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Summoner Spells Back to Top

These are all viable Summoner Spell combinations on Singed. 12.png6.png Teleport+Ghost is the "classic" and the safe way of playing Singed. However, due to multiple nerfs to teleport I highly recommend getting used to 6.png 14.png Ghost+Ignite a.k.a. "Duelist Singed", at least till you reach diamond/plat. The ghost+ignite combo gives you very high kill pressure in lane, a lot of outplay potential (1v2 ganks, get double kills), and you're a real threat if you push out your wave and invade the enemy top jungle or roam on the opposing mid laner.
I dislike teleport on Singed currently because it takes VERY long to cast, so you trying to use it for a gank in the bottom lane will almost always be a waste, since Singed has no gapcloser, no real CC lockdown or CC shield.
It is good for setting up flanks and splitpushing however (tell your team you're splitting bot for example so they set up for nashor, and your tp is ready to join them in case your assistance is needed).

  •  Detailed Explanation:

12.png - Teleport is a decent, "safe" summoner spell. You can pick it when you're not sure how the lane is going to go. The only matchup I'd probably always consider teleport against is 98.png Shen due to his global pressure with ult and champs like 154.pngZac or 223.pngTahm because you simply can't kill them in lane unless they have no idea what they're doing.
 Examples of teleport usage:

1) Following up your opponent's teleport if your teammates might get caught out by it and turn fights around. 
2) Help your team secure objectives (dragon, baron, towers by teleporting on the minion which is aggro'd and making it immune for a few seconds to make the push longer).
3) I would NOT recommnd it now but that's an option - do teleport ganks (mostly bot lane). When you hit level 6, ask your teammates to deep ward (the back bush in the bottom lane) for your tp. Only teleport for a bot gank with your ULT. It's even better if you have ghost. A successful teleport gank gives you and your bot lane some decent gold, experience, and mostly opens up the opportunity to do a safe dragon.  
These days it's very risky since you're reliable on the reaction of your teammates, if it fails you lose a huge number of cs and exp top and possibly the first blood tower. 
So for now if you wanna roam bot - push out your lane hard, back, and roam bot. Even if you don't run teleport with high singed knowledge it often pays off because nobody expects you. If you have teleport - easy back to lane.

4) Returning to lane (that's not the most useful use of your teleport for the team, but if your lane is too pushed towards your turret and you had to back, missing creeps and the gold, experience with it can put you at a 
significant disadvantage in lane. You want to avoid that)

5) Flanking and catching out people out of position by teleporting far behind them (a teleport near them where they have direct vision of you is usually a waste, once again, because the channel is too long)

6.png - Ghost is AMAZING on Singed, and has a very low cooldown (3minute-ish, compared to 4.png 5mins). Movement speed is what you need to make efficient use of your ability kit. While flash in a way offers you a gap closer, 27_64.png Singed doesn't have burst damage and it mostly isn't enough to get someone just with a flash.  Since Singed has sustained damage, you need to stick to your targets for a prolonged time and Ghost is the spell for that purpose. 
Keep in mind - don't be greedy to use it. If you're caught out and you think there's a decent risk of you going down - just ghost. 

14.png - Amazing spell, especially in particular matchups. With some experience on Singed it allows you dominate the lane and set the opponent laner extremely behind, and even prevent him from farming. If you pick the spell, your goal is to kill your opponent at level 2 with ignite and Singed's AA (don't forget Singed has the 3rd highest base AD in the game) and fling. And you snowball the lane from there. Synergises with 1082.pngDark Seal extremely well.

3.png - Some may think it's bad - it's not! Reducing your target's damage by 40% for 2.5 seconds is huge, but additionally to that your target gets reduced defensive stats, attack speed, movement speed. It's a solid spell even on Singed. You can pick it against 11.png Yi since there's no counterplay to his damage for a Singed unless you manage too fling him into your W and root him.

4.png - Currently inferior to Ghost by a large margin! But in case it comes back someday for Singed's consideration - gives you a gap closer and the ability to flash on a priority target and fling it. For example 18.png Tristana who has a delay before executing her jump with W, you can flash+E fast enough to engage/fling her in your team. Against ADCs with no escape it's even easier. 
Would still consider this summoner spell in 2 matchups: J4 and Anivia. As it helps you flash out of 59.png J4's ult and over 34.png Anivia's walls.

11.png - Singed jungle really isn't bad! Rush righteous glory into cinderhulk with Courage of Colossus keystone. Rest remains the same.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

6.24 Update: Colossus got nerfed? Good, now we can use DFT without a bad conscience. The keystone is amazing, the synergy with Battle Trance is amazing, you will see the damage output. And you sure will not regret it. ;)

Colossus is still decent, pick it in matchups  / against teams who have a lot of CC and can kite you forever, or in a lane you're more likely to proxy than fighting the enemy laner. 
If you go for Utility Singed builds, Colossus is the better mid-late game mastery, DFT is for laning.
Damage Singed: DFT mostly solid, falls off very late-game esp when the enemies stacked MR.

New mastery in the ferocity tree "Battle Trance", we always pick it up. It's amazing, perfectly designed for Singed. Like a stacked bounty hunter, just in 5 seconds of fighting? Sure, we'll take them 5% extra damage. I think this mastery makes singed REALLY strong (esp AP singed), don't pass on it. Also synergizes with DFT if you go for it over the Colossus keystone.


Feast: you need sustain on a toplaner, especially if you play without teleport. Especially on a champ who has no sustain. "Expose Weakness" is also a viable option, but a more risky one. Even if you think your enemy can't harass you so you might skip "Feast", don't forget top is a lane is prone to get camped really hard at times (by enemy jungler, mid, sometimes even support).

Abilities Back to Top

Yes, I do recommend taking W at level 8 in most matchups as it costs too much mana. At level 3-4 only against some ranged champs for zoning (e.g. Teemo, Kayle, Ryze) or if you plan to roam and they have an immobile midlaner, then you can also max it second after Q (Q>W>E).

