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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Pretty obvious as Talon needs 4.png to make plays and 14.png to be aggressive.


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Masteries Back to Top

Keep the masteries something like this. You can substitute Bounty Hunter for Opressor as it combines with your passive.

You can also put Assassin instead of Secret Stash, but I really recommend you to use Secret Stash as it greatly increase your sustain in lane.

Abilities Back to Top


In the first 4 levels, the skills that you upgrade depends if the enemy champion is ranged or melee. Read the Early Game section to more information.

The abilities explanation is not here!!!! Read it in the section "How to use the skills" as it is really important!!!!

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Starting Items


Core Items

    Youmuu's Ghostblade > Boots of Swiftness > Tiamat > Duskblade

Situational Items

    Check Notes.

Always start with 1036.png and 3x 2003.png.

Your Core Build will ALWAYS be 3142.png > 3009.png > 3077.png > 3147.png.
Check in Match-ups if Hexdrinker first item is necessary, but most of this cases will be vs Fizz and it is just sometimes.

Situational Items:
After you finish the core build, you will always build 3036.png or 3033.png. If there are self-healers in the other team like 36.png16.png50.png or 8.png you build 3033.png, otherwise, just build 3036.png.

After this, lets go for the final Item and upgrade Hydra:

If there is 1 really strong AP Threat 1.png105.png7.png that can burst you down before you combo their team OR there are more than 1 AP in their team 60.png34.png27.png(no counting support):
Build 3155.png, finish 3074.png, then finish 3156.png.
Sometimes these AP Tank guys will be stacking so much armor, if that happens and they don't deal much magic damage you should build 3071.png instead of 3156.png.
If their team is stacking armor:
Build 3071.png then finish your 3074.png
If their team isn't stacking armor and doesn't have an AP threat, you should go for 3053.png and finish your 3074.png.

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Easiest ranged match-up in my opinion. You basically need to follow all advices that I just gave you in the Laning Phase Against Ranged Champions section.

Levels 1 - 3 don't risk an all-in in her, so at levels 1-2 just stay away from her minions, just go for last hits. Level 3 you put another point in talonrake.png and poke her a bit. At level 4+, if she misses an skill, you trade and win it hard.
 The key to win is, if she misses anything or uses a skill for farming at level 4+, E + AA + Q + W her. At Level 6, the lane is pretty much over, as you can burst her really fast with E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png and she is dead even if she ults away. Do not get poked down early on!




No, it's not what you are thinking. This match-up doesn't get so harder post-6, as Akali only gets a power spike at level 6 because of her spell vamp passive, and you can burst her really hard before she starts to spell vamp, plus 14.png her early in an all-in will just fu** her up.

She will spam her Q, but if she comes to an melee trade, she will get stomped. But don't just eat all her Q's! There are times you need to stay back so she don't just stay Qing you and wait her to go to last hit a minion.
At levels 1-3, abuse her with W + AA (level 1) when she goes last hitting and with W + AA + Q (level 2-3 as you put another point in talonrake.png) when she goes for last hitting. These win the trade pretty hard.
At level 4-5, yes, you can E + AA + Q + W her and retreat, but I recommend you to talonrake.png her a bit first.
At level 6, when she is with 75% or less, go in for an E + AA + Q + 14.png + R + W and she is dead with no time to spell vamping. Even if she starts to combo you, she won't heal that much as you just 14.png her early and she will die before she heal up. DON'T EVEN DREAM IN MISSING YOUR talonrake.png IN AN ALL-IN OR YOU ARE DEAD!




If you follow all advices that I gave you in "Laning Phase Against Rangeds" section, you won't get poked down, but is so hard to kill her as she has her passive that when she get killed and her passive is up, she will turn on an egg and you will probably not have time to kill her. Also, most Anivias start with 3027.png, which is a quite tanky item. However, at level 6, all-in her and try to take down her passive. Sometimes you will get a kill, but sometimes she will just revive and walk away. But is worth it to all-in her to take down her passive because the next time you go in you just will get a free kill.

Sometimes you can take down her passive at levels 4-5 if she screw up or even kill her with  your jungler ganks.




This match-up sounds pretty hard for you, huh? No, it isn't. Pretty easy unless you snowball her for some reason (if you do feed an Annie, probably you got stunned before full combo her).

Play just like i adviced you in "Laning Phase against Ranged Champions" section, poke her down at level 3 as you will have 2 points in talonrake.png and she can't get in range to trade back with you. If you were succesfully poking her, at level 4-5, when she is with less than 60% and without stun, go in with W + E + AA + Q or E + AA + Q + W and continue AAing her, she is now probably dead or without flash.
Same thing for level 6, but you just need to poke her until she is like 75% and then E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png. Don't worry, she will not outdamage you if you have more health too; assuming that she doesn't have her stun up...

If you even dies for her early on, stop what are you doing to buy an 3155.png




Oh, you will hate so much this match-up. It is only considered Medium because Level 6 you ROFLSTOMP him (AS LONG AS YOU DONT GET azirR.png'ED TO HIS TURRET).

Pretty hard lane pre-6, play with all advices I gave you in "Laning Phase against Ranged Champions" section, don't even dare to get near minions to auto-attack unless it's a last hit and don't sacrifice 50% of your health to get one minion. He will shove you to your turret 90% of the time, so don't try anything stupid even at level 4 as he will have much more minions than you. I highly recommend that from level 3+ (that you will have 2 points in W, right?) just start to trade him with W (do not jump in him). If he doesn't have much more minions than you, you can try to cheese him with E + AA + Q + W and some AAs but be careful as he has sooo much DPS. You can even kill him at level 4-5 but only if he is a bad Azir and doesn't pushes the lane. You will suffer so much in pre-6 because even in your turret he still can poke you and your W is just a form of punishing him a bit for poking you, but you still take more damage.

