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Hello, ladies.

Look at your support, now back to me. Now back to your support, now back to me. Sadly, your support isn't me. But if he stopped playing wimpy peelers like Janna and Nami and switched to Taric, he could be like me.

Look down, back up, your carries are now invulnerable! Anything is possible when your support smells like gems and not the wind. I'm on a mountain.


Not sure any guide really needs to explain any more than this: "It's Flash." Escape from certain doom, pull of fancy flash-stuns, anything is possible when your support smells like Old Spice.

3.png Exhaust

Real men never let their carries get killed by rapscallions. Hinder their plans by giving them a healthy dose of justice. Taric needs as much peel as possible to protect those in need, and this provides just that.

Plebeian options:


If you're pumped up on caffiene and can't do anything else other than go uber-aggressive, you disgusting animal. Seriously though, if you're against a mega heal comp (like Soraka 16.png and Swain 50.png), then you might want to run ignite.

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Why Windspeakers 6363.png?

The way I like to play Taric, it's all about value, not tankiness. Give your teammates more stats, buffs, carry them through on your way to victory. Not only does Windspeakers boost the power of your heals and shields (in addition to the bonus from Forbidden Idol 3114.png and its upgrades), but it also gives them bonus Armor and Magic Resist.
That's some serious value right there.

You could take Colossus 6262.png or that other one 6263.png if you really wanted to, but I think the over-reliance on your E tarice.pnglanding makes it not as powerful.

If you miss your E tarice.png(casual detected) then you effectively don't have a mastery until it comes back, and even then, you can only use it once every 30 seconds. Windspeakers, on the other hand, is constant and has no cooldown.

Why Explorer 6221.png rather than Tough Skin 6223.png?

As I mentioned before, movement speed is absolutely critical if Taric wants to succeed in doing... Taric things. Having the extra boost in river and bush will make catching up, escaping and roaming just that little bit more effective. Besides, you don't need the auto reduction anyway as you'll be invulnerable taricr.png most teamfights.

Why are you so incredibly attractive?

Dunno, darling.

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So a lot changed in the most recent patch, this has been updated to reflect that. Thanks, Riot.

In order:
  1. A few points into Q taricq.png because the E stun is now the same at all ranks. Putting points into Q increases the maximum charges for heal, so it's important to get some early on.
  1. After you've put 3 or 4 points into Q taricq.png, max E tarice.png, because the reduced cooldown starts to become very necessary. You can start maxing E earlier if you aren't taking a lot of damage -> i.e. stomping lane.
  1. taricw.png,  last because it isn't very helpful to put points into early at all. The shield scales off your ally's Health, and the aura scales off your Armor, meaning it won't be very effective until later on when your team has a few items.
Of course, taking points into R taricr.png wherever possible.

Tips and Tricks:

You were probably expecting some kind of "this is what all of the abilities do" section. Because you are attractive enough to play Taric 44.png, therefore you also are intelligent enough to already know how to use his abilities.
Thus meaning I will not go into the basics.

Taric's kit is a lot more intricate than it may seem at first. That's a difficult sentence to make funny so you're just gonna have to deal with it. Here are a few nifty tips and tricks to take your gem skills to the next level:

taricpassive.png Passive: Bravado

  • How much your cooldowns are reduced by is based on your cooldown reduction stat. (Weird, right?)
  • It instantly gives you a charge of Q taricq.png (max. 5 at level 5 Q) since Patch 7.14.
  • You can hit anything to get the bonuses, including towers or inhibitors.
  • If you co-ordinate with your AD, the attacks are usually fast enough to kill wards before they go invisible. Cool, right?

taricq.png Q: Starlight's Touch

  • As with all your spells, this casts from your W taricw.png buddy too. Try to position yourself to hit as many people as possible within the area.
  • Although it's usually not very beneficial to use this ability on only one charge, you can use it for those extra BravadoTaric_Passive.png  procs if you desperately need your stun.

