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Summoner Spells Back to Top

As Ryze jungle you have two options in your selection of summoner spells.

1. Ghost and Clairvoyance: 
            These spells are used for Superior map awareness because it allows 
            you to see what the enemy is doing and allows you to quickly arrive      
            at any desired location at exceptional speed.  
2. Poro toss and Smite:    
           (WARNING: when using this spell combination beware 
           smite is extremely hard to hit and i recommend practicing on 
           INTERMEDIATE bots before trying this on BEGINNER bots)
           These spells are used for extreme jungle control including: dragon 
           and baron. now when using Ryze jungle i highly recommend lvl 3                     
           dragon which will allow you a fantastic gold lead and it will help      
           secure an easy win.       

3. Snowball toss and Smite

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

These masteries will allow early game bursts and help with killing the extremely 

deadly Razorbeaks (previously known as wraiths).
You may notice I have only used 5 mastery points in this guide as these are the
only masteries which provide any benefit to this already extremely OP champ.
This also allows for lower level summoners to become proficient in this build,
which is extremely beneficial as once they gain the ability to play ranked they
will be very experienced and familiar with this build resulting in your team not
having to worry about haveing an inexperienced summoner.

Abilities Back to Top


These skills will allow maximum early game CC and Damage.                

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This will allow faster attack speed which intern allows extreme early game burst
    This build is now as the "Professional Paralytic Poro Party Pack " Which basically allows you to swarm the enemy nexus with Poros during the early part of the game, allowing for your team to get a large levelling advantage on the enemy team as they will spend the first couple of minutes defending against Poros instead of getting cs.

Core Items

    This is a completely solid build for Ryze jungle because of the burst capability in allows and the stacks which will be so easily received with this OP champion lane/build
    This build is known as the "Semen build". The passive's of the Aether Wisp works similar to yoricks ultimate where you duplicate yourself. Using this you can effectively control a total of 7 ryze's at once.
    This is known as a yellow build. This is one of the main secret meta builds in the entirety of South Africa.
    This is the glass cannon build which means you have very high dps but are squishy a hell. This build contains: 5x Warmogs and one sightstone.

Situational Items

    If worst comes to worst and you just cant stop getting kills this is the necessary build.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Quinn
  • Teemo




Quinn is an absolutely horrible champ and is only a threat if she buys the blue trinket. But if quinn does buy the blue trinket you will most likely get rekt. 

As of this patch quinn with blue trinket is the only way to kill ryze jungle but building a red bonetooth necklace will stop the effects of the blue trinket




WARNING: this 'THING' will be your only inconvenience because of its satanic demon spawn skill set which can be annoying at times.     

Jungling Handy General Knowledge Back to Top

This is a map of summoners rift's jungle and the creatures found within it. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with this map.

Jungle camps map3.jpg

Jungle Overview

On Summoner's Rift there are 18 monster camps: blue and red jungles have an equal area with the same amount of non-boss monsters. The jungle is effectively perfectly symmetrical around the center of the map, with the exceptions of the boss monsters DragonSquare.png Dragon and Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor, who are unique and reside in sheltered alcoves along the river (Baron Nashor is on the red team's side of the river and the Dragon is on the blue team's) and two Rift ScuttlerSquare.png Rift Scuttlers, who are located in front of DragonSquare.png Dragon and Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor.

This table lists the initial statistics each monster grants, or the value of gold and experience granted when the monsters are at level 1 (6 for the DragonSquare.png Dragon). Over time the monsters will grant additional rewards; monsters will level up after having been killed, except Dragon and Baron. who will level up throughout the game. Check the individual monster pages to see these level up values.

IMPORTANT: The Raptors are the most valuable but also the most dangerous monsters in the jungle.                                           Please approach with extreme caution and request team assistance before engaging.

IMPORTANT: The Poro camps are dangerous because they are found within the enemy teams base.                                               Successfully killing the enemies poro with result in the enemies loosing there ability                                                 to smite and it will also give your team a buff which increases increases the range of                                                 teleport by 7% and decreases your death timers by 69.5%.

All jungle monsters (with the exception of Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor) will grant modified experience points if the level of the champion killing them differs from than that of the monster. The modifier caps out at 350% for champions 5 levels or more below the camp's level and bottoms out at 50% for champions 5 levels above.