First of all, be careful with all that I will say now, as he can ult you to his turret and you are dead.
At Level 6 poke him a little bit to 75% health, after just E AA Q R W 14.png him and he is dead if he can't ult you. And even if he ults you he will need to waste his flash to be alive. Luckily, an Azir that rushes Zhonya's is an useless Azir, so even if he is making Zhonya's, you will stomp him at any part of the game. Whenever you feel confident just combo him.

Important: Your E blinks through his Ultimate. Remember this when he ults you and starts to attack you expecting that you can't attack back.




The reason for this match-up be marked as Medium is that it requires some mechanics to dodge his skills with or without your E.

Levels 1-2 there is nothing you can do, stay behind your caster minions and only go for last hits. Be careful! One brandfissure.png + AA from Brand at this levels can cost you 50% of your life. Don't go for CSing if you know you can't dodge this combo.
Level 3, upgrade your talonrake.png again. You WILL lose the trade hard if you take an brandconflagration.png + brandfissure.png combo, and if you take an brandconflagration.png + brandblaze.png + brandfissure.png, the lane is pretty much over for you, just forget about the levels 4-5 and level 6 all-in. But if you can dodge a skill and hit your level 2 talonrake.png, you will win the trade. Do this as many times as you can.
Levels 4-5 you can only go for an all-in without dodging any skills only if he is like 50% and you are 75%. Else, try to dodge his brandfissure.png. If you did it, walk towards him, his reaction generally will be an brandconflagration.png + brandblaze.png. When you see him throwing his brandblaze.png, E + AA + Q + W him. He now doesn't have anything, so feel free to go for some AAs and if he is low enough try to 14.png him and kill him. If you just don't feel confident about going on him, keep dodging skills and poking him with your talonrake.png. This lane isn't hard at 6.
Level 6 if you get stunned, just drop your mouse and keyboard, you are a dead Talon. But you shouldn't be too stupid to get stunned, I told you to dodge his skillshots. Before going for an all-in, poke him down with your talonrake.png and without losing half of your life. If you dodge his brandfissure.png and he is something like 75%, feel free to go even without dodging his brandblaze.png, he has no damage without brandfissure.png, so just go in for an E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png and you just killed him.




This lane is easy, as long as you read the "Laning Phase Against Melee Champions" section, because W + AAing her or W + AA + Q and retreat will win all trades, as she won't proc her passive. At level 4-5, when she throws her Q, E + AA + Q + W her as you will dodge her Q with your blink. At level 6, it's even more important to dodge her Q, so when she throws her Q at you, you E + AA + Q + R + W 14.png her, and as she is soooo tanky, you may still need to auto-attack her many times to kill her. So, basically, to wins 1v1s early on, at levels 1-3 you just W + AA + Q her and at lvl 4 you dodge her Q with your E.

So why is this match-up marked as medium?
She is so tanky. It's hard to snowball. If she is an smart Diana, she won't overextend and you won't kill her as she is so tanky to burst at level 6 before she reaches at her turret. And even more, you need to snowball if you want to duel her later on. You outscales her in burst, but not in 1v1. After she finishes 3157.png, if you didn't snowballed the lane, you starts to lose 1v1s.
But don't worry only in snowball that lane. Focus on farming, you don't need to win 1v1s later on to win, just focus on dealing more damage than her. 




This is an easy match-up assuming that you don't eat all his ekkoQ.png's. THE ONLY Way that he can trade with you is when he get 2 free stacks of ekkopassive.png on you.

Levels 1-3 he won't outtrade you if you don't get hitted by the 2 parts of his ekkoQ.png. If you at level 1 W + AA him he won't have enough time to proc the 3 hits of ekkopassive.png. At levels 2 and 3, if you get in his range or he uses ekkoE.png on you, an W + AA + Q and retreat won't give him enough time to proc 3 stacks in you too (if you don't get hitted by the 2 parts of ekkoQ.png).
Levels 4-5 you shouldn't keep the trades long, as it's easy for him to ekkoW.png you after you taloncutthroat.png him and keep autoing him. When he blows his ekkoQ.png or when you feel confident, go in for an E + AA + Q + W combo. Now you should know if you need to go back so you don't get stunned by his ekkoW.png and get outtraded or you can just keep autoing him and win the trade hard/kill him. Decide this and do it.
Level 6 you have a huge advantage IF you don't get outplayed by ekkoR.png. If you don't missplay, you will WIN an all-in whenever he is 60-75% of his life. As always you should E + AA + Q + R + W when you want to all-in him, but if you get hitted by his ekkoR.png, you are just fucked, as you will just take so much damage and he will get back to 50% or something like this. Just don't get hitted by ekkoR.png and him or nobody dies.




Pre-6, this match-up is so easy. Just make sure that he doesn't dodge your W + AA with his Q or his E, or you won't proc your passive and Thunderlord's Decree. You will probably win any trades pre-6 if he doesn't dodge anything, but, post-6, this match-up can be considered hard as he gains as much powerspike as you, and he still can dodge your ult with his E. But I got one trick for you. When you see he throwing his shark, E on him or in a minion. You will instantly blink and the shark won't hit you, then, it's time to kill him. Don't depend on this trick to win as it rarely works.

