honest, he isn't really that much of a threat to you, as to proc his third auto he needs to hit you; if he hits you, you hit him harder.

Late game he is a tough beast to fight, and the crocodile definitely needs to respect him at this point. Peel him from your carries, and try to end the game before he reaches his god-like status.


  • Don't waste your renektonpreexecute.png on his jaxcounterstrike.png.
  • Don't fight him lv 1.
  • Freeze the lane.
  • Care for ganks, as if he gets an advantage over you you are in trouble.
  • Play only short trades, withdrawn with renektonsliceanddice.png if you have to.
  • Tabi are pretty good against him.




It really depends on how good the Jayce is, but for the most part this match-up is quite similar to pantheon's. You lose pre-6, you win after, unless he goes oom before. Hang on until that moment, take 3047.png first item.

Ok, Jayce is a particular champion: alike nidalee, he can switch between ranged and melee mode, which means respectively lots of poke + safety or burst damage + disengage.

Now, a good Jayce will pretty much poke you from afar, all-inning you in hammer mode only to kill you or return the damage after your trade.
Said shortly, a good Jayce (or player in general) will never farm in front of you with hammer stance.

Anyway, Jayce is pretty rough to deal with as melee character not only because he has ranged poke, but because his melee stance gives him a powerful disengage tool, which can deny your all-in. Fortunately, as Renekton you got a stun to lock him up, and if you can kill him a second dash in case he tries to escape.
HOWEVER: the best moment to all-in a jayce is when he has just switched stances, since his jayceR.png has 6 secs cooldown; if he switches to RANGED FORM and is a little too close to you, go in for major damage... he won't be able to switch back to melee form.

Pretty much that: when in ranged stance he is weak to all-ins, in melee form to harass. 

Sustain with renektoncleave.png, dodge his empowered projectile at any point of the game. Lv 1 and 2 are pretty much completely in his favor, after lv 3 you start getting some pressure up. Poke with renektonsliceanddice.png + renektoncleave.png if empowered, throw a renektonpreexecute.png if he lingers too close, but don't ever find yourself in a position where he can all-in you with hammer and chase you down as ranged.

Lv 6+ you start getting back control, as your ult paired with tabi makes you really difficult to put down. Be careful, however, to his jayceE.png: you don't want to waste your ult on his disengage. Anyway, if you have full fury you should be able to chunk him hard.




Unwinnable match-up if the Kennen is good. His harass is painful, and his lv 6 ult is really strong. Moreover, he can both chase or disengage when his kennenlightningrush.png is up, applying you a Mark of the storm.

What is a mark of the storm Fergus?
Well, you should know it... if he puts three marks of the storm on you, you get stunned.

Anyway, a good Kennen is pretty easy to notice: if you renektonsliceanddice.png in, he kennenlightningrush.png away, maybe stunning you in the process. Lv 3 test his reflexes, and if he doesn't fall for it just cry to your jungler.

Anyway, Hexdrinker and mercury threads are crucial in this match-up. Lv 6, your ult combined with your magic resistance should help you withstand his lethal kennenshurikenstorm.png.
As a point of note: care for towerdives after 6.


  • Unwinnable match-up if he is good. There's no high mechanical skill you can use to beat him if he doesn't make mistakes.
  • Rush hexdrinker, followed either by a tiamat or mercury threads.
  • Spam your renektoncleave.png everytime is up. Take a minion here and there when his third hit of his kennenbringthelight.png is not up. 
  • If you have a mark on you, chill out for a few seconds; if reactivated, his kennenbringthelight.png can hurt you a lot.
  • Use minions as cover to shield his kennenshurikenhurlmissile1.png
  • If he is good and kennenlightningrush.png away everytime you renektonsliceanddice.png in, cry to your jungler for a gank.




Malphite can be a scary team-fighter if he gets a good ultimate off, and can shut down super hard AS reliant champions. Lucky for you, AS is not needed on the croco, and he can't really pressure you in lane.

However, you need to be careful at two things: his obduracy.png, which grants him an higher sustained damage against you, and his landslide.png, which makes your AS horrible. If you stand there trying to pull off some autos, you'll lose the trade because of minion damage and his obduracy.png.




Renekton and Maokai are both durable laners, but the Tree's early power can't really keep up with the crocodile.

The only threat he can pose to you is to set up a gank with his jungler; watch out for that, as if he gets an advantage it will be really tough to fight him!

Other than that, lv 1 is actually pretty close. Poke with renektoncleave.png while trying to juke out his maokaitrunkline.png, but don't go too ham on him at this point.

Lv 2+ is completely in your favor, but don't just renektonsliceanddice.png in anytime as he can cut off your disengage with his maokaiunstablegrowth.png and make the trade last enough for him to maokaitrunkline.png. Even worse, the jungler may be nearby ready to rape you.

Best thing to do is to freeze the lane: force him to farm with maokaisapling2.png or to trade a CS in exchange of your renektoncleave.png + renektonpreexecute.png combo. Build up rage without pushing too much and this lane will be yours. 

Lv 6 is pretty even, but he'll have built armor against you if he is smart. Wear him down slowly, while baiting his maokaidrain3.png if possible, and then all in him for the kill.
Don't fight under his ultimate if he is still pretty healthy.