Respawn timers on the camps do not begin to count down until all monsters in the camp have been killed, including the major buff camps. This can be exploited by a jungler looking to steal his opponent's experience by leaving a single minor monster behind to deny the enemy jungler his farm and experience for as long as possible


Initial Rewards


Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor (big wraith)

+7000 Gold+2100EXP


RazorbeakSquare.png Raptor (Wraiths) x3

+9000 Gold+3000 EXP


poro2.jpg Poro (Gods favorite animal)

+9500 Gold+3500 EXP


Greater Murk WolfSquare.png Greater Murk Wolf

+42 Gold+213 EXP


MurkwolfSquare.png Murk Wolf x2    

+12 Gold+45 EXP


KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug

+60 Gold+225 EXP


KrugSquare.png Krug

+14 Gold+75 EXP


GrompSquare.png Gromp

+62 Gold+300 EXP


Rift ScuttlerSquare.png Rift Scuttler

+50 Gold+75 EXP


Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel

+36 Gold+150 EXP;
Crest of Insight.png Crest of Insight


SentrySquare.png Sentry x2

+20 Gold+75 EXP


Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback

+36 Gold+150 EXP;
Crest of Cinders.png Crest of Cinders


CinderlingSquare.png Cinderling x2

+20 Gold+75 EXP


DragonSquare.png Dragon

+25 Gold+75 EXP 
to the killer and 
nearby allies; 1 stack 
 Dragon Slayer.png Dragon Slayer to 
all teammates


Baron NashorSquare.png Baron Nashor

+25 Gold and +300 Gold 
to all teammates; 
+900 EXP all teammates;
Exalted with Baron Nashor.png Hand of Baron 
to all living teammates


Smite and you: An in-depth introduction to jingling Back to Top

This is an image of the smite icon:

Smite is a junglers one true gift which allows him to traverse the jungle. Smite is an activatable ability selected in champion select as one of your summoner spells.

Cooldown:   0.-2 seconds
Damage:      390 / 100,000
Cast Time:   3 Newtons of force

Smite starts with 390 damage and after 6 mins and 3.9 seconds it scales to do 100,000 true damage to creeps and champs on a zero point negative 2 second cooldown. This allows the other champions some time to gather so resources to defend against the onslaught that you will rain down apon them when the game reaches 6 minutes and 3.9 seconds.

You use smite to kill legit anything and everything, and with a legitimately incomprehensible cooldown it is medium key OP as hell.

The Yellow Build Back to Top

What is The Yellow Build

   The Yellow Build is one of my creations which
is used for support or jungler mostly, but it 
can be used for other roles.
   It is a build which is comprised of items
which are mainly yellow in colour 
e.g . Mejai's Soulstealer, Aegis of the Legion, 
        Vampiric Scepter and the Trinity Force.
 The reason this works is because it exploits a
bug within league of legends and as a consequence
you receive 800% move speed, 800% ability power 
and 7.5% more health regen on wards.

When complete your build should look like this:
3069_32.png3105_32.png3124_32.png3078_32.png3087_32.png3270_32.png 3361_32.png

P.S When building this build Fully max your yellow
      trinket first because of its passive which allows
      your pokemon to mega evolve quicker.

The Semen build Back to Top

What is The Semen Build

   The Semen Build is a build which is comprised of
aether wisps which look like semen.
   The Semen Build is one of the most used builds
this season because it gives large amounts of cc
(because semen is sticky) and lots of health regen,
life steal, movement speed and attack speed.
  This build is mainly used of junglers and top laners
but it works well on supports as well.

When complete your build should look like this:

P.S When building this build dont use trinkets
      because they are ugly and they don't look
      like semen. ty.

The Glass Cannon Build Back to Top

What is The Glass Cannon Build

   The Glass Cannon Build is a extremely complex
build which is used for hard carry junglers.
   It is a build which is comprised of items
which provide extremely high damage 
e.g . Warmog's Armor, Warmog's Armor and
        lastly Warmog's Armor.

When complete your build should look like this:
3083.png3083.png3083.png3083.png3083.png2049.png          3083.png

P.S When building this build Fully max your health
     potion first because of its passive which allows
     you to equip a 6th Warmog's Armor in the
     trinket slot.

Proof of Effectiveness Back to Top

This picture is of me going 48/0/5 as ryze jungle in a normal game.                   