After your 3155.png, this match-up can be considered easy again as you can just wait him to E you and then full combo him to death before you die.

3155.png recommended for this match-up. After 3155.png and before his 3157.png, you can easily duel him.




You really counters him, as he is a anti-mage and Talon have a really heavy AD burst.

In lane, you do exactly what he does, you have a ranged harass just like nulllance.png, you have an AA Reset just like netherblade.png, and you have a blink, not exactly like riftwalk.png but you can still chase him when he uses it. You absolutely outclass him in lane as you does what he do but better (in laning phase).
At levels 1-2 avoid getting poked down by nulllance.png because it's the only way he can win the lane that early, but it's still worth it to take it for getting CS, just do not get nulllance.png'ed for nothing. When he goes for CS your W + AA at level 1 or W + AA + Q at level 2 f*ck him up as he won't do even half damage that you will. You can win the lane just doing this early on as he will pop all his potions that early, and if he can't sustain you will always win all-ins. At level 3 if you got him low you can upgrade taloncutthroat.png and try to get a kill, as in this match-up is even more easier to get him low than other melees, but most of the times you will get a second point in talonrake.png as he won't be that low. If you put a second point in talonrake.png continue doing the same thing, CS and punish him even harder for CS'ing. 
At levels 4-5 if you still don't have taloncutthroat.png you can probably get a kill if minion waves are equal. If he has less than 60% a E + AA + Q + W + Some AAs + 14.png will probably get you a kill, and if he isn't less than 60% if you combo him like this he will probably drop for 50% HP. You will zone him really hard in that levels.
At level 6 don't simply waste your taloncutthroat.png if you want to all-in him, wait him for go CSing and W + AA + Q him, he will probably retreat with riftwalk.png OR he will try to trade back by riftwalk.png to YOU. Either case he is fucked up, as in case 1 you would taloncutthroat.png to him, use talonshadowassault.png and AA him a little bit and finally 14.png him, and at case 2 you would use talonshadowassault.png, AA him, 14.png and kill him. If he flashes away you would still have taloncutthroat.png to kill him without even waste your 4.png.
Really easy match-up!




Wow, what an easy match-up.

Levels 1-3 don't get poked down by her bouncingblades.png, just W + AA her if she comes to cs at level 1, and at level 2-3, if she comes to cs, W + AA + Q her to drop her to 50%.
At levels 4-5, if you aren't getting poked down, an E + AA + Q + W + Some AAs will force her to recall or even kill her.
At level 6, whenever you can E + AA + Q + W her. She will put an ward and shadowstep.png in that ward every time you do this. When you see that she is low enough for an E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png, do this and kill her before she even can react.
Care with her roamings, you are much more useful in fights at botlane, so follow up her and just focus her down.




Pretty hard to snowball, and it's not hard for him to solo-kill you. Well, it's really difficult because:

3157.png is a Core Item for him
- You only kill him if he fucks up at levels 4-5, and while you have 3155.png and he still doesn't have 3157.png.
- When you have that early 3155.png you can beat him in a all-in but he can easily escape without even have to 4.png away, he can just use kennenlightningrush.png and laugh while escaping.

Only match-up that Talon need ganks or 3155.png to win. Play as usual (which is said in the "Laning Phase against Ranged Champions" section), but don't try anything stupid before 3155.png. Obviously, rush 3155.png in this match-up. When you have it, you can get 1 or 2 kills, but nothing more than this.




Pre-6 this lane can be considered a nightmare, despite you can kill her at level 4-5 if she screws up.

Play just like I adviced you to play in "Laning Phase against Ranged Champions", but here you need to be even more careful when going to a cs. If she can leblancchaosorb.png + leblancslide.png you when you go for a cs, DON'T GO FOR IT, just try to hit this minion and LeBlanc with your talonrake.png, else you will lose 50% of your health that early. BE EVEN MORE CAREFUL when she has level 2 and you is still level 1. If you take an leblancchaosorb.png + leblancslide.png while level 1, the lane is pretty much over, so don't even try to CS when she has level 2 and you have level 1.
At level 4-5, if she misses her W or use it to push the lane, there is window for an E + AA + Q + W + some AAs for 50-60% of her health. If you are able to do that, just start to play aggressively as the next combo will be her death, but only do this if she missed her leblancslide.png, else, you're pretty much dead.
At Level 6, your power spike is muuuch more stronger than LeBlanc's and most LeBlancs tend to underestimate you, so if she tries to combo you, wait she come back to her leblancslide.png and E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png her to death. LeBlanc is so squishy, 90% of times this will score a kill for you.




As always, at Level 1-2 stay away from her minions as she will spam lissandraQ.png, so only go for last hits.

At Level 3 you will have 2 points in talonrake.png, so you can trade poke with her, just try to dodge her lissandraQ.png, you can win the trade even if she hits it, but avoid it.
At Level 4-5 if she doesn't have much more minions than you have, feel free to E + AA + Q + W her, SPECIALLY if she just wasted her lissandraQ.png. If she has so many minions, just keep trying to hit her with your talonrake.png.
At Level 6 don't hesitate to E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png BUT DO IT FAST, specially the 14.png, as she will lissandraR.png only at the end of your combo, so as she will be 14.pnged she wont heal so much so just wait her to go off her ultimate and try to get a kill. You can do this until she have a 3157.png.