taricw.png W: Bastion

  • You can apply this to allies who are already linked, which still gives you both the shield.
  • In addition to the shield, you also get a Taric_Passive.png  Bravado proc, allowing you to reduce the cooldowns of your other more helpful (in a skirmish) abilities.
  • The Armor bonus you give to your ally applies to you as well, so stay near a buddy to get tankier.

tarice.png E: Dazzle

  • You're free to move while casting, so try and predict where the enemy will dodge.
  • When chasing, force enemies to walk up against walls. With only one direction they can juke, it will be way easier to land.
  • Stun right as your Bastion taricw.png buddy starts a dash for a surprise attack. Dazzle will finish its cast even if your ally leaves Bastion's range, and will land wherever they go to. Good candidates with telegraphed dashes are Lee Sin64.png, Vi 254.png, and Rengar107.pngHere's an example.
  • With how Bastion's ability copy works, you can actually stun in two different directions. Clever use of this can potentially stun entire teams in teamfights.
  • You can basic attack while the ability is casting, and it also resets your autoattack timer, allowing for some sneaky early Bravado Taric_Passive.png procs if you need them.

taricr.png R: Cosmic Radiance

  • Use this when your team goes for a big engage (e.g. with the three champions listed earlier). A completely invulnerable Vi 254.png  or Kled 240.png charging into the backline is quite scary.
  • If your team is not ahead, predict when your opponent is going to make an engage. They will either have to completely back out (hopefully wasting ultimates 9.png85.png), or engage on an invulnerable team.
  • You can actually send this through teleport 12.png if cast on a teleporting ally. This rarely has any use, but is pretty funny.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard for all melee supports
    Buy these all the time

Core Items

    Get these ASAP
    As soon as you have gold to spare
    Enemy has lots of AoE damage: Locket High-impact CC = Mikael's
    Swiftness is usually better, but get Mercs if you can't move in fights, and Tabi if CC isn't a problem
    If you got both of the above: then Ruby If not: Eye of the Equinox
    When Frozen Heart doesn't work, this is usually a good substitute. Also buy if you're ahead
    Always a good buy if the passive affects at least 2 players
    A very good lategame item

Situational Items

    Good alternative to Mikael's if they don't have much CC
    Critters keep oneshotting you and your Adc (Yasuo, Trynd)
    If they have too much waveclear and your team can't push
    If magic damage is a real problem
    Extra lategame AD hate
    If you really really need that extra shield

In case you prefer this style, here's a simple rundown of the thought processes in a game 

(If you already gathered all the information reading the above section, then skip this bit. Or don't!)

Laning Phase:

- Relic shield 3302.png Gives you and your ADC more sustain in lane

First back:

- Depends on how early you have to back
- Get either Targon's Brace3097.png, or both Targon's and Sightstone2049.png (with red trinket 3364.png)
- I wouldn't recommend rushing Sightstone as very early on it's not going to be that useful
- Boots 1001.png if you got kills and have 300g to spare 

Early Game:

- Buy Forbidden Idol asap 3114.png, and Sightstone 2049.png if you didn't get it already
- Control Ward up! 2055.png

Early-Mid Game:

At this point, start thinking about the enemy team comp and/or who is fed.


- General go-to: 3009.png
- Enemy has too many stuns: 3111.png
- CC isn't a big deal, and an autoattacker is fed: 3047.png


- Does their team have strong "pick" crowd control? (e.g. Lux 99.png Elise 60.png Morgana25.png)
- If yes, get Mikael's Crucible 3222.png
- Does the enemy team have a lot of Area damage? (e.g. Kennen 85.png Wukong 62.png Vel'Koz 161.png)
- If yes, get Locket 3190.png
- If you got at least one of these actives, get Ruby Sightstone 2045.png
- If none of these really apply, then buy Ardent Censer 3504.png if your team would benefit from the attack buffs.

