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Summoner Spells Back to Top


I'll keep the first part of every section simple, followed by in depth information and add a section for all the math (for those interested)


12.png4.png-Top lane summoners, I use these 100% of the time for Top and majority for Mid.
1.png4.png-Mid lane option, Great against CC from their mid/jg
3.png4.png-Another Mid lane option, Amazing against assassins 

In depth summoner spell information

No matter where you go Flash is superior to everything else. Allows us to Offensively(4.pngruneprison.png Or Defensively 4.png certain doom.(54.pngufslash.png69.pngcassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png) for example and even flash over walls (which I don't cover)

Cleanse removes active crowd control effects and gives 3 seconds of 65% crowd control reduction after.

*The crowd control reduction stacks with other sources (Tenacity:3111.png30% 2138.png25%) multiplicatively.

What can 1.png remove?
           (won't cover everything but atleast some examples for a general idea)

*Summoners:14.png3.png and Challenging/Chilling11.png

*Item effects:3143.png(Active:aoe slow, Passive:attack speed reduction), 3092.png(spooky ghost slow),3165.png3033.png-healing reduction(spell vamp from our ULT desperatepower.png) Do note taking magic/Physical damage after using 1.png will re apply the effect but with a shorter duration. (aka just an example HIGHLY situational to cleanse these)

*Skill examples:Lissandra127.png UltlissandraR.png,Cho'gath31.png Silenceferalscream.png, Ahri103.png Charmahriseduce.png.

What 1.png Can't Remove
*Suppression- Malzahar90.png ultalzaharnethergrasp.png, Warwick19.png ultinfiniteduress.png

*Knockup- Jarvan IV59.png Ejarvanivdemacianstandard.pngQjarvanivdragonstrike.pngcombo, Malphite54.png ultufslash.png

*Knockback- Xin Zhao5.pngUltxenzhaoparry.png, Janna40.png ultreapthewhirlwind.png

*Pull- Darius122.png Edariusaxegrabcone.png, Blitzcrank53.pngQrocketgrab.png

*Self Crowd Control- N/A for Ryze but an example is Blitzcrank's Woverdrive.pngOverdrive-(when it ends 30% slow on blitz)


3.png Reduces Damage dealt(40%), Movement speed(30%), Attack speed(30%) and Armor/Magic resistance by 10. 
We primarily use this for the Damage reduction directly and indirectly (Movement speed-Attack speed)

*This allows us to win fights or escape where we would otherwise die.
*Exhaust is amazing in team fights! (that 20/0 draven might end up 20/1 with your team winning the fight/game)

 3.png is excellent against assassins/burst damage like 238.png reducing his ult zedR.pngdamage, 91.png  and 13.png(GET IT OFF ME!) for example. 

*Exhaust does NOT reduce true damage. Examples-(Cho'gath31.png ultfeast.png, Olaf2.png Eolafrecklessstrike.png)

Links for even more information(through the League Wiki)

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Table of Contents

  1. Alternative tree (offensive)
  2. My personal tree
  3. In depth masteries
  • Ferocity
  • Cunning
  • Resolve

So there are a few options for masteries the ones shown are simply what I feel are the most newb friendly. I'll go into detail about what else you can run and the masteries in general. (My personal skill tree included below the offensive option)

Alternative tree (offensive)
My personal tree

In depth masteries (including other options)

I recommend max 12 points here if you want to push a little more damage and 18 in cunning.
I may go a bit further into some but the simple winners will have (around them) if I don't cover something its just due to it being outclassed heavily with what we want to do.

Fury or (Sorcery)- Sorcery (+2% ability dmg) this tree is for damage, we are Ryze and we sling abilities like kog slings auto attacks (rip 6.2 Ryze I miss you) (rip early kog)

Double edged sword vs (feast) vs expose weakness- Feast provides a bit of sustain which helps early 

(Vampirism) or Natural Talent- Vampirism gives 2% spell vamp (every time you hit something with a spell) and if you wanted to take feast for some lane sustain well here's some lane sustain.(also s
Natural Talent is IMO garbage. If you've made it to level 18 15ap should not be what makes or breaks a fight (but that spell vamp might give u those extra milliseconds to get into combo)

Bounty Hunter or (Oppressor)- Bounty hunter gives 1% increased damage for each UNIQUE enemy champion you kill (0% until you do but 5% if you manage to kill everyone once) where as Oppressor gives 2.5% damage to enemies with impaired movement (runeprison.png) Bounty hunter has potential but if you've managed to kill their entire team you should should of snowballed out of control. oppressor is better for getting that going thus wins.

