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Why bot lane?

This is undoubtedly the first question that came to your mind upon reading the title of this guide. Firstly, let's see some of the similarities between Ryze and current ADCs:

Plays like a marksman - sustainable, ranged, high single-target damage
Needs a good front line in teamfights to function well
Good waveclear
Good 2v2 potential (Better than 1v1, in fact, although 1v1 is still strong)
Weak early game

Ryze has certain advantages and disadvantages compared to most ADCs. Here are the pros and cons for taking him bot as a carry role:

Slightly higher ranges than most ADCs
Effectively tankier (Shield combo)
High burst potential (as well as DPS)
Uses minion waves to poke (easier to hit poke on 2 champs as well)
Synergizes well with many supports
Most champions have naturally increasing armor during the game, but not naturally increasing magic resist
ADCs like to take armor in their runes to help duel other ADCs in lane...doesn't work against Ryze.

Mana hungry (before tear & lost chapter)
Level 3 powerspike (instead of most level 2 bot lanes)
No level 6 powerspike
Juggernauts who build Black Cleaver don't synergize with magic damage
Hard to get damage off in teamfights (you must play near-perfectly)
Banner of Command

But here's the main reason you take Ryze to the bot lane: Yes, he can succeed in a solo lane, but his success is much higher in a duo lane.
Let's look at Draven for a second. Due to Draven's high damage, he could potentially be taken mid lane and succeed with more focus on sustain in his items. However, there are more champions to kill in a bottom lane than in mid, so taking him bot lane is a much better idea. Ryze has a similar success scenario in a solo lane as Draven does, but the fact of the matter is that there is more gold in the bottom lane, and you can afford to itemize more aggressively, making Ryze hit his powerspike 1, or even 2 items earlier than midlane.

Summoner Spells

4.png7.png: This is the go-to for most ADCs, and for good reason. Firstly, Flash is good because it is an instant mobility spell that is used for repositioning, escapes, and chasing down kills. Secondly, Heal is a great combat summoner spell for duo lanes because of the healing available for two champs, and the movement speed buff.

4.png6.png: Ghost is often the summoner spell taken for Ryze when he goes Top or Mid. It's a good summoner spell for escaping and chasing down kills over a longer period of time (10 seconds), as well as kiting. Like most ADCs, Ryze needs to kite his opponents in order to kill them and stay alive. Also, it has a short cooldown (3 minutes, compared to Heal's 3.5 minutes).

4.png3.png: Take Exhuast for lanes with high kill potential on your side. If you have an aggressive support, like Leona, they may opt to take Ignite as their summoner spell to help secure kills. Exhaust is great in any fight, as it reduces the damage of the target champion as well as attack speed, resistances, and movement speed. Alternatively, you can take these summoner spells to help peel for yourself, especially if there is an assassin on the enemy team.

4.png1.png: Let's face it: some games will require you to build a QSS. Some teamcomps with wombo-combos or high pick potential especially require the purchase of a QSS. Unfortunately, on Summoner's Rift, there is only one item QSS builds into: Mercurial Scimitar. The Scimitar has nothing to offer Ryze past the QSS, other than bonus movement speed upon using its active. Instead, let's take a summoner spell: Cleanse. Cleanse can also be useful in the laning phase, as some supports are really advanced in early engage, like Leona, for example.
However, if you feel the need to take Cleanse, make sure your support is taking Exhaust, not Ignite. Odds are that a game that requires you to take Cleanse is not a favorable one for you, so taking Ignite on the support won't help you at any stage of the game, unless you're lucky. (I can speak from personal experience that this works, and is a really nice summoner spell to have).
One thing to keep in mind is that Cleanse does not remove suppression, so if the enemy has a Malzahar, you're better off building for tenacity.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Choosing your masteries

Ryze has quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to masteries. However, I think these are the best masteries for the job.


Tier 1: Sorcery
The choice is between attack speed and ability damage for a caster. Ability damage is the way to go.

Tier 2: Feast
Firstly, let's eliminate Expose Weakness as an option. Your job is to deal damage, not empower others to deal damage. Secondly, Fresh Blood is great on champs that are able to poke easily, which Ryze is not. Thirdly, Feast is great for carries in general, as it helps them sustain in lane as well as heal up a bit after a kill in a teamfight. Feast is the way to go here.

Tier 3: Vampirism
Natural Talent is a great early game boost for anyone with an dual scalings, which Ryze does not have. Take Vampirism.