Other items:

- Do the enemy have more than 2 strong autoattackers? (e.g. Yasuo157.png Kindred 203.png any ADC 119.png)
- If yes, get Frozen Heart 3110.png
- Are you pretty ahead and the enemy team is hard to catch? (e.g. Karma 43.png Jayce 126.png Ezreal 81.png)
- If yes, get Iceborn Gauntlet 3025.png


- Fill your build out with the situational items or core ones you missed, the specific scenarios are outlined above.
- Remember to always buy Control Wards! 2055.png

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Malzahar
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Thresh
  • Zyra




Pretty easy. If he jumps in, just stun and walk back. If he tries to disable your entire team, an ultimate tarichammersmash.png should stop his team from following up. 

Respect his CC, but you should be able to beat him in lane as well as in teamfights with superior sustain and peeling.




Hard to figure out what to say about this one.

Sure, him hooking an ally is an easy way to get an E stun dazzle.png into the enemy team, and your heals and shields will likely keep them alive, but there's not really a lot you can do to save teammates being hooked. You can't engage on him because he's just going to sanic overdrive.png out of there.

Just outsustain him and be prepared to shield.




This guy thinks he is manly? Hah. 

Braum likes to think he does your job, but you do it far better than him.

Braum's strength in lane comes from being able to block high-impact abilities with his E braumE.png, but your stun dazzle.png actually goes straight through it.

His feeble poke will be shrugged off by your shields and heals, and if he ever tries to engage on your beautiful ADC, a simple ultimate tarichammersmash.png will send him packing.



Massive pain. You're never going to be able to reach her, and even when you do she'll just net caitlynentrapment.png out to safety.

In laning phase, only bust her traps if you're absolutely sure she's not in range to headshot you. Although you can tank some poke with your heals and shields, Caitlyn usually has another annoying poke support so it might be more than you can handle.

What I suggest doing is getting your AD as much farm as possible, then pray your team can run her down later on. Difficult but not impossible.




Both peelers, but in different ways. She knocks people back, whereas you shield and heal them. It depends on the team comps which style is more effective. 

"What the hell does that mean, I just want to know how do I beat her"

Thing is, you're not going to be able to reach her, ever. What you should focus instead on doing is protecting your allies. As far as team-wide protection goes, you are a lot better.

Force her team to engage on you, and Janna 40.png won't be able to do anything.



Kited to oblivion.

I think you're well aware by now that Taric needs to be close to people in order to help. Karma, in case you didn't notice, is the absolute expert of "get the flaming flip away from me". Meaning, of course, you'll land about 3 stuns tarice.png on her all game.
Of course, there's still plenty you can do. Using your teammates to extend the range on your stun is an efficient strategy, plus you have sustain in your healing taricq.png and she doesn't.

Just stay alive in lane and use your superior utility later on in the game to get the edge over her. Simple.



Leona's engage is so incredibly telegraphed that it's braindead easy to play around. This one really doesn't require any special explanation.



You are not hitting this guy with E dazzle.png.Ever. He will save his dash, and you will be sad.

Instead, try to aggress hs support. In most cases you go for a stun on them, which will make Lucian immediately dash lucianE.png into your ADC, at which point you turn on him.

Using this tactic I normally beat Lucian in lane. It does depend on the support though. Don't go for a support that you need your stun to disengage from, like 89.png Leona.
Your ultimate tarichammersmash.pngcounters Lucian's ultimate lucianR.png perfectly, so predict when he's going to use it.



Lulu is a HUGE pain. Annoying in lane, she'll probably be able to poke you out with Q's taricq.png obscene mana costs.

In addition to her having (arguably) superior utility - both offensive and defensive - she can also polymorph luluw.png you rendering you unable to use ult taricr.png in a fight. Which is pretty bad.

Any targets you catch with stun can also be wild growth'd lulur.png, meaning even if you catch her she's rarely dead, and she can kite back fairly easily.