Since key stones should be what you base masteries around I feel no need to further cover ferocity as the best (and really only) option is deathfire touch while we may poke in lane we don't rely on whittling them down and force them out of lane we burst them out. (one way or the other)


Wanderer or (Savagery)- as much as I love movement speed (3% out of combat but still good) 5 bonus damage to minions and monsters with single target attacks and spells (autos q and w) makes a big difference. I said previously the auto animation feels clean that doesn't mean it couldn't be better. Wanderer is still an option for the cs gods (one thing I love more than MS is cash money$$$$)

Runic Affinity vs Secret Stash vs (Assassin)- Even if you're following my tree which is more defensive that doesn't mean I don't want damage from the tree. (2% not crazy but still) so I take this. Secret stash gives extra sustain has some outplay potential and runic affinity makes neutral buffs last 15% longer (I steal enemy blues and love rift scuttler to help push quickly) so works fine as well.(more in math section)

Merciless or (Meditation)- The way merciless works is essentially if a champion has 1000hp left then you need to do 950 dmg. it can add up but so can your kill count meditation adds up and impacts the lane more.

Bandit or (Dangerous Game)- Like comboing? Like the phrase "got the reset?" WELL THEN, Reset 5% HP/MP as you slaughter (or get ks'd by those dirty supports stealing ur pentas Icrieverytime) the enemy team. This has saved me from ignite (those dirty ignite users...) many times. While I love that cash money ($$$$) bandit only gives 1 gold if an ally kills the creep(and the jungler better tax someone else cuz I only want counter ganks) and 3gold when autoing an enemy every 5seconds.

(Precision) or Intelligence- The 5% cdr is great at the start of the game but after analyzing a bit further simply 1 point into precision has more gold efficiency than all 5 in intelligence, so go for precision as the 5% cdr difference is minimal.

*Stormraider or (Thunderlord)- Thunderlord's decree works amazingly with our Espellflux.png Simply throw it on the enemy standing close to minions (or Ryze) and it can hit UP TO 3 times instantly triggering thunderlords, sometimes requires an auto but is well worth it. Thunderlords is pretty insane for the lane but Stormraiders Is my personal (and majority of higher level ryze players) choice. we go in we get out we go back in. if you're dead you only go in once and that's often not enough to destroy the enemy team.

Here I also only recommend max 12 points (cunning 2 stronk)

(Recovery) or Unyielding- we go with recovery neither are that great but even if you aren't getting damaged by the enemy if you're autoing you will take a hit or two (unless you don't back off/go in brush, don't tank a minion wave level 1 nono.) Unyielding 

Explorer or (Tough Skin)- Both viable options tough skin is just newb friendlier -2 dmg from a champ might not seem like much (and really isn't most the time) this applies to that minion wave (that u hopefully didn't tank even though u have this mastery still nono.) Explorer gives +15 flat movement speed in brush and river so it also is viable (MAN I LOVE MOVEMENT SPEED) you can take this if you are sure you know how to properly auto and manage creep aggro if you aren't sure then you probably don't.

(Runic armor) or Veteran's scars- Runic armor by far takes the cake 8% stronger shields, healing, regeneration, and lifesteal. Great mastery gives us stronger passive/seraphs shield, base hp regen(amplifies Recovery also), stronger spell vamp from our ultimate desperatepower.png , and will of the ancients/spirit visage if you go one or both those routes. Veteran scars gives 45 flat hp so gets out scaled fairly quickly with how well we synergize with Runic Armor.

(Insight) or Perserverance- Despite the synergy between Perseverance and Runic armor Insight wins. 15% less cd on summoners (you can't be flashy without flash.) Use teleport for more than just to get to your lane (often I use first to back for Tear ASAP) but using TP is always situational. (too many variables to go deeper)

Abilities Back to Top

Table of contents
  1. level 1 ability decision
  2. Skill Max Order
  3. Reasoning


level 1 ability decision
overload.png-Take this for general safety as it allows us to farm from range during our weak levels.

runeprison.png-Take this for early lane bullies that want to get on you and if you invade (wait until you see the enemy and know you can get in range to cast before you put a point into it)

spellflux.png-This is for when you want to be more aggressive since it can bounce between the enemy and minions instantly triggering thunderlords
Level 2

simply follow those guidelines as they are generally what you should take (be smart if you think you're going to get ganked take W if you didn't at level 1)

Level 3
Take whatever skill you didn't put a point into yet as this will allow you to combo.

Skill Max Order
 desperatepower.png>overload.png>runeprison.png>spellflux.png (R>Q>W>E) or (R>Q>E>W)-(rarely use this) W-if unsure/against mobile champion E-against tanks/less mobile champions)
desperatepower.png(r)- less cooldown per level (50/40/30sec), more PERMANENT cdr (10/20/30%), More spell vamp (15/20/25%)
overload.png(q)- longer passive duration (2.5 base) (3/3.5/4/4.5/5sec) our main damage skill (in between every cast during passive), and damage per level. (80/100/120/140/160 base +40% ap + 2.5% max mana)
*Example: level 3 all in, cast q twice for the stacks (not hitting the enemy) begin combo from 2 stacks QE(4 stacks these should hit enemy) W(passive activates QE cooldowns reduced) QeQw(passive ends) QE (all together) QQ-QewQeQwQe 
*TL:DR:6xQ-4 that hit, 2xW, 3xE (in depth combos included in combo section)