Tier 4: Battle Trance
Battle trance only takes 3 seconds to get to maximum damage. Also, you have enough snowballing tools in game with your item choices. Take Battle Trance.


Tier 1: Savagery
This will help with early last hitting with your basic attacks and with your E (Spell Flux). Also, you're probably not roaming anywhere much until mid game, as you are the bot lane carry, so what is 3% out of combat move speed to you?

Tier 2: Secret Stash
Long story short, you're never going to be without an ally in the bot lane, so assassin is useless; also, Runic Affinity is only going to be better than Secret Stash if you opt to go the Refillable potion route. However, Refillable potions invest in your total laning phase as opposed to your early laning phase, so I would take Secret Stash for the early sustain.

Tier 3: Merciless (Meditation)
Merciless is usually better on Ryze, as it will assist you starting your snowball. However, if you're having trouble managing your mana, take Meditation until you feel you don't need it anymore.

Tier 4: Dangerous Game
You are a carry. You will need to survive at all costs. Besides, Bandit doesn't help Ryze too much for 2 reasons: 1, he's ranged; 2, he's taking the minions for himself, meaning that he won't get 1 passive gold on every creep...just the ones you miss. It's not worth it; Dangerous Game is way better. And Greenfather's is better on supports anyways.

Tier 5: Intelligence
Intelligence is great at all stages of the game, simply because of the 5% boost in CDR. Late game, your cap is increased too, so it's not wasted. This will help your survivability and damage when comboing spells.

Tier 6: Stormraider's Surge
Thunderlord's is great and all, but you lose a lot of power late game. Take stormraider's surge for utility during all stages of the game. Early, it will help your snowball just as much as Thunderlords would. Windspeaker's Blessing isn't good, as it only gives 10% extra shields and heals to you, which isn't much, as your heals are miniscule, and your shields are usually not going to break anyways.  Take Stormraider's Surge.

Abilities Back to Top


The above LoLKing built-in guide does not take into account the fact that Ryze's Q has 6 points and R has 2. Take points in this order:

E, Q, W, Q, Q, then max R - E - Q - W.

ryzepassive.png Passive: Arcane Mastery

This passive is pretty simple. For every 20 AP Ryze has, his maximum mana pool increases by 1%.
Also, Ryze's spells scale off both AP and bonus mana, meaning that the bonus mana gained by this passive will increase the damage of Ryze's spells even further. Therefore, building both mana and AP is key to Ryze's success.

overload.png Q: Overload

Cooldown: 6 seconds. Range: 1000

Ryze's Q, Overload, is his main damage spell, at a 45% AP scaling, and a 3% scaling on his bonus mana. Although that doesn't seem like much, 3% bonus mana is a decent amount, because Ryze's bonus mana pool becomes HUGE as the game goes on thanks to his passive and build. Also, this spell can be used multiple times in rapid succession by comboing Ryze's spells correctly.

However, Overload is a linear skillshot, meaning it may miss. It hits most of the time, but be wary of targets with high mobility or movement speed.

Casting Ryze's W and E, Rune Prison and Spellflux, charges a rune for 4 seconds (refreshes after every cast). After 2 charges, the rune is fully charged, and casting Overload will give Ryze extra movement speed and a shield for 60% AP and 3% of his bonus mana.

Being able to charge the rune and overload it is the core of Ryze's kit. It allows him to survive long enough to get his DPS off in fights, whether it be a 1v1, a 2v2, or an entire teamfight.

Overload has 6 ranks instead of 5. Leveling up the ability increases the movement speed buff from overloading a rune. At each rank, the movement speed buff is a 25/28/31/34/37/40% movement speed increase.

Also, using Ryze's W and E reset the cooldown of Overload, allowing you to cast it right after using another spell (except his ult). This is a big part of his kit. If you use Ryze's W or E, you can immediately cast Q afterwards should the situation demand it (i.e. you need more damage or you need to discharge 2 runes).

runeprison.png W: Rune Prison

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10/9 seconds. Range: 615

Ryze's W, Rune Prison, is the only form of crowd control in his kit, and simultaneously allows Ryze to peel for himself and make picks for his team. However, it has a low AP and mana scaling, sitting at 20% AP and 1% bonus mana.

Hitting a target with this spell will instantly root the target for .75 seconds.

It is a point-and-click spell with a single target, which means that it will always hit if the target is in range.

