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All Guides Renekton Guides [7.1] Carry Renekton - My way to FREELO - IN DEPTH (70% win rate)
1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

As a Renekton your main goal is to win lane and snowball your lead so mostly I prefer I get 14.png over 12.png, but in match ups where you will lack kill pressure and global pressure will be more useful (for example 98.png) it's a lot better.

About 6.png, it's a good summoner spell but really situational, I personally prefer to bring 4.png a long since it will help you get thru other way unreachable walls plus will let you hard engage on a carry who just went slightly too close the front line. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Intro To Mastery Page

I completely removed the old text, since most masteries are self explanatory and will display on top my go to mastery page, but give other available options, if there are decent. I will not forget to include seperate items for each mastery page as well.

Colossus Mastery Page

cotc ren.PNG

When To Get What?

Well the answer is simple, when you are in need of a tank or are not that great at 58.png colossus will serve you more good since you'll be more tanky in lane and will soak up more damage in fights. On the other hand fervor page which I prefer will make you more dominant in lane and will allow you to scale into late game better, but you will need to also adjust your play style, since you will no longer be as tanky.

Abilities Back to Top


The skill maxing order is pretty simple, max Q first, more sustain, more aoe damage and more dps. Then E since it does more damage than W plus provides the key thing for 58.png and that is mobility which allows him to stick better to his opponents. And the rest are self explanatory, get R when ever it is possible and W after E.

Choose your level 1 ability (Q or W), in most match ups you will want to get Q first since it does nice damage, lets you sustain early and can't be avoided as easily once you memorize your Q range. While W is a lot better in melee match ups.

Once you hit level 2 choose wisely, not picking E will make you vulnerable to ganks and you will have no mobility outside of 4.png. Only get Q/W second if you are sure that you will not be interrupted by the enemy jungle gank and your opponent has no mobility and you are comfortable get it.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    Fervor Renekton Core. Titanic -> BoRK -> BC. Don't rush BC if your laner/anyone building armor.
    Colossus Renekton Core. BC -> Titanic -> Locket

Situational Items

    Boot choices, explained more in depth bellow!
    Fun build. Impossible to 1v1, blows up carries if you reach them, melts tanks.
    Armor Choices. More info bellow.
    MR Choices. More Info Bellow
    Other Offensive Items. Explained bellow.

Starting item choice

Welcome to my in depth itemization guide for 58.png. To start off lets talk about the most important part, choosing your starting items. In most match ups you will want to get 1055.png because it's pretty much the best starting item you can go, gives early sustain and health which is exactly what croc wants while diving the enemy laner on his minion wave to trade and this is my go to item for most of my games since you can also build up to 3 of them versus a 122.png or any harder match up where you need to sustain the dot damage or straight up health, 2.png and a few more falls into this category where you want a few of 1055.png to be able to win that lane match up.

Next up in lane starting item is 1029.png, this is what I pick versus a 92.png to negate her early power and to fasten up a 3047.png rush which will help you a lot to duel her, but don't be discouraged, other starting items work well as well. You can also get 1029.png vs other match ups like 126.png or any other AD range match up to help negate their poke and let you sustain with extra 2003.png.

When up against an AP match up where you can't do much early I recommend getting 1054.png since it will allow you to block some of the single target harass while also giving you extra health and sustain. Get this vs 127.png or any other difficult AP match up.

Last up is 1036.png which I get quite rare since it doesn't provide any laning use for sustain or health only pure damage and helps you with rushing your core items and also increases your kill potential with 14.png early. I only get this on easy match ups and still for the most part I prefer starting with a 1055.png instead of it because of the sheer gold value it has.

Choosing the right boots

To begin I'd like to note that I recommend choosing your boots towards winning your laning phase.

3047.png get this when you are against an auto attack reliant and heavy AD low cc top laner. They are also nice to reduce minion damage and tower damage when diving early on.

3111.png for the most part I prefer these boots since it gives exactly what you need, since 58.png optimal build involves low MR this is quite nice to compensate plus the tenacity is amazing while team fighting. Get this vs a AP or a AD laner who doesn't deal too much damage since tenacity will become really useful later on or vs a tank match up.