Later on, after Hydra + Black Cleaver if you went for the Rekton build, he can't really keep up with you if you got even a tiny advantage. I lost count of how many times i was chunked, though with my ult up, and i baited him, full life, into an unwinnable fight. 
If you, however, go for the Renektank build, neither of you should be able to kill the other.




Borders with hard.

The thing is, he got sustain and a shield to cover a portion of your damage. Moreover, after like the first or second back, unless you got ahead, he starts to get too giant for you to kill. Late game you pretty much need your full combo only to put down his shield...

Lv 1 be careful if he started mordekaisermaceofspades.png. Else, you can try and cheese a little bit of damage.

Lv 2 remains the same. Watch out for his mordekaisermaceofspades.png counter: if it's the second or third, stay away as they do a lot of damage. The important thing is that you get in and get out, don't trade autos with him. Get out from his mordekaisercreepingdeathcast.png range if he uses that.

Lv 3 same as before. He can't really cut off your disengage, so you can actually renektonsliceanddice.png in and out when his mordekaisermaceofspades.png is down or he wastes he mordekaisercreepingdeathcast.png.

Lv 6+ he starts getting too big for you to kill; try holding off your ult until he ults himself, as it does damage based on your max health. Other than that, he is still free to ganks, and his kill potential on you remains pretty low if you don't waste both your renektonsliceanddice.png.




This match-up is really easy for Renekton, but you have to play it right to really be able to deny Nasus.

First of all, and i want you to read well the next line...


If you push lane, Nasus gets under tower. If Nasus gets under tower, he gets free CS and lifesteal due to his passive.
Freeze the lane, force him to farm with spiritfire.png. If he does that, you're winning lane despite killing him or less.
If he steps near you, try to renektoncleave.png far from his minions, so that you avoid damaging them.
Other than that, don't fight on his spiritfire.png and care of ganks because of his wither.png.

Anyway, if you manage to deny him you should get out of lane like a giant and your team should find itself 4 v 5 for a decent amount of time. If you fail, well... hope your team is doing well.
But to tell you the truth, use your head and this lane will be a piece of cake.


  • Don't push the lane.
  • Care of ganks.
  • Don't fight under his spiritfire.png
  • Care when all-inning after 6 if you're not massively ahead.




Even match-up, but if he snowballs you're in for an horrible time. I'd say a good Renekton should come out ahead against a good Olaf.

Olaf is a really strong champion when it comes down to long fights and laning against enemies with low sustain. Luckily for Renekton, he's got sustain and his renektonsliceanddice.png allows him to get out the fight pretty easily.

Basically, you need to survive the first two levels without getting cheesed. Try to remain healthy until level 3. You need all your skills to fight him.

After lv 3, keep the trades short. Do your combo then get out, unless you can burst him. Be careful of his olaffrenziedstrikes.png: it gives him a lot of life-steal and attack speed, which are enhanced by his passive. The lower his health, the more AS he gets; the higher his AS, the more dangerous he gets.

Lv 1 just renektoncleave.png if he steps too close to you. Don't search for fights, just safely farm. Care of his olafaxethrowcast.png chains.

Lv 2 stays the same, only be a little aggressive when the rage is on your side. He can't really out-fight an empowered renektonpreexecute.png + AA + renektoncleave.png combo. 

Lv 3 he has to respect you; if he does not, he's going to suffer for it. At this point the only windows of time he has to kill you are when your renektonsliceanddice.png is on cooldown, so stay back when it is. Build fury, throw your (AA + if you can) renektonpreexecute.png + AA + renektoncleave.png + AA and renektonsliceanddice.png out. DONT START  WITH renektonsliceanddice.png FOR THE LVOE OF GOD

6 is still even, maybe it gets just a tiny bit easier for him than before. The problem is his olafragnarok.png, which can dispel your renektonpreexecute.png stun. Take care, and be ready to *Run away, run away, run away* if he actives it and you can't kill him.


  • Don't fight him lv 1-2.
  • Always be ready to renektonsliceanddice.png away when he tries to follow you with olafaxethrowcast.png.
  • You should be able to out-trade him in short trades, so just renektonpreexecute.png + AA + renektoncleave.png + AA + renektonsliceanddice.png away.
  • Don't fight under his olaffrenziedstrikes.png: it grants him a lot of sustain.
  • The lower his health, the higher his AS. Don't over-commit if you can burst him.
  • Lv 6 is a pretty even fight: he can dispel your renektonpreexecute.png, but your renektonreignofthetyrant.png makes you stronger against his olafrecklessstrike.png. Anyway, you don't want to fight him in an extended trade anyway, you'll lose. He activates his olafragnarok.png? You renektonsliceanddice.png away.
  • Prioritize health over armor. Either go Phage or Bami's cinder as first item. Doran's Blade/Shield are an on start too, though i'd still go for a long sword.




Ladies and Gentlemen! I present to you: the king of the top lane vs the God of the early game!

Said shortly, pretty difficult match-up before 6, as his skills do a shit-load of damage and his passive stops one of your autos. It should be noted that to make this lane a real piece of cake you should rush an early tabi, which makes yourself completely unkillable to him when your renektonreignofthetyrant.png is up.

