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Summoner Spells Back to Top

ALWAYS 3.png now, as many ADCs are having a tough time, you want as much peel as possible and 14.png is simply too offensive for a relatively passive/utility based support.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Windspeaker's is DEFINITELY the keystone to use now, your shatter.png  shield is buffed, as well as your taricq.png heal, the extra armor/mr they will give on top of their usual effects is essential to help your carries survive. 45% CDR for that 55 second ult cooldown. Bandit is a must because you're support, as is secret stash since the other two are useless on you. Wanderer is required to roam and meditation for the mana regen. 

For resolve, I pick Insight and Explorer for more clutch 4.png+tarice.png and 3.png to peel, and movement speed to engage and dodge in brushes respectively.

Abilities Back to Top


Max shatter.png first now because the % armor it will give your bonded ally more extra armor and a huge shield, this allows you to save many a teammate by providing a large shield before they engage or while disengaging if they are on low health. Despite your stun being AoE and the damage increase being quite big, the heal on your Q will be amazing at max level, if you do not max this second, it is extremely weak and the heal is neglibible. Here's the simple maths:

180 w/ 3 charges (let's assume you don't have masteries/items for the purpose of this and we're gonna go with just the base scaling).
Since it is AoE, it can apply on all of your allies. This means the net heal can be at least 900hp, this number will only get higher once you include all the above mentioned factors, so you can see how strong it can be when used with good positioning.

TL;DR  Max R>W>Q>E


This is key to winning trades and fights as Taric, whenever you cast an ability, you will gain extra damage and attack speed on your next 2 auto attacks and on top of that they will reduce your abilities' cooldowns (not including your ult's) by 1 second (this changes with CDR), however, your imbue.png's cooldown is reduced by significantly more.

Any good Taric player should be able to rotate their abilities' order effectively. For example, dazzle.png (to stun), AA - AA, shatter.png, AA - AA, imbue.png, AA - AA etc. in this way, you can dish out more damage (it is most important early game!) and have your abilities up a lot more often. 

NB: The extra attack speed is useful when pushing towers so use abilities in the same way when trying to push!

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start
    Ward control is vital!

Core Items

    Sightstone before Targon's. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE TO RED TRINKET!
    Usually rush this
    If they have some serious CC/magic damage
    Amazing: CDR, armor and aura are great for you.
    AoE shield can turn a fight, gives both resistances.
    Synergises well with your heal, CDR, health and HP regen are great too

Situational Items

    Have not tried these much but Stoneplate seems amazing as you are typically in the enemy's faces in fights.
    Getting chunked with crit?
    Need more MR and protection vs. CC?
Starting Items
2009.png2009.png2009.png3302.png3340.png > The only starting items you should go...

1st back
2049.png3341.png/3364.png1001.png > Back with a minimum 800g to get a sightstone, vision saves lives, preferably get boots with it for you to hit your stun easier and a 2055.png.
2nd back
2303.png > Finish your support item for the HP, HP regen. and to get an extra ward with your 2049.png you CAN get 3047.png if your lane is not going favourably or you are stomping as the extra speed lets you hit stuns more reliably and the armour ensures that you will not die and therefore maintain a lead.

Gonna stop numbering these but in this order:
3047.png 3024.png > This is a pretty big spike in both your tankiness, damage AND utility, this back provides 10% CDR for more abilities, 55 armor, 250 mana, 20 movement speed and the 10% auto attack damage reduction...all for a reasonable 1800 gold.

3110.png> 20% CDR, tons of armour and mana as well as a strong aura.
3190.png > This is next MOST of the time since their AP Mage will start to be dealing damage even through your Runes/Masteries and the AoE shield is useful, however, you can skip it if this is not the case.

3075.png3143.png3065.png3742.png > Which ones should you get? LOOK NO FURTHER...well...scroll a bit to see :D.

3075.png > They have heavy AD auto-attackers. Example comp:67.png ADC, 238.png Mid,  114.png Top, 104.png Jungle and any support - this is very rare though.

3143.png > They have a lot of crit damage (assuming that they are crit-based since most of them are, don't get this vs. non-crit based AD champs that are fed such as 91.png or 238.png ) and you want to stomp on their crits.

3065.png > Get this (first) 60% of the time as you have little MR at the moment and the AP mage will peak around this point.

3742.png > There is no AP threat and their comp consists of bruiser/tanks.