3158.png are pretty much what 58.png wants, reduced summoner cooldowns, and decreased ability cooldowns. This is extremely deadly on him and makes him a force to be reckoned with low summer CD's with mastery and the unique passives. Get this only on MID LANE or when you are snowballing really heavy and they have no chance to comeback.

When To Get Which Armor Item

Are you in need of some extra mobility, faster roaming and rotating? 3742.png will allow you to do all that plus more, it stacks as you move so orb walking will reward you with more damage (works on towers), on full stacks will also help to lock down and burst a target with the increased bonus on hit damage and the nice slow.

Enemy team has a lot of auto attackers / are all physical damage? Get 3075.png, it gives you a lot of armor plus a nice passive to combat that. Just don't forget to have health else it's just a nice passive!

If the enemy team has a fed crit building ADC or has 2 or more people building crit then for the love of god use this 3143.png. Not only the active is great in team fights, but the passive will also help you and your team out. Not only will it allow you to tank more damage, but will make the ones attacking you less effective from the AS slow.

If your team lacks magic damage 3068.png is here to help! Obviously it won't replace your AP source, but will deal extra damage to chose pesky tanks who build pure armor. Not only that it's a pretty good early item for you.

When to get which magic resist item

3065.png is a no brainer when it comes to MR. Gives HP, gives increased healing, gives nice MR. In most situations I recommend getting this.

If you ain't building life steal or want more of it, enemy team has high AP threats or you just want something offensive, but to also help you stay alive then say hello to 3156.png. Just don't forget 3155.png is good enough, sometimes it's good to stay on it for a while, unless you really want the extra passive + the extra CDR.

Get 3190.png if you need to be an initiator or to help soak up their damage for your team, just don't forget to have some HP since it no longer gives that. It's a nice balanced item when you want MR and plan to get another armor item or vice versa.

Go for 3102.png when in need for some extra MR and HP if other options don't interest you because for example you are facing a champion which can pick people off, for example Thresh or Blitz.

A final option 3139.png, I don't recommend this in pretty much most games, but sometimes it will be a key deciding factor if you win or not. Only get this if you are set into a carry position and the enemy team has a key CC which can stop you from taking over the game, for example Twisted Fate's pickacard.png (Pick a Card).

The Additional Offensive Items

3033.png get this if the enemy team has a massive healing threat and you aren't threatened by their damage (for example vs  Mundo).

3053.png allows you to play more aggressive because of the passive proc and not be punished as much. Sad note: it's base AD, so it doesn't scale your abilities except for you renektonpreexecute.png which scales on total AD.

3072.png very situational and I wouldn't use this on something other than going full AD. This makes you a monster tho.

3074.png get this instead of Titanic if you don't think the game will last much and you are snowballing hard, it's an amazing item plus allows you to cancel your renektonpreexecute.png animation while also canceling it's animation with renektoncleave.png for insane quick burst.

3142.png pretty much one of the core items on going full AD. Gives you active move speed for chasing and high DPS output with it's stats.

3812.png is a nice burst counter, plus allows you sustain with everything but your renektonreignofthetyrant.png. I'd mostly recommend this if you're going colossus, since there are better options for a fervor build, but nonetheless it's great either way.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Darius
  • Diana
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Ekko
  • Fiora
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  • Garen
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  • Irelia
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  • Renekton
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  • Vayne
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This match up is a joke. Just be aggressive and zone him out of creeps so he couldn't sustain.




His Rupture (Q) is slow and too easy to dodge, if he uses it use renektonsliceanddice.png to dash out or to dash thru minions to get on top of him. Get boots since his Feral Scream (W) will prevent you from using anything so, it allows him to easily follow up with his Rupture (Q).

His Vorpal Spikes (E) is not comparable to your fervor, fervor is just there to compliment how much you outdps him.

He has no reliant long range cs tools so forcing a freeze under your tower will result in either a permanent freeze if you uses any abilities or if you can freeze perfectly. This match up should not be a problem, just remember to use renektonreignofthetyrant.png when you are low so he couldn't execute you with his Feast (R).

Rush 3071.png if he rushes armor.




I'd call this match up pretty hard since if you don't know this match up properly he will win it. I get up to 2-3 total 1055.png early vs him since it helps with sustain vs his passive and the extra health is useful against Noxian Guillotine (R).