This is proof of the power that can be found within this guide.                     ryze jung op 3.png

Champion select Back to Top

When attempting to play ryze jungle there is two picking options

             1. Auto lock, call jungle and don't listen to your teammates logic.
             2. call jungle and pick a "legit" champ then at the 3rd last second 
                 lock ryze so they no whats going on.


Minion Tax Back to Top

 When jungling you may experience a greed for CS which can be

quenched by implementing a "MINION TAX" which is used when

you acheive a successful gank.

 Minion tax is measured in waves of minions:

If you take the kills you are eligable for 1 wave

if the laner takes the kill you are eligable for 2 waves

if the laner gets a double kill you are eligable for 3 waves

Game Breaking build Back to Top

WARNING: i (a baby asas1n) do not condone the use of this  
                 method i am just merely informing you of this. 

If you just care about K/D/A and wish to just abuse game mechanics then you may
want a shard of true ice  3092_32.png .

~If this is the item you wish to start your build with you will be required
  to preform the highly challenging lvl 1 double wraith steal and purchase
  the shard of true ice at lvl 2 so you can lvl 2 Dragon.
 (note: I (a baby asas1n) do not take any responsibility if you fail to
  achieve the lvl 1 double wraith steal and i highly recommend the 
  assistance of your ENTIRE team)

Remember i do not condone the use of this

method and i do not take any responsibility.

Ganking tips Back to Top

Ganking refers to the act of ambushing one or more players with the intent of scoring a kill. It is one of the most important aspects of the jungle role, as, while anyone in a match can effectively gank to some extent, the jungler is the champion who has the greatest capacity to do so as he is not bound to any particular lane, allowing him to freely roam across the map to appear wherever he is needed. As the game progresses and more and more champions begin to roam the map and band together as opposed to extending out alone, ganking becomes less limited to the jungler and less of an important factor to success overall, but nonetheless remains an important element of team strategy all the way up until a game's end.  

River Ganks:

River ganks are the most common type of gank and involves the jungler approaching a lane through the river, entering the brush there and beginning his assault on the opposing team once correct positioning is established. This type of gank is the most readily available to any jungler and, depending on the mobility of the ganking champion, can work successfully even against opponents who have not extended significantly beyond their own side brush.

As a trade-off for this ease of use, however, river ganks are among the easiest to spot ahead of time for a competent team - a single 20px-Sight_Ward_item.png Ward in the river bush can quickly warn a laner of the jungler's intentions and allow them to back off and avoid danger. The other types of ganks most often occur to bypass this vision of the river.

River ganks tend to be more successful at top lane for purple team members and bot lane for blue team members, but teams on the opposite side have access to the loop gank below to compensate.

Side Ganks:

Side ganks (also known as a lane gank) involve the jungler entering the side brush in order to get very close to his targets before initiating the gank. This type of gank has many more limitations than a simple river gank, as it can only be done in bot or top lane and relies on a lack of vision on both within the bush from the enemy team and of the jungler as he enters it in order to maintain the element of surprise.

This gank is much more commonly done at top lane than at bot lane, as the latter contains a support champion who has the responsibility of keeping the side brush warded, but when pulled off in either case it can be extremely deadly due to the sheer proximity of the ganking champion allowing him to almost immediately lock down his target and prevent them from fleeing.

Loop Ganks:

Loop ganks involve the champion entering the enemy jungle from near the mid lane, and (for bot or top lane loop ganks) walking around the 20px-DragonSquare.png Dragon or 20px-Baron_Nashor.pngBaron Nashor spawning pit and entering the target lane through the tribush or (for mid lane loop ganks) making use of the entrances to the lane on the same side as an enemy turret.

Loop ganks pose some significant risks to the jungler. If their initial approach into the enemy jungle is spotted early on with a ward, it is almost always a death sentence, as the opposing team can act together to corner and slay the champion as he makes his way down to the lane. If pulled off correctly, however, it can be equally devastating to an unaware laner, as with the use of the tribush to disguise their approach the jungler will end up directly behind the target and so does not have to immediately use their abilities to close the gap.

