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9 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

7.png Heal is standard on every ADC, it lets you restore your health and your support or closest ally champion, also gives you both a small speed boost to move towards or away from the enemy champions.
  • Use heal to escape ganks
  • Heal you and your Support during 2v2 fights
  • Gain movement speed to reposition rather than blowing flash.
4.png Flash is standard on most champions, on Sivir you have no gap closer, so Flash will let you go in or out of fights instantly
  • Use Flash to dodge crucial skill shots
  • To get the final hit on an enemy
  • After throwing Q sivirq.png you can Flash 4.png to reposition the comeback of Q sivirq.png

New Runes Back to Top

Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64 Sustain in lane, extra movement speed for small trades & to run down enemies / free mobility during team fights, gives you lots of options as an ADC with no gap closer.
Triumph.png?width=64 Extra gold for kill, but more importantly restores a TON of health after getting a kill or assist, in the bot lane you are constantly in 2v2's so this bonus will help you get another kill or survive after getting 1 kill in lane.
Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=64Free Attack Speed that scales later and later into the game, generally useful on any ADC
Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 Deal more damage to low health targets, better than the other options in this row of runes for ADCs, Sivir is no exception, you don't want to let enemies stay alive with low health and get healed / shielded, it's better had the damage to finish them off.

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Sivir spends a lot of mana during the laning phase, and later into the game the more skill points you have in sivirq.pngsivirw.png the more mana you will be buring through so this will keep you are a more reasonable mana range throughotu the entire game
Celerity.png?width=64 Extra movement speed from level 1 is great for mobility during the laning phase, and you gain bonus AD for all the Bonus movement speed you get from sivirr.pngsivirpassive.png7.pngFleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 very synergistic and useful rune.


This rune setup gives Sivir lots of mobitility without having to use her ULT, sustain, and slight damage boost when she capitalizes on certain "mini games" for the specific runes.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

sivirr.png dot-pattern.png sivirw.png dot-pattern.png sivirq.png dot-pattern.png sivire.png

Put 2 points in Q before level 6 > Then Max W 

sivirpassive.png Fleet of Foot

  • Sivir Gains Bonus movement speed for 2 seconds when she damages an enemy champion with an ability or a basic attack
  • In combination with Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 gives you lots of kiting potential 

sivirq.png Boomerang Blade

  • Sivir throws her Boomerang forward damaging all enemies hit, it then comes back deal damage to enemies hit on the return as well.
  • 4.png will let you reposition for the return of Boomerang Blade
  • Can push the minion wave while damaging enemy champions.

sivirw.png Ricochet

  • Sivir's next 3 basic attacks shoots small blades around the target she hits bouncing to the next closest enemy until there are no more.
  • Use to reset your auto attack for Max damage when hitting enemy champions.
  • Use to push minion waves.

sivire.png Spell Shield

  • Gives Sivir a spell shield for 1.5 seconds, blocking any ability, if an ability is blocked it restores Sivir's mana
  • Getting used to using this ability is somewhat hard, when first starting don't focus on blocking key spells, just using the ability to correctly block any ability.

sivirr.png On the Hunt

Passive: Sivir gains bonus attack speed while Ricochet is Active.
Active: Sivir and her nearby allies gain movement speed for 8 seconds
  • Use to run in or away from fights
  • Don't worry about using this ability to it's max potential, just use it, it last a very long time and doesn't have huge ramifications for miscasting. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

1055.png Dorans blade is standard starting item on basically every ADC, AD+Health+Sustain, since you are ranged you are constantly getting auto attacks on minions without taking damage, so any damage you do take can be safely healed up over time.
2003.png If you buy Doran's Blade then you only have enough gold to buy 1 health pot, this is basically like temporary 150 health, use it during all ins, or after big trades.
3340.png Free ward on cooldown, lets you ward lane bush & river / tri brush for ganks.

Example full build


Very expensive first item, then 2 cheaper items to start fighting in the Mid Game, then more expensive items later into the game. Works really well with Sivir's expect gold generation as an ADC.

Early Build path 
1055.png dot-pattern.png 1038.png dot-pattern.png 3006.png dot-pattern.png 3133.png dot-pattern.png 3508.png 

Getting BF sword first back is ideal, if you do than on 2nd back getting berserk geaves will let you push and move around your lane better, instead of just having more AD from Warhammer. Finishing Essence reaver isn't a huge spike, so you can afford to interrupt the build path with boots.

