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2 years ago

Tahm Kench Statistics for Raddatatta

Author's performance with Tahm Kench compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

As with most supports these are your two main options. You can opt for more defensive with exhaust or offense with ignite. I prefer exhaust but it depends on you and the enemy team comp. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Bond of stone is great for supports it lets you tank some of the damage and reduces your damage taken. Otherwise you want tankiness and sustain. Bandit gives you 10 gold if you autoattack champions which is great but remember to do it but don't die to get that 10 gold. But it does really add up. 

Abilities Back to Top

tahmkenchpassive.png When you hit people with an auto attack or any spell it builds up stacks at 3 stacks on an enemy your q stuns and your w lets you eat enemies. Pay attention to your stacks. The passive also gives you more damage to your autos and abilities based on your health. This is nice as most of the tanky items you build include health but for tahm go for items that give armor and mr and health not ones that give just armor as those aren't quite as good on him. But they do serve their purpose if you have a specific reason. But in general health is good.

tahmkenchQ.png This is your main harass tool and it has a slow and a potential stun to set up kills. Max this first for damage and extra slow. Pretty basic to use, you can also use with your w to eat minions from afar but that isn't really all that useful (maybe one day the riot gods will let us eat champs with 3 stacks from afar but i doubt it). 

tahmkenchW.png This is your tool to save people primarily. It can be used to eat enemies and do damage but then your allies cant focus them so unless its a squishy killing your team don't use it on enemies. Usually, like 90% you want to use this to save an ally from a fight and get them to safety. Also it can be used to eat and throw minions at enemies but it costs a lot of mana for that so you'll run out pretty quick if you are consistently doing that in lane. But it's an option if you somehow get a blue buff to spam it or to do some damage if you aren't in range for anything else. But mostly this is for saving people. It can block anything like turret shots vi ults, whatever is coming their way you eat them and run away. it can also be used to run in as it gives you a movement speed boost when carrying an ally. I will sometimes get this at level 1 to help give the jungler a better leash you eat the camp (careful not to eat the jungler as they don't appreciate that as much) and then throw it out as soon as you can, or to take a camp with your adc for the extra gold and more important xp for the early level 2. This does a really good chunk of damage and is about all the leash your jungler will need. Learning how to use this spell is the hardest part of playing tahm but the most important. I go in between maxing this and e second as the time you can hold people goes up which is nice but the sustain from your e is also really nice. A few things to know, you can flash if you have an ally but not an enemy, you are slowed a lot if its an enemy (but you get swifties which reduces the slow). 

tahmkenchE.png This gives you a ton of sustain. It also has the shield that gives you a second life. Ideally you don't push your shield so you can get the health back. But it's better to push the shield and not die than not push it and die. It's a tricky balance but if you've played Trynd or maybe Zilean it's a similar concept to their ults you want to go as close to death as possible. I go between this and w to max because the sustain it gives is really huge. With any poke in lane or anything that doesn't cause you to die or activate your shield you get to ignore like 30% of that damage (as it scales up with level). 

tahmkenchR.png  The ult is a teleport within a range. But you can take people with you. This is tricky to coordinate as people tend to forget that it's there. But you can bring a friend. It works best if you are in a chat with your team and you can say to someone come with me etc. It has all kinds of uses like flanking, getting to a side lane to push it out, doing the ultimate xpeke etc. Lots of potential but it doesn't give you a team fighting ult so your level 6 power spike is much less than others. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I prefer health pots over the refillable but you can go for that into corrupting potion.

Core Items

    Upgrade this as soon as you can (but if your first back you have 800 go sightstone) as it reduces the cooldown on the passive so it gives you a lot more gold. Upgrading it after that doesn't give you as much so you can sit on this for a while but do upgrade this.
    Sightstone is a must on any support (make sure to swap your trinket to sweeper too). With the last 3 items there's a tradeoff. With eye you don't get the active and you don't get 20% reduced cdr on active items which is nice but you get an extra slot. With face of the mountain it's a nice shield for an ally and if you have a lot of active items the 20% means more and more. It depends on your preference, but if you tend to forget about active items just go eye as it's not worth it to have an active you don't use.
    I really like both of these items as they allow you to split push while grouping. They offer you good stats that you need (other than that much health). At low levels people are still bad about handling them. Ideally you put one in a side lane put the other in the other lane and then group as 5 and push mid. The enemy either is down a player or two dealing with the sides and you teamfight or they stay mid and you wait it out while the side lanes push.
    All good tank items but they each have their purpose so familiarize yourself with the items before you just buy them. They are all good in different contexts and you can't buy them all.
    Tank items that are also good for tahm but I couldn't fit in the first set.
    Swifties gives you speed in fights and when you eat people it slows you for less. You can go merc treads for the tenacity against a lot of hard cc but 90% of games ill go swifties.

Situational Items

    These work well in certain circumstances against lots of autoattack reliant champions. But they don't give you the health tahm wants but that's ok in certain circumstances. But I wouldn't build every game.

Matchups Back to Top

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Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Remember it is your job to save people. That is your priority not getting kills. That's your secondary priority. You don't have that agressive of a lane besides throwing out some qs but don't get too low on mana. Always save enough for a w to save someone. Tahm can carry a team at any elo as people are gonna die and you have the power to stop them from doing that. If they are focusing someone and burn all of their ults on that person and then you save them you can probably win that teamfight. 

Also a nice trick with tahm is instead of tanking cc for your adc like most tanky supports you actually want your adc to get hit with the cc and then you eat them as quick as possible after that. So if the thresh hook hits you you are in trouble if it hits the adc then you eat them and you're both fine!

Strengths and weaknesses Back to Top

With any champ if you want to excel at them you have to know what they are good at bad at and what their win conditions are. 

Tahm is the best support at saving a single target. Janna can save your team but if the enemy is diving your adc tahm will get them out of the fight to safety so they can resume doing damage better than anyone. He is also a very hard lane to gank as he can save the adc from a lot of damage. It's still possible to die in lane but if you ward and use your w correctly you should be able to survive ganks. 

Tahm is also really good at taking a camp at level 1 as his w does a lot of damage to it, so you can give your jungler a good leash or you and your adc can take a camp pretty easily to get a level advantage. 

Tahm has a very safe lane so he works best with late game adcs as they want to farm up and play safe and tahm excels at that. 

As for weaknesses you have a very anticlimactic level 6 power spike compared to almost any other sup. You don't get a combat spell. You can roam better, get back to lane quicker, but if you have an all in at 6, if you win they fucked up they should be able to win so don't fight at 6. You are also not as good at setting up kills as other supports are as you don't have guaranteed hard cc. 

Tahm works best when you are against single target hard cc, some examples are ashe ult, warwick ult, malzahar ult, morgana q, lux q, vi ult, thresh hook, and things of that nature that target one person and are very powerful, unless of course a tahm eats them and runs away before someone else can do damage to your carry. 

One last thing be careful when you eat people. If you eat someone who was about to ult and get a kill etc they'll be upset and mad at you even if you saved them sometimes. It's hard to make the right call 100% of the time do your best and err on the side of saving your team that's your job. 
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