Early on, your goal is just surviving and farming; start Cloth + 4, spam your renektoncleave.png to abuse its healing and wait for pantheon to go oom. If he finds himself out of mana, all in him and kill him.
However, be careful when you're low on health: his pantheon_throw.png and basic attacks get 100% critical strike chance when you're below 15%.

After 6, unless he is fed, you should be able to destroy him really easily, as your base damages are far higher than his, your renektonpreexecute.png cancels his pantheon_heartseeker.png and he lacks a 1 v 1 ultimate. Just go on him anytime your ult is up and he'll have no way of stopping you, not even if he got ignite.


  • Pretty rough early game until you are 6. After that, he is a free meal. Moreover, he is one of the few champs you actually outscales.
  • Rush ninja tabi. Start with cloth + 4.
  • Don't stay low in lane since his pantheon_throw.png crits you when you're below 15% health.
  • Ping when he is 6, and keep the pressure on to deny his roaming. Care staying in lane after he backed if his pantheon_grandskyfall_jump.png is up.




Poppy early game isn't nearly as strong as Renekton's, and the only way she can kill you is with jungler help, provided you don't give her free stuns on walls. 
However, always be wary of her poppyparagonofdemacia.png, which cancels one of your renektonsliceanddice.png, and, as said before, don't stay near walls.

As for trading, lv 1, and as a general rule of thumb, you don't want to get hit neither by her passive autoattack, nor by both her poppydevastatingblow.png. Oh, and don't waste your renektoncleave.png on her shield.

Lv 2 is really simple, especially if she got poppyparagonofdemacia.png and you got renektonpreexecute.png; you can stun her and she can do absolutely nothing to avoid it.
However, care if you're overextended and she has poppyparagonofdemacia.png, as she can cancel one of your dashes. If she has poppyheroiccharge.png, stay away from walls.

Lv 3 stays the same. If you wish you can dash in to poke if she's playing too much like a bitch, but be sure to know where her jungler is before doing that.
Other than that, you win every trade where you don't get stunned, as long as you play around her passive. Don't waste your renektonsliceanddice.png when trading, first bait out her poppyparagonofdemacia.png, but if you waste the first part without jungler nearby it's still fine; just be sure not to waste your second EMPOWERED e, as you lose a lot of free rage.

Lv 6+ she can't really kill you without ganks, but the same can be said around you if she's anywhere decent; her tankiness will start getting too strong for you to deal with.


  • Don't waste skills on her shield, and don't get hit by her passive.
  • Care of jungler ganks: her poppyparagonofdemacia.png cancels one of your renektonsliceanddice.png.
  • Stay away from walls.
  • Don't get hit by both her poppydevastatingblow.png.
  • If you get an advantage, zone her; she can do nothing to break it.




Painful match-up. Her harass is annoying to say the least, but her greatest strenght against melee character is her quinnE.png, which pretty much negates any form of aggression by their side.

The match-up goes a little like this: you stay away, or in the brush; when her passive is not on you, you go in and farm what you can, getting the least harass possible and spamming your renektoncleave.png for the healing.

If she wastes her quinnE.png when both your renektonsliceanddice.png are up, you can cheese some damage if you are in the position to retaliate (a.k.a you're not half dead)

Stay behind minions to cover yourself from her quinnQ.png.

Lv 6 you have a 1 v 1 ultimate to help you out, but the problem is that her kit completely nullifies your aggression. Unless she makes a mistake, keep staying behind. Oh, right! Remember to ping MIA like crazy when you lose sight of her; her quinnR.png is great for ganking.


  • Play passive, unless she wastes her quinnE.png without you having used any of your dashes.
  • Chill out if her passive's on you. It does a lot of damage.
  • Use minions as cover against her quinnQ.png.
  • Spam MIA after 6 when you lose sight of her.
  • Tabi is a great first item, and so is a sunfire first item. If you want to go for damage, prioritize warhammer for black cleaver, and build a tiamat later. CdR is really good against quinn.




The only way Rengar can win this lane is by cheesing you lv 1/2, and he can do this only by jumping here and out the brushes. Knowing this, fight him when you're away from the brushes; be safe lv 1 and 2, since after that you can pretty much just disengage by using your renektonsliceanddice.png
However, don't ever find yourself in the position where he can abuse his short rengarQ.png cooldown or chunk you with his triple rengarQ.png with ferocity when you can't retaliate.

Other than that, zone him from the wave from lv 3 onwards; this way, you'll prevent him from building ferocity and sustaining with his empowered rengarW.png.

Call MIA after lv 6, and start pushing him under tower. A good Rengar will abuse his rengarR.png to get doubles bot lane or invade your jungler.

Bulding damage is a good option against him, as his sustain can make pushing him out of lane pretty difficult without. Anyway, tabi are a great follow up. If he is going for the tank-Rengar build, skip tabi and rush black cleaver and tiamat.




This match-up can either be a breeze or quite challenging, depending on the experience of the enemy Riven. An amazing Riven will punish each and every one of your mistakes, and if you avoid making anyone she'll just go even/slighty behind in lane and beat you mid game. Viceversa, a bad Riven is a free meal. Anyway, if you know how to play the croco, only the best Rivens will be able to go even with you.