Side note: if the opponent has a QSS, don't count on your next Q hitting. They'll QSS the snare, and move out of your damage. Either try to predict their movement or take a moment and see which way they juke.

spellflux.png E: Spell Flux

Cooldown: 3.25/3/2.75/2.5/2.25 seconds. Range: 615

Ryze's E, Spell Flux, is the most flexible spell in his kit. In a nutshell, this spell empowers all three of Ryze's basic abilities.

This spell is also a point-and-click, single target ability, meaning it won't miss if the target is in range.

This spell also has a low AP and mana scaling: 30% AP and 2% bonus mana.

Hitting a target with Spell Flux means that any other ability in Ryze's kit that hits them will have additional, empowered effects.

Q: Overload

Hitting a target with Overload after marking them with Spell Flux will make Overload deal increased damage, the amount increasing with Spell Flux's rank.

Damage increase of Overload at Spell Flux's ranks: 40/50/60/70/80%
At max rank, Spell Flux will make Overload deal 80% more damage. With the amount of AP and mana you get in your kit from items, this gives Ryze a ton of damage just by hitting a target with his E, then his Q.
I will be referring to this as Ryze's Critical Strike (or just crit). With no resist, Ryze's E-Q combo can crit for well over 1000 damage late game.

Doing this will consume the Spell Flux mark on that target.

W: Rune Prison

Hitting a target with Rune Prison after marking them with Spell Flux will increase the root duration of Rune Prison from 1 second to 2 seconds.

Doing this will consume the Spell Flux mark on that target.

E: Spell Flux

Spell Flux empowers itself too, if it hits a target that has already been marked with Spell Flux.

Upon hitting a target marked with Spell Flux with more Spell Flux, Spell Flux will bounce from that target to nearby targets and apply the mark to those affected units, also dealing damage.

You can also make Spell Flux bounce to nearby units by killing that unit while it has the mark.

IMPORTANT: HItting a marked target with Overload will also make Overload bounce to other marked enemies within a short range of that one.
Imagine this: You mark a single minion with Spell Flux. After waiting for Spell Flux to come back up, you hit the same target with Spell Flux, making it bounce to other nearby minions. Then, you hit one of the minions with Overload. Overload then bounces between all the minions marked, dealing the empowered damage to all of them.
This makes Ryze the second-best champion when it comes to waveclear (Sivir being first).

desperatepower.png R (ULT): Realm Warp

Cooldown: 120 seconds. Range: 1750 / 3000 (width of portal: 475)

Activating Realm Warp creates a portal under Ryze that will teleport him and any friendly unit inside the portal to the target location after 2 seconds.

Realm Warp cannot be cancelled unless Ryze becomes unable to move or cast spells.
There is an exception to this rule, however.

If Ryze activates Realm Warp and then uses a Zhonya's Hourglass, Realm Warp will not be cancelled. Due to this synergy, Zhonya's Hourglass becomes an amazing escape tool when caught out. Just remember to activate Realm Warp first, though. (Too many times, have I tried to make this escape and used Zhonya's first because I panicked.)

You may remember that Overload (Q) has 6 ranks of power. Realm warp, to compensate, has only 2 ranks.
Realm Warp, at level 1, is not very strong due to its short range.

In Mid or Top lane, his ult is a mediocre roaming tool, as you often have to get in range of the enemy's vision in order to actually reach the lane. Also, using it as an escape tool isn't reliable, as crowd control stops Ryze from teleporting out.

In addition, top laners usually have crowd control of their own, and junglers often do as well. You may not run into that problem mid lane, as the lane is shorter, but it makes Realm Warp obsolete for escape purposes. Between that and the unreliable nature of roaming with a short range ult, the best choice in Mid or Top lane is usually to wait to level up the ult until level 10, when you can get max rank next level.

However, when Ryze goes bot lane, your ult is a much more reliable escape tool because you have a support. Your support will usually be able to peel for you while you are ulting, so that crowd control effects are less likely to hit Ryze, cancelling his ult. Additionally, you are usually able to see ganks coming earlier because they will (hopefully) be warding a lot with Sightstone.

Pro tip: Escape ganks by running into the nearest bot lane bush and ulting towards tower instead of running straight at it. This will work if that bush isn't warded, as they can't see you to CC you and cancel your ult. Make sure you communicate this to your support before the game starts.

Additionally, Ryze is really good at making picks for his team. Allowing him to go bot lane increases his pick potential, as the bot side jungle is a highway for mid laners, bot laners, and junglers. His ult becomes really useful in catching up to those fights, or initiating on his own. Early enemy dragon? Ult in and pick up a couple kills on the low-health enemies. His roam potential mid lane is also really high, as the mid laner has to keep track of 6 entrances to their lane. The chances of you pulling off a successful gank on mid lane are really high.

