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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png will enhance your mobility far better than 6.png would on this champion.  You need to close distances quickly to burst down targets in the early game. It also synergises well with a double (E) renektonsliceanddice.png combo. 

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Masteries Back to Top

This mastery setup will make you fairly durable while being mostly offensive. 

Abilities Back to Top


Renekton's (Q) renektoncleave.png "Cull the Meek" is his main damage ability. This ability allows you to damage in an area of effect, and allows you to heal off of the targets you hit with this ability. It has a lower cooldown than any of his other abilities.  In a single cast both with and without renektonpassive.pngrenektoncleave.pngdoes more damage than any of his other abilities. This is what you should max first on Renekton.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is the optimal start for jungling as Renekton.

Core Items

    This will be the best build on most games.

Situational Items

    These are other items are worth considering depending on the situation.
    Along with these.

To Start

On Renekton you should start with  1041.png2031.png3340.png for multiple reasons.  You don't need the mana from 1039.png, and most of the damage you do to the creeps will actually come from your autoattacks. The extra on-hit damage from 1041.png will allow you to complete your first clear faster, and this buys you more time to gank lanes.
You will also benefit from the gold efficiency of 2031.png since Renekton doesn't need three 2003.png to survive the first clear.  

Build Order

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you build Renekton is your build order. Renekton isn't a tank, but a fighter. He needs both damage and durability to function well.  Early game, you don't need tank items first.  However, you generally want to build in the order of offense > defense > offense > defense.  After your starting items you want to progress in this order:
3706.png+1001.png so that your early ganks will be more deadly.
1400.png +3009.png The earlier the better for this combination. Don't delay these even if you are behind.
Now that you have an offensive set, you should get a defensive item next depending on the composition of the enemy team and who is fed.  Mostof the time you can build a juggernaut item right after. You should build either 3053.png or 3071.png first, and you can build one immediately after the other. This way you have health combined with damage.  Other times you have to consider whether the damage you are get nuked by is either mostly physical or magical.

If the enemy team is two or more physical damage champions then you should build an armor item first, and for that I'd recommend 3742.png3143.png, or 3068.png; Now if you're snowballing hard, then you can get a 3026.png. If the enemy team has 3 or more magical damage champions, then you should build an item that offers magic resist first, and I'd recommend 3065.png or3194.png; If you're snowballing you can get a 3156.png. If the enemy team 

On Renekton you should not build two purely offensive items in a row. You still need to do damage.

Other things you should know.

3053.png combined with your ultimate renektonreignofthetyrant.png will make you incredibly tanky together.  Sterak's fury will scale with the bonus health you receive from Dominus. 

You should only build purely offensive items after 1400.png if you are fed, and your team is also ahead or if your team already has two tanks. These would include items that give attack damage as listed above. Do not build attackspeed items. 

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How to farm the jungle as Renekton. Back to Top

Watch your fury!

When clearing the jungle as Renekton it is important to time your abilities wisely. Pay attention to your level of fury. Once your reach 50 fury, the bar will be red and it will be half full. With 50 or more fury, your next ability cast will use renektonpassive.png.  

When farming and especially during your first clear, you want to cast your (Q)renektoncleave.png on the creeps as soon as your reach 50 fury.  This will enhance "cull the meek"renektoncleave.png so that it heals you for triple the amount it would normally heasl you for each unit you strike with the ability. renektonpassive.png also increases the damage of renektoncleave.png by 50%.  If you don't do this then you won't sustain nearly as well. 

The best combo for farming any given jungle camp as Renekton is to start with a single autoattack. Then immediately cast (W)renektonpreexecute.png as soon as you complete the autoattack animation. Autoattack again, then (E) renektonsliceanddice.png through the target, autoattack, renektonsliceanddice.png through again, autoattack, press Q once your reach 50 fury, and then repeat. 
To increase your dps you need to cast your abilities in between your autoattacks, while your autoattack is on cooldown.

TLDR: Press Q at 50 fury. aa > W > aa > E > aa > E > aa > Q > repeat.


On Renekton there is no specific jungle route you need to follow.  The jungle route you follow mostly depends on which lane you plan on ganking next as with any other jungler. The thing that gives you so much freedom as Renekton jungle is that you have decent sustain and you don't have to worry about mana or energy.  

On most games you will likely be ganking mid or red first. So, your first clear would typically be red > wolves > blue > toad or blue > toad > wolves > red.  

When clearing your second buff and any neutral objectve afterward as Renekton you should draw the creature into the nearest bush so that you can have vision of a potential invader and so that you can be hidden. When playing an off meta jungler you're at an increased risk of your opponent trying to counter jungle you. This is also why you need to take 3340.png instead of 3364.png.

Lastly, be aware that you can solo dragon at level 6 at Renekton so look for opportunities on the map to take first dragon.  

How to gank as Renekton Back to Top

Contrary to the popular Renekton has some seriously deadly ganks. He's a ruthless predator if you know how to play him correctly.

On Renekton you have to gank smartly to make up for your short range.  When approaching a lane do not walk directly toward your target, but instead move to the direction of their nearest escape. In most cases this is toward your opponent's tower, but sometimes it is the river. 
Once you're close to them cast (W)renektonpreexecute.png, then (E)renektonsliceanddice.png to them. If you actually land it, then you will get a second dash on your renektonsliceanddice.png. Autoattack your target and he should be stunned.  It's important to have renektonpreexecute.png already primed so that you don't miss your chance to stun your target before he flashes.
If your target isn't close enough to renektonsliceanddice.png on top of, then use your renektonsliceanddice.png on a minion close to your target so that you can get the second cast. Bare in mind that your renektonsliceanddice.png only has 450 range.

To surprise enemies you can also renektonpreexecute.png + 4.png + renektonsliceanddice.png and autoattack.  They won't expect the range and if you do this combination quick enough then your target likely won't flash before being stunned. All of those abilities are instantly casted.   

To give your opponent less time to see you on the minimap, you can jump into lane bushes by hitting an explosive plant from the corner of the jungle rather than walking up the river.

The Author Back to Top

Since this site is broken, my current summoner name isn't the one listed above.  I go by Assaulto (spelled assauito), and I have a 70% win ratio on Renekton.  

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