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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png ofc, this spell you always need, cause is only mobility taliyah have!!

Second 7.png  OR  21.png  I find BARRIER spell really good against assasins,  after they lower her CD, 135sec with 3158.png and masteries Resolve > Insight!  only 2min and 15 sec.. it will save your life a lot of time, and u can try to do some aggresive plays   Mostly mid enemys have Ignite so Heal is not good atm.

You can go for HEAL if u think u are safe in laning and u can help a lot to your teammate jungler etc. 

14.png with 12/18/0 masteries, for easy laning/ snowballing!

3.png mainly for ad assasins like zed. 

1.png against Veigar E?? etc

12.png F**k this, RIDE THE WALL! 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I prefer more DEFANSIVE MASTERIES ( above ) and cd reduction from Insight for her summoners, and she need it alot.

More masteries depend on situations:

1. Roam Masteries 


you can go with14.png if u gonna roam early, but 21.png or 7.png are good to when u ride the wall under enemy turret, so u can be a litle tanky! 

2. Aggressive / snowballing: 


If your laning is easy,  go for  14.png and rekt enemy! 

3. Standard AP build


This is just casual build for every AP champion, you got nice lane sustain with spelvamp and lifesteal and extra heal from Biscuits. Summoners spells depend on who is your enemy.

*** You can go for mastery Cunning>Intelligence 6a2f6d90b50f45e3bd0aa7de11914698.png if enemy team dont have heavy tanks, so that extra 5% cd early, and 45%cap are great to. 

Abilities Back to Top

So there is no right way what spell you should max first. Is all depending of your style and who is your enemy.

- Maxing Q first is mostly for zoning enemys/ poke from big distance..!  Q deal most dmg if u hit with all rocks, but problems are Worked ground you make after using Q.  They have big CD so u must concentrate on ground. It happens to me sometimes when enemy is low HP, and i Flash > Q to kill him, and i flashed into Worked ground and and i unleash only 1 stone.  = Fail 
Q maxing first is also good in roam. Mostly enemys will flash / dash aways from your E/W combo, so you can freely chase them with Q, cause others lane not have worked ground! 

- Maxing W first has no point for me, you can only max second to knock up enemys away or to you sooner, they will not expect. 

- E max first when you want fast clear so you can Roam alot, and if u want hit enemy easly. 

Here you want  max W second,  is great combo, cause knockin enemys with W into your E ground deal extra dmg  especially if your E trigged again ( remind me of ziggs E and W ) .    You can also max  E and W in same time, they have same cooldown , so is great to get that two spells in same time for combo!  So in this case use your Q just to make worked ground for your exta movement speed ( kiting ). 

So this champ have alot of diffrenet solution what ability to max first!   

Patch 6.11.  Q <> buff  -  Q now deal 50% extra dmg to minions. 

Q have better clean dmg now, so u can try maxing/mix Q > E

More info about abilities: 

  • Passive - When you are out of combat , taliyah gain 20-40% ( based on lvl)  movement speed by moving near terrain or structures.    =  Fast roam/gank with 4.5% movement speed runes and mastery Wanderer! + 3285.png

  • Q - Threaded Volley -  Taliyah unleash 5 stone shards in the target direction. Is like Lucian R.  Targets hit by stone shard take 50% damage from subsequent shards.  When you cast Q you creat area / circle Worked gorund that lasts 180-99 seconds. While on worked ground, taliyah gains 10-20% ( based on lvl ) bonus movement speed and when you use Q inside that worked ground you unleash only 1 stone shard!  
         Again we have movement speed, and that why is cool to have 4.5% movement rune and ludens! :D

  • W - Seismic Shove - Taliyah marks the target location and after a brief delay ground knock up enemys and deal dmg.  You can recast W before it erupts, causing it to knock its target toward the target direction

  • E - Unraveled Earth -  Taliyah scatters  18 boulders over the ground in a cone before her, dealing dmg to all enemies hit.  The boulders slowing all enemies  within the area by 20% ( +4% per 100AP ) 4 second , at the end duration boulders explode dealing bonus dmg .    Enemies who dash over or if you knock with W enemy to boulders cause them to detonate instantly and dealing bonus dmg, max 4 boulders per enemy.. .
         That why  u can max E and W in same time, cause cd is the same of both spells, and is good if u have both spells available in same time  to make amazing combo.  

  • R - Weavers Wall - Taliyah channels for 1 second before summoning a massive wall of rock that tears through the battlefield in the target direction creating impassable terrain for a few second.  If u fast reactivate R you will ride the wall . Taking dmg or  inputting movement command in any direction will force her off the wall. Reactivate again will destroy wall instantly.
         So R is great for ganks, and easy roam, or for the escape to.  In lane u use R when enemy is low hp, go to side and use to prevent opponents to pass and just ride the wall , jump off and kill enemy :D  You can ask jungler for help, so use Wall to  prevent opponents to pass, and go get the kill. 


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    easy laning

Core Items

    Mid game

Situational Items

    mid game
    Final items 2
3116.png So i mostly go for this item, and is best for taliyah... extra slow, for better kiting..  if u are safe in fights then u can get this item after ludens and void,  but if u need extra defense go for this item before void and luden , i find this item better then abysal if u playing against heavy AP

3157.png against zed, talon or yasuo... u can rush it as first item or second depend how safe u are.  Ofc u can go for this item Late to, to make some Calls / outplays with wall...

3165.png if u playing against swain, vladimir, mundo get this item first.. u can swap it for 3030.png or 3116.png  

3030.png-> this my favorite item. Is good for agressive plays, you can provide more damage and slows. Only bad about this item, that he is a little expansive. 


3027.png- > If u need more 200HP and 20AP . Is good against assasins and is cheap item. 

3158.png Like i said in summoner spell section , this boots are great on taliyah cause of lower 10% summoners cd, and 10%cd!
 OR if u dont need so much CD just get  3009.png ..   Or  if u are lack of magic pen get 3020.png . All boots are good, is all depending who is your opponent!

3285.png 10% movement speed, amazing scale with her 4.5% runes, passive and  Q working  ground !  All abaout taliyah is  movement speed!

3135.png no much to say, you know why u need this item mid/late game :D

3089.png this is last item in your build. If u are primary target and u dying fast without dealing dmg to enemy team, then u can get 3157.png or 3027.png .    Or  if u are against tanks get  3151.png or  3001.png !  

If u want backdoor, destroying objectives! if you are losing game so you need 1v9 go for 3100.png , u will get extra movement speed so u can roam from lane to lane like Godyr , they will never catch you, and they will probably be tilted and you can achieve great turnover ! :P

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About guide! Back to Top

Stay tuned! More info about taliyah coming soon!

*This my first guide. I will updating every day new information about taliyah.

26.5.2016 >updates : Masteries, Runes, Items

27.5. 2016> Rune>Viusal update

4.6.2016> Patch 6.11 update

Patch Effect on Taliyah ( 6.11 ) Back to Top

3009.png Nerf > Movement speed 60 > 55 = Now il never buy this boots if i using 4.5% movement speed rune. But they are still good if u need more mobility.

3047.png Buff > 12% Basic attack reduction  =  good against AD assasins

General: Base Health  500>520

taliyahQ.png Q buff > Dealing 50% more dmg to minions

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