Ability Explanation:

Empowered Bulwark (Passive): 

Singed gains bonus health equal to 25% of his maximumu mana.
But here comes the catch: don't do the mistake most beginning singer players do: don't get baited by the passive, don't stack mana items. You can't afford to buy them if you want to be winning your lanes consistently, all "stereotypical" classic Singed mana items: 3027.png3070.png take way too much time to stack, you don't have that time. If you have huge issues managing your mana as a beginner singed consider buying 3027.png RoA but don't get used to it. The only decent, but very situational viable mana items on Singed currently are, in my eyes, 3110.png Frozen Heart and  3800.png Righteous Glory.
In the majority of the games you don't get as much use out of your passive as you'd expect. Can there be a solution to this? Possibly a new passive (e.g I'd probably prefer the passive "ignore unit collision" over this one, same as Heca back in the days), or just waiting for item/meta changes, maybe Rylai will give mana one day. But for now, don't stack mana items on Singed.

Poison Trail (Q): 

  • main damage source
  • zoning ability and CC (perma-slow) through 3116.png Rylai
In lane it's often useful to spread a bit of your poison around your own minions who are about to die, that way, when your melee opponent top laner wants to last hit those, he has to take the poison damage. Be very careful about the mana management though, early you'll be running out of mana in no time if you're careless.

Mega Adhesive (W): 
  • zoning ability
  • tool to pick targets
  • tool to slow down/root and escape enemies

It costs a lot of mana early so I still get it at level 8, it will come in handy if your jungler comes for a gank, it's good to slow the opponent down and follow up with a fling. Then fling into W combo is absolutely amazing since the latest buff to Singed's root, I won lanes just with that mechanic, rooting your enemy under the turret and forcing him to tank 3 turret shots and straight killing him (only works if your opponent doesn't know Singed has a root, but I meet such people in plat relatively often). 
It's also great for defensive plays and escaping risky situations or even saving your allies or buying them time. Make sure to throw the mega adhesive in front of the opponent if you have the chance to maximize the slow duration.

Fling (E): 

  • Very powerful displacement ability. 
  • You can use it to fling your opponents into your turret and deal high amounts of damage (perfect if combined with fling into W!)
  • Lock fling on someone to cancel or partly cancel their ability. For example, you can neglect Warwick's ultimate, a Tristana jump, a Kha-zix leap, throw a player out of Thresh's lantern to safety even when it was grabbed. You need to time it well or be lucky. Sometimes both.

    Here's a fun example in a video from a former EU high elo Proxy Singed main, Phishstixxx (Jonny Holmes).

  • Auto-attack the target you flung (so called "Sky Auto Attack") for the maximum damage output. Do that by right clicking on them, or pressing A+click.
In teamfights this is an essential ability for catching out priority targets, mostly the adc or apc - fling them into your team, let them deal with the victim, and go on to the next target. If you see an opponent out of position you can capitalize on it pretty hard by popping your ult for the massive speed boost and then flinging him into your team. Detecting players out of position before a teamfight and catching them out translates into a successful engage and often a won teamfight, that's what you want to do as a Singed player.
At the same time this ability is also important to keep your squishies or low-on-health team mates alive, fling the threats away from them and try to save their lives, so they can last longer in a teamfight and inflict more damage.

If you got caught out yourself you can make great use of it as well to escape sticky situations. And my favorite part of this ability - is being able to fling opponents over thin walls, including specific spots at the dragon and baron pit and other places on the map, you could test it with a friend in a custom game. It's a fancy move but those attempt for style points got me killed really often I have to say, so be careful. I'll try to point all the spots on the image of the map and upload it soon.

Insanity Potion (R): 

  • Insane tank steroid increasing your Armor, MR, AP, HP/Mana Regen and Movement Speed. 
  • Must-have in teamfights/teleport ganks.

    You definitely want to make sure you have it before the teamfight starts. In the perfect scenario, you should be able to run through all their team in a zigzag with the ult popped, forcing them to take the poison damage while still remaining healthy yourself. In some cases where you have the chance to duo sneak Baron Nashor with your adc pop the ultimate for the extra armor as well and you can tank it quite long.

  • You probably heard this a lot of times, but don't use the ult to restore mana. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    My starting items every game.
    On your first back. Upgrade the refillable to give you just enough sustain for lane and a roam.
    Swifties are mostly the best Boots and don't delay them, you should have them before your first full item (maybe only exception if you went Righteous first). Consider Mercs sometimes.
    you can go for 4 dark seals and it's not a joke. And it is good. You buy it for 350 and sell it for 245, the potion healing passive stacks. You only lose 105 gold for selling it while getting a big powerspike when stacking it.

Core Items

    Usually your 1st or 2nd full item. The item's a bit broken and even more so on Singed due to the poison perma-slow. Your enemies won't really be able to keep up with you while you can pressure the map and farm in their base if you wish to.
    Safe item, always good. Not always the best to rush unless you're behind or in a tough matchup. If you look to dominate or snowball lane get Rylai/RoA first.
    If you managed to snowball the lane with your Dark Seal and got 10 stacks, upgrade it to this. Ask yourself - am I likely to die in teamfights? If no, get the Mejai and keep stacking. At 15 Stacks you get +10% Movement Speed, great on Singed. To protect yourself from a huge shutdown buy GA.
    Makes you a great engager. Strong item, can be rushed. Downside - you skip on damage, so you have to rely on your teammates to react on your engages and you have to do good engages yourself.
    Example Full build.
    Core if your team lacks AP or damage overall. You can carry damage-wise with just Rylai+Liandry, great item synergy, high % damage + tank buster.

Situational Items

    Tank MR options. Visage against spammable/low CD abilities and more sustain in prolonged fights (much better if your team has heals e.g. Soraka or Sona). Banshee against kiting/mispositioning spells like Vayne condemn, Ahri charm, Blitz hook, etc. Provides you a safer engage and is !Cheap!
    Good only in certain matchups where you and your enemy both have low kill pressure in lane so you get to stack it "for free". For example: Shen, Maokai. If you choose to fight those it usually takes a lot of mana so it gives you an advantage in duelling/peeling your team from those for as long as you wish.
    Underrated and really strong item on Singed vs Melee comps/AD top laners. Really good vs Renekton, Tryndamere, and even stronger if they have a melee AD jungler.
    A korean item combo which synergises extremely well but I'm usually lazy to build since I love rushing Rylai too much. But it's strong, tanky and gives you a lot of damage/true damage. Abyssal reduces MR of nearby enemies, Thornmail does magic dmg, so does Sunfire.
    If you're carrying and they start stacking: Locket/Banner, Spirit Visage/Banshee. Just buy this beauty and smack them in the face.
    Utility Singed - this is actually a thing now. The 2nd tier sighstone is good on its own because it gives 20% CDR for your actives on items. Used by highest ranked (master+) KR and EU Singed players, but it is a high elo build. In lower divisions you still need the damage to carry boosted people, so account your risks when committing to this one.