****W and E both give more damage per level but choose what to max based on the utility aspect

runeprison.png(w)- longer root duration (1/1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4sec)
spellflux.png(e)- more MR shred (8/9/10/11/12%)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    My starting items allows you to B after 400 gold for tear
    A bit safer so good for harder matchups (and mid lane) but delays core. Have used both and I prefer crystal start
    First back with any start should be your tear. followed by parts to catalyst or boots if needed. Do not upgrade boots until Tear/ROA is complete.
    Alternative snowball start dark seal (highest damage starting item) normally go regular potions but refillable pot can fit that place (THIS IS BASICALLY SAYING "I WILL DESTROY YOU" BECAUSE SEAL+REF POT IS SUPER GREEDY!!!!!!!!) dark seal also sells for more than dorans ring. *DO NOT upgrade this. *I actually like Dark Seal+REF pot vs nasus

Core Items

    EVERY TIME YOU BACK. Unless you have 1 placed and 1 in your inventory ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS BUY A PINK along with upgrading your trinket at level 9.
    Basic core, buy these every game with the exception of the boots upgrade which is situational although you can't go wrong with mercs.
    Similar to what your early core should look like. follow this up with the boots you need and then seraphs should complete shortly before/after tear is stacked
    Example end build vs ap heavy.
    Example End Game vs AD heavy.
    few exceptions but as a general rule don't buy anything else until seraphs/ROA/Boots 2 are complete (QSS or abyssal is fine if you need it) BUT, abyssal is not a replacement for void staff.

Situational Items

    MR based items
    Armor based items (not all but my favorites)
    more so utility based items I rarely get hourglass/dcap as I normally just need to survive once I'm at this point Rylia's is normally what I go towards.
    Note:We essentially have 2 slots open (excluding boots which are situational aswell) *Generally 1Defensive/1Utility but, EVERY Combination/Item is SITUATIONAL.
Starting items
Each have offensive/defensive capabilities(but some more than others) 
Crystal start (Diverse start) *My personal start
1027.pngSapphire crystal and 3x2003.pngHealth potions or alternatively 2031.pngRefillable Potion
The jack of all trades can be aggressive or defensive (but at the cost of not being the best for one scenario)
Go this if you want to reach your core items faster and can adapt to the playstyle needed.

Doran's start (Defensive start)
1056.pngDoran's ring and 2x2003.pngHealth potions
Safest start through +Flat hp, +base mana regeneration, and Passive mana upon killing a unit
Go this if you want a more poke/farm lane

Dark seal start (Offensive start)
1082.pngDark seal and 3x2003.pngHealth potions or alternatively 2031.pngRefillable Potion
Highest damage start through 15 Ability power, 100 mana, and the passive +3 ability power per stack of glory (+30 with 10 stacks(max) +45 including base ability power)
Go this if you're confident in your ability to snowball early(if you're not gonna go hard go home and start something else)

Starting item details
1027.pngSapphire Crystal Details
Offensive stats:Mana/Damage
Defensive stats:
Pros:Quicker core(400 gold for tear), Game play wise most diverse start(can play adapt to be played passive or aggressive as needed with no real cost), Most mana(+250), 3 potions or refillable potion
Cons:No direct defensive stats, no extra mana regen, no ability power(AP has a higher ratio than mana)

1056.pngDoran's Ring Details
Offensive stats:15 Ability power,+50% base mana regen, restores 4 mana upon killing a unit.
Defensive stats: +60 health

1082.pngDark seal Details
Offensive stats:
Defensive stats:

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Kayle




Assuming a good Kayle Pre6(easy) is our only kill potential on her in lane Post6 she can simply ult as we attempt to all in negating the damage thus our passive goes down. She can slow, heal/speed up, and slap us from range(with aoe) 

*TL:DR equal skill/knowledge you're in for a bad time.

If she ultsruneprison.pngroot her and run (no damage but still locks her down giving us time to get away)
During teamfights when she ults don't waste combo on the target, switch to another high priority target(or runeprison.pngroot and run)

About me Back to Top

What's up Future/Current Rogue Mages I go by Bruce (IGN:BruceDeezNuts on NA) I quit season 4 as a plat jungle main and returned during the preseason switching to top/mid. I had been wanting to learn ryze since I returned (wtf his q is a skillshot) but put it off until early January I met a diamond ryze main in ARAM and watched his helpless victims get slaughtered. After stopped procrastinating and said "ok I main Ryze now" and my after hundreds of games (yea I like league) and weeks playing only one champion (13.png If you couldn't tell) through all the innocent times when (like most people think smashing your keyboard), Perfecting the combo, and the nerfs(I miss being called a scripter) in all of league the description that fits me best is a Rogue Mage. While I have ventured off and played other champs Ryze stands above all, he fits me like no other champion can, a kill switch. Almost useless making my opponent think they are fine, to a flip of a switch... Decimating my opponents who simply don't understand how Ryze works.

Why make a guide? Back to Top

Personally as a Ryze main I enjoy going through guides seeing what people have to say "RIP Ryze 6.3" (Don't feel bad I thought it too) and seeing/trying new builds/runes/masteries. This is my take of it and I want to go in depth, be newb friendly and offer my opinion/experience that others may not have or simply didn't include in their guides. It won't be for everyone but another Rogue Mage that's lost may find their path to clarity here.

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