Depending how I played early I will get either 3077.png or  3044.png before other. 3077.png if I got ahead in lane and will get 3044.png following with 3047.png. The health is better early plus is a safer if you are equal in lane at 6, otherwise 3077.png will help with extra damage and burst and will compensate your sustain if you are ahead.

While his Decimate (Q) is up bait it out by constantly pressuring by coming on the tip of it. If he fails to use it and you are in your renektoncleave.png range use it. Then use renektonsliceanddice.png if he tries to use his, if he used Apprehend double dash to safety.

The key of this match up is to always be on top of him with your renektonsliceanddice.png and using renektonpreexecute.png to lock him in place to prevent him from using his Decimate (Q) properly. If trading correctly you will never get above 3 stacks of his passive on you unless it was a close all in.

With a lead your mid game and early game are stronger, but without a proper shredder/sustain build you will struggle late.




Occasionally you will find yourself facing her because if she survives until 6 she can duel you decently and kill you if you let her get an edge in lane.

If she uses her Pale Cascade (W) avoid it early, early it's her primary damage until she gets a few levels in her Crescent Strike (Q). And after 6 avoiding her Crescent Strike (Q) will reduce her dps by loads and will win you the all ins.

She shouldn't be much of a problem for you tho. Get a early lead abusing her immobility and just zone her out of your creeps.


Dr. Mundo


This can easily be an easy match up or a medium match up depending if you allow him to poke you with his Infected Cleaver (Q) since it WILL hurt you. If you are running 14.png then rush 3071.png and then get a 1053.png finishing into 3153.png depending if the enemy team is tanky. If you are running 12.png then rush 3123.png into 3071.png and get a 1053.png for some sustain.

You have way more damage than him if you avoid his Infected Cleaver's (Q) so don't be afraid.




This match up is quite simple, but he has kill potential if you miss play. Tho generally it shouldn't be hard as long as you avoid his ekkoW.png and dodge his ekkoQ.png's to not get poked down.

If he Tries to combo you with ekkoE.png + ekkoW.png just simply renektonpreexecute.png dash out with renektonsliceanddice.png and go back in after he can't stun you anymore, cutting off his escape way if possible since without ekkoR.png or 4.png he has no more escapes.

Tank 245.png is primarily designed to melt tanks and squishy champions. I recommend going quite offensive with 3071.png,  3053.png and 3074.png as your offensive item choice.




This can be an either easy match up or a hard one it all depends if she will be allowed to parry your renektonpreexecute.png with her fiorariposte.png outside you will win. Unless you will try to commit a long trade, when your skills are on cd she will out trade you so don't over commit early.

Beware of her fioradance.png it's a tide changer if you aren't ahead enough so bait out an all in and back up and re engage when it's gone.

I usually rush 3074.png and 3047.png vs her since you need raw damage to kill her else she will win the extended fight. She out scale you late game.



41.png is not an early game champion, abuse it as much as you can, shutting him down early will usually snowball into a win. His removescurvy.png is irrelevant it will only make him watch himself die for longer. Without a strong early game jungle he can't do anything. I usually rush 3077.png into some sustain and just abusive him.




The only reason why this is considered a counter match up is that if you are stupid you will let him garenslash3.png him when you are low so he could silence you and prevent from surviving his garenjustice.png with your renektonreignofthetyrant.png. To win bait out his garenslash3.png and then engage, and if you have a lead and can sustain thru his garenbladestorm.png then commit into dealing more damage, otherwise dash out with your renektonsliceanddice.png and dash back in when its over.

Another tip is to not try to burst him when he used his garencommand.png since it will soak a lot of damage, wait it out then then just instantly lay down your combo.

If the enemy composition allows it I like to get 3153.png which completely removes any possible 1v1 potential late game even if you are marked by his garenjustice.png passive.




Gnar is a rather interesting match up, just a small early lead and he out scales you fast, I usually get an early  1029.png to survive first few levels and follow it with 1055.png to sustain. When equal only jump when he's in mini form, if ahead if wont matter since you will be able to dodge his Q and W if you can react with your renektonsliceanddice.png.

He auto wins this match up after completing 3022.png since it will just make him unreachable.




After the rework 104.png can sometimes be seen in the top lane. I recommend getting 1029.png early, he will hurt. 

As long as you can avoid his gravesclustershot.png he shouldn't be too much of a problem, tho back out if he has a few stacks on his gravesmove.png since it will make him be able to out duel you if you aren't careful enough.