6.24 update: just rush Rylai+Liandry, you don't care that Rylai gives less AP now. You get a much earlier powerspike for almost 1k cheaper, all you care about is the % damage these items combined give you, you'll absolutely stomp with them if you play correctly. Enjoy the bright days of Singed. 

The other new S7 way of Singed, introduced by "Lehends" on KR and "Ankan" on EUW is the utility Singed build (described in "Situational").

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Zac




Weak champ currently, but he's decent in lane.
Don't trade with him AT ALL unless you're going for an all-in. He has infinite sustain, you have none at all. If you trade in any way you most likely lose the lane.

Dodge his aatroxE.png E slow projectiles, they're pretty slow and predictable.
Stack some armor, consider Sunfire 3068.png and maybe Thornmail3075.png (doesn't need to be rushed as it needs some HP and armor to be effective). Maybe some Attack Speed Reduction items later on if he gets ahead. Sunfire is a safe and very strong item for the lane and even later for the game if the enemy team has many melee champs.

Time his passive, I recommend 14.png in lane.



Easy difficulty matchup with a chance of being medium.
You're pretty strong against her. You can harass her in lane early on, when she's 6 and jumps on you, immediately fling her (similar to Jax/Maokai) so she's forced to take extra poison damage by chasing you. When she uses her akalismokebomb.png Shroud you can still poison her around (use 3364.png for more efficiency, it can detect her movement within it) or just use a pink and proceed killing her.
Watch out when she's 6, it's her powerspike and she has VERY high kill potential. As she does hybrid damage and doesn't push too well rushing 3512.png is a pretty solid choice. If she didn't get kills at that point and didn't snowball she starts to fall off hard.
She has decent roams and outplay potential with her multiple dashes/escapes, so watch out/predict her jumps on minions.  




As of 6.24 she's pretty overtuned in my opinion, but you beat her early just by the base stats. Your ult beats her ult early to midgame, you can harass her a lot and push her out of lane and snowball from there. 

She outscales you big time though and gets dumb burst later, you can let a 5 year old kid play the lategame enemy Camille and he'll stomp you if he knows how to press buttons. 

Try to lock fling on her when she's jumping on a wall and is about to stun you (you'll still get stunned but you will deny some AA damage and do more dmg yourself).



Close to a hard matchup, not seen much top these days. But just in case.
You'll most likely need a 1033_32.png into 3111_32.png. Her CC with her ult is obnoxious, it's awesome if you can predict it and turn your back to her before she ults, that way she will only slow you by 60%, if you're facing towards her while she ults - enjoy the 2 second stun with the sick damage.

You probably will have to back a lot like in most matchups where you get harassed a lot. Your strategy here - don't get pushed into the tower, or she'll harass you forever, you won't be able to last hit or back without losing a lot of minions and levels of experience. Push out, take some harass - back. Repeat.
Kill her in all-ins, you'll own her in those (given approx. the same amount of gold). What she's good at is poking you. If you go ham on her while she's extended she has little chance to defend herself, her only hope is to land her ultimate. If you react to it/predict it you'll have a great advantage. Her ult has a long cooldown (2 mins at first rank and she rushes tear first/no CDR). You can all-in her again and get a kill before her ult is up if you time it well.



This is not exactly a hard matchup, but it can be a bit dangerous. He becomes a threat at level 6 when he gets his ult and that's a huge powerspike for him. At this point he can burst 60-65% of your full HP in one combo with his ult. 
Stack some HP to resist his ult better (going for Rylai, Righteous or Roa first)
If you survived at that point and got to stack HP things will be much easier. It's still pretty hard to kill him since he's tanky, has a silence which lasts up to 2 seconds, and can kite you with his rupture. He's also very good at aiding his jungler at ganks, if he gets a Q off you're pretty much dead so be careful. Happily the ability is pretty telegraphed so you should be fine predicting it and dodging it.
You also kill him in all-ins before he gets too tanky with MR items (if he buys those).



Took me A LOT of practice to master the matchup, and I recommend you to do the same. Best way to learn it - ask a friend who mains Darius to do 1v1s with you. When I did so I lost almost all of the 1v1s but finally figured how to counterplay him and shut him down in ranked games.

Don't have that luxury to practice vs a Darius main? Ban him.

You can beat him early on while his dariuscleave.png Q has a long cooldown. He missed it? Go on him, fling, all-in and kill him. A bad Q by Darius on early levels can lose him the lane.
A good Darius won't waste his Qs into the air but there's counterplay to it: you don't have to dodge his Q, walk into the INNER RING of the Q, he will deal less damage with it and it also doesn's proc the heal for him. That is the most important part to master about the matchup. When you all-in him keep standing in the inner ring of his Q and keep killing him. His win condition is hitting you with the outter ring so he can heal and sustain the lane forever, but you're not gonna let him do that.
When he gets  3071.png Cleaver and 3065.png Visage you can barely pressure him and he begins to outscale you, as he gets a lot of CDR, can spam a lot of Qs and heal insane amounts of Health with Visage, while having a lot of Health, MR and Armor penetration (not to mention his E gives him a lot of armor pen already). He outscales you, but your goal is to dominate him early and then you can snowball hard.

On the other hand, if Darius gets ahead, it's very difficult for him to lose. It's even hard for him to die in a 1v2 or 1v3s. He's extremely hard to deal with when ahead. Don't let that happen or if you fear the risk just ban him.


Dr. Mundo

(Close to being hard difficulty)
Mundo does very well against Singed.
14.pngor 3165.png (on your mid laner) recommended, at leastsome one in the team needs to have it, you can consider it too. Don't underestimate his ult heal, it's insane and you can't kill him during that with your sustained damage unless you have ignite or morello.
Dodge his cleavers, the first one hurts the most. Would recommend 3009.png Swifties. From the point he has 3065.png u barely can pressure him. An early 3151.png Liandry might come in handy.



