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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I think this is clear enough? Jungling without smite is a dead end. With flash you can make a lot of good plays and if you make a misplay you can just escape. 

I started not long ago with ghost and not flash, I like to move fast so i can help somebody who needs help fast. With Ghost, Youmuu's, Phatom Dancer and the speed buff from your ultrengarR.png you will be at your destination in no time.

I'm going to experiment with other spells such as Ignite, Heal and even Cleanse.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Here is a guide with every mastery tree explained, so you can make your own masteries with my guide as guidelines, the mastery page above are my own Rengar masteries(My own preferrance).


Fury or Sorcery?
- If you want to play AP Rengar you could switch to Sorcery, but if you just want to play AD/Tank/Crit Rengar no doubt you should choose Fury.

Double Edged Sword, Feast or Expose Weakness?
- Definetly Double Edged Sword, you are an assassin, if you can one shot you don't even take that 1,5% additional damage. The reason why you don't need Feast is because you regen a lot more health with your Q and Empowered W. That 20 health every 30 seconds is just so bad, if you would gain it every 10 seconds maybe it would be good, but extra damage is better. If you use your ult to assassinate somebody, you are going to one shot that person, you don't need help from your allies, the only situation you could use Expose Weakness is when the enemy has a full tank comp except the adc.

Vampirism or Natural Talent?
- This is your own choice, I like Vampirism for early game to restore more health with my Q or W for jungling. When level 18 you gain with Natural Talent 19.92 AD and 30.06 AP, you don't really need the AP except for AP Rengar but it's always a nice little buff.

Bounty Hunter or Oppressor? 
- This is again your own choice, I like Oppressor because you deal 2.5% extra damage if you hit your (Empowered) Bola Strike, and if you build an item like Iceborn that has a slow, Oppressor would be a good choice. If you know you are a Rengod and can carry every game Bounty Hunter would be a funny power bonus.

Battering Blows or Piercing Thoughts?
- Battering Blows for AD/Tank/Crit Rengar, Piercing Thoughts for AP Rengar.

Warlord's Bloodlust, Fervor of Battle or Deathfire Touch?
- You don't really need Warlord's Bloodlust for the lifesteal, if you are going to one shot you only receive minimum damage, but you will regen it with empowered Q and Ravenous Hydra and other life steal items. Fervor of Battle can give your combo extra damage that varies from 1 to 112 Bonus AD for 6 seconds if you have 8 stacks. You also don't need Deathfire Touch, your one shot potential is so great that you don't need a second ignite.


Wanderer or Savagery?
- Savagery can help you with jungling in early game, for the experienced Rengar players Wanderer could be an option, 3% extra movement speed out of combat could be a little bonus to be faster at a fight or objective.

Runic Affinity, Secret Stash or Assassin?
- Runic Affinity is an option if you like the Cooldown Reduction of Blue Buff and the slow of Red Buff so much. You don't need Secret Stash because it regens also mana, Rengar doesn't have mana and he regens also good with his Empowered W, you can see his Empowered W and Empowered Q as bonus health regen to potions. Assassin is very good for Rengar, if he is going to assassinate someone who is alone he deals 2% extra Attack Damage, very good for early assassinations when you are level 6 or invading the jungler.

Merciless or Meditation?
- Rengar has no mana, so he doesn't need Meditation, Merciless is the best no doubt about it. When he is one shotting somebody he can even one shot faster when the health bar of the victim goes under the 40%.

Bandit or Dangerous Game?
- As jungle Rengar you earn nothing for Bandit early and pre-mid game. Dangerous Game is much better for teamfights if you one shot somebody you regen 5% health so you will die less quick in the team fight and have a bigger chance to survive.

Precision or Intelligence?
- Precision lets you shred more through armor that tanks are building or just for more one shot potential. Intelligence could be good, because the best stat with Rengar is Cooldown Reduction, but I think you have enough with 40%, in the most situations everytime a team groups,  your ult will be off cooldown.

Stormraider's Surge, Thunderlord's Decree or Windspeaker's Blessing?
- Stormraider's Surge adds nothing but movement speed and slow resistance, don't really see the handy thing in it for Rengar. Thunderlord's Decree is just obvious, extra damage on Rengar is always nice. Windspeaker's Blessing is a support mastery, it only makes your W defensive stats stronger. 


Recovery or Unyielding?
- Recovery is like Feast nothing for Rengar, your Empowered W and Empowered Q regens more health in 1 second. Unyielding is good if you go Tank or Bruiser Rengar, 5% extra Armor and Magic Resist is huge if you have a lot of Armor or/and Magic Resist.

Explorer or Tough Skin?
- Your Bonetooth Necklace already gives you a speed buff in a brush. Tough Skin is good for Tank/Bruiser Rengar, but adds almost nothing for late game, taking 2 less damage is almost nothing.