At levels 1-2, stay away from her minions, only go for last hits, and you still have to be really careful with her poke, as if you get 1 cs for half of your health in level 1 or 2, the lane is pretty much over, as you don't have how to trade back. If she zones you from a caster minion, try to talonrake.png the minion + 99.png.

At level 3, put another point in talonrake.png, and trade some poke with her, but DO NOT take an luxlightbinding.png + luxlightstrikekugel.png combo as you will lose the trade pretty hard. Just dodge one of these skills.
At level 4-5, just like against 25.png, you can bait her luxlightbinding.png. If you was successfully poking her, and he has like 75% health, you can walk towards her, wait her to throw her luxlightbinding.png and dodge her luxlightbinding.png by comboing E + AA + Q + W in her, and retreat.
At level 6 you can do the same trick, but you can still win an all-in without even doding her luxlightbinding.png. Anyway, poke her down to 60-75% and E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png her to death. If she doesn't has defensive spells, she is now dead or used her 4.png, if she brought defensive spells, it's worth it to full combo her so that she uses that spells, and in the next all-in, you just 100-0 her. Good luck!




At Level 1-2, she pushes so much, don't try to out push her, just stay away from her minions and only go for last hits.

At Level 3, put another point in talonrake.png and start to poke her down. Just be careful to not take an darkbindingmissile.png + tormentedsoil.png as it will hurt you a lot.
At Level 4-5, it's really easy to bait her darkbindingmissile.png. When she is low enough to an small all-in, like 60% of health, start walking towards her and when she throw her darkbindingmissile.png, just E + AA + Q + W and continue AAing her as she doesn't have her darkbindingmissile.png. It can give you possibly a kill, force her to recall, or a really good trade.
Try to do the same thing for level 6, when she darkbindingmissile.png you, E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png her to death. If she is even lower than 60%, you don't even need to bait her darkbindingmissile.png, just go ham on her with E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png.




In Top Lane, this match-up can be considered Hard, but in mid-lane, you can actually win it pretty easy, as it is easier to keep the trades short.

This is the only melee lane that you will wait your opponent to start the trade, DO NOT engage on her if she has her skills up!
Levels 1-3 (upgrade your talonrake.png for the second time at level 3), keep farming and waiting for her to engage on you or wait her to waste a skill. Either way, if you are level 1, W + AA her and if you are level 2-3, W + AA + Q her. Your combos are much faster than hers, so just combo her and get out. If you didn't take her full combo, you probably won the trade.
Levels 4-5, DO NOT use your taloncutthroat.png to engage on her if she didn't wasted any skill. Wait her to start a trade with you, if she does, W + AA + Q her, and if the trade keeps so long, she will probably use her 3rd riventricleave.png, when you see the animation of her 3rd riventricleave.png, E on her, so you wont be knocked up. If she waste or misses any skill and you have all your cooldowns up, then you just E + AA + Q + W her and win that trade so hard.
At Level 6, her power spike is as strong as yours, but you have more poke with your talonrake.png. Believe me, if she drops to 75% trading with your W + AA + Q or just simply by being poked down by your talonrake.png, you can just 100-0 her so easily, without any reactions, with an E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png + some AAs.
Who gets killed first will just be f**ked up in lane.


Twisted Fate


Pretty squishy guy, stay behind your caster minions and dodge his wildcards.png early on.

Levels 1-2 as I said before, stay behind your caster minions and don't get poked. At Level 3, you will upgrade your talonrake.png again and trade some poke with him, dodging his wildcards.png you should win trades every time your talonrake.png is up.
At Levels 4-5, you can go for an E + AA + Q + W + some AAs on him and even if you get stunned, win the trade pretty hard. If you combo him like this a second time, he will die or flash.
Oh, the Level 6. What can he do? Just freeze the lane and if he even thinks he can farm without being punished, go for a E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png + AAs on him. He will be dead 90% of the times.




One of the easiest ranged match-ups.

Early levels stay behind your caster minions so you don't get poked down.
Levels 1-2 nothing to do, just stay behind your caster minions getting the last hits and if he hits level 2 first try to last hit a minion with talonrake.png and hit him too.
Level 3 it's a little bit different than usual ranged match-ups, he lacks all-in damage soo hard pre-6, so click on him and put your mouse in his armor. Check his ADDITIONAL armor (the green one), if its greater than 6, just don't go as the risk to lose all-in is higher than you want it to be. In that case just upgrade talonrake.png and trade poke with him as he won't outdamage your talonrake.png with 2 points. Else, if he doesn't even have armor in his runes, upgrade your talonnoxiandiplomacy.png and start to E + AA + Q + W him as he won't be able to trade back.
Levels 4-5 you can be so aggressive, he just is shit against AD champions, whenever he tries to farm just E + AA + Q + W.
At Level 6, if he is low enough (like 75% and have no 21.png or 7.png or if he have, like 60%) you can just E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png + some AAs on him so he is dead.
Good luck! This is so easy!




In this match-up, if you want to farm properly, you want to dodge as much viktordeathray.png's as you can in pre-6.

This is a really bully lane pre-6, just make sure you CS, but don't lose 50% of your health for it.
Levels 1 and 2 just stay away from his minions, just go for last hits and if you think you will get zoned from his caster minions, just try to hit the minion and Viktor with talonrake.png.
Level 3, as you will have 2 points in talonrake.png, you can try to trade with him, if you dodge viktordeathray.png and hit the two parts of talonrake.png you will win the trade really hard. If you are successfully winning this trades, you can try an all in at level 4-5 with an E + AA + Q + W IF HE ISN'T RUNNING DEFENSIVE SPELLS. If you didn't poked him enough or have less health than him, you can even die, or lost the lane in that trade, so be careful.
At level 6, try to poke him down to 75% or less and E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png him to death. You win this all-ins even if you get stunned by his viktorgravitonfield.png.