Attempt killing him early or bullying him out of lane, he has a shield but no sustain. When he used E ekkoE.png and is about to jump on you lock fling on him and try to fling him into your own minion wave + poison + AAs so you can outtrade him.
Dodge his spammable ekkoQ.png Qs which slow you and go in for short trades, and most importantly don't get into his ekkoW.png, it sets up for perfect ganks for his jungler, stuns you for 2 seconds if you both end up standing in the sphere and gives him a massive shield.
Ekkos top usually build tank and will go something 3078.png3065.png against you. Once he's hit level 6 it's very hard to kill him, any mistake he does he can just rewind with ult. Some Ekkos use their ult to get back to lane, however, you can punish that strategy and dive him with ult when he's not tanky enough. Just as mentioned, watch out for slows, his shield CC and his huge passive speedup from the 3rd attack on you.
He does hybrid damage and realistically you barely have kill pressure in lane so rushing a 3512.png zz'rot first is a solid choice.



Keep an eye out for where your vitals spawn and don't let her poke you with the Q (the ability's damage procs outside of your fling range). If a vital is aimed towards her you should play a bit more passively and wait for it to respawn differently.
Stack health (she does a lot of true damage with ult), so a 3116.png Rylai start is solid. Try to pressure her early as she outscales you, but you can still fight her till she gets most of her items unless she's too fed. If she gets too fed go for a 3143.png Randuin since her E also crits. 
Remember, her Q cooldown is reduced when she hits you so you may have a very hard time running away and kiting her without a Rylai's.

Hold onto your flings and make her use her W CC Shield fiorariposte.png first. If she parries all of your flings perfectly there's a chance she's scripting. :p 
Kinda like dat, if you're curious: 



He used to be a terror top lane, tp+ignite with AD/on-hit builds, Tank fizz, all sort of stuff. Luckily nerfed/modified/changed and not really seen top these days as of patch 6.20.

But in case you get to face one:
Be cautious. 105_64.png Fizz snowballs extremely hard so you can't afford to give him kills and be sure to warn your team if he's roaming (that's always the case, but double the awareness against Fizz). His powerspike is at level 6, if you're at around 50% HP without ult or lower just back, don't risk it. One kill for him often means your lost lane. The burst of his ult is really crazy and he can easily dive you, Q onto minion and E out without taking more than 1 tower shot. He also does hybrid damage damage (around 15% physical) and has very poor waveclear, rushing 3512.png zz'rot is great since he'll always be pushed into the tower and won't be able to roam without missing out on all the minions.

105_64.png Fizz players often engage with their ultimate, so if an enemy Fizz becomes a threat considering getting 3102_32.pngBanshee's Veil to cut this possibility out for him.

If he gets fed it will become impossible to lane against him unless he has no idea what he's doing.




In theory he's pretty good against you. However, the champion is not in the best spot right now (played a lot of Galio myself, I love unconventional picks). His laning is pretty weak, especially in top lane because he won't get blue buffs, has very poor mana sustain/very high mana costs, can't siege the long top lane effectively unless he goes for a 3512.png Portal or 3060.png Banner. He doesn't really have kill pressure on you even if he lands a lot of his Qs which will drive him oom anyway. When he's oom and overextended you can all-in him with your ult easily and not even his ult is going to save him. Build 3009.png Swifties.



(Medium-hard difficulty).
Can be really really annoying.

Let the minion waves push toward you. His win condition is freezing the minion waves outside of his tower and farm up safely till he gets his core items and one shots your team. Don't let that happen, force him to extend to get farm, all-in with ult+ghost(+ignite).
If you dive him he will mostly drop his ult to slow you down, even if you don't get the kill that's a lot of pressure off your teammates for the next 1,5 minutes. Let them know.
A decent gangplank player will be extremely annoying because he can kite you forever, he just sits on that barrel, explodes it- slows you while speeding himself up, repeat, repeat, ... The range of the barrels is so big and the zoning by him is so immense it's really hard to play around it. 
If you practice the matchup enough (or in 1v1) you can master to disable the barrel before GP is able to explode it by last hitting it as soon as it hits 1 HP. That requires perfect timing but is really rewarding.




Pretty weak or even useless champion as of 6.20

Lock fling on him when he pops garenslash3.png Q (runs to you with increased movement speed) so you instantly fling him when he gets in range, and just never take his full combo this way. You can destroy him in all-ins at level 6 with ult (even earlier if you have ignite), watch out if you're getting below 40% HP as his ult does a lot of damage and it's not really an ability he can miss. If he doesn't build MR (3065.png Spirit Visage) but goes for something like 3071.png, you can shred him with some AP/HP over and over. 
Keep him poisoned between trades so he can't heal up with his passive.



Used to be a hard matchup, these days not that big of a deal for Singed, although once/if he builds 3022.png Mallet he can be really annoying.
Like in all ranged matchups, make use of bushes to farm. Avoid getting 3 stacks of W on to you, dodge his boomerangs and you can go in for trades/all-ins. Keep an eye on his rage bar and stand clear of walls/turrets when he's about to hit Mega-Gnar as he can completely destroy you if you don't do that. If you respect that strength of his he's really manageable and even diveable in the Mini form (best when his mega gnar just expired and he takes time before raging up again).
You can also fight him when he's in Mega Gnar due to your fling.png Fling doing max % HP damage, just stay clear of walls.



As of lately barely seen top.
If he Es hecarimramp.png on you, lock fling on him and throw him into your minion waves again/tower (if applicable) and kite him around. You should have the upper hand in lane. 
He's very good and quick at roaming due to his E so watch out for it or even follow when you can. It's best to shove waves constantly since it'll pin him to the tower and prevent him from roaming and will soak his mana.



3.png Exhaust could be useful.
Once you have 1057.png or 3211.png all-in him with your ult from 6 and exhaust him so his empowered h28gevolutionturret.png doesn't one-shot you. He's mostly extended so you're always free to do so. If your jungler doesn't have MR he's very likely to die if he tries to gank you.
Get 3512.png to resist his constant pushing. 
He's not good at roaming and can't do much in teamfights unless people collapse on him. He may do cheesy bush camps with setting 25000 turrets in there and expecting you or someone else to facecheck, don't fall into that.




Probably a weaker version of Darius. She has absolutely no CC and no ways of controlling you unless you get hit by her illaoiE.png Test of Spirit. You can take 14.png in lane and bully her from early on and snowball.

Similar as with Darius, she has to hit Qs to have a chance against you in lane, but her illaoiQ.png Qs are not too hard to dodge. Dodge on? Go in for trades or even all-ins with her, you should win all of them. 
The only "strong" aspect of her is her ultimate illaoiR.png which currently does ridiculous amounts of damage, when she pops it just walk out of its radius (the circle) so she can't even lifesteal and make her sad. The only way an Illaoi can win is if she gets to farm up and your entire team runs into her ult and tries to fight her in it, she'll end up killing all your team. 



