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All Guides Sona Guides [6.2]The DJ of freelo (#114th best Sona in the world)
2 years ago

Sona Statistics for John AFK Kennedy

Author's performance with Sona compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png The best overall summoner spell.

14.pngIf one of your teammates already has an exhaust (ex : 157.png mid) and they don't really have a threat for your ADC then you can take ignite to have more kill pressure in lane.

3.pngThis is the best summoner spell for supports like 16.png 267.png 40.png because you want to peel your ADC or APC during the mid and late game fights. You are not an all in support like 412.png or 89.png who can make good use of the full potential of ignite.

I recommend taking exhaust 90% of the time when going bot lane unless.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


Wanderer : Small boost of speed to roam or come back to lane after a recall.
Secret Stash : Gives you a little extra health and mana sustain during the early levels.

Medidation : Very strong mastery for any support or AP carry (works like a weaker version of 3028.png).

Bandit : Free gold (if your ADC can actually CS decently) and the best part is the 3 gold you get every 5 second for hitting a champion which is extremely easy with 37.png . 

Intelligence : Makes you start with a 5% cooldown reduction and lets you get that 45% cooldown reduction late game.

Windspeaker's Blessing : This mastery was made for 37.png. Your W is an AOE shield if you are in range of all your teammates and your W also heals you and the ally with the lowest amount of HP. This makes everyone on your team have an extra 15% resistance during a teamfight and not just one ally (ex : 267.png ' W or 117.png ' E).


Recovery : Gives you an extra HP sustain during the laning phase

Tough Skin : I prefer this one over "Explorer" because I prefer to fight bot lane than try to roam mid.

Runic Armor : 8% extra healing and shield on you. Your W is a shield and heal so think of it like your W is 16% more efficient than what it used to be.

Insight : 15% summoner spells cooldown reduction (added with 10% from 1334.png is so strong). It means you will have exhaust almost every fight after the 10 min mark (which is when you should have 1334.png if you follow my build path). Having exhaust can sometimes decide if you win a fight or not (ex : exhausting a 238.png or 91.png so they don't blow up one of your carries).

Abilities Back to Top

  • Always start with Q and use it once when you are still in the fountain.
  • Use a second Q when leashing your jungler so you can all deal an extra damage to the camp.
  • Now you can proc your passive in lane after your first Q and deal around 150 magic damage to their ADC (or support) at level 1.
  • Always max Q because its your main source of damage (don't forget to proc your passive after each Q).
  • Max W second because it's the second best non-ultimate spell for 37.png. W with the new masteries : Windspeaker's Blessing and Runic Armor makes your ADC and you extremely strong in lane. Remember that your shield and heal on you are 26% stronger (16 % from Runic Armor and 10% from Windspeaker's Blessing) and that your ADC gains a 10 % stronger heal/shield and a 15% bonus armor and magic resistance (I am not sure if that doesn't actually give a 30% bonus instead of 15 % bonus because you give both a shield and heal) from Windspeaker's Blessing.
  • You can skip E at level 5 and put another point in Q if u feel like you are dominating the laning phase (I still recommend taking E before hitting level 6 so you can either flee from a gank of chase down someone).

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

    1. I don't really get mobility boots because that is not how i play but they are very effective for a support... i prefer tabi vs an ad comp and mercs vs high cc comp
    2. 20% cooldown reduction and an aoe slow makes you a peeling monster to protect your ADC. The Sheen proc on Sona is very strong because you use your AA very often in fights
    3. Upgrade your sightstone to this or Eye of the Oasis
    4. One of the best support items in the game with a very good active (do not take if they have a full AD comp)
    5. Very good item to get an extra damage in fights. The movement speed bonus is also very important because we don't use mobility boots.

Situational Items

    An extra source of tankyness if they have a full AD composition
    If they can burst you down easily this item is very cost-efficient
    If they have a huge CC engage you can always buy this item
    Take this as a last item vs heavy AP comp and you feel like you could use the damage
  • Always start with 3303.png and 3 2003.png. Since you poke a lot with 37.png you will benefit from Spellthief's Edge passive. You can also use 3301.png as a starting item but after more than 400 games with Sona I now know that 3303.png is the best start. NEVER finish this item because the active is not really good and the stats it provides are Meh.

  • Try to recall after having at least 950-1000 gold so you can buy a 2049.png, a 2043.png and 2 or 3 2003.png. Don't forget to change your 3340.png for the 3341.png and start clearing wards so your jungler can gank your lane without getting spotted.

  • After that I always get my 3158.png. When you have your boots you can start building your 3025.png. With the new season where ADCs will almost always have 100% crits or be close to it (70-80%) so I don't recommend building 3050.png anymore. With Iceborn Gauntlet you will already have 35% cooldown reduction and you can peel your ADC like never before. Exhaust + the aoe slow of 3025.png makes it so hard for anyone to stick to your ADC they might thrash talk you in all chat (best part of the game).

  • Now it is time to either upgrade your 2049.png to 2301.png or 2302.png depending on your preferences. I still recommend going for the Eye of the Watchers because you get a decent mana sustain, from it, 25 AP, on hit damage and more gold income.