This lane is easy, but it can turn on hard if you don't know how to deal with his passive. DON'T TAKE A SINGLE EMPOWERED Q. Levels 1-2, as the laning phase section says, stay away from minions, only go for last hits and retreat again. Do not take his Q to get caster minions, just talonrake.png the caster minions and try to hit him too. Level 3 you will point another point in talonrake.png and trading poke with him, as if you talonrake.png him and retreat, he won't get in range to vladimirtransfusion.png you and you will win the trade. at level 4, if you are sure that his Q Passive, Crimson Rush, will not enable, talonrake.png him, if you hit the 2 parts of talonrake.png, E + AA + Q him. Generally doing this combo for a second time will be fatal, but DON'T FORGET to 14.png him when you see that can kill you, as you can't 14.png him while he is in vladimirsanguinepool.png and will just escape.

Level 6 poke him to 75% and E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png him FAST, as all Vladimirs will not use vladimirsanguinepool.png early and you can kill him even before he pools. Trust me, he won't pool before you combo him unless he is idiot enough to pool when you E him, then he will lose 20% of his health (the cost of the spell), so just stop comboing and wait him to approximate to farm again, and go ham as he doesn't have his pool anymore.
Seriously, don't hesitate to full combo a Vladimir as most of them will use their pool too late and your combo is very fast. Do not forget to 14.png him early in all-ins as he has so much healing.




This match-up in pre-6 for unexperienced Talon players can be considered medium, but I consider it pretty easy. It's kinda annoying because of his passive, when you are seeking for trades use W on him before trading as you can't drop him to 50% health with your W + AA + Q if he has passive, but when he doesn't have passive, it is a free trade, just don't keep it long. At level 4, if you are doing well and he doesn't have his passive up, you can E + AA + Q + W him to death. If in any time he yasuoW.png your W, stop trading immediately as your auto-attacks will be not empowered by your passive. At level 6, he is a free kill every time he doesn't have passive up and yasuoW.png as if he windwalls one blade of your ultimate, all the blades will disappear and you will only have the invisibility of your ultimate. But most of Yasuo players won't be fast enough to windwall your ultimate, and most of them don't even know what Talon does, so don't worry about it, just go and fast combo him with E + AA + Q + R + W




Your levels 1-3 wrecks his as long as you don't take amplified damage from shuriken (just stay behind minions as zedQ.png does more damage to the first target it hits) with W + AA and W + AA + Q.

At level 4-5, if he misses an W + E + Q combo, you are able to punish him soooo hard. E + AA + Q + W in his face and continue auto-attacking as he has no abilities while you still has the slow from your W and will have empowered AAs. At level 6, you win an all-in really easy if you ult him before he ults you. If he miss his W or W + E + Q, just E + AA + Q + R + W him and if he even dares to ult you, he has only 10-20% health, just finish him with 14.png. If he ults you first, Press R, wait a little bit so he has less time to attack you with his mark, and then boom, E + AA + Q + W him and 14.png him, you won.




This match-up is medium if he has no defensive summoner spells, but if he has, you can consider this match-up hard.

Levels 1-2, as you know, just stay behind your caster minions and only go for last hits. Try to dodge as much as possible from his ziggsq.png and don't take a cs for 50% of your health, he has too much damage.
Level 3 upgrade for the second time your talonrake.png and dodge his ziggsq.png before trading with him. If he go for a cs you can safely talonrake.png him without the risk of being out-traded.
Levels 4-5, you may trade with him, but ONLY when he just missed his ziggsq.png and don't go too deep as he will just kite you down. If you don't feel that safe, just keep trying to harass him with your talonrake.png and farming.
At Level 6, IF you didn't get poked down and he is like 75% without defensive SS, or if he is like 60% with defensive SS, you can go in for an E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png. He can't outdamage you at Level 6, but he can kill you if you got poked down.
Good Luck!




This champion is currently a popular mid-laner, and this match-up is SO EASY.

Level 1-2 let him zone you, stay behind your caster minions and only go for auto-attacks when it's an last hit.
Level 3 dodge his timebomb.png and as you will have 2 points in talonrake.png, just talonrake.png him and win that trade. Do this everytime your talonrake.png is up.
Levels 4-5 is not that hard to get one kill. Even if he is 75% you can kill him with an E + AA + Q + W + keep AAing + 14.png. Just wait him to throw his timebomb.png, then before the bomb lands in you, just E him and combo. He will have no answer and if he is not that near of his turret he will 4.png or die.
Level 6 this lane is a total nightmare to Zilean, as you will 100% of the times get his Ultimate with your E + AA + Q + R + W as he is so squishy. After he used his ult, he will revive with half of his health, so you can easily zone him or kill him if he is stupid, as an E + AA + Q + W + some AAs will kill him.

Introduction Back to Top

Hi, I am a brazilian player. My nickname is Talonely. I am currently the #70 Talon in BR server and #520 world according to LoLSkill. I know isn't much, but I just came back to ranked last month, I'll probably climb in Talon's rank and in elo soon. I'm currently Diamond IV. Anyway, you probably don't want to know about me, you want to learn how to play Talon, ok? So, let's go.

