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2 years ago

Shen Statistics for Sir Noothart

Author's performance with Shen compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is the most optimal rune page, and if you realize that it looks the same for the Maokai guide, well, you're not wrong. It's a pretty universal mastery page for tanks, though I will stress that if you play aggressive you can get dangerous game. (Just try and don't unless it's one of the easy match ups).

Abilities Back to Top


Getting Q and maxing it is the best option in almost all situations, unless it's a ranged match up you need to catch, then maxing E for it's lower cooldown is the best option. W is the one you want to max last because it's CD decrease isn't that much, and the length of the ability doesn't increase. Get R as soon as possible, you need the lower CD.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    typical starting items, good in a lot of match ups
    this works in a lot of match ups too, and it works a lot better in most situations than Doran's Shield.
    Against most other tanks, this is pretty good.

Core Items

    This is what a typical build for Shen looks like.
    Tabi: Against heavy AD opponents, little CC Merc's: Against Heavy AP, a lot of CC. CDR Boots: Used for getting lowest CD Ulti.

Situational Items

    These items are good if you're ahead, and good for split pushing.
    Helps with your Split push; place it in the lane, let the wave build up, then help your team!

Starting Items!:

$: This item is actually really nice against a lot of single target opponents, like $.
$: This is oddly enough good against pretty much every laner you'll end up against. You have so many pots that you can sustain and farm safely.
$: Oddly enough this is actually pretty good against a lot of tanks, you can sustain through their harass and out trade them with the extra damage. It's cheesy but it works well enough to mention it.


3068.png: Ah, the tank's best friend. You can buy this on literally any tank and be fine. 
3065.png: This used to be better when Shen had healing, but it is still good, if only because it gives you CDR. Plus if you're running Grasp it will increase the heal.
3143.png: Pretty good while you're in the middle of a fight with your team, the big AOE slow and AS slow.
3083.png: Gives CDR and HP, it works out pretty well, be careful against someone like 67.png or 110.png, or anyone who has max HP damage, because if so this item will allow them to do some pretty decent damage towards you.
3026.png: This gives you some good resistances to make up for the huge health pool you will end up having.


3047.png: Against heavy AA reliant teams, having little to no CC
3111.png: Against heavy magic damage/heavy CC teams
3158.png: When you need to save your team a crap ton with your ulti, you need this to maximize the CD on your ult. Be careful for these though, if they have cc they can peel you off once you are there.

Situational Shit:

3748.png: This item is actually really good for Shen; it gives you so much damage, but it is really only good when you are super far ahead, and know you can end it soon. DO NOT GET IT FIRST; if anything, grab 3077.png, then 3068.png, then boots of choice, then finish 3748.png.
3091.png: Another decent item on him, it gives you defense and damage. Only really good when you are in skirmishes, one v ones mostly. It's also something you have to get as like a second item. It's so cheap that you need to get it soon otherwise you lose it's value.

3022.png: Again, another item for snowballing, if you get this, your opponent will never get away (unless they flash).

3512.png: As said above, you place this down, then fight with your team. The wave will build and then you guys can rotate when it is at the tower.

3742.png: You can pick this up if you want, it's not a bad item, but it is really a dueling item.

3075.png: Get this if the ADC is fed or they have someone like 5.png,11.png,or222.png.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Gnar
  • Jayce
  • Kled
  • Malphite
  • Olaf
  • Riven
  • Singed
  • Trundle
  • Yorick




Laning: Oh god, this match up; if you get this, I'm sorry. Darius is one of Shen's hardest match ups, mostly because you can't really do anything here. This lane becomes a sandbag lane, in short, you just need to have them push towards your tower and you wait for pressure from someone else; accept the fact you won't/can't do anything. Play it as safe as possible. In the end, you will be more useful because you will have more potential to pressure.

Teamfights: assuming you took my advice, Darius should not be that difficult to handle. Keep him away from your team at any cost. Essentially a body guard to the highest degree.




