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Summoner Spells Back to Top

11.png A Pretty obvious choice... you are jungler.. you need your smite

4.png The best alternative for a mobility spell in my opinion. You can escape and you can combine it with your taunt shene.png.

6.png In my first games I thought about using this spell. Since shen has hardly enough cc, this can help to keep sticking at your target in fights pretty much, but often you miss chances that you would've had with flash.

14.png12.png I was never a fan of ppl using these spells in place of flash. But you really need at least a mobility spell as shen, pls don't use these summoners.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Furs vs. Sorcery:
Pretty obv. one. You're attackspeed Shen, not mage / tauntdamage Shen.

Fresh Blood vs. Feast vs. Expose Weakness:
Fresh blood just gives you a little bit of jungle sustain that you can utilise great. Fresh blood is also a viable option if you don't feel like needing the sustain and just wanting the damage. I wouldn't recommend EW,  since you kill people on your own later diving in the enemy backline. You don't want to give your team additional damage.

Vampirism vs. Natural Talent:
That's a pretty hard choice... You could use the lifesteal pretty well, but you don't rly need the spellvamp since your taunt won't deal enough damage to be affecting the game. The pure stats are better, Shen can even use the AP to buff his Q.

Bounty Hunter vs. Double Edged Sword vs. Battle Trance:
I'm not a fan of bounty hunter. While the other masteries are constant buffs through your games, this one will sometimes help you and sometimes not. DES is an okayish mastery. The bonus damage is good, but you will get more damage as well. Since you can't allow taking too much free damage 'cause you're not a tank, that's a nono for me. You will often stay long enough in fights to utilise Battle trace so I would take this one.

Battering Blows vs. Piercing Thoughs:
Again an obvious one. You deal more AD damage.


Recovery vs. Unyielding:
I would take recovery since unyielding gives you a bonus percentage of resistances and you won't stack them, so this bonus will be pretty low.

Explorer vs. Tough Skin vs. Siege Master:
Explorer is viable. But I'm preferring tough skin since you need the bonus tankyness. You shouldn't stay under towers too much so SM would be bad.

Runic Armour vs. Veterans Scars:
Both are totally viable on Shen. But since your passive shield is not that big, I think the flat health will help you more.

Insight vs. Perseverance vs. Fearless:
I would not take Fearless since it gives a percental bonus again. Perseverance can be nice but insight is just better because you will have your flash up more often, what makes you a real danger in every teamfight and smite will help you with farming and objectives.


Keystone options:

Fervor of battle:
The best option in my opinion. It will give you a LOT of bonus damage in fights.

Warlords bloodlust:
Maybe viable too, haven't tested it yet. You will just miss huge amounts of damage, but the sustain can help you in your jungling. Shen has not a huge problem with jungling so I don't think its a good trade for you. The sustain in teamfights will not really have an impact since you won't heal long enough to deal the missed amount of damage you would have with Fervor.

Grasp / Colossus ?
You're not a tank.. so the stats are not worth the missed stats.
You should not take other Keystones at all with this build.

Abilities Back to Top


Ki Barrier


Innate: After using an ability, Shen shields himself from 50 - 101 (based on level) (+ 14% bonus health) damage for 2.5 seconds. If the triggering ability successfully affected at least one champion, Ki Barrier's cooldown is reduced by 4 - 7.5 (based on level) seconds.

Shen's power manifests as a Spirit Blade that he can control with his abilities.

How do we use Shen's passive?

To be serious, we don't actively use his passive. It's Scaling with bonus health but we won't be this full tank that stacks tons of health so it will be pretty small. In addition, it is not worth to wait with your abilities until it's up again. But it gives you a nice amount of tankyness just to pass the jungle, without really doing something, so it's pretty ok ! 

Twilight Assault


Active: Shen recalls his Spirit Blade to his location. Enemies the blade collides with are Slow icon slowed by 35% for the next 2 seconds when moving away from Shen.

Once it arrives, Shen empowers his next 3 basic attacks within 8 seconds to gain bonus range and magic damage.

If the Spirit Blade collides with an enemy champion, the empowerment is enhanced, dealing 2% (+ 0.5% per 100 AP) of target's maximum health bonus damage and gain 50% bonus attack speed.

Empowered attacks against non-champions deal additional damage, but their damage is capped.

This ability is so important for this guide. It's your main damage tool, your way into the lategame, your main farming tool etc. The percental damage can be great, combined with rageblade (yes, it will proc the damage twice in one autoattack, you will destroy everything with that!), blade and bloodraizor you will deal incredible amounts of damage to tanks and squishys. That's why we max it first. If you make the spirit visage fly through enemy champions you will maximise your damage heavily and gain attackspeed as well. Thats kinda hard at the begin but if you get used to it you will utilise Shens full potential.

Spirit's Refuge


Active: Shen primes his Spirit Blade for 2 seconds, causing it to project a protective zone around it for 1.75 seconds if he or an allied champion move nearby, causing allies in the zone to dodge attacks.

Most people think that jungling with Shen is pretty hard and the jungle will fck you up. That's false and here is the reason why. Take this at lvl 2 and you will deal will the jungle so easy... to maximise the use of it in the jungle look at the bonus section ^^
In lategame this ability will give you the ability to dive in the backline of a teamfight and survive it without the need of building 5 tank items. The problem is just.. the zone won't follow you (expect of the moments when you use your Q) so you need to position it correct that you dont have to leave it. Since maxing only lower the cooldown we max this as last ability.