Tower Dive Ganks:

The riskiest gank to perform, this type of gank is exactly what the name implies, involving the jungler collaborating with allies to trap and kill enemies who are under the apparent safety of their turret. This gank can be done on any laner through use of the jungle - bot and top lane for purple and blue team respectively uses the path and small brush directly behind the turret and the opposing side makes use of the grass near the 20px-Ancient_GolemSquare.pngGolem camp. Mid lane tower dive ganks make use of the path near the 20px-Giant_WolfSquare.png Giant Wolf spawns.

Direct Ganks:

A direct gank, as its name implies, involves the ganking champion dispensing with all form of subtlety and approaching his targets by walking directly down the lane towards them, and are usually done only as a last resort against enemy lanes that are heavily fortified with wards as they do not have an especially high chance of success.
Though this type of gank is technically available to all junglers, in practice only a very specific few are capable of successfully pulling one off (But ryze is one of those few).

Counter Ganks:

A counter gank is the unique act of a champion entering a lane where an enemy gank is already in progress with the intent of turning the fight to their favor.

This gank type follows the same rules as before in that good warding can alert a team to the incoming threat and let them back off without suffering casualties, but also equally depends on the junglers themselves. Junglers who are resistant to being counterganked themselves are champions whose methods of crowd control are divorced from their methods of escape, letting them rapidly switch from attacking to retreating when the need arises (such as 24_64.pngJax and 13_64.pngryze). 

Counter Jungling Tips Back to Top

Counterjungling is a broad term which generally refers to the act of delaying the progress of an enemy jungler in some way. The reason to perform this is always the same - it is an attempt to reduce the influence the jungler has on the game in the next several minutes by depriving him of gold, experience and neutral buffs. It is usually a strictly solo affair (with one particular exception being invasions, which are covered below) and typically involves a jungler entering enemy territory to either steal unattended camps, ambush his opponent with the intention of killing him or driving him off, or both.

While any champion can potentially do this, there are, much like ganking, champions who are more suited to counterjungling than others. Champions who specialise in stealing gold and experience are often those who have abilities that let them rapidly destroy camps and lessen the chances of discovery. A jungler aiming to duel and defeat an enemy jungler will almost always pack powerful offensive steroids that let them quickly overwhelm an enemy in a 1 on 1, as well as the means to prevent them from escaping. Ideally, the champion will be able to kill the enemy jungler before his allies can realise the counterjungler's presence. 

Counterjungling is, in general, a very risky maneuver due to the potential hazard of being discovered, cornered and killed by an enemy team. As a result, those who choose to do it regularly will necessitate a strong sense of map awareness and champion matchups. Champions who do not wish to be discovered must often ensure that their opponent is elsewhere at the time, such as when the enemy jungler is covering a lane for someone or has recently ganked and been forced to retreat at low health. Likewise, champions who wish to find and fight the enemy jungler will often need to utilise their knowledge to determine their whereabouts at a specific time and whether it is safe to attempt to kill them.    

Common jungle routes/early game strategies Back to Top

A list of jungle routes has been created below. 

Jungle route: Jungle Farmer Back to Top

End level: 6


  1. GrompSquare.png Gromp camp (Smite.png Smite).
  2. Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel camp.
  3. Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback camp (Smite.png Smite).
  4. Recall.png Recall.
  5. KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug camp (Smite.png Smite).
  6. Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor camp.
  7. GrompSquare.png Gromp camp (Smite.png Smite).
  8. Greater Murk WolfSquare.png Greater Murk Wolf camp.
  9. Repeat the last four steps over and over as necessary.


  1. KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug camp (Smite.png Smite).
  2. Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback camp.
  3. Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel camp (Smite.png Smite).
  4. Recall.png Recall.
  5. GrompSquare.png Gromp camp (Smite.png Smite).
  6. Greater Murk WolfSquare.png Greater Murk Wolf camp.
  7. KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug camp (Smite.png Smite).
  8. Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor camp.
  9. Repeat the last four steps over and over as necessary.

  • This passive route is chosen to maximize gold and experience income from the jungle at the expense of supporting the lanes.
  • This route is usually used by very fast farming junglers who want to earn their gold through farming, but can also be used with junglers who have high level requirements to be able to gank effectively and wish to speed themselves to that point.
  • You almost always smite the monster that gives you a buff that helps your clearing time. Of course you can smite other monsters if necessary, like Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor to help your ganks.

Jungle route: Level 2 gank Back to Top

End level: 2


  1. Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback camp (Smite.png Smite).
  2. Gank a nearby lane.