FINAL NOTE: Turn Quickcast off for Ryze's ult. You will often be using the minimap to make plays or escape with your ult, and if you activate Ryze's ult outside of its range, Ryze will walk to the closest location that puts it in range. For quick escapes, that hurts quite a bit. Taking a little longer to cast the ult is better than accidentally clicking outside its range.

Spell Order

Start by going E-Q-W, put 2 more points into Q, then level ult. Max E, level ult again, max Q, max W.
You may notice on the reference above that it does not account for the fact that Ryze can only put 2 points into ult and can put 6 points into Q. That last Ult point should be a W point instead.

Here's why we order it this way:

Starting E will help push the wave early, as you can last hit minions with it. Doing so will spread the Spell Flux to other minions, dealing damage. Also, it's basically a basic attack reset this early in the game. It does about the same damage. With a your E levelled first, the wave pushing potential for the early back will help the most.

Put a point into Q second. This allows Ryze to do some damage, even if it's not much. Again, we're buffing his pushing power. Going W second wouldn't be wise as there are 2 laners instead of 1 Ryze must get away from. Movement speed is more reliable, and Ryze can still get that with only 2 different spells: E and Q (E-E-Q combo). Also, in case of early engage, you will not be helpless. You will be able to trade a small portion of damage back to the enemy laners.

Finally, put a point into W. Getting all three of your spells ASAP is key to Ryze's success, and activates his level powerspike. An early engage is not advised until you get your tear, but it's possible to get pressure off.

Maxing Q will buff up Ryze's movement speed passive when discharging runes, as well as beef up some early damage with the bases, so a few points into that with Stormraider's will be sufficient. Maxing E will increase the damage multiplier of the Spell Flux-empowered Q, making him do more damage. Max W last, because you have no choice.

Levelling ult at 6 is not normal for Ryze at the moment, as its range (as was discussed earlier) is not that good for any of its potential uses. However, in a duo lane, the opportunity to engage and disengage with the ult is much higher, especially with the amount of focus bot lane gets these days.

Maxing E post-6 increases Ryze's crit damage from 140% at rank 1 to 180% at rank 5. It allows for the earliest viable damage spike.

Put another point into ult to almost double its range. It's worth it to make plays for your team at such a distance.

Max Q next to increase your movement speed buff + base damage.
Max W last because you have no other choice :^)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Mana/HP Sustain

Core Items

    first back (ideal)
    Second back
    first full item
    2nd full item
    best boots

Situational Items

    sustain (usually 3rd)
    other boot options

Tear -> Morellonomicon -> Archangel's

Most Ryze guides will tell you to go Rod of Ages -> Situational -> Archangel's Staff (or even skip the situational and go with resist boots instead). As those are guides for Mid and Top lane, there will definitely be some bias towards increased sustain and tankiness. However, for this guide, we are the Botlane Carry, so we can afford to go a bit more offensive. With the Ryze nerfs (mainly to E's cooldown and empowered Q damage), the build I have will more than compensate for these nerfs, as it provides CDR, lots of AP and mana, and an earlier powerspike at only 2 items.

Starting Items: 1027.png2009.png or 1027.png2031.png (or 2033.png?)

This start is similar to the Long Sword + 3 Health Potions start that we saw at the beginning of Season 7. It allows an earlier back for Caulfield's Warhammer, Serrated Dirk, or Bilgewater Cutlass than if you were to go Doran's blade. For Ryze, this will allow an earlier Tear of the Goddess. Also, he needs as much mana as possible level 1, and Sapphire Crystal will grant him this. Then, either get 3 health potions or refillable for obvious reasons.

I've never really tried the corrupting potion start. I will update the guide once I have.

First back: 3070.png1082.png = 750g

You need mana. Lots of it. Buy Tear of the Goddess as early as you can. 

Dark seal is optional, but highly recommended. You're playing the Botlane Carry, meaning that you'll need as much damage as possible. Getting stacks will help immensely. However, if you find you can't get stacks, that's still okay. Dark Seal gives 15 AP and 100 mana, meaning that it's still helpful with 0 stacks. Also, if you need to sell it, you'll only lose 105g (as opposed to a 245g - 315g loss from a normal starting item). The two items combined cost 750g, so aim for this. Fall back on just a tear (only 400g with Sapphire start) if you need to.