Runic Armor or Veteran's Scar?
- Runic Armor is very good for Rengar early game with jungling. Veteran's Scar is good for Bruiser/Tank Rengar if you know you don't need Runic Armor for jungling.

Insight or Perseverance?
- Insight could be good if you want to smite often and want to secure a lot of (mini) objectives like Blue/Red buffs/Rift Herald/Baron Nashor/Dragon. Perseverance is very good for Tank/Bruiser Rengar, huge bonus to your health regen.

Swiftness or Legendary Guardian?
- Swiftness could be good for an enemy team comp with much CC. Legendary Guardian adds a extra layer of defense in a teamfight if you go Tank/Bruiser Rengar.

Grasp of Undying, Strength of the Ages or Bond of Stone?
- Could be nice extra damage if you go Tank/Bruiser Rengar. Strength of Ages is good if you go full tank with that 300 bonus health and 6% health regen when killing a large monster or siege minion could make you unkillable, you should warn your team though that they should leave the siege minions and large monsters for you, it's easier if you use this keystone when you are in a full premade team. Bond of Stone is really good if you go TANK Rengar and NOT Bruiser Rengar. You can take the 6% damage as Tank Rengar, you just take too much damage with Bruiser Rengar, it's just too risky.

Abilities Back to Top


Maxing Q is necessary, it's the ability that will do the most damage when you kill somebody.

You can choose your E when you are level 2 if you are going to invade, you can slow the enemy jungler or root him.

When you play AP or Tank Rengar max ult first, then W, then Q and then your E. The reason why you should max W as Tank Rengar is because it gives you more Armor and Magic Resist for a short period, very good if you enter a teamfight. Maxing W as AP Rengar is just so obvious, it's the only ability that deals AP damage.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is my standard start, you don't need the other jungle item pure because Rengo doesn't have mana.
    Second back, for the early 10% CD.

Core Items

    I see a lot of people taking Sabre on Rengo, put I personally hate that item, when I use it, it feels like the smite is doing nothing. You can take Tracker's Knife in low elo for the extra wards, this is my favorite jungle item. Stalker's Blade is good with teams that have high CC, if you smite out of your ult and they stun you, you still have a speed buff from your ult to catch them up while they are slowed.
    Youmuu's is another main item for Rengar, it gives CDR, AD and Penetration for tanks and the active gives you so much split pushing power.
    This is what i get as boots for Rengar, CDR on Rengar is the best stat.
    If you go Tank Rengar.
    If you go AP Rengar.
    If you have this item you are on your powerspike, the lifesteal, health regen and Attack Damage is so powerful on Rengar.

Situational Items

    Get this if you are fed, but the enemy has some AD danger. If you want to buy thormail, sell/don't buy these items: full AD: Mortal Reminder, for full AP: Zhonya's, for Bruiser: Mallet and for Tank: Sunfire Cape.
    If the enemy has a lot of CC or a dangerous Teemo etc. Only buy this on Full AD Rengar, you dont have to buy Mortal Reminder. NOTE: THIS DOESNT WORK FOR ZED ANYMORE.
    Full AD Rengar: Warrior > Youmuu's > Ionian > Ravenous > Death's Dance > Mortal Reminder
    Bruiser Rengar vs Heavy AD/Normal comp: Warrior > Cleaver > Ninja Tabi's > Steraks > Sunfire > Visage
    Full AP Rengar with some AD: Runic Echoes > Gunblade > Ionian > Ludens > Zhonya > Nashor's Tooth
    Full Tank Rengar: Cinderhulk > Sunfire > Mercury's > Visage > Dead Man's > Warmog's
    If the enemy has an fed AP champ, buy this instead of Mortal Reminder

Matchups Back to Top

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If you want to invade you better do it with your ferocity E so you can root him and kill him easy. I start directly at red because I can invade him at his blue, usually he is low on mana at that point.

Second level-up ability: ErengarE.png


He has some CC(bandagetoss.pngcurseofthesadmummy.png) and Rengo absolutely doesn't like that! That's why I made him medium. If you are fed you can probably 1v1 him mid game, late game he is for a 1v1 unkillable as Rengar, even if you are fed.





You better don't invade, he can make your whole invade useless by simply doing his Q rupture.pngand Wferalscream.pngand then run away, he can even kill you, depends on how high you were when you started the fight.


Early game you can kill him easy, mid game he becomes a little bit harder to kill, late game, if you want it or not, he is a monster.
His Qrupture.png can knock you up when you try to oneshot somebody, his Wferalscream.png can make you useless and when he does his ult after his Qrupture.png and Wferalscream.png, you are literally eaten.





I have no problems playing against an Elise, I invade her at her blue by starting directly at my own red, she is usually like Amumu low on mana at that point. 