So, my build USED to include a 3102.png but I replaced it for a 3190.png due to its AoE shield being more useful for your team as a whole and since you are a utility support it fits better with your role as a protector.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Lulu
  • Morgana
  • Teemo
  • Thresh




He can bully you early but just dodge his hooks and get a banshee's late game then you'll be fine. Harass with stun if he overdrive.pngs towards you and let your adc hit him or move away. If he hits his hook, pop your shatter.png and stun the adc while you walk away but, again, do not all in this guy since he out damages you and is still quite tanky until mid game.




Pretty squishy so if she is out of position, stun her and enjoy the easy lane. Just dodge the tornadoes as well and stun her as soon as she ults so you minimise the amount of healing her team gets.




It's pretty obvious when a Leona is gonna engage so just save stun for as soon as she runs up to your ADC and then run away because she is tankier than you and deals a decent amount of damage.




Lulu has amazing peel and defensive power due to virtually all her abilities hindering you in some way; be careful when engaging post-6 as her ultimate's knockup can disrupt your combos if you're near her ADC, only trade if she misses her skillshots or is out of mana. In the worst case scenario, get your jungler to gank her early to prevent her from getting any pressure over you.




FUCK MORGANA...blackshield.png easily can be cast due to the slow particle speed of your stun and she can be like 21.png with hertormentedsoil.png.

Stay back and try to bait out her blackshield.png before going balls deep later, but generally avoid trying to fight until late game or big teamfights where she cannot spot your dazzle.png.




I had a game against Teemo support in ranked...long story short, we almost won before 20 mins and I went flawless. He is squishy and if he camps in a bush, so what? Just stuns him after a comes out of Stealth so he loses the bonus atck speed and is popped by your carry. Good times... Good times.

Note: Teemo can stop your reset from your passive with his blind (blindingdart.png) so make sure you wait for it to finish in order to fight.




Although he can poke you with auto attacks, his all in potential is usually beaten by your stun which can prevent their adc from following up after he lands a hook - just don't get flayed as well since you are not mobile and it can cause you to take too much damage to heal up.

Playing Taric (the important part) Back to Top

Alright, onto the key parts of the guide - how to use your items and abilities most effectively to peel, engage and (most importantly amirite :^)) make plays. This will be split into 4 sections, Early game/laning phase, Mid game/roaming phase, Late game/teamfighting phase and General rules to follow.

Early Game/Laning phase (Levels 1 - 6)
Level 1
This is a weak level for you, you should just rush level 2 for your stun and play very safe since you won't have any CC and Taric is a lot less tankier than he used to be.

Level 2
This is a MASSIVE spike in power, if you get the double stun, you will most likely get their 4.png7.png and maybe even their 3.png. Just don't overchase since you do not have your heal which is a key component in resetting abilities with your passive.

NB: This is rarer now as more people are accustomed to playing versus 44.png so I would say just continue playing passive now.

Level 3
At this point you want to play less aggressive, unless you know that they won't get level 3 in a while, if that is the case then you can trade pretty well, just try to have 3 stacks on your imbue.png so that it heals for at least a semi-decent amount - otherwise it's terrible.

Levels 4 and 5
Play passively and stall for 6, the enemy botlane will most likely have more damage/CC than you so you should just play it safe. Of course, if they are out of position, hit a stun and punish them but don't go too deep.

Alright, now the juicy part of Taric, his ult.
(NB: This ability is pretty difficult to use so don't be tilted/discouraged if you use it wrong but be aware of its long cooldown at early levels and be wise when you use it - don't waste it if you can tank tower without it etc., in the end, it's just practice though.)

At level 6, you have the ability to dive the enemy botlane, FOR A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME, unless the jungler ganks with you, you will NOT have enough tankiness to waste time under their turret, just engage on them while you charge ult, tank 3/4 shots max and then get outta there. This should be enough time for you to kill them and get out, without being too low for their jungler to get a free double. Simply playing passive is another, safer option as they cannot engage on you, even 3v2 so if you choose not to fight, this is also fine.

Mid Game/Roaming
Instead of writing the levels, I will split this into Warding, Roaming and Pushing.