3508.png  AD, Cirt, CDR & Mana Regen. Sivir uses a good amount of mana, and sivirq.png&sivirw.png cooldown is very important, so Essence reaver is a solid first item for Sivir.
3006.png Bonus attack speed on boots, easily best choice for ADC, only other option would be 3047.png
3087.png Adds to Sivir's wave clear, and AOE damage during teamfights, more importantly Attack speed & Crit Chance
3046.png More expensive Zeal item option, but added bonus of taking reduced damage from 1 target you are attacking, so it's good against enemy champions that can single you out in teamfights and burst you.
3031.png Infinity Edge will make your Crits deal more damage, and gives you tons of AD, so building this as a 3rd item after 3508.png3087.png were you already have lots of Crit Chance, once you finish IE you will be deal a LOT more damage, even to targets with some armor.
3036.png Item to deal with tanks, deal more damage to targets with lots of Armor & Health.
3033.png When you need that big Armor pen, but also want to deal with enemy champions that Heal a TON.
3139.png If the enemy has champions like 90.png57.png33.png , where it's either hard to or impossible to block their main CC ability, you can cleanse it afterwards with the 3140.png active.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Caitlyn
  • Ezreal
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Thresh
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne




Sivir can push in the wave which ashe has a terriable time dealing with.

sivire.png can easily spell shield volley.png during the laning phase, and enchantedcrystalarrow.png mid - late game.

sivirr.png giving your team a speed boost towards Ashe a champion with no speed boost or gap closer will help kill her.



sivire.png Blitzcrank's Hook rocketgrab.png 
sivirr.png if he run towards you to E powerfist.png before hooking rocketgrab.png




Even though Cait has a longer range Sivir can deal with it by pushing the wave into her which Cait can't immediately 

sivire.png also easily blockscaitlynaceinthehole.png or caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png



  • Sivir's ability to push the minion wave only helps Ezreal scale into the late game even quicker.
  • Attacking Ezreal will often line you up perfect for his Q ezrealmysticshot.png 
  • And at any time Ezreal can E ezrealarcaneshift.png away from danger




Lucian can't deal with Sivir's pushing ability

Push the minion wave then trade against Lucian
Even if lucian dodges the first part of Sivir's Q sivirq.png  you can hit the 2nd part when it comes back.


Miss Fortune

missfortunescattershot.png poke will get you very low during the early laning phase
You can block the bounce of missfortunericochetshot.png with sivire.png 
But E sivire.png doesn't block missfortunescattershot.png or missfortunebullettime.png




You can Spell Shield sivire.png thresh's hook threshq.png 

Sivir also out ranged Thresh's threshe.png with her auto attack range




Pushing waves into twitch makes him very farmed, and trying to trade with him in lane can be difficult. 

Timing sivire.png around Twitch's E twitchexpunge.png is practically a guessing game. 
And when he ULTs you don't have many options other than to run out of range




Currently Varus has a good matchup into Sivir with his E Q varuse.pngvarusq.png poke along with Arcane comet Arcane%20Comet.png?width=32 widdles sivir down before first back if you get hit to much.

If you don't cast abilities on the minion wave you will have more auto attacks on the minions to heal from Life steal and Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64



  • Only ability to sivire.png is Vayne's E vaynecondemn.png but to spot the animation of it is very hard.
  • Sivir's ability to push waves into the enemy only feeds Vayne CS
  • Vayne can dodge out of Sivir's damage through her invisibility vayneinquisition.png

Early Game Back to Top

Early game Sivir has the ability to push the minion wave very hard with her Q sivirq.png & W sivirw.png. Pushing the wave into the enemy will make it harder for them to last hit the minions effectively since they have to manage to time their auto attacks with the tower shots, and their Support will have to auto attack some minions once for the ADC to be able to last hit them. 

Also when the minion wave is pushing towards the enemy they have a much harder time trading with you since they will be trading attacks with you, your support, and the minion wave, so they can't win the damage trade. You can also get lots of tower damage early.