Singed does really well against her in lane since you can harass her early and force her out of lane or even kill her early levels. Stack HP items early to resist her true damage through W, a 3116.png Rylai rush is pretty good since she won't be able to stick to you or get away from you once you have that. Respect her damage once she hits 6 and has 3057.png Sheen, keep an eye out for low health minion of yours to predict her Q dashes.
Don't tank her ireliahitenstyle.png W and you're good to go and dominate her.


Jarvan IV

Possibly pick 4.png to esape his jarvanivcataclysm.png ult.
Very strong damage early. He will go glass cannon and just go full ad. It's pretty strong in lane. 
Consider getting 3068.png. If you know he's about to ult you, save your fling and use it when he locks you down to throw him out of the Cataclysm. If he misses the E-Q  combo you can go in for a trade, he's useless when his E/Q are on cooldown. Freeze outside your turret and try flinging him into your tower.
When chasing/finishing him save your fling for when he uses his flag jarvanivdemacianstandard.png, if you fling him that moment he won't be able to Qjarvanivdragonstrike.png dash to it from the new position/run away.




Good matchup for Singed in lane. Take 14.png Ignite and try to kill him at level 2 and snowball, harass him in lane all you can. Once he starts to charge his stun jaxcounterstrike.png, dodge, sidestep and walk slightly away and then continue all-ining/trading.

Watchout for his splitpushing.

With a few items he outscales you big time, a 3078.png 3153.png/3146.png is probably enough for him to shred you and he will still carry late even if you stomped him before.




Jayce is back, huh?

Well guess what, you can't really fight him. Even if you want to. He'll knock you back, and if he decides to fight you back he'll burst you down quickly or even kill you since he has solid armor penetration, so even with your ult you're not strong enough to fight him. It's about going even in lane, consider pushing out and backing often or even proxying. Since it's a really bad matchup for you, I recommend rushing 3512.png Zz'rot to keep up in farm, get some defensive stats and have your zz'rot push your lane. Jayce is not a really good teamfighter if he doesn't get ahead in lane. 




Medium-hard MU.

Use bushes to farm. Try to go in to last hit when her E is off. 
It's hard to kill her pre-6 due to her heal+speed+up and slow.  Once you hit 6 you can pressure her in all-ins forcing her to use sums and ult. Does 65% magic 35% physical damage approx. over course of the game, 3512.pngbanner is a decent first/second item.





Kennen has become meta and he's not very easy to deal with. I suggest getting 3800.png/3512.png as first items. Glory helps you catch up to him in no time when he uses his kennenlightningrush.png escape move, and zz'rot abuses his extremely weak waveclear and ping him to the tower. 
It's about going even pre-6 which isn't always easy since he gets a lot of free harass on you. Follow our classic vs ranged matchup strategy - push wave out as hard as you can even if you take some harass - back, repeat. When you're 6 you're good to all-in him and fight him. 3111.png Mercs are also recommended since his passive stuns are pretty spammable. You're good against him in teamfights since you can fling him away from your carries so he doesn't get the AoE stun on your carries during his ult.
As unpleasant laning against him might be, Singed actually maintains a pretty high winrate against  Singed (>52%, as of Patch 6.19).



Weird matchup with weird interactions. For example, if his Skaarl has low HP and you try to fling him, he'll just jump off Skarl but remain at the same position himself, cancelling the fling's displacement. I think something similar happens when he shoots his gun when dismounted. Not sure if that's intended.
But for the matchup - he tries to poke you with Q, but his main damage source is his W (increased attack speed/4 frenzy strikes with max % HP dmg). He can't control when to use it (if the ability is off coldown and he hits minions, it will proc automatically). When he used it it's a good time to go all-in. 
Watch out when you have close fights when he's dismounted, if his W is up he regains courage really quickly when hitting you and Skaarl might come back to save his day with the extra few hundred HP.
Overall singed is good against Kled because he has to melee you for the max damage out but your poison will just keep him getting dismounted over and over.



Considr proxying, she can't last hit under tower well or tank the minion wave either.
Can't get close to her until you have your 3111_32.png Mercury's Treads because she'll spam roots on you. She has an annoying escape which will mostly save her from dangerous ganks, you can still get her if she underestimates your all-ins and damage in general. In lane dodge her Qs, it's not too hard since the projectile is predictable, has a fairly short range, and she needs to farm with her Q anyway so just don't stand next to minions.
The only thing you have to watch out for is to not get greedy when you're low and chase her to the turret, she'll ult you under it and that will be a pitiful death of yours. She's also really strong at settings up ganks so read the map carefully.




Very easy lane for Singed. Freeze lane outside your tower, kill him early, take 14.png to constantly pressure him and make him completely irrelevant. Hit level 2 before him and just all-in him when he's extended. If he underestimates your early all-ins you can get quite a few kills early on. 

When he's 6 just constantly shove the waves in (and look for roams on mid/enemy jungler or set deep wards), that way he can't teleport away without losing waves of cs. If you think that you're at an elo where your opponent will play very safely and not extend and you're not likely to get more than a kill in lane take 12.png and just constantly shove.
His problem is that he's forced to rush MR to fight you, but then he neglects 3068.png and can't push the lane at all. 

Note: there are some Malps who use AP runes and harass you with seismicshard.png Q a lot, it really hurts early on. Shove out and back before you get too low, get some MR.




That's a great match-up for building 3027.png RoA, since mostly it's pretty hard for any of you to get a kill on each other, so you have the time to stack it up for free.

Don't underestimate his damage, especially early: he has the highest base AD in the game, his W is a root and takes 9-13% of your max health.

Keep in mind that he has great sustain with his passive, if 5 spells are cast near Maokai (by you, by him, or someone else) his next auto-attack will heal him for 5-7% of his max health. Your poison doesn't proc stacks for his passive, which makes 27_64.pngSinged a good pick against 57_64.png Maokai.

Hard to pressure once he gets 3065_32.png Spirit Visage, which is one of his core items and he'll probably rush it.

Most 57_64.png Maokai players will play this match-up extremely passive, since if they W to you, you just fling them and they're forced to go all the way back and eat the poison. 