Second back: 3802.png1001.png = 1200g

Lost chapter will give mana and AP (for passive), as well as restore 20% of mana upon levelling up. This is also a component in Morellonomicon, so getting this will start your first core item. Boots are nice to have, so 1200g should be your goal for this back. However, you can settle for just the Lost Chapter (900g) if you need to.

First core item: 3165.png = 2900g total (3802.png+3108.png+1052.png+665g)

100 AP
400 mana
20% CDR
Restores 20% of mana on kill or assist
(Grievous wounds to enemies below 35% HP)

Lots of AP and mana; a good item to have. The 20% CDR is key to this build, as it will compensate for the CDR nerfs to Ryze's E, as well as give him amazing dueling / damage dealing potential. More spells = more shields, too. As long as you have a support, the raw health that mid lane Ryzes build may not be necessary. Instead, the 20% CDR is enough to keep up your shield for a enough time to stay alive.

Optional resist: 1057.png3191.png

If you're behind or one of the enemies is further ahead than you, buy the appropriate resist item. You'll make use of the full item later (probably 3rd item).

Second core item: 3003.png = 3100g total (3070.png+1058.png+1100g)

250-1000 mana
80 (+ 3% mana) AP
Active: Shields for 20% current mana

Because Ryze's passive converts AP to mana, the conversion of mana to AP with Archangel's Staff will synergize with it. In fact, the bonus AP / mana from Ryze's passive and Archangel's will be increased by each other (unlike Vladimir, whose passive explicitly states that his bonus AP and mana will not increase from each other). Also, once Archangel's Staff turns into Seraph's embrace, you'll gain even more tankiness from the mana shield you'll gain.

Don't forget to throw out Q's to stack tear when you're not in lane ;)

The Hard Carry: 3041.png

Did you get your Dark Seal? Good. Did you stack it? Great! Are you more fed than all your enemies? Awesome! Time to carry.

Boots! 3020.png (3009.png3047.png3111.png)

Sorc shoes are best, hands down. You will gain a lot of damage from them. However, other boots may be needed against certain champions / team comps. Enemy team cc'ing you? Mercury treads. Enemy team has a lot of AD damage? Ninja tabi. Enemy team has plenty of AOE / backline slows 22.png? Swiftness boots.
Alternatively, you can also use resist boots if you're slightly behind. Then you might not have to build a resist item later.

Hextech Items: 3030.png (3000g) or 3146.png (3400g)

3030.png (Recommended)
80 AP
400 mana
300 HP
Heals for casting spells
Active: Does damage and slows in a cone

80 AP
(40 AD)
15% Spellvamp, 1/3 effectiveness  (technically heals from all sources)
Active: Does damage and slows a single target

I've had a lot of success with GLP, but under the right circumstances Gunblade can be good too. For the most part, GLP is best, as it gives raw HP and sustain (both of which are crucial for any low-range mage), as well as mana (for more offensive stats). The active is great for teamfight utility and securing kills, too.

However, Hextech Gunblade is probably more useful in siege games. You are a high source of waveclear on your team. If you clear a wave with Gunblade, you will heal for a substantial amount, perfect for sieging. Also, this will increase your splitpush potential, should your team need a splitpusher (this means your team has at least 2 other carries, one of which is mid, the other is top or JG, in case a fight breaks out).

Side note: Ryze has amazing splitpush potential, but that's usually wasted when taken bot lane, because your team needs your damage in fights. This is why your team needs at least 2 other carries. You clear waves fast, and you can ult minions around the map, whether towards the turret, away from the turret (to build a bigger wave), or ulting from a side lane inhib turret to midlane inhib turret.

Defensive options: 3001.png3157.png

(Abyssal Scepter may be switched with Banshee's Veil by the time you're reading this; I'll try to remember to update this if that's that case.)

If you're behind, buy a resist item for the enemy that's hurting you the most (remember, that's not necessarily the most fed enemy). You'll hit your CDR cap sooner, too. Simple.

Offensive options: 3089.png3135.png3151.png

"Options" being a loose term. They're optional as a third item, but you must get at least one of them before 4 items (unless you're REALLY far behind).

Once again, pretty simple: if you're ahead, buy Void Staff, or Liandry's if the enemy team has no tanks (no, bruisers do not count as tanks in this case). If you're really ahead, go for Rabadon's. Later in game, if you have a Void Staff, see if you can afford to sell it and buy a Rabadon's. It's worth it.