Sivir's basic damage trade in lane is 

Auto attack > W sivirw.png > Auto Attack > Q sivirq.png > back off
Also just throwing Q sivirq.png to poke is fine
Sivir's safety in the laning phase only comes from her Spell Shield sivire.png , it sucks in matchups when the enemies throw multiple damage spells instead of just 1 important one, but regardless you still have to be using it to not only block damage, but to sustain your mana. The only other tools you have to get you out of trouble is 7.png & 4.png, use heal like it's nothing, wasting it isn't the end of the world, and the quicker you use it in fights the faster in comes off cooldown, but flash is a very important spell and should only be used if necessary.

During the laning phase try to push the minion wave into the enemy ADC's tower, then ward the river, the next wave you push into them you can harass them under tower since you will have vision of the river and know if the enemy jungler is coming or not.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game on Sivir can start when you take the first tower bot lane, or when the enemy takes the first tower bot lane, if you take the first tower than you can swap to the top lane and try to take that tower as well, but after you have been top for a while you can expect the enemy jungler and support to show up and try and gank you. 

If you lose the first tower then you can choose to swap to top lane to match the enemy bot laners going top to take the Top lane tower, or you can stay bot and solo farm, but have a high likelihood of being ganked if you push past where your tower was. 

The mid game can also start with both bot lane towers still up and when any champion starts roaming on the map, watching the minimap will obviously help you notice if say the Top or Mid laner isn't in lane. Where you should or shouldn't go will change depending on the game, but always look for the path that will give you safe farm, entering the Mid game strong is very important to winning a game as ADC.

Fights will most likely happen around you for you to react to, since you will be spending most of your time farming, you should choose to assist allies in fights close to you, but don't walk from one lane to another for a fight that is practically over as you start moving, it's better to get CS, but it's also important to be involved in local fights, so be watching the map and your teammates and react quickly.

And don't be afraid to use ULT sivirr.png to get into or out of fights, just use it as soon as possible, using it late makes it less and less useful the longer a fight goes on without you casting it.

Sawyer Back to Top

cPxc3ob.png   Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 21, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3. Once I hit Diamond for the first time I knew that I would have to take it all the way with this game, luckily for me the deeper I go into the game the deeper it gets. I will always be focused and dedicated to improving my play and hopefully reach a point of sustainability from playing the game, I want to make an example of what I think eSports should and can be about. 

 Here are some places you can find me!

  • Coaching - Review your Game LIVE with me! Or I make a video of me watching your Match Replay and point out mistakes and teach you the game!

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game you can pick and choose points to assist in starting a fight by using Sivir's ULT sivirr.png if a group of enemy champions are out of position / very over extended than a Sivir ULT will quickly start a fight, but if the enemies are very far away and see your team coming into them with a Sivir ULT they will simply move backwards in away. It's best to try to and let the enemies push up past an area that is safe for them then punish them.

That being said the enemies will be looking to catch you out as well, the ADC is a very killable champion and one that many have their eyes on, so if they see you in the river, jungle, or a side lane alone, they will most likely try and come to kill you, unless you are playing around the information of your team being around you to counter and are trying to bait them, then just stick with your team and move around the map together.

During teamfights you should primarily auto attacking, getting max DPS with sivirw.png auto cancel, and good Q sivirq.pngs hitting multiple enemies, most importantly you will have to spell shield sivire.png some important ability from the enemy team, you only get 1 spell shield during most fights so you have to not only time it properly but use it effectively, sometimes there will be to many AOE abilities for you to get the max value.

Sivir also offers good wave clear even if your Mid laner doesn't have any, so if you are constantly being sieged Sivir negates that very well. You will run low on mana after using multiple abilities on waves so you have to be mindful of this or else you will be less effect being run out of mana during a fight.

Sivir benefits greatly from fighting enemies that are clumped up and you can hit with all her AOE abilities, 1v1s and scattered fights hurt Sivir a lot so try to avoid those. If you get singled out during a fight try to move into your team. 

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • Great wave clear
  • Huge AOE damage with only 1 skill shot required, and huge control over CC champions with her sivire.png spell shield
  • Able to start fights as ADC with her ULT sivirr.png


  • No gap closer / escape
  • Very short ranged
  • Requires more CS than other ADCs before having a huge power spike

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