  • A Maokai is absolutely helpless if you caught him overextended and out of mana, pop your ult and get the easy kill.
  • If he doesn't respect your damage and doesn't know the match-up, you can harass him out of lane or even get a kill before he gets too tanky. 
  • He will get tankier and stronger as the game goes on, having a very short cooldown on his W root with his usual build, which is his main peel ability, making him extremely useful in teamfights. 
  Consider getting 3111_32.png Mercury's to reduce the duration of his root, 2 slows and to negate his magic damage. 

He might out-trade you pre-6, but with the ultimates, I consider Singed to be much stronger in a duel.


Master Yi

Whether it's yi top or jungle. You're pretty bad against him since he's immune to slows with his ultimate highlander.png, totally ignoring your megaadhesive.png (unless you manage to root him with the fling into it, which is hard if he times his Qs right) and 3116.png Rylai slows. Can't really fight him when he has ult, consider 3.png to save a life or two.



Your strategy is just to NOT push. Take ignite and Dark Seal, hit level 2 earlier than him, harass him and kill him, snowball with dark seal. When you killed him shove the wave in early on so when he teleports back at level 2-3 he has to last hit under tower, but his Q has a long CD at that point so he'll have trouble. If he uses the E spiritfire.png AoE spell he puts himself behind because he pushes the waves towards you and makes himself more vulnerable to your all-ins and ganks. You can delay his stacking and pressure him A LOT. 
Be careful about his slows though (especially when diving) - it's really ridiculous. Can make you tank 3 extra turret shots. Get 3009.png Swifties, but even those won't save all the trouble which comes from wither.png Wither...

When he ults kite him around if he looks to fight you and strive to waste his ult before continuing to go full ham. He eventually outscales you and can fight you once he has 11+ level and 250-300+ stacks.




He's a strong champion due to his overloaded CC kit. Don't forget that his AA stuns you, don't trade with him when he has shield on, it has a fairly high cooldown. Look to all-in him when he has no mana, he's helpless in these cases. If he builds 3068.png first you have a chance of killing him.

Keep in mind he has really easy escapes with his nautilusanchordrag.png hook it has a very big range. Make sure to stand in front of him and block his anchor to safety. If he did manage to anchor into a terrain/wall for an escape save your fling, because even if you fling him, he'll still go all the way through to the point he anchored.




Be VERY careful. His early levels are super strong, be patient. I wouldn't recommend you fighting him early on at all, he outdamages you and also has great sustain if he gets low. Freeze outside of tower, try to farm up  although it's gonna be hard, the axe olafaxethrowcast.png harass hurts a lot. You might have to back a lot but as long as you don't die and get some farm it's alright.

Don't be greedy for early AP in the lane. Get things to survive, 1028.png Ruby Crystal into 1011.png Belt to slow him down on the true damage, some Portal components like 1029.png Cloth Armor for his axes, 1006.png Bead for minor sustain, 1001.png Boots to dodge his axes easier.
When you've got some of those you can start to fight him post 6. His ult doesn't last so long, use your own ult if you need the extra armor/regen right now, but don't fling him till his ult expired, kite him with poison and AAs. When his ult ends fling him in your minion wave/tower, pop your ult if you haven't yet and finish him off, keep track of his mana bar.



Medium-easy difficulty.
Beware his level 1-2, they're really strong. Exercise extreme caution if he picked 14.png.
The trick is to get a 1029.pngCloth Armor early on and all-in him when you're 6. He can't really escape you without flash if he extended.
I'd pick 12.png tp to follow up his ults if necessary, I don't think you need ignite to kill him. When you all-in him after 6 hold onto your fling to cancel his ult to stop his escape move.



Pretty strong early but not as strong as he used to be. He has high burst damage, you can start fighting him once you're 6 but it's still a bit risky, you outscale himwhen you're 11 and have the 2nd rank of your ult.

Be careful early on and remember: he has insane burst damage and if you're low and standing under tower he can flash W/Q oneshot you with a loaded rage bar, so keep an eye on it. After he's used up his burst he doesn't really have much damage and the tools to fight you, and mostly he will look to run with his double E. Only and ONLY fling him into your minion waves when he's low on rage, otherwise you save him a gap closer and he gets an empowered W on you with a long stun/armor reduction and tons of damage on you.
3068.png Sunfire Cape is really good in this matchup.




You can freeze the wave outside of your turret and fling her into it once her stun is down with a few good flings you will force her out of lane or even kill her. 
Starting from level 6, when you have your ult and she didn't get kills yet - it's a much safer lane. You can get her in all-ins, but to be sure always harass her (in the best case scenario with some fling into turret shots) before going "ham".

A great trick - you can deny her knockup. To do that you just have to fling her during her 3rd riventricleave.png Q charge, you fling her without getting CC'd. So when she used Q twice you can run into her face and be like "come on, knock me up baby!", they'll mostly buy it and will end up in your big minion wave tanking your poison. Won trade.




My personally most hated lane (alongside with Ryze). Really tough match-up.

Pro tip: if you know how (and even if you don't you'll have to learn it or you will just screwed against any decent rumble) PROXY. It's possibly the best matchup to proxy in! Because he can't farm under tower at all, so he has to facetank the minions outside of his tower forcing him to get very low even before he gets his shield. If he goes for you don't be afraid to pop ghost, it's always worth if you establish a proxy.
Take TP 12.png. Still requires a lot of practice, at some point he'll get tankier and will try to walk out your minion waves to block the proxy from you. You'll have to be a bit sneaky to get in between those towers. 

You don't really wanna duel him since he's a resourceless champion and wins in all short trades because of his shield and DPS, so your only hope are all-ins and dodging harpoons. But mostly it's better to not fight him at all unless you're really ahead. Don't overextend with low HP or even half HP either because he can so easily run you down with his harpoon slows and ridiculous flamecannon damage.
If you're still about to go ham on him dodge his harpoons, his slows are really strong and can rek your all-in. Stacking MR highly recommended, consider MR runes and Colossus.




Can't lane against him. A champion who just doesn't let you play the game. Point-click root, root, root, .... High damage output even with no damage items, tankiness due to spammable shields, speedups. I haven't found any way to lane against him so I just proxy and I think it's the best way to play the matchup. Keep in mind he can juke you with ult by actually not taking the telegraphed portal.