Try your best to get ahead in lane, and make sure to get full value out of your ult taricr.png. It's all you really have to try and one-up this utility powerhouse. Not fun.



The unexpected newcomer to the support meta, Malzahar has really been shaking up things in the botlane. Hasn't shaken it up enough to beat the Gemster though.

Voidlings will have almost no impact, as you can heal taricq.png back most of his poke, prevent damage with shield taricw.png, and your passive taricpassive.png auto resets will let you and your AD whomp them almost instantly.

Malz is also very vulnerable to being engaged on in lane, just get you or your AD to knock off the passive malzaharpassive.png and you're good to go.

Your ultimate taricr.png also does well against his malzaharr.png, it's fairly easy to predict when he's going to use it, and if you ult beforehand in an engage - he either has to 1) ult an invulnerable target, or 2) ult someone else that isn't optimal , both of which are ideal situations.




A pain. 

You know how the only crowd control in your kit is a fairly easy to avoid stun? dazzle.png Oh yeah, she can negate that completely.

You can't block her crowd control, so it's likely the land will be a stand-off, with you just healing up the poke.

The only saving grace is that her ultimate soulshackles.png is so telegraphed, you can just ult tarichammersmash.png yourself immediately afterwards to make it impossible to follow up on.




Another contender for "most annoying supports" hot on the heels of Soraka 16.png. She'll sit back and kite you, as well as heal her AD with a heal that actually has a reasonable mana cost (unlike yours).

Similarly to a lot of strong supports that beat Taric in lane, she is about as durable as pea soup. One well-placed E dazzle.png is gonna send her packing. 




Sona protects her allies with shields and heals, as well as dishing out pretty reasonable poke. Sounds pretty bad for Taric, right? Well, it is.

You sit in lane and take it, healing up wherever possible. The only reason this isn't marked as hard is because she has about 30 total health. This is a good thing, as it means she's so easy to kill if you land a stun dazzle.png

If you don't, then the lane will be just as difficult as expected.

Make sure to predict when she's going to use her ultimate sonacrescendo.png, as you can't cast yours while stunned.




Not really anything you can do. Whereas Taric shines from being engaged on and coming out on top, Soraka just sits back poking and healing up.  There's not really anything you can do to counter that.

But of course, we do not just accept our fate! This is the only time I'd accept being aggressive and taking ignite 14.png. If you put Soraka really far behind she'll be a lot less effective in teamfights than you are.

Since she doesn't really have any ways of protecting herself with hard cc like you do, try and focus her down or catch her out as much as possible. Get out the Flash 4.png E dazzle.png and go to town.




Thresh performs a similar job to you. He keeps people off his allies, and can psuedo-initiate with hook threshQ.png

However, you are way better at protecting allies than he is. All you have to do is sit back and let him do his thing. You can beat him if he engages with hook, and he has no way of sustaining allies unlike you imbue.png.
Late game, if an ally gets hooked, you can just use your protective abilities and active items to make sure nothing comes of it. Easy.



Although you can bop her plants fairly easily with your passive taricpassive.png autoattacks, Zyra just does way too much damage for you to be able to kill them every time, and will push you out of lane mercilessly.

You won't ever be able to reach her, because any time you get close there'll be grasping roots zyrae.png headed straight for your face.

The only saving grace is your ultimate taricr.png is pretty good against hers zyrar.png. If you see her start casting it (and your teammates are going to be hit), ult them, since they are both on a delay. The enemy won't want to follow up on invulnerable teammates.

When To Pick Back to Top

Even though I firmly believe Taric can be played to a reasonable effectiveness in almost every team comp, and you can play him every game if you really want to, there are certain situations in which the gem knight excels.

In no particular order...

Scenario 1: Countering AoE Damage

Taric's ultimate taricr.png can potentially turn his entire team invulnerable. You know what that means. Providing you can use it in time, it can render AoE/wombo combo teams almost completely useless.