A couple of considerations: despite common beliefs, Riven's full combo can outdamage Renekton's if he fails to dodge at least a piece of it and his fury bar is not filled.
Second: Renekton's renektonsliceanddice.png is crucial in this match-up. If it's down, the good, smart croco stays the hell away from Riven. 

Said shortly, a cooldown based match-up. The one who can keep track of the other cooldowns will have the edge.

Lv 1 is in your favor if you avoid eating Riven's full riventricleave.png; if you do, just be sure to be kiting her in your wave. Said shortly, don't go too ham at this point.

Little point of note here: be very VERY careful of not getting cheesed by a level 2 rush from her now. If you do, you're done for.

Lv 2, assuming you didn't get cheesed, is pretty even if you grab renektonpreexecute.png and she grabs rivenfeint.png. If you're not overextended, lead with renektonpreexecute.png, else take renektonsliceanddice.png and lay low til' lv 3 if she got rivenmartyr.png.
Now, if you have renektonpreexecute.png and she has rivenfeint.png, try your best not to have your stun baited on her shield. If you do, she'll probably win the trade. But if she has rivenmartyr.png this should be pretty simple, as she can't out-trade you, nor she can absorb a portion of you damage.
Remember that you got way more sustain than her; going even in a trade is actually a win for you.

Lv 3 you become the dominant beast that all Rivens fear.
Your advantage lies in your ability to dish your damage with renektoncleave.png and renektonpreexecute.png and juking part of her combo with renektonsliceanddice.png, so don't just stand there tanking her full combo. Build up your fury when your cooldowns are down, then proceed to zone her or chunking her if she dares coming close. If you have full fury and she fails to shield part of your combo, you can bring her from 100 to 0 in a rotation.

Lv 6 this lane gets more punishing if you make a mistake, as a single rotation of hers with rivenfengshuiengine.png can be enough to kill you if your cooldowns are up and you're not tanky. As long as your cooldowns are down and you keep staying healthy you should be fine.

After Riven has Black Cleaver completed and a couple of points in rivenfeint.png, if she didn't max it before-hand, the match-up starts swinging back in her favor.


  • Renekton has the upper hand lv 3+, until Riven has Black Cleaver completed. Lv 1 and 2 are pretty even.
  • Using renektonsliceanddice.png to juke a piece of Riven's combo is really important. Do your damage, then get out.
  • Patience is key here: if she shields, don't just waste your skills on it. Go in after it's down.
  • Renekton's sustain with his renektoncleave.png + health regen is way higher than Riven's. Use this at your advantage.
  • Lv 6 your ult counters hers pretty decently, but finding yourself with your cooldowns up without being tanky will lead you to death.
  • Riven's hardest counter is armor. Tabi is a great first item, followed either by a sunfire or a tiamat.
  • IMPORTANT: your renektonsliceanddice.png has a far higher cooldown than Riven's riventricleave.png (5 seconds)




Description inc.




As Shen being my second main, i know what i'm talking about. The only thing Shen can do to pose a threat to you is taunting you under tower or when his jungler is coming.

However, that doesn't mean he can't fight you at all if you screw up! Neither it means you got much kill pressure against a good Shen.

First of all: never waste your renektonpreexecute.png on his shenfeint.png. Second: don't eat his full shenvorpalstar.png, and try not having the sword hit you when he calls it back.

Now, lv 1 is pretty even. His shenvorpalstar.png does more damage than your renektoncleave.png, but you shouldn't be standing there fighting under it anyway. Just poke, don't trade autos.

Lv 2 is completely in your favor. That's the point in the laning phase where you have the highest kill pressure on him. Take renektonpreexecute.png if you're not overextended.
If he has shenfeint.png, bait it then use your renektonpreexecute.png. You just destroyed him.
If he has shenshadowdash.pngrenektonpreexecute.png him. You just destroyed him.

Lv 3 a good Shen will stay the hell away from you when his shenfeint.png and shenshadowdash.png are down. He'll just drop his shenfeint.png when you go in, shielding your renektoncleave.png with his passive, then use his shenshadowdash.png away when it drops. A good Shen won't die to you.
What you can do at this point is freezing the lane, making him lose a huge amount of minions.

Lv 6+ it's completely in your favor until he has sunfire completed, where things actually start to get evened out again. Write when he gets to 6 btw. Now your goal is keeping him pushed under tower. You don't want him to leave lane, and if he tries to ult away renektonpreexecute.png to stop him. Flash if needed. If you fail, take his tower.


  • Don't trade autos with him.
  • Don't waste your renektonpreexecute.png on his shenfeint.png.
  • Freeze pre-6, push after.
  • Write when he is 6. Stop his shenstandunited.png if you can, else take his tower.
  • Black Cleaver is really important against him. Tiamat too. 




Not the easiest match-up for Renekton, pretty much just because he gets really tanky while still doing high damage with his poison. However, that doesn't mean you can't zone him early or kill him too. More than dangerous i'd say that he is really annoying.

Lv 1 walk to lane along with your wave. You don't want him to proxy (kill the minions between your towers). If he manages to proxy your waves, you pretty much lose your lane unless your jungler can stop him.

Anyway, lv 1 trade only with your renektoncleave.png, return autos only if he dares going too ham. Don't step on his poison. It's the most dangerous level in the lane, as he is able to kill you right now if you go too much aggressive.