  • This extremely aggressive jungle route is the riskiest out of all jungle routes and is most often used in an attempt to obtain the First Blood bonus before opponents have had a chance to acquire all of their spells yet.
  • Normally you start at the Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback because the buff it gives helps to secure kills.
  • Don't take too much time for solo laners can get to level 2 quickly, so you have to be fast.
  • For some junglers, this also sacrifices some farming potential for increased early offensive prowess.
  • Failure to acquire a kill can often leave the jungler dangerously behind on experience and farm and will leave them vulnerable to harassment for several minutes, but a successful gank can be greatly rewarding, granting the killer's team 600 gold (400G for the kill + 50% for the assist) and setting the slain opponent back on both experience and gold at a very early stage, which can easily become an insurmountable disadvantage.
  • Be sure to pay attention because while you are ganking, the enemy jungler can be counter-junling and getting your Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel.

Jungle route: Buff to Buff Run Back to Top

End level: 3


  1. GrompSquare.png Gromp camp (Smite.png Smite).
  2. Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel camp.
  3. Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback camp (Smite.png Smite).
  4. Gank a nearby lane or Recall.png Recall.


  1. KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug camp (Smite.png Smite).
  2. Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback camp.
  3. Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel camp (Smite.png Smite).
  4. Gank a nearby lane or Recall.png Recall.

  • This route is one of them most commonly taken paths, done to strategically prevent theft of the buff camps by the opposing team.
  • This leaves multiple options for the Jungling champion, including being able to gank a nearby lane, invade the opposing jungle or to simply continue farming.
  • GrompSquare.png Gromp and KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug gives you useful buffs to help you clear the next camps.
  • Most of the time, you finish your jungling run at 3:10, knowing this most players will use the Warding Totem item.jpg Warding Totem or Sight Ward item.png Stealth Ward right at 3:15 or less to prevent a gank.
  • Some junglers cannot gank right after they take the second buff, so they Recall.png Recall to recover health and then gank.

Jungle route: Power Clear Back to Top

End level: 4


  1. GrompSquare.png Gromp camp (Smite.png Smite).
  2. Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel camp.
  3. Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback camp (Smite.png Smite).
  4. Recall.png Recall.
  5. KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug camp (Smite.png Smite).
  6. Greater Murk WolfSquare.png Greater Murk Wolf camp.
  7. Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor (Smite.png Smite).
  8. Gank a nearby lane.


  1. KrugSquare.png Ancient Krug camp (Smite.png Smite).
  2. Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback camp.
  3. Blue SentinelSquare.png Blue Sentinel camp (Smite.png Smite).
  4. Recall.png Recall.
  5. GrompSquare.png Gromp camp (Smite.png Smite).
  6. Greater Murk WolfSquare.png Greater Murk Wolf camp.
  7. Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor (Smite.png Smite).
  8. Gank a nearby lane.

  • This route is a well-rounded route that equally balances ganking potential, farming experience and gold, and is useful for junglers who do not have strong ganking prowess at very early levels, as it provides enough experience for them to get their primary skill to level 2 instead of level 1.
  • The reason you Recall.png Recall is to upgrade Hunter's Machete item.png Hunter's Machete and improve your clearing time. Some junglers chose to do one more camp before Recall and others can stay in the jungle forever (WarwickSquare.png Warwick).
  • Almost the same as Buff-to-Buff Run but your gank can include both the Hunter's Machete item.png Hunter's Machete and Smite.png Smite upgraded.
  • You don't have to take the Red BramblebackSquare.png Red Brambleback, you can save him for when you decide to gank (he gives the same experience as the other camps so you can take another camp instead of it).
  • Smiting the Elder RazorbeakSquare.png Crimson Raptor before a gank can be very useful to alert you if the enemy has placed wards.

Tips Back to Top

In the horrible event that you fail to be winning because the enemy
team also has a ryze jungle and your down 3 wraiths and your
continuously missing smite i suggest you attempt the Insta-wraith
combostrat which involves asking your team to push bot while you
use your Poro toss to charge wraiths and then you use all abilities
to secure your "WRAITHS". After taking your wraiths take the
enemies wraiths then recall buy your items then go get your well deserved 
Good Luck Summoner - a baby asas1n. 

And a bit of Kanye to brighten your day Back to Top


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