As many people say, warding is a key part of winning games as any champion in any role, however, just plonking wards left and right is neither gold efficient, nor helping your team as well as you could/should. For this reason I've compiled a set of points that can give you a better idea of where to place your ward:

- 80% of the time it should be in a brush, not in a lane, examples of exceptions to this are warding baron/dragon since you can ward just between the edge of the pit and the river to get the most USEFUL vision from one ward.
- Wards in the enemy jungle are useful when ahead, however, if you are behind, it is safer to ward your own jungle since there is a lower chance you'll die while warding.
- Ward around objectives you/the enemy will go for, i.e. If one team is going for Baron, put some wards around it the 30 seconds (as an example) before it spawns.
2055.png are amazing, don't just use 2049.png.

Taric is AMAZING at roaming, you can get an easy stun from pretty far away by bonding with the laner and stunning straight afterwards, a simple combo I like to do if I see that my stun won't hit from my laner is to start casting my stun and around 0.8 seconds in (basically just as the stun hits) you flash onto the enemy, this shouldn't be dodgeable unless they happen to flash at the same time. You can also dive well (as mentioned above) but it should be a lot easier since it will be a 2v1 and therefore there will be less skillshots to dodge and only 1 person to focus down. Make sure that you let your laner know to go in before you ult, it has a 2.5 second cast time so you can't use it in the heat of the moment.

General Rules (The DOs and DON'Ts of Taric)
- Communicate with your team to let them know what you're doing, Taric is strongest when he is coordinating with others -> although most people should know what to do, DON'T ASSUME THAT THEY DO.
- Auto attack (twice) between abilities to reset your cooldowns -> this is KEY to being able to utilise your 45% CDR to the best of it's ability.
- Ward around objectives that you will do for SOON, there is no point warding dragon or around bot side if you're all top about to fight for baron. The same applies for taking out wards, if you want to know what the enemy team will go for, remember where they are warding and you should be able to use this information to your advantage in order to get other objectives while they are taking dragon or something.

- Waste ultimate early game, if you are not confident whether or not you should use it, it's probably a good idea not to use it. Having said that, if you just practice in normals, you'll get the hang of it so experiment all you want in them :D.
- Trade without shielding your ADC and healing on 3 stacks as this will minimise the amount that you will take, therefore letting you come out just that little bit ahead -> every little helps (totally not a Tesco's sellout Kappa123).
- Think that you are ALWAYS required to frontline, although Taric is still quite tanky, he isn't the monster he used to be in terms of tankiness, you should move between the front and back line, applying the techniques you will learn in Teamfighting.

Alright, time to get onto a crucial part of the guide - how to teamfight with Taric. Now, as Taric, I either do one of these things when fighting:
a) Protect the carries when we're initiating.
b) Engage.
c) Peel for the team when we're disengaging.

Here's a rundown on how to do each of them:
a) - Use your shatter.png on your strongest squishy before using tarichammersmash.png. Save dazzle.png for when an enemy tries to get near them, stun them and then cycle through your imbue.pngshatter.png and dazzle.png to protect them, making sure to move next to other carries to heal them with imbue.png as well.

b) - Depending on whether or not you're diving or high/low tier turret, you will want to either tarichammersmash.png then dazzle.png  +4.png combo, or dazzle.png first then  tarichammersmash.png. If you can take the damage you'll be taking for 3 seconds to make more out of your invulnerability, then stun first, otherwise ult first.

c) - shatter.png the person closest to the enemy who has no escapes and then use dazzle.png if they come just on the edge of the range to keep them as far away as possible. Make sure you don't miss though, it could cost your teammate their life.


Playing Taric is not boring like many people think, you run around being a walking steroid while chasing down stray carries to kill em...sorta like Blitz and Thresh. To master your combos (yeh he has dem dank combos) and duel a carry (albeit after a long time) when you have 250+ armor is the funniest thing since 238.png emote spams.

Try Taric and if you don't like him fair enough but give him a chance, he's a simple support that is easy to learn (in my opinion) the role with as well, if you are new to LoL. 

Also you can more easily carry in low ELOs, my other supports like Thresh and Bard who I am very proficient at for a Bronze/Silver player - I have won lane vs. High Plat and Diamond - do not work as well since a lot of co-ordination is required from the team to make them work to the best of theit ability...Taric doesn't need that, I have 1v1'd Mages and Assassins many times since you can do so much even by yourself. 
PS: Having said that, I must confess that 89.png has been my pick recently due to me getting fed up of others not following a good ult/stun that you pull off as 44.png, it used to be a rarer event but now it happens more often so I need a more obvious engager to rally my team until I get to gold where (hopefully), people maximise on your plays.