Lv 2 build up as much rage as you can: you want your empowered renektonpreexecute.png for when he fling.png you, so that you can chunk him hard. After that, AA + Q + AA while going back in your wave. You just won the trade, unless his wave was enourmous.

Lv 3 stays the same, but you can either run away with renektonsliceanddice.png after being flinged or just proceed to follow him.

Lv 6 you lose a lot of kill pressure on him. His ult will make him a lot tankier, as well as stronger because it grants him a lot of magic damage. However, the worst part is the free movement speed he gets; don't ever follow a Singed.


  • Don't ever chase a Singed.
  • Walk along your first wave lv 1. You don't want Singed to proxy.
  • renektonpreexecute.png when he fling.png you. Use renektonsliceanddice.png to run back afterwards, or chase him if you can kill him.
  • Lv 6 you lose a lot of kill pressure on him.
  • Hexdrinker is good, but the best item against him is Tiamat, to counter-push him.




The days when Sion top was op are long gone, but he is still a pretty big nuisance to face. Your only chance of killing him is in the early game: after that, especially late game with deathscaressfull.png maxed, you can do absolutely nothing to damage him.

Lv 1 you just aim to poke with renektoncleave.png anytime he goes for a CS. If he pokes you with enrage.png, he wastes mana. If he uses his deathscaressfull.png, he wastes mana. If he tries to make a long AA trade with you, you win because of Fervor of battle and shorter cooldowns. Just be careful of minion damage.

Lv 2 is the same. renektonsliceanddice.png if you are overextended. else go for renektonpreexecute.png and freeze on him. Don't get hit by a full charged crypticgaze.png, and keep poking him down without pushing too much the wave.

Lv 3+ it's a really easy match-up. Just be careful of jungler ganks, he is likely to receive a good amount.

Lv 6+ he gets some kill pressure if you screw up badly, but the match-up is still in your favour. The only problem is that his poke is really annoying to withstand.  Especially now, care of jungler ganks.




Have yet to play against her after the last nerf, but if she's good you're going to have a bad time. Description inc.




This match-up used to be pretty difficult, back in the days where his blindingdart.png  couldn't stop your renektonpreexecute.png. Guess what? Now that it does, it's INSANELY HARD.

Honestly, of every champion you can find i think Teemo is the worst you can play Renekton into at the moment. His poke is toxic, literally; moreover, his blindingdart.png. as said before, nullifies your aggression, and his movequick.png allows him to kite you forever. 

Stay back, farm what you can without getting chunked like crazy. Unless the Teemo is so bad to waste his blindingdart.png everytime on minions and to never activate his movequick.png when you dash in, you got no hope to kill him, neither to win lane without your jungler assistance.

Build hexdrinker first if he is going AP, sunfire if he is going for Botrk/AD. After that, feel free to go for a tanky build and be useful like that. Only go damage if you go almost even or he is really an horrible teemo, and you are sure you can work your way around his blindingdart.png in team-fights.




Pretty difficult match-up. If you make a mistake, you're dead; if you all-in him at 6 head on when his ultimate is up, you're dead. 

When you fight against Trundle, you have to realize what his strenghts are against you, and how you can play around them. First of all, his trundleQ.png buffs his AD by 20-40 while chunking yours for the half. Moreover, it slows you.
Keep trades short; if you can, hit him before he bites you, as your damage will be higher than otherwise. Don't trade autos with him, he'll win hard. Since the slow makes difficult for you escaping without renektonsliceanddice.png or renektonpreexecute.png, don't trade lv 1.

Second: his trundleE.png. This skill can screw you up so badly if your renektonsliceanddice.png is down, or if he manages to cancel your dash when the other is on cooldown. So, don't ever use renektonsliceanddice.png to start a trade against him.

Third: his trundleW.png. Pretty much like against his trundleQ.png; short trades and leave right after. You don't want to trade under it, as he gets higher healing from all sources and higher AS. Moreover, he can chase you with his enhanced MS.

Four, his insane sustain. Not even you, the crocodile, can keep up with it; each time a unit dies around him, he gets a free chunk of life based on his max health. If you chunk him hard, you have to keep the pressure on,like you would do against a Garen, or he'll out-sustain you.

And last but not least, his ultimate. It pretty much makes you squishy like a little girl (umh... sorry girls! ); moreover, it heals him for a ton (20% of YOUR max health. Yeah, your ult gives you HEALTH).
Either bait it before all-inning him or ignite him. Else, just be sure you can burst him in a single renektonpreexecute.png + renektoncleave.png rotation.


  • Short trades are mandatory.
  • Don't fight on his trundleW.png.
  • Keep your two dashes to disengage.
  • Try to wait for him to ult before using your renektonreignofthetyrant.png.
  • Care: his trundleE.png can cancel one of your dashes!
  • Building tank is not really smart against him, but he can fight you even if you go for damage, so... your call. If you're losing lane, go tank. If you're winning, your call.
  • Lv 3-5 your combo with rage can chunk him hard, don't doubt it.
  • Once he got some life-steal/tankiness, you'll be no much for him if even.




This is a pretty straight-forward match-up pre lv 6. Tryndamere is a really weak laner who needs fury to be dangerous; you,  on the other hand, are a force to be reckoned with.
That being said, it's pretty obvious that your goal early on is just zoning him from the wave. If he is zoned, he can't build up fury; if he can't build up fury, he can't be a threat.