If you see champions like Orianna61.png, Fiddlesticks 9.png, Kennen 85.png, Miss Fortune 21.png on the enemy team, consider picking Taric 44.png.

Scenario 2: Divers (on either team)

As mentioned earlier, having an invulnerable Vi 254.png charging in on the enemy's backline is a wonderful thought. But what about an enemy Vi charging into your invulnerable backline? That's also great.

Although Taric works well with pretty much any diver, it's especially helpful to play with divers/engagers that build tanky, because the W taricw.png shield they get scales off their maximum health, not his.

If you see your team or the enemy team choosing champions like Vi 254.png, Kled 240.png, Malphite 54.png, Hecarim 120.png, Nocturne 56.png, or Zac 154.png, then Taric would be a good pickup.

Scenario 3: other stuff

Some individual interactions, counters and synergies will be listed here as I couldn't group them into a bigger category.

Good pick against:

- Darius 122.png, as your invulnerability prevents him from dunking dariusexecute.png to get that all-important reset. You can also kite away with your stun tarice.png in a teamfight to stop him from getting his ragemode.

- Any other reset champion like Kha'Zix 121.png or Katarina 55.png. If you play it right, they will jump in then won't be able to get that kill to get back out again. (invulnerability, HAH)

- Most other assassins, especially ones with clear engages like Zed 238.png or Rengar 107.png. In fact, if you use your R taricr.png just before Zed's zedr.png, you can entirely prevent the "pop" damage.

- Close-ranged powerhouses like Jax 24.png and Illaoi 420.png. Sure, they might be able to stick on your carries for a while, but they'll be doing absolutely no damage.

Good pick with:

- Mobile fighters like Lee Sin 64.png, Renekton 58.png, and Fiora 114.png. Your kit helps them get in, get out, and do whatever it is they have to do. They can also extend the range of your stun tarice.png with their dashes.

Should I ever avoid picking Taric?

The only situations I'd call Taric a bad pick is if the enemy has an exceptionally heavy poke comp. You have healing taricq.png, but it's in no way enough to sustain against a poke team.

In addition, if your team is a squishy kite/poke comp, your value will be quite noticeably reduced. You'll likely not get much use out of your ultimate taricr.png, and your W taricw.png will be doing much less shielding on the squishies.

But still, with how versatile Taric's kit is, you'll rarely see a situation in which a Taric pick would actually hurt your team's chance of winning. Fabulous.


That went on for longer than I expected. Hopefully you have at least some understanding of the kind of situations the gemster excels. Just one more thing I need to cover.

Choosing your Partner Back to Top

Taric, like all supports, has Marksmen™ he gets along with better than others. Here's a quick list of champions that Taric works well with. This could help your decision to pick Taric, or just confirm that Taric is the correct choice.

(Fun fact: Taric is always the correct choice.)

Works best with:

Vayne 67.png - protection abilities allow her to carry, plus she can follow up on your stuns easily
Lucian 236.png - easy follow-up on stun, fairly close ranged
Jhin 202.png - his root and your stun gets you some very easy picks
Twitch 29.png - similarly to vayne, your protection allows him to destroy entire teams, plus you can stealth-stun
Ashe 22.png - slow means they can't avoid your stun, amazing picking power with her ult

Okay picks:

Caitlyn 51.png - can trap whoever you stun, but doesn't offer much synergy besides that
Sivir 15.png - both your ults can create a very scary engage
Jinx 222.png - good with peel, but can't really help you get a lead in lane


Anyone not mentioned can go in "meh" tier, in that they don't really offer any particular synergy. Feel free to pick Taric with them though, he won't do poorly.

I was going to put down some ADs that Taric doesn't work well, but there aren't any. Anyhow, the only difference between ADCs is how you play. As a rule of thumb, peel for immobile carries and go aggressive for mobile ones.

Some Taric Plays Back to Top

Here's a little video I made showing some of the things Taric can do.

Am also working on another one, so keep a lookout for that.

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