Taric Top Back to Top

I have finally found the best build and masteries for Taric top, so without further ado, let's begin :D

Summoner Spells:
Teleport should be taken most of the time since you can go bot and get an easy double kill by diving with tarichammersmash.png. Ignite can be taken against those with lots of healing such as: 36.png and 50.png.

Runes: the same as support

Masteries: oke.jpg

So, although you miss out on 5% CDR by not getting more points in cunning, the grasp keystone is so strong on Taric since you build a decent amount of health and thus a lot of regen/damage is obtained through this mastery. Sometimes I'll get Swiftness if the enemy have loads of CC but Legendary Guardian is usually better to go just for the resistances when you go deep in teamfights. The rest is really self-explanatory, summoner spell cooldown reduction for more 4.png dazzle.png is a lot better than some extra regen at low health since you are a LOT more offensive when going top.

Ability Leveling Order:
Go E>W>Q levels 1-3, then:
- If vs. more AD based team and lane max R>E>W>Q
- If vs. more AP based team and lane max R>E>Q>W

You want to max your shatter.png last against AP since the extra armor is wasted and as a result, imbue.png will be more useful (especially as most magic resist items give health that it scales off). The dazzle.png max is for an amazing duel and the ability to stick to your enemy if they run away.

The Standard -> 3068.png3047.png3065.png3025.png3143.png3512.png
Heavy AD -> 3068.png3047.png3025.png3075.png3110.png3143.png
Heavy AP ->3065.png3111.png3190.png3025.png3102.png3512.png (this hasn't been tested as much, but if they're heavy AP, then why pick Taric top anyway? HE'S MEANT TO COUNTER AD PEOPLE XD).

So, for most of these builds, your aim is to have great lane dominance early game, roam to help other lanes mid-game and EITHER splitpush if neither team is able to fight or act as a frontline and initiator in teamfights.

Early game
Taric can outduel most toplaners level 1 if you start the appropriate item ($ 4 pots vs AD Bruiser, $ 1 pot vs Tanks and $ vs High Sustain Tanks) although some notable exceptions are: $$ and $. Versus these guys you need to wait until you have enough resistances to take them on OR have level 6 before them since invulnerability wins a trade for obvious reason.

Mid game
Assuming you didn't lose lane too hard, you can $ to other lanes in order to help them ($ IS a support after all...) make sure you shove the lane in before you roam though, otherwise you may lose your turret! Another good objective you may want to go for if you are not able to roam but you are pushed is Rift Herald since the extra damagae reduction and damage on turrets aids in dueling and split pushing respectively.

How Good Am I? Back to Top

So I went on this cool site called apparently I'm the 266th best Taric in EUW and 489th best in the world. You should check it out! NB: These are not correct now as I have not been playing too much ranked in S7 due to exams etc. so I have not climbed back up, rest assured I should do in the following months ;p.


Synergies Back to Top

NB: In S7, Taric is now a great pick with almost any ADC as he provides peel and utility to help them survive which is their main problem right now so these are just bonus synergies IMO as the points (for the most part) still stand as they have not been reworked or nerfed majorly.

GOD TIER - The BEST ADCs for Taric to play with
236.png-> Super strong at all points in the game, his level 2 is infamously strong so if you hit that stun (easier due to his lucianE.png) then you can easily secure a kill and gain bot lane presence, this will snowball him into a monster that (should) carry your team to victory. I rate him a 10/10

67.png -> Amazing damage at level 2/3 with your stun + her condemn, you can keep the enemies immobilised for a good 2 seconds while she kills them. You also protect her very well early game by doing Taric things which helps her survive and get into her deadly late game. She also has good mobility with her tumble so hitting your stun when they don't expect it is a lot easier. I rate her a 9/10.

TIER 1 - The GOOD ADCs for Taric to play with

96.png-> Destructive late game like 67.png and you can protect him in a similar manner, having said that, he cannot 1v2 at all if you try to roam mid whereas many other ADCs can. This makes you more restricted and could potentially waste your time if you're not doing much bot lane. I rate him 7/10.

119.png-> Lots of kill potential throughout if you get 1 kill early since he snowballs hard and you have an amazing level 2. On the other hand, he relies fully on you to protect him if he gets jumped on, meaning that you cannot put your shatter.png on someone else for too long, otherwise he will not have the peel he needs to live. I rate him 8/10.

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