  • Now that you have a Sightstone, Ionian boots and Zeke's Harbinger, it's time for the 3190.png. It gives precious MR to all your teammates and the active is very strong. It also gives another 10% CDR and makes you more tanky so you don't get blown up in fights. (At this point in the game you already have 35% cooldown reduction and 25% summoner spell cooldown reduction).

  • My 5th item I recommend getting some valuable AP. Sona scales very well with AP and we lack some movement speed because we did not get 3117.png like most supports. That's why I build a 3285.png at this point. You will have a very powerful Q and ultimate. Plus your W will give a stronger shield and heal to your teammates. With the 3057.png proc and 3285.png's passive can deal almost 50% of an ADC's total HP. You don't want to miss a chance to burst down a squishy target.

  • For the 6th item. Let your imagination run wild. I think I only made this far once this season. If you are targeted in fights (which is rarely the case) then you can take 3083.png or 3143.png to survive. You can also build an 3001.png if they have an AP oriented team.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Bard
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Nautilus
  • Soraka
  • Thresh




This matchup only depends on the skills on the person playing Alistar. It is however an easy lane if you manage to get a few good pokes on him early on. You outsustain him and outdamage him... just remember to never focus this champ once he has reached level 6. If you or your ADC die in this lane early on then Alistar will just walk up to you, knock you up, and push you towards his adc and you will die faster than Dyrus in the top lane.




This matchup is relatively easy unless Annie is a try hard with 30 AP level 1 with ignite then you risk having your ADC die early if he gets stunned (I say ADC because she will probably aim towards him). If annie is not going glass canon this an easy matchup where you just outsustain her.




It only depends on the capacity of Bards to land Q stuns. If he/she's new to Bard you win this lane almost every time. A good Bard can make your life hard if he sets up ganks for his jungler and stunning both you and your ADC.




This guy can harass you or your ADC so much at level 1 with W. Watch your steps. Most Brands know what they are doing bot lane so I recommend being ultra careful in this matchup. Wait for ganks and max W. You can also start W to negate Brand's early power.




With my runes this is the main reason you can win vs a hard engage support like Braum. Stay in minions and Q this guy out of lane. It should be really easy but be careful his shield can stop your ult post 6. Auto attack this guy as much as you can to get the most gold possible from your 3303.png.




Ok. This matchup used to give me cancer because I always hated play vs Janna. Janna will always start E and shield her ADC everytime you try to poke him/her. The trick is to make it look like you aim the ADC and burst Janna down. She can't heal her ADC early on and this is how you win the lane...by constantly harrassing her.




This is a tricky mathup if Leona takes ignite. Try to get the level 2 before them (which can be pretty hard) or try not to get caught if they get it before you do. Max W vs Leona to negate her damage engage. Be careful of the level 6 hard engage, you will probably lose this one if she lands her ult on either you or your ADC. This is the hardest matchup in my opinion but still winnable.




I still don't get why some people still play Lulu as a support and not as a mid or top laner when she has insane AP ratios. But anyway if you face one has-been trying to play Lulu support just Q her because she will always shield her ADC just like Janna. Even if you lose one trade you can always heal and come back a few seconds later and win this lane anyway.




Max W and you can negate all the damage he might do with his Q-W-E combo. He has a lot of crowd control spells so try to avoid getting caught because it's hard to get away from a Nautilus even if he does so little damage.




As a sustain lane there is just no way you can win this unless your jungler camps your extremely hard. Ignite does not reduce Soraka's healing power anymore except her self healing. When mid to late game fights start try to ult Soraka and hope your team is not dumb enough to ignore her. Take exhaust vs soraka for the next two patches at least (5.22 and 5.23) because ignite is useless vs her now




Be careful of the level 2 advantage if he decided to start 3302.png (those are the matchup I mostly lose). This is the moment when you or your ADC gets hooked and you either die or burn all your summoner spells. If he starts 3301.png this is an easier lane. Most newbies with Thresh start with this item because they can't last hit properly and this is when you strike as the powerful DJ you are.

About me Back to Top

I am (as of patch 5.24) Diamond 5. I am ranked 169th best Sona in the world according to www.lolskill.net. I am a french Canadian and English is my second language and I still struggle with the way I formulate my sentences so bear with me :).

I used to main Jungle for a very long time but I always felt like bot lanes were always retarded players and that they needed to get carried every single game. So I started playing  a lot of support to be able to win bot lane by myself and let my jungler focus on other lanes (so far it really helped increase my Win/Loss ratio. After trying almost every support possible I finally ended up playing Sona as my main support by the end of season 4 and I really liked that champ even though it was easy to lose lane with her at first back then.

With the new mastery page of season 6 Sona is now really strong and people still dont realise that so I'll try to climb back to Diamond like I was a few months before season 5 ended.

I think support is easier to play once you get to a higher elo because your ADCs aren't completely clueless about what to do in lane and in teamfights so you just have to peel for them and they usually won't go all in 1v5 with Vayne trying to be Doublelift because they recently saw a montage on youtube.

I will try to keep this guide updated as much as I possibly can. Don't forget to leave a comment if you tried my build and if it helped you or not!

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