First of all, special thanks to Vapora Dark. I learned many things from the laning phase and lane ganks of Talon with his guide a long time ago (he have this guide since Season 3). I'll link his YouTube and his guide in the last section.
My English is not the best, so expect some errors, but I think the guide will be pretty understandable.

First thing you need to now is to read the ENTIRE guide and take every single detail that I put in this guide in count. If I am writing it here, it's because I think it's an important thing.
Second, do not read only the match-ups, read the Laning Phase sections first.
Let's roll!

About Match-Ups Back to Top

Well, don't read only the match-ups, as it doesn't contains important details. First read the "Laning Phase Against Ranged Champions" or "Laning Phase Against Melee Champions" or read the entire guide before starting to read the match-ups.

Thanks for the attention.

Champions to ban when playing Talon Back to Top

Well, in the new Champion Selection, you only have one champion to ban. There are quite a lot champions that you can ban when you are planning to play Talon, so you should choose the champion considering your elo (if you are low elo and the champion is hard to play you shouldn't ban him, etc.), the one that you mostly hate, etc.

7.png - This isn't a hard lane to survive, as post-6 you just wreck her, but it's so hard to snowball, its annoying pre-6 with her harass and post-6 she will just escape of the death most of the times. Medium Skill Cap.
50.png - This champion is still not in champion match-ups because I only played once against the reworked Swain, and believe me, if you don't kill him before his first back, you won't kill him anymore. SO Hard to snowball, at level 6 if he only have a 1056.png he still can be bursted, but more than this you won't be able to burst him in a single combo. Best mid-laner ban. Low Skill Cap.
203.png - With that strong early ganks, they can win the lane for your opponent. Besides that, they have kindredR.png, and Talon just doesn't like immortality, if she ultimates your target, it's likely that your target will stay alive and you won't have anything to answer. Best jungler ban. Medium Skill Cap.
64.png - That early ganks can be even stronger than 203.png's ganks if he hits blindmonkqone.png on you. Besides that, if he hits blindmonkeone.png  on you, his team will be able to see you while in talonshadowassault.png. Very High Skill Cap.
26.png - Even though it's an easy match-up in the mid-lane, in any role when mid-game reaches he will be a nightmare in team fights. Whoever you try to burst will be chronoshift.pnged by Zilean and you will be useless in that fight, except for the AoE damage, which is nothing game-changing. Medium Skill Cap to land his skillshots, but for his ultimate I would say that you should consider as Low Skill Cap when playing any assassins.
40.png - You simply won't like to play against Janna, it may look a squishy support, and it is, but she has so much peel and you won't be able to kill her and her peel target in mid-late game. Best support ban. - Medium Skill Cap


How to use the Skills Back to Top

No, I will not describe Talon's skills for you, because you already know that.

I will teach you how to correctly use them.

talonpassive.png Mercy: Talon's Passive. It give you +10% damage in your auto-attacks when you are auto-attacking an enemy that is slowed/stunned/immobilized/silenced. This is amazing against melee champions and it's decent against ranged champions. Knowing how to use this and auto-attack reseting with your Q (I'll talk about it soon) it's basically how you win the lane as Talon vs melee champions. Guess what skill in Talon's kit have a slow? Exactly, his W talonrake.png. So, when against melee champions, every single time that you talonrake.png them, make sure to follow it up with at least one auto attack. This auto attack will be empowered by your passive and will proc Thunderlord's Decree, as if you hit the 2 parts of the talonrake.png you will gain 2 stacks in Thunderlord's Decree. Your Q counts as an auto-attack, but now I will tell you how to cancel the auto-attack animation with your Q, in other words, you will hit 2 auto-attacks in the time of 1 auto-attack, getting even more benefit from this passive.
talonnoxiandiplomacy.png Noxian Diplomacy: Talon's Q. Talon strikes his target. This is the most important skill in Talon's kit. Ok, it does quite a lot of damage, but that's not the point. What makes it so important is the auto-attack reset function. Basically what you will need to do is to use your Q right after the auto-attack damage procs. This way you will get 2 auto-attacks in the time of 1 auto-attack. This is SO IMPORTANT in all parts of the game. Master this so much, because you will note that you will be bursting enemies much faster and winning much more trades that you used to win. Some classic combos are:
AA - Q (obviously)
W - AA - Q (this combo is used maaany times against melee champions)
E - AA - Q - W (against ranged champions in lane)
E - AA - Q - R - W (burst)
talonrake.png Rake: Talon's W. Talon sends out a volley of daggers that return to him. Well, this skill is more than just press W and harass your opponent. At level 1, it's worth one auto-attack of damage and consumes 60 mana points. It's only worth it to use level 1 harass against melee champions followed up by auto-attacks. Against rangeds, you will use this skill to farm the caster minions AND hit your opponent with Rake at the same time, so you can farm the caster minions without over-extending and still harass a bit your opponent. At level 3, most of the times you will put a point in this skill again. Now you can trade even better with melees and against rangeds you do more damage in your only ranged form of harassing, so now you can start to throw W's more often to farm and hit them at the same time (sometimes you can just throw your W at their faces as now, at level 2, this skill do more damage).
taloncutthroat.png Cutthroat: Talon's E. Not much to say here, upgrade this skill at level 4 against melee champions (most of the times) and upgrade this skill at level 2 against ranged champions (in case your jungler gank or to escape ganks, DO NOT use this in your enemy at level 2 or 3 (most of the times) as you will only have your E and your W, and the AA reset is important to trade against them). Make sure that you AA + Q every time you E in your enemy, do not E + Q as you will do less damage. You can also put a ward and E in a jungle minion to escape from dangerous situations. Your E also amplifies the damage that you cause, so don't forget to use him even against melees when you are level 4 or more.
talonshadowassault.png Shadow Assault: Talon's R (Ultimate). You gain a lot of power spike with this skill, one of the bests power spike in the game. Against a ranged champion without 3191.png and with 75% health, you will probably 100-0 him. Against melee champions, only Fizz will win an all-in in with Ultimate assuming that he has the same or more health than you, if you don't dodge his ult with your taloncutthroat.png, and after you get an 3155.png you will win an all-in. All other melee champions cannot win you assuming that both are with same health, same price items and have summoner spells up. The combo with ultimate is E + AA + Q + R + W. Why W comes after R? Simple, your R will come back to you after you use an skill or auto-attack, this means that using W after your R will do a very fast combo with no chance to react. Always use W after your R. About the stealth that this skill gives you, do NOT use it in the laning phase unless you want to use it to escape from a gank. Early on you NEED the extra damage that the first part of your ultimate gives you (it does damage each time it passes through enemies). Later on, to lane gank ADCs/AP Carries, you may use this ultimate to invisibility (make sure that they don't see any blade of your ultimate).