Pick 12.pngtp to follow him up. 
Shen's wave pushing is probably one of weakest, so shove when he's 6 so he can't ult without losing cs. Don't underestimate his dueling potential, however, he's a very good duelist.
It's pretty hard to get a kill on him since he's pretty tanky, and a safe escape with his E. Keep your fling ready if you see he has to ult soon - you can cancel his ult. So always keep an eye on him and don't let him make any plays with his ult and keep him pinned to the tower.  If he managed to do so - read the map and follow up with your own teleport if needed.

If you want to go past his turret, make sure to stick to the far wall, that way you won't take tower aggro if he taunts you. Proxying against him is strong as well.



Weak as a toplaner right now.
Be cautious about overcommitting fighting her while she's in her dragon form as it actually makes her extremely tanky and you won't do as much damage her as you probably estimate

Even if she had a successful lane, got a lot of farm, some good items, you're a much bigger threat than her in teamfights. She lacks any kind of CC to be at least slightly relevant later on in the game and doesn't really scale well currently.





Singed's one of the few champions who does well against Sion currently.

Keep in mind that you can cancel his Q Axe Smash with your fling, denying some of the farm and the CC on you. Don't stand too far away from him, otherwise you won't be able to get in range to fling him before he charges up his axe.  

If you can't pressure him in lane just go for proxying and farm the enemy jungle in the free 15-20 seconds you have between new incoming waves or look to roam mid / dive mid. If you hear him ulting hug walls and round around them to juke him if he's going for you. You CAN NOT cancel his ult with your fling.




Annoying but winnable. His waveclear isn't the fastest so abuse it, shove the lane and back for some tanky components (probably of 3512.png going through 1057.png first), repeat. When you get somewhat tanky you can commit to proxying against him.

From level 6 you can all-in him and kill him if he's extended and doesn't expect it. Predict his swainshadowgrasp.png Nevermove and dodge it.
You'll need 3009.png Swities since the base slow on his Q is too high.




Teemo has received quite a bit of buffs lately and is in a pretty good spot right now. And he is actually a pretty good pick against Singed, but the lane is still winnable. Pick ghost ignite and try to all-in him at level 2 (don't take much damage before that), you'll at least get his flash or his life. Teemo often pick ignite themselves, so it could end up being a 1 for 1.

As in most ranged matchups you want to prevent the minion wave shoving to you, time the movements towards him at the same time as he has to last hit a minion, might save a free autoattacks worth of HP. Thunderlord's still does a lot of damage  and he'll eventually harass you down, but before that you should always try to push out the wave to his tower. Back, repeat. You'll have to back often but that's the strat here. 
Go for an Oracle3364.png to spot his shrooms and you can even set up a proxy.
If you want to all-in him with ghost+ult, better wait for him to use his speed-up W first and you're safe to do so.

Honestly, I myself often end up dying against teemos early levels when i try to shove waves before backing. I still come back in these lanes and get kills on him since it's more important to keep up on farm and wave control.




Medium-hard MU.

Trundle does well against Singed because he has a lot of sustain with his passive, he can zone and slow you with his pillars and his Q, and his ult makes use of all the stats you actually seek to stack - HP, MR and Armor. So against Trundle I usually delay stacking items with def stats and prefer to 3800.png or 3116.png.
A small trick to outplay his ult  - ult AFTER he ults, since your ult gives you extra Armor/MR. By ulting after him, you make sure Trundle doesn't steal those extra stats from your ult.



14.png Ignite is great if timed well at the end of his ult to finish him off!
He has infinite sustain! Such champs are generally a challenge for Singed, or annoying at least. You can harass him pretty well but if he knows his champ he'll make you run out of resources while healing back himself. Remember: he's resourceless.
Care when he has ult and when his red bar is charged up, his autoattacks will hurt. Consider 3068_32.png Sunfire Cape or 3512.png zz'rot since he will sooner or later splitpush 24/7 into 3116.png, you choose the sequence.

If he's become very strong consider 3143.png3075_32.png as one of your post 2-3 items.



Vlad totally beats Singed on paper, but with some experience and practice you'll start beating Vlads in lane.

Keep in mind that Vlad has a weak early game because his cooldowns are fairly high. 
Take 14.png and abuse his early weakness, get early kills and snowball.
The point where you have ult+ghost and he's overextended, is the point where you kill him. Pop both and all-in him till his death. And repeat is everytime you have the opportunity. Make sure to drop your slow (Mega-Adhesive) after he pools, otherwise he'll just ignore it in the pool's duration.
When he gets 3065.png combined with 3116.png just forget about fighting him 1v1 you will never win that, you'll be fighting for 10 minutes and he'll still have full HP and then his team will just come and screw you.He excels in prolonged teamfights against teams which lack burst where he can just keep healing up.




Most Yasuo players are feeders and if you have a Yasuo player on your team I highly recommend to dodge (at least pre dia, maybe even pre plat).

He's not a bad champion but most Yasuos will think they're gods as soon as they got a random kill and will just always go ham and end up like 4/12 or 11/12 if they're lucky. Mostly it's more like 0/12 though. 

As for laning? Don't try too hard to juke his tornados. My strategy: once he has it up, maintain some distance and walk in a straight lane parallel to your minion wave (not too far away) , when he releases it you can mostly react to it unless you stand too close. You can see then if he tries to hit you or the minions with it (imo it's a mistake if he tries to hit you). If he dashes onto a minion first you can fling him into your wave and get some good harass off with AAs setting up for an all-in while he backs off.

I go my usual build in this lane, Rylai > Zz'Rot mostly.
If they have an AD melee jungler, however, 3068.png Sunfire is a pretty good choice as well.

The potential item in his build 3022.png Frozen Mallet kinda reks you.
A good Yasuo (which you will not encounter a lot, maybe 1% or less of your games) will play it out safe, as he knows he'll outscale you, and he's really to tanky for you to kill if he doesn't take any unnecessary damage. 



Whenever he hits an ability step on his blobs so he can't heal up. When you suspect he'll try to zacE.pngE out of danger save your fling to stop him.
Pretty much unkillable. Will rush 3211.png Spectre's Cowl so you'll do no damage to him. He will try to harass with Q which has an insane hitbox, so it's pretty hard to miss and will slow you down quite often. 
He's very good at setting up ganks for his jungler, he will jump on you and ult, that's quite a bit of CC, so be wary and keep warding up. Don't overcommit fighting him and don't get baited by his passive, he's a resourceless champion too.