Lv 1 and 2 tryndamere can actually cheese a Renekton if he manages to build up his fury, so play aggressively while his fury is low. When his fury bar is half filled, play passive until he wastes it or until you are lv 3. If you are not zoned lv 2, take renektonpreexecute.png and build up rage; if he steps too close, chunk him.

Lv 3 is pretty easy for Renekton: you poke him each and everytime he tries to farm, keeping your renektonsliceanddice.png to disengage if he tries to all-in you. 

Lv 6+ the match-up is still in your favor, but he gets 5 seconds of invincibility. Break him piece by piece, and keep your renektonsliceanddice.png to disengage when he ults.

I like building first a black cleaver's component, so i can freeze lane early on, followed by tabi and tiamat. Then, feel free to either go for Randuins or Black Cleaver. I wouldn't go for an early sunfire as it's pretty tough to drive him off lane just with your base damage, considering his high sustain.




An hard counter, really. I hate playing Renekton into her.

Honestly, the problem here relies on her vaynesilveredbolts.png, which does %maxhp damage on every third hit, and on her insane mobility and slipperiness.
Said shortly, if you renektonsliceanddice.png in, she vaynetumble.png backwards. If you use your second dash to close the gap, she vaynecondemn.png you and chase you with her passive MS boost to punish you.

After 6 your renektonreignofthetyrant.png is completely countered by her vaynesilveredbolts.png; moreover, her vaynetumble.png makes her invisible when she activates her vayneinquisition.png, which grants her AD and boosts her MS passive as if it wasn't enough. 

Playing passive is pretty much your only option if she is just anywhere decent, and the worst part is that is like giving her a free pass for the late game. That's why you should be asking for ganks, and i'm not talking about 1 or 2. I'm telling you: ask your jungler to camp top. Vayne is weak to ganks top lane, so call your jungler and feed off her corpse.

As for itemization, Tabi and Randuins are the Dream against her. If they have other 2 AS reliant champs other than her, consider a frozen heart.
Other than these items, Sterak's Gauge and Guardian Angel are the only true items who can boost your survability against her. Thornmail too can be good if taken REALLY early.


  • Play passive if she's anywhere decent. Any attempt to damage her will only result in you getting punished.
  • Your renektonsliceanddice.png has roughly the same cooldown of her vaynecondemn.png lv 1.
  • Ask for ganks.
  • Going tabi is mandatory. After that, sunfire can boost a little your survability; tiamat first item is fine too though.
  • Don't stay near walls.




Description inc.




Warwick loves long trades, you love to get in and get out. He simply can't trade with you other than with his hungeringstrike.png. However, he has more sustain than you, which shouldn't be able to help him too much early on.

I'd chill out lv 1 as any damage you do to him will pretty much be sustained right after; focus on building rage, trying not to push lane too much. However, if he tries to hungeringstrike.png you, definitely answer back with your own renektoncleave.png. He might have won the trade, but you still abused your renektoncleave.png healing and he has wasted a lot of mana.

Lv 2+ is really a one side lane. He tries to sustain, you walk straight to him and destroy him with your renektoncleave.png + renektonpreexecute.png combo. You can even dash in in this match-up, though you should avoid doing so when his bloodscent.png is up and you are lower than 50%.

lv 6 he shouldn't be able to pose much of a threat against you anyway, considering he probably built tanky. However, take note that is ult is perfect for ganks.
After some items, he'll be too much for you to handle in solo; however, you can peel him off your carries really easily.

I really love taking Ignite against him.




Renekton vs Wukong is a pretty one sided lane after lv 2, but before that he is actually a pretty difficult monkey to face. His lv 1 is definitely worthy of respect, so just chill until you get your lv 3 and you'll be fine.

Now, when playing against wukong you got two main advantages: your sustain and the fact that you are resourceless. Wu, on the other hand, has stronger sustained damage, but he can't stand a poke-war due to his high mana costs. Keep trades short, and disengage with renektonsliceanddice.png everytime you played your combo.

As a point of note: buy a pink so that he can't just juke you with his monkeykingdecoy.png, and don't waste your renektonpreexecute.png on his clone. When he comes in, lead with renektoncleave.png so that you are sure to hit him, and use renektonpreexecute.png only after if you're sure that he is the real one.

Lv 6+ he can do absolutely nothing to you, but be wary of ganks; his ult can set one up really easily.

His monkeykingnimbus.png has 10 seconds less cooldown than your renektonsliceanddice.png, be way of that.

3047.png first is an amazing item, as will make you unkillable to him. However, if you're greedy, leading with a damage item is completely fine too. 


Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao is an early game beast. His trading potential is insane, and especially in the first two levels he'll be a really tough beast to fight. Anyway, the best way to deal with him is through a gank, since he lacks any sort of escape.

When laning against Xin Zhao your first goal should be just surviving the first 2 levels without getting chunked hard. After that, it's all a matter of short trades and quick retreats.
Rule number 1 is this: don't fight under his xenzhaocombotarget.png. If you do, you lose. Stun, renektoncleave.png and go away.

Against Xin Zhao your first buy should always be Ninja Tabi. Since all his kit revolves around autoattacks, they're the way to go. Before this buy, he is actually stronger than you.