Now that you know how to properly use 91.png's skills, let's go for the Laning Phase!

Laning against Melee Champions Back to Top

Those are the easiest.

Level 1-2

Upgrade talonrake.png at level 1 and talonnoxiandiplomacy.png at level 2
You are in a really strong position here against squishy melee mid laners, as you have empowered auto-attacks by talonpassive.png and procs Thunderlord's Decree soooo fast with W + AA and your W + AA + Q combo will do a ridiculous damage in under a second. You need to prioritize farming above all things, but I recommend you to W + AA your enemy every time they go last hit a minion at level 1 and at level 2, W + AA + Q them for 50% of their health. Take care with over extending auto-attacking your enemy as Talon only have strong AAs when empowered by his passive and his Q up as it gives you an auto-attack reset, and if you continue to auto-attack your enemy, you may end up losing the trade.

Level 3

You are probably winning trades and wanting to upgrade taloncutthroat.png for try a kill, but don't do this unless your enemy has less than 25% of health. You don't want to risk your lane if your enemy isn't too low as taloncutthroat.png does no damage. Put a second point in talonrake.png either losing the lane or winning the lane and continue to W + AA + Q and farming. Your W + AA + Q combo with an second point in talonrake.png is even more ridiculous and you can make your enemy Recall, or even kill 
him if he underestimates you.

Levels 4-5

If you have 2 points in talonrake.png, learn taloncutthroat.png. If you don't, put another point in talonrake.png. Now you can either combo your enemy with the old W + AA + Q, or you can E + AA + Q + W, or you can W + E + AA + Q. I really recommend that if you are not winning your lane that much, or even losing, do not use your E until you can dodge one skill of your opponent, or he just wasted it, for instance, dodging Zed's W + E + Q and going on him to combo an E + AA + Q + W will just win the lane for you as he will drop from 100% to 40%, while you will keep your HP. If you are confident and is winning your lane, you can combo your enemy even if he doesn't used any skills, as you will probably win the trade.
Remember, if you are confident, you can add some more auto-attacks in the ends of this combos, they are only to help you how to combo properly.

Level 6

Oh yeah, finally the godlike Talon powerspike. If you rushed level 6 or was winning the lane in the past levels, this is the time to get a kill, even if you already have some kills. If your enemy is 100%, I recommend poking him a bit before doing this. Go in with an E + AA + Q + R, if you see that you will win that all-in, just W your opponent, ignite him and continue to auto-attack. If you think you cannot kill him, go back and press R again, or just W your opponent and retreat. Remember, the only difficulty you will probably have here will be against Fizz, and if he waste his E you still can go for an all-in even before going to get a Hexdrinker.

Laning against Ranged Champions Back to Top

Forget all that you just read in how to lane against melee champions. Well, almost all.

Talon is really dominated by ranged champions early on. But as soon he put some points in his W he will easily trade with them. With his Ultimate, in a clear 1v1, he will always win.

DO NOT stay near from your opponent minions. Stay behind your caster minions or your opponent will poke you without even needing to over extend! Do not keep auto-attacking minions or even near them. Let your opponent push the lane, do not take free harass. Only go near your opponent minions when you need to last hit.

Level 1-2

Well, at this levels against ranged champions, you are USELESS. Do not use your W to only poke, use your W to farm caster minions and poke your opponent at the same time, ONLY FOR THAT (in that levels) because your W don't do any damage and consumes a lot of mana. Stay away from the enemy minions and only go for last hits on the front minions, to last hit the caster minions you W them, and try to hit your opponent with it. At level 2, you learn taloncutthroat.png unless you are getting really hard pushed, in that case you upgrade your talonnoxiandiplomacy.png to last hit minions under your turret. You will need that taloncutthroat.png to follow up ganks or escape from ganks (using it in a minion), while you will only need to use talonnoxiandiplomacy.png to last hit under your turret in that levels. Keep doing the same thing you was doing at level 1.