Farm up, push out wave, and do roams or tp ganks.
Be careful when approaching his turret because he can insec you, E onto you zacE.png and zacR.png you wards his turret, then zacQ.png slow you down so you're guaranteed to take 2-3 turret shots while he's poisoned.
A really good champion against Singed I feel, since 3065.png Spirit Visage is one of the best item on him and against you at the same time, when he gets 3151.png Liandry he can probably destroy you at any point.

About me Back to Top

Hey guys,

my name is Alpure (or Alps for short). I started playing League in Season 4 and I've been maining Singed since I started, I fell in love with the champion right away and up to this day I still think he's super fun and unique. During these 3 seasons, I surely have played quite a few thousands of games on this champion (I'd really love to know how much exactly!) and I'd gladly share my knowledge and experience of the champion with you.
It's kind of an in-depth guide, but I try to shorten the sections (although I'm not very good at it) since the meta changes constantly and a lot of the information becomes irrelevant from patch to patch. I'm glad to welcome any suggestions on how to make the guide more helpful for you guys!

A bit more about me: 
My first season (S4) I finished in gold 5, but at that point I spammed Kha'Zix since I didn't trust myself to play Singed in ranked because people kept telling me he's bad and I believed them. I still kept practicing Singed a lot in normals. During Worlds in 2014, the top laner from the winning team, SSW Looper played Singed twice in the championship (that's also why there's the SSW Singed skin around ;p) . That gave me quite some motivation, and starting with Season 5 I started spamming him in ranked for hundreds of games.

In Season 5: Peaked at plat 3 94 LP
In Season 6: Reached platinum and stalled, mostly due to my PC performing worse and worse, so climbing takes a lot more effort and is more stressful.

You may be thinking: "wow, this guy played so many singed games, yet he's still a plat scrub". And you're actually right, that's pretty sad. However, I always blame it on my old laptop's performance. I have around 5 fps in teamfights so I try to cut teamfighting to a minumum in any game, but honestly - it's a necessary part of League.

My Singed Stats/Scores Back to Top

My S6 Singed ranked stats:


Largest multi-kills this season (yes, I'm still to earn a penta on Singed):


Singed's Pros and Cons Back to Top

  • very effective at pushing lanes / proxying minion waves
  • can easily clear enemy jungle camps when lane pushed out
  • tanky
  • good at roaming and diving
  • does high amounts of damage in prolonged teamfights with the poison AoE
  • gives a lot of CC in teamfights thanks to Rylai, flings and slows and can peel well for carries (but also rek them with bad flings).
  • Currently useless passive, you don't want to build mana items except for Righteous glory.
  • Easily kited, struggles vs ranged champions in lane
  • No gap closer
  • Poor / mechanically hard lock-down potential with the root (fling into W)
  • Has to build a mix of AP and defense stats to be effective
  • Slow at split-pushing and taking towers/inhibs alone (unless build with zz-rot)
  • No sustain

Early/mid/late game. Singed's power spike? Back to Top

Singed's effectiveness function in different stages of the game: (Figure 1.1 from, Patch 5.11)

singed stats game length.png
Vertical axis: win-rate (percent)
Horizontal axis: game duration (minutes)

This figure very accurately depicts Singed's strength in different stages of the game.
As you can see the maximum of this function is at 25-30 minutes game duration, peaking at 51.14% winrate. 
Singed's best and most effective in the mid game. 

After the 30 minute mark Singed's win-rate starts to fall of significantly, being his worst at around 47% in this graph. Note, that this is them time where the "late-game" starts, but most players don't have the full build yet. 

Explicit explanation of the game stages for Singed:

Early game: good

  • 3rd highest base AD in the game, out-trades most melees, especially if you count the poison harass.
  • Great farming/wavepushing ability from lvl 1 (including proxy).
  • Extremely tanky with ult

Mid game: strongest

Extremely effective mid-game esp if he got a lead before the enemies got the opportunity to stack MR. At this point a Singed 27_64.png can fight 2-3 people at the same time on his own. 
He's most effective in prolonged fights (especially with his ult is on), giving him the opportunity to poison the enemies and making them easier targets if your team is there to assist you.
You also perma-slow them with your 3116_32.png Rylai's Scepter, and they just can't kill you because they don't have enough damage yet and you're too tanky with ult. Best point for Singed to make full use of his kit.

Late game: falls off, average/below average. Can still engage withengage with Righteous, do flanks, splitpush.

What changes/buffs could help Singed out? Back to Top

Singed is in a decent spot right now, but hey, if you're from the Riot balance team and look to give Singed a better time here are some suggestions :)
In my opinion the best possible "quality of life changes" for 27_64.png Singed would be:
  • New passive! For example: ignore unit collision
  • Natural MR scaling per level (just as they did with 98_64.png Shen in Patch 5.11) check.png applied
  • Re-designing the Mega Adhesive: the longer the enemy stays on the Mega-Adhesive, the bigger slow % value he endures, or even gets rooted/stunned if he stays on it for too long (similar to 112_64.pngViktor's stun) check.png applied (root through fling onto Mega Adhesive)
  • Adding some flat amount/% of missing health damage to the Mega-Adhesive! (Singed can mostly only apply damage to his enemies in melee range, if they flash out/leap away he'd at least have a possible finisher to execute a low on health target)
  • Mega-Adhesive granting vision (?) (similar to 79_64.png Gragas' barrel)
  • Increasing movement speed to 350 from 345.

Even if one of those buff/change possibilities had been implemented, 27_64.png Singed's kit would be much more adapted to the game and the current meta.

FAQ Back to Top

Q: Why is Singed is almost never seen in pro play?

A: Because even when Singed has good patches he always suffers from one issue - he's very bad in laneswaps/1v2 lanes, being totally unable to farm. 

Q: Is there any pro who plays Singed still competitvely?
A: RNG Looper did this this season in the LPL!

Q: Is Singed the best/fastest champion to climb with?
A: No, he's not aggressive enough and lacks burst damage to punish other players' mistakes. Also, he needs his team to play around him. For example, if you splitpush bot lane and get 4 man ganked, it literally gives your team a free baron (especially if you warned them and asked them to react accordingly). There will be enough games where your teammates decide to farm raptors and crab instead, or where they'll attempt baron but won't be tanky enough to get it done. In short - you're too dependant on others. 

Q: Would you like a Singed rework?
A: No, he's great as he is now, only his passive is outdated.

Q: Is Proxy the best way to play Singed?
A: It depends. There are enough matchups where you don't want to proxy at all since you have to stomp lane and not let the enemy champion scale up, for example.


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