Second level-up ability: ErengarE.png


Her E eliseE.png is irritating, she can stop your whole oneshot potential mid game and oneshot you.

If she is not fed late game you can oneshot her if she misses her E.





You can kill him easy if you play smart, if he uses his speed buff from his Ehecarimramp.png , just jump from a bush on him with your Empowered ErengarE.png so you can root him and finish him off.

How longer the game goes on, the stronger he gets, full AD Hecarim with a little bit of health and armor can fk u so hard. Tank Hecarim is just unkillable for you. So don't focus him.





You can invade Jax, but with a risk, he can leap awayjaxleapstrike.png to another monster, you have no gapcloser if there is no bush, you just wasted your time at that point. Another risk is that he can use his stun and dodgejaxcounterstrike.png, he can kill you if you invade with a half health bar.

If Jax gets his Bloodrazor it's almost sure he can 1v1 you, he builds a little bit tanky and with his Ejaxcounterstrike.png he just can AA you to death, so try to make him very behind early, else he can carry his team.





Invading Kled is a bad idea, his QkledQ.png can make your invade worthless. So you are just wasting your time. Invading his blue buff while he is at top side is a good idea, it will make him behind in XP. Further Kled can gank very easy with his RkledR.png and his 
EkledE.png+Q kledQ.png combo, that's the reason you will see him gank much, often he gets fed from his ganks if he ganks good. Only thing you can do is counter-gank, only if your own lane is high health and you have minimum 3 stacks.


Kled can interrupt your combo with his RkledR.png and QkledQ.png. So if you want to fight him you need to one shot him, but this is nearly impossible if he builds tankiness.(Fk you Skaarl)


Master Yi



He is an easy kill if you invade, I start directly at red because I can invade him at his blue, usually he is low on mana at that point. Engage with Empowered ErengarE.png. Only use Empowered ErengarE.png when he is running away or when he used his Qalphastrike.png because you wasted just your whole invade if he jukes your E rengarE.png with his Qalphastrike.png

Second level-up ability: ErengarE.png


If you let him die really often early game, he is nothing late game, if he gets some kills and doesn't die much he can 1v1 you easy.





You can invade her easy, only thing she can do is escape, if she doesn't have that you can just kill her easy if you don't get hit by her spear.

Oneshot, oneshot, oneshot, show this bitch that you are the hunter of the jungle. Oneshotting her is easy, and if you want a 100% kill root her so she can't jump.





Just ward his Red and/or Blue in the first minute so you know where he is starting. When he is at his blue you should start at your blue too, if he starts at red you start at your red too, he will probably invade you so you are going avoid him and take his other buff and invade his red/blue(The buff he didn't start with). Only invade if you have one ward available so you can just run away if he didnt invade you and did normal jungle route. Just don't take a fight with him while you are invading.


Mid and late game if he isn't fed you can kill him easy when he fights you, when he uses his Qdeceive.png get an objective or kill somebody else. You are wasting your time trying to know where he is.




I will make this just short, his E udyrbearstance.png is so damn shitty for you. He will stun you the whole time until you die, making your oneshot potential on him 0%.

Just try to feed your allies and then he won't be a problem with good warding.





Invading Zac is just a riskfull idea, he can slow you with his QzacQ.png, if you can't slow him with your ErengarE.png, he can easily get away. He also has his passive, Rengar just can't kill his passive slimes at lvl 2, Zac will just revive with maybe a quart/half health bar, while Rengar is lower.

He is going to kill you, if he builds full tank his CC will interrupt your combo, maybe if you are fed you can kill him, but it takes a long time, in that time he can maybe bait you to someone of his teammates. If he builds AP you are fkd too, his CC will deal much damage too then, and maybe if you finally killed him, it's not over because of his passive. 

Who am I? Back to Top

I am MaarMarwanGames, Silver III in season 5 and Bronze III now(still climbing), I'm a Rengar main, I have 134K on Rengar, so I'm experienced enough with him I think. Still don't have a win rate with him above the 50%. :( 

I love Rengar because I'm aggressive as shit, and Rengar is an very aggressive champion that one shots very fast. 

If you have questions just add me: MaarMarwanGames.

Guide changes Back to Top


- Guide created

- Detailed masteries section added > Masteries Section.
- Portion matchups added > Matchups.
- Added ''Who am I'' section > Who Am I.
- Edited Items > Items Section.

- Changed ''Second Back''  > Items Section.
- Forgot boots and deleted an item to place boots in the builds > Items Section.
- Added Kled to the matchups and edited the other matchups > Matchups Section.

- Edited major part of the situational items > Items Section.
- Edited Shaco matchup
- Added Smite/Ghost to summoner spells.

- Added Jax, Nidalee, Hecarim matchup > Matchups Section.

- Added Zac matchup > Matchups section.

- Added Graves matchup and edited Kled matchup > Matchups section.
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