Level 3

Is your opponent with less than 50% health? Yes, I know that he isn't, so just upgrade your talonrake.png. If he is, he probably was ganked by your jungler, in that case you would upgrade talonnoxiandiplomacy.png  and try to kill him with an E + AA + Q + W and ignite. But this case is veeeeeeery rare to happen. If he has more than 50%, you probably can't kill him, you will just lose so hard an all-in as they are ranged champions and will continue auto-attacking you while you retreat, so just put a second point in talonrake.png. Now, continue to do the same thing you was doing at the past levels, only go near the minions for last hits. But now, as your W will do more damage, you now can win trades only using your W. When you feel that you can get some free poke, throw your W on your enemy, and you will see that this causes a good amount of damage compared to a level 1 talonrake.png. If you can poke your enemy enough, even if isn't too much, you can kill or force him to recall at level 4, depending on the match-up.

Level 4-5

Now you have windows to play aggressively. If your opponent uses an skill, like 103.png's ahriseduce.png or ahriorbofdeception.png and misses it, you can go and E + AA + Q + W them. If they take this combo a second time, it can be fatal. Even if they didn't missed anything, there are times you feel confident enough to combo your opponent, for example when you have a bigger minion wave or poked him enough with talonrake.png. If you still think you can't handle an all-in, keep poking your enemy with talonrake.png until you think you can kill them. It can happen before or after the Level 6.

Level 6

Yeah, now you have your power spike. Does your enemy is still level 5? What are you waiting for?? Go and E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png them for death! Of course, be EXTREMELY careful with that 21.png or 7.png mid-laners. If he was Level 5 and wasn't running any defensive spells, he is now probably dead. If he isn't, push the lane and recall.
Do you both have Level 6? If he is 75% or less, go ham on him with E + AA + Q + R + W + 14.png. If he has 21.png or 7.png and used it, stop to hit them and retreat. The next time your talonshadowassault.png is up and he has less than 75% health, you will probably kill them. If he is using 14.png or 3.png, you probably killed him. Remember, if you see that you will lose an all-in, use the second part of your ult to retreat to your turret in invisibility, but against ranged champions this will not happen often.

How to combo with Tiamat Back to Top

So, you finished 3077.png, now your combos will be a little bit different.

Now you have TWO auto-attack resets. You now have the AA + Q reset, and the AA + 3077.png reset. Some people don't know, but 3077.png's active cancels auto-attack animation and does damage worth an auto-attack. Believe or not, 2 fast auto-attacks will increase your burst potential.
Now your combos will change a little bit:
W + AA + Q + 3077.png
E + AA + Q + W + AA + 3077.png
E + AA + Q + R + W + AA + 3077.png
So, resuming, the combos are the same, but now you add an AA + 3077.png in the end, and then, your enemy is probably dead, or, in the case of wave clearing, the wave is cleared. :D

By the way, 3077.png also helps a lot to push your lane and go roaming.

Mid Game Back to Top

In Mid Game, what you want to do is to push your lane as fast as you can and go roaming, specially to bot lane.

If you feel that you can still burst your opponent before he flashes away or go roaming like you, go and do that.
Roam even more if you have your 3142.png + 3009.png ready, as you just gain incredible movement speed for roamings and chasing ADCs.
In this stage of the game, dragon fights are soooo common. Be present in all of them, as 91.png is one of the mid laners with most AoE damage, and if you burst that squishy 222.png with an E + AA + Q + R + W, you will still deal area damage in all the dragon area.

Split Pushing with Talon Back to Top

You may laugh of me, but, in Mid Game, 91.png is a great split-pusher. With W + AA + Q + AA + 3077.png, an entire cannon wave is dead, and turrets will fall reaaaally fast with 91.png's AA + Q, that will have low cooldown at this stage of game.

When you pushed enough to unite a giant minion wave, it's obvious that the enemy ADC will come to farm that giant wave. This is where the Lane Gank enters. Read the next section for more.

Lane Ganking Back to Top

When there is an squishy champion farming alone in a lane, Talon can easily use talonshadowassault.png to stealth and with 3142.png + 3009.png, reach in that squishy enemy 157.png67.png and E + AA + Q + W him/her. He/she will be pretty dead and you can push that wave to their turret again.

Team Fights Back to Top

It's really hard to stay alive in Team Fights as Talon when you don't have flash, because you always kill someone, deal a lot of AoE damage, but then you have no escape and you are in the middle of a fight. What I recommend is to wait your team start a fight, activate 3142.png, E + AA + Q their ADC or APC (if APC have 3157.png you may prefer going to the ADC), press R and then CALM DOWN. Try to stay in a place that you can W the most number of enemies, and then boom, your W + Ult just dealt a lot of AoE Damage. Get out of that fight until your E is up again so you can E + AA + Q + W again.

I recommend to start fights only when their ADC don't have summoner spells and is really near from you and you are strong enough to kill him with an E + AA + Q + R + W, because if you stay there auto-attacking, you will just die and throw the game.

Some videos Back to Top

Hi, I made a new channel today. If you liked the guide and want to see some Talon highlights and full gameplays soon, click here and subscribe.

Here is some Talon highlights in ranked games (yep, I play ADC Talon sometimes):

Read here please!! Back to Top

Well, that's it for now. This guide is in Work In Progress, so you are always welcome to visit here again to see more match ups, more sections, and updated builds.

Any doubts about a specific match-up? Laning Phase? Build? Post it in comments that I will try to help you!
Please, if I helped you, leave me a positive feedback by clicking in the thumbs up. Thanks!

Also, I don't know Vapora Dark, but I learned so much Talon with him, so if you want to know some more, click here to see his guide.

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