Laning: Sandbag...I hope you see a theme here. Against Gnar you can't do a whole lot while he is ranged. He will try and poke you down withgnarQ.png and chunk you with gnarW.png, so if you stay away and let him push you, it shouldn't be difficult. While in his mega form, he has a good bit of burst and cc, but, you can duel him here. You can stop a huge bit of his damage if you taunt him before the CC goes off, and with your W he can't put out any more, causing him to retreat away from you. Just be careful 6 and beyond not to get near walls, other wise he will lock you down with gnarR.png + his W and you're dead at that point most of the time.

Teamfights: Gnar is all about that engage in team fights; he'll build up rage to transform. Your job is to stop it immediately by taunting him. After his initial engage is stopped, he's easier to deal with, just peel him off the carries.




Laning: This match up is kinda difficult, but I find that if you sit back for a little bit, it won't be as bad to deal with compared to Riven or Darius. He'll probably sit in jayceR.png for most of the lane, trying to push you under. Sandbagging is a good option as always, considering Jayce doesn't have many escapes outside of his gate and form switch. Just AVOID THE EMPOWERED SHOCK BLASTS and you should be fine. If he tries to all in you in hammer form, press your W and taunt him. You'll probably get him to blow his only disengage, which puts him in an even greater risk.

Teamfights: Jayce is great for Sieging and poke with his empowered Q. The best thing to do in this situation is wait for him to misposition or for someone else to misposition. Once they do that you can look to engage you for team and end their lives ^_^. 

Against Split-push: if Jayce is out split pushing, try and see if you all can try and catch him out and get him out of a potential fight. With out his power, and sheer numbers, you can win about any fight.




Laning: I don't think I have to say it at this point. Kled just shouldn't be fucked with in the slightest. If you don't even let him engage on you with his dash and kledQ.png, he won't do anything in lane. You need to sandbag and wait to look for opportunities to roam and help. 

Teamfights: Kled is all about that engage as well, but this one is not so easy to stop. The best you can do is let him hit you with it, so he doesn't hit any valuable players on your team. Once that is done, look to lock down any priority targets or peel Kled off if he is a priority target.




Laning: Malphite won't even want to touch you most of the time unless he is going to get you with a Q. If he engages on you with anything else, you can taunt him, press your W, and shred him with your Q. Truly, this is a boring lane, nothing but sandbags fighting each other, and farming.

Teamfights: Malphite is only really good for one thing in team fights: his ulti. He will engage when he sees an opportunity. When/if he does get a good ult off, your team will probably scramble to their feet. Keep the carries off of your team and you should be fine to win.

Split-push: This isn't that bad of an option here, since if your team plays safe, you can put down a lot of pressure. Just make sure you are warded up a lot so you don't get collapsed on.




Laning: This honestly is not as bad as you might think; it's like the Trundle situation in lane. A lot of his damage is mitigated from your W, but you still don't really need to fight him. His E will fuck you up, and the Q will chunk you too. Honestly, this is the match up where 1029.png is the best, so you can sustain through his mana pool and harass. Just farm it out and wait for opportunities to pressure the map elsewhere.

Teamfight: Olaf will probably want to run through your team with his ulti. It is hard to keep him off, so try and keep everyone else off; unless you can nuke him down with your team. Then turn on everyone else...




Laning: Another lane much like Darius, you can't really do much here with out the risk of dying to her. Sand bag and wait for opportunities to pressure.

Teamfights: Gotta keep Riven off the team, simple as that.

Against split-push: Honestly, you need to make an engage if she split pushes against you guys. A hard engage on the enemy team will normally work, and you can put down a lot of pressure. (though you can say that about most split pushers). Buying 3512.png is again good for when you want to slow her down.