Even if the enemy has a tank with >300 MR, Rabadon's is still worth it, because your passive and Archangel's will turn that 35% extra AP into much more.

Elixirs: 2138.png2139.png

Most of the time, you will want Elixir of Iron for the Tenacity and HP. However, if you're feeling adventurous, or you have a more defensive build, you'll want elixir of Sorcery. Also, if you're splitpushing in your game, Elixir of Sorcery will proc on every basic attack against turrets, so taake that into consideration.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn




As Ryze, your main objective against DPS champs is to get a quick trade in, kite out of their range with Overload Movement Speed boost, and then get back in to do more damage. Ashe's slows prevent this, and she will punish your short trade by turning it into a long one and using Ranger's Focus to do even more damage to you. You will need Swiftness boots against her, and your laning phase will not be easy. Only trade with her if she is CC'ed or if you have a LOT of sustain.




As Ryze, your main objective against DPS champs is to get a quick trade in, kite out of their range with Overload Movement Speed boost, and then get back in to do more damage. Therefore, any champion with a large range advantage on Ryze will counter him, as you cannot feasibly run out of their range and back in when trading. This is why Aurelion Sol is a counterpick for him in mid lane. Also, Caitlyn has an escape, so just running up to her with your Overload shield and movespeed boost isn't going to work, and will in fact lose you the trade. Play smart, play safe. Take more sustain 2031.png or even 2033.png to make sure she can't zone you from the wave. Only all-in if you are getting ganked, or if your support is an all-in support.

Work in progress... Back to Top

Apologies in advance...

I'm the only guy I know that plays Ryze bot lane. So Support Synergies and Matchups are far from complete. I'll try to update them when I can, but I'm just one guy.

If, for whatever reason, this guide takes off, hopefully I'll be able to fill in the gaps in these sections.

How to combo - correctly Back to Top

Gonna make this short and sweet

For clarity and simplicity purposes.

Rule of Thumb

If you're new to Ryze, the rule of thumb is to keep your shield up for as long as possible. Just E-E-Q, W-E-Q, or E-W-Q. Once you get a feel for those combos, you can start going for more agressive combos (less shields, less movement boosts)

Advanced combos

Every second, you're going to be making small decisions. How much damage do you need? How much survivability? How much utility? If you follow this simple decision tree, you'll get the maximum bang for your buck.
  1. Don't need anything but damage? Q-E. This will start charging a rune, and if your target was already marked with spellflux, you'll proc it and get another one ready. Alternatively, 
  2. Need movespeed and/or a shield? (E) E-Q.
  3. Need CC? (E) W-Q. This will make you most vulnerable after the movespeed / shield wears off, so use it sparingly.

Support Synergies Back to Top

3642.png This is a WIP. I will update it from time to time. 

Hopefully. :^)

This part of the guide is dedicated to how supports synergize in lane with Ryze, not necessarily throughout the whole game. Supports often spread their focus to more than just their bot lane carry the later the game goes, as they're trying to manage entire teamfights at once.

TL;DR: This is about supports in laning phase.

Additionally, I've put ratings next to each support to show how good they are with Ryze.

You may see some really weird picks in here. I will literally take any support that builds sightstone and knows how to support with their champion.

Tanky Supports














Tahm Kench



Squishy supports













Soraka is great for her infamous heals, as she is for any other carry. However, she has additional synergy with Ryze. This synergy mostly revolves around her E: Equinox.

Equinox is a circular, instantaneous, AOE spell that lasts 1.5 seconds, and silences enemies while they are standing on it. If they are standing on it after the 1.5 second spell timer, they are rooted for additional time, depending on Equinox's rank.

If you use Ryze's Q-W-E combo, you will most likely root them long enough for Soraka's root to proc on them. This means they are initially silenced and rooted for 1 second, and then rooted for additional time. Meanwhile, your Q-W-E combo sets you up to do some great damage while still getting at least a 2-second root on your target (with a bonus silence!)

Alternatively, you could use Ryze's Q-E-W combo to root them for 2 seconds, and perhaps the Soraka will throw down her Equinox under them. This is another viable possibility, and increases the root time for at least 1 second.

After this combo, Soraka can use her Q to slow them as they try to escape, allowing you to finish the kill.

Final point: Soraka can cover for Ryze during his weakest point: pre-tear of the goddess. She has a lot of poke and zoning at level 1, allowing Ryze to farm up his 400g for his tear (or 750 if you take the dark seal route).







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