Lv 1 stay the hell away from him. You are no match for him at this point.

Lv 2 you can either go renektonsliceanddice.png or renektonpreexecute.png. Whatever you do, your goal is not doing damage to him but surviving. There's no way for you to out-trade him yet, so either stun him or renektonsliceanddice.png away, what's important is that you leave when he xenzhaosweep.png at you.

Lv 3 the match-up starts getting a little easier; you don't want to get hit by Xin Zhao third hit, and pretty much what you'll do until you can afford a tabi is answering his aggression with a renektonpreexecute.png + aa + renektoncleave.png + renektonsliceanddice.png away. Remember though: his gap closer has like 6 seconds less cooldown than your renektonsliceanddice.png; stay away from him when it's on cooldown.

Lv 6 is quite even i'd say: you have the advantage in health and tankiness due to your Tabi and renektonreignofthetyrant.png; moreover, your base damage should be high enough to chunk him.


  • Stay away from him lv 1-2. Don't get cheesed by a lv 2 rush.
  • Lv 3+ just play your renektonpreexecute.png + AA + renektoncleave.png combo and retreat.
  • His xenzhaosweep.png has a shorter cooldown than your renektonsliceanddice.png.
  • Rush Tabi
  • Ask for ganks. He is really free.




You would think an early game champion like Renekton screws up a push-over like Yasuo, and it can be true. However, his shield makes really hard chunking him early on, and his insane poke and all-in can really screw you up if you're not careful.

Usually, no jungler involved, yasuo wins until your first back, then it's completely dependant on what items you got.
If you go for damage, this actually becomes a pretty easy match-up until much later. But if you go for a tanky route, he'll actually be able to bully you around, as your damage won't be enough to break his shield.

Usually i like to go for a tiamat first item, as it adds a lot of burst into my combo. If he didn't go for tabi/sunfire, this is often pretty much to chunk him for at least half life.
However, if you decide to go for a tanky route, take tabi first item.

So pretty much the match-up should go like this: lv 1 you chill up, as his lv 1 poke + shield can't make you win trades against him.
Lv 2 stays the same. He'll probably push; take either renektonpreexecute.png or renektonsliceanddice.png, both are fine.
Lv 3 you can start harassing him when his shield is down, but never use both your dashes offensively if you can't kill him. You want to be able to disengage, as his sustained damage is far higher than yours.

Lv 6+ your ult should be more useful than his, especially if you went for damage. However, if you still haven't backed yet, it will still be really hard to kill him.


  • Be passive lv 1 and 2. Start forcing something from lv 3+ when his shield is down.
  • Until your first back, your kill potential on him is pretty low. Then, if you built damage you should be able to stand your ground pretty easily. Viceversa, if you went for a  tanky route it will be pretty rough, as his poke will still be really annoying and you wont be able to break his shield.
  • Call your jungler to gank.
  • Lv 6+, if you went for damage, should be in your favor until he builds some kind of defensive item. If he went for tabi/sunfire first item, it should still be in your favor, but all-ins will always go to him after he has Phantom Dancer completed.
  • Don't waste your renektonpreexecute.png on minions when he is dashing around.




Pretty simple match-up, with only one rule you have to follow:

Never fight him when his minions are up.

You can use your renektonsliceanddice.png to close the gap to hit him, but keep at least your second charge to dash away from his yorickdecayed.png. You don't want to be stuck inside that thing while his minions are targeting you.

Lv 1 focus on zoning him; don't push the lane. renektoncleave.png when he comes up. He only has his yorickspectral.png right now, which has 7 seconds cooldown at first rank.

Lv 2 take renektonpreexecute.png if you're not overextended, else grab renektonsliceanddice.png. If he comes close, hurt him a lot. Stay away from him when his minions are up: not only his yorickravenous.png does a pretty decent amount of damage, it even makes them target you.

Lv 3 onwards it's really easy. Wait for his minions to die, then all-in him. Keep 1 of your renektonsliceanddice.png to escape his yorickdecayed.png.

Lv 6+ the match-up is still in your favor, but don't fight him in an extended trade when his Maiden is up: he'll reck you if you can't burst him.

Why Renekton? Back to Top


  • God-like early game and great mid game
  • Strong 1v2 when fed
  • High sustain and base damage
  • In kit tankiness due to the free health from his ult
  • Snowballs out of control really easily
  • Resourceless
  • More build paths, depending on situation and preference


  • Weak when behind
  • Weak laning against some ranged opponents
  • Not much utility when his W is down
  • Falls of a little late game
  • Tends to get camped a lot

Why/When to pick him

There are many reasons that may lead you to picking the croco. The first one is if you want to have a free pass for the early game; if you don't screw up badly or you don't get heavy countered, Renekton is almost a free win early game.
Second, as a counterpick to some champions like 92.png/2.png/75.png...
The third... well, if you like him you pick him lol. Renekton is a pretty enjoyable champion to play, moreover he is pretty easy to learn. 
As for when to pick him, well... honestly, if you are first pick and you know how to play him, you can pretty much blind pick him simply for the fact that he is made to win the early game. The only times i would never pick Renekton is when i know i'm against someone like 67.png/85.png/17.png, since they completely shit on him.