Laning: To be honest, Singed is not hard to fight. The biggest thing I can tell you is that you need to wait for your wave at inhib tower so he can't proxy early. After that, you need to make sure you push the wave towards him, giving him little room to get near your tower. Doing this puts you at risk of being ganked, but you should keep it relatively near the river, so you can at least escape. You will also need to get 3077.png, to be able to proxy his wave while he proxies yours. You will not be able to kill him without your team, so if he does proxy, it is super easy to catch him out and kill him. Make sure that while you proxy him, you push it towards his tower, so when yours finally comes it will help you take his tower. On top of that, you will need a 3512.png if he gets one to match him, so he can't push as easily.

Teamfights: If you have 3512.png you won't have to worry about him as much; you just need to help out are your team, and put out more pressure than he can so his split push becomes less effective.




Laning: Oddly enough, Trundle is not as hard as you think. You block most of his damage with your W, and can win most trades with it up. The only trouble you'll have is when he has his ulti. He'll melt you with that, so avoid him at all times when he has that up.

Teamfights: Trundle is going to ult you, and then try and dive your squishies. You need make sure to peel him off your team so he can't deal any real damage to your team. If he split pushes, get 3512.png, it will slow him down for a little while.




Laning: It's weird, this lane would seem hard, but it actually isn't. Yorick is not that strong early like he used to be. You can actually bully him if he doesn't have any of his ghouls. Taunt on to him, make sure your W is active, and pull it towards you with Q. You will win match ups pre-6. After 6, it will be difficult with the Maiden, though you shouldn't fight him with the maiden up anyway.

Teamfights: Yorick is actually pretty good at peeling for his team, he is a really good body guard. At the same time with some items, he can nuke squishy champs with his Q. Your job, is to make sure all of his time, and the enemy team's resources are blown on you. Keep them on you as much as you can so your DPS can put out as much as they can. 

Ninja Art: SANDBAG! Back to Top

In case you didn't catch it, I mention the word "Sandbag" a lot. For an aggro little bronze, you probably have no idea what it means, or how to do it. Simply put, Shen has very few match ups he can actually fight in, as he doesn't have nearly the power he used to have. So, in order to not feed, you do what is called "Sandbagging".

   You are probably thinking: what the fuck does a sandbag have to do with League of Legends? Well, if you let me explain, you'll realize that it has nothing to do an actual sand bag. In League, "Sandbagging" is a term for playing passive. In other words, you have to make sure that your opponent has no pressure to kill you, and puts themselves in a situation where they are forced towards your tower to get CS. This also puts them in a position to get ganked; which means that if they are dumb like you hope, they'll feed! :DD

   But how does one "sandbag"? Well, it kinda sucks, but you have to make sure they push into you. It probably means you're going to have to succeed a few CS at the beginning. It's okay, because in all honesty, you can make sure that it never hits the tower by manipulating the minions away from it. (if it needs further explaining Marco I will make sure I show you). Just sit and repeat over and over in lane and it will be fine. If the enemy tries to engage, you run away. If the enemy over extends to get a CS, you can taunt them under tower to get some damage on them. The only time you commit to a fight is either:
a) They are like two hp from tower shots
b) Your Jungler is there ready to kill them.
  Otherwise, you don't do anything in lane; Keyphrase "in lane". Here's the beauty about taking 12.png: It allows you to have pressure around the map. Depending the positioning of the champions in any of the lanes, you can pressure the enemy lanes by TP ganking. Just make sure of two things:
1) you are not in sight of your enemy laner; if they see you, they will try and stop you, assuming they have cc, or deal damage to you as you tp out.
2) You make sure your allies know you are coming. Last thing you need is for you to come in and they back off, killing yourself in the process because you walked into a 1v3.

    You know that the best part of Shen is? He essentially has double TP. Shen is able to use his ulti to teleport to an ally. This is best used to save an ally being dove, or to help another person initiate a fight. Your ulti can easily help an ally turn a fight.

    CONCLUSION: Be a bitch, help your team, win the game. A proactive Top laner is so much better than an island top laner. Just be sure that you don't miss out on too much CS, you may be able to help them, but if you fall too far behind, you won't have items, and be less effective.
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