Shadow Dash


Passive: Damage from Shadow Dash.png Shadow Dash and Twilight Assault.png Twilight Assault recovers 30 / 35 / 40 energy.

Active: Shen dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemy champions and monsters he hits and Taunt icon taunting them for 1.5 seconds.

Shens main cc source and gapcloser at once. Eventrough the cc is is pretty strong, it is a skillshot and you NEED to land it! Hit the ADC or APC or whatever target you want to fight so they cant flee. If you miss this spell you will be kited to death and be completly useless in this teamfight. It has a fairly high Cooldown so to lower this and get a little bit of extra damage we max this as 2nd ability.

Stand United


Active: Shen Stand United Minimap channels for 3 seconds, shielding the target allied champion for up to 5 seconds.

Upon completing the channel, Shen and his Spirit Blade blink to the target ally's location.

We all know and love shens ult. We all were saved by it by now. That doesnt change with this way of building him. You should always keep an eye on your allied healthbars while farming your jungle. You become a lategame champ with this guide and need to farm as much as possible. But with this ult you can gank pretty easy without loosing to much time. Always keep your eyes open for possibilities to gank people with this ability.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I prefer the 3 health pots but in the end it depends on your playstyle
    Don't buy talisman at the start, you can use the machete way better. Don't build Hunter's potion ^^ the mana you would get is completely wasted
    Get this as much and fast as possible

Core Items

    Your core items!
    Your shoes
    Magic resist
    If you have to carry
    Your last item after you got tanky enough to stay alive in teamfights
    example build #1
    example build #2

Situational Items

    viable as well

These 2 Items have an incredible synergy with your Q. You deal up to 6% maximal health damage as magic damage, 4% maximal health damage as normal damage and 8% of the current health as normal damage. And that for 3 autoattacks with a pretty low cooldown. It's the reason why this build work and why you can fight tanks as good as squishys.

What boots should I buy?

3111.png normaly I would recommend to take these boots. They give you a nice cc resistence and cc will give you some serious trouble later. On top it gives you some nice MR
3047.png Against full ad comps these shoes are totally fine ! They give you some survivability that you need.
3009.png if you're tanky enough and the enemies have no stuns but slows, take these shoes
3006.png normally I would NOT recomment these boots. Only if you are fed as hell or just want to have fun.

What build order should I choose ?

1419.png Should always be rushed by you ! Not only are the stats pretty good and it synergizes pretty well with your Q, it also helps you with jungling and gives you the ability to smite enemies for even more duel strenght.

3153.png After that you should build this item expect you get totally stomped by the enemies (then you go for some early tank items). The slow helps you to avoid getting kited, the synergy is op and the stats a great.

After that you should build some tank items depending on your game:

3742.png is always a good choice. The movementspeed is great combined with the slow, it offers good stats and is a strong item over all

3143.png against a comp with 2 crit champs or more or against a pretty feed crit adc.

3068.png if you dont need the armor too much but prefer the magic damage.

3065.png normaly prefer this item as magic resist item. The cooldown helps you a little bit with your taunt and the stats are pretty good

3102.png If you face a full ap comp or need to avoid skillshots like rocketgrab.pngjavelintoss.png

If you dont need the tankyness too much you can also go for this way:

3022.png offers you damage and tankyness and the slow is great to stick on a target after you used your taunt.

3053.png is a good choice if they burst you. Damage, shield and health, just a good item.

3026.png If you have built on of the health items I mentioned before as 3rd item you should now go for guardians to gain some resistance. The passive helps you a lot.

This buildpath is good if you have already a strong frontline or need to hardcarry

Your last item:

3124.png is always a good choice. You proc the botrk, the bloodraizor and even your Q damage twice with this. It gives you an incredible amout of damage. Even the AP is useful since it highers your Q damage a little bit. Not much but better then nothing.

3026.png If you have built 2 tankitems before and still have trouble go for this instead of rageblade. Your damage is useless if you can't deal it and botrk and bloodraizor are giving you nice damage as well.

Why don't build ... ?

3074.png Would be a good item on Shen for the same reason why you go for titanic hydra on tank Shen. You gain some nice waveclear. The Problem is just, you need the other items way more and they synergise way better.

3078.png same as with hydra. Great item, the rest is just better.

1416.png Is viable as well. Helps avoiding kiting a lot, but the red smite is better in my opinion.

3025.png you dont have mana, it would waste stats.

3035.png you deal good amounts of ap damage as well, that makes this item useless on shen. On top you should focus the backline that has no bonus armor normally

3091.png there are better options (maybe ok against a full ap comp combined with spirit visage)

3083.png There are just better alternatives (frozen mallet or steraks)

3110.png mana waste

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ivern
  • Pantheon
  • Volibear




Can't duel you. You can counter jungle as you want, you can gank and do what you want over all. Even his daisy is no problem since you deal that much of percentual damage, daisy should fall to 3 autoattacks later.




The problem with pantheon is, that he is pretty strong right now 'cause of lethality. On top of that his passive blocks on of your autoattacks.
Always proc his passive before using your Q. Later you should be able to fight him if he doesn't snowball.




A fairly easy matchup. He cant fight you at all. He stacks health not resistances. You melt him down. Your cc is stronger and you deal more damage in teamfights as well. On top of that you can block his complete damage with your w shenw.png

Spirit's Refuge in the jungle Back to Top

[ In work ]

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in work Back to Top

This guide is not ready at all. It will be pretty in-depth when it's done so look it up later again if you want more information :)

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