Early Game Back to Top

I'm going to tell you a little secret: this is the part where you're at the top of the food chain. There are really few champions who sit there with you, either because they got range (85.png67.png133.png150.png) or because they are insanely stupid early on ( 80.png48.png ).

You know where i am going by saying this?
Exactly. The Croco eats pretty much everyone else, because he is at the top of the ladder. Pantheon may be the king of top lane pre-6, but you are the God of the Early game. 

Bringing out now a less metaphorical answer, this is the part where you shine, where everyone fears you.
You want to abuse your early game to destroy your lane opponent, then getting big by feeding yourself of their dead corpses and reaching mid game big as a mountain. 
Early game this is your goal in 90% of the match-ups.

Now, if you're up against a 80.png your goal is surving until 6 and until you have Ninja Tabi ultimated. After that, you won lane and you're ready kill him like his 300 brothers.

If however you're up against someone like 67.png, who outscales you but even makes your life hell in lane, your goal is just keeping up in farm, NOT DYING and waiting for ganks/mistakes.

Anyway, remember this: if you get an advantage over someone, chances are you'll be able to destroy him for at least other 15-20 minutes before he can start fighting you again, provided he outscales you.
If you, however, lose lane to an opponent, unless you're a really good Renekton you'll find yourself useful only as a piece of meat to protect your carries.

Mid Game Back to Top

You are 3-0 and your lane opponent is shitting on his pants every time he sees you? Well, good news! You are a giant right now, and ready to extend your Reign of Terror across the map. 

If you went tanky, your base damages should be enough to destroy any carry that stands in your way, while being able to tank half world; putting you down will be pretty much like trying to dig the Everest down with bare hands.

If you went for damage, well... ADCs will just explode, and anyone else will think twice before trying to get near you. Moreover, your ult will still make you fairly tanky, allowing you to survive a lot in fights for your team to unleash hell on your opponents.

Anyway, whatever you did, if you're fed or even just farmed you can pretty much engage on the enemy team everytime you see a carry out of position. Otherwise, you can split-push and draw attention on the side lanes. Depending on who your opponents are, you might even be able to play 1 v 2.

If you're behind things might be tougher... your damage should still be decent, and so your tankiness against enemies who are not fed. However, you should play more safely, waiting maybe for your team to initiate so that you can follow with your stun on a carry, or just protecting your ADC if things get ugly.

Whatever you do, you want to make use of this time to take towers, objectives and everything else you can.

Late Game Back to Top

You don't really want to reach late game, no matter which champion you're playing. Anyway, saying Renekton has a bad late game is bullshit.
Renekton is quite DECENT late game; however, some champions are better, that's obvious.

Late game as Renekton you still have a lot of tools on your side to be strong: your ultimate, which gives you 850 free health to make you insanely tanky; your W, which can still destroy carries with ease if given the chance; your Black Cleaver, which, along with your E, shreds champions armor. 
Said shortly, you're still a great tank and your damage is still insanely high. I've lost count of how many game i carried as the crocodile even though it was late game, the point where he should have *Fallen of*.
You've reached late game? It can still be fine; how many objectives you got before hand? How big are you? What's your team comp?
Fuck "The Croco falls off". If played nad built well, Renekton can still be relevant, especially when the health of a Vayne goes from 100 to 0 because she dared tumbling at you when you had full fury and W up. 

Anyway, at this point you can kill an ADC in one rotation only if you have fury by your side or you are full AD. Let others in your team initiate; split-push only if you can still 1 v 1 the enemy; protect your ADC if you can't dive the enemy team. 

Conclusions Back to Top

Hey guys! Really happy you read this guide, and i hope i could help you getting better at Renekton and the game! If i didn't, pls give me feedbacks so i can try to improve this guide and make it better for future watchers! 

If you want to learn more about the game and two other favourites of mine, go watch these guides!

About Me&Contact me Back to Top

*Who the fuck are you*

Hey there guys! I'm Fergus Raeser, an EUW platinum 2 player who mains top lane and who is pretty good at playing the croco. I started playing him around season 5, completely destroying high gold and platinum players and getting fairly easily to plat III with him. I learned how to play mostly thanks to the videos of SoloRenektonOnly, so if you want to learn even more you should definitely go watch his youtube channel!

Mine is a really aggressive playstile, both in lane and outside. I rarely to never let my opponent rest, forcing trades constantly and flashing onto the enemy carries even late game to rape them. And that being said, i'm definitely not a top tier player: while being my biggest strenght, my playstile is even my biggest weakness; if i lose lane, i'll often fight back trying to out-play my opponent and such. I'm an "All or nothing" type of player, which is not good at all.
HOWEVER! My skill with the Crocodile is definitely considerable, and i'm sure i can help you getting better not only at playing him, but at playing the game in general!

My youtube channel is this:
I have some videos of top lane there where i am talking about every single of my action, and more are coming! Like if you liked! :D

If you want to ask some questions, feel free to leave a comment below or on my youtube videos.
Else, just send me an E-mail to
However, i'm not always looking at this, so you might have to wait some time for an answer! However, i look almost daily my guides, so leaving a comment below is the best way!

Anyway, more is coming! You think you're through yet?? No, the guide still isn't finished! Many changes and match-ups are still coming!!!

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