I tend to get 1001.png quite early vs her to dodge her illaoiQ.png and illaoiE.png along with her illaoiW.png. If you manage to dodge the tentacles. If she has illaoiR.png and a few tentacles around her bait out an all in otherwise you will just lose.

If you allow it she will out scale you hard and will be able to kill you while behind. The key in this match up is to avoid her tentacles and you will shut her down.




Be really aggressive in this match up and instantly respond with renektonpreexecute.png if she tries to ireliagatotsu.png a minion. Not getting a lead early vs her is the same as writing your death wish. She will out scale you in laning phase if you don't be aggressive.

If she tries to ireliaequilibriumstrike.png use renektonsliceanddice.png thru her and give her a beating.

If you dive behind her minions and you got a lot of minions beware her ireliatranscendentblades.png will heal a lot if she aims for them and hits a bunch.

If you don't have an acceptable lead and she has 3057.png, she will have a quite high kill potential on you after level 7.


Jarvan IV

59.png is one of those few champions who can survive lane vs you if they will get some early armor and will kill you if you don't have a lead. The key in this match up is to be aggressive and not to be tagged by his jarvanivdemacianstandard.png jarvanivdragonstrike.png combo.




After the changes to his jaxcounterstrike.png he can now dodge your renektonpreexecute.png so beware.

If he tries to jaxcounterstrike.png use renektonsliceanddice.png if you are in range, but preferably thru a minion so that if he tries to follow you with his jaxleapstrike.png you could renektonsliceanddice.png again.

His jaxcounterstrike.png range is quite high plus he can stick it on top with jaxleapstrike.png and after jaxrelentlessassault.png he receives a large power spike so if you don't respect it he will win lane vs you. If you manage to play around it you will win early and win lane dominating it.




You can bully her a lot in this match up and the key is to not let the lane go even and let her farm else she will just poke you out and become too tanky to be killed in lane too fast. Key to winning trades and all ins is to use your E to dodge her initial or both initial and after poppydevastatingblow.png damage and not wasting your renektonsliceanddice.png while her poppyparagonofdemacia.png is up when you can do all that to be able to kill her just either destroy her shield or don't let her pick it up.




Skill match up, may the better croc win. 1031.png and 3047.png  and later completing 3068.png.

This can also be a simple counter build to shut him down early, sadly people usually don't respect 58.png early power and only rarely get them. Getting these forces you to build an early 3071.png otherwise you will lose harder.




Purely skill match up, tho Renekton has an upper hand. Tho it can snowball out of control either way.

If she shields your renektonpreexecute.png, then stop using it as a trade tool and just renektoncleave.png before she shields it.

This is an all or nothing match up so some Riven players take 14.png to match yours so be careful how you play early levels if she did indeed took it. I usually go double 1055.png into this to negate as much of early power from it as I can plus allowing to sustain and be healthier during trades.




This is a general match up for pretty much all AD's that might go top, get cloth/dorans (depending how much early poke they have) and just carefully farm for lvl 3 while stacking your fury and then begin to play aggressive, you're an early game 58.png vs a squishy AD.

Should be able to all in kill them in 2nd or 3rd trade depending if they have warlords or not.




He has quite a bunch of damage so he will kill you if you greed or waste your skills on his monkeykingdecoy.png. If you play this properly and aren't afraid of his trading you will win this hard, he simply can't handle the damage you can output.

Get an extra 1055.png if you aren't feeling comfortable and want extra sustain.

About Me Back to Top

It all started in season 5 when I was just looking for new champions for my champion pool and came across SRO. After seeing him I decided to give it a go and immediately fell in love with him and his play style (before I quit back in season 3 I used to be a low diamond EUNE mid lane player with a love of aggressive picks).

After that I spend countless hours perfecting my Renekton, learning all the match ups by heart and certain build path power spikes and doing everything I can to keep it up to date and experimenting a lot. And here I bring you the fruits of my passion for Renekton, I hope this helps you climb as it did me.

NOTE: I'm not a only Renekton player plus I like to play for fun and see where it gets me, so I don't really try too hard to climb up :)

And of course some of you might want some stats:

Season 6:
ren s6.PNG

Season 7